August 7th, 2011

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Bleach Fanfiction // Coming Home - A "Flood" Side Story

Title: Coming Home – A “Flood” Side Fiction
Series: Moderate Bleach AU (Same world as “Flood.”)
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Chad & Ishida
Word Count: 5500
Warnings/Notes: One shot side story from my universe, “Flood,” written for the wonderful imlikat. CONGRATS BABEH!!! Contains angst, adult language, oral, rimming, non-penetrative sex, anal, masturbation, and probably other goodies.

Because M likes her stories with, "...little bit of plot, little bit of angst, and a whole lot of smut."

Can do. <3

NOTE: Don't have to read my story, "Flood" to enjoy this one, but I recommend it. Still one of your author's favorites. *wink* Please see my side bar. Much love!

Spoilers: None whatsoever.

Summary: Uryuu comes home from working on a Hollywood set for several weeks to surprise Chad.

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