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Demented Ink.
Naruto Fanfiction // "Breaking the Rules" 
21st-Jan-2010 02:02 pm
cig mouth tie
Title: Breaking the Rules - Chapter Two
Series: Monoshizukanohi//Naruto AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Drama/Romance/KINK!
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Naruto/Sasuke/Kiba
Word Count: ~13,000
Warnings/Notes: Kink fic: D/s Relationships, impact play, toys, bondage, spanking, mild humil, mild violence, ANGST. I'm told this one should get an "I" for INTENSE.
Spoilers: None whatsoever.
Dedication: Fic is for Hoopi. Much love, girl.

Summary: It's the Annual Poker Tournament at Club Break in Monoshizukanohi, and Sasuke's been looking forward to it for weeks! But when Naruto comes home angry and announces there will be no playing at the club, Sasuke decides to take matters into his own hands...but the consequences could be more dire than he could ever imagine.

An hour and many hands later, Sasuke was no closer to figuring out what to do. He was leaning toward knocking Naruto’s chair over and trying to strangle him. It was certainly one of the more satisfying options.

Rationally – and intellectually – Sasuke knew the right course of action was to tell Naruto he needed to talk to him. Sasuke should wait until Naruto was finished with the game – he was losing with stunning single-mindedness – and talk to him on the way home. Explain that he didn’t appreciate how the night had gone; tell Naruto that he was hurt and felt small and insignificant for it. Sasuke knew communication was key, and he truly felt – and hoped – that Naruto just didn’t realize how many ways he’d hurt Sasuke tonight.

But rational behavior was eclipsed by the desire for revenge that stiffened Sasuke’s spine every time he looked up and saw Shikamaru standing obedient and perfect behind the damnable Hyuga. It made Sasuke hate his master, his situation, and his own behavior with brilliant clarity.

But mostly it made him hate Shikamaru’s perfect display of subservience. Not to mention the way Neji rewarded that submission with the occasional touch or word while he played cards, catching the eye of everyone at the table. Sasuke wanted and hated in equal parts, and he glared razor blades at Shikamaru.

The looks went unnoticed, however, and Sasuke huffed as he looked around the dimly lit club. He needed a distraction and something that would pull his master’s attention back onto him, damn it all. Sasuke wanted payback, he wanted to play, and he wanted the bliss he felt when all of Naruto’s focus was on him. And at the moment, he didn’t care if that focus was angry or loving.

Dark eyes scanned the room before finally finding Kiba at the bar, and a smirk split Sasuke’s lips. Naruto trusted Kiba…the two were good friends. And more importantly – Sasuke trusted Kiba and knew that the man would make the perfect partner in crime for the plan slowly turning in his mind.

Sasuke backed away from the chair respectfully, eyes down. He turned and sauntered over to the bar, knowing he needed to be careful how he did this. Technically speaking, he wasn’t supposed to speak to other doms at the club, but he didn’t think Kiba would ignore him. The Inuzuka enjoyed games and plots entirely too much for that.

“Good evening, sir,” Sasuke said quietly as he reached the bar. He leaned against the polished wood next to Kiba, eyes and body facing front. It would look like Sasuke was simply waiting to order a drink, not chatting up another dom.

Kiba did a double-take at Sasuke, let his eyes roam over Sasuke's body, and then smirked at the mirror behind the bar.

“You talkin’ to me, pretty?” Kiba murmured, sipping from a mostly-empty glass. Sasuke eyed him and admired Kiba’s plain and understated taste. He wore simple leather pants and a snug black shirt. No frills: just Kiba.

“You know I am,” Sasuke said, voice low and respectful. “Have a proposition for you.”

“Do ya, now?” Kiba sounded amused.

Sasuke looked down at the bar – a single nod that masqueraded as something else. “Master’s been tense because of work for the past couple of weeks, and I’d like to do something to help him unwind.”

“Uh-huh,” Kiba said sarcastically.

Sasuke ignored the tone. “But he’s a little reluctant to let me help him because he doesn’t want to pull too much attention away from the Tournament.” Sasuke traced the bar with one finger.

