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Naruto Fanfiction // Deprivation // Chapter 14

Title: Deprivation
Series: Monoshizukanohi//Naruto AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Drama/Romance/Kink
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Kimimaro, Haku, and a Mystery Guest
Word Count: ~58,000 in Total
Warnings/Notes: THIS Chapter: Language, graphic M/M sex, D/s, Master/sub relationship, threesome. Overall: Kinky fic is kinky. Sensory deprivation, bondage, impact play, electro play, sounding, D/s relationships, other.
Spoilers: None whatsoever.

Summary: Kimimaro thought he had his life together: he works at Clubs Break and Bliss, he serves his employers to perfection, and he denies himself the things he really wants to remain safe. But then Haku has to escape a damning relationship in order to survive, and Kimimaro spends a year taking care of his new friend in any way he can. His loyalty and exhaustion have not gone unnoticed, and the Powers That Be in Monoshizukanohi make Kimimaro an offer that will change his life.

Itachi squeezed Kimimaro's shoulders as he withdrew from the couch and headed for the bed. Kimimaro and Haku watched as Itachi yanked back the coverlet and threw it on the floor, leaving behind only the sheets. Itachi rearranged the mound of pillows against the headboard and then returned to Kimimaro and Haku.

"Let me help you stand," Itachi said to Haku, assisting the smaller man to his feet. Kimimaro saw that Haku appeared stable and sighed in relief and envy.

"Now you," Itachi said, hands out to Kimimaro. His fingers shook as he clasped Itachi, and slowly Kimimaro stood, groaning softly at his lessoning but continual state of arousal. At a signal from Itachi, Haku wrapped an arm around Kimi's waist, and Kimimaro leaned against the smaller man.

"This way," Itachi said softly, and got on Kimi's other side as the three approached the four-poster. Kimimaro couldn't put a chain of thought together even to begin to anticipate Itachi's next move, and he jerked to a halt when Itachi paused, halfway to the bed.

"Master?" Kimimaro asked.

"There's a trunk over there," Itachi said, nodding with a thoughtful expression. "All sorts of things… if you like, each of you may go and pick one item to use tonight."

Kimimaro felt warmth swirl and settle at the inherent choices in Itachi's words. Haku squeezed his arm about Kimi, loosened his hold, and when Kimi didn't falter, he immediately left Kimimaro's side and headed to the trunk. Itachi smiled after him, delight and amusement clear. The expression made Kimimaro close his eyes and drop his head, and Itachi spoke in Kimi's ear.

"Walk with you there, you two help each other back if you need it." Itachi's arm held him tightly; possessively.

"Yes, Master," Kimimaro said on a sigh. "Thank you."

"You're more than welcome, sweet boy," Itachi answered. When they reached the trunk, Kimimaro knelt next to Haku and thought they looked like children beneath a tree at Christmas. He barely noticed Itachi walking away, fixated instead on the collection in the trunk. Multiple levels of shelves opened up and out, exposing cuffs, chain, things that left marks, that sank into flesh, that silenced, that soothed, and all of them made Kimimaro stifle a moan. He gripped the edges of the trunk and pulled himself together. It took a while.

"Just one?" Haku said quietly after a moment, and he moved closer to Kimimaro.

"There will be other nights for other things," Kimi reassured him.

Haku grabbed Kimi's hand. He didn’t say a word, but met Kimi's gaze with calculating eyes that made Kimi feel soul sought and searched. Haku relaxed after a second or two and nodded. He glanced over his shoulder before leaning down to whisper next to Kimi's chest, "He meant any one thing?"

The earnest tone made Kimimaro want to laugh but he stopped himself. Some of the giddiness from their arrival returned to meld with the lust. "He has yet to say anything he does not mean."

Haku whimpered, and he looked over the options, eyebrows knitting.


"Don't want to keep him waiting with indecision," Haku murmured.

"Haku, I don't think that's--"

"Take the time you need," Itachi said, and both Kimi and Haku whipped around to look at the Uchiha. He stood with his arms crossed leaning against one of the four bedposts, body relaxed and expression calm.

"Yes, Master," Kimimaro intoned.

"My thanks, Master," Haku replied.

Turning back to the trunk, Kimimaro rummaged.

"Did he hear me?" Haku said so quietly Kimi barely made out the words.

"I don't know?"

