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Naruto Fanfiction // "Breaking Point"

Title: Breaking Point - Chapter Two
Series: Monoshizukanohi//Naruto AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Drama/Romance/KINK
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Naruto/Sasuke
Word Count: Total ~16,000
Warnings/Notes: KINK: Toys, impact play, orgasm denial, mild humil, public play, smut, smut & more smut
Spoilers: None whatsoever.
Dedication: Fic is for Hoopi. Much love, girl.

Naruto was already in the limo by the time Sasuke finished getting ready. Randall – their chauffer for two years now – bowed when Sasuke walked out the front door. Randall was extremely tall, overly broad, and had skin the color of onyx. He was good with guns, knives, and secrets. His dark eyes glittered as Sasuke carefully walked down the path to the vehicle.

“Evening, sir,” Randall said and opened the door for Sasuke. “In you go, nice and easy.”

Sasuke gave Randall a look and wondered for the hundredth time since employing the man just how much he observed and remembered. The man had seen more than his fair share of compromising situations between Naruto, Sasuke, and others. Randall drove the pair to and from Break on a regular basis after all. Hell…maybe he could tell just how difficult it was to walk at the moment. Sasuke’s lips pulled back in a grimace at the thought. He hoped the rest of the general public wasn’t so observant or knowledgeable.

Sasuke climbed into the car and settled into the front-facing seat next to Naruto. The blond had a folder on his lap and he was flipping through a small stack of paper.

“Biographies of the guests,” Naruto explained without looking up.

“Anyone interesting?” Sasuke asked conversationally as he tried in vain to find a position that didn’t torment him in one way or another.

“Not a one,” Naruto replied, still flipping.

“Then why are we going, again? It’s not like we need to make a public appearance so soon after the Environmental Gala.”

Naruto sighed testily and shut the folder. “We’re going because I said so, Sasuke.”

A little hurt at the tone, Sasuke frowned and turned in the seat to face Naruto. “Of course we are. But you could just as easily say we aren’t going…your word is law, after all.”

Naruto looked at Sasuke, gaze intent and focused again. It made Sasuke breathe a little faster. The look reminded Sasuke of Naruto’s face when he let Sasuke watch Naruto work over his body in a mirror while they played. The visual was so vivid Sasuke could almost hear the sound of leather on flesh.

“My word is law, Sas.”

Sasuke nodded and respectfully dropped his gaze. “Naturally, Master. I would have it no other way.” Most of the time, Sasuke amended in his head as his tortured penis ached and shifted in the unforgiving metal. The dull spikes dug into his skin, and Sasuke bit the raw place inside of his cheek. The only thing attaching him to sanity at the moment was taking each moment as it came and trying not to think too far ahead.

With a long-suffering sigh, Naruto reached out a hand toward Sasuke. “C’mere,” he said. “Put your head in my lap and lay down in the seat.”

Sasuke leaned forward and removed his wool coat, tossing it onto the seat across from him before he swung his legs up into the seat and obeyed. He ended up facing Naruto with his head and shoulders braced in Naruto’s lap and his legs curled a bit to keep them off the door. It was far more comfortable than trying to sit up with the plug. For a brief moment, hope flared again. Maybe Naruto would just tell Randall to head back to the house. Maybe he would tell Sasuke what he wanted him to do and the game could end before Sasuke went out of his mind.

“Do you remember when we first started to play?” Naruto asked. One of his hands idly rubbed over the silk of Sasuke’s sleeve.

“Barely,” Sasuke said honestly. The touch was distracting him and making him want more. Damn it. Just…damn it.

“Back before Break,” Naruto continued as if Sasuke hadn’t spoken. “Before we started working with Neji, and the businesses got so complicated?” Naruto’s hand traveled down to Sasuke’s thigh and didn’t pause as it shifted lower and between Sasuke’s legs. The raven gasped when Naruto’s palm covered the base of the plug with unerring accuracy and firm pressure.

“I don’t think about it often, Master, but I remember those times,” Sasuke replied, body tense. What was with the nostalgia? And what was Naruto going to do with his hand? Sasuke didn’t know what would be worse: nothing or something.

“I think about it a lot.” Naruto flattened his hand across the base of the plug and gently rocked it, making it shift. Sasuke panted once harshly and his fists clenched.

