Darkprism (demented_dee) wrote,

Naruto Fanfiction // The Devil's Mansion // Part II

Title: The Devil's Mansion
Series: Monoshizukanohi//Naruto AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Horror/Humor/Kink
Rating: Mature. BDSM, mild bondage, m/m sex, rimming, horror elements
Pairing: Iruka & Kakashi
Word Count: Total is ~12,500 words posted in two parts
Warnings/Notes: D/s relationships, set in Monoshizukanohi AU, language, references to abuse, m/m sex
Spoilers: None whatsoever.

Summary:When Kakashi has to go get proof of a haunted mansion, he negotiates with Iruka to get the professor to come along for the ride. But they both get far more than they bargained for when they reenact the ritual to invoke the evil dead.

Iruka nodded, dark eyes serious. "Even if this is all real, it cannot hurt us," Iruka said.

"Think so?" Kakashi asked.

Iruka tilted his head, backed away, dropped the bag on the floor and put the lantern on a dresser. He smiled at Kakashi. "You've faced far more threatening things in an average Saturday night."

"True," Kakashi replied, coming closer. He watched Iruka remove a plastic painter's tarp from the bag, unfold it, and fling it out to settle over the old bed.

"Besides…I do remember sex being part of this deal."

Kakashi arched an eyebrow. "To conjure the spirits. Yes."

Iruka leveled a look at the gray haired man that made his blood flow faster and hotter. "You assume I need a reason to fuck you, Kashi." Iruka smirked and pulled out a blanket. "A place will suffice. Even an odd one."

There was something about the way Iruka's mouth moved when he said the word "fuck" that just did it for Kakashi, and he was absolutely sure the man said the word on purpose any time he wanted something. Smirking, Kakashi helped the professor spread the blanket, nerves still jangling, but the tasks and talking encouraged him to forget that seconds ago ghostly giggling accompanied an illusion that Kakashi would swear was real in any court of law.

Staring at the bed, Kakashi heard Iruka get something else from the bag and step over to the bartender with a sigh. Iruka wrapped his arms around Kakashi, kissed his neck, and pressed himself along the length of Kakashi's body.

"Tell me you don't find this thrilling, and I'll believe you," Iruka whispered.

Kakashi said nothing, the warm press of Iruka making it hard to think. He glanced around the room, shivered, and clutched at one of Iruka's hands. Half of him wanted anything Iruka would or could do; anything the professor desired. The other half recalled his notes and envisioned scenarios of what could happen to men who screwed like teenagers on the scene of an ancient crime in a house surrounded by burnt trees.

"Less…thrilling…more…worrisome," Kakashi admitted.

"Thinking too much?" Iruka's hands pushed up the sweater and t-shirt Kakashi wore and stroked over the hard lines of Kakashi's abs.

"Or not enough…and that's not helping." Kakashi closed his eyes. Self-imposed darkness helped Kakashi forget where he was and focus on the way Iruka's fingers tracked upward to find and gently caress Kakashi's nipples.

"No…definitely not helping," Kakashi whispered, head going back and throat working in a swallow.

"You wanted to come here?" Iruka made it a question.

"Yeah…" The fingers pinched and plucked, now, and Kakashi turned his head toward Iruka, lips seeking and finding skin and cheek pressing into leather.

Iruka tilted his head to give Kakashi access to his throat. "You want to stay?"

"Yeah…" Iruka's voice had a mesmerizing lilt that Kakashi loved. It could calm him down, work him up, could do all kinds of things.

"Because you're curious?"

"I am," Kakashi said, not sure if he was or not, but what mattered more to him was sliding his hands back to grasp Iruka's legs and ass. The professor was hard beneath his jeans, and Kakashi ground back into him. Iruka made a quiet sound in Kakashi's ear; the kind the professor made on purpose to show Kakashi he liked something. Iruka was actually nearly silent in bed, but he knew how to use his voice to his advantage.

"Because you want to please me?"

"I always want to please you…" Kakashi said, honest with his eyes closed and only his Sir and the dead people to hear him.

Iruka hummed an approving sound, and he pull-pushed at Kakashi until they were face to face. Kakashi grabbed a handful of the professor's ass, ground him against Kakashi's thigh, and their lips met in a solid, slick kiss. Worry and fear went on the backburner, better sense went out the window, and Kakashi's tongue danced with Iruka's -- hands grasping at the leather of the jacket and Iruka's backside -- until the professor broke the kiss, breathless. Kakashi mouthed down his neck, gently sucking skin, and there was nothing better in the world than provoking Iruka to make that little hiccoughing sound.

