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Demented Ink.
Bleach Fanfiction // Closet Games // Chapter 6 
5th-Apr-2010 07:10 am
cig mouth tie
Author: Darkprism
Title: Closet Games
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Renji & Byakuya (Ren/Bya & Bya/Ren)
Word Count: ~44,000 in total
Warnings: M/M explicit sex, angst, language, mild kink, toys, voyeurism, did I mention sex? There's lots of it.
Notes: This story is set in my world, Monoshizukanohi. There are minor references to Naruto characters as they exist in that world.

Life's good for Abarai Renji and gets better when he meets a mysterious man in a bookstore erotica aisle. But what starts out as a casual fling quickly turns into something more. Who is this man who refused to tell Renji his name? And what will Renji do now that he's fallen for him?

Head tilted and one eye closed, Renji scrutinized the display. Yep…the thing was most definitely crooked.


With a sigh, Renji walked around to the back of the cardboard cut-out and attempted to fix the stand so that Die of Dir en grey’s feet didn’t float in the air. Renji’s hand slipped and the cardboard bit into his skin.

“Fuck!” Renji hissed and snatched his hand back to shake out the pain. Cardboard papercuts were truly the work of evil. Renji sucked on his thumb and sighed through his nose.

Never a dull moment…

A few weeks ago, a fashion designer named Mira who worked with several record labels and even more rock bands came across Renji’s eyewear on the store’s website. She liked what she saw, and called Renji to discuss business and fashion. The phone call had been seriously surreal, but in the end Renji was many thousands of dollars richer as she purchased his stock outright.

And then, to make things even sweeter, Renji got to design a few pairs specifically for various rock stars. That had meant a solid week of absolutely no sleep, but it culminated in Renji getting to hand over the glasses in person to many of his idols. Not to mention the free concert tickets complete with VIP treatment for Renji and seven of his dearest friends.

Renji was pretty sure they’d all been hung-over for a solid week. And Rukia was never going to let him live down the vomit-in-the-shoe incident.

Chuckling and wiping his hand on his jeans, Renji flexed a piece of cardboard on the stand that Mira sent to Howl to promote the bands and Renji’s success. It was one of several pieces of promotional material, and Renji was more than happy to put it out for customers. One final adjustment seemed to do the trick and Renji checked to confirm that all band members now stood on even ground.

The door chimed and Renji looked up to see Shuuhei come in, coffee in one hand, paper tucked under his arm, and a pair of black HOWL specials perched on top of his head.

“Morning,” Renji said to his former roommate and part-time employee. Shuuhei was a tattoo artist, played guitar in a local band, and probably had another odd job or two in addition to Howl. The man didn’t sit still very well; he was even worse than Renji in that respect. But lately he and Renji’s talks about opening a tattoo shop either together or in conjunction to Howl had grown more serious. Renji was thrilled at the idea of his friend finally getting to do what he wanted – ink people for a living – and considering Shuuhei’s help with Renji’s store, turn about was more than fair play.

Shuuhei grunted and raised the massive coffee, indicating that he was not yet human. Renji rolled his eyes but understood; it took him an average of three cups of java to remember he was on planet Earth in the mornings.

With a curt nod, Shuuhei made his way to the counter and sat on the high stool behind the register. The store didn’t open for another half hour, and Renji brushed his hands on his jeans before making his way back to his office. He walked the length of the store, opened a door in the back, went down a short hallway with three doors – bathrooms and office – and went through the one on the left.

Walls covered in everything from art to posters to fashion outtakes to dirty limericks surrounded Renji on all sides, and in the middle of the room was a massive rug in crazy neon colors. Two desks faced each other – one for Renji, one for Shuuhei – and the desks, too, were done in day-glo paint. Renji’d found the things at a yard sale years ago, beaten and battered. He and Shuuhei spent an afternoon behind the store drinking beer and quite literally dumping buckets of paint over the desks until everything within 100 yards was covered.

Sitting in his chair with the squeaky wheel, Renji tapped at the old Mac and began his morning routine of email and inventory.

After a couple of minutes, Shuuhei came into the office.

“Lydia’s here,” Shuuhei said, referring to one of the sales girls.

Renji nodded. Shuuhei sat at his desk with his feet propped up and took a swig of coffee as he flipped open the newspaper. He turned a page, gurgled, and began coughing up a coffee-soaked lung.

Laughing a little, Renji looked over at his friend. “Ya gonna make it?”

Shuuhei nodded his head and kept coughing, one fist beating on his sternum.

Sighing, Renji got up and crossed to Shuuhei to pound once on his friend’s back. Shuuhei waved him away and tried to cover the newspaper with one arm.

“What the hell man?” Renji asked.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it,” Shuuhei wheezed.

But it was too late. Renji went still as he nudged aside Shuuhei’s arm and read the headline on page three:

“Heir to Kuchiki Stone Steps Down as CEO.”

And just like that, two months of tequila shot therapy were totally blown to shit when Renji saw Byakuya’s cool gaze staring at him in black and white.

“Don’t read it?” Shuuhei suggested.

