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Demented Ink.
Bleach Fanfiction // Closet Games // Chapter 9 
22nd-Apr-2010 09:11 pm
cig mouth tie
Author: Darkprism
Title: Closet Games
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Renji & Byakuya (Ren/Bya & Bya/Ren)
Word Count: ~44,000 in total
Warnings: M/M explicit sex, angst, language, mild kink, toys, voyeurism, did I mention sex? There's lots of it.
Notes: This story is set in my world, Monoshizukanohi. There are minor references to Naruto characters as they exist in that world.

Life's good for Abarai Renji and gets better when he meets a mysterious man in a bookstore erotica aisle. But what starts out as a casual fling quickly turns into something more. Who is this man who refused to tell Renji his name? And what will Renji do now that he's fallen for him?

“Mm,” Byakuya grunted and shifted, and Renji’s eyes opened. He wasn’t sleeping, and his hand still rubbed Byakuya’s lower back. The movie was over, blue screen saver playing, and Renji smiled as Byakuya turned his head to blink sleepily at him.

“Hey there,” Renji said softly.

“I’m sorry,” Byakuya said. And he managed to look all of fifteen when he rubbed the heel of one hand over his eyes. “How long did I sleep?”

“Doesn’t matter.” Outside the day faded slowly into summer evening, and Renji felt like this was another world. They were beyond time and rules and responsibility, here. Together he and Byakuya formed an insulated realm just for the two of them, and Renji hugged Byakuya against his body for lack of words to say how much that meant.

Byakuya made a quiet noise and licked his lips before his nose wrinkled in distaste. “I’m a mess,” he said.

“Shower?” Renji suggested.

“Perfect.” Byakuya moved to get up.

“Company?” Renji asked, voice a little rough.

Byakuya smiled down at Renji, one foot on the floor and one knee between the redhead’s legs. “I don’t think I was going to offer you a choice.”

Renji grinned and got up to follow Byakuya into the master bedroom – silver, blue, and white, tasteful and serene – and then into the bathroom. There was a soaking tub, large glassed-in shower, and lots of tan tile. Renji stared at the counter and noted that all of Byakuya’s things surrounded one of the two sinks. As if using both would be excessive. Renji spotted the familiar symbol that marked Byakuya’s aftershave, and grinned.

After fetching towels – four, Renji noticed – and setting them on a stool, Byakuya started to open the shower door. Renji caught him and pulled Byakuya backward, arms wrapping around his torso and lips kissing over dark hair.


The redhead didn’t answer, merely stepped back and turned, positioning Byakuya against the counter facing the mirror. Reverently, Renji reached up and took out the elastic band holding in one of Byakuya’s braids. Nimble fingers started to undo it, carefully catching the beads as he went. They were heavier than they looked; not beads at all, but something else. Renji held one between thumb and forefinger, studying it.

“They’re stone,” Byakuya said quietly, eyes on Renji in the mirror. “From our quarries. We strip out some of the minerals in the refining process and a few years ago I suggested that the unused material be turned into jewelry. It’s unique – no piece is the same – and Kuchiki Stone now sells such things in boutiques world-wide.” Byakuya smiled. “I have these made for me.” He shrugged a little as if saying he knew it was an indulgence but he allowed it anyway.

“The effect is…nice,” Renji murmured, going back to undoing the braids and making a small pile of stonework on the counter.

“Just nice?” Byakuya teased.

Renji cocked a brow. “Stunning, then. Made me stare back at the bookstore.”

“Oh, is that what you were looking at?” Byakuya asked. His tone took on a note or two of playful and his arms came back to hook thumbs into Renji’s pockets while the redhead worked on Byakuya’s hair.

“You need me to tell you how you look?” Renji asked, disbelieving. He started on the second braid. The things were tiny, and he liked watching the dark silk wrap around his fingers. Byakuya’s hair was so soft. Not like Renji’s, which was coarse and thick.

“I don’t need you to, no,” Byakuya replied, voice quieter. “I’ve had plenty of women tell me over the years how I appear.”

Renji didn’t miss the gender specification. It was easy to forget that despite Byakuya’s confidence and cool demeanor, he was still…vulnerable, Renji supposed. Renji was a little grateful for that, actually; made him feel like he wasn’t the only idiot opening up his chest and saying, “Look! Wouldn’t this be fun to spear with a dull knife?”

Working the third braid loose, Renji leaned and rested his chin on Byakuya’s shoulder. Their eyes met in the mirror, and Renji’s free hand played along Byakuya’s stomach before his fingers sought skin underneath the t-shirt.

“Well, this guy can tell you: I’ve never been with or seen anyone else as beautiful as you are, Byakuya.” Renji grinned at Byakuya’s expression, which was equal parts uncomfortable and surprised.

Byakuya started to say something, but Renji cut him off. “And don’t give me shit for ‘beautiful,’ either. ‘Handsome’ don’t cut it, and if I said ‘breathtaking’ you’d probably hit me. So ‘beautiful’ is what you get.”

“I wouldn’t hit you for ‘breathtaking,’” Byakuya replied.

Renji snorted and turned Byakuya around, hands on his narrow hips. “Bit of a vain bastard are we?” But he winked and kissed the tip of Byakuya’s nose while his fingers clasped the shirt and started to work it upward.

“No,” Byakuya said with a small shake of his head. Pieces of his hair were crimped from the braids, and Renji thought that was kinda…pretty.

“I just like that you enjoy what you see,” Byakuya whispered.

