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Naruto Fanfiction // Deprivation // Chapter 13

Title: Deprivation
Series: Monoshizukanohi//Naruto AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Drama/Romance/Kink
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Kimimaro, Haku, and a Mystery Guest
Word Count: ~58,000 in Total
Warnings/Notes: THIS Chapter: Language, cross-dressing, angst, handjob, oral, D/s, Master/sub relationship, threesome. Overall: Kinky fic is kinky. Sensory deprivation, bondage, impact play, electro play, sounding, D/s relationships, other.
Spoilers: None whatsoever.

Summary: Kimimaro thought he had his life together: he works at Clubs Break and Bliss, he serves his employers to perfection, and he denies himself the things he really wants to remain safe. But then Haku has to escape a damning relationship in order to survive, and Kimimaro spends a year taking care of his new friend in any way he can. His loyalty and exhaustion have not gone unnoticed, and the Powers That Be in Monoshizukanohi make Kimimaro an offer that will change his life.

"It's okay," Kimi whispered. Haku's fingers tightened on Kimimaro's shirt, and Kimi sighed, relieved Haku responded.

The trio walked along a landing and turned a corner to go down a short, wide hallway. Dim wall sconces illuminated their path in dull, orange glow and mirrors reflected their progress. Kimimaro almost tripped when he saw the doors they approached but managed to hang on to his balance.

"Haku… look…"

Head turning, both Haku and Kimimaro stared at the arched double doorway into what Kimimaro assumed was Itachi's bedroom. The heavy doors were wide and intricately carved. Kimimaro didn't know much about art or religion, but he recognized the Tree of Knowledge and the Garden of Eden. The tree was in the middle, sun and moon above it on either side. Eve stood beneath the tree on the right, and Adam knelt on the left, hands behind his back. Eve held out fruit in one hand, body tilted as though she knew she was teasing, and Adam bent at the waist, reaching for it with his open mouth. Below the pair, hundreds of arms reached up in supplication and from the heavens two hands came down to cup around the entire scene.

Kimimaro's throat worked in a hard swallow as he followed Itachi into the room beyond, the doors opening on silent hinges. As he stepped into the master chambers, Haku made a quiet noise.

"Yeah," Kimimaro whispered in agreed awe.

They stood in a large, open sitting room, though it appeared Itachi used the room to work, not to relax. A small chandelier provided light. Floor-to-ceiling shelving covered two walls, the wooden floors were covered in dark blue rugs, the chairs and benches were done in striped blue and gray fabrics, and there were tables scattered about covered in paperwork, two laptops, rolled plans, one top hat, pens, and all sorts of other things. In the far corner a baby grand piano stood in a rounded nook encircled by windows that extended to run along the right wall, dark blue drapes swept back and letting in inky darkness.

"This way," Itachi said when Kimimaro stood dumbstruck. He turned to follow Itachi through pocket doors, and they walked through another sitting room. This one, however, had a sectional sofa that somehow managed to resemble an antique despite its fashionable leather. A flat-screen TV covered most of the opposite wall, surrounded by shelves full of everything from DVD cases to crystal balls. The walls were dark, two small lamps lit the windowless space, and there was a collection of dirty dishware on one table. Kimimaro stared at the evidence of Itachi -- of where he liked to stay and how he liked to live -- and felt a deep pang of desire.

Continuing, they walked through another set of pocket doors and into a fan-shaped room larger than the first, and Kimimaro couldn't help his gasp. Larger chandeliers lit the rich, royal blue walls that were topped with gold gilt crown molding and a tray ceiling carved in filigree. On the far side of the room was a solid, curved bank of windows masked by filmy drapes with blue and gold curtains held back by cords. In front of the windows was the biggest bed Kimimaro had ever seen -- far larger than even a king. A dark four-poster with black privacy curtains swept back on two sides, the posts were easily a foot square, almost touched the lofted ceiling, and they were carved with vines and flowers. The footboard was also carved and high, the top sculpted in a wave-like scoop. The bedspread was black with shining blue stripes, and dozens of pillows mounded up next to the headboard, which was carved with more Eden-themed imagery: the tree and the snake.

The right wall of the room had a bar, side chairs, and shelves. The left had an enormous bureau and chest of drawers flanking a door that led down a dark hallway. A seating area with couch, chair, and table was arranged to their left, and Itachi crossed to the sofa. "Here," he said, turning on a lamp.

Kimimaro sat on the deep, wide furniture, settling Haku next to him. Making sure his boots stayed off the fabric, the smaller man turned to lie across Kimi's lap so he could bury his face in Kimimaro's neck, his back to Itachi. Kimimaro peered at the Uchiha in alarm and apology, and met a studious gaze. Lips thin in emotions Kimimaro couldn't identify, Itachi stood straight.