“Like hell,” Renji replied.

“Kuchiki Byakuya officially stepped down as the Chief Executive Officer of his family’s company yesterday in an annual financial meeting,” the article reported. “Kuchiki gave his resignation and appointed a cousin as acting CEO for the duration of this quarter. It will be determined at the end of the fiscal year if Kuchiki Hiroki will remain in his new position or if there will be another family appointment. According to sources, the former CEO will not be resuming his position in the foreseeable future.”

“Shit,” Renji whispered. Shuuhei watched Renji read, worry etched across his face.

“Kuchiki Stone is the oldest privately-owned family company in the country. The LLC owns and operates all levels of construction with naturally occurring building supplies – primarily granite and marble – and is involved in the planning and building of all types of structures from schools to temples to private homes. For the past 150 years, the company has been passed down from father to son, making the current heir’s resignation historic and surprising.”

Renji skipped several lines down the page, the heel of his left hand coming up to rest against his breastbone.

“…and in a public statement about his resignation, Kuchiki Byakuya sited concern for his personal health due to overwork and stress as being his primary reason for his resignation. It is unclear if the former heir has any long-standing health issues as until this announcement Kuchiki successfully maintained his family’s company and was instrumental in expanding investments, project scope, and charity causes…”

Renji took a step back, mouth set in a thin line.

“I’m sure it’s nothing,” Shuuhei said.

“Even if it was something, it wouldn’t matter to me, would it?” Renji asked, turning and walking back to his own desk.

“I just meant I’m sure he’s healthy.” Renji could feel Shuuhei’s assessing gaze on him. “Not anything to worry about, in other words.”

“I’m not worried.”

No…I’m pissed. Pissed that reading three paragraphs about the damned Kuchiki heir has me hopeful and hot and miserable all over again.

Shuuhei sighed and let it drop.

Lunchtime found Renji behind the counter of his own store and not for the first time he wondered why he didn’t hire more staff. He liked the hands-on approach, sure, but on days like today, Renji wished he could just leave and go for a long drive. Maybe take the train into the country and stay at some stupid bed and breakfast and not face anyone he knew for a week.

Hide, in other words.

Frowning at his own cowardice, Renji straightened a stack of flyers advertising a local band. It’d been just over two months ago since Renji and Byakuya faced-off in the bathroom at Tobi’s.

Actually, it’s been nine weeks, three days, and roughly twelve hours…but who’s counting?

Renji didn’t say a thing to his friends or answer their questions when he returned to their table that night. Instead, he gripped Ichigo’s shoulder, thanked him again for inviting him out, and then he went home and stayed in bed for three days. For 72 hours, he allowed himself to wallow and think about Byakuya: the man’s past, how hard it must be for the proud man to exist in his elite world, how much it sucked that Renji existed in a different world entirely, and everything they’d done in painful, full-color detail.

After that, he resumed his life and acted like nothing happened. His friends let it drop, and after a week or two of the worried glances, they assumed Renji was over it. Renji never told Rukia, and by silent pact neither did anyone else. No need to upset her over the whole thing, after all. Not when it was so painfully and obviously over.

Time slipped by, the weather got warmer and then outright hot as summer took over the city. Renji worked, went home, and had the occasional dinner with friends. He didn’t date, didn’t go fishing at Cain’s Books, and he turned down the extremely pretty boy who asked him out two weeks ago at the store.

Renji just wasn’t…interested. And if his friends noticed the change in Renji’s pattern, they didn’t comment upon it, thankfully. Renji wasn’t sure what the hell he would say.

I don’t want anybody but Byaku. And everyone else pales in comparison.

God he was pathetic, and Renji wasn’t sure what was worse: being so pitiful or being powerless to do anything about it. But, on the plus side, he’d taken up boxing again with his personal trainer – something his recent success afforded Renji. Punching the shit out of a bag or the occasional human being covered in heavy pads did wonders for frustration.

Renji straightened the counter needlessly and tried very hard not to think about Byakuya. One would think Renji’d be an old hat at that particular game, but it continued to be difficult. Renji didn’t know if he believed in curses or fate, but he felt that the Universe played some truly wicked games and definitely cheated.

And that was the first thought that came to Renji’s mind when the door chimed and the object of Renji’s self-loathing and obsessive state stepped into the cool interior of the store.

“Oh, of course you’re here,” Renji said darkly. “It only makes sense for you to be here, after all.” Renji got up to walk in front of the counter with his arms crossed. This was probably another fucking dream; it sure felt surreal enough. He was likely passed out on the counter and drooling, and it wouldn’t be the first time Byakuya showed up when Renji was unconscious and couldn’t put up a fight.

“Yes,” Byakuya amiably agreed. “Is anyone else?”

“No,” Renji spat. “They’re at lunch.” It irked Renji to no end that this bastard was so…so…Damned calm. Showing up at the store like this? After weeks?

Renji seethed.

“I see,” Byakuya said with a nod. Then he turned, threw the bolt to lock the front door, and reached to switch off the neon “OPEN” sign.