With a low noise of affirmation, Renji got the shirt off and tossed it to the side, mouth coming forward to seek Byakuya’s. Lips met and Renji wrapped his arms around his lover, and frowned. His fingers caressed over skin and felt too much bone. His hands came down to Byakuya’s waist and found the jeans hanging on jutting hips. Renji pulled back to study Byakuya and found him no less worthy of the word perfection, but he was also too damned thin. The shock of seeing Byakuya and the sex earlier distracted Renji from noticing it, but here in the light of semi-clarity, the physical evidence that Byakuya did not endure the previous months unscathed made Renji’s heart ache.

“I eat less when stressed,” Byakuya said neutrally.

Renji grunted. “Then we’re ordering pizza for dinner. And you’re eating one on your own.” His fingers splayed over Byakuya’s ribs and smoothed over the skin.

Byakuya chuckled. “If you insist.”

Instead of replying, Renji hugged Byakuya close and slid a hand between them to undo the jeans. Byakuya shifted, letting the denim fall to pool around his ankles, and Renji kissed hair, cheekbone, and then lips lightly as he pulled back. Without a word, Renji kneeled down in front of Byakuya and started to remove thin socks and work Byakuya’s pants off his legs.


The redhead looked up and saw Byakuya biting his lip and frowning a little. Like he didn’t know what to do or say. Or how to feel.

Renji smiled. “Be still.” His fingers kneaded the skin of Byakuya’s calf. “I like taking care of you. Let me.”

Apparently silenced, Byakuya didn’t resist while Renji got socks and pants off before reaching up and hooking his fingers into the band of Byakuya’s underwear. They were black and of a cut and style with which Renji was not familiar; but they looked damned hot. That he knew.

Renji sighed as he carefully removed the last bit of Byakuya’s clothing. He saw Byakuya’s hand grip at the edge of the counter, his cock half-hard and on eye-level with Renji’s face. With a little smile, Renji bent lower and tugged on Byakuya’s right leg. Shifting his weight, Byakuya let Renji lift the leg and settle the foot on his thigh. Renji kissed the inside of Byakuya’s knee several times, not sure why or caring about the reasoning. It just felt right.

Above him, Byakuya stuttered an exhale and reached down to tug the elastic out of Renji’s hair. Hands played on Renji’s scalp and the back of his neck, and Renji leaned forward to rest his cheek against Byakuya’s thigh, eyes closed and hands still caressing Byakuya’s leg and Achilles tendon. At this rate, they were never going to make it to the damned shower, but Renji didn’t care. Moving like this made sense in the dreamlike world built for just the two of them, and he was loath to do anything that might make that world fade away.

Byakuya must have felt some of Renji’s languid contentment, too, because the men stayed that way until finally Renji squeezed Byakuya’s foot and set it back down. He stood, one hand reaching to pull his shirt up and off carelessly, and Byakuya was on Renji immediately. Kisses covered Renji’s shoulder and neck, and the redhead let his hands wander aimlessly on Byakuya’s smooth skin while the brunette worked to undress him. Byakuya moved efficiently, but Renji didn’t let him lean down to get the pants off. Instead, Renji kissed him while he ripped off denim. Tongues met in the middle and lazily stroked against one another, and two pairs of hands touched and gripped at skin.

Again, Renji was the one to pull away, and he stared at Byakuya’s pouty lower lip and lidded eyes before making himself turn and open the shower door. He got the water on, pulling Byakuya flush against his body while he waited for it to get warm. Renji kissed Byakuya’s hair and temple, one hand rubbing circles on his lower back.

“These are incredible,” Byakuya murmured, fingertips tracing Renji’s tattoos. It reminded the redhead of certain hotel rooms, and he smiled.

“Do they mean things?” Byakuya asked.

“Sort of,” Renji replied. Water warm and steam beginning to fog the glass, Renji maneuvered them into the stall. The spray hit their shoulders and water ran down in fascinating rivers on Byakuya’s skin. Renji felt his cock stir as he took the brunette’s hand and brought the palm to his lips.

“They remind me of things. This one,” Renji placed Byakuya’s hand on Renji’s left bicep. “Was the first one I got, and it was just after I won a boxing tournament in high school. I knew I wanted dark lines ‘cause that’s how I always saw myself.” Renji paused, thinking about it. “I was sort of…incomplete without the ink, and I knew what it needed to look like and where it should go.”

Byakuya tilted his head and nodded a little; a silent encouragement.

“I got this one next,” Renji moved Byakuya’s hand up to Renji’s neck, forcing the fingers to brush and move. “Thought I was a major badass. First guy I ever cared two shits about left me, so…” Renji shrugged.

“When was this?”

“Oh…when I was 17 or so, I think,” Renji mused. He smiled and moved Byakuya’s hand down to his chest. “These were next. Big project ‘cause I finally had some cash. Got ‘em after I moved here and worked double shifts for two months to save up. Met Shuuhei, then, in this dive of a place that’s long gone, now. He offered to do ink for me for cheap, since he was learning.”

Byakuya brought his other hand up to trace lines and let Renji continue to move him as he liked. The redhead slid Byakuya’s palm down to his stomach, swirling it in circles. Something about this slow, narrated exploration was getting Renji ten shades of hot, and yet he felt no hurry. He was content with the simple touch for now.

I wanna make it burn…see if I can make him beg…

“He did these and botched ‘em. We’d just got a place together – one bedroom, no space. Smelled like insecticide. He fixed the lines later, though, made ‘em wider and now they’re some of my favorites.”

Renji shrugged casually, but his throat felt thick. He smiled at Byakuya who looked calm, but he was hard and his gaze was focused on Renji’s body like he’d never seen it before.

