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Demented Ink.
Getaway // Bleach Collaboration Fanfic // Main Story Entry 
22nd-Sep-2010 12:47 pm
cig mouth tie
Title: Getaway
Series: Monoshizukanohi//Naruto AU
Authors: Darkprism & liralen
Genre: Romance/Kink
Rating: Overall Mature
Pairing: Hisagi Shuuhei & Urahara Kisuke
Word Count: WIP, Currently Sitting Pretty at ~45,000
Spoilers: None whatsoever.
Getaway is a collaborative effort between demented_dee and liralen. In between writing novels and living our insane lives, we decided we needed something just for fun. This story is the lovechild of late-night giggle fests over Bleach crack pairings and how we can play with pretty boys. In ways, it is a continuation of my story, Closet Games, and is set after that story ends. Herein lies bondage, toys, m/m sex, language, and other kinky things. Much love & baked goods.

Summary: After a blind date gone horribly wrong, Shuuhei hits up the bar, Glow, for a much needed drink. He runs into his old friend, Kisuke, and discovers he doesn't know his long-time drinking companion quite as well as he thought. When Kisuke offers a weekend of fun, games, and kink at his friend Kuchiki's hunting lodge, Shuuhei decides to go along for one hell of a ride.

About the World...
Beneath the tangled, darkened streets of Monoshizukanohi, a river of sin flows wide and deep. Its waters fill cups, baths, and showers; homes, gardens, and the thumping halls of clubs Bliss and Break. Sin is a side dish at Tobi’s, served hot after dessert, and it’s Kakashi’s special recipe at his bar, Glow. Drink at your own risk. No one is left unscathed by the rivers’ taint. And sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s brutal…

But it’s always exactly what you need.

The entire cast of beloved Naruto & Bleach characters are here – eager to make your re-acquaintance. Come one, come all...but beware: on these streets, everything bites.

Where oh where do our beloved people play?
How do they dance? I wanna watch them sway.
A breeze to the music, a sigh in the dark;
There’s blood on the mattress, and skin covered in marks.
Hear a hushed promise, and now a pretty little plea,
“I need more, must have it, oh gods, pick me...”
And here the answer’s always yes, my angel-sweet
In wicked, dirty

Poem & Monoshizukanohi story lines ©2009-2010 Darkprism
Original Bleach characters & story lines © Tite Kubo
Original Naruto characters & story lines © Kishimoto Masashi
I do not make any money from these writings.

Chapter Index
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Final

liralen commissioned one Chronomorphosis over on Y!Gallery for an image from this story! Link below takes you to Y!Gal, where you must have a (FREE) account to view content. Enjoy.

Limousine Scene

Notes on Characters...
In Monoshizukanohi, Shuuhei is a tattoo artist who works out of his friend, Ray Cee's, shop when he can. He also works with Renji in the redhead's clothing story, Howl.

Kisuke owns a chain of grocery stores. He's only three years older than Shuuhei, though he likes to make jokes about being next door to ancient.

Shuuhei's Tattoos
You may notice that Shuuhei's tats are a smidgen different here than in canon. I took liberties. Description follows...

Small, green lizard crawling over left collar bone, bright silver-sheen eyes.

Left arm covered with hodge-podge of purposefully faded stars, swirls, and black razor-wire pattern.

Right arm has brilliant red-and-black snake: mouth open over the back of his hand, body and tail in swirling not-seen-in-nature pattern up his arm, wrapping and stopping in the bend of his arm.

Upper right arm, circling, are the words: To Thine Own Self Be True in gothic script.

Around both elbows are dark-emerald green vine pattern, in concentric circles: more thorns than leaves.

Lower right side, below bottom rib: there's a slit of black that's faded to look like it's a crack in his skin, red peering at the edges. Coming from the mouth of the crack are dark green vines. They wrap in random patterns around his waist, up his sides, over his shoulder blades, and trail down his right thigh, wrapping, and down over both ass cheeks on the back (the tops, they curl in tendrils). The vines have thorns, some are bloody, some are dripping silver, some are just black. Flowers - not found in nature - bloom in three places:

1. Over his left hip - dark purple blossom with a black heart stabbed with a small silver knife for the center.
2. Over his right shoulder blade - brilliant red blossom with a skull for the center
3. Over/around his left pectoral & sternum: smaller sky blue flower with a dark blue eyes, long-lashed, in the center.

In the cut of his lower abs he has more vines, though these are slightly different: the thorns are longer, pointer, and the art looks more tribal. They dip all the way down to where leg meets body and circle his navel.

He has razor wire that matches the stuff on his arms around his left ankle.

He has an almost dainty tribal pattern that comes out from his hairline to cover his left temple and down in front of his ear. With his hair shaggy, it's hard to see.

Shuuhei has his earlobes pierced once on each side and a PA piercing - standard 10 gauge. Silver ring.
12th-Oct-2010 09:05 pm (UTC)
Sexy! Thank you for a run down on all his ink (I love them all, and his piercings too!)
21st-Oct-2010 03:34 pm (UTC)
I realize you have so many stories going but YUM!!!
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