Haku tossed his head, frowning before digging around on the bottom level of the trunk. "Oh," he said, louder, and Kimi saw him finger a bundle of rattan canes. Kimimaro let go of a sighing hum, but he replayed Master's words in his mind. Itachi didn't say what would get used on whom, and he looked at Haku.

"Is that okay?" Haku asked, apparently with the same idea on his mind.

"Yes," Kimimaro said, breathless as he thought of Itachi using the implement to taunt and to strike and--.

Kimimaro cleared his throat. "But I should…"

"Choose something," Haku finished, nuzzling at Kimimaro's arm.

Kimimaro picked up a black butt plug of medium size that was nestled in a plastic mold. "Simpler? So we have-- "

"One hard and one easy," Haku murmured, eying the plug critically.

"Right. For both or either or us."

"Good," Haku approved, and slid one of the canes from the bundle. His hand flexed around it, feeling its narrow width and smoothness, and he shivered. "It'll be…"

"I can only imagine," Kimimaro said, the words breathy.

Haku's smile reminded Kimimaro of gargoyles and night flyers. "For now," he said and uttered a single-syllable of want before standing on mostly-stable legs. Kimimaro rose with him, and they put arms about one another as they approached Itachi. The Uchiha pushed off the bed post, and his head tilted to the side as he glanced at their choices.

In unison, both Haku and Kimimaro went down on their knees. Haku offered up the cane with both hands, much like a servant holding up a sword to a king. Kimimaro cupped his hands around his chosen toy and held it out to Itachi. The Uchiha accepted both with a low chuckle, and he stroked his fingers over Haku's hair and then down the side of Kimimaro's cheek.

"Haku, lay along the edge of the bed, on your stomach. Kimimaro? Lay on Haku's far side, facedown, head level with and looking at Haku."

Murmuring ascent, Kimi and Haku climbed onto the bed and assumed their ascribed positions. Haku yanked his hair into a fist and then tossed it over his shoulder. Kimi moved closer, arm bending so his hand lay next to Haku's on the bed, little fingers brushing. Haku appeared calm, but when he bit his lip and stared at Kimimaro, the eagerness and yearning showed.

Itachi went to a nightstand and opened a drawer, and to Haku, Kimimaro mouthed, Okay?

Haku nodded, slowly, and his pinky slipped over Kimi's, squeezing.

Returning to the bed, Itachi put aside lube, plug, and cane and his hands swept through Haku's hair to the delighted murmur of the small man. "Oh," he said, in a tone that Kimimaro had a hard time identifying. Itachi leaned and clasped Kimimaro and Haku's joined hands, molding them together. His other hand massaged Haku's nape, and Haku tilted to give Itachi better access.

"A cane," Itachi muttered, and Kimimaro smiled at Itachi as he seemed to speak to himself. Haku gave Kimi a brief, confused look, and Kimi shook his head slightly against the bed, trying to tell Haku that no, Itachi wasn't upset about the choice.

Itachi bent to speak closely to Haku's ear. "Which is lovely and which I can and will use…so long as you know that tonight it's for pleasure and not punishment."

Haku and Kimimaro's eyes met, and Haku didn't answer. Kimimaro stroked the back of Haku's hand with his thumb as the smaller man's eyes went wider.

"No infraction, nothing I'd change," Itachi continued.

"I understand, Master," Haku said quietly, gaze slipping away from Kimimaro's as he sighed.

With a lingering lick to his lips, Itachi raked a hand through Haku's hair. "Then in choosing, you consent?" Itachi made it a question, and Kimimaro relaxed as Haku's body melted beneath the touch. Haku's lashes fluttered, and a small smile turned the corners of his mouth.

"Yes, Master. Most assuredly," Haku said.


With a shiver, Kimi stared at Haku, who squeezed his hand. It wasn't fear or anxiety or anything of the ilk: the looks they exchanged burned the air between them; made every nerve in Kimimaro's body start to sing.

"Yes, Master." Kimimaro's cock twitched at the thought of watching Master cane Haku. And it twitched harder as he wondered if he'd get a taste of Master's skill as well.

Itachi gently kissed Haku's cheek, one hand still tenderly brushing the hair back from his face. "Do you want my hands on you? Warming up your skin?"

"Yes, Master." The words were decisive; firm, and Kimimaro didn't understand how pride of any sort could ever be a sin.

