Darkprism (demented_dee) wrote,

West Evantide Original Fiction Main Story Entry

Title: Evantide
Series: Original
Authors: Darkprism
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating: Mature
Word Count: Ongoing

Several years ago, I woke up with a name on my lips. That name was, "Weston Elijah Evantide." I created him for some collaborative work that was fun but ultimately didn't work out. However, West, his band, his family, and his history remain with me, and they've grown so much over the years...

Below are some of the pieces I've written of and with West and family. There are some inconsistencies, my apologies, as the story evolved. All characters and story belong to me, copyright applies, etc. etc.

Someday, this man will have his own book. Or maybe books. But in the meanwhile, he continues to be my fictional comfort. West is my warm quilt across my shoulders. He is my screened-in porch with a view of the mountains. He is, as his nickname in his band goes, Soul.

Thank you for reading and for letting me share a little of him with you.


Note: We gotta be friends for you to read these. *grins*

These were the pieces originally written to go along with my former collaborator's pieces, but they can be read as stand-alone works. In order...
Evantide Arise
Evantide To Go
Evantide Plays
Evantide Pride
Evantide Blues

Evantide Version 2.0!
Written starting in 2013... and with no connection to former stories written...(So starting fresh...)
Some Nights Part I
Some Nights Part II
Evantide Lets Go
Evantide Lives in Love
NEW::Evantide Finds North

More coming soon... thank you.
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