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Monoshizukanohi Community Notes: Places of Interest

Post pertains to information for the Monoshizukanohi World.

Note: Monoshizukanohi itself and the places therein are the property of Demented, Inc.

Welcome to Monoshizukanohi

Beneath the tangled, darkened streets of Monoshizukanohi, a river of sin flows wide and deep. Its waters fill cups, baths, and showers; homes, gardens, and the thumping halls of clubs Bliss and Break. Sin is a side dish at Tobi’s, served hot after dessert, and it’s Kakashi’s special recipe at his bar, Glow. Drink at your own risk.

No one is left unscathed by the rivers’ taint. And sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s brutal…

But it’s always exactly what you need.

The entire cast of beloved Naruto characters is here, as well as a host of other original and cameo characters from Bleach, Loveless, and more, and they're all eager to make your acquaintance.

Come one, come all...but beware: on these streets, everything bites.

Where oh where do our beloved people play?

How do they dance? I wanna watch them sway.

A breeze to the music, a sigh in the dark;

There’s blood on the mattress, and skin covered in marks.

Hear a hushed promise, and now a pretty little plea,

“I need more, must have it, oh gods, pick me...”

And here the answer’s always yes, my angel-sweet

In wicked, dirty


Poem & Monoshizukanohi story lines © Darkprism

Story Order

And the Crows Fly
Short Straw
Broken Interlude (Takes place between Chapters 2 and 3 of Rhythm & Bruise)
Knight of Swords
Altering Affection
Breaking Point
Rhythm & Bruise

Breaking the Rules (Concurrent with Rhythm & Bruise)

One Night at Break (Concurrent with R&B and Breaking the Rules)
Devil's Mansion
Beautiful Surrender
Dinner at the Manor
Haku's Reward
Poker Night
Breaking the Pattern
Closet Games
Turning the Tables
The Tower
Lessons in Living
The Gala
Sweet Nightmare
Mundane Measures
On the Edge
Blue Diamond

Monoshizukanohi: Places of Interest

The capital city of my Naruto/Bleach/Anything Goes AU is constructed similarly to Tokyo combined with New York City: mass transit is very much in place, shopping district is quartered off and marked, downtown is an expensive but viable place to live as are the surrounding areas, etc. On the south side of town near a large bay is the Nara Farm property, which consists of thousands of acres of land. Countryside and rolling hills/mountains surround the city on the other three sides. Monoshizukanohi’s city limits are vast, encompassing many, many miles.

Note: The country at large does not currently have a name. There are other cities in the bordering Monoshizukanohi’s limits such as Midaretakaze, where Gaara was born.

Map of Tokyo.

Green Dojo
Maito Gai’s Dojo and Residence. The dojo offers classes to children and adults, and does a good business. It’s located outside of the main downtown area, but near the shopping district.

As seen in “Altering Affection:”
- Lee and Konohamaru help out with running the dojo. Lee helps teach classes, Konohamaru is like an intern/student assistant.
- At the end of this story, Lee comes to live with Gai in his small house on-property

As seen in “Undercurrents:”
-Students of Green Dojo include Hyuga Neji, who takes private lessons from Gai several times a week.
-Lee’s living with Gai and helps his sensei manage the bookkeeping.

Rough diagram of the property – which includes an entry building, several gardens, small house, the dojo, and a storage shed – can be found here:
Green Dojo Sketch.

[Lee’s Uncle owns the landscaping/site-prep business: construction worker, basically. Lives with Lee until Lee moves out to be with Gai.]

Hatake Kakashi’s bar. It’s located in the middle of downtown in a very upscale area, right next to Fashion Center. Serves a limited menu of food, full list of alcohol and beer, and at least one night a week, there’s a DJ or live band. Pool tables and dart boards also available.