"I'll be back," Itachi said, pivoting on his heel and making a fast retreat to the door leading off the main room. Kimimaro ached for the situation and for his dependence on Itachi to help make it right: a boon and burden, both.

"Did I ruin everything?" Haku asked after a moment of silence.

"No," Kimimaro answered, one hand rubbing Haku's back. He thought fast. "Did you hear what Itachi said? After it happened?"

"That it was… an accident?"

"Exactly," Kimimaro said, the relief easy to express as it was also his own. He kneaded at Haku's tensed shoulders. "And he laughed at all the fuss, remember?"

"No," Haku answered, miserable, and Kimimaro hugged him tighter.

"Should I leave?" Haku whispered, breath hot against Kimi's skin and forehead cool against Kimi's chin.

"No," Kimimaro replied emphatically. "He wants us here. He asked us both up to the room, Haku."


Haku stopped speaking when Kimimaro's head turned to watch Itachi return. He wore another dark dress shirt, this one not tucked into his slacks, and walked quickly to the couch only to slow down and pause next to it. He studied Kimimaro, and his expression spoke volumes of strategy and concern. His eyebrows went up and without lifting his arm he pointed at the couch and then to the door through which they'd come: asking what would be best for Haku. The question melted some of Kimi's tension: sharing the responsibility of doing what was best for the man in his arms made Kimimaro feel lighter and grateful and long for Itachi. He didn't know how to explain to the Uchiha that a show of affection would go a long way in easing Haku; didn't know how to tell the man that Haku desperately needed to be welcomed and wanted. And even if Kimimaro had the first clue as to how to talk about the situation or give particulars to help to resolve it, he couldn't say anything with Haku in his lap.

Itachi took a small step closer, Kimimaro nodded once toward the couch, and tried to implore Itachi with his gaze. Satisfied, Itachi crossed to stand in front of Kimi, whose breath caught when Itachi knelt down in front of Kimi and Haku.

"Do you mind…?" Itachi asked, hands reaching for Kimimaro's shoes.

Kimimaro's heart pounded harder. He wanted Itachi's hands on him almost as much as he wanted Itachi's touch, presence -- anything -- to soothe Haku. Not trusting his voice, he shook his head. It was consent enough, and Itachi set about untying laces and removing shoes. He took off the socks as well, setting everything aside before sliding his hands up to squeeze Kimimaro's knees. The sensation made Kimimaro bite his lip again, arms tightening reflexively about Haku.

"May I sit?" Itachi asked. Haku tensed and Kimimaro felt humid air blow faster against his throat. Kimi waited, finding patience in the midst of worry and want until finally Haku nodded. Hope bloomed inside Kimimaro's gut; if Haku allowed the man to be near, then maybe he would allow Itachi more privileges that Kimimaro truly believed would help them all.

"Yes," Kimimaro interpreted, just in case the movement was too slight for Itachi to see it.

"Thank you." Itachi sat down without touching Haku. For a long few seconds he stared at the two men and then licked his lips.

"Kimimaro, do you think Haku would be more comfortable without his boots? They look lovely on, but I'd like to help him relax."

Blinking in wonder at the Uchiha, Kimimaro loosened his hold as Haku shifted, and a soft noise that Kimi was certain Itachi could not hear reverberated against Kimi's neck. Glancing once at Itachi, Kimimaro kissed Haku's hair, let his lips catch strands while his hand dug into the muscles of Haku's back. He pleaded without sound, encouraged without words, and hoped Haku could find faith in Kimimaro if nothing else. Faith that Itachi wasn't angry, that he wanted them here, that Haku was not a bother, that these actions didn't make Haku weak or broken. Faith that they were all human, made errors, and that Haku no longer had to pay for such slights with currency that killed.

Itachi said nothing, but he shifted on the couch when Haku slowly straightened his knees, feet sliding toward Itachi. Kimimaro sighed in pained relief and kissed a braid in Haku's hair.

"I think he'd like that, yes," Kimimaro said.

With a polite inclination of his head, Itachi wrapped his hand around one leather-encased ankle. Kimimaro watched as Itachi shifted forward and cautiously but firmly worked his way up to the top of Haku's boot. Itachi found the zipper and slid it undone, pulling the shoe off in a fluid movement. Kimimaro's cock stirred in his jeans as Itachi got the other boot undone, and Haku's breathing grew deep and fast. The rise and fall of Haku's chest moved his entire body, pressed as it was against Kimi.

