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Naruto Fanfiction // "Breaking the Rules"

Title: Breaking the Rules
Series: Monoshizukanohi//Naruto AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Drama/Romance/KINK!
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Naruto/Sasuke/Kiba
Word Count: ~13,000
Warnings/Notes: Kink fic: D/s Relationships, impact play, toys, bondage, spanking, mild humil, mild violence, ANGST. I'm told this one should get an "I" for INTENSE.
Spoilers: None whatsoever.
Dedication: Fic is for Hoopi. Much love, girl.

Summary: It's the Annual Poker Tournament at Club Break in Monoshizukanohi, and Sasuke's been looking forward to it for weeks! But when Naruto comes home angry and announces there will be no playing at the club, Sasuke decides to take matters into his own hands...but the consequences could be more dire than he could ever imagine.

Sasuke sat with crossed arms and severe pout and Naruto blithely ignored him. The silence made Sasuke even angrier, and he glared out the window of the limousine with enough venom that it was a wonder the glass didn’t melt in self defense. He huffed – not even trying to mask it for anything other than the antagonistic sound it was – and crossed one leg over the other.

“Sasuke…enough,” Naruto sighed, annoyed and tired.

“Make me,” Sasuke snarled.

“For fuck’s sake,” Naruto muttered and went back to answering work email and ignoring Sasuke's ire. Sasuke turned to stare at Naruto in sheer and utter amazement and fury before making a frustrated noise and swiveling his gaze back to the dark glass. The night was ruined – just ruined – and all because of Naruto’s stupid, insipid rules. An entire day of preparing and waiting…hell, an entire week of anticipation and for what?

Silence and a dead, dull night.

“I told you,” Naruto tried again. “Tomorrow we’ll-“

Tomorrow isn’t the Poker Tournament at Break,” Sasuke hissed at the window. “And you promised!”

Naruto rolled his eyes heavenward as if asking for solace. “Sasuke, it’s just a fucking card game, not the damned Fetish Ball! Hell, subs aren’t even up for bid this year – not after last year and that disaster with Zabuza. I don’t think we’ll get nearly the turn out this year.”

Sasuke snorted. That was beside the point, and the noise made his opinion clear enough without resorting to words.

“I know, I know…You were looking forward to…” Naruto sighed. “Look, I’m an asshole. That make you feel better? We wouldn’t even go, but I promised Neji we’d make an appearance. So we get there, I lose after two rounds, and we’re done. I’ve got a fuck ton of work to do…not that you care.” Now Naruto grumbled and pouted.

Oh honestly…Sasuke grit his teeth. For a dom, Naruto could be every bit as whiny and petulant as…well…

Sasuke put the comparison out of his mind.

“We haven’t played in over a week.” Now Sasuke turned to look at Naruto, imploring. “A week, Master!”

Naruto’s eyes were sympathetic for half a second and then grew hard as he returned Sasuke’s gaze. “I think you mentioned that a time or two in the screaming fit earlier, Sas,” Naruto droned. “Which did great things for both your case and my state of mind. But if I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times: bad day, bad mood, no playing. You know the rules.”

“Never play angry,” Sasuke quoted, every syllable dripping with high-pitched mockery.

“Oh yes,” Naruto groused, eyes back on his Netbook. “God. The things I do for your safety. Because I love you. The horror, the evil…”

“It is fucking evil,” Sasuke muttered under his breath.

“This discussion is over. Another word and we won’t play for a goddamned month.”

Sasuke swallowed an embittered reply and sank deeper into the plush leather of the seat.

“Good boy,” Naruto said almost absently and Sasuke nearly flew across the seat to choke the damned blond. He clenched his fists and counted to thirty, trying to remember that the rules were around for a reason. Trying to remember that he did, actually, care that Naruto was stressed and tired and overworked at the moment. He did love Naruto, after all.