"Mm…You know I love you, Kashi?"

Kakashi shivered at the old trigger -- the sentiment and the nickname in the form of a question. How many games had they played because Iruka had figured out what worked to get them both what they wanted? Kakashi was brilliant, but when it came to his weaknesses, he was lost. And ever since Iruka had found him years ago, Kakashi depended on the professor to know where they were, where they were going, and how to get there.

"Yes," Kakashi answered, teeth nibbling on Iruka's neck. It earned him a fast breath through Iruka's nose, and Kakashi smiled against skin. "And I love you, too."

"And you trust me?" Sure hands hugged Kakashi close, and he sighed, smell of leather and the professor filling his nose.

"I trust you."

"And you want me?"

Kakashi rolled them together, and Iruka grunted, gripping Kakashi's sweater in one fist.

"I want you," Kakashi answered.

"You want to let me do what I like to you tonight, Kashi?"

"Fuck yes," Kakashi husked, breathing harder and feeling too hot under his clothes. Moments ago he would have told anyone that getting hard in these circumstances would be a challenge.

But as Iruka slid one hand into Kakashi's hair, wrapping it around his fingers and pulling at the scalp, Kakashi gasped and filled. Iruka held him there: Kakashi bent slightly so Iruka could speak into his ear.

"So you'll suck me; get me good and hard for you?"

"Yes, Sir," Kakashi whispered, already tasting Iruka on his tongue and wanting it.

"You'll undress so I can see all of you? Your skin by the glow of the lantern will be beautiful."

"…yes, Sir…" Being beautiful in Iruka's eyes made Kakashi's body want to tense and twist, but he fought the urge to struggle. Reality started to slip, the voice filling Kakashi's head; he let it, gave himself permission to get rolled by Iruka's questions, pattern, dance.

Iruka traced the shell of Kakashi's ear with his tongue, and he pressed himself against Kakashi's leg and hip. "Then I'm going to get you on your knees on the bed, blindfold you so all you can feel and hear is me. I'm going to bend you forward, cheek to blanket, and bind your arms in gloves behind your back."

Kakashi whimpered, and his lips parted. The hold in his hair tightened, and Kakashi sighed into the pain.

"…so all you can do is take what I give you," Iruka finished. "And I'm going to give it to you slow. The kind of fuck you love to hate, Kashi…"

Kakashi's eyes rolled behind their lids, and he hugged Iruka tighter. He felt a smile against his ear.

"Take you 'til your legs shake, your skin's pink, and your cock aches."

"God, yes…Sir…" The hand in Kakashi's hair squeezed until it rung a gasp from the caught man and then let go. Immediately, Kakashi's mouth covered and lapped at Iruka's skin, kissing hard over the pulse point with the exact right amount of teeth he knew Iruka loved.

The professor's breathing skipped, a groan slid from his lips -- soft and airy -- and his hands scrabbled at Kakashi's fly. Reluctantly, Kakashi let go to yank off his sweater and shirt, barely getting clear before Iruka's mouth found Kakashi's nipple and bit wide around it, tongue teasing. Kakashi grunted and grabbed the back of Iruka's neck and shoulder while he toed out of his shoes, soles scraping across the floor as he kicked them out of the way. Iruka let go of his nipple and knelt to help Kakashi out of his jeans and boxers, both men breathing harder as they worked in unison to get skin uncovered.

Chuckling softly, Iruka took the sweater and jeans and carefully put the clothes in the bag. By the time the professor turned back around, Kakashi was on his knees, and he didn't care about the feel of old rug under his joints; didn't mind the dankness of the room or the breeze that made him shiver as it hit skin warmed by want.

Kakashi reached and slipped his fingers under the waist of Iruka's pants, yanked the man closer, undid the button of the fly, and leaned forward to lower the zipper with his teeth. The trembling that earned Kakashi and the way hands instantly wrapped in his hair were more real than any spirit or legend.

"Forget the ghosts," Kakashi murmured as he pulled out Iruka's cock to a quiet sound from the man above him. "Give me this…"

"Ooh," Iruka sighed as Kakashi suckled the professor's cock into his mouth. "H-happily…Kashi…"

Kakashi'd seen and dealt with a lot of dicks in his life, and he could speak with authority that Iruka's was perfect. Just long enough, just wide enough, straight and true and when it'd been a while or when he let Kakashi work him over with mouth, hands, or anything else allowed, Iruka's cock curved upward toward his flat stomach and begged to be licked, stroked, ridden. Kakashi loved the color - dusky tan, deep red at the head -- and the taste made Kakashi hum and seek the slit with the tip of his tongue. He dove, lapped, and bobbed lower, one hand slipping down to steady the base and aid his mouth.