“The fuck you doing?”

“Giving us some privacy,” Byakuya replied.

“We don’t need privacy; the only thing we need is for you to get the fuck out, if you please.”

Byakuya smiled. “I don’t please.”

A high tension wire snapped and sparked inside of Renji. “Do you think I honestly give a shit what you fuckin’ please?” he bellowed. His face flushed hot and angry, sweat broke out on his skin, and he slammed a fist down onto the counter. “This is my shop, we play by my rules, and I say you get the fuck out of here before I throw you out on your goddamned ass!”

“You can’t do that,” Byakuya said quietly, hands loosely clasped in front of him. And it was awful to look at him in jeans and a dark blue t-shirt because it made him look almost alien in his casualness; alien and young. His hair had three braids along the top of his head and Renji could see the silver beadwork in them, threaded into the woven strands. Byakuya looked beautiful and Renji wanted to kill him for it.

“The fuck you say,” Renji snarled and stalked over to the slender man with bared teeth. He shoved Byakuya with enough force to make him stumble and nearly fall backward. And before the brunette could regain his balance, Renji caught him with two fists twisted into the front of Byakuya’s overpriced cotton shirt. Renji shook the man. Hard.

“If you think for one second that I won’t-”

Byakuya’s hand came up in a blur and pressed against a spot on Renji’s wrist that made his hand go numb. Then Byakuya twisted with a cruel force that Renji could tell was meant to break bone but Byakuya held back. Renji issued a soft cry, and his body rolled and moved to spare itself pain. Once again, he felt like a Class A jackass, and the anger and humiliation he felt over that made him want to scream.

“You don’t understand,” Byakuya said, and his other hand came up to grip the back of Renji’s neck with startling pressure.

“Let me go-” Renji began with a snarl.

“No,” Byakuya said, cutting Renji off with the single word and then with the fierce pressure of his mouth over Renji’s.

Oh hell no he didn’t…

Renji opened his mouth just slightly and bit at Byakuya’s lower lip, intent on putting a canine through the tender flesh.

Byakuya released Renji’s wrist and gripped at the redhead’s shirt. His mouth eased up with the pressure, and he made a quiet, pained sound. Renji’s eyes tried to slide shut when he felt Byakuya’s tongue lick along the inside of Renji’s upper lip, and Renji released the flesh from between his teeth and pulled back, gasping.

“What are…” Renji swallowed and tried again, forcing his head to clear. “Why are you here?”

“Did you see today’s paper?” Byakuya asked. He seemed to be having more trouble with the breathing thing than Renji was.

“Yeah. The article – I saw it.”

“Then you know.” Byakuya sounded consummately relieved and both of his hands moved to clutch at Renji’s shirt. Renji didn’t let go of his one-handed hold on Byakuya, and he thought it nuts that Byakuya was standing in his shop clinging to Renji for dear life and limb.

“That you stepped down? Yeah. Something about personal reasons or whatever-the-fuck, but-”

Renji stopped talking because Byakuya was making an odd noise. It took him a second to realize the man was laughing, but not in a pleased sort of way. It sounded, instead, somewhat…hysterical.

“Byakuya?” Renji asked, unease and the faint flickers of concern displacing some of the rage.

The brunette raised his head and gray eyes regarded him coolly. “What else do you know, Renji?” he asked.

“Why don’t you tell me and then we’ll both be enlightened,” Renji replied, not liking how quasi-desperate Byakuya seemed.

“You know you’re the reason I did it,” Byakuya said evenly. His fingers flexed in Renji’s shirt.

The words made Renji’s guts turn to molten jelly, and his skin flushed hot again. “No, I-”

“You know that you’re all I’ve thought about for nine weeks. I’d have been here sooner, but there were so many strings to cut and tie that I couldn’t get away.” Byakuya swallowed. “You know I hate some part of you for all this, and I understand exactly nothing when it comes to the whys of our…situation. But in the end, Ren, there seems to be only you.” He sighed and shook his head once, and the beads in his hair made a gentle clacking sound.

Renji stared at the other man for a second or two, playing catch-up. “You know, a phone call somewhere in all this might have done me a world of – “

Byakuya hissed – actually hissed – and refused to meet Renji’s gaze. “Am I not allowed to be bloody nervous about such a thing?” he snarled, voice suddenly many decibels louder than Renji’d ever heard it.

“Okay!” Renji said loudly, backpedaling. “You’re allowed to be anything you want, all right? Just…breathe or something. Jesus.”

Byakuya grunted and glowered. Renji released Byakuya and began to try and gently pry the hands off his shirt.

“Come back to the office,” Renji suggested. “If we keep grappling, we’re going to attract a crowd.” He eyed the glass windows along the store front.

“That’s considerate of you,” Byakuya said almost absently. He let go of Renji’s shirt and stepped back, eyes focused somewhere to Renji’s right. “Lead the way, please.”

“Sure,” Renji said quietly and turned. As he walked the length of the store his mind spun in roughly nine thousand directions all at the same time.

He’s here…and he kissed me. Sort of. And didn’t call because he was…nervous?

