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Naruto Fanfiction // Deprivation // Chapter 7

Title: Deprivation
Series: Monoshizukanohi//Naruto AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Drama/Romance/Kink
Rating: MATURE. This section: impact play, bondage, D/s relationships, electrostim, sounding, toys, oral
Pairing: Kimimaro, Haku, and a Mystery Guest
Word Count: This section: ~4000
Warnings/Notes: D/s relationships, set in Monoshizukanohi AU, language, references to abuse, m/m sex
Spoilers: None whatsoever.

Summary:It’s been a year since Haku left Zabuza, saving his life but making him ache for what he’s lost. Kimimaro’s doing his best to help his friend, but at a great toll to himself. When Neji tells Kimimaro a VIP at Break wants a night of his time, hope bubbles up like a forgotten friend. But can the Mystery Lover really accept both Kimimaro and Haku and all the baggage that comes with them?

Mouth dry as deserts, Kimimaro coughed. “I-I’m…Master…I don’t…did I…please? I…” He coughed again, whimpered, and stopped trying to speak when he felt pressure over his mouth – a hand. Gentle touches spread over Kimimaro’s body: fingers along his side, a stroke over sweaty skin, a pinch of his nipple, a dipped tongue into his navel, a brush of lips to the side of his rigid cock.

“Oh,” Kimimaro groaned, lightly licking the palm over his lips. “Master…oh…”

The hand covering his mouth vanished, and for long seconds ticked off by his thudding heart, Kimimaro waited for what came next. Pressure against his mouth surprised him – lips met but not for a kiss. Kimimaro felt a faint trickle of something sweet wet his skin and then pool on his tongue, and he raised his head, frowning and wondering and working so hard to think and please and earn. The mouth went away, the hand came behind Kimi’s head, and Kimimaro got the straw between his lips and sucked Gatorade with a moan of delight when it hit parched throat.

How long…did we…?

Kimimaro felt dizzy, sense of time and place completely upside down. He got a few sips, the straw left, and his head was lowered back to the mattress. Kimimaro bit his lips, chest rising and falling and sweat rolling to tickle down his sides. “Thank you,” Kimi rasped, shivering when cool fingers traced his jaw. The bed moved again, and Kimi swallowed hard, unsure and on uneven ground and unfamiliar territory. “Master – am I? Was that not –”

Again Master cut Kimimaro short, but this time what pressed against his mouth was not a hand, but the slippery head of a cock. Kimimaro didn’t need to be asked twice: he opened his mouth wide and wider taking in the thick dick and eagerly flicking his pierced tongue along the underside. Vaguely, Kimimaro felt something press into his palm, and Kimi grasped the object, holding tightly, and soundly promising himself not to let go, no matter what. Kimimaro groaned around the length between his lips, squeezing around the plug in his ass and loving the way his cock and balls tingled with sensation that was no longer there, and even to his own ears he sounded grateful, pleased, content.

Sucking and swallowing with practiced cunning, Kimimaro turned his head to work his Master easier, head rising again to take him deeper. Kimi couldn’t hear the man, but he could feel his dick twitch against Kimimaro’s tongue; Kimi couldn’t see a face of pleasure or knowing command, but he followed with his head and mouth when the man next to him must have bent over Kimi’s prone form, hand hitting the mattress with force. Kimi sighed and made a muffled, eager noise before swallowing, taking it deeper, tongue lapping and lips tight around the width. Hips pulled back and slowly rocked forward into Kimimaro’s mouth and throat, and Kimi offered no resistance, letting Master do as he wished, unconcerned about lack of air, burning throat, or tightening jaw. Kimimaro loved sucking cock, and he’d take it however and whenever the opportunity was given.

Own dick jumping as he felt a stutter in the rhythm driving Master against the back of his throat, Kimi sucked and twisted his head, bobbing and swirling tingling lips. He made sure the metal in his mouth – lip and tongue – worked like it should, and Kimimaro took up the rhythm when the careful thrusting stopped. He groaned, eager, but then the bed shook, Master withdrew, and Kimimaro swallowed a low noise of complaint. Hot breath blew fast and rushed over Kimimaro’s lips, and Kimi couldn’t help but tilt toward the feeling, wanting a kiss like a starving animal in winter.