Iruka panted, soft sounds of urgency toning his breath, and his hands pet through Kakashi's hair gently before gripping and holding the working man still. Kakashi made a helpless noise, the second's notice enough to let him prepare, and Iruka pistoned his hips into Kakashi's mouth.

"Kashi…nnngh…" Iruka stuttered a soft cry and fucked Kakashi's face with two long strokes, and on the second one, Iruka stayed immersed in the bartender's throat. Kakashi's hands flexed, his lungs fought for air that didn't come, and his eyes formed tears as he fought his own body's reflexes and held them in check.

A low groan reverberated in Kakashi's ears, and he got to suck in a choked gasp as Iruka pulled out only to pant through his nose when Iruka went down in front of Kakashi and kissed him. The undiluted want in the way Iruka's lips and tongue slid over and with Kakashi's made him clutch hard at his Sir's back, grip leather and nip at his mouth with increasingly desperate noises. When those sounds were met with quieter ones from the professor, impossibly deeper kisses, and a hand that squeezed Kakashi's bare ass before scratching blunt nails near the cleft, Kakashi tore away and gritted a guttural cry.

"Sir…please…" Kakashi swallowed as lips found his neck -- bit and marked -- and Iruka made no move to get up or do anything else. Kakashi gulped a handful of shaking breaths and clarified without prompt: "Please get me on the bed, please bind and blind me, and please for the love of God, fuck. Me."

"Good boy," Iruka muttered, the words wrapped in a sigh and almost unintelligible. He shifted to kiss Kakashi: a hard mesh of lip and press of teeth. "Bed. Knees." Another kiss and a gaze made of molten black magic. "With your back to me. Now."

Iruka rarely ever needed to demand twice. Kakashi stood, spun, and clamored onto the blanket, plastic crinkling under it. He heard Iruka get out of his jacket, and Kakashi rested on hands and knees, crawling forward when he felt Iruka get on the bed behind him. Kakashi rose up when he felt a hand caress down his back, and Iruka's touch shifted to pet over Kakashi's torso as they kneeled together. Kakashi blinked, saw them reflected in a shattered mirror and shuddered.

"You've no idea how much I want you," Iruka murmured softly, letting go of Kakashi. A second later and a blindfold pressed over Kakashi's eyes, the strap settling at the back of his head, and it made him reach behind him with both arms to hold Iruka firmly against Kakashi's back. The professor's cock pressed into Kakashi's ass cheek; made them both gasp.

"How much, Sir?" Kakashi whispered. The telling sound of tearing packaging made Kakashi tense and breathe harder as Iruka made space between them. The professor grunted over the sound of unrolling latex on skin.

"Enough that touching myself at all feels dangerous," Iruka answered in a husky voice that made Kakashi's shoulders rock in a shiver. "So much that I don't know who should be begging whom." Fingers stroked up Kakashi's sides, nails dragging and making Kakashi breathe faster. "Enough to make me want to savor you and at the same time want to break my word and take you fast and hard."

Kakashi's head rolled from side to side against Iruka's shoulder, and when warm hands guided him away from the professor's body, Kakashi fell forward without a second's hesitation. He turned and pressed his cheek against the soft blanket that smelled like their detergent and home, and Kakashi balanced his weight so he could bring his arms behind his back, heels of his palms touching.

"That's it, baby," Iruka said, hands petting Kakashi's back and triceps. A firm grip caught Kakashi's wrists, taking some of the strain, and Kakashi melted against the blanket at all points of contact. He knew exactly what was coming, and he wanted it so badly only the comfort of knowing Iruka would be good to his word kept Kakashi sane.

"I love watching the muscles play when you give like that," Iruka praised, voice quiet and reverent. Kakashi didn't answer -- couldn't find the words -- but he straighten his hands into blades when he felt svelte leather brush against his arms. Iruka shifted his grip and worked to get the restraint into place. The gloves, as Kakashi thought of them, were made of two long sheaths sewn together to allow give between them. The bottom fit like one large mitten over Kakashi's hands, and the top stopped almost at Kakashi's shoulders, the width of leather connecting the two sleeves widening from one end to the other. Iruka had made these for Kakashi, and they were simple, black, and entirely functional in design.