The world had gone strange in the space of fifteen minutes, and Renji didn’t know if he should laugh, cry, punch the infuriating man who followed after Renji, or maybe some combination of all of the above.

Or you could just fuck him and leave him.

Renji almost laughed at that thought. Byakuya’d occupied some part of his brain and a larger part of his damned heart since the bookstore. Usually it took about ten shots of tequila to get Renji to admit that, but apparently one surprise Byakuya appearance was roughly equivalent to alcohol poisoning.

Reaching the door at the back of the shop, Renji opened it and held it for Byakuya. The man walked ahead of Renji and paused outside the office, easily deducing which door was the correct one. Renji fumbled for his keys and got the door unlocked – security caution since the bathrooms were right across the hall – and held that door for the other man, too.

“Thank you,” Byakuya said quietly and went into the office. Renji followed and when he locked the door behind them, the click echoed loudly in the room.

“I owe you a great debt,” Byakuya said, breaking the silence. His back was to Renji and the redhead got lost staring at the way the three braids cascaded down between Byakuya’s shoulder blades. His hair was longer, and Renji’s fingers itched to touch it.

I’m so fucked. I’m pathetic and weak and so utterly, totally fucked.

“Debt?” Renji asked, more for just something to say.

Byakuya shifted his weight and crossed his arms, back still to Renji. “Yes. I have not been…” He sighed. “I’ve behaved poorly.”

“That’s the fuckin’ understatement of the year.” Renji watched in fascination as Byakuya’s shoulders crept higher in response to Renji’s words. “But I think I can get over it.”

Byakuya said nothing in reply, but the long hair shifted in a mesmerizing way as his head fell forward.

Renji know – absolutely knew – that he should be pissed and hurt and a hundred other things. And to be fair, he did feel many of those emotions. But he was also a giant ball of eager and hopeful; the newspaper headline flashed in front of his eyes and Byakuya’s scent kept teasing his nose.

He’s here…holy shit, he’s really here.

Renji swallowed, feeling a little close to hysteria himself. “Did you really step down for me?” Renji asked, walking closer.

“Yes,” Byakuya admitted. Wild dogs seemed to drag the word from the bowels of Byakuya’s soul, and Renji repressed a smile. Such a proud bastard…

“Why did you do that?”

“I should think that would be obvious.”


One of Byakuya’s hands came down to rest on his narrow hip, the other falling to his side. Renji could see muscles moving underneath the thin cotton of the shirt.

“I did it because it was necessary to exist both with my family and with you involved in my life.”

Spoken like a true diplomat: honest yet vague, Renji thought. He stifled a chuckle.

“Why did you come here?” Renji asked.

“To see if you were interested in continuing our fascinating conversations,” Byakuya said drolly.

“Really?” Renji asked. Almost at Byakuya’s back, Renji breathed in deeply and blew the air out hard enough to rustle the other man’s hair. Renji watched Byakuya’s shoulders rock in a shiver.

“You wanna talk, huh?”

“It would be wise at some point, yes,” Byakuya replied, head turning so he could see Renji from the corner of one eye.

The look was all the invitation Renji needed and then some. The anger and hurt from weeks on end without Byakuya melted away from Renji, and he found it relatively easy to let them go. The lust helped, but honestly if Renji were really done with this man he could easily put a lid on that and send Byakuya away.

But Renji really didn’t want to do that. Not at all.

Sure, they needed to talk, and yes, Renji would be wary for a while. But the man played his hand well: make the grand and public gesture, seek out Renji, appear suddenly to prove his intensions, and be Byakuya’s usual intoxicating self while he was at it.

Yep…really and truly fucked. But I’ve known that since the goddamned bookstore…

Sliding his arms around Byakuya, Renji gently pulled the man’s back flush with Renji’s front. Some part of him couldn’t believe this was happening at all; but most of him felt like this was the most natural thing in the world and screamed choruses of hallelujah.

“At some point, hm?” Renji said. He felt Byakuya’s leg shake and smiled when the brunette shifted his weight to make it stop. “But what do you want at this point, Byakuya?”

The brunette turned in Renji’s arms and looked him dead in the eye while one hand reached down and cupped over the bulge that had started forming the moment Renji locked the office door. “To fuck, Renji.” Byakuya said the coarse word deliberately with a tilted head and a sly smile. “The hell do you think I want to do?”

Grinning Renji pulsed his hips into Byakuya’s hand and leaned down to kiss him. It was pure bliss and Renji sighed a long exhale in sheer satisfaction. The kiss started simply enough: a press of lips and Renji gently sucked Byakuya’s bottom lip between his own. But then all he could think about was the way Byakuya’s hand gently caressed him through the denim, the way his scent seemed to get lodged in the back of Renji’s throat, and Byakuya’s mouth was soft and warm and…

Renji groaned and his hand fisted in Byakuya’s hair, pressing him closer. There’d been enough teasing, enough damned torture, and from the way Byakuya made a noise that rumbled his chest, the brunette agreed. The kiss grew savage, and hands went everywhere. Renji lost track of what he touched – back, arms, ass, and all of the places in between. Byakuya mimicked the movements, and Renji started backing them up toward his desk.