"Lovely," Itachi murmured as he observed the sheer black socks Haku wore. "Will he permit me to remove these as well?"

Haku's mouth opened, and Kimimaro's eyelids fluttered as Haku pressed his lips against Kimi's throat. Need, hunger, and hesitation made the kiss a brand, and Kimimaro waited again. When Haku nodded this time, it was more distinct, and Kimimaro sighed. "Yes."

Pure heat waltzed with Kimimaro's anxiety as Itachi ran his hands over Haku's calf. Itachi's fingers dug in with extra pressure, and Haku shook in Kimi's arms. Kimimaro felt pangs of sympathy and kinship: it'd been ages since a Master touched Haku, and Kimimaro didn't have to imagine everything Haku felt. He knew.

Itachi rubbed, let his fingers climb, and then he unrolled one sock before repeating the same motions on the other leg. Kimimaro recalled Haku's words in the car, remembered his kisses, his clutches on Kimi's body. Kimimaro's eyes roamed up Haku's form and knew Haku was hard from the tenseness of his body, the sound and cadence of his breath, and because Kimi understood what the inherent approval of Itachi's touch would do and mean to Haku.

"So soft," Itachi murmured, one hand resting on the hairless skin of Haku's leg. In Zabuza's quest to keep Haku forever young, he'd sent Haku to Sasori and Deidara for laser hair removal beginning at puberty. On some days, Haku liked that fact of his life; found it easier to appear as he wished thanks to Zabuza's attentions. But on other days he hated it, as the choice was never truly his.

"Kimimaro, does Haku enjoy foot rubs?" Itachi asked mildly.

Haku moaned in reply, the sound reverberating on Kimi's skin. Itachi's lips quirked, lines appearing around his eyes when his expression went tender.

"He does," Kimimaro said.

"Will he roll to rest against you and watch me if I do that for him?"

Haku made Kimi shiver with two quick kisses pressed against Kimimaro's neck before he began to turn. Kimimaro and Haku's eyes met, and Kimi saw no trace of fear. Haku blinked, dazed as he hung onto the last shreds of willpower, and Kimi wanted to do anything to get Haku drunk on Itachi's care. He knew how fast he'd fallen, but he relied on the netting woven by men Kimi trusted. Kimi wanted to show Haku that allowing himself to jump from this ledge was safe. Kimimaro made an encouraging noise, moved to help Haku adjust, but the angle was awkward.

"Shift to let him rest between your legs, Kimimaro," Itachi directed, calm and collected.

"Yes, Itachi," Kimimaro replied on automatic, complying. He got his leg up on the couch, knee bent and resting against the back. Kimi leaned on the high arm behind him, and Haku rested against Kimi's chest. Haku's breathing was entirely too quick for such simple things, and when the skirt shifted, Kimimaro saw evidence of his arousal despite the garments beneath meant to hide such things. The lingering touches, the gentle questions given to the man Haku trusted, and the praise were working wonders. Kimimaro knew things were overwhelming and dreamlike for Haku because he felt caught up in those peaceful waves, too. Kimi smoothed hands over Haku's arms, wrapping him in a hug.

"Perfect," Itachi mumbled, picking up one of Haku's small feet and depositing it in his lap. He'd done nothing more than run his thumb up the middle of the sole and dig gently into the arch when Haku whimpered, lip caught between his teeth. Kimimaro didn't know what turned him on more: watching Itachi do anything at all or feeling Haku come undone while pressed against him. Everything was already so heady, and with Haku responding and amenable in his arms, Kimimaro began to sink into the place where there was only the overriding need to please.

"He does enjoy this," Itachi mused, bringing a soft sigh from Haku as he rubbed the tender skin at the base of Haku's toes.

"I believe he enjoys you, Mas--" Kimimaro paused, frowning. "Itachi."

"Does he?" Itachi asked, pretending like he didn't hear Kimimaro's slip. Kimi wondered if it was a slip at this point; hoped it wasn't.

"Yes, Itachi. We both do."

"Do you think he'd like more of me?" Itachi's eyes were on Haku as he spoke, and Haku kept his face turned to the side so as not to meet Itachi's gaze.

"Itachi?" Kimimaro asked, unsure.

"I'd like to taste his skin," Itachi said softly. "Here." He rubbed his thumb over Haku's anklebone, and Haku made a noise behind pressed lips. Kimimaro's shoulders relaxed while his cock grew harder and his arms tightened around Haku.

"May I?" Itachi asked, eyes flicking up to meet Kimimaro's.

"Yes," Haku whispered.

"Kimimaro?" Itachi pressed.

"Yes," Kimi replied, voice heavy with gratitude and humility.