Kakashi laced his fingers together within the confines of the gloves and sighed as he let the leather pull to restrain him as he loosened his arms as much as he could. "Feels good, Sir," Kakashi said, and frowned beneath the blindfold as he felt the mattress move with Iruka's weight.

"Sir?" Kakashi managed to ask before his breath caught hard when Iruka spread his cheeks and a hot, slick, wet tongue probed and licked at his entrance. Kakashi froze with a strangled sound, and Iruka hummed in delight and pushed his tongue along the rim of flexing muscle.

"Oh, GOD…" Kakashi cried, trying not to thrash and feeling Iruka's fingers dig in to cheeks and hip to brace and hold Kakashi still.

Around them, the house rumbled as though with thunder, the bed vibrated on the floorboards, and Kakashi thoroughly didn't give a shit as Iruka's tongue slipped within him and set up a rhythm obviously meant to drive Kakashi mad. Warm, moist breath blew against Kakashi's ass, teeth caught and dragged on skin, and Kakashi called out, voice unfettered in its tones of need.

"Sir, motherfuck, Sir, please…"

Iruka's tongue withdrew, and he blew chilly wind over Kakashi's wet asshole, waiting.

Kakashi writhed, cursed the air black beneath his breath, and widened his knees for more balance. "Please…don't tease me like…that…Sir, I…I…"

A chuckle made Kakashi's heart try to stop, and he groaned in hatred and pleasure when Iruka's tongue lapped entrance, taint, and the back of Kakashi's balls.

"Nnngh," Kakashi choked, suddenly so hard he felt his pulse thrum in his dick like a reminder of relief not even in sight. He was dying for friction when Iruka resumed his slow tongue work; aching for the feeling of something larger, firmer, and more satisfying as Iruka tormented Kakashi's nuts with gentle brushes of fingers and knuckles, and he made noises oscillating between demand and whine by the time Iruka got tired of the game.

Kakashi started to speak -- to figure out how to form the right syllables that would sound like a plea barely masked behind command -- when Iruka bit Kakashi on the ass and made him bark a vowel of shock and pain that dissolved into a moan.

"Very pretty," Iruka said. "Open and fluttering…waiting for me."

Slick sounds told Kakashi that Iruka lubed up his cock, and Kakashi rocked back, pushing his ass toward the other man.

"Oh, now…that's what I like to see, baby…begging with your body when your voice won't work."

Kakashi grunted in response, wanting to say that he'd beg any way Sir wanted if the man would just--

"Ah--!" Kakashi gasped, emphatic and piercing, as Iruka's cock nudged against him and pushed inside without preamble. "Ooooh…fuck me, yes…" Kakashi rasped, last word a hiss when Iruka pulled out and pushed just as slowly back in, and the bartender's lungs resumed their frenetic work in the split second before a palm smacked the side of Kakashi's ass. His back arched, his cock jumped and screamed for attention, and Kakashi choked on a surprised yelp.

Iruka stilled, Kakashi panted, and finally his brain kicked around enough logic and memory to make his mouth work. "Sir," Kakashi cried. "Fuck me, Sir…"

"With pleasure, Kashi…" Iruka rumbled, and his fingers pulled Kakashi back as he sank deeply within Kakashi's body before pivoting his hips and retreating again.

"Oh shit," Kakashi gasped. "Oh…oh-oh!"

Iruka fucked him slow and deep, pace never wavering, and Kakashi's jaw and mouth went slack, lips dry as he panted, trapped in place by the gloves, the position, and Iruka's hands and cock. He flexed his arms when the pivot against his prostate made starbursts flare behind Kakashi's eyelids, and the leather stretched and held. Kakashi fucking loved that as much as he detested it, but Iruka stroked his back along his spine, and Kakashi didn't care anymore. Distantly, he heard a ticking sound, barely audible over the rushed breathing of both men and the steady smack of bodies.

After an age, Kakashi finally heard the little gasps spilling from Iruka's mouth that made him tremble in some crazy combination of submission, protectiveness, and unrestrained heat. "Sir…please help me come…please let me…" Kakashi's voice was rough and strained, and Iruka moaned -- long and true -- and yanked Kakashi back for a thrust that dragged over Kakashi's prostate and made him tense, curl, and let go of an explosive exhale.

"Shit!" Kakashi hissed through gritted teeth, need and desperation rising in a spiral. His insides clenched, made both men fumble, and Kakashi keened a cry.