“Back tats were next. Got promoted. Got a new place.” Renji ran Byakuya’s hand up and down his torso. When the brunette’s fingers brushed over Renji’s nipple, Byakuya dragged the tips a little harder, pinched lightly. Renji shivered and moved Byakuya’s hand down to Renji’s thigh, switching his grip to hold Byakuya’s wrist.

“These were the store.” Hands slid up over Renji’s hipbone and around his waist to touch the points over his buttocks. “Fleshed these out as a reward for finishing my designs for eyewear.” Renji grinned. “Shuuhei did ‘em and I think he liked carving ink on my ass a little too much.”

“Can’t say as I blame him for that reaction,” Byakuya muttered, fingers digging into Renji’s lower back. He reached up and traced the lines that rose up from Renji’s forehead to meet his hairline. “And these?”

“Celebration,” Renji replied quietly. “Rukia’s business took off, mine was in the black for the first time. Got drunk, Shuuhei got busy, and woke up the next morning with ‘em. They’re still kinda growing on me.” Renji shrugged.

Byakuya rubbed his thumb over the smooth skin under damp bangs. “They suit you.”

With a smile, Renji brought Byakuya’s palm back to his lips and kissed. “Haven’t gotten any for the eyewear selling out or for you, yet…”

“Me?” Byakuya asked.

“Yeah,” Renji replied, reaching for a bottle on a shelf behind Byakuya. “Think I’ll do my spine. Got some designs for it; just waitin’ on the excuse.”

And this excuse is good ‘cause it takes backbone and balls to be with somebody like you, but I really don’t want ink on my nuts.

“You’d do that?” Byakuya asked, amazement flickering in his words.

Renji grinned. “We’ll see,” he said, but in truth he already knew. But they could talk about what that meant later. Now Renji had a naked and wet Byakuya within arms’ reach, and he planned on taking full advantage.

Renji uncapped the bottle and paused. The same symbol as the aftershave lotion curled on the front of the container and the scent of cherry blossoms was strong and intoxicating. Renji breathed in deeply and sighed happily as he poured shampoo into his palm.

Without a word, Byakuya ducked under the spray and wet his hair, palms pressed to the tile in front of him. It was erotic in its simplicity, and Renji reached down and squeezed his cock lightly before stepping forward to apply the soap to Byakuya’s hair. The brunette leaned back and let Renji do as he wished, a soft sound of pleasure escaping from his mouth that Renji barely heard over the water.

“I love the way you smell,” Renji said quietly, not caring if he sounded like a broken record. The scent made him dizzy it was so good.

Byakuya hummed and Renji took his time massaging hair and scalp. He brushed his thumbs over the tender spots behind Byakuya’s ears and then carefully pushed him back under the water, washing away the soap. The rinse seemed to release the smell, and Renji’d barely managed to clear the suds before he pulled Byakuya back against him, lips at the brunette’s throat. Renji’s hands came around and up to brush over ribs and then nipples, each finger and thumb finding one and teasing with flicks and pinches.

Byakuya quietly gasped and his hands went down to grip at Renji’s upper thighs, blunt nails digging slightly into the skin. Renji responded in kind, fingers kneading as they pinched harder, rolled flesh with skill, and all the while his mouth sucked at the nape of Byakuya’s neck.

“Oh,” Byakuya breathed. Renji’s mouth moved up the long column of throat to lick and kiss at Byakuya’s ear, and he jerked minutely. Renji smiled.

“Like that?” Renji asked very softly, tongue coming out to trace and lick cartilage. His fingers flicked hardened nipples and one hand moved down to play with the hair below Byakuya’s navel.

“Yeah,” Byakuya husked.

Renji’s teeth bit into Byakuya’s ear and pulled at the skin. The move earned him a hiss and a shiver, and Renji released Byakuya to turn him around and press him into the tile. Renji’s mouth covered Byakuya’s and his hands brought the brunette’s arms up to rest on either side of Byakuya’s head. Renji entwined their fingers, kept their lower bodies apart, and kissed Byakuya like he was Renji’s last meal on earth: a slow slip of lips, a long dance of tongue, a nibble and suck on skin, and then the crush and gnash of mouths. Renji kept it up until he couldn’t breathe and had to retreat; but instead of stopping altogether, he suckled at Byakuya’s lower lip until he felt it swell from abuse, and then returned to the kiss with renewed ardor.

God I love the way he tastes…

Renji felt Byakuya press his hands, heard him moan low in his throat. Renji squeezed back and kept kissing as if he were making up for lost time. He didn’t stop until he heard Byakuya whine, and felt him push against Renji’s gentle restraint. Finally Renji pulled away and found Byakuya panting for him. Smiling and kissing the corner of Byakuya’s mouth, Renji set about making his brunette writhe against the tile. He held Byakuya still and kissed his neck until he made a complaining noise. Renji kissed Byakuya’s ears until the man shivered in the hot steam of the shower, and only then did he let the other man go so Renji could start kissing his way down Byakuya’s body.

“Renji...” The name was a quiet plea that turned into a soft grunt when Renji bit and sucked at a nipple along his path. He made short work of it despite Byakuya’s hands digging into his hair and pressing him closer. Undeterred, Renji kissed and licked until he nibbled hipbone.

“Mm, yeah – “ Byakuya gasped above him, legs sliding for purchase on the wet tile beneath them.

Renji hummed in contentment, eager to earn noises, curses, and sighs. Resting his hands at Byakuya’s waist, he licked the side of Byakuya’s length and then covered it with his mouth in one swift suck.