Kiba made a soft noise and turned his body so he mostly faced Sasuke, but he kept his eyes on the wall behind the bar. “And ya think I can do what, ‘xactly?”

Sasuke moved one shoulder in a tiny shrug. “I thought we could set up a scene, stir his interest, see how the room responds. If all goes well, you’ll get a bit of me, the club will get a show, and I’ll serve my Master.” That was mostly true, really. Sasuke just described exactly what he hoped to happen: he wanted a Scene which Naruto could not deny. He wanted to shove an opportunity to play into Naruto’s hands that he couldn’t turn down.

Now Kiba looked at Sasuke, and even though Sasuke didn’t meet the odd, pale gaze, he felt Kiba’s unique mix of curiosity, hunger, and amusement.

“You two play some seriously fucked up games, ya know that?” he muttered.

Sasuke tilted his head to the side and shot a glance at Kiba from beneath lowered lashes. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“Sure ya do. Naruto said hey earlier, told me you two weren’t doin’ anything tonight ‘cause ‘a work. I know how Naru plays, bitch, and I know he don’t like playin’ when he’s outta sorts. Then I see him over there spankin’ that pretty Nara boy like it ain’t nothin’, and see you lookin’ like someone just shit in your mouth. And now you here tellin’ me to drag ya off and hurt ya good to help my boy out?” Kiba snorted and drained his glass. “If you two ain’t fightin’, then the damned world ends. And fuck, sweetie, I’m happy to step in as the guy you use t’give Naru some payback. But if you wanted me to beat ya black and blue, ya just had t’ask.”

The grin he flashed Sasuke was feral, and it made Sasuke’s heart skip a beat.

Sasuke frowned, upset that Kiba managed to be so insightful. He started to protest – take it all back. Coming from Kiba’s lips, the whole game sounded far too…sinister.

But it was too late. Kiba moved with surprising speed and grabbed Sasuke’s arm in a vice-like grip. Sasuke found himself unceremoniously hauled to the middle of the club by the brunette, and then Kiba threw him down to the floor. With an irritated noise, Sasuke started to get up, but Kiba put a heavy boot firmly in the middle of Sasuke’s back and pushed him back down to the floor. Wisely, Sasuke stayed put, his heart beginning to pound.

“Hey, Naruto!” Kiba bellowed, arms crossed over his wide chest. The entire table stopped the game to look, as did most of the other people in the club.

“You got a seriously disobedient little bitch over here, man. You ‘bout done playin’ with cards ‘n shit and ready t’do the real thing?”

Kiba’s off-hand tone pissed Sasuke right the fuck off. “Let me go,” Sasuke snarled, but Kiba just increased the pressure of his boot. Sasuke could get out of it if he tried, but that might be more embarrassing than just staying still.

“The fuck you talking about, Kiba?” Naruto asked, standing up at the table. Neji observed all of this with faint perplexity, but he stayed silent.

Kiba snorted. “Yer little girl here just hit me up t’play, Naruto, that’s the fuck I’m talkin’ ‘bout.”

Little… girl? Sasuke’s eyes went wide, and he would have cursed Kiba to his face but the boot on his back forced air out of his lungs.

“Did he,” Naruto called back, and it wasn’t a question.

“Sure thing,” Kiba said. “So tell ya what: with yer permission? I’ll be happy to get this bad boy tied up like fresh meat ‘til yer ready to hurt him but good.”

Anticipation fluttered and licked against Sasuke’s insides. Kiba thought this was all some sort of elaborate game. It unfolded in Sasuke’s mind as he thought Kiba saw it: Naruto pretended not to want to play, telling his best friend that he was tired from work. Then he puts on a display with the Nara to prove he wasn’t serious and to piss off Sasuke in public. Then Sasuke asks Kiba to step in under the guise of making Naruto jealous as payback, but Kiba would think Naruto condoned the whole thing. The Inuzuka wouldn’t suspect that Naruto and Sasuke were actually fighting and not speaking to one another in lieu of getting in the last hurtful strike.

Sasuke swallowed and thought it all really didn’t matter: Kiba’d just thrown down the gauntlet with a few hundred witnesses. He knew how often Naruto and Sasuke put on shows for the club – and this was an event night. Under normal circumstances, Naruto and Sasuke probably would be doing something like this.