"Tell me…what you need," Iruka commanded, voice slurred and working hard between breaths.

"Your touch," Kakashi gasped, squirming in the bindings, sweat soaking his skin and dampening the blanket. His cock and balls ached, throbbed with each thrust Iruka put to him, and Kakashi begged: "Stroke me, Sir…please…"

Iruka shifted, and when his hand got in proximity to Kakashi's cock -- brushed his hip and thigh -- Kakashi panted in fits and starts. Hot fingers encircled him, smeared him wet with pre-cum, and stroked in time to a rocking thrust.

"Oooh, God…ooh, Sir…oh yeah, please…Say I can come, Christ, say I can…please…"

The bed shook again, and that confused Kakashi. There was something trying to swim above the cresting tide of pleasure to screech a warning, but Iruka began to stroke Kakashi faster and the world went white.

"Kashi…" Iruka gasped. "Oh, baby…oh shit…" Iruka sounded helpless, and Kakashi sobbed an incoherent plea.

Iruka sucked breath between his teeth and spoke in a rush: "Oh fuck...come, Kashi, come now…"

Iruka barely managed to say the last word before Kakashi's cock swelled, his entire body tensed, flexed, and then he was coming -- thankfully, blissfully, dazedly coming -- spilling over Iruka's fist and onto the blanket in waves that lapped in pleasure and left contentment in their wake. Kakashi met his release in silence and shuddering breaths, and Iruka met his with a groaning sob that sent ripples through Kakashi's insides; made him want to cry and kiss and curl up with Iruka and sleep for a year.

"…damn," Iruka said, hunched over Kakashi's back.

"Mmph," Kakashi agreed.

The two men barely moved for moments that filled ages until at long last Kakashi felt Iruka swallow against his back and bound arms. Kakashi's shoulders burned, his neck ached, and his knees felt weak, but like hell if he was going to complain about any of it. He waited with his eyes closed behind the blindfold until Iruka shifted, sighed, and Kakashi shivered as the other man slipped from his body.

"Let me help you lie down, baby," Iruka said in his reserved voice.

Nodding, Kakashi let Iruka ease him onto the mattress, careful of his straining shoulders. "Gloves," Iruka warned, and Kakashi braced as Iruka began to unroll the leather down his arms. When the sleeves came free, Kakashi's shoulders fell to the mattress, and he groaned as they protested the movement. Iruka smoothed Kakashi's sweaty hair away from his face, and the blindfold came off, and Kakashi lay with his eyes closed.

A warm body covered Kakashi's sweaty skin, and Iruka kissed his cheek. "You're incredible, Kashi."

"Of course I am, Sir," Kakashi answered, but his voice was a thready whisper.

Iruka chuckled, kissed Kakashi's neck, and held him until Kakashi made a soft sound and turned his head. Iruka claimed his mouth in a gentle slide of lips, and finally moved away to clean up. Cursing quietly, Kakashi rolled onto his back. For the life of him, Kakashi couldn't muster the momentum to get up or to get dressed. He rested while Iruka put away toys, disposed of the condom in a plastic bag he'd apparently brought for that purpose, and Kakashi wiggled his toes still covered in their socks. The chill in the air made him shiver, and Iruka stepped back over to the bed, knees bumping into Kakashi's.

"How do you feel?" Iruka asked, putting Kakashi's clothing down on the blanket.

Kakashi grunted and sat up, wrapping his arms around Iruka and resting his forehead against the standing man's chest.

"That good, hm?" Iruka asked, rubbing at Kakashi's shoulders.

"Oooh, that's nice…" Kakashi sighed. "And I'm fine. Did we wake the dead do you think?"

Iruka made a chuffing sound. "I think it's storming outside and the thunder shook the house, but other than that…" He shrugged.

"Mm…" Kakashi looked up and smiled at Iruka. "Thank you," he said.

Iruka bent down and kissed Kakashi, slow and sweet. "You're welcome."

"I should probably get--" Kakashi cut off mid-sentence, went rigid.


Standing behind Iruka was a creature in a black ball gown that shredded to tatters along the bottom. The bodice was ripped, revealing sickly gray skin mottled with death and rot, and the woman's shoulders were burned to red, charred flesh. Her angular face was surrounded by limp, blond curls and slimy black ribbons. Her eyes were made of the darkest nights and bloody around the corneas. The woman's expression contorted to feral glee when she saw that Kakashi watched. Her mouth grinned and stretched, showing two rows of blackened, pointed, teeth, and it kept pulling inhumanly wide: a hungry, drooling maw that nearly reached her ears.