“As long as we were alone, you were so eager. I’m kinda amazed we survived some of those scenes.” He chuckled. “God…the first time I saw you blissed-out…” Naruto trailed off as his hand continued to move. Sasuke felt his muscles contract involuntarily around the plug, which made the sensation better and worse. His entire sex pulsed, unable to get hard and unable to come. Sasuke gripped Naruto’s knee and squirmed in Naruto’s lap. He felt a warm hand smooth through his hair, and Sasuke marveled at the tenderness of that gesture as opposed to the nearly-violent pleasure and torture the other hand was causing.

“You looked so beautiful,” Naruto sighed and Sasuke whined, nails biting into Naruto’s knee. He wanted to curse, cry, beg…his mind tried to fry with indecision and competing sensory messages.

“And you didn’t think so much,” Naruto mumbled. “You let go.”

Sasuke couldn’t really pull enough brain cells together to make sense of what Naruto said, but he tried. Let go? Sasuke did let go. All the time. Didn’t he? What the hell…

Fuck. Sasuke grit his teeth. The rocking was driving him insane. Being this close to Naruto’s half-hard cock was driving him insane. Breathing threatened to push him over the edge, and Sasuke fought hard to stay above water. He didn’t know why…there was reasoning, dammit, but he couldn’t think straight. If Naruto would just stop that for one second…

“Oh – oh…” Sasuke moaned into Naruto’s leg as the blond increased the pressure on the plug. Sasuke’s body sang with need, sweat beaded across his forehead, and he ineffectually tried to get away. Naruto held him in his lap easily, and Sasuke whined.

“Feels good, doesn’t it,” Naruto rumbled, and it wasn’t a question. The voice was back, and Sasuke shuddered.

“I could do this all night. Tell Randall just to drive around…make you almost come a hundred times and never let you finish once.”

Sasuke’s eyes flew open in horror. “Master…”

“Hm? What is it, boy?” Naruto’s fingers gripped the edge of the plug and pulled, making the harness dig into Sasuke’s skin for a second before Naruto pushed the plug back inside.

Sasuke keened and felt the hate again. He hated this…

Naruto pulled the plug again, pushed it back inside.

No…he loved this…hated it…both. Sasuke felt dizzy and then his body jerked as the car stopped.

For a second Sasuke was tempted to beg for what he wanted – to plead in earnest without thought or preamble. But then he got the chance to swallow and his mind cleared a little.

“We’re here, sirs,” Randall’s voice said over the quiet intercom. The glass was up between the back and the front compartments. “Naruto – do you want to proceed?”

Sasuke blinked at that. Not proceeding was an option? Something about the way Randall phrased that question…was this all some sort of grand plan?

But then Naruto pulled and pushed the plug again and Sasuke grunted, eyes squeezing shut. It hurt, it burned, it irritated, and it wasn’t enough.

“I’ve nothing to say, Master,” Sasuke said quietly.

“Then get out of my lap,” Naruto said just as quietly.

Startled, Sasuke quickly sat up, wincing as the metal and the plug shifted.

“Get yourself together and get your coat. I’ll be inside.” Naruto’s voice was uncharacteristically cold as he climbed out of the car. Sasuke felt fear like weights on his chest. He wasn’t doing what Naruto wanted, and that simply wouldn’t do. Sasuke aimed to please both of them…and usually he was good at it.

Frowning and heart aching just slightly more than the rest of his body, Sasuke straightened his clothing, grabbed his coat, and knocked on the glass to signal Randall. The door opened and Sasuke climbed out into the chilly winter air. He took a moment to remember how to walk and move, and then Sasuke stepped carefully along the path to the entrance.

The Magnolia was an old hotel that had been completely refurbished both inside and out roughly five years ago. The front of the building was a lavish gold color, complete with gothic touches and filigree buttresses. No press was allowed on the premises, and Sasuke walked up the front walkway beneath the red canopy without incident. A doorman greeted him with a bow before pulling the large, wooden door open for him. Sasuke nodded and went inside.

Warmth wrapped around Sasuke and he quickly handed off his coat to a clerk who stood ready to accept it. A beautiful gold and blue tile mosaic covered the floor of the lobby, and the ceiling was domed and covered in abstract gold and blue art. The hotel owners had commissioned the elusive-but-brilliant painter Sai to do the ceiling, and it was truly magnificent.