Just not when he pussied out of a night of public play with work as his lame-ass excuse. Sasuke scowled. It was intolerable. They were two of the key players at Break, and despite Naruto’s attempts to say tonight wasn’t a big deal, it bloody was. People would expect a show, and Sasuke wanted to give it to them, and Naruto promised! Sasuke even wore the damned shirt Naruto loved just because he -

Sasuke shut his eyes, mentally slamming the door on that line of thinking. He forced himself to breathe deeply of the calm. It did no good to sit here and stew – although it did make him feel approximately a thousand times better. But it was counterproductive to strategy, and Sasuke needed one before they got to Break.

Shifting in the seat, Sasuke considered the events of the week. Naruto was, indeed, heavily involved with work at the moment. The Uzamaki Corporation was taking over a manufacturing facility overseas, and Naruto was elbow-deep in the planning process. He wanted to make sure that everyone kept their jobs and benefits, and the blond was pulling all-nighters to facilitate the takeover personally. Sasuke loved that Naruto cared so much, and since negotiations began a little over a week ago, Sasuke did well with the supportive-and-helpful routine.

And it wasn’t so bad, really, Sasuke reflected. They hadn’t played, but Naruto’s dick was still firmly attached despite the stress. The sex was hot, semi-sweet, and slow, and Sasuke managed to enjoy it – especially when Naruto would whisper all the things he was going to do to Sasuke at Break come Saturday night’s annual Poker Tournament.

Sasuke tasted the acrid flavor of disappointment on his tongue and scowled even harder.

The Tournament was not about cards: it was about showing off one’s sub. The dom’s were the only ones allowed to play, and the subs kept themselves entertained by either putting on shows to distract competition or by being seductively decorative.

Sasuke was good for show and seduction, despite the fact that no amount of distraction would help Naruto win the game. Sasuke’s Master was a terrible card player, and Neji was a terribly good one. As were Iruka and Sasori. Neji usually beat everyone in the end, unless he purposefully lost to gain favor. But this year everyone had high hopes of beating Neji as his pretty sub Shikamaru was attending Break for the first time tonight. The other doms hoped that would prove distracting enough to put the Hyuga’s focus on something other than kicking their asses at cards.

Sasuke knew all this because he and Kakashi chatted just that afternoon; Kakashi excited to see Shikamaru out and about for the first time. Sasuke had been eager as well at the time of the conversation. Now, however, his focus was entirely on his reluctant Master rather than Neji’s boy toy.

The limo took one of the final turns heading to the club, and Sasuke sighed. He’d spent most of the day getting ready – inside and out. His outfit planned for weeks, Sasuke wore the satin-and-mesh leggings that were a new addition to his wardrobe. They were barely this side of decent, the satin covering most of the delicate bits and the mesh showing pale skin in winks and cross-hatching. His low boots had small heels, and they buckled twice on the side, reminding Sasuke of pirates. The shirt was a gift from Deidara – a silky, black, peasant-style garment embroidered along the open neckline and hem with small ravens. It was thin, and beneath it Sasuke wore a skintight mesh shirt that emphasized body and pierced nipples equally. Silver gleamed from Sasuke’s chest, lip, and ears, and around his neck he wore a thin chain with the rose pendant that was their passkey into Break.

Sasuke looked scorching hot, and he’d expected nothing less than the appropriate response from his Master when Naruto got home…

…and instead, he received a tired and extremely irritated Master who informed Sasuke that he was in no mood for Sasuke’s games or Break.

“We’ll go because we’re expected, but I’ve got an early conference call tomorrow. Fuckers are trying to renegotiate the terms on benefits, and I spent most of today yelling at some woman in broken German.” Naruto slammed down a glass of water. “So yeah. Sorry, Sas, but no playing tonight. I’m tired and too damned pissed off.”

Sasuke remembered gaping at Naruto like the blond had just informed him he was feeling rather heterosexual and had a car full of female hookers out back.