“Ren-ji-!” Byakuya nearly spat the two syllables, and Renji looked up at Byakuya while his tongue toyed at the brunette’s slit with a vicious little dig.

Shit,” Byakuya hissed, hips twitching to meet heat and trying to get away at the same time. Renji stopped the torture and slid his mouth along the length between his lips with a slow rhythm. Minutes passed measured by the splash of water and the quickening of pulses. Renji’s tongue pressed and caressed, and above him Byakuya began to breathe harder, words spilling from his lips.

“Good, oh god, Renji, it’s…nnn-gah…!”

Renji shivered when Byakuya whimpered and groaned. But he slowed his pace and moved his mouth off Byakuya’s cock with a light lick to the head. He kissed his way back up Byakuya’s body, and arms clutched around his shoulders with surprising strength. Renji gently brushed back Byakuya’s wet hair; smoothed his fingers through it. He planted a light kiss to the shell of Byakuya’s ear and sighed.

“Not yet,” Renji intoned, voice low. His hands reached down and cupped Byakuya’s ass, squeezing. “You don’t get to come until I’m inside you.”

Byakuya’s breathing was quick and labored against Renji’s neck, and then he shoved at Renji’s chest. Backing away, Renji watched Byakuya grab another bottle and spill soap into his hand. Then a hot mouth covered Renji’s and hands were everywhere.

Renji helped to smear soap, and skin slipped against each other as bodies shifted and moved. Renji turned his head away to made noises behind pressed lips as Byakuya’s fingers delved between his cheeks and cleaned him inside and out. A low, rumbling, chuckle came from Byakuya’s chest, and Renji answered it with a growl. He slicked his fingers through soapy water and bit at an earlobe as his own hand sought Byakuya’s entrance. The brunette’s breathing caught and held, but Renji didn’t push inside the other man. Instead, he dropped kisses to the side of Byakuya’s face while the pads of his fingers mercilessly teased the other man. Renji pressed, circled, and rubbed lazily back and forth until Byakuya’s body jerked and his hands fisted in Renji’s hair. With a casual kiss that belied his teasing fingers, Renji let his hand fall away so they could rinse clean.

Time slowed, blurred, and everything became muddled in the press of hard bodies and the rush to continue. Renji remembered slamming the water off. He remembered their tangled, wet dance in the bathroom: tongues lashing, towels half-drying, hands clutching and pulling. Lust and feral need ravaged Renji’s insides, and the two men stumbled into the bedroom and nearly fought one another as they made their way to the tidy bed. Renji got Byakuya’s back to the desired piece of furniture and shoved him down with force before covering the lean body and resuming their kiss.

Byakuya rolled them, teeth biting at Renji’s mouth, and Renji’s arm went out and swept decorative pillows to the floor. A bank of windows took up the wall to the right of the bed and the orange glow of sunset bathed the room through the half-open blinds. Renji opened his eyes to watch Byakuya’s face as they kissed, and then he rolled them again with a low grunt and a scramble of legs. Renji’s hand slid between them and grabbed both their cocks and stroked.

“Fuck, Renji, fuck…” The words were high and loud, and Byakuya’s head went back and he bucked into Renji’s fist.

“Lube?” Renji gasped, shoulders rocking, body demanding, mind whirling.

“In the…but I…” Byakuya leaned forward and Renji heard the other man pant a syllable of near-frustration in his ear. Renji tilted his head, heart pounding, wondering about the delay. Arms circled Renji’s neck and shoulders, and he released himself to gently stroke Byakuya.

“What is it?” Renji husked.

“Just something I want,” Byakuya said, voice rumbling and making Renji swallow at the heat in the words. Renji’s eyes closed, but his hand kept working to tease the length in his palm.

“Anything,” Renji said, voice just above a whisper. He heard Byakuya swallow. “Anything,” Renji said again, and he meant it with every tense muscle in his body.

“I’ve thought of this,” Byakuya said, and the way his voice rumbled made Renji nearly squirm.

“Thought about what?” Renji asked, anticipation twisting in his gut.

God say it…fuck me, please say it…

Renji felt the smile at his ear. “About you taking me.” Byakuya paused for effect. “About you fucking me, Renji.”

Holy shit he said it…

“Yeah?” Renji asked. He brought his hand up to wet it down with saliva before returning it to Byakuya’s cock. The brunette moaned in his ear, and pieces of Renji unknotted and gave way to allow even more heat into his bloodstream.

“Yeah,” Byakuya said breathily. “The things in the nightstand…”

Renji tightened his grip on Byakuya’s dick and he felt teeth nip at his ear, pain lancing in a brief flash before a tongue eased the hurt. “Want you to…use them…” Byakuya gripped at Renji’s shoulder and thrust into his fist. “On me,” he husked.

“Tell me,” Renji ordered, voice rough and edged with intensity so fierce it sounded like anger. The sheer craving Renji felt to have Byakuya under him and begging to come was annihilating anything that existed beyond Byakuya’s body and voice. Renji’s words made Byakuya’s breathing shudder and quicken, and for a second or two there was only rushed air and the rustle of bodies on a slick cover.

“Clamps, plug, lube,” Byakuya growled. “Bottom drawer.”

Renji made a noise that vibrated the roof of his mouth, and he moved fast. His hand caught the drawer pull, paused for two seconds, and then removed everything he thought Byakuya meant. There were a few options down there to choose from, but Renji grabbed the likely candidates.