The lights throughout the hotel were a sunny yellow, blue and white marble accented every available surface, and the lobby sported several potted magnolia trees that were carefully maintained by a private gardener. Sasuke knew that in the spring, the gardens were spectacular and a major tourist attraction. He also knew that the rooms at The Magnolia were all suites, and no luxury was spared for any guest. However, the hotel could only hold roughly 50 guests, making said rooms difficult to acquire.

Naruto kept a corner room on the top floor reserved at all times along with a table for six in the hotel’s five-star restaurant – Leaf.

Tonight Leaf buzzed with VIPs from various sections of the Children’s Charity world. Sasuke somehow managed to smile with equal parts polite deference and cool superiority at each guest he encountered on his way to Leaf. Men and women chatted as they lounged on antique furniture in the lobby and gathering rooms, all staffed with extremely professional individuals in solid black uniforms that could get you anything from a napkin to a change of clothes in any size. It was rumored that a guest at a business dinner once needed a quick exit to make it to the birth of his first son, and the hotel arranged for a helicopter pick up from the roof.

The Magnolia was Sasuke’s sort of place.

Sasuke made it to the usual table with relative ease, many guests nodding but not speaking to Sasuke. Most people knew that Naruto was the more personable member of their partnership, and sure enough the table was surrounded by people anxious to talk to the blond businessman. Sasuke slipped through the crowd with skill and wrapped himself around Naruto’s arm in his usual pose at these public functions.

Without pausing in his chatter, Naruto intertwined his fingers with Sasuke’s left hand and squeezed. It was familiar and reassuring…Sasuke’s blood pressure dropped a few points. At least this meant Naruto wasn’t too upset. Honestly, this whole thing could just be avoided if Naruto would act normally and give Sasuke his cues. Surprises were one thing…this sort of prolonged strangeness was unnecessary.

Sasuke sniffed and casually nabbed a glass of wine off a passing tray. Naruto took it from him in a fluid motion – as if Sasuke meant for him to have it. The look Sasuke gave Naruto could have curdled milk.

“Excuse me ladies and gentlemen,” said a man in a hotel uniform. “The chef informs us that he’s ready to begin the meal if that is agreeable?”

Immediately everyone moved to take their seats, and Sasuke pouted as he watched Naruto drink his wine. Naruto ignored him, engrossed in a conversation about the children’s hospital with a woman wearing entirely too much purple eye shadow.

“Mr. Uchiha,” said the woman to Sasuke’s right. “How are you faring these days?” She blinked owlishly from behind thick glasses, and Sasuke flashed his best tight-lipped smile.

“Beautifully, thank you.”

“Running your family’s business, are you?” The woman pressed.

“Occasionally,” Sasuke said.

“Oh? Something else keeping you occupied, then?”

Sasuke was sure the woman was trying to be polite, but she was interrupting Sasuke’s study of Naruto and his thoughts on how best to get him to give up his stupid game. Sighing, he turned to her. “My position as Uzamaki Naruto’s personal slave takes precedence over petty business matters, madam. I’m sure you understand.” Sasuke smiled sweetly.

The woman blinked. “Oh,” she said. “Well…yes.”

“Lovely,” Sasuke replied. “I just knew you would. We little sluts have to stick together, after all.” Sasuke leaned his elbows on the table and looked out over the crowded room. “I wonder if they’re serving the salmon.”

“I’m…not sure,” the woman replied. “Excuse me.” She turned to speak to the man next to her, and she found her second attempt at conversation much more profitable.

Sasuke sighed and ran a finger around the rim of his crystal water glass. It was hard to lean to the left or right in a chair without appearing obvious, but Sasuke managed. He watched Naruto make small talk with half the table and then escaped his worries and thoughts by focusing on the appetizer. The food was extremely good, but Sasuke barely tasted any of it.

Naruto was angry…frustrated. He spoke of letting go in the car, but Sasuke didn’t understand that. If Naruto wanted him to bliss out, then why not take him to the dungeon in their basement and flog him senseless? Why all the drawn-out denial? Why was Naruto purposefully keeping Sasuke on edge?

Maybe that WAS the purpose…to make Sasuke give in. But Naruto could just order him to do that. He’d done it before – not in so many words, of course, but a well-timed slap to the face and quick-and-dirty orgasm did wonders for Sasuke’s compliance.