As seen in “Altering Affection:”
- Kakashi mans the bar himself on many nights, except when Iruka accuses him of working too much
- Gaara is the DJ at Glow

As seen in “Rhythm & Bruise: Gaara’s Story”
- Asuma is the cook and sometimes-bartender at Glow

Drawing of Glow to be found here:
Glow Sketch.

Ino’s Flower Shop
Ino’s parents own a large floral shop that offers fresh-cut flowers and arrangement deliveries.

As seen in “Altering Affection:”
- Lee uses a competing florist to send flowers to Gai-sensei as he cannot stand the thought of discussing sending flowers to his beloved with Ino or Ino’s mother.

James & Fashion Center
James is the premier fashion store for homosexual men. Multiple floors, obsequious clerks, the works. Sasuke shops here often. Unofficial slogan? “Everyone wants to be in James.”

Fashion Center is the shopping area in the upscale part of downtown Monoshizukanohi. Similar to Harujuku in Tokyo.

As seen in “Altering Affection:”
- Sasuke takes Lee shopping at James

Global Blue Spa Retreat
Owned jointly by Sasori and Deidara, Global Blue is a complete spa resort: hotel, full line of spa services including some modest cosmetic surgery options (laser hair removal, tattoo removal, etc). It’s located on the outskirts of Monoshizukanohi, to the west, and done in a modern Mediterranean style with fountains, fields, and idyllic surroundings.

As seen in “Altering Affection:”
- Sasuke takes Lee for a range of treatments to get him ready to confront Gai.

The Nara Farm/Nature Preserve
The Nara family owns roughly 50,000 acres on the edges of Monoshizukanohi – on the Bay. The property is divided into thirds: cattle, crops, and Nature Preserve. There is milking/shipping/distribution center on the far western end of the property – near the Nara Family Home. The center sits on the Bay and has access to a service road that leads to a main highway for shipping product. Shikaku is a key player in environmental, commercial, and farming industries and is on close terms with the Prime Minister, Hiashi.

As seen in “Undercurrents:”
- Shikamaru has a cabin on the Nature Preserve’s land, and he manages the Preserve mostly on his own. This involves monitoring wildlife, keeping a vet (one of the Inuzuka family) on retainer for injured animals, and maintaining the hiking trails and grounds.

Map/sketch of the Nara Farm can be found here:
Nara Farm Sketch.

The Palace
Very large and lavish convention center/hotel for hosting large events – including fundraisers, charity galas, etc.

As seen in “Undercurrents:”
- The Wildlife Charities Gala is held at the Palace, and Shikamaru, Neji, Naruto, Sasuke, Hiashi, and Shikaku all attend.

Reference for building design can be found here:
Palace Reference Image.

Neji’s Home/Sasori & Deidara’s Home
Neji owns his own home in a very upscale neighborhood called, “Blue Skies.” Sasori and Deidara also have a house in the same residential area. Each home in Blue Skies sits on at least an acre of land, and most of the homes are surrounded by gates/walls.

Neji’s house plan can be found here:
Neji House Plan.

Sasori & Deidara’s house plan can be found here:
Sasori and Deidara House Plan.

Tobi’s Restaurant
Tobi’s is one of Monoshizukanohi’s five-star restaurants, but it doesn’t take itself quite so seriously as others. Uchiha Madara owns the place, though he’s rarely on-site. The Hyuuga family keeps a table on reserve, as do many other important figures in the city. The restaurant is known for its signature round tables which offer the illusion of privacy.

As seen in “Undercurrents:”
- Neji takes Shikamaru out to eat at Tobi’s on their first official date. The restaurant is known to keep the press off the grounds usually, though sometimes a few representatives of yellow journalism do sneak into the roped off “Press Area.” Valet parking.

Club Bliss
Club Bliss is a large, gothic dance club perched on a small mountain overlooking the city. It’s owned by Neji, Naruto, Tenzou, and Kakashi. It easily holds 1,000 people comfortably, sports two long bars, a sunken dance floor, a private garden, and the latest in club décor. Gaara is the DJ at Club Bliss.