Just without the actual fighting.

The entire club watched and thought this was all part of tonight’s entertainment, and it would be drastically out of character for Naruto to refuse to play. This close to getting what he wanted, Sasuke tried to keep his face neutral as he looked to his Master.

For his part, Naruto seemed to be working it out for himself. He stepped away from the table, cards forgotten, and met Sasuke’s eyes. Sasuke felt a surge of triumph as it looked like Naruto was going to agree to play, but then he saw a confusing expression flash in the blue depths. It was a mixture of careful consideration and… hurt? Sasuke frowned but in a flash the look was gone and Naruto rolled his eyes dramatically.

“I’m not going to do anything to the little slut,” Naruto growled. “He’s been begging for it for a week but hasn’t done the first thing to earn it.” He shook his head.

Sasuke bit back his protests, and Kiba nodded in sympathy. “Yeah, he makes a pretty toy – but he’s a fuckin’ handful. Anythin’ I can do to help ya out, Naru?”

Naruto slowly crossed the room, and eager chuckles filled the club’s air. “What’d he ask you?”

“Aw, he gave me some line ‘bout you bein’ all uptight and wantin’ to help ya out with some stress relief. But ya didn’t want t’upset the card game.”

Naruto turned back to the table and sighed. “I just went all-in on a queen-jack unsuited. I don’t think I’ve got any more game in me.” He turned back to Sasuke on the floor and frowned. “And it seems like I need to get a grip on this bitch.”

“F’sure,” Kiba said, nodding down Sasuke.

“And he asked you to join in, huh?” Naruto said from just a few feet away, hands on his leather-clad hips.

The world slowed down for Sasuke, and his heart pounded once loudly in his ears.

“Yessir, he did.”

Another heartbeat, and Sasuke thought he’d go deaf with the noise as he dropped his eyes to the floor with a quiet exhalation.

“Well, hell, Kiba: I think we’d better show him what ‘punishment’ really means, don’t you?”

Time sped back up and Sasuke went stiff beneath Kiba’s boot: the words took his pride away for a moment and left him frozen.

With a cruel and delighted laugh, Kiba nodded. “Fuck yeah. Always happy to put an arrogant bastard on his knees.”

Sasuke blinked slowly and chewed his lip.

“Think we should start with him standing and splayed first,” Naruto commented. He pointed to a metal tower in the main play area – fully visible to the entire club and surrounded by seating. The tower was equipped with cuffs at the top for wrists, had a cushioned, adjustable slab to brace a sub’s hips and push out his or her ass, and then two wide, metal bars at the bottom to hold spread legs.

“Sure thing,” Kiba said. He bent over and hauled Sasuke roughly to his feet. “Sick and complicated little game you two play,” he said softly. Only Naruto and Sasuke could hear him. “But shit…I’m in.” Kiba shrugged.

Naruto just nodded, cool eyes on Sasuke, who kept his head down, chest rising and falling faster than normal.

“He’s all yours,” Naruto said, louder. Sasuke looked sharply at his Master’s shoes as the trio walked over to the tower.

“Nice,” Kiba said with a grin and a nod of his head. He tossed Sasuke to the ground again with a negligent shove. “Ya mind a little blood or ya want I should just blister him around the edges?”

Naruto shrugged and Sasuke swallowed. In his haste and apparent insanity to start this game, Sasuke had forgotten that Kiba played rough. Very rough. Naruto was no lightweight, but Kiba was a true sadist. And masochist, for that matter. Maybe “opportunist” was a better term…

Kiba went to grab a black bag full of his toys from near the bar, and Naruto stood with arms crossed and gaze neutral. Sasuke shifted on his knees, a familiar mix of anticipation and fear bubbling low in his gut. But feeding the fear and making it worse was a widening streak of worry: he couldn’t quite shake that tiny glimmer of hurt in Master’s eyes when he realized what Sasuke had done. Surely, though, Master would realize that Sasuke didn’t truly mean to hurt him. Surely he would understand that Sasuke didn’t really want to insult Naruto. It was just a ploy…a strategy to get what he wanted – but also to get Naruto what Sasuke felt his Master needed.