Hum rumbling up Itachi's throat, he raised Haku's foot and bent his head so he could lay a gentle kiss to Haku's ankle. His tongue darted out and his eyes went up to watch them both.

"Oh," Haku gasped, and he pushed back against Kimi's erection, making the other man grunt.

"Thank you," Itachi said, lowering Haku's leg and taking up the other in his hands. He gave that foot the same treatment as the first, chin down to watch as he worked. Haku barely remembered to breathe, and when Itachi's thumb caressed the same spot on his ankle as yet unmarked by a kiss, he shook all over.

"May I taste here, as well?" Itachi asked.

"Y-yes," Haku answered, and Kimimaro echoed the sentiment. Itachi sighed though his nose, pressed his mouth to Haku's skin, and his lips lingered longer for the reprise. Haku made a small noise, and Kimimaro clung to the other man: to steady himself as much as Haku.

Itachi dragged his mouth over delicate bone. "Do you think Haku thought of where the evening might go when he chose this skirt, braided his hair, made his skin smell so sweet?" Itachi rumbled, kissing Haku again in the same spot.

"I know he did," Kimimaro answered. The room was too hot, Haku was burning through the silk, and Kimi had to work to get his breathing under control. "He…"

"Mm?" Eyes like smoldering coals glanced up at Kimimaro.

Unable to hold the stare, Kimi ducked his head. "He's been…" Kimimaro paused to squeeze his arms about the slight form within them. "He's been hard off and on since he began getting ready for dinner."

Haku went silent, chest stilling as he held his breath.

"Look at me, Haku. Please." Itachi's voice was a gentle command, and Haku turned to obey. Still he didn't breathe, and Kimimaro felt him tighten.

"Is that true, lovely boy?"

"Yes," Haku whispered.

Itachi's eyes slid shut and his shoulders sank as he rumbled a pleased sound that made Kimimaro's cock twitch and breath catch. Haku let go of a wavering gasp, and the foot and leg in Itachi's hands shook.

"Oh. I like knowing that," Itachi said, eyes opening and back on Haku. He lowered Haku's foot, removed his hands as his gaze turned affectionately heated. "In my greed, I want more of you both, tonight. As much as I can get or that you'll allow me."

"Yes, please," Haku whispered.

"Itachi… yes…" Kimimaro sighed, letting his own desire wash over the events of the night; sweep them from shore to let only the want for Master linger.

"Has there been anyone other than Kimimaro for you, Haku?" Itachi asked.

"No, Itachi. Zabuza and Kimimaro are my only two lovers." Haku didn't even hesitate on the old Master's name, and Kimimaro felt something loosen inside himself.

"The third one is the charm, so I hear," Itachi rumbled. Kimimaro swallowed a surprised laugh, and Haku's voice was full of a smile as he answered,

"I hear the same."

"Good. I wish to act toward resulting orgasms for all of us, and I won't feel the need for barriers."

Both Haku and Kimi shivered, and Kimimaro quietly moaned as he thought of Itachi moving within him. His blood began to sing with need, and he knew if he already felt like this, Haku must be in far worse shape.

"Is this acceptable?" Itachi asked in the voice Kimimaro was coming to recognize as lazy lust.

"Yes," Kimimaro and Haku said at the same time.

Itachi nearly smiled. "A game of direction, then," he said softly but firmly. "I ask or tell, you do and obey, and we safeguard one another."

"Yes," Haku replied and Kimi nodded.

"I stop at the sound of that very word. Understood?"

"Yes, Master," Kimimaro answered, happily slipping into his role, and Haku made a sound of comprehension.

"Such amazing boys," Itachi said on a sigh before his voice went crisper with intent. "Haku, do you believe you could get off twice tonight if asked?"

"Yes," Haku answered, licking his lips. "More than that if there's time and pain to entice me."

"Pain, hm?" Itachi asked, eyebrows rising.

"He likes it more than even I do, Master," Kimimaro explained.

"I see," Itachi said, and Kimimaro saw longing burn in Itachi's dark eyes. It pulled a whimper from Kimi's throat, and Haku answered it with one of his own.

"For now I want to slide my hands up your legs, Haku, push aside this silk and see what's beneath it. I want Kimimaro to hold you -- trap you to my touch while he kisses you, marks your neck, perhaps, plays with your nipples -- and I want to watch you come for me all over this lovely skirt." Itachi lips spread into a hunter's smile, teeth flashing, and Kimimaro breathed in sync to Haku's faster pace.

"May I?" Itachi asked.

"Yes…oh please yes…" Haku said, hips rising in encouragement.