Instead of granting Kimi’s wish, however, the mouth withdrew, staying a hair’s width apart from Kimi’s seeking lips. Feeling Master shift again, Kimi suddenly felt a body pressed against his – bare torso along Kimimaro’s side – and Kimimaro sucked in a sigh before his vision flashed white. The current was back – hard and high and all-consuming – and Kimimaro couldn’t even move or speak through the toe-curling, eye-rolling jolt. Something teased his balls –

Crop. Oh fuck, it’s the crop – the letter, it said…oh shit…oh hell…oh yes…

- and the current slacked off by one or two degrees only to pulse over....and over…and over, higher and harder, coming faster and faster. Kimimaro found his voice – “Sweet fuck!” – at the peak of a pulsation, and in the second or two delay between flashes of heat, the crop lightly stroked Kimimaro’s balls, ran up the side of his shaft, and then rapped so lightly as to not be a rap at all, but with his cock stuffed and the current flaring and jarring, Kimimaro howled a sobbing cry against the face so close to his.

The sensation stopped, Kimimaro gasped for air, felt a light kiss to his upper lip, and the crop lashed over the marks it laid down earlier on his thighs. Kimimaro grunted, low and needy, but didn’t move, beyond clear speech; out of his mind and babbling in a low mix of cursing and unintelligible noises of need. A heartbeat later, and Kimi’s back bowed when the current pulsed to life again and Kimimaro’s mouth fell open in a silent, shocked screech and he came, pleasure like the crack of a whip down his spine; the waves riding and crashing with the pulses still resounding in his clenching ass, spurting cock, and rhythmically-tightening body.

Panting in low tones of relief, pleasure, and anxiety, Kimimaro floated, head lolling to one side. He flexed his hands and clutched the ball in his fist tightly, not wanting to let go. Kimimaro felt the body against his disappear when the aftershocks stopped and Kimimaro lay pliant against the bed. Master undid the strap over Kimimaro’s legs, undid his ankles from their cuffs, and the soothing touches against his cooling skin made Kimimaro shake.

“I…I can’t remember – ” Kimimaro abruptly stopped speaking to gasp – both because he spoke when he didn’t mean to and because his voice trembled. Master paid no mind; there were no strikes to Kimi’s skin, no cessation of touch to his legs. Kimimaro jerked, and when he realized he was quietly crying, it felt like Kimimaro was thrust into arctic waters.

Everything was so damned good – too perfect, too easy – and Kimimaro held his breath in the face of forbidden fantasy. He didn’t want to feel such contentment and hope because it would be so damned short-lived, and he struggled, trying to remember the damned letter. But he couldn’t think, couldn’t reason…couldn’t make himself recall the memorized list of wants and events, and the inability to do so made Kimi angry, achy, and need everything entirely too much. He knew that Master was supposed to find release, and Kimi was fairly sure he hadn’t. Did that mean Kimimaro failed? Or was it okay because that’s how Master wanted this to go? Was Kimi supposed to come now, or…? It was too late to take it back…should he want to? Kimi couldn’t fucking remember…

Trying to stay calm and force his breathing steady, Kimi’s mind went dull with dread as Master worked to undo restraints and toys. Hands left his skin and came back gloved to slowly remove the plug. Kimimaro bit his lip and didn’t make a sound. A bare hand came back to caress his thigh, squeezing gently, and Kimimaro barely managed to contain the sob that threatened to break.

Think…goddamnit, think…

But Kimi couldn’t, and he knew he wasn’t supposed to – knew that was the point of the Scene – but Kimimaro rarely ever reached the place where he simply could not reason, preferring to help his Masters seek and hunt pleasure, and a wave of helplessness overrode all else. Kimimaro couldn’t find a happy medium between being the perfect submissive and remembering to work to please Master, and Kimimaro tried just to remain still: hopefully pleasing in his willingness to do anything Master desired of him.

The flexible tube coming out of Kimi’s dick felt like a slow-motion orgasm in reverse, and Kimimaro rasp-panted, momentarily distracted, low whimpering tainting and coloring each rush of air. He felt himself being cleaned, the hands doing so gentle enough to make Kimimaro want to scream and babble thanks at the same time. That task completed, hands and extra weight on the mattress retreated, and Kimimaro struggled with himself in the interim.