A crowd gathered, delighted murmurs rippling through the air. Of course there would be a show on Tournament night. And all the better that it was three men who truly knew how to put on a good display of pain and pleasure.

Neji walked by with Shika in tow, card game forgotten. He nodded respectfully at Naruto, but his eyes were sympathetic. Sasuke caught the look but wasn’t too concerned. Neji and Shika were the only ones who witnessed Sasuke taking his leave of Naruto so rudely earlier. And even he might start to think it was all part of a plan. The Hyuga was no stranger to elaborate mental games, after all.

Kiba returned and all thought left Sasuke as Kiba hauled him up and shoved Sasuke toward the tower. Sasuke stumbled and then regained his balance, one hand resting on the metal of the stand. He kept his eyes down but felt the intense stares of the observers like sparks of electricity on his skin.

“Better lose that pretty shirt,” Kiba observed, adjusting the tower to fit Sasuke’s height.

“Get it off,” Naruto said coarsely from Sasuke’s left. Sasuke obeyed, pulling both shirts off and folding them before setting them on a table nearby.

“I do love a clean slate,” Kiba said with a laugh, eying Sasuke’s bare back. Naruto chuckled in agreement.

Kiba grabbed Sasuke’s wrists and yanked him back to the tower. Sasuke went along more-or-less willingly, and he watched Kiba and Naruto pull his arms above his head and lock them into the cuffs at the top of the tower. While Naruto adjusted the fit, Kiba bent down and began working on Sasuke’s ankles. Kiba took Sasuke’s shoes and socks off, putting them aside carefully. In seconds, Sasuke’s legs were spread and ankles cuffed, his body bent so that the tower had to take some of his weight, and his stomach was pressed into the bar for balance.

Sasuke breathed deeply and fought the ebb and flow of a tide that wanted to suck him under. His heart beat against his ribs in a hard rhythm, and he stared down to avoid all the eyes that were on him. But he loved playing like this: the audience made it a thousand times more intense.

“Shit, he looks half undone already,” Kiba commented.

Sasuke grit his teeth at the irritating observation – it wasn’t true, dammit – and turned his head to watch Naruto pull up a chair next to the tower and sit down without a reply. The silence felt like a confirmation of Kiba’s words, and Sasuke made a quiet noise of anger.

And then everything took a turn for the worse when Kiba dragged over his bag and pulled out two things that Sasuke really and truly hated with a passion.

“Do ya mind?” Kiba asked, holding the blindfold and ball gag out for Naruto’s approval. The gag was sealed in a clear bag, the blindfold loose in Kiba’s hand.

Sasuke whipped his head to nearly glare at his Master in a mixture of pleading and fear barely covered by indignation.

Naruto laughed. “Nah, sounds good to me.”

“Beautiful,” Kiba said, stepping over behind Sasuke. He got the gag out of its container and held it up to Sasuke’s face. “Open wide, honey.”

Sasuke felt heat and hate whip through him, and he clenched his teeth for two seconds before opening his mouth. A rough pair of hands worked the black ball between his lips and fastened the gag behind his head. Naruto got up and went to Kiba’s bag, fetching a wad of white cloth. As the blindfold went over his eyes, Sasuke felt Naruto shove the bit of silk into his hand. Sasuke clenched onto the fabric with tight determination – like hell if he was going to drop the thing and signal he couldn’t take anymore.

He’d be damned if he would give Kiba the satisfaction.

“So,” Kiba said, and Sasuke could hear his grin. “’bout those limits…”

“Mm,” Naruto said, and then Sasuke could hear them muttering but couldn’t make out the words. He forced himself to breathe slowly, thinking thoughts about having a care when making wishes.

Kiba laughed. “It’ll save on the cleanin’, right?”

Sasuke frowned and then heard the familiar sound of rustling plastic. They were putting down a splash guard around the stand – a piece of it brushed Sasuke’s foot. Nerve endings lit up across the soft skin and Sasuke felt like his entire body ignited. A sheen of sweat broke out on his skin, and he tried to swallow, managing only to let a bit of saliva escape from the corner of his mouth.