When the backs of his thighs hit an edge, Renji stopped. He leaned against the desk and spread his legs before pulling Byakuya between them. Renji’s hands went down to clutch at Byakuya’s ass, and Renji force-ground the brunette’s covered cock against his own. His tongue licked and tasted and his mouth refused to break the kiss, and Renji could hear Byakuya breathing shallowly through his nose.

So good…oh God this is too fucking…

Brain full of white noise, Renji whimpered urgently when shaking fingers found his belt and started undoing the clasp. Byakuya’s mouth slipped wetly away from Renji’s and hazy eyes looked down at Renji’s face.

“Yeah…” Renji said against his lover’s chin. “Oh God…Byakuya…please…”

Byakuya’s eyes grew heated and oddly tender as he got the belt loose and the button on Renji’s jeans undone. Byakuya licked his lips and leaned down to bite Renji’s shoulder through his t-shirt while reaching inside Renji’s pants to push clothing out of the way. Renji shuddered when Byakuya’s hand found him and stroked without finesse or preamble.

“How do you want this?” Byakuya husked.

Renji smiled and then stood. He ignored Byakuya’s hand on his length as he made fast work of Byakuya’s pants. In a handful of breathless seconds Byakuya’s cock was in Renji’s fist and free to the artificially chilled air.

Renji hummed. “I’ll tell you how I want this.” Renji watched Byakuya’s eyes flicker up to meet his before staring at Renji’s lips. “You’re going to take your cock -” Renji half-groaned as he stroked Byakuya until the man gasped. Renji loved the motion of his mouth when he panted like that. “- and fuck me until we come.”

The words made Byakuya’s head roll back and chest rise and fall in a faster rhythm. Renji shoved Byakuya’s face to one side and kissed cheek and neck and earlobe. “And then later, I’m going to pay you back for makin’ me wait.” Renji shoved Byakuya’s pants down in a brief display of violence and slipped his hand down between the man’s legs until his fingers brushed tight entrance. Byakuya went rigid and stopped breathing while Renji’s middle finger circled a clenching ring of muscle. Renji’s other hand closed over Byakuya’s on Renji’s cock and forced it to stroke faster and harder.

“I’m gonna tease you ‘til you beg for it and fuck you until you scream,” Renji said, lips brushing the shell of Byakuya’s ear.

The brunette’s throat worked as he swallowed a growl, and his hands fell away in favor of bodily shoving Renji back against the desk. He nearly ripped Renji’s shirt as Byakuya shoved fabric up and sought skin under it, and Renji wrapped an arm around Byakuya’s waist and pulled them both back and on top of the desk. Their mouths locked, teeth biting and nearly tearing in their haste and greed, and somehow Renji reached down, got the top desk drawer open, and fumbled blindly until his hand found the small tube of lube he kept there.

Byakuya made a low noise of need and eagerness, and he propped one knee up on the desk. Renji let go of Byakuya’s waist, kissing him even as he squeezed a generous helping of slick into his own hand. Renji tossed the tube aside and gripped the back of Byakuya’s neck while he sucked at the brunette’s tongue and made him moan. Renji’s other hand moved down and sought hot skin. He wrapped his palm around Byakuya and smeared and stroked and teased.

Byakuya tore his mouth away to find air and Renji attacked his neck.

“Renji…God…” Byakuya breathed.

“You’re gonna feel so damned good,” Renji said against the front of Byakuya’s throat. Renji’s cock twitched and asshole spasmed just thinking about it, and he made quick work of the prep. He shoved Byakuya off of Renji’s body and the desk to give himself room to turn around. Once he faced the desk, Renji reached backward, hands coming up to grip dark hair and force Byakuya’s torso forward and head sideways. Renji twisted to meet Bykuya’s lips in a messy, breathy kiss, and he gasped when Byakuya gently ground his dick against Renji’s bare ass. Sighing through his nose, the redhead let the man go so Renji could face fully forward and bend over the desk. Renji spread his legs to get the right height, and his heart threatened to come out of his chest in anticipation and sheer, unadulterated, want.

“Should I…” Byakuya panted and swallowed. Renji felt light fingers caress his lower back, and he shivered.

Looking over his shoulder, Renji’s brown eyes met hooded gray ones. “Just go slow. I can take you.”

Byakuya grunted in acknowledgement, teeth chewing the inside of his bottom lip. Eyes still on Renji’s, Byakuya used one hand to push aside rounded flesh, and he used the other to line himself up. Renji felt dizzy, and the sight of Byakuya’s mouth falling open with sweat standing out on his forehead despite the cool room made Renji push back against the cock at his ass.

“Come on,” Renji encouraged.