"Thank you, my lovely boy," Itachi praised, hands gliding over Haku's bare back and lightly cupping his ass. "You want me to make lines march over this perfect skin?" He spoke against Haku's temple, and he looked Kimimaro in the eye. Kimi whimpered.

"Yes… please… Master…" The words slipped quickly through faster exhales as Itachi's fingertips stroked the lines and curves of Haku's body.

"And Kimimaro will watch. Say if it ever becomes too much."

"It won't, Master," Haku said, eyes steadily staring at nothing. Itachi chuckled, a delighted purr in his chest.

"I will watch, Master," Kimimaro said, wanting to obey and wanting Haku to get his fill.

"Then I will do as I like," Itachi said calmly, and both hands spanned and rubbed over Haku's narrow shoulders.

"Please…" Haku whispered, eyes finally falling shut.

"I like your version of impatience, lovely boy," Itachi rumbled between the kisses placed to the skin left in the wake of roaming palms: shoulders, neck, over the spine, middle of the lean expanse of Haku's flank, down to the small of his back. Haku remained still, breathing deeply, until Itachi's lips brushed the dip before the swell of his ass, and he made a tiny sound. Kimimaro squeezed his hand, moving minutely closer on the bed.

"Kiss him, Kimi," Itachi said, feathering kisses while he dug deeper in massage. "Feed his enthusiasm."

Moving together, Kimimaro leaned toward Haku, who tilted his face and sighed through his nose when their lips met. The kiss was like the ones they shared in the car: tender, slow, eyes opening to watch the other one get lost in the wet slick of mouths and tongue. Kimimaro tasted Haku's bottom lip, suckled at it, and shifted so their noses touched. He squeezed Haku's hand when Itachi forsook the caresses to Haku's skin to lay a palm over Haku's backside, broadcasting.

"As you please, Master," Haku husked, and Kimimaro glanced to catch the Uchiha smirk grace Master's lips before he laid down a fast series of spanks over Haku's ass and thighs. Haku didn't move, didn't even tense as far as Kimimaro could tell, and he hummed when Itachi's hands went back to massage interspersed with quick hits. Ass, thighs, and back again until Haku minutely jerked and sighed with the impacts.

"Delightful," Master praised, and Haku blinked at Kimimaro as Master picked up the cane. Kimimaro bit his lip on a groan, and Haku pressed his hand. Lying on Master's bed this close to Haku, lips meeting, want and need allowed and encouraged, praise and command in Kimimaro's ears feeding his soul and anticipation making his heart pound, Kimi found a piece of himself he thought he'd lost. The world outside the feel of the softness beneath his body, Haku's fingers laced with his, and pulse making his cock twitch didn't exist.

"Just this," Kimi whispered. "Only this…"

Haku's teeth caught Kimimaro's lower lip, tongue flicking at a stud. Dark eyes regarded Kimimaro with hazy calm, and Kimimaro kissed Haku again when the end of the cane slid from Haku's nape to tailbone in a warning tease. Haku didn't so much as flinch when the first faint rap touched his back -- not an impact, more a percussion tap designed to gauge and be a building block for other things. The testing taps continued at random, and Kimimaro watched Itachi manipulate the cane. His gaze was so intense, it threatened to burn patterns onto Haku's flesh, and Kimi's mouth opened in a gasp only to be filled with Haku's tongue. Kimi sucked at the tip, and Haku groaned when the cane's end found his ass. The raps were slightly harder, now, and Haku explosively exhaled, body melting in presentiment bliss.

"Lovely, Haku… truly." Itachi said, preoccupied.

"I await your pleasure, Master," Haku slurred. His eyes narrowed to slits, long lashes damp, and Kimi whimpered for him when the first strike landed: harder than the taps, but nothing approaching full force. Of course Master took care -- even with something like a cane and even with a man who wanted pain -- and that made Kimimaro close his eyes, lips finding Haku's. The kiss was still lazy, Haku more relaxed than Kimi could remember seeing him, and Kimi thought he might lose his mind in heart, brain, and body overload.

With the same force two more blows swished and landed, and hushed hot air blew against Kimimaro's mouth. "Thank you, Master," Haku murmured, and his eyebrows went up as Itachi stroked the cane's end over the sensitive spot at the small of Haku's back. Haku jerked, shivering, and the covers rustled as Haku reached up to grip the corner of a pillow. Kimimaro marveled when Haku still didn't flinch as the three more blows rained over Haku's ass. The rhythm was easy to follow and predict, and a whine that bordered on irritated escaped Haku's lips -- not in pain but in request for it.