And, like most things in Monoshizukanohi, there is more to Club Bliss than meets the eye. Club Break is below Club Bliss, accessible only by pass keyed doors in the office at Club Bliss and through the “Tomb” entrance on-grounds.

Description of Club Bliss from “Undercurrents:”
When Neji and the others got together to form a plan for the nightclub they wanted to open, nobody had a clear view as to what it should look like. Naruto’s travels over the globe allowed him perspective on some of the largest and most extravagant clubs in the world. Tenzou’s love for arches and gothic design had him doodling buildings that took the best of medieval architecture and combined it with modern industrial. Kakashi just wanted a bar big enough to hold every type of alcohol on the planet.

But when Neji pulled out a sketch of an ancient and basic floor plan for a cathedral, everyone got quiet. The shape was perfect for a club, Neji quickly explained and demonstrated. Kakashi immediately saw where the bars should go, Naruto saw where the lounges should be, Neji saw stages and interior design, and Tenzou somehow managed to put it all together.

Club Bliss looked like a gothic cathedral and loomed on top of a plateau that overlooked downtown Monoshizukanohi. The site preparation had been heinous, but it was worth it for the sheer functionality and aesthetics. Spires reached up toward the sky, and gargoyles guarded archways and spewed water into artificially lit fountains. An open garden bordered by stone walls ran along one entire side, and the entranceway consisted of two massive wooden doors one could see between the columns that lined the front of the club.

As seen in “Undercurrents:”
- Neji takes Shikamaru to Bliss after they have dinner at Tobi’s. There they run into some of the regulars: Sasuke, Kiba, Gaara, Kakashi, and Tenzou.

Sketch of Club Bliss and Cathedral Layout Reference Can Be Found Here:
Club Bliss Sketches.

Club Break
Club Break is a BDSM club owned and operated by Neji, Naruto, Kakashi, and Tenzou. It’s physically below-grounds at Club Bliss, and accessible only via a passkey (microchip embedded in an object that electronically triggers the lock) that will open doors in the office of Club Bliss or through the Tomb Entrance on-grounds at the club. One can only get into Club Break through member-invitation. Background checks are performed by Neji’s people on every member. Naruto handles making the passkeys. The four owners have their own suites off the Catacombs – the long hallway that runs around the main part of the basement club.

Description of Club Break from “Rhythm & Bruise – Gaara’s Story:”
From above, Club Break was a rectangle. The doors into the room were at the ends of a diagonal from upper left to lower right. The single bar ran along the far left wall, and in the lower left corner was Gaara’s DJ booth. Along the back wall of the club was a long, black, stage. Stairs led up to it from either side, and jutting out into the middle of the room was a catwalk complete with stripper poles. There were two types of poles: ones with strategically placed metal rings and ones without.

Walking down the stairs at the end of the catwalk, one faced the other long wall of the club which was the main lounge area. There were spanking benches, stocks, an assortment of tables, machines, and fine leather chairs and couches. Leather pads ran along the back wall in clear view of all the seating, and chains hung down from the ten-foot ceiling at semi-regular intervals.

In addition to the main lounge area, there were four other play areas: one on either side of the catwalk and two more along the back wall on either side of the stage. The equipment in those areas changed rather often, most of it on wheels with locking mechanisms. Each play area was marked off by a soft, red rug. The floors otherwise were polished stone. The lights were on timers, and usually the air was a gray-red. There were also spot lights mounted on the far wall to highlight the stage or the cages that hung at irregular intervals through the club. All the lights were controlled by the master panel in Gaara’s booth and were programmable.

As seen in “Breaking the Rules:”
- The Annual Poker Tournament is going on at Club Break, and Naruto and Sasuke make an appearance. As do Neji, Shikamaru, and Kiba among others.