After an age, the strap over his torso came undone, and Kimimaro made a startled noise when leather-clad legs pressed to Kimi’s sides and a torso carefully rested down against his mere seconds later. Master was a long, lean man, composed of heat, bare skin, and gentle touch, and Kimimaro shook all over as Master rested a hand on the mattress near Kimimaro’s head. Fingers brushed up Kimimaro’s jaw and touched the wax in his ear before pinching and working to remove it. Kimi tensed. Sound rushed back, and he swallowed, blinking beneath the blindfold.

“Lovely…did so well.” The praise was softly spoken, wrapped around soothing noises, and Master worked on the other ear and Kimi identified sound. He heard music – something classical, like Haku enjoyed – and could hear breathing coming from the man straddling him, slow and steady but audible.

“You can’t remember what, sweet boy?”

Kimimaro trembled at the sound of the voice, and he heard a low shushing noise, fingers stroking his jaw.

“Tell me,” the man said, no warning in his words; merely command.

“What comes next. Or who.” Kimimaro winced. “I-I mean…I can’t remember if I did all I should to-- ”

The kiss startled Kimimaro, rendering him speechless. The man’s mouth felt so good against Kimi’s, and he thought about Haku’s kisses: about how sweet they were and how long it’d been before Haku that anyone kissed Kimimaro with kindness.

The Master didn’t kiss sweetly – he kissed purposefully. And Kimimaro swallowed when the other man pulled away.

“Not yours to remember,” said the voice. “You’ve done nearly everything in the world that pleases me tonight, Kimimaro, and done it all very well.” He paused and Kimimaro stopped breathing so he’d hear every word. “I knew that you would be perfect for what I wanted.” Master breathed deeply, and it shook, but Kimi thought he heard a smile in the next words. “I enjoy being right.”

“I’m honored that you found me pleasing, Master,” Kimimaro murmured.

“More than ‘pleasing,’ sweet boy,” the man said, and Kimimaro jerked when the words were spoken near his ear. Fingers raked through Kimi’s sweaty hair, and he felt them clasp the buckles on the blindfold. “Deserving.”

As the blindfold came off, Kimimaro closed his eyes. His heart pounded so hard he thought it might be visible from the outside. He burned to make this man happy – to continue to make him happy – and his words reverberated in Kimimaro’s mind, easing the fear of failure into something manageable; something much more like eagerness.

Kimi wanted to see the man who so thoroughly stole his will and body, kept them safe, and now worked to give them back, but his eyes wouldn’t obey his brain’s command to open and look.

Knuckles brushed Kimimaro’s cheek, and a hand turned his chin and held him still for another kiss: this one the kind to keep memories warm on cold nights. Kimimaro made a soft noise eaten by the other man’s mouth, which grew more desperate and hungry as the seconds and minutes rolled by. A hand dug and gripped at the back of Kimimaro’s skull, wrapped around his hair, and pulled. The pressure ached and made Kimi gasp, eyes opening when the kiss stopped, and he blinked hard and fast in the dim light of the room.

The first thing Kimi noticed were the dark eyes blown to midnight by lust. They gleamed, even in the dull gray-brown murk of the Crypt, and looked at Kimi with such fierce need, fire, and single-minded intent that Kimi squirmed beneath the weight of the stare.

Despite the ferocity in his gaze, however, Master looked weary – circles beneath his eyes marring what could only be described in Kimi’s mind as beauty. Master and his brother shared the same tilt of eye, the same length of nose, the same height of cheekbones, but the elder man atop Kimimaro had an oval face, much longer, lighter hair, and was a taller, more muscled version of the lithe sylph, Sasuke.

Master Itachi rose up, releasing Kimimaro’s hair, looking down at him with a steady, slow-burn, and Kimimaro saw images flash through his mind. Quicker than heartbeats, he saw Itachi, much younger, touring around with Lord Pein at Haze; saw him beneath the whips of old Master Kisame and Lord Pein, himself. Kimi recalled an image of Itachi standing in dark robes in a doorway, hands behind his back, as a young man slowly walked into the room behind him and the infamous switch-Master Itachi caught Kimimaro’s stare for a second, face expressionless. Kimi had turned away, leaned against his old Master’s leg, and Orochimaru’s hand came down to rest on top of Kimi’s head.