"Oh, you are a delight, lovely boy," Itachi said, clearly, and Haku's mouth opened to reply but his words choked as the next strikes whipped and whacked. So close to Haku, Kimi couldn't see where each landed, but he saw Itachi's stance shift to know they fell at random over ass and the backs of Haku's thighs. Four strikes, a pause, and three more, the pace of the last set faster than the first.

"Yes," Haku gasped. Both his hands tightened their grips: on the pillow above his head and on Kimi's hand.

"Good," Itachi rumbled, and the next strike landed harder and beneath both Haku's ass cheeks. A cry ripped from Haku's throat and lungs, and he and Kimimaro breathed harder in the torturous interim before Itachi slowly pulled the cane up and swung it down lower on Haku's thighs. The hit made Haku twist and tense before he blew out air in a rasp and settled again.

"Mmph," Kimimaro whimper-sighed, and the length of time between the harder blows made sweat break over Kimimaro's skin. Kimi tensed in anticipation, Haku tightened with him, and Itachi silently reared back and let the cane fall. The second strike made Haku jerk, but the third and fourth made him moan. His hips moved on the bed, seeking friction, and Master stepped closer to run his hand over Haku's lined cheek.

"I… love… the way you want and move for more." Itachi swallowed and adjusted himself through his slacks, and Kimimaro groaned at the obvious sign of delight and desire. Master stroked Haku's skin while he slowed his breathing, and Haku's body rolled up into the touch, forehead colliding with Kimimaro's. Distracted, Kimi scanned Haku's face, longing for the kind of bliss that reworked Haku's features, but then Kimi jumped when Haku's eyes flew open and he called out, breathless.

"Mmm," Itachi hummed, knowing and bemused, and Kimimaro turned to see Itachi's finger pressed into the split of Haku's ass.

"God," Kimimaro said, garbled, and then Haku's mouth covered his in a heated kiss. Harsh breath escaped Haku's nose and dry lips, and Kimimaro's tongue dove and tangled with the other man's. From the corner of his eye, Kimi saw Itachi withdraw, registered the sadistic intent in Itachi's glittering gaze, and Kimimaro quickly reached to swap the hand Haku gripped. Kimimaro braced an arm over Haku's back just as Master said, "Excellent," and the cane struck sweet.

"Ggn-oh -- oh!" Haku's body bowed beneath Kimimaro's hold and then relaxed under it as lighter blows rained over his legs. These were quick, varied, and the ones that hit smartly made Haku whine.

When Itachi moved back up to Haku's ass, Haku called out unintelligible cries with abandon, and Kimimaro had to close his eyes and force himself to stop rutting against the bed; he didn't want to come. Not yet. Oh god of all… not yet…

"Move closer, Kimimaro," Itachi commanded like cooling springs around red-hot metal. "Let Haku take your lower lip between his teeth."

Startled, Kimimaro obeyed Master's order, kissing Haku until he felt hard edges trap and hold him. Haku's eyes remained closed, brow deeply furrowed, and air steamed between them. Saliva trickled down Kimimaro's chin, and his fingers compulsively flexed as they waited for Master Itatchi to move, do, or direct.

"Beautiful, Haku… Kimimaro… exactly as I want and like."

The next strike made Kimimaro grunt as Haku's teeth bit imperceptivity harder on his lip. Haku's breathing stuttered, halted, resumed, and the heavenly torture seemed to continue for an age. Kimimaro groaned with Haku and for him when he couldn't find sound and took the slow, measured, lighter strikes in silence. Haku never bit deeply, but he began to whine, higher and higher, desperate and pleading and needy until finally the blows stopped, the room fell quiet but for the labored breathing of three men, and Haku blinked blearily at Kimimaro.

"Release him, lovely boy," Itachi commanded.

Haku let go of Kimimaro's lower lip, shaky sighs spilling and colored with toned cries.

"Haku…" Kimimaro whispered, and Haku moaned before his mouth opened in a ring of shock. The cane tapped with medium force, over the bottom portion of Haku's ass and the reddened lines Kimimaro knew would be there.