As seen in “Rhythm & Bruise – Gaara’s Story:”
- Gaara is the DJ at both clubs Bliss and Break. He runs a computer at one station on event nights to manage both clubs. Kiba and Itachi perform for Gaara without permission, and Kimimaro is on-stage as a regular performer.

Sketch of Club Break can be found here:
Club Break Sketch Detail.

Neji’s Office
Neji and his uncle, Hiashi, share the penthouse on the 39th floor of the Hyuuga Building in downtown Monoshizukanohi. There are two offices on the very top floor: one of them is Neji’s, one of them is Hiashi’s.

Description of office as seen in “Undercurrents:”
Floor-to-ceiling windows made up two entire walls and offered panoramic views of the city and mountains beyond. Rich rugs covered the marble and hardwood floors, and deep mahogany furniture stood like sentries throughout the room. A seating area was off to the right, a bar stood on the left, and a door to the private bathroom was near the massive desk and matching chairs that Neji had a secretary select upon moving in to the office. There was also a cot in the closet just in case Neji needed to rest while here.

Club Haze
Club Haze is another BDSM club on the outskirts of Monoshizukanohi – outside the city limits. It’s owned and operated by Pein – Nagato, to a handful of people. Haze continues its operation out of Neji’s good graces, as many things that go on in Haze upset the Prime Minister’s son. Haze is where one goes to find release when what you want is too rough for Club Break (meaning, very extreme). Pein, Itachi, Sasori, Deidara, Ibiki, Shikamaru (though his experience was tragic), and Gaara have all at one time or another played at Haze. The club is in an old warehouse, is on the fringes of the law, and intimidating even to the most seasoned kinksters.

Description of Haze as seen in “Undercurrents:”
Ahead of the trio was a large, squat building surrounded by an acre of asphalt and buzzing, flickering lights. Neji grimaced in distaste as they reached the front door and walked inside the club.

Haze was a renovated warehouse, its interior space divided by hanging curtains and moveable walls. The middle area was completely open and full of lounges and furniture, most of it innocent. There was a long row of “private” rooms along one wall, which were actually just curtained-off spaces offering a semblance of privacy. A bar ran along the back side of the main room, and behind it were the restrooms and a small kitchen. On the left side was an open DJ booth and a projector screen that ran a continual loop of BDSM porn.

The trio stopped just inside the door, eyes adjusting to the gray gloom. There was no entryway at Haze; just a counter where one could check anything from clothing to people – the latter usually waiting until some other master came along to claim them – and a wide metal staircase that led up to the second level. Upstairs were the actual private rooms, but some of them were entirely glass on one side, letting people have full view of the silent play that went on behind the closed door.

As seen in “Undercurrents:”
- Neji, Sasuke, Kakashi, Naruto, and Ibiki form a small group of vigilantes and seek out Haze and a dom named Kabuto, who at one time hurt Shikamaru. Kabuto ends his evening in jail thanks to Neji’s connections and Ibiki’s involvement as the Chief of Police.

The Magnolia Hotel
The Magnolia Hotel is a recently-renovated hundred-year-old hotel that caters to the elite. Aside from its stunning décor – which includes a mosaic and mural completed by the artist, Sai – it’s primary claim-to-fame is providing anything and everything to its guests. The hotel is regularly written up by magazines, is a hot-spot for tourists, and usually operates to full capacity in its 50 rooms. The hotel also has another five-star restaurant on ground-level: Leaf.

Description from “Breaking Point:”
The Magnolia was an old hotel that had been completely refurbished both inside and out roughly five years ago. The front of the building was a lavish gold color, complete with gothic touches and filigree buttresses. No press was allowed on the premises, and Sasuke walked up the front walkway beneath the red canopy without incident. A doorman greeted him with a bow before pulling the large, wooden door open for him. Sasuke nodded and went inside.

Warmth wrapped around Sasuke and he quickly handed off his coat to a clerk who stood ready to accept it. A beautiful gold and blue tile mosaic covered the floor of the lobby, and the ceiling was domed and covered in abstract gold and blue art. The hotel owners had commissioned the elusive-but-brilliant painter Sai to do the ceiling, and it was truly magnificent.