Renji had no more than rested a fist against the mattress than Byakuya’s mouth was on his again. The kiss was practically painful in its desperation, and Renji collapsed down on the other man. They ground against each other, and Renji got the lube open. He spilled some into his palm and without wasting anymore time, he covered them both and his hand glided without mercy.

Nnngh-fuck!” Byakuya hissed against Renji’s mouth, and for a second or two Renji didn’t think he’d be able to do anything else other than bury himself in Byakuya’s ass. It was too damned heady. Too damned good.

But the thought of Byakuya lying in this bed thinking about Renji fucking him and how he wanted it made Renji shiver and find a little control. He put a leash on the need to fuck and rose up over Byakuya. He didn’t know what the plans were for the plug – which was an oddly-shaped thing that came complete with straps to hold it in place – but he got the clamps into his dry palm and licked a hot line to Byakuya’s left nipple.

Working the clamp open with his fingers, Renji bit a little savagely at the flesh beneath his lips. He tensed and licked in apology and worried when Byakuya went silent beneath him. Renji looked up when he felt the brunette move and then froze.

Byakuya looked at Renji with the most naked look of need and hunger and anxiety and…God, Renji didn’t even know what else. The gaze was steady and a pink tongue came out to lick at reddened lips. Renji thought he was going to catch on fire and melt.

“Anything, baby,” Renji said quietly, a little shocked by the term of endearment but deciding to just go with it. He broke the gaze and licked at skin again before bringing the clamp closer. “You just tell me what you want.”

Out of the corner of Renji’s eye he saw Byakuya nod a little and his head went back against one of the few pillows left on the bed. Renji worked the nasty-looking clamp wide with his thumb and moved the cold metal over pink skin. He’d never used this type of clamp before, and son of a bitch it looked like it’d smart. Sort of a…figure-eight, clover-shaped thing.

Carefully, Renji released the clasp and the metal moved and did its job. Anxiety pulled at Renji’s gut and then burned away in an inferno of need when Byakuya’s back arched and his fingers gripped in the covers and at Renji’s shoulder.

“Oh yes.” The body under Renji’s shivered, and the redhead moved mouth and the remaining clamp to Byakuya’s other nipple in record time. He repeated the same slow process there, and Byakuya keened a whine that made Renji’s heart drop into his gut.

With a silent vow to clamp Byakuya at every available opportunity, Renji moved up and nibbled at the brunette’s lower lip. Byakuya seemed lost, eyes shut as he breathed hard and fast. Renji remembered that Byakuya’d never tied anyone up before Renji at the hotel, and thought this had to be the first time he’d ever done this with a partner, too…

Yeah…definitely. God, look at him…

Byakuya’s hair was a tangled mess on the pillow, and his face and body were flushed. Renji kissed neck and cheek and his hand wandered up to lightly pull on the thin chain. Byakuya’s eyes flew open and he turned to kiss Renji with a ferocity that made teeth clack together. Renji didn’t give a shit; he let Byakuya roll them again and his semi-slicked hand went back down to stroke Byakuya with a firm grip.

Byakuya let out a cry that was muffled by their mouths, and then his lips fell away from Renji’s and he buried his face in the redhead’s chest. Byakuya murmured incoherent things that all sounded equally urgent and needy, and Renji’s body tensed to move again.

But before Renji could shift them, Byakuya sat up, a determined expression setting his features.

“Roll over,” Byakuya ordered, tone not brokering argument even though his chest heaved. Renji obeyed at once, not caring and half hoping he was about to get fucked into the mattress. Part of him loved the wait and delay and the other part was ready to destroy anything else that got between Renji’s cock and relief. Renji recalled the feeling from the hotel with a flicker of déjà vu.

Byakuya’s tongue teased Renji’s back, distracting him from thoughts of denial and destruction. The brunette seemed nearly undone, too; on the edge and ready to fall. Renji started to say something – encourage, ask a question, who knew – but instead he gasped when Byakuya wrenched his cheeks apart.

Oh god…oh god…

A hot tongue swiped over Renji’s entrance without warning, and Renji’s legs went wider on the bed.

“Byakuya,” Renji groaned, drawing out the name. Against the bedspread, Renji’s cock jerked and dribbled, and he lay as still as he could manage while Byakuya’s tongue lapped, circled, and then dove inside Renji with a wet glide. Renji turned his face into the pillow and grunted, one hand fisting into the covers.

“Stop it, god…” Renji said, but the words were incomprehensibly dampened by the fabric over his mouth. “Please…please…”

It was torture; a tease and it made Renji feel helpless again like he had back at the hotel. Renji was at Byakuya’s mercy, and he had a love and hate relationship with that situation.

Byakuya’s mouth fell away, finally, and he spoke in a low, rasp of a voice: “Reach down and hold yourself open for me.”

Renji’s shudder rocked the bed, and his hands moved to obey before his mind could even form the first two words of an opinion. He couldn’t see what Byakuya was doing, and for a second he couldn’t think and didn’t know what was going to happen. It was terrifying – and made him feel icy cold and fiery hot at the same time.

And then he remembered the plug.

Holy shit…really?

Renji’s eyes went wide, breath damp and hot against the pillow. A warm hand rubbed his lower back, and he felt something press against his entrance. Renji tensed and fussed at himself for it, trying to calm the hell down.

A lithe body covered Renji’s back, cold metal dragging and making Renji shiver. The plug was still outside Renji’s body, gently nudging at the ring of muscle. Byakuya nuzzled Renji’s head to one side, and the redhead let him, rolling his face to the open air. He panted and Byakuya kissed Renji’s cheek.