"Fuck, fuck… fuck," Haku cried, each curse successively higher and louder. He shook all over when Itachi stopped, low laugh darkened by Master's rich delight rumbling through the room. The sound cut off abruptly with Kimi's sharp intake of breath as the end of the cane trailed down Kimimaro's spine. Haku looked at Kimi, brow furrowing as he focused and panted, skin damp where it touched Kimi's.

"A small taste for you, sweet boy?"

Kimimaro could only whimper, utterly unable to make his voice work, and a broken gasp bubbled from his lips as the cane licked at his skin. The raps were exquisitely light over his ass, kissed over his thighs, and barely there over the backs of his knees. The end of the cane touched and returned upward, retracing its path in a line: legs, buttocks, meat of his shoulder.

"Yes… oh God, yes… Master?" Kimimaro called out the name, and Itachi hit with a percussion tap on Kimimaro's ass and made him jolt.

"Nnn -- K-Kimi…" Haku whispered, and Kimimaro met Haku's midnight eyes as the cane rapped experimentally over Kimi's ass. Breathing out, Kimi pulled his arm off of Haku, resituating on the bed to hold Haku's hand and extend his other arm flat along the sheet.

"So… good…" Haku breathed, and Kimimaro grunted when the impact gradually and with terrible slowness began to build. The whip-rap sound echoed in Kimimaro's ears, and his cock filled impossibly harder, twitched, and ached, trapped between body and bed.

Eyes on one another, Kimimaro bit his lip as he felt the slow burn build to a fever, the cane's rap creating an insignificant sting spreading from the lines of strike. Up and down Itachi roamed, the beat steady, the strikes getting harder, but slowly enough to drive Kimimaro to whining. Time slipped and soon Kimimaro lost focus as the fire of his skin overrode sense. He moaned, felt kisses to the corner of his open mouth, and he couldn't move or think to respond. The sheet whispered as Haku drew closer, kissing and tasting without disturbing Master's rhythm, and after an eon of waiting, the first real hit landed over Kimimaro's flushed skin; made him buck and yelp and think the cane sliced when he knew it didn't.

"Oh," Haku panted. "Ooh, yes… Master…"

"How many more Haku?" Master asked, and Kimimaro closed his eyes, trusting and willing to take any number that Haku spoke.

But when no answer came, Kimimaro blinked at Haku, confused, and saw him smiling. Kimi didn't understand until he heard Master laugh.

"Wicked, lovely, boy…" Itachi praised, a carnal, pleased grin splitting his face as he rewarded Haku with a kiss to the temple.

Kimimaro had a second to see Haku's arm return above him, realize Haku had answered Master with his hand -- held up fingers where Kimimaro couldn't see -- and gaped at Haku before whimpering as the cane struck home.

Not bothering to count, Kimimaro clutched at sheet and Haku's slippery hand. Pain, burn, sting, the sound of splitting air: that's all there was and all there needed to be. When two successive strikes hit hard-harder and made Kimimaro's dick throb in a scream of want, Kimimaro let go of a high whine that ended in a grunt of impact.

"And done," Master said with an explosive sigh before stepping away.

"Kimi… Kimi…" Haku chanted, kissing and slipping his hand over Kimimaro's back.

Eyes closing on three types of ache, Kimimaro whimpered when another hand joined Haku's, this one skimming and stroking. Kimi glanced at Master to find him smiling at Kimimaro and Haku, bent over to pet and soothe both of the prone men.

"You did so well," Master hummed, bending further to kiss first Haku and then Kimi's shoulders. "Stay there for a moment."

"Yes, Master," Haku breathed.

Kimimaro licked his lips and registered Itachi moving away, stepping out of his shoes, and then undoing his shirt and tossing it aside. He walked around the foot of the bed and Kimimaro felt the mattress shift as Master Itachi crawled up to turn and lean against the pile of pillows at the headboard.

"As you can, as slowly as you need, come to me, here, boys," Master said softly, and in sync Kimimaro and Haku got their arms underneath their bodies and fumble-crawled toward Itachi.

"Rest," Itachi murmured, arms out to beckon and steady each man in turn.

"Thank you, Master," Kimimaro said, lying down with his head on Itachi's thigh and giving Haku room as the other man followed suit.

"How lucky I am…" Master said, sounding dazed. Both Kimimaro and Haku reached to touch and hold onto Itachi: Kimi on his thigh and Haku about his waist. Haku made a contented, happy noise, and Kimimaro smiled, blinking and staring at nothing.