Fingers touched Sasuke’s back – light strokes – and Sasuke tensed. He didn’t know whose hands those were, and nobody said anything to give him a clue. He turned his head futilely over one shoulder, arms already beginning to ache from being locked over his head.

“I think…” Kiba said from behind Sasuke and close to his ear.

“Definitely,” Naruto confirmed from Sasuke’s left – back in the chair? Sasuke didn’t know, and the ignorance felt like it would drive him insane for a second or two.

Kiba chuckled. “Nervous, sweetheart?” Fingers smoothed down on either side of Sasuke’s spine and hooked beneath the waist of the satin-and-mesh leggings. Kiba carefully pulled the pants down so the top cupped under Sasuke’s ass in back and cock in front. His spread legs made it impossible to take the pants down further, and the elastic felt constricting and the position felt humiliating.

“Oh now that’s nice,” Kiba purred, one hand rubbing over Sasuke’s right cheek. Sasuke tried to pull away from the touch unsuccessfully, earning another chuckle from Kiba. Sasuke felt debauched and exposed – more so than if he was just naked. He clung to anger and pride and scowled behind the blindfold.

“I think this,” Naruto said, now on Sasuke’s right. There was a rustle of plastic and Kiba made an approving noise.

“Perfect,” Kiba said, and his hands fell away from Sasuke’s skin to take whatever Naruto offered or pointed out.

More rustling of plastic and Sasuke thought he might go out of his mind. Naruto rarely used blindfolds or gags, preferring to see Sasuke’s eyes and hear him when the played. Sasuke hated both the things with intense prejudice, and this reminded him why with painful clarity.

Someone started to clap and others joined, and Sasuke’s fists clenched. The first impact took him by total shock even though he knew it was coming. It was clearly a warm-up blow, and Sasuke had a second to think that Kiba must be playing by Naruto’s rules as generally he didn’t give those.

Then the next hit came, and Sasuke’s teeth bit into the ball. Flogger – had to be. Hard leather, not that many tails, and there was a hell of a lot of weight to the impact.

“Just say when,” Kiba said, voice sounding calm as he struck Sasuke a third time.

“Will do,” Naruto said, and Sasuke tried to work out that little exchange but was distracted when the hits came faster. Not harder – not yet – but definitely faster. He sucked in air and found oxygen between strikes. Pain encroached and Sasuke refused to let it gain too much ground.

Someone turned the music up and bass flooded Sasuke’s ears. The lack of sight, the restraint, the gag, and now the noise made Sasuke dizzy. The impact of the flogger grounded him down through the disconnect, and he shook his head to clear it of creeping fog.

“Fights a lot,” Kiba said.

“You wouldn’t believe,” Naruto said, voice cold and dry. The tone pained Sasuke, and he rolled his head toward the sound of his Master’s voice, wishing it was him taking the flogger to his back and not Kiba.

“Oh, I dunno…” Kiba said. Thud, pause, thud.

“Okay – he’s good,” Naruto said assuredly, and Sasuke’s brow knitted for a half second. What did he –

Sasuke choked when Kiba struck with force, and he jerked his arms down against the cuffs without conscious thought. That made him angry at himself – he was no virgin at this, after all, but good God that was –

Another hit and thought flew away as sincere pain washed over Sasuke for the first time. He panted through his nose, saliva leaked from around the gag in an embarrassing flood, and the strikes just kept coming. There was nothing but trying to manage sensation and breath for what felt like an eternity. He tried to count the strikes but then Kiba started switching up the rhythm: two fast, one slow, and a pause…then four fast, two slow, and nothing for seconds that felt like days.

Kiba’s laugh broke the silence over the music. “Fuck I love it when they try to get away.”

Sasuke didn’t know what he was talking about: he couldn’t move, for fuck’s sake.

“He squirms,” Naruto confirmed.

“Yeah…and can’t take a hit for shit. You goin’ soft on me, Naru?”

Naruto snorted. “Let him have it, Kiba. He can take it – he’s just…responsive.”

“Uh-huh,” Kiba retorted, unconvinced.