Sasuke’s head hurt, and his cock reminded him that it wasn’t exactly happy, either. He scowled down at his artfully-presented dinner, willing his mind quiet for once.

Naruto interrupted his concentration at that moment by leaning over and putting his lips next to Sasuke’s ear.

“Take four more bites and then put your hands in your lap,” Naruto said softly. He pulled back with a smile, like it was a private joke, and then turned back to his conversation.

Sasuke didn’t miss a beat as he gracefully forked another bite into his mouth and chewed slowly. He took his time, interspersing the bites with small sips of his water. Sasuke delighted in being difficult, and part of him wanted Naruto aggravated. It was a fine line to walk between aggravated and disappointed…but Sasuke felt so overwrought by his needy body and unanswered questions that he could hardly tell which side of the line was which.

Eventually four bites were finished and Sasuke obeyed his Master’s command, dropping his hands into his lap and waiting. He fought a losing battle to keep his mind blank. There were just too many questions, too many worries. He thought over every single thing Naruto had said over the past week. He analyzed. He diagrammed.

And he came up empty. He felt ashamed of his inability to figure out the game…worried that Naruto really would get angry at him…and he was terrified of the disappointment that would come with that anger. Sasuke’s body betrayed him; filled him with need and hunger and made it hard to think. Anger over his apparent stupidity and obvious lack of control over his body filled Sasuke and completed the vicious cycle.

Sasuke was in hell.

Naruto turned and grinned brightly at Sasuke before leaning back in to whisper in his ear. Sasuke braced himself.

“Slide up closer to the table, sit straight down on the plug up your fine ass, and wrap one hand around your useless dick.”

Naruto pulled away from the dismayed Sasuke and struck up a conversation with a man across the table. On autopilot, Sasuke pulled closer to the table and carefully eased down onto the base of the plug, struggling not to wince. It felt so fucking delicious…and Sasuke wanted to grab Naruto by the lapels and order him to fuck him here and now.

And when his hand wrapped around the metal between his legs, Sasuke thought he would start to scream at any moment. He thought of what the woman next to him would think if he just stood up and started screaming in sheer frustration and anger.

The image of her shocked face was enough to help Sasuke breathe and calm down again.

Then Naruto leaned back in and Sasuke had to force himself not to lean away and hiss at him.

“How badly do you want it, Sas?” Naruto murmured in Sasuke’s ear before pulling back to look at him. “Tell me.”

“Very,” Sasuke said softly.

Naruto arched an eyebrow at him.

“Very, Master,” Sasuke corrected himself, voice barely audible. It was rare that Naruto made him address him properly in public without firmly establishing that they were playing beforehand. Sasuke felt heat rise in his cheeks and flare throughout his body. He wanted…oh he wanted…

Smiling a little, Naruto leaned back to Sasuke’s ear. “You want to come, don’t you, slut? Want to rip off that metal cage and get hard for me.”

Sasuke’s body struggled to get hard despite the cage, and he flushed a deeper red.

“Want me to wrap my hand around you and order you to come until you can’t see – until you can’t breathe.”

Sasuke swallowed, his throat suddenly dry, and he worked hard to keep his face neutral for the other guests.

“Want me to bend you over this table and slide that plug out of your sweet ass and fuck you until you scream.”

With a tiny whimper, Sasuke closed his eyes and trembled. The woman to his right looked over at him and then quickly turned away.

“You want that?”

“Yes, Master,” Sasuke whispered.

Naruto leaned back to look him in the eyes. “Then why are you being so fucking difficult?”

Sasuke’s lower lip quivered for half a second. “Difficult?”

Naruto gave an exasperated sigh and sat back. “Sasuke,” he said, loudly enough to be heard by other guests. “Go fetch me some more wine.”

“Excuse me?” Sasuke spluttered. Sex talk to confusion to orders was hard for him to follow at the moment. And he was not some common servant.

Naruto’s expression spoke volumes as to how he felt about Sasuke daring to question him. He turned his head, eyes flashing dangerously. “Wine, Sasuke. Now.”

Sasuke’s mouth opened and closed. A hotel employee politely cleared his throat from behind them.