Licking his lips, Byakuya circled the head of his cock to slick Renji’s rim and tease them both for a second or two. Blinking slowly, Renji watched as Byakuya grew still and focused and finally his eyes pulled away from Renji’s to look down as he slowly – achingly slowly – pushed the head of his cock into Renji’s body. His eyes went wider and his lips parted, and Renji drank it all in with a choked suck of air. Renji’s hand slammed against the desk and sought the far edge. He gripped the wood and gritted his teeth. God it’d been forever since he bottomed, and holy shit did it feel...hot, strange, full, and fucking good.

But the feeling was nothing compared to watching Byakuya’s face as he slid into Renji for the first time. Byakuya let go of a tiny, breathy cry when barely an inch of his cock was inside Renji, and the redhead felt fingers scrabble and clutch at his hips. Byakuya’s eyes squeezed shut, his jaw muscles flexed, and his whole body shook.

“Fuck yeah,” Renji growled. He focused on making muscles relax and easing the sting, watching and wanting.

“God,” Byakuya husked. “Renji…” He pushed forward and sank the rest of the way into Renji’s body with a slow, sweet glide that made Renji cry out in both discomfort and pleasure. Byakuya half collapsed across Renji’s back, one hand still on his hip and the other smacking down on the neon wood.

Thank God I cleaned off my desk yesterday.

Renji started to laugh at the thought but was distracted when Byakuya slowly pulled back, his long cock dragging for a shuddering forever, and then thrust in carefully and semi-shallow. He tilted his hips like he’d read a damned how-to manual and the next drag and thrust forced his cock to brush over Renji’s prostate on both the pull and push.

“Shit,” Renji groaned, long and loud. “Yeah…Byaku…god, like that.”

Byakuya moaned syllables that sounded vaguely like Renji’s name. Then he repeated the movement with a slow pace that had Renji shuddering and his insides tingling in ten strokes. His eyes fell out of focus, and his head lolled forward onto his arm. A hand gripped the band holding back his hair, and Byakuya kept his rhythm while he slipped the elastic free. Fingers wrapped in and around Renji’s hair and then pulled sharply, forcing a grunt from Renji’s lungs. Byakuya did it again, only this time he thrust harder at the same time.

“Oh fuck,” Renji cried out, not caring how loud he was. “Do it again.”

The chuckle that erupted from the man behind Renji was enough to make him clench his hand into a fist to keep from reaching down to stroke himself.

Not yet…not yet…

“Mm, but I do love the way your ass sucks me in,” Byakuya rumbled and Renji felt him shiver.

“Yeah,” Renji said, the need for release spiraling higher and hotter. It burned.

“Shit…fuck me, Byaku.” Renji’s body rolled to meet Byakuya’s thrusts and the knuckles of the hand holding onto the desk went white.

“God… fuck…me…”

With a guttural groan, the hand in Renji’s hair yanked and Byakuya’s hips pistoned forward with the exact push and drag that Renji loved. His hand squeaked against the wood of the desk, palm slick with sweat and sliding. Renji’s legs trembled and he leaned harder against the desk with his upper body for balance, eyes sliding closed. Sparks of electricity shot down his spine and up his cock with startling intensity, and he let heat and the knowledge that Byakuya was fucking him so, so good wash over him and make him ache for it.

“So tight around my dick, Ren,” Byakuya purred. “You…feel…too…damned…good…” His voice thick with pleasure and control was intoxicating, and Renji couldn’t reply with words so he moaned for the man who fucked him hard, sure, and slow. The hand in Renji’s hair tightened again, and Renji’s neck snapped back when the pressure increased. He struggled to breathe and felt need pull at him: urgent, insistent.

Christ,” Byakuya called out. His thrusts were precision-perfect, and from the corner of his eye, Renji saw Byakuya’s head back, a strand of sweaty hair stuck to the side of his face. Renji blinked slowly at the stains forming beneath Byakuya’s arms and watched the way he moved as he thrust into Renji’s willing body. With a grunt and soft hiss, willpower broke and Renji’s hand went down to wrap around his cock. The flesh jumped under the touch, and Renji kept the pace slow or he would come from the sight of Byakuya alone. He didn’t want it to end…not yet. Not when Byakuya looked like a god undone by Renji’s ass and his cock felt so…so…

Renji moaned: filled and fucked.

The brunette gasped and bit his lip, head coming forward to catch Renji’s gaze. Eyes locked in mutual desperation, and Renji knew exactly what he needed to get them what they wanted.

Nnngh-fuck…faster…” Renji whispered, eyes slipping closed and hand gliding on his slick cock. “Please…Christ…ooooh…”

Renji saw spots of color and black when Byakuya picked up speed. Vaguely Renji’s brain registered that Byakuya didn’t just slam into Renji’s body with abandon – instead, he did exactly what Renji told him felt good. Felt fucking amazing. And he did it over…and over…and over…

“Byaku…fucking hell…I’m…oh God…” Renji’s eyes opened sightlessly, and he couldn’t catch his breath.

Yes,” Byakuya hissed. The hand on Renji’s hip tightened and he felt the sting of nails biting into his skin. The hand in his hair was painfully perfect, the angle of his neck making heat and other things swirl just right. Renji’s legs shook uncontrollably, his muscles screamed, and he switched his strokes to just that speed and that tension. He palmed the head of his cock once, twice, in fast succession and Renji was suddenly on the edge with breathless haste.