Sasuke felt sweat roll from beneath his arm down his side, and he shuddered at Master’s words…

Let him have it…let him have it…

They echoed and when the blows started again to fall, Sasuke cried out around the gag. He forced himself still – or tried – but couldn’t manage to do both that and be silent. Kiba was relentless…so different from Master. A different style, different taste…but the pain and heat were the same. The fire the blows started in Sasuke’s mind was the same, and he felt pieces of himself slip away as he focused on a narrow world of sensation and pain management.

“Fuck yeah,” Kiba called out, pulling Sasuke back down to earth. The plastic rustled – movement. The blows stopped – how many? How long had it been?

“The hell you stop for?” Master asked, amused.

“You distracted me!” Kiba merrily accused.

“ADD bastard,” Master teased.

“Watch it, or I’ll forget who the fuck to hit and find you!”

Master laughed and the blows began again, making Sasuke groan. He went limp against the wrist restraints, head lolling forward between his arms. Muscles ached, his back felt like a giant abused bruise, and his legs weren’t there anymore. It was hell and heaven and purgatory and…

Something traced the skin of Sasuke’s hard dick, and he went rigid beneath the blows – which was a mistake. The next one rocked him harder when his body resisted, and Sasuke yelped loudly. Someone laughed in the audience – delighted and cruel.

The fuck? It was so hard to think – impossible, like pushing string up hill. But the sensation was there again – something teasing his length, and not a hand. Not skin at all…something else.

The blow on his back matched the much lighter blow on his shaft and Sasuke’s eyes went wild and wide behind the blindfold.

“Nice crop.” Master’s voice floated to Sasuke’s ears, but he struggled to stop his breath from catching and hitching. It was a battle for air and the roar in his ears had nothing to do with the music.

A cackle made red lights dance in front of Sasuke’s eyes, and he felt another smack – enough to definitely feel it, not enough to damage – against the head of his cock this time. The noise he made around the gag would have mortified Sasuke, but he didn’t know he made it.

“Fuck me,” Kiba called and the flogger bit into Sasuke’s lower back with perfect aim, one tail almost tickling an ass cheek. It felt fucking incredible…and so did the crop on his cock. Oh god…oh fuck…oh hell…he wanted to beg for more and for peace at the same time, and he was suddenly grateful that he couldn’t do either. This way, he didn’t have to make the decision.

Crop and flogger…flogger and crop – the leather teased, struck, and abused. Everything fed the rush in Sasuke’s ears, now, and he didn’t fight away from any of the blows. He moaned and didn’t notice when a tear escaped from under the blindfold. His nose ran, his mouth leaked drool that dropped away from his chin and onto the plastic below, and he shuddered for the crowd.

Plastic rustled and the blows to his aching, burning, stinging back stopped. The crop teased and flicked, making Sasuke jerk and press against the leather bracing his hips.

“Fuck. He’s too pretty when he cries. Ya mind?” Kiba growled, the voice loud in Sasuke’s right ear.

“Use him. I don’t care.”

Sasuke nearly went out of his mind at his Master’s words. No – Master cared, he had to, Sasuke needed him to – surely Master wouldn’t let another man…no, please no. Please all things holy: no

A hand spanked Sasuke’s ass, the crop teased his dick, and breath tickled his ear. Sasuke tried to scream behind the gag, and he had to drop his head to keep from choking on spit.

“Don’t ya just look so goddamned perfect all red and achin’ for more? You’re a pretty bitch when you cry.”

The spanks came faster, the crop danced along flesh, and Sasuke made noise around the gag and thrashed, wanting Master. The voice was definitely not Master’s, nor was the hand on his skin that abused without pause for hours and days. He tried to stay still for the crop – wanting more – but the hand on his ass made him jerk and dance. It was maddening, wicked, frustrating, and perfect.

“Fuck me, that’s hot,” someone said from far away. Audience…there were people watching, and the memory of that detail made Sasuke moan and shiver.

“I’m gonna…” Kiba panted in Sasuke’s ear, but the only thing Sasuke felt was the stinging slaps to his backside. Then those stopped and he listened to Kiba breathe fast and hard.

“Yeah,” Master said, voice rough and low. The crop slapped Sasuke’s cock with a sharp strike, and Sasuke’s vision went gray along the edges.