“Excuse me, sir, but I’d be happy to get you-“

“No,” Naruto said, never looking away from Sasuke. “He’ll do it.”

Sasuke couldn’t remember being more embarrassed. He flushed every shade of red imaginable and squirmed in his seat. That made the plug shift and sent agonizing darts of pleasure through him, making everything more intense and awful. Every set of eyes at the table peered at him, waiting to see what he would do. The hotel employee looked at him, obviously uncomfortable and unsure.

And Naruto glared at him – daring Sasuke to disobey and cause a scene. He looked like he could watch and wait all night.

With a shaky breath, Sasuke tore his eyes away from Naruto’s and pushed back from the table. The hotel employee assisted him, and that made Sasuke blush even harder. His breath caught in a tiny cry as he stood up – the fucking plug again. And Sasuke was humiliated to discover that despite this painful display, his cock was aching to be hard. The front of his pants was spotted and Sasuke gasped when he saw the stains. His world narrowed and focused on that bit of awfulness, and then he turned in a mad, ungraceful rush to get away from this nightmare.

Behind him, Sasuke heard Naruto make his apologies to the table and the employee, and Sasuke felt panic flutter in his chest. He didn’t want Naruto to follow him.

Or did he?

Yes, no, maybe, Sasuke’s mind whirled and with a choking cry, he nearly knocked over a serving girl. He could practically feel Naruto hot on his heels, and Sasuke refrained from breaking out into a run as he exited the restaurant and made a sharp left in the lobby. There were restrooms this way – large, single rooms for private matters. Sasuke might be able to escape for a few moments’ reprieve.

From behind him, Naruto’s dress shoes bit into the marble floor with quick, audible, clacks, and Sasuke gasped. The movement, this panic, the scene back at the table…everything was torture. And when Sasuke’s shoes met the carpet of the hallway, he did break into a loose trot. The motion did strange things to the plug, but he endured. And he didn’t care what other people thought – he had to get away. He didn’t even know why – just knew it was the most important thing in the world.

Sasuke reached the restroom door and turned the knob with a sharp wrench of his wrist. For a fleeting second he thought he’d escaped, but then someone shoved him into the bathroom and slammed the door behind him. Sasuke barely managed to turn before Naruto’s hands and mouth were on him.

With a muffled shout, Sasuke stumbled. Naruto caught him and his hands were everywhere: fisting in his shirt, caressing over his back, pulling him closer. The kiss was bruising and forceful: a crush of lips.

Sasuke brought his arms up between them and pushed Naruto away. He didn’t try to sort the emotions. He didn’t bother with the brain-to-mouth filter.

“Evil, sadistic, son of a - !” Sasuke yelled, staggering away. An ingrained sense of self-preservation kept him from finishing the sentence.

Naruto grinned, feral and frightening. He took two long strides and Sasuke’s back hit the wall as he tried to scramble away. Harsh fingers gripped his face and a hard body pressed against his.

“Say it,” Naruto hissed through clenched teeth. “You ungrateful little slut. Say. It..”

Sasuke shuddered at the voice and the violence, and he wanted to sink through the floor.

Seeing he wasn’t going to speak, Naruto’s lips pulled back in a cruel sneer. “You need to remember your place, Sasuke. You do not get to wheedle me into a horny haze all the time. You do not get to manipulate me into doing what you want. You do not get what you want all the time. It’s not. Always. About. You.”

Naruto squeezed Sasuke’s face and pressed himself harder against the raven’s body. “Sometimes…it’s all about me,” he continued, voice level and low. “This week was about what I wanted, and you hated every second of it. You whined, you begged, you tried to get out of it, and you never got the damned point. The genius Uchiha…and he sees trees where he should see forest.”

Sasuke felt two inches tall and shut his eyes to the burning blue ice that threatened to scorch him. Naruto’s breath ghosted hot against his cheek and Sasuke panted.

“I swear to Christ I could see your damned brain working the entire time. And it drove me insane. This week was simple: I did what I wanted when I wanted. And all you had to do was give in and feel. Like the old days – remember those? Before you became such a whiny, manipulative, little brat?” Naruto spat the words against Sasuke’s face.

Oh god, oh fuck…this was bad. Sasuke tried to swallow but Naruto’s hand held his head back at an awkward and unforgiving angle. He whimpered.