“I want you to fuck me with this plug up your ass so you remember what it felt like to have me inside you.” Byakuya’s low voice rumbled the words quietly against Renji’s temple. Renji had no idea where the man found such control, and he envied him even as his body tightened.

“Oh…fucking…” Renji licked his lips and wanted all this so badly that he couldn’t form words. It was…kinky, awful, good, and probably going to kill him. For all his experience, Renji’d never in his life met someone quite like Byakuya.

“Will you let me do that?” Byakuya asked quietly. The plug eased slick and slow into Renji’s body by an inch and paused.

“Yes,” Renji said clearly. “Yeah…god…do it…”

Byakuya hummed delightedly in Renji’s ear, and Renji thought he would come as the plug slid into his ass with ease. It wasn’t very large, but it was long, tapered, and once seated it pressed gently against his prostate. Renji whimpered.

“Hold still for me,” Byakuya said with another soft kiss to Renji’s face. Obeying, Renji felt Byakuya’s weight shift. The plug moved a little deeper and Renji gasped, his fist white-knuckle-gripping the bedspread. Byakuya’s fingers lightly touched Renji’s skin and he felt fabric wrap around his legs. Renji moved up to all fours to accommodate Byakuya while he secured the straps to hold the plastic in place.

“God,” Renji panted. “Byakuya…god, I…”

Renji didn’t get to finish. Byakuya pulled Renji upright onto his knees and used one hand to force his head to turn and meet Byakuya’s mouth for a kiss. Both men groaned, and Renji broke away to breathe when the plug moved with gravity and his body. It felt good but not too good, thank God. But he was still so turned on that he made sure nothing touched his dick as he maneuvered Byakuya around to lie down on his back.

“Renji,” Byakuya whispered as he settled back against the mattress.

“Pull on the chain,” Renji growled, words out of his mouth before he even knew what he was going to say. But God he wanted to see Byakuya spread and needy and undone.

Byakuya’s hand moved to obey at once, and he tugged at the clamps and immediately his eyelids fluttered.

“Keep doing that,” Renji ordered. And then, with an evil grin, he told his own body and its demands to go to hell and bent down to swallow Byakuya’s cock while his hand found the lube on the bed again.

Christ!” Byakuya bellowed, and Renji’s dick twitched hard. The lube had a sweet flavor – vanilla, maybe – and Renji sucked and lapped at the cock in his mouth while his hands smeared lube over his palm and fingers. He poured an obscene amount into his palm and smeared it over his dick, and coated digits with the excess.

A whimper broke Renji’s concentration, and he looked up to see Byakuya staring down at him with eyes that were wet at the corners. One hand toyed with the chain, the other toyed with clamped flesh, and he sucked air between his teeth.

“Fingers. Inside me. Now.”

Renji moaned, shut his eyes, and pushed his index finger past a protesting circle of muscle and deep into Byakuya’s body. The brunette bucked and Renji caught him with mouth and hand, gently settling him against the bed.

Fuck, more, now…god…Renji…” Byakuya babbled, and Renji pushed two fingers with purpose inside tight heat. His middle finger grazed and pressed against Byakuya’s prostate, and the man beneath him gasped.

“Fuck me, Renji…god please…I can’t wait any damned longer…”

Ignoring the demand, Renji moved mouth and tongue up and down Byakuya’s cock, and Renji fucked him with his hand.

“Renji, now, goddamit!” Byakuya fisted Renji’s hair and tugged – not harshly, but enough to pull Renji up Byakuya’s cock.

A laugh burbled in Renji’s chest, but it came out in a choked noise as he tore his mouth away from Byakuya’s dick. The laugh died another death when Renji caught sight of a half-crazed Byakuya who threw a leg over Renji’s shoulder with flexible grace and yanked him bodily down for a wet kiss. Renji uttered a gasp that Byakuya swallowed as the plug moved and pressed in delicious ways. It was distracting and new and didn’t hold a candle to the way Byakuya ate at Renji’s mouth with eager noises. His leg moved to allow Renji room, and the redhead lined himself and began to push inside Byakuya with one practiced roll of his hips.

Byakuya stopped kissing and panted against Renji’s lips, eyes closed. He choked on a sound that made Renji push inside a little harder, and Byakuya rose up to meet the stroke.

“Burns, burns…oh fuck me, yes…” Byakuya’s head went back and his fingernails dug into Renji’s shoulder.

The sensation of filling and being filled overrode all else, and awareness left Renji and his body moved on its own accord. He sank into Byakuya and held still, waiting. His forehead rested on Byakuya’s shoulder, and Renji’s hand came down to stroke Byakuya’s cock, which was slightly softer. Renji held himself still inside the other man and managed to turn his head. Renji had no idea what he said: something about heat and want and how good it all was. How much he wanted to be there, how much he wanted to move, how hot Byakuya got him, how good the plug felt.

After a long minute of softly-spoken dirty talk, Byakuya lifted himself up into Renji’s hand and made a soft sound as it forced Renji to move inside of him, too.

Renji shifted over Byakuya, and studied the brunette beneath him. Renji was a hot beastly thing composed of need and not much else. And it was made worse by the debauched Byakuya who clutched at Renji and moved his impaled body with a soft hiss at the friction.

Renji kissed Byakuya’s forehead. “I love every goddamned kinky thing about you, Byakuya.” Renji felt his eyes burn with the intensity of his stare as he grinned a feral grin down at the man beneath him. “And I’m gonna fuck you ‘til you cry.”