The world slowed with adrenaline, the thing raised her hands, showing rotten nails filed to dripping claws, and Kakashi grabbed Iruka, turned, and flung them down onto the blanket with his back to the creature and his lover beneath him. He grunted when something cold struck him -- like a whip dipped in ice water -- and he curled protectively around Iruka.

"Kakashi, what are -- holy Christ what is that?"

The house didn't shake this time: it rocked like an earthquake threatened to make it crumble into the bowels of the earth. Kakashi slammed a foot against a post of the bed to brace them both, and he roared when freezing, slippery hands wrapped around his throat, sound evaporating when the claws began to squeeze.

Fighting the panic his lungs tried to raise when they didn't get air, Kakashi reached back, grabbed the thing behind him and rolled again, pinning the creature under him on the bed. He used momentum and all the force he could muster to slam the back of his head into the thing's face.

It screamed.

Kakashi did it again just to get the thing to shut up and stop deafening him, and he fell through air and hit blanket when the thing vanished. Kakashi sucked in a deep breath and coughed. The house stopped shaking but the room went nuts: the bed above him flickered old, new, old. A clock chimed and stopped. From somewhere in the house came the sound of breaking glass, and Kakashi grunted when his clothes hit him in the chest. He looked at Iruka, saw the professor scramble upright with a panicky gaze, and immediately Kakashi started dressing in a hurry.

"Is she coming back?" Iruka asked, bag over his shoulder, lantern in one hand for light and Mag in the other for a weapon. He tossed the remaining flashlight to Kakashi.

"Probably," Kakashi said, forcing his foot into a shoe. He had no idea what the rules were for embodied spirits, but he thought their luck wasn't ready to turn just yet. He grabbed the blanket, stuffed it in the bag, and gripped Iruka's wrist to pull him toward the door. Kakashi skidded to a halt, and Iruka rammed into him from behind.

The hag blocked the way, small feet in rotting slippers set wide, shoulders raised like hackles, and her head twitched to the left and then the right far faster than any human's anatomy could allow. The mouth opened again in a gaping black hole.

"Vous ne pouvez pas me laisser…"

"You can't leave me," Iruka translated in a hushed whisper.

"Oh yea of little faith," Kakashi replied, hand squeezing the heavy Maglite. He'd never beaten an evil spirit to a second death with a flashlight, but he was willing to give it a go.

The house trembled, and both Kakashi and Iruka crouched for balance. Kakashi bodily blocked Iruka, putting himself between the creature and the professor. The room flickered from past to present with speed that made Kakashi's stomach heave. He ignored the seasick sensation, eyes on the hag.

The bitch's mouth closed, twisted, and her lips spread into the grin again. In a blink, the thing was right in front of Kakashi, looking up at him with eyes that bled black from the corners and shone with inhumanity.

"Don't you want me, kind sir?" the thing asked, mouth not moving to form the words. They were just there. Kakashi saw ruptured veins, bleeding gums, missing clumps of hair, and the smell that surrounded them was open grave and rotting eggs.

"Sorry, babe," Kakashi said levelly. "I suck cock."

Kakashi swung the Maglite and struck the thing square in the temple. It stumbled to the side, screaming again. Kakashi saw movement to his left, registered that glass shards were launching into the air. He spun, putting his back to the danger, yanked hard enough on Iruka to make bones pop and slung the man ahead of Kakashi and out the doorway. Kakashi leaped after Iruka, and felt the glass miss his skin by fractions of inches; heard pointed ends embed in the wall and doorframe with heavy thuds.

"Go, go, go!" Kakashi yelled, and something flew out of the bedroom and hit Kakashi in the back. He grunted and kept going, quickly assessing that he could move his legs and arms without issue, and concluded that whatever hit him didn't do irreparable damage.

Iruka ran down the hallway and screamed when the fucking oil painting launched itself at his head. Kakashi barely made it in time to thrust his arm out and take the brunt of the impact, and saw the briefest flashes of a screaming woman on canvas before he flung the thing away from them. Iruka lurched down the hallway, finding his feet and stride, and dodged to the side with a creative curse as the lounge in the entryway scraped across the floor with dizzying speed.

Kakashi spun to dodge the flying furniture and saw that the creature stood in the doorway to the bedroom, red light illuminating her from behind. Her neck was stretched impossibly long, her mouth open and unhinged, green tongue lolling out to flop against her chin. Black rivulets ran from her eyes in streams that spilled to the floor, and she flung herself at the invisible bars that blocked her and stopped her from giving chase.