"Put his arms behind his back and hold him, Kimimaro," Itachi commanded without taking his eyes off Haku.

"Yes, Master," Kimi whispered, and Haku leaned forward fast to help Kimi. Slender arms went behind Haku's back, hands grasping opposite elbows, and Kimimaro pulled Haku flush with his body.

"Good," Itachi said with a nod, and tilted his head. "Do you like that, lovely boy?"

"Yes," Haku said quietly, and Kimimaro felt him trembling, saw his hips moving and his eyelids flutter. Haku's cheeks and throat flushed pink, and Kimimaro bit the metal in his lip.

Mouth quirking in a pleased sort of way, Itachi grasped both of Haku's ankles. With a rustle of silk and a sinuous forward slide, Itachi's hands moved up Haku's calves and paused at his knees. The skirt pooled in Haku's lap as Itachi bent both Haku's legs, and the smaller man let Itachi move and manipulate as he liked. Large hands slid over the backs of thighs, and Haku's lips parted. He breathed silently but quickly, and Kimimaro's fingertips brushed over Haku's sleeves.

"May I please have a kiss, lovely boy?" Itachi asked, level and low.

Haku's body jerked in a shudder and stretched to get closer to Itachi. "Yes," he managed, and Kimimaro could tell the single syllable was an effort.

Itachi touched Haku's cheek, tilted to make their mouths meet in a slow caress of lips. Kimimaro groaned, body responding like he was the recipient of this bit of affection instead of Haku, and he whimpered when the kiss ended all too soon.

Haku's questioning, pleading sound was answered by a comforting noise and a palm cupping his jaw. "Tonight and always and any time you wish, you may kiss me, Haku." Itachi's gaze flicked upward. "As may you, Kimimaro."

"Thank you," Haku said, voice threadbare and wavering. Itachi pet his cheek, squeezed his leg, and Haku rested harder against Kimimaro.

"Yes, Master," Kimi answered, and he didn't know what was more intense: the gratitude or the desire.

"Good," Itachi said, eyes canting downward to watch as he scrunched Haku's skirt higher, and he murmured a low sound of approval when he saw the black underwear that worked hard to contain Haku's erection. The fabric was spotted with dampness, and when Itachi's arms rested on Haku's thighs and his hands settled at Haku's hips, Haku shivered and swallowed a syllable of need.

"Such perfection…" Itachi muttered, pads of his fingers moving to brush Haku's stomach. Kimimaro saw the muscles jump and twitch and felt his own cock respond in sympathy to the sight.

"Hard enough to ache, lovely boy?" Itachi asked, eyebrows lifting as the unwavering gaze soaked up the sight of Haku.

"Yes," Haku replied, a breathy affirmation.

"Kimimaro, reach beneath the lovely boy's shirt and play with both his nipples as he likes." Itachi's gaze snapped up as Kimi sucked in air, and Haku's body arched in anticipation.

"With pleasure, Master," Kimimaro said on autopilot. He got his hands under the hem of Haku's shirt, and the smaller man pressed his head hard into Kimi's shoulder as Kimi's thumbs brushed and teased Haku.

"O-ooh…" Haku's lower half rose, thrusting into empty air, seeking friction. His skin was damp with sweat, his body tightened beneath the unrelenting pinches and flicks of Kimi's fingers, and finally Itachi's hand moved to cover Haku through the silk.

"Yes," Haku hissed, eyes shut and mouth falling open. "Oh please…" He cut himself off, and Kimimaro hummed in worried encouragement.

"Please what, lovely boy?" Itachi asked, shifting closer until his arm slipped beneath Haku's lower back. Itachi's wrist skimmed over Kimimaro's erection, and he groaned, lips kissing Haku's hair for distraction. Kimimaro could smell Itachi -- that intoxicating herbal scent stronger -- and Kimi wanted to melt under the focus and concern in Itachi's eyes. His expression was calm, but his eyes composed letters of care, curiosity, and greed.

"I want… I…" Haku's head rolled, and he gasped as Kimi continued to follow Itachi's command.

"Master," Kimimaro said reverently. "It's a difficult thing for Haku to speak of what he wants."

"I see," Itachi said. "Kimimaro, still your hands for a moment."

"Of course," Kimimaro answered as he stopped moving entirely.

"Haku, lovely boy, look at me."

In slow motion, Haku obeyed.

"Good," Itachi murmured. "Do you want me to do as I said?"

"Yes," Haku answered.

"And you know I will." Not a question, a reminder.

"I believe you."

"And you want this to continue."

"Y-yes… oh, please…" Haku's words were clearer.

"Please undress you?" Itachi asked.