Byakuya said something – garbled and guttural – and Renji braced himself and moved. He saw Byakuya’s face twist in pleasure and pain, and Renji made himself move slow and shallow. After a few thrusts, he rebalanced his weight so a free hand could caress Byakuya’s side; over the clamped flesh, up the leg over his shoulder. Byakuya pushed up to meet Renji, and his mouth fell open when Renji got the rhythm and aim just right. The redhead clasped Byakuya’s body and held him steady and repeated the motion with a slowly-increasing pace and force. He sank just far enough in to make Byakuya moan and not far enough to hurt him.

“Renji…” Byakuya almost sounded normal, but his gray gaze was cloudy with lust. Barely missing a beat, Renji bodily turned Byakuya onto his side, thrusting deeper now while one knee slid under Byakuya’s top leg to brace it.

“Holy shit,” Byakuya called out and then his cries became wordless moans. Renji let himself go and felt the plug hitting and moving against his insides. It was torture, as he was sure Byakuya knew it would be. He felt full and hot and feverish, and the sensation made his heart pound in triple time and put him on edge. Sweat poured off Renji’s skin and dripped onto Byakuya as purpose and promise kept him going.

“Byakuya,” Renji husked. “Unclamp ‘em.” It was a gut feeling and nothing more; a desire without conscious thought. Renji’s instincts knew this would help get Byakuya where he wanted to be, and that was all Renji cared about.

With a long, low, moan, Byakuya obeyed, and Renji saw his fingers shake. The clamps came off and fell to the bed in a pool of chain, and Byakuya didn’t breathe for a long few seconds. Renji smiled to himself, knowingly, and reached down to lightly brush his finger over an angry bit of flesh.

Byakuya called out and jerked hard, head going back in a painful angle. Renji saw Byakuya reach down for his cock, and he grabbed Byakuya’s wrist.

“Not yet, baby,” Renji said. “Hands and knees.”

Together Byakuya and Renji moved until Renji was behind Byakuya. Renji regretted the loss of Byakuya’s face until the brunette twisted to look over one shoulder.

“More,” Byakuya said. His breathing was all over the place, and muscles shook and clenched. Renji grabbed a handful of midnight hair and began to piston in and out of the insane heat around his dick. The plug up his ass in this position quickly threatened to blindside his control, his body clamping down with every thrust in and making pleasure sing a siren song.

Byakuya gasped, hand down between his legs and stroking. He shuddered and relaxed into the way Renji moved him; met Renji when he could and braced himself against the onslaught. Renji was beyond thought and barely managed to find threads of composure. His world narrowed to rhythm, delay, and angles, and Byakuya murmured words of encouragement, gasped in pleasure, and groaned. Renji never lost rhythm until he felt Byakuya’s internal walls flex and his legs tremble.

“Close, baby?” Renji husked and tugged sharply on his hair.

Byakuya’s head rolled with Renji’s hand, and he looked back at him, eyes at half mast and covered by damp eyelashes. He didn’t answer, and Renji knew he couldn’t.

“Good,” Renji snarled. “’cause you’re gonna come with my cock poundin’ into your tight ass and dick shootin’ in your hand.” Renji’s lips pulled back to bare teeth and he loved it when Byakuya moaned and worked himself faster, the sound of wet flesh-on-flesh loud in the room.

“And I’m gonna watch and fill ya like you filled me.” Renji thrust into Byakuya with a powerful, fast twitch of hips that made the brunette grunt with every slide.


Renji’s chin ducked down, and he felt sweat slither down his spine. He dug his fingers into Byakuya’s skin.

“Tight, Byakuya…fucking hell, baby...”

Byakuya cried out in a warning shout and Renji growled low in his chest. The end was so close that it burned his tongue and his thighs were numb.


Renji barely managed to pant the word and the use of language left. Byakuya stopped breathing and came with a muffled whine. Renji saw white hit the dark covers in thick ropes, and Byakuya’s body froze and shuddered so hard his arm gave out with his weight. Renji watched with savage pride and possession as Byakuya’s face crumbled in release, and he let go of Byakuya’s hair else he pull it out at the roots. The clamp of muscles around his dick and the clench of his own ass around the plug were too fucking right, and Renji came with a loud, cut-off cry three thrusts later. Release shot through his dick with flaring pressure, and Renji held onto Byakuya with a bruising grip.

Body beyond his control, Renji managed to slide out of Byakuya before falling down next to him on the bed. Neither man said a word, but they steamed the air with frantic breathing for a long time.

Renji jerked out of a daze when Byakuya whimpered a little as he moved, and Renji responded with a soft noise as he rolled to put his hand on a pale back. After a second, he frowned and dug the nipple clamps out from under him, tossing them to the floor. With a grimace he undid the strap around one thigh and the plug followed the clamps a heartbeat later. Renji felt spent, exhausted, sore, and perfect.

Next to Renji, Byakuya’s breathing was steady and soft, and Renji hummed as he curled around the other man. Dark hair concealed Byakuya’s face, and Renji brushed it back, kissing shoulder and cheek and neck. The room smelled like sweat, sex, and sakura, and contentment rocked Renji with a bad case of vertigo. But he grinned when he saw a tiny smile on Byakuya’s lips and he leaned down to feather-kiss Byakuya’s ear.


“Hm?” Renji rumbled, nuzzling Byakuya’s neck.

“I’m yours,” Byakuya repeated.

“Good,” Renji replied. “’cause there’s only you for me, too, ya know.”