The burn from the cane gradually faded into the background, though the pain pleasantly spiked with movement and made Kimi want more of anything and everything. Itachi stroked their hair, rubbed light fingers into the muscles along their necks, and they rested long enough for breathing to even out and for aches to recede. It was beyond pleasant to float and think of nothing but Master, who finally shifted with a sigh. A recollected vision of Master's cock -- hard, straight, and true -- made Kimimaro's chest and throat tighten, and he hoped and remembered and thirsted.

Blunt nails scraped at Kimimaro's nape. "Sweet boy… how do you feel?"

"Amazing, Master," Kimimaro answered, loving the sensation of Itachi's touch so much it made his breathing hitch.

Itachi hummed. "Then could you do something for me?"

"As you like, so shall I do," Kimimaro said, turning and boldly pressing a light kiss to Itachi's chest. He longed to bury his face in Master's lap, taste and suck until Master came undone and made the sounds that would forever be the stuff of Kimimaro's sweetest dreams, but he won the battle for control. Barely.

Itachi brushed one finger along Kimimaro's jaw line. "Wonderful. Go to the middle of the bed, face away from us, and lie down on your stomach. And spread your legs."

Haku groaned, Kimimaro's words caught in his throat, and he ducked his head in a bow. Rising, he crawled and rested down on the sheet. He tucked loose hair behind his ear, put his cheek flat on the mattress, and, unsure of specifics but entirely willing to please, he spread his legs and pointed his toes in a stretch.

"Mm," Itachi rumbled. "How wide can you go when positioned like that, Kimimaro?"

Heart tripping and cock suddenly very much alive and awake, it took Kimi a second to answer, and he spoke in a rush: "Very, Master."


Closing his eyes and biting his lip on a noise and a shiver, Kimimaro braced his upper body on the bed and began to move. He went slowly, carefully, in tune with what his body could and couldn't do and at what speed it could manage. At his limit, Kimimaro lay with legs spread impossibly wide, and he paused, relaxing into the position. Behind him he heard Haku make soft sounds of admiration but nothing from Master, so he gritted his teeth and shifted his pelvis. His legs moved into a one-hundred-eighty degree split, and he rolled his hips so he could rest in something approaching comfort, insides of his knees taking most of the pressure.

"That is… incredible," Itachi murmured, and Kimimaro shut his eyes on the delight in Master's voice. "Are you good to stay that way for a while?"

"Yes, Master," Kimi answered, thinking that if it made Itachi's breath catch like that, he could stay in the pose indefinitely.

"Haku, be a good boy and fetch that plug and the lube."

"I'd be delighted to, Master," Haku said, bed shifting as Haku did as Master asked. Kimimaro focused on breathing, his hands clutching at the sheet. There was more movement, he heard a wet sound -- a kiss -- and a sigh -- Haku's.

"Just arranging myself for the best view of the show, Kimi," Itachi explained.

"What show would Master like to see?" Haku politely inquired. Kimimaro's hands gripped the sheet tighter, and the room spun.

"Happy you asked, lovely boy."

"But of course."

Itachi and Haku came into Kimimaro's peripheral vision: Haku knelt, plug and lube in his hands, and Itachi crouched behind him. Itachi brushed long hair over Haku's shoulder and kissed his neck, eyes rolling to Kimi.

"I suspect it'd be impossible for our sweet boy to come while he lies like that. Yes?"

"Completely, Master," Haku replied with authority. "Physics and physiology." The room swirled faster, but it made Kimimaro merely delirious, not dizzy. Haku smiled at him, devil in dark eyes.

"Then you're going to amuse me by torturing him with pleasure," Itachi announced.

"Oh," Haku sighed, eyes closing with a shiver that was as much artifice as it was reality. "Yes, please."

Kimimaro bit a whine into pieces and turned away from the sight; rested his forehead on the bed. Each subsequent anticipatory breath became tainted with emotion: craving, anxiety, hope.

"Crawl to him," Itachi said. "Use the lube to coat your fingers. Follow my orders."

"Our pleasure is to serve, Master," Haku said, eagerly cruel. Kimimaro felt Haku kneel next to his leg; felt the brush of a hand sweep over his skin to let him know Haku was there. A click, an unpleasant noise of stick and tack, and then the room held its breath as Master rested on one elbow, long legs stretching lazily on the bed.