The fight started about that point, but Sasuke didn’t bother recalling every word now. The specifics didn’t matter, and the gist was that Naruto didn’t play when he was angry or stressed. Sasuke had rather strong opinions on that matter given the amount of prep and anticipation for that evening, and Naruto gave his rebuttal in his usual direct manner.

And now they were pulling up in front of Break, and Sasuke was no closer to figuring out how to manipulate his way into a decent night. He knew that Naruto wasn’t that tired: they were here, after all. And he knew that Naruto regretted his decision not to play once he understood exactly how much Sasuke wanted it. After a week’s worth of whispered promises of tortures veiled by soft moans, Naruto simply had to want this as much as Sasuke did – rules and stress or no.

So, all that Sasuke had to do was figure out what buttons to push to get around the rules and get his way.

Sasuke smirked as their chauffer, Randall, opened the car door for the pair. He remembered well the charity dinner not that long ago when Naruto put Sasuke back in his place of submission. But this was different, Sasuke rationalized: this was for Naruto’s benefit more than his own. Naruto needed to relax, and it would be good for the club. And Sasuke had no intention of trying to control things once Naruto started: he was more than willing to submit to anything Naruto wanted to do.

Master just needed a gentle nudge in the right direction. And as Sasuke climbed out of the limo and Naruto stalked into the club, Sasuke began to work on a plan.

To get into Club Break, one needed two things: an invite from a current member and a passkey. Since Naruto was one of the four owners of both the clubs Bliss and Break, Sasuke and Naruto had never needed an invitation. And their passkey was a microchip embedded in the white gold rose pendant around Sasuke’s neck.

Once a passkey was secured, there were two entrances into Club Break: one was through the offices of Club Bliss – the cathedral-style club that sat on ground-level above Break. The office entrance was only open in limited capacity on nights when Bliss operated or on event nights when both clubs were open by invitation only.

The other entrance was through the Tomb: a small, stone building next to a semi-hidden parking lot at the edges of the commercial zone around Club Bliss. It was guarded on nights when Break was open, and the mammoth body guards frisked everyone who attempted to gain access.

The Poker Tournament was an invitation-only event, and Naruto and Sasuke passed through the two-storey wooden doors of Bliss and made the right turn into the offices. Guards stood by the heavy, oak doors that opened onto stone stairs that led down into the Catacombs – the long, stone hallway that ran around the rectangular-shaped Club Break. It dead-ended on the other side of the stone wall behind the coat check, off to the left at the bottom of the stone stairs leading down from Bliss.

Off the Catacombs were the Crypts: private rooms equipped with bathrooms, beds, and various bits of furniture. Four larger Crypts were kept for the four owners of the club on the back hallway: the one furthest away from both entrances.

The other entrance to the ‘Combs was at the other end of the diagonal from lower right to upper left: the Bliss entrance at the lower right and the Tomb entrance at the upper left. To gain access to almost every entry point, one needed a passkey, and Sasuke stood still when Naruto reached for the rose around Sasuke's neck as they made their way through various sets of doors and finally down into the ‘Combs.

Naruto led Sasuke over to the coat check at the bottom of the stairs, and he checked his personal belongings. Sasuke didn’t bother to bring anything like that with him, so he waited with crossed arms and petulant pout.

Other guests were already there, and Sasuke managed a nod to Sasori and Deidara as they walked inside the club. Music pulsed from Gaara’s DJ booth in the far lower left corner: just loud enough to be noticeable, but not loud enough to drown out conversation. Vaguely, Sasuke noted that the redhead wasn’t manning the booth tonight. He was probably upstairs at Bliss, running the show from that master console. All the lights and music were programmable in both clubs, and Gaara often opted to run one booth electronically and the other himself.

“Naruto,” said a warm voice, and both Naruto and Sasuke turned to see Neji approaching with Shikamaru in tow. The Hyuga wore light gray, leather pants tucked into tall black boots. His shirt was a thin, gray silk, the neckline open in a deep, asymmetrical “V” that ended just above and to the left of his navel. His hair was gathered up on one side in a braid that ran over his left ear, leaving the rest of his hair loose down his back.