Oh…ooh!” Renji sob-gasped, high and helpless, and he sucked down a gulp of oxygen.

“Let me hear you,” Byakuya commanded, and Renji cried out in an explosion of noise and air as he came, shaking and shuddering. The hand in his hair let go and Renji’s body went rigid and feverish as he shot ropes of release onto his hand, the desk, and the floor. Renji collapsed down, nose brushing the desk as a stroke to his prostate made him jerk. Behind him, Byakuya gave a half-yell and suddenly bent over Renji to bite into his neck, body quaking. Renji cried out again as Byakuya made soft sounds of pleasure and relief that seemed to last a lifetime until finally his mouth released Renji’s skin, and a damp forehead fell to rest against Renji’s shoulder.

Time passed but Renji paid it no mind. Seconds, hours, days…it didn’t matter. Ever-so-slowly he came back to himself and let go of the desk, wincing as his fingers protested the movement. His elbows were killing him from holding himself up, and his knee popped when he shifted his weight minutely.

“I think I needed that,” Byakuya mumbled. He still lay on top of Renji, face buried in the redhead’s back, chest heaving and hair a sticky, sweaty mess that tangled with Renji’s.

Laughing, Renji swallowed a few times experimentally. “Yeah,” he rasped, voice rough. “I think you did.”

Strangely – and in a move that made Renji realize Byakuya was going to be one of those people who continually surprised him – Byakuya kissed Renji’s cheek and nuzzled the skin there with his nose. He grabbed a handful of tissues from the box on the desk that managed to survive their fucking, and Renji grunted as he felt Byakuya leave his body and felt the brunette begin wipe away the mess.

“That’s fucking weird of you,” Renji muttered, shifting with a soft groan. He felt moisture slip from his body and get wiped away from his legs.

“I’d use my tongue, but I rather you were a bit cleaner for that, I think.”

Renji froze as that set of mental images assaulted him. He gulped and looked over his shoulder at Byakuya who returned his stare with a playful gaze.

“Shit…you are a closet freak.”

Byakuya grinned and it made Renji’s legs feel weaker than they already were. “Not so closeted now, Ren.”

Renji grunted and stood up, adjusting clothing as he went. Byakuya tossed used tissues in the trash can next to the desk and grabbed more from the box. Renji watched semi-fascinated as Byakuya managed to make clean-up somehow graceful.

“Let’s get ourselves together and go,” Byakuya said, doing up his fly.

“Go?” Renji asked, smiling as Byakuya tried to smooth down his hair and sort out the braids.

“I thought I’d take you back to my place, if that’s…all right with you?” Byakuya looked at Renji expectantly.

“Your place?” Renji’s heart and mind did a little skip at the thought of seeing where Byakuya lived; at being invited and wanted there.

Byakuya nodded with a small twist of his lips. “Yes. That building where I tend to sleep when I’m in town.”

“Smart ass.”

“Obviously. I just managed to have your ass.”

Renji stared at Byakuya in shock for a second and then laughed while Byakuya watched, smile playing on his lips.


A/N: You people love me because I damned near sliced this chapter in half to make people wait for the smut. However...I liked the flow. And really I'm a much kinder person when I drink. And post. *wink*

And I love YOU people because you're reading and commenting and I'll never be able to thank you enough. Cheers to Renji who just can't help himself when it comes to his Byaku. <3
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Hot DAMN! Just the thing I needed this morning. My day is gonna fly now since I have lovely, lovely mental images to play out during all the boring bits of classes.
I truly love your Byakuya: his unexpected moments of playfulness, sexiness, and the way he teases Renji...that's why I love AUs; you stick to canon characterization then take it to the next level.
Oh, and Shuuhei? Tattoo artist? Lol, great minds must think alike, cause I've been working on a AU in just that setting.
But thank you for being such a wonderful writer, and being so speedy in updating chapters...I don't know how you do it, but I'm friggin thankful as all hell.
7th-Apr-2010 02:00 am (UTC)

I'm so happy I gave you pretty mental images to distract you during class! *grins*

That's precisely why I love AU's as well - the challenge of writing a recognizable and well-loved character in a new way that makes them grow/shift is just delicious.

HA! I looooove Shuuhei. He's just...well. Yum. XD

And thank YOU for being such a wonderful reader. Much appreciated.
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Mmmmm happy now, hopefully this sets me up for the week, thanks so much for the wonderful fic with everything, new scenarios, great characterization, angst and great lovemaking (not just sex) I hope you write more in this pair, you might even get me watching more Naruto just to read your other stories!
5th-Apr-2010 02:24 pm (UTC)
Incidentally, I was searching around last week for some info and discovered that the five oldest companies in the world are Japanese, some that began in 726! Making them over a thousand years old, descended through the same family, so Bya's would be considered very young!
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7th-Apr-2010 02:04 am (UTC) - Re: ........
*fans you*

I do hope you've recovered!