“What was that?” Naruto asked. “Was that an, ‘I’m so sorry, Master, I didn’t mean to top from the bottom Master, I’m yours to do with as you please and I will serve you however you see fit, Master?” Naruto’s voice grew harsher as he spoke and Sasuke shivered. He didn’t know what to say or what to do…he couldn’t move, couldn’t think, and shame tried to swallow him whole.

With a violent noise, Naruto let go of Sasuke’s chin and stepped back, arms crossing. Sasuke stumbled, fear and panic making his heart pound.

“You don’t see past your own damned cock, Sasuke,” Naruto groused. “I love you plotting. I love you trying to work around me. I love how you beg me so good and how happy you are when you get your way. I love you any way I can get you, Sas.

“But you don’t even see me planning when I give in. You don’t appreciate that I think of you every step of the goddamned way. All you know is what you want and how you can get it.”

“I’m sor-“ Sasuke tried.

“Shut up,” Naruto said impatiently. “You talk when I say you can fuckin’ talk.”

Sasuke shut his mouth and pressed himself against the wall, happy it was there to keep him upright.

“So every bloody now and then, I have to get your pretty ass out of your comfort zone and back to where I know you want to be. I can’t keep letting you think you can just out-think or out-slut me. This time I wanted to see just how stubborn you could really be, and I gotta say: I didn’t think we’d make it to Tuesday much less to this dinner. I was ready to stop whenever you were ready to give in…”

Oh shit…that’s what Naruto searched for back in the bathroom. That explained the sighs, the impatience, the change in mood. Sasuke bit back a whimper. How could he have been so fucking stupid?

Sasuke let out a tiny, helpless noise and looked at Naruto. Sasuke’s Master paused and narrowed his eyes. He looked larger-than-life and his presence filled the room. He was cool, calculating, and calm. In control.

Sasuke swallowed.

“So go on - tell me that I’m cruel for giving you nothing but pleasure for a week,” Naruto continued, lifting his chin in defiance. “Tell me I’m evil for holding you when you need it and wanting you to just give in to me. Call me selfish for not being willing to work through your six goddamned stages of angst to get you like I want you.

“You know the rules, bitch,” Naruto growled, eyes darkening dangerously. “You say the damned word or give me control, but for fuck’s sake stop fighting me. I don’t have to tell you what I’m doing. I don’t have to give you reasons. I order, you obey, and if you don’t like it, then get the fuck out.”

Oh god…Sasuke’s knees threatened to give out. He didn’t want to go. Master was angry and terrifying and beautiful and perfect. But Master was…

Naruto prowled back over to Sasuke. He dug cruel fingers into Sasuke’s chin and made him look up to meet his Master’s gaze. Naruto’s eyelids lowered and he looked at Sasuke’s mouth as he licked his lips.

“And I know you like it…my needy little slut,” he intoned in the voice that made Sasuke shiver. “I know what you want and I know what you need. And right now, you need to apologize for being such a fucking disappointment.”

Sasuke’s world stopped and suddenly he couldn’t see or smell or taste. He felt despair like a physical thing, and he wanted to cry in relief when he heard Master’s voice break through the blackness and tell him what to do.

“So you’re going to go over to the counter, brace yourself against it, and bend over with your legs spread. You’re going to do it even if you can’t anticipate my next move or get out of this one. You trust me, my pretty little bitch…and you want whatever I decide to give you.”

Naruto released Sasuke with a flick of his wrist and stood back, waiting. His gaze was so intense that it made Sasuke want to shrink back in on himself. He felt small, horrible, and unworthy. Sasuke wrapped his arms around his body and stared at the tiled floor. The weight of guilt and disappointment pushed down on him like a landslide, and he felt tears prickle his eyes.

Sasuke felt so ashamed and so stupid. Who was he to ever try to outsmart this man? Why did he even try? The whole point was to give up and give in…and Sasuke went out of his way to make that impossible for both of them. Why?

The word beat against the inside of Sasuke’s skull like a crazed bird trying to flee a cage.

For a few heartbeats, Sasuke felt the edges of insanity move a little closer. And then in a moment of blissful clarity…he realized that why didn’t matter. Not right now. Not right here.

Only obedience mattered, and he could do that. It was one thing – thank God there was at least one – which Sasuke did do well for his Master. He could do that…
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