The lights throughout the hotel were a sunny yellow, blue and white marble accented every available surface, and the lobby sported several potted magnolia trees that were carefully maintained by a private gardener. Sasuke knew that in the spring, the gardens were spectacular and a major tourist attraction. He also knew that the rooms at The Magnolia were all suites, and no luxury was spared for any guest. However, the hotel could only hold roughly 50 guests, making said rooms difficult to acquire.

Naruto kept a corner room on the top floor reserved at all times along with a table for six in the hotel’s five-star restaurant – Leaf.

As seen in “Breaking Point:”
- Naruto and Sasuke attend a children’s charity benefit dinner at Leaf. The dinner is not very comfortable for Sasuke.

As seen in “Closet Games:”
- Byakuya invites Renji up to his penthouse suite at the Magnolia Hotel for some intimate time together.

Pressure Point
Small club in semi-shady part of downtown. In “Rhythm & Bruise, Jody’s friend Sphinx would often get Gaara’s gigs to spin music there before Gaara landed the job as Bliss & Break’s DJ.

Monoshizukanohi University
The largest University in Monoshizukanohi, its reputation of being an excellent place to further one’s education proceeds it. MU employs Kankuro in the theatre department and also Shino as a professor of science and researcher. Neji, Sakura, and Shikamaru attended school here, as did many other of our main characters.

Iruka & Kakashi’s Renovated Townhouse
Iruka and Kakashi live in a multi-storey renovated townhouse near the heart of Monoshizukanohi (an easy bus or subway stop away from Kakashi’s bar, Glow).
Floor plan for Condo.gif

Akasuna Auto
Gaara and Jody own and run Akasuna Auto, which is a full-service maintenance and restoration auto shop. The shop caters to the high-end vehicle, and thanks to references and excellent word-of-mouth, anyone who owns a car they value and love takes their baby to Akasun Auto. The shop sits on about 30 acres of land which Gaara owns, and he and Jody both live on the land in their own homes.

Sketch of the shop can be found here:
Akasuna Auto Sketch.

Monoshizukanohi Hospital
Largest hospital in the city, this is where Sakura works as a surgeon.

The Heritage
Upscale apartment/condominium where Sakura and Byakuya live. There’s a 24-hour concierge, valet parking, full gym, and many other amenities. Byakuya lives on the 56th floor. Sakura lives on the 47th.

Cain’s Books
A bookstore near the Fashion District of Monoshizukanohi, Cain’s Books offers everything from sacred antique tomes to Stephen King. It’s a long, narrow store with many rows that meander and create a sort of maze. Reginald Cain (an OC) owns it.

As seen in “Closet Games:”
- Renji has a thing for pretty, geeky men in glasses, and he often goes “fishing” at Cain’s Books. It is there that he meets Byakuya on the erotica aisle, and their interesting game begins.

Owned and operated by a man known only as Sphinx, (Gaara’s old DJ gig hookup and Jody’s friend) Deathtoll is a bar on the semi-bad side of downtown. There are hundreds of beers on tap, the occasional live band or two, and the garlic knots are amazing. Just don’t eat anything else.

As seen in “Closet Games:”
- Renji, Shuuhei, Ichigo, Rukia, Yumi, Ikkaku, and all the rest of the gang regularly meet up at Deathtoll to drink and cause some riots. Sphinx doesn’t care if you get rowdy so long as the blood doesn’t start to fly and nobody breaks the glassware.

Renji’s clothing store, Howl, is a hotspot in the Fashion District. Renji owns the store, and it is his pride and joy. The clothing is “Leather Daddy Punk Rockstar Meets Business Casual,” and the Uchiha’s are often seen combing through the racks. Renji’s own line of sunglasses – branded as Howl as well – are also sold here and are in very high demand.