Thank you.
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Blessed be whoever let you have that drink. I don't think i could survive the wait if you really split the chapter into two parts.
Just love your writing style and somehow your language just sit well with me. can't wait to read more of your bleach work.
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Well, you just blessed ME, and I thank you. As I let myself have two of my gin & tonics. XD

Thank you very much. More of this story coming soon. <3
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I can't believe Byakuya did it! Got some balls after all, eh? *giggles nervously because goddamn, the smut was downright EPIC it's got me all hot and bothered*

Plus I'm just really, REALLY happy for Renji. Just make sure he'll never be miserable again, you hear me? >:{ (she asked Byakuya, Asshole-san. Shit.)

And to think there's more ahead! *nuzzles you lovingly*
I really can't think of any coherent thing to say. Great smut, great writing, great story. I look forward to more! :D ♥
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Totally cackled at Asshole-san.

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Yes! Totally more ahead. So glad you enjoyed, and yeah...I'm happy for Renji, too. *snuggles her favorite tattooed redhead*
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You do this so incredibly well. The sex parts are always amazing but so are your leads in and situations, you do wonderful work when it comes to pulling a story and characterizations together to make a cohesive whole. That's how a story should be, so well done, and thanks again for sharing your talent.
7th-Apr-2010 02:08 am (UTC)
I thank you sincerely for the kind words and for reading. Much appreciated. <3
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Oh, well, I don't really have much to say. Except thank you (especially for not making us wait for the smut). And I think my brain has at least partially melted. I'm having trouble being coherent. So... yeah. That's all I've got.
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Thank you so much. I do enjoy melting brains. XD XD XD

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XD all I could think of was: If anyone came back from lunch they were sure gonna be locked out...XD

Great chapter as always! You and your passionate love scenes win.
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Thank you - I'm so glad you enjoyed!
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My god I always thought Byakuya fucking Renji bent over a desk is one of the hottest thing in the universe, anime or real life, EVERRRR!! XD In fact my gutter of a mind pictured that scenario in canon, when they're in the office working , THIS is what they do after work, Bya giving Ren a good "after work work out" over that big office desk... LOL XD

... and the way Byakuya fucking commands Ren while he's banging him??? HOLY SHIT JUST HOOOOTTTTTT!!! XD And Ren, being the fucking sex god he is, SUPER YUM!!

.... dude, I pretty much fucking died when Renji grabbed Byakuya's cock and told him how he wanted it... nothing beats a demanding and assertive bottom like Ren...


7th-Apr-2010 02:12 am (UTC)

I'm terrifically happy you enjoyed. And thank you SO much for letting me know which parts in particular. *sly wink*

And yes: Byakuya fucking Renji on the desk?

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wow that a was fast update! and that chapter!!!
I love Shuuhei beeing a good friend trying to protect renji from the newspaper news (even if it means to drown yourself with coffee) poor guy.

Byakuya really threw me off track this time.
when he walked in beeing bossy again I wanted to beat him up. Than he becomes so vulnerable and lovley and says so cute things und wanna hug him and give him a feel good kiss ( he would probably beat me up for trying this) he gave up so much and he was "bloody nervous". gotta love him!
and than he is all over renji and.... *blushes*
I`m so happy for them and I can´t wait how the near future works out for them...
and I´m looking forward to seme-renjis "payback"!! yay
awesome chapter, love you!
P.S. you know it: more please!! ^___^
7th-Apr-2010 02:16 am (UTC)

I'm terrifically happy you enjoyed Shuuhei - I love him; he's one of my Bleach favorites. And yes...dear, dear Byakuya. I enjoyed breaking him down a little, and I'm really happy it worked so well for you. Thank you for giving me such lovely feedback! It's much appreciated.

And more coming soon. <3
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I tried to review this in adultfanficdotnet but it kept cutting me off, word limit I guess. (ByakuyaRenjiFangirl4ever)

I don’t want anybody but Byaku. And everyone else pales in comparison. <---I loved that!

Oh another insanely wonderful chapter. Renji's dialogue, body language, perfection! That's my Renji! So sexy, I guess it's Byakuya's turn to invade his privacy..oh temperature is definitely getting too hot in there, omg..That's that one hot lemon. I love how Renji's the first one to experience being with Byakuya and his reactions are priceless. It made me lol a the little parts like how Renji was glad he cleaned up his desk. I'm sure Byakuya looked hot with beads in his hair though it reminded me of a hilarious Friends episose when it was mentioned how it made a noise. I hope Renji get to top Bykauya next. Can't wait for more!

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I'm so happy you found me here! AFF is a great site and all, but I do hate the inability to interact!

So - I can say now, thank you so much for reading and letting me know what parts worked for you.

And oh yes...Renji *does* have to make good on his threat to...what was it? Make Byakuya beg for it and scream? Hmmm...yes, indeed.

More coming soon. <3
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Oh that was very hot and *whew*. Good going on Byaku.
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(I am supposed to sleep, however I just had to read it, gonna suffer big time in the morning...whatever...it was worth it)
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