Long ago, now, all of that, and thank God for it, Kimi thought, swallowing as he stared up at the man made to scream in agony more than once at Haze while Kimimaro watched with various gathered masters and pets. It wasn’t long after that Master Itachi vanished from Haze and everywhere else; moved out into the country to manage what little of his family’s business needed minding and, it was rumored, to practice a trade as a magician: an illusionist, to be precise. Kimimaro knew that Master Itachi still played with Lord Pein on occasion, but thought they were more…odd friends than anything else, these days. He knew that Sasuke and Itachi had reconciled their differences, whatever those had been, and he knew that Master Kiba had worked over Itachi quite well but much, much kinder than most in Itachi’s past only a few short weeks ago on the floor of Break.

The information collided, danced, and twisted with the love letter, the night, and the expanses of pale skin Kimimaro could see. He knew Itachi’s back was not smooth: it was marred with scars, much like his and Haku’s. Kimimaro considered choices – wondered at the man in undone leather pants on top of him and how such a beautiful creature capable of nights like this could choose to be so maimed and punished and humiliated.

The pictures and impressions were flash-fires in Kimimaro’s overwrought brain. He blinked, and a tear escaped the corner of his eye. Itachi let it fall, but his eyes flickered to watch its path. Kimi’s eyes finally tore away from the perfect face to gaze over chest, pale nipples, and dark hair that feathered in a “V,” fading before reappearing below Itachi’s navel, getting thicker above a wide cock trapped half-in and half-out of his pants. Kimimaro licked his lips, all thoughts of ancient history forgotten in the undertow of want.

“See something you like, sweet boy?” Itachi mumbled, and the movement of his mouth was mesmerizing. Itachi rose up on his knees to pull out his dick and stroke it to swift fullness. Kimimaro thought it looked hard enough to hurt and make one’s balls ache, and he deliberately licked his lower lip, flashing the barbell through his tongue as he did it.

“Yes, Master, I see only things I like.”

Itachi half-smiled, the original version of the Uchiha patented smirk, and Kimimaro loved the expression on the man above him. “You’ve done very well tonight, Kimimaro…taken so much, given me more than I thought possible.”

“But not given you everything, Master,” Kimimaro said reverently. “Earlier…you said I’d done ‘almost’ everything that pleases you.” Kimimaro pulled at the chains and cuffs that still bound his hands, tilting up his chin with his eyes on the prize. “I wish to do any and all things that please you, Master, should you choose to be so generous.”

“Hn,” Itachi hummed, considering, and it seemed the man rarely ever blinked. “So you will suck my cock and drink my cum,” he said, as though enumerating driving directions. He shifted forward to the sound of Kimimaro’s moan, one eyebrow going up as Kimi’s lips parted. “As that is the kind of generosity I enjoy.”

“With pleasure, Master,” Kimimaro said in a rush, and his eyes closed in delight when Itachi’s cock stretched his mouth and nearly choked him with a none-too-gentle twitch of his hips.

“Down,” Itachi ordered, voice strained and one hand on Kimimaro’s shoulder. Kimi obeyed, moving down to the full length of the chain while Master Itachi braced against the stone wall and bed, groaning with abandon when Kimimaro’s piercing toyed with the head of Itachi’s cock.

Seconds later, and Kimimaro had Itachi panting hard, some of the blasts of air tinged with whimpers. Kimimaro burned to have such an effect on such a man, felt like the pleasure would engulf and bury him alive, and he groaned before raising up to suck and swallow, nose brushing dark curls.

“Shit,” Itachi spat. “Good, Kimimaro, oh God, good…” He sucked air into his lungs and chuckled, dazedly, when Kimimaro pulled back and let Itachi set the pace, licking vicious strokes to the underside of the length in his mouth that felt so very perfect as it blocked air and stretched his jaw.

“Watching you…take what I gave…was almost enough to undo me. Won’t be long, now – oh.” Itachi sputtered. “Oooh…” His pace quickened, and Kimimaro took it, hands relaxed in their cuffs, ball still in his palm, legs spread on the mattress, and eyes at half-mast.

Perfect…perfect…he’s so…

Mmm-nnnss,” Itachi gritted through his teeth, a moan and then a hiss, and Kimi dragged tongue and piercing, tight seal of his lips never wavering as Master Itachi’s thrusts grew jerky and faltered.