"Yes… oh God, yes…"

Itachi peeled back the underwear and grunted at the sight of Haku's hard, dark red, cock. It was wet about the tip and trails of clear fluid linked to the fabric.

"Please touch you?"

"Mmph," Haku panted. "Yes."

"Like this?" Itachi skimmed his fingers over Haku's length. The room shimmered and spun, and Kimimaro shuddered with Haku.

"More?" Haku requested: pleading, high, and pure. "Please, Itachi… more?"

"Good, Haku. Your words are sweet to me. Kimi, resume your touches to his nipples and kiss his throat -- lips only. Lightly."

"Thank you, Master," Kimimaro rumbled before bending to act on Itachi's words. His fingers tortured Haku's skin, which he knew Haku loved, and he placed gentle kisses along the tendon of Haku's neck. The man in Kimi's arms bucked, let go of a strangled cry, and Kimimaro felt him unwind into Kimimaro's hold; felt him let go of himself in favor of trust and pleasure.

"Yes, oh… yes…" Haku gasped.

"Beautiful. Both of you. God." Itachi shivered, pulling notes of need from both Kimi and Haku. Itachi's hand wrapped around Haku and stroked, and it was not gentle, slow, or considerate. Itachi swirled his palm, gathering slickness, and stroked fast, sudden, and with purpose.

Haku's shout rang off the walls. Itachi's arm and elbow held him down, and so did Kimimaro's bracing arms.

"Bite his neck, Kimi -- suck and mark him."

Kimimaro couldn't muster the ability to reply, so he merely obeyed. Vertigo dipped him low but he hung on to Haku, and his blood boiled when Haku cried out his name -- "Shit, Kimi…oh God…" -- and thrashed beneath the combined attentions of the two men.

"I want to see you come, Haku. Eyes open and on me."

"Mas…Master, oh…" Haku whimpered. Kimimaro's heart expanded and ached when he heard the hesitant words spill from Haku's lips. His eyes rolled to Master's face as Kimi bit, suckled, and bruised Haku the way he knew Haku liked: fierce, harsh, and deep. Itachi's hand was relentless, Kimimaro's teeth worried at skin and lapped at the salty taste, and Kimi knew when Haku met Itachi's gaze because he went utterly still, a cry broke in two, and he pant-gasped and arched as he came.

Itachi's arm brought Haku up and higher, his eyes half-closed as he breathed through his mouth and stroked Haku to the point of painful. Haku gasped with each pulse, shook and jerked and spilled all over the skirt, his stomach, the shirt, and Itachi's fist. Haku's hands clutched at Kimi once and then released, body going slack as Itachi's touch slowed and stopped.

"Perfection," Itachi husked as he bent forward and kissed the corner of Haku's open mouth. Haku whined and his lips locked onto Itachi's in a hungry display of affection. Tongues tangled with wet sounds for a long moment before Itachi broke away and leaned toward Kimimaro.

"Kimi," Itachi breathed and immediately Kimimaro felt lips on his own. Kimi's kiss was languid and left him breathless.

"Release him, sweet boy," Itachi commanded. Kimi kissed Haku's throat with light presses of his mouth, and Haku shook all over. His head fell forward as Itachi leaned back, his chest heaved, and his hair smelled like sweat, sex, and peaches.

Itachi lifted his hand to his mouth and licked Haku's come.

"Nn…" Kimimaro grunted and leaned his head against Haku's.

"You like his taste, sweet boy?" Itachi asked.

"Yes, Master. I love it."

Kimimaro's heart skipped a beat at the smile Itachi gave him.

"Carefully let Haku go, lay him down on the couch, and help me clean him up and undress him."

"As you command, Master," Kimimaro said. He slipped out from behind Haku, who went pliant and mobile as Kimi lay Haku down on the couch. Haku's eyes were half-closed, his hair spilling around him in a dark stain: a ravished angel.

Kneeling, Kimimaro moaned as he saw Itachi swipe his tongue over Haku's stomach. Haku gasped and his hands formed fists. Kimimaro clasped one of Haku's wrists and he bent his head to suckle at Haku's skin, tasting sweat, soap, and semen. In seconds, Haku writhed beneath the slick heat of two tongues, heel digging into the couch cushions and knees falling wide.

"Clothing," Itachi said, voice throaty and low as he pulled away from Haku's glistening skin. In unison, Kimimaro and Itachi reached for shirt and skirt respectively, undressing the prone man. Itachi tossed the skirt over the back of the couch, removed Haku's underwear and laid it aside, and watched as Kimimaro put the shirt with the skirt. Itachi caressed Haku, and he kissed Haku's inner thigh, making the sated man sigh.