A hand grabbed Sasuke’s sweaty hair and tugged. He felt heat against his right side, and the air against his face and ear was hot and humid.

“Slut,” Kiba hissed, making Sasuke shiver, and then Sasuke felt wet heat splash his right hip. The breathing next to his ear stopped in a sharp catch and then sighed as another tiny wave soaked Sasuke’s side. The liquid began to cool and dribble down Sasuke’s skin, making him squirm.

After a few long seconds, Kiba sighed, swiped two fingers through his mess and wiped them on Sasuke’s flushed cheek. Sasuke's head tilted away limply, and he whimpered for Master.

“Now that looks like a well-used toy t’me,” Kiba rumbled.

“It’s getting close,” Naruto agreed. “Gimme a hand?”

Kiba snorted. “Gladly, babe.”

Sasuke didn’t struggle when he felt warm hands on his wrists and ankles, undoing the straps. He shut his eyes tightly behind the blindfold – his knees were going to give out. The air flew in and out of his nose and around the gag, and Sasuke surfaced to find fear and humiliation. Oh god…beaten and used like a common whore, and he wasn’t even going to be able to stand. Fuck.

“On your knees, bitch,” Master said coldly, and the tone made Sasuke want to beg and plead for mercy. He clutched the silk in one fist as two pairs of hands pulled Sasuke away from the tower, turned him, and let him fall to his knees. Sasuke grunted when he hit the rug covered in plastic, and he felt more saliva slip down his chin from around the gag when he whined. He hated and burned and wanted and craved.

The music faded and there was the sound of a zipper being slowly undone, and Sasuke’s shoulders shook. Was that…? Not Kiba…oh please not Kiba…it couldn’t be, could it? Kiba just got off…on him…

Sasuke shivered again.

“Get rid of the gag and hold him back,” Master said from in front of Sasuke. “And I’ll tell you what, bitch,” Master continued, louder this time – for the crowd and for the show. “Suck me good enough, and I might just forget this ever fuckin’ happened.”

Kiba gently took the gag from between Sasuke’s teeth, and the muscles ached from strain as Sasuke closed his mouth and licked his lips eagerly. He nodded, trying for enthusiasm and managing a weak pant. Oh god, yeah…he wanted Master’s cock in his mouth. Please…please…he begged silently with a tilt of his head and parting lips.

Kiba laughed and yanked Sasuke’s arms behind his back, pushing his elbows together. It wasn’t comfortable, and Sasuke gasped. “Regular little cockslut,” Kiba mocked.

“Oh yeah,” Master agreed, voice rasping a bit but still loud enough to be heard by the crowd. “He likes his face fucked, don’t you, boy?”

A rough hand gripped his hair and Master’s length pushed between his lips. Sasuke got one shallow thrust and then Master shoved into his mouth. Sasuke tried to cry out, the force of it making Sasuke nearly jerk away. But Kiba held him hard and fast, and when Sasuke gagged, Master groaned.

The noise from his Master – a pleased sound, not an angry one or a cold one – warmed Sasuke like a fire in winter and Sasuke echoed the noise around Master’s length. He adjusted his mouth and neck, and Master’s hand let him. Master knew what Sasuke could do and what he couldn’t…knew his limits, how far to push. And he knew that Sasuke could do this, could please him like this…

Sasuke relaxed his throat, opened his mouth and on the next thrust his tongue swirled and pressed against the hot flesh.

“Fuck, yeah, slut – suck me.”

Kiba groaned, Sasuke moaned, and the crowd’s breath hitched en masse. Sasuke heard the noise, felt Master in his mouth, against his teeth, pushing against the back of his throat. Kiba’s fingers bit deliciously into his arms, his knee in Sasuke’s back, and fuck it was all Sasuke could do not to drop the scarf in his hand and whine in sheer need. His brain went dull, and he didn’t care that his chin was soaked with two types of wet. Master cursed lowly above him, and Sasuke felt a ripple of pleasure and power surge through him that blotted out thought like a blacksmith’s hammer on steel.

“Goddamn,” Kiba grunted. “Such a good lil’ fuckin’ whore. Suck him, bitch…get him off. I wanna see you choke on it.” The praise and command were low and urgent, and Sasuke obeyed without thought.