Shikamaru kept his head down and gracefully went to his knees next to Neji when the Hyuga stopped to hug Naruto in a loose embrace. The Nara wore dark green, skintight velvet pants, and there were strips of the same green velvet around neck and wrists. His feet were covered in low, brown boots that looked soft and comfortable, and his hair was loose and curly around his shoulders.

Sasuke observed all this with a bored gaze and then smirked. Operation Get Naruto To Play Despite All Odds was about to commence.

“Master,” Sasuke said, managing to make it sound simultaneously sarcastic and respectful. “If you’ll excuse me, I see people whom I should greet.”

Neji’s eyebrows went up, and Naruto turned to glare at Sasuke, but Sasuke paid little attention. If Naruto wanted him to behave, then perhaps he should have bloody agreed to play as promised. Sasuke turned on his heel and walked away with a calculated, fluid movement of hip and backbone.

Once away from his Master, Sasuke did, actually, greet a few regulars before wandering out into the Catacombs. He heard excited chatter about the Tournament – everything from boasting to lament. Sasuke stopped in the restrooms across from the main entrance into Break, and then decided that he’d been away from Naruto long enough. Surely by now the blond would be good and irked. If nothing else, it’d get him a snide remark and the promise of punishment later. It wasn’t exactly ideal, but Sasuke was willing to settle at the moment. And if this slight wasn’t enough to get Naruto where Sasuke wanted him, then he would try something else.

Sasuke walked back into the club and observed the large, round table set up in front of the catwalk with mild amusement. Some people were already in their seats, and others were standing around chatting.

Spotting a very familiar blond head, Sasuke made his way over to the table. Naruto’s back was to him, and Sasuke saw Neji standing with a smile on his face and one hand on a slim hip. He heard Naruto laugh, and despite himself a little smile played at the corners of Sasuke’s mouth before all traces of mirth vanished entirely.

Bent over the table in between Naruto and Neji was the Nara. Sasuke couldn’t see Shikamaru’s expression, but he could imagine it easily enough, because he was all too familiar with the feeling of Naruto’s hand colliding with his own ass. He knew exactly how it felt when Naruto swung back and swatted down like that: a dull thud and burn over clothing; a sharp impact and sting on bare skin.

Sasuke’s mouth hung open as he watched his Master – who had gone back on his promise to play on this special night and yelled at Sasuke when he objected – spank another man’s sub and cheerfully laugh about it.

Jealousy and rage flooded Sasuke’s body and turned his vision a blurry red. He stalked over to Naruto and then stopped next to him, too angry to speak, too shocked and hurt to even look at him.

“Decided to join us, did you?” Naruto asked lightly. Sasuke didn’t acknowledge the words, just kept staring at the Nara’s ass with a gaze that could start fires.

Neji bent over and said something in Shikamaru’s ear, and Naruto removed his hand from Shika’s lower back. Words were exchanged, pleasantries spoken, but all Sasuke heard was Naruto’s voice from earlier:

“I said no playing tonight, Sas. I’m too tired for a playful swat right now, much less a fucking flogging.”

Apparently, he was just too tired for Sasuke. A new little sub dressed in the color of envy and bile was perfectly eligible for his Master’s goddamned undivided attention.

Neji took his seat three over from Naruto, and Shika put his hands on the back of Neji’s chair, eyes down and cheeks flushed.

And without even so much as another word or look to Sasuke, Naruto sank down into his own chair, leaving Sasuke standing and nearly vibrating with emotion. Sasuke's mind whirled: should he say something? Use the codeword they had for emergencies and they needed to talk? Walk off again and get some air?

Indecision, anger, and hurt froze Sasuke’s mouth and feet and before he knew it, the cards were shuffling and the game began.
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