"Rest," Itachi said to Haku. He stood and braced one hand on the arm of the couch so he could lean down to Haku's face. Itachi smiled, and Haku blinked up at him, expression peaceful. Itachi brushed his lips over Haku's in a soft kiss, and Haku moaned, one hand reaching up to touch Itachi's cheek. The Uchiha turned into the touch and kissed Haku's palm.

"Come closer, Kimi," Itachi said, and Kimimaro's shoulders rocked at the familiar nickname spoken in the fires-in-winter voice. He crept to Itachi on his knees, and he gasped when Itachi knelt down, wrapped one hand around the back of Kimimaro's neck, and pulled Kimi into a searing kiss. Kimimaro groaned, one hand grabbing a couch cushion for support as he surrendered to the insistent, invading tongue. Kimimaro felt gentle fingers close over his wrist and knew Haku held him; watched them.

Without a word, Itachi pulled back and caught Kimi's chin with one hand. He squeezed, eyes on Kimimaro's, and Kimi got the point immediately.

"Yes, Master," Kimimaro said, gaze locking on Itachi's, though it was all Kimi could do to make the contact. It got harder when Itachi grabbed the hem of Kimimaro's shirt and pulled it up and off. There was no finesse to the movement; just need. Kimimaro caught sight of Itachi again, and his breath stuttered a gasp when Itachi moved closer. With their lips almost touching and air mingling, Itachi undid Kimi's belt and the fly of his jeans. Kimimaro's chest heaved, and Haku's hand tightened around Kimi's wrist.

"Stand up," Itachi ordered, and Kimimaro's head tilted in the desire to close the space between their mouths. Instead he swallowed and stood, feeling Haku's fingers fall away and Itachi's hands working his pants and boxers down to his ankles. Kimimaro grunted when his cock met air and balanced to get one foot and then the other free of the clothing.

Itachi threw the jeans aside and turned his head. His mouth was next to Kimimaro's length, and hot air blew over Kimi's skin.

"Fuck," Kimimaro said, biting his lip when he realized he spoke. "Sorry… forgive me, Master."

"Curse, yell, scream, moan, and make all the sound you like," Itachi said, and Kimimaro's knees went watery as Itachi's lips lightly brushed Kimi's length and his fingers trailed up the back of Kimimaro's leg as he issued the command.

"Goes for both of you. I… enjoy… noise…" The words were elongated sighs, and Kimimaro had to widen his stance to maintain balance.

Itachi stood up in a fluid motion. His hand cupped the back of Kimimaro's neck, forced Kimi to bend, forehead to shoulder in a brief embrace, and he looked down at Haku.

"Haku, move to give Kimimaro room to sit on the couch."

"I delight in obeying you, Master," Haku said, pulling in his knees to sit up. Itachi's hands stayed on Kimi's body as Kimimaro sank down onto the couch, eyes up on his Master's.

"Good," Itachi praised, fingers dragging under Kimimaro's chin and glancing over his cheek. "Look where you like, sweet boy." The words were a whisper, an afterthought gift.

"Thank you, Master," Kimimaro replied.

"Haku, with my help you're going to climb down onto your knees between Kimimaro's legs." Itachi held out his hands to Haku, who eagerly took them. Kimimaro couldn't stop the tones of need coloring his breathing, and the muscles in his thighs quaked until he grabbed them to make it stop.

With Itachi's guidance, Haku knelt on the floor. He covered Kimi's hands with his, and he licked his lips at the sight of Kimi's cock. Obsidian eyes glanced up and met Kimi's, and the raging hunger there made Kimimaro groan.

"Lean down and taste him, Haku," Itachi commanded, offhandedly as he circled around behind the couch. "Just a lick -- catch that drop there on your tongue."

"Done eagerly and gratefully, Master," Haku murmured before beginning to tease Kimi, and Haku's eyes stayed on Kimimaro's as the wet heat of his tongue touched, lapped, and withdrew. Kimimaro shuddered and felt cool hands on his shoulders.

"Arms behind your back, sweet boy," Itachi husked, long hair sweeping forward onto the couch as he bent to kiss Kimimaro's neck and run his hands over Kimi's torso. Thankfully, Kimi's body moved to obey the command when his mind couldn't form coherent thoughts with Haku between his legs and Itachi's mouth and touch on him. It felt like a dream -- a wet, heavy, humid dream wherein there were too many hands and mouths and it was delicious torture.

Moving up to Kimimaro's ear, Itachi spoke, low and firm: "You're not to come, sweet boy. Understand?"