"Two fingers, Haku: enter and withdraw slowly."

"Master," Kimimaro whispered in a strained hush, and he held his breath when Haku obeyed to the letter and without hesitation. Two slender, slicked fingers pushed inside Kimimaro and pulled out in an irritatingly slow rhythm.

"As such, Master?" Haku murmured.

"Precisely as such." Master paused and then hummed in a considerate fashion. "Three, then, Haku."

Kimimaro panted harshly through his nose when three narrow fingers breached and pressed. The strokes entering and teasing made his mind slip further into the gray haze, and his hands twisted the sheet.

"Touch him otherwise as you like, lovely boy," Itachi droned.

"Thank you, Master," Haku replied and a warm hand danced over Kimimaro's leg, over his ass, began making invisible patterns on his skin. Kimimaro couldn't find his tongue to speak or brain to channel thought. Already hard and dying for friction, Kimimaro struggled with multiplying needs and sounds spilled from his lips with each slow sink of Haku's fingers.

"He's gorgeous, spread and wanting," Master observed.

"I believe he's beautiful, Master, yes…"

"Do you like his taste?"

Kimimaro groaned and cursed, suddenly frantic, and Haku's hand pressed firmly into his back. Gasping, Kimimaro forced quiet to hear Haku's answer:

"I do, indeed, Master."

"Oh God," Kimimaro slurred, realizing with flashes of hatred and waves of desire that in this pose he could barely do anything but point his toes, curl his hands, roll his head.

"That's beautiful, sweet boy," Master said, the words sinking like stones to the depths of Kimimaro's mind. "Haku: remove your fingers. Fuck him with your mouth."

The withdrawal made Kimi jerk and the tongue that licked him from balls to tailbone and circled his asshole made Kimimaro hiss. The wet heat flicked and plunged, Haku groaned, and Kimimaro answered him with a muffled sound, face pressing harder into the damp sheet. The thought of Master watching; the thirst for more but knowing it'd be futile; the damnable edge he reached earlier beneath Haku's attentions and now this -- it was the sweetest kind of misery: the type that made Kimimaro want to beg for it never to stop.

Thumbs dug into Kimimaro's flesh, spreading him wider, and damp, slick, teasing sensation stroked over tingling nerves, and Kimimaro struggled not to thrash.

"Taste so good," Haku groaned.

"Delightful," Itachi mused. "Stop." Haku's tongue snapped back, and Kimimaro cried out as breath blasted over wet skin. "The plug, Haku," Itachi directed, voice thicker with what Kimimaro hoped was at least a quarter of the undiluted want that Kimi felt.

"Coat it, push it in, fuck him long, slow, and without mercy."

Haku withdrew, and Kimimaro's whine filled the air. He lost track of reality for the few seconds of reprieve he had before the blunt, thick tip of the toy brushed against his body. Haku's hand stroked his lower back, and a nail dug along a cane welt as Haku pushed the plug home.

"Fuck," Kimimaro wheezed. "Oh fuck," he said as the plug moved deep in a languorous, sure slide and then withdrew, just as slowly. Haku breathed hard behind Kimimaro, and he made a low sound of need and cunning as he continued to take the other man with the toy.

"Turn your head, sweet boy," Itachi intoned, shockingly closer. "Look at me."

The words manipulated Kimimaro like a marionette, and when he saw Master lying on his side, eyes intent on Kimi's body, Kimimaro had to fight with sincerity not to drop his gaze or try to hide his eyes.

"You're gorgeous, my sweet boy," Master Itachi praised, head falling to one side and eyes heavy-lidded as he watched.

Kimimaro shook his head against the bed, mouth not working except to pant in rasps as Haku kept fucking him -- unrelenting, constant, and threatening to drive Kimimaro mad.

"Yes," Itachi murmured, and lips covered Kimimaro's in a tender kiss that made fractured noises pour from Kimimaro's mouth when Master suckled and tasted. Heat and anger and chaos warred in Kimimaro's body, need became a desperate driving bestial beat in his bloodstream, and he met Master's eyes.

"Something to say?" Itachi asked.

"Please," Kimimaro gasped. "Please, Master, oh dear God, please…"

Master's lips quirked up into an expression of demonic delight. "Haku," he said, petting Kimimaro's cheek and without looking away from Kimi. "Remove the plug and replace it with your own cock."