Byakuya murmured something soft and sleepy, and Renji relaxed against the mattress, closing his eyes. When he opened them again, Byakuya was lying on his stomach facing Renji. The room was dark, but the light from the bathroom let Renji see that Byakuya was awake and watching him.

“Hey,” Renji grunted. “What time is it?”

“Doesn’t matter,” Byakuya murmured. “Pizza comes 24 hours of the day.”

Renji chuckled, voice hoarse. “Thank God. I’m fuckin’ starving.”

Byakuya smiled and caught Renji’s chin with thumb and forefinger. “Order food, clean up, another movie?”

“Yeah,” Renji said with a happy sigh.

“And Renji?”


“If you ever call me, ‘baby’ in public, I’ll kill you.”

Renji’s eyes opened and the room filled with his laughter and then with Byakuya’s unhappy cries and curses when the redhead tackled him and smeared their bodies together as Renji showed Byakuya exactly what he could do with his idle threat.

23rd-Apr-2010 01:50 am (UTC)
*ah perfect*

and Byakuya a bossy bottom! But I loved this, both in character, both hot, with lots of story, thank you.

I might try the shower scene, I haven't drawn a couple in water before.
2nd-May-2010 02:25 pm (UTC)

I'm so glad you liked it! Mmm...shower scene...mmm...

23rd-Apr-2010 03:01 am (UTC)


But hell, that was totally to be expected of him. ;)


*sigh* If only they'll actually do this on a regular basis in canon... ;-P
2nd-May-2010 02:26 pm (UTC)

If only...

I'm so glad you liked it!

Thank you. <3
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wow totally hot and your writing is fantastic! You do a good job in characterizing both of them.

I cant wait to see more!
2nd-May-2010 02:26 pm (UTC)

I'm thrilled you liked it.

One chapter remaining; will go up soon.

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In the name of all holy bya/ren, This is heartstopping,oh hell, shit, kinky byakuya, oh my, i'm gonna go insane. oh hell, well at least i can die in peace. The paramedics said that they're sick and tried of coming to jolt me back to life. They said either stop reading and get a life or we stop bring you back. you know the choice i made. this fic is my own brand of heroin. exquiste.
23rd-Apr-2010 03:41 pm (UTC)
I loved the entire fic, but the one thing that really made my day was that Byakuya held up his part of the deal to rim renji. kkkkyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Mind blowing.
2nd-May-2010 02:27 pm (UTC)
Oooh yeah...gotta keep those promises, ya know?

2nd-May-2010 02:27 pm (UTC)
*laughs and laughs*

Thank you - I needed that giggle. XD

I'm so happy you found it to your liking. :D

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You did it again! What an amazing chapter there's so much heat, passion and emotion it's an absolute delight to read. Thank you :)
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Thank you, lovely. I'm so happy you like the story.

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It's a really great story :)
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Yep. That'll about do it. I'm pretty sure you killed me. *is officially brain dead now*
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Brain Rejuvenation Needed on Aisle Six!!!

Thank you. So much. :D
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I'm glad I turned the fan on before I started reading this. I was having a lousy day and this more then made up for it. This story is so well written and so hot that I'm going to recommend it to a friend of mine who doesn't even like Bleach. She's gonna love this though. ~_^
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*happy gasp*

Yay!! Thank you for recommending it to her! I hope she likes it.

And thank YOU for reading; happy you continue to enjoy.

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I should have known better than to start reading this while I'm working at the front desk! X3 I thought maybe it was going to be another mellow chapter from the beginning sequence. . . Beautiful and sexy as always, and thank you for giving me a feeling like I was getting away with something while I worked! XD
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*wicked chuckle*

"What are you doing?"

*slam paper scatter shuffle blush grin semi-innocently with eye twitch*


(I've done it more than once...)


Thank you!!!
24th-Apr-2010 04:10 pm (UTC)
Oh dear....I thought plying you with G&T will work but never did i thought it will work this good. Make me feel almost guilty. ALMOST.
I love your take on Byakuya as a closeted kinky yet bossy ass-virgin kind of a guy. He can match Renji up in term of boldness here. Also, Renji having some gut instincts on what to get Byakuya off is just sweet. Is it your way of saying that they belong to each other, even on the level on unconciousness?
The funny thing is, as much as i love your smut (and i've been virtually poisoning you dead with alcohol to get it), its the last sentence that Byakuya said that made me smile: “If you ever call me, ‘baby’ in public, I’ll kill you.” Totally crack me up *all grins*

Much love.
2nd-May-2010 02:31 pm (UTC)

I think it's absolutely my way of saying they belong together. I like it when the boys just love one another dearly. Makes me happy. *grins*

YAY! I'm so happy you liked that line. *laughs* It was fun to have him say it. XD

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hot so hot.... and I love both Renji calling Byakuya baby during the sex and then Byakuya's comment at the end. lmao.
2nd-May-2010 02:31 pm (UTC)


I can absolutely see this sated, disheveled Byakuya grunting with that command. *laughs*

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hot smexyness! really loved it.
the showerscene was awesome, hot and full of love! Renji is a wonderful seme, byakuka seemed to be really enjoying himself. they are really good togehter and I love how renji calls him baby! (Like he wanna take care of him, hold him and so on)
byaku knows what he wants and renji is so eager to give it!! More of this, please please please!
2nd-May-2010 02:32 pm (UTC)
*nod nod*

Exactly like he wanted to take care of him. *happy sighs*

Thank you for reading - so glad you continue to enjoy. Last chapter will go up soon.

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um yeah have i told you your amazing this was so fucking hot thanks i loved it
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You are quite welcome!

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