The roar made Kakashi grind his teeth, Iruka bellowed over the din, and Kakashi dove to knock the other man to the floor just as a piece of broken window flew over their prone bodies. Kakashi rolled them toward the stairs, taking Iruka and the bag along for the ride, and Iruka struggled to his knees. Kakashi had a split second to see Iruka's face set in a mask of fear and rage, arm up to block his head. A breeze kicked up to blow debris and dirt and sound around them in a whirlwind, and Kakashi started to grab Iruka -- reached for him -- but Iruka shoved Kakashi and yelled down the hallway:

"By the power of God our Almighty Lord I condemn you to your fate and command you to let us pass. The Power of Christ compels you!"

Kakashi's eyes went wide, and he watched the creature flash in and out of reality, still howling. The wind blew harder, the house rocked with a jarring lurch that was enough to make the banister rail twist, but the makeshift weaponry stopped flying.

"Yeah, what he said," Kakashi muttered, grabbed Iruka, and hauled him to his feet and toward the stairs. He wanted to get down them before the entire manor collapsed on their heads.

Kakashi glanced over his shoulder to make sure they nothing followed them, and he ran into Iruka stopped on the stairs. The professor slid off the step, almost fell, but Kakashi's reflexes were good enough to grapple him into the wall and hold him up.

"The fuck?" Kakashi cried over the noise of ripping floorboards, branches breaking on the roof, screaming spirits, and his own thudding heart and ringing ears.

Iruka pointed, Kakashi jerked his head toward the front door, and everything stopped.

There was a collective thump as small items picked up by the wind hit the floor. The remaining library door creaked, fell, and glass shattered. In the silence that followed, Iruka and Kakashi panted in lung-bursting gasps, and stared at the entryway with wide eyes.

A man leaned against the front door, one knee bent so the bottom of his black boot rested on the wood. He wore fitted tan pants tucked into the tops of the boots, a loose shirt with an embroidered black vest over it, and his hair was long, dark, and curly. In his hands he held a knife and a peach, and while Kakashi and Iruka watched, the stranger cut into the fruit, spilling juice on the floor. He cut a slice, raised it to his lips, and sucked at the nectar before pulling the morsel into his mouth.

The sound of weeping reached Kakashi's ears, and he flinched. He jerked to look back and saw nothing except broken milk crates against the gnarled banister rails.

"Mon Seigneur, aie pitié…"

"Oh…no mercy tonight, my sweet…" The man's voice entered Kakashi's ears, flew down his spine, tightened his gut and made his anus contract. He'd faced drill sergeants, war, bombs, tragedy, death, the mob, and a score of other things both horrifying and soul-rending in his life, but the sound of that voice made Kakashi want to curl into a ball and cry for his mother's arms.

And an evil part of his mind -- a dark part kept well-hidden by the light of day -- whispered that the comfort he sought could only be found in the embrace of the man who inspired the terror driving him to find it.

Kakashi's knees trembled as the man kicked off the door and cut another slice of peach. He popped it into his mouth and started up the stairs. Trying to silence his labored breathing, Kakashi barred an arm over Iruka and slithered across the professor until he stood between the nightmare on the steps and the only person Kakashi would ever love. Iruka gasped and Kakashi felt his body shake with the sobs. If Kakashi wanted to run simultaneously to and from this beast in man form, then Iruka probably felt the same draw. Kakashi leaned hard against the other man, found the professor's wrist, and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Kakashi had always known he'd die for Iruka; but at that moment, the truth solidified into common knowledge.

The man ascended the stairs without seeming to notice the bartender and professor at all, and Kakashi found he couldn't quite look at him. Kakashi's eyes kept sliding off shoulders and clothing to the wall, step, railing, or anywhere else other than the man himself.

The footsteps paused, Kakashi stopped breathing and tensed, and behind him, Iruka rested his forehead on Kakashi's back.

"Run along now my pretty fools. You've played your part. And rather well, at that." The man huffed a laugh and inclined his head to one side. Kakashi focused on the steps and tried not to see the red-gleamed gaze that made him want to look.