Shit!” Master snarled above him. Sasuke didn’t need his sight to know what Master looked like: his head was back, lips parted in pleasure and eyes closed. His cock was wet, jutting out from the folds of his pants, and plunging into Sasuke’s eager mouth with controlled twitches of his hips. The burnt orange shirt he wore was damp against his body, and sweat stood out on his skin like clear gems.

Kiba laughed. “Come already, Naruto…or yer gonna make yer pretty slut come just from fuckin’ his face.”

“He won’t,” Master growled, teeth clenched. “Knows…better…” Master grunted and Sasuke knew he was close. He sucked and licked as best he could, not caring that tears streamed down his face. Let everyone see…let them go home tonight and long for this kind of pleasure – this kind of intensity.

Master’s thrusts became erratic, and his breathing went staccato and then stopped. Sasuke opened his mouth and when Master gasped, Sasuke drank him down. He moaned and whimpered and sucked and swallowed. So good…it was so fucking good.

The flesh between Sasuke’s teeth was gone a second later, and Sasuke licked at his own chin to try to clean up some of the mess. Kiba held Sasuke up when his head fell forward and his body went limp. The crowd around them applauded in earnest, catcalls and appreciative praise coming from all directions. Someone – Master or Kiba, Sasuke didn’t know – slid the blindfold off, but Sasuke kept his eyes closed. He swallowed, breathed, and tried not to whine in his need for release.

“Get ‘im outta here, Naruto. I got your stuff,” Kiba said, voice low.

Sasuke’s Master nodded and both Kiba and Master got Sasuke to his feet. Clothing was adjusted, and Sasuke hissed between his teeth when the snug leggings confined his leaking cock. Kiba gave a soft huff and then let Sasuke go, Master catching him. Sasuke felt himself lifted into strong arms, and he sighed against the soft fabric of Master’s shirt. The crowd kept up the applause until both men were out of the club and walking quickly through the Catacombs to their private room. Master’s boots made dull thuds on the pavers, and Sasuke shivered and buried his face in his Master’s shirt.

Sasuke felt Master grope around his neck for the passkey that would unlock the door at the end of the stone hallway, and then he heard a soft beep.

The room was pitch black, and Master flicked a switch and a lamp illuminated the windowless, stone room with a dull golden glow. Sasuke could actually feel Master’s heart pounding against his body, and his Master took three hard steps into the room and nearly threw Sasuke on the wide bed. For a second, Sasuke thought it was in prelude to a rough embrace, but when Master didn’t follow, Sasuke pulled himself together.

Scrambling, Sasuke got his knees under him and looked at Naruto only to find him standing next to the bed with head down, fists clenched, and jaw muscles twitching. Sasuke swallowed, unsure of everything, and carefully crawled toward Naruto.

“Master?” Sasuke said softly. “Are you-“

Naruto backhanded Sasuke hard enough to make the Uchiha cry out and fall sideways, almost putting him in the floor. Sasuke caught himself on the bedspread just in time.

“Asshole,” Naruto growled.
25th-Jan-2010 05:02 pm (UTC)
Seriously, you are amazing at this! The more I read, the more impressed I get. Wow.
27th-Jan-2010 03:33 am (UTC)

Thank you so much! Really glad you're enjoying it. :D
26th-Jan-2010 09:58 pm (UTC)
The two lines I liked the most:

“he was losing with stunning single-mindedness” and “No frills: just Kiba.”

You put a personality into Kiba just by the way he speaks.

And this one:

Sasuke tilted his head to the side and shot a glance at Kiba from beneath lowered lashes. “I don’t know what you mean.”

Haha, Sasuke, you’re such a bitch.

I can see into Sasuke’s head more this time. He’s so selfish to the point of destruction. It’s almost selfish so much it’s innocence, like he thinks everyone else thinks about themselves as much as he does and he’s not doing anything wrong.

Well done.
27th-Jan-2010 03:35 am (UTC)
I do enjoy Kiba. XD

Thank you! Glad this got you more into Sasuke's head. Hope you continue to enjoy. XD

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