“Fuck,” Itachi said, very softly, voice higher than normal. The rolling body above Kimi went rigid, and Kimimaro sighed when Itachi’s dick spasmed and the man came with a rush of air and a noise trapped in the back of his throat. Rolling his eyes, Kimimaro felt and saw Master Itachi half-collapse onto the bed, eyes down to watch Kimi, gazes meeting for a second before Kimimaro closed his eyes and greedily moaned as he swallowed and swallowed again, shoulders and body relaxing onto the bed. Itachi moaned Kimi’s name into the mattress, muffled voice making Kimimaro shiver.

Lapping gently at the length slowly softening between his lips, Kimi looked up after a moment suspended in afterglow to watch Itachi sit up, pull out, and catch himself with one hand, deliberately smearing Kimimaro’s lower lip with spit and cum. With flowing movement that defied physics, Itachi slid down to kiss Kimimaro, sucking his lower lip with a lash of tongue before devouring Kimi’s mouth. One of Itachi’s hands traced up Kimimaro’s arms, and he broke the kiss to unbuckle each cuff, looking back down at Kimi as Itachi rubbed sore wrists with one hand. He smiled, a tilt of lips and nothing more, and bent to kiss Kimi’s as he took the ball out of Kimimaro’s palm, tossing it to one side.

“Thank you,” Itachi said, kissing Kimimaro’s forehead and making the contortionist want to squirm or cry or embrace or maybe all of the above. Of course Master Itachi would thank Kimi; of course he would be polite and present for aftercare.

But Kimimaro never thought in a thousand years that someone who would want Kimi would also be so…kind. And beautiful. And give Kimi such exquisite pain and relief with such poetry and grace.

“What is it?” Itachi asked when Kimimaro went quiet and still. Itachi’s hands roamed and soothed as he lay resting against Kimimaro, body propped up on one elbow.

“Everything is as it should be, Master,” Kimi answered on automatic, eyes down and shivering uncontrollably at the combination of touch and post-Scene denouement.

“Itachi,” the man corrected, and Kimi looked up to meet dark brown eyes. “The title is fine while we play, and I know you prefer it, but I don’t own you, Kimimaro, and to me that is what the title implies.” The hand on Kimimaro’s side increased in pressure, a comforting gesture. “Though…I wouldn’t mind talking sometime about something more long term…” His voice trailed off, an afterthought spoken almost to himself.

Kimimaro lowered his arms and cradled them to his chest, which suddenly heaved. He closed his eyes, turning his head into the mattress, and for an awful and amazing second he let himself hope.

He thought it might tear him in half.

“Kimimaro?” Itachi asked, immediately moving closer, voice still calm and arm comforting. “The discussion can wait until later. I just meant that I enjoyed myself, and I’ve known of you and seen you for a long – ”

The sound Kimimaro made embarrassed him, and he thought of Haku trying to turn his head and hide as Kimi let his damp hair obscure his face.

Arms circled Kimimaro, soothing sounds pouring from a mouth that Kimimaro ached to taste again. “I’m sorry,” Itachi apologized. “It’s been some time since I’ve been in the business of aftercare. Just rest, sweet boy, you’ve more than earned it…” He trailed off, fingers gently petting skin, and behind his hair, Kimimaro blinked slowly.

“It’s…wonderful, Mas…” Kimimaro couldn’t make himself say the man’s first name. He just couldn’t.

“It’s all right, Kimimaro. There’s no wrong here, just peace.” Itachi hugged Kimimaro, turning him onto his side with care that made the ache flare brighter in Kimi’s mind, and Itachi rubbed Kimimaro’s back. The clock on the table quietly ticked, the music shut off as the trembling stopped, and Kimimaro relaxed into the bed and against Itachi, the silence in the room growing thoughtful.

“Haze,” Itachi said after long moments, reserved voice soft and light. “I knew you at Haze when you were with your former master.”

Kimimaro nodded.

“You were…kept then.”

Another nod, and Kimimaro closed his eyes.

“But not since, correct?”

“Correct,” Kimimaro croaked.

The arms around Kimimaro tightened. “And you want to be.”

Kimimaro thought of Haku, of how impossible it’d be for someone to take on both of them, and how god-awful it’d be for this man to want Kimimaro but not Haku. Kimi knew he could never live with himself if he agreed to such a state, but right now being in this man’s arms made it so hard to think about being anywhere else.