"Such interesting games in which you partake…one wonders how you'd play…with me…"

Kakashi kept his mouth shut, closed his eyes, and finally the man chuckled and went on his way. As soon as he heard footfalls on the second floor landing, Kakashi fled down the stairs, dragging Iruka with him. Kakashi knew he caught the professor more than once, knew when he reached for the front door the handle was hot against his palm, knew that Iruka struggled to get control of himself. But it wasn't until chilly night air hit his skin that Kakashi truly came back to his senses, opened his eyes, and held Iruka while they both breathed sighs of relief on the free side of the manor. The gate on the cemetery garden creaked in the light breeze, open and swinging, and the skeleton branches clacked together above their heads. Kakashi hugged Iruka tightly, ignoring the way his head hurt and back felt raw, and gradually the professor stopped trembling.

By mutual silent agreement, the men finally separated and walked fast to the car, arms around one another. The bag went into the trunk, Kakashi got behind the steering wheel, Iruka slammed the passenger door, and Kakashi navigated the Tesla away from the damned home and back onto side roads. He broke every speed limit for ten miles until they found the main highway, and only then did Kakashi slow down.

Once headlights passed over them and they were surrounded by plenty of signs of normal humanity, Kakashi glanced over at Iruka. The professor pressed himself firmly back against the seat and headrest, and Kakashi reached over to take his hand. Iruka jumped, flashed a chagrined look at Kakashi, and sighed.

"I'm going to kill Neji," Iruka said, resolute.

Kakashi managed a strained laugh. "Not if I get to him first." He picked up Iruka's hand, brought it to his lips, and kissed the knuckles.

"Kashi," Iruka began, voice small. "That man back there…was that…"

"No," Kakashi answered, firm in his resolve to make sure the professor got over this nightmare. "Just a ghost."

Iruka stared at Kakashi's profile for a long time before he finally nodded.

"Hey, what was all that 'Power of Christ' stuff back there?" Kakashi asked.

"Something my grandmother taught me to say in the face of evil," Iruka answered.

"Huh," Kakashi grunted, trying hard to keep his voice level and soothing. Iruka was beginning to calm down and find ground, and Kakashi wanted to help him. "Pretty sweet talking, Professor."

Iruka gave him a wan smile. "Thanks for saving my life."

Kakashi snorted. "Nothing like a little flying glass and ghostly claw marks up the back to make our sex life more interesting."

"Lean forward," Iruka ordered, and Kakashi set up the cruise control as he shifted toward the steering wheel. Iruka put his hand up the back of Kakashi's shirt, and the bartender winced when questing fingers found tender spots.

"Skin's not broken," Iruka whispered. "Burned, I think…"

"I'm fine," Kakashi said, leaning back and grabbing Iruka's hand again. He kissed the inner wrist this time. "I'm sure it's nothing compared to what you'll do to me at Break."

"Damn straight," Iruka teased back, a little weakly but he still did it. Kakashi said nothing for a long moment, and Iruka reached to hold Kakashi's hand with both of his.

"Everything's all right, Iruka. Just a bad night we can laugh about over beers with our friends."

"Sounds like a plan," Iruka replied. "But Kakashi?"


"You ever bid a dare against Neji again, and I'll put you in stocks for a month."

Kakashi grinned. The GPS spoke up and told them to turn left at the next light, and Kakashi slowed down. He knew it'd take a while to get over this crazy night, but they'd been through worse and would handle it together. Kakashi had utter faith in that; utter faith in them.

Turning the car onto the appropriate street, Kakashi headed toward home. "Whatever you say, Sir."

Iruka sighed, settled in the seat with his hands still holding Kakashi's, and closed his eyes.


EDITED TO ADD: The amazing liralen has continued this tale! Check out what happens when Kakashi must make good on the bargain he strikes with Iruka in her story, Playing With Fire.


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Wrote this in response to the Request Line calls for a little Iruka/Kakashi action. It's also my entry into the Y!Gal club, "Into the Darkness" annual contest. The theme is "Myths, Legends & Folklore."

The story is based on the Southern Legend of the "Devil's Mansion" in New Orleans. I've taken liberties to move the house into the countryside beyond my City's limits. Forgive me. I've also expanded the legend slightly (adding a bedroom scene instead of just death at the dinner table), and I made up how to invoke the spirit(s).

A tame version of the legend can be read by clicking HERE. That one ends differently than the one found in my Treasury of Southern Folklore which is out of print (last run was in 1914...I dig old books). In the version I read, the Devil takes his ex-mistress and her lover, hauls their asses up to the roof, eats them from the inside out and skins them alive. He feeds the skins to the housecats and goes about his merry way. Supposedly, however, on Sunday nights in October, the devil's head appears on a weathervane atop the house.
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