Kimimaro stopped breathing, and the strangled noise Haku made spoke for them both. Haku froze, steaming the air with startled gasps, and Kimimaro wanted to say something comforting; wanted to let Haku know everything was really and truly all right.

But Haku got wits together, scrambling to comply, and Kimimaro cried out as the plug left his body with a wet pop. Seconds, slick sounds, and then Haku's hands slammed down into the mattress on either side of Kimimaro's body, and he hesitated, hair tickling Kimimaro's back.

"Go on, Haku. Don't make him wait."

"M-Master…oh…" Haku's voice was high and thin.

Itachi propped himself up on an elbow. "Lovely boy, is this the first time you've taken him?" he asked, eyes glancing askance at Haku.

"Y-yes…Master," Haku answered, helplessness weighing his words

Itachi's brow furrowed, and Kimimaro saw the realization dawn over Itachi's face: wonder and lust. "Lovely boy… is this the first time you've taken anyone?"

Kimimaro tipped his chin, saw Haku nod with hair hanging to obscure face and features.

"And you've wanted it?" Itachi asked.

"Yes," Haku husked.

Itachi hummed, throat working in a swallow. "Then take him as you've dreamt of doing, lovely boy." Itachi's voice turned from merciful to malevolent. "And do hurry to enjoy it before I change my mind."

Kimimaro couldn't find air, his mind a roaring dervish, and he wrenched the covers when he felt Haku's tip brush against him. And then every single thought evaporated as Haku braced, grunted, and pushed into Kimimaro's body with a quick roll of hips.

"Ha-!" The partial name became a single syllable of surprise when Haku ground against Kimimaro's ass, pulled out, and thrust in again. Kimimaro couldn’t move to meet him; had to take Haku's long, slender cock with shock and a silent cry. Master swam out of focus, but Kimimaro stubbornly kept his eyes open, refusing to let them close as Haku set a pace that jarred Kimimaro's insides. The near-brutality of it stunned Kimimaro more than Haku fucking him, and Kimimaro's upper body came off the bed in an arch when Haku shifted angles, and his cockhead dragged over Kimi's prostate.

"There?" Haku gasped, nails leaving crescents on Kimimaro's ass.

"Fuck, yes, there," Kimimaro called. The question of why in God's name they'd not done this before flittered though Kimimaro's mind, obliterated by Haku's next thrust and auricular delight.

"Kimi…" Haku nearly mewled the name, and Kimimaro coughed a two-toned cry of pleasure.

On and on: thrusting, moaning, sounds of flesh and smells of sex with no relief in sight, and finally a single word inspired cessation: "Stop."

Kimimaro slung a slew of curses at the walls when Haku stilled, seated deeply with him. Kimi burned, and didn't think he could take anymore. He would die if it stopped, die if it continued, and he had no concept of how long he lay there, contracting around Haku and grunting like an animal gone to mate. Haku's arms began to tremble, and he shook and gasped when he had to lock his elbows to stay in place. Kimimaro surfaced from the deep ocean recesses of his mind and made a surprised sound when a hand brushed back hair from his face, a chocolate-umber gaze meeting his.

"Too much, too delicious…" Master muttered against Kimimaro's parted lips. "Greedy."

Kimimaro couldn't find any sense of gravity, time, logic, or servitude. He kissed the offered mouth, hungry and hopeful and with a muffled cry. Haku cut off a shout, and his arm gave out, weight landing hard on Kimimaro's back.

"Withdraw and come here," Itachi husked. The command lacked imperial tone; it was too heavy with fervor to be anything but common. Haku obeyed, body sliding wetly over Kimi's, and Kimimaro nibbled at Itachi's lower lip.

"God." Who said it, Kimimaro wasn't sure. "Move as you want," Master whispered.

"Yes," Kimimaro said, carefully pushing up from the bed. He forced slow breaths and the focus of uncontorting limbs let him sink low into limbo once again. He partially closed his legs with a wince, and kept his knees wide while he beat back the urge to come. Haku squeezed Kimi's hip, waited until their eyes locked in a quick glance, and moved aside as Kimimaro shifted to Master and kissed Itachi with a growl that the Uchiha answered in kind.


A/N: There is one chapter remaining, and since everyone has been so very, very patient with me as I've written this, it will go up quite soon. Much love, many thanks, and breathe deeply of the sexing...
~Demented D
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