“I see,” Itachi said, and he wrapped Kimi up in an embrace made of arms and leg, pulling him close and making soft sounds of comfort. Kimimaro didn’t realize he was crying until he sniffed, and shame burned bright for an instant before fading away beneath the weight of the body against and around him.

More time passed, unremarked, and finally Itachi pulled back, brushing Kimi’s hair away from his face to look at him. “I’m going to get up, get out of my pants, and grab pillows and a blanket from that chair. I’ll return and hold you for as long as you want or need.” Dark eyes searched Kimimaro’s and he could only nod, voice lost.

“Good,” Itachi said with a sigh. He tucked hair behind Kimi’s ear. “Sweet boy…”

Laying on the bed and watching, Kimimaro tried not to think as Itachi stripped out of the leather pants and tossed them aside. His body was marvelous, and Kimi ached again as Itachi left his line of sight. The sound of fabric shifting told Kimimaro what Itachi did, and seconds later, Itachi knelt on the bed and offered the Gatorade. “Drink some for me.”

Obediently, Kimimaro sat up, draining half the bottle while Itachi spread the blanket and put pillows down near their heads. Kimimaro’s groin still tingled from the earlier treatment, and it made him sigh as he settled. Itachi surprised him by going around the bed to climb behind Kimi, quickly pressing against him, spooning, and adjusting the cover with a soft noise of frustration when one corner wouldn’t cooperate.

“Thank you…Itachi,” Kimimaro managed to say.

“Mm,” the brunette sighed, hugging Kimimaro close. “I like holding you, Kimimaro. I think…I think I could even rest.”

“Please do,” Kimimaro said, eyes closing. “Stay…and rest.”

The arm around Kimi squeezed, and he let himself hope and yearn until his heart felt sick and half-empty, eventually dozing off to the sound of Itachi’s slowed breathing.


Author Notes
There was a poll up over on Y!Gal about the Mystery Dom, and I wish to answer a few questions/clear up a few things.

1. What Neji said to Kimimaro was that at the time of the initial request, Itachi was not known to him. That's Neji-speak for, "I didn't know him well enough to understand if he would work with you." Neji would know Itachi's entire history and what Kimimaro and Haku are up to; he'd want to consider the hell out of that before letting Itachi have at Kimimaro.
2. Itachi is a switch. He's introduced as such in R&B. Just because he subs for Kiba once does not make him only a submissive. We learn more about Itachi's history in future chapters.
3. The night in R&B is the first time Itachi comes to the club in official capacity. He probably had a private tour of the facility beforehand with Naruto. It's safe to assume Itachi knew Kimimaro worked at Break, as obviously he had his eye on Kimimaro for a while, and knew him from the days at Haze. The Scene community tends to be small and rather incestuous; people keep tabs on others. During the tour, Itachi could easily have met/been reintroduced to Kimimaro. We already know that Kimimaro is there on off-hours to prepare the place or rehearse his routines.
4. It's important to note that Itachi is initially a VIP because he is Sasuke's brother. Neji and the owners would want a warm reception for such a person considering Itachi and Sasuke are recently reconciled and all the connections therein. Not to mention Itachi represents a lot of money.
5. "VIP" is a status at the club, yes, (one that is being reviewed/solidified at the beginning of this story) but there are two ways to think of that term: one is the club status that has to do with membership dues and the other is, just as the acronym states, a "very important person." During R&B, Itachi is the second. During "Deprivation," he is the first.
6. I began this story knowing that Itachi would be the mystery dom. He's had that role all along.
7. Ibiki is a member at Break. He also sometimes plays harder at Haze. He'd be allowed in both places because of his status and connections. Also, who in their right mind would tell him, "No?" *laughs*
8. Pein owns Haze. Safe to assume he and most of the Akatsuki are going to hang out there and the people of Break will be leery of them.
9. I have plans for Ibiki, Shino, Kankuro, Tenzou, and Sai in this world. When/if those fics will get written, I've no idea. But plans I have. *she says in her Yoda voice*
10. Please do not kill your Tour Guide. Oxygen and life aid in the writing of future chapters. Of which there are a *lot* of for this fic. Much love.

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