"Yes, Master," Kimi replied, swallowing as he hoped he could obey and resolution hardening his spine and focusing his brain from white noise to a dull roar.

Itachi licked the shell of Kimimaro's ear, and Haku's hands lightly stroked the backs of his arms. "Excellent," Itachi purred. "Haku."


"You know this body, yes?" Itachi's thumbs brushed Kimimaro's pierced nipples, made him go taut with the tease.

"I do, Master."

"Then I will use that." Itachi spoke, his thumbs caught the metal in Kimi's skin, and Kimimaro's eyes closed in a slow blink.

"At your service," Haku replied, and Kimi felt the sharp pang of envy that Haku seemed to have all his wits about him. The feeling was fleeting, chased away by Master's fingers pulling at skin and metal until he shuddered.

"Upon my word, you will suck Kimi's cock and try to make him come as fast as possible."

"M-Master, oh, God…" Kimi panted and turned his head, rethinking his strategy on how the hell he was going to fulfill Itachi's order.

"Yes, Master," Haku said, and the boy sounded nearly smug. And eager. And confident. Kimi whimpered.

"He will yell for you to stop so he obeys me," Itachi said, hands smoothing over Kimimaro's chest and arms. "And you will do so."

"With certainty, Master," Haku said, head bowing once before he squeezed Kimi's thighs. A reassurance? A warning? Kimi didn't know.

"Watch the boy between your legs," Itachi whispered in Kimi's ear. Kimimaro assented, breathing through his nose with quiet sounds. He could feel his pulse in his throat, his flesh thrummed in time to Haku's soft breathing against it, and Kimi knew nothing but want and the fear that made him fight to submit.

"Watch him," Itachi challenged, and his hands tightened on Kimimaro's body. It was the split second warning Kimi got before Itachi said, "Begin."

Haku didn't bother with niceties; he bent over Kimimaro's lap, rose up slightly for a better angle, and tight, wet, moving heat engulfed Kimi to his base in less than two desperate seconds. Itachi's hands held Kimi still as he bucked hard under the initial onslaught. Haku's throat constricted, Kimimaro felt the slick warmth and pressure of Haku's tongue, and it was manageable with Herculean effort and soft cursing beneath Kimi's breath.

And then Haku's fingers snaked between Kimi's thighs and began playing with the piercings: sliding, moving, stroking, pressing. He pulled off Kimi's cock and let his lower teeth drag up the ladder, and Kimimaro moaned. His head fell to one side, his heart hammered, a bead of sweat slid down his temple, and Kimi gasped when Itachi's tongue caught it with a kiss.

Kimimaro gritted his teeth, losing track of what Haku's mouth did and knew only that it felt too fucking good. He fought hard against the weight of the cards stacked against him, but Haku didn't play fair. Saliva ran down Kimi's length, Haku swiped it up, and fingers dug down and dragged over pierced flesh to toy and cover Kimi's asshole. The muscles there clenched and flinched, half voluntary, half not, and Kimi's head lolled to the other side. Haku didn't push fingers within Kimimaro; instead, he teased the skin and made Kimimaro ache for Master. The graphic vision of Kimimaro's cock disappearing into Haku's mouth shimmered like a mirage. Haku's dark eyes were shuttered in bliss, his cheeks hollowed and flushed, pink lips stretching and catching on the ladder and the cross.

"Those noises make me want to fuck you slow, sweet boy," Itachi droned in Kimimaro's ear, and he made a choking sound as Itachi's fingers began to wander again. Kimimaro wasn't aware he said anything at all until he realized his mouth was dry, open, and betraying him. Itachi pinch-pulled at Kimi's nipples and the metal therein, and Kimimaro cried out when the motion was coupled with Haku forcefully taking Kimimaro into his throat.

"Tie you down, redden your back, ass, and thighs, and fuck you in between until you beg me to--"

Too much, oh god, too much…

"Haku, stop!" Kimimaro cried and keened in frustration when Haku's warmth vanished from his skin. Kimimaro snarled as Itachi's hands stilled on Kimi's chest, and then froze, trying to figure out if such a reaction pleased Master. Kimimaro blinked and saw Haku gasping, his fists pressing into the couch, hair disheveled.


"Exactly as I wanted," Itachi murmured next to Kimi's ear. The praise eased Kimimaro, and he licked his lips and receded from the edge. He moaned at the ache between his legs, and Haku shifted backward and lightly rested his head on Kimimaro's knee. It was a comforting weight, and Itachi's lips kissed Kimi's temple and hair.

"Stay here."

"Yes, Master," both Kimimaro and Haku said almost in unison, erratic breathing beginning to sync and slow.

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