Kuchiki Stone
The Kuchiki family business is the oldest company in the country. It owns multiple levels of natural-materials construction: from the quarries to the storage warehouses to the shipyards to the storefronts where the stone is sold and delivered/installed in homes. They work with everything from temples and schools to private residences and corporate structures. The company has been passed down from father to son for over 150 years, and currently the heir to the company and primary manager is Kuchiki Byakuya.

As seen in “Closet Games:”
- Byakuya makes the decision to step down from his position as CEO so that he can be with Renji and/or explore his sexuality. There is a lot of pressure from the family for Byakuya to remarry and produce heirs to the family business, and his step-down is a clear indicator that he’s not interested in that pressure any longer. He nominates his cousin, Kuchiki Hiroki, to take over the day-to-day decision making of the company.

Usagi Security
Kuchiki Rukia owns and operates this security company which employs bodyguards and muscle that are often seen at major events and guarding individuals of importance. Neji, Naruto, and Sasuke have all used her services, and she has standing contracts with places such as The Palace to serve as security for events. They do concerts, parties, weddings, and all things in between. Rukia employs several of our main characters, including Ichigo.

Ink, the Art Gallery
Located in the prestigious Blackwood Square next to a new park, Ink often shows Sai's work, among many others. Blackwood Square and the Artsian District of Monoshizukanohi are near the Fashion Quarter/District. A subway stop apart.

As seen in "Lessons in Living
Tenzou followed a stone path into Blackwood Square, a renovated section of the Artesian District, which was adjacent to Monoshizukanohi's Fashion Quarter. High end shops, eclectic boutiques, overpriced loft housing, and carefully manicured gardens spread for two blocks, broken by repaved streets trafficked by horse-drawn carriages and the random, irked, cab. On the other side of the district was a new city park, still in its infancy. The Asashi Firm had donated generously to the making of the park, the process of tearing down condemned buildings from the early 1900s extensive. There was nothing to salvage for the Historical Society, unfortunately, the brick eroded to rebar and the interiors decayed by the homeless, the violent, and the weather.

Ink was also still new in the City's timeline. It'd be old news in another week, but for now it gleamed in the misty, light snow falling from the low ceiling of clouds. Shiny silver steel beams, reinforced, glare-resistant glass, and three stories tall, Ink fit right in with the rest of the pretentious square. The lines of the building pleased Tenzou on a basic level, however, and he liked the interesting touch of twin, narrow waterfalls over black stone flanking the main entrance. The stone was side-lit, and it made the gentle springs look like flowing ink. Calligraphy was carved into the metal encasing the wide doors: Latin, Tenzou saw as he nodded to the gentleman greeting the shivering gatherers to the altar of art.

Inside were more industrial angles combined with manmade nature, a small stream weaving through the flooring and traversed by fake stone archways. Plants in silver urns stood at opportunistic points, and the bed of the shallow river was made of the same dark stone as the exterior falls. The gallery walls were high, at least twenty feet, and the ones not supporting the weight of the building were mobile, meaning the gallery staff could rearrange works for a show at will.

Victory Gym
Kenpachi owns a gym and training facility often frequented by MMA fighters and boxers, among others.

Cafe Sweet
Owned and operated by Kenpachi's niece, Cafe Sweet is THE place to go for color, coffee, and companionship.

Description from "Breaking the Pattern":
Café Sweet was always busy. The baked goods were made fresh every morning, the coffee came in more varieties than could fill two chalked boards behind the front counter, and the rainbow-colored tables and chairs were always occupied by families, businessmen, college kids, and the occasional homeless person. The owner, Kusajishi Yachiru, was a tiny woman whose hair changed color every time Sasuke saw her. Currently it was magenta, and her giggle filled the entire shop as she spoke to a regular ordering a lemon bar and a mocha.

Tenzou's House
See his house plan HERE.

Kiba's Place as Seen in "Short Straw" - Rough Sketch

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