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Naruto Fanfiction // Deprivation // Chapter 15 Final

Title: Deprivation
Series: Monoshizukanohi//Naruto AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Drama/Romance/Kink
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Kimimaro, Haku, and a Mystery Guest
Word Count: ~58,000 in Total
Warnings/Notes: THIS Chapter: Language, graphic M/M sex, D/s, angst, hurt/comfort, Master/sub relationship, threesome. Overall: Kinky fic is kinky. Sensory deprivation, bondage, impact play, electro play, sounding, D/s relationships, other.
Spoilers: None whatsoever.

Summary: Kimimaro thought he had his life together: he works at Clubs Break and Bliss, he serves his employers to perfection, and he denies himself the things he really wants to remain safe. But then Haku has to escape a damning relationship in order to survive, and Kimimaro spends a year taking care of his new friend in any way he can. His loyalty and exhaustion have not gone unnoticed, and the Powers That Be in Monoshizukanohi make Kimimaro an offer that will change his life.

"Thank you," Haku whispered, and then everything blurred. Haku got behind Itachi, leg draped over Master's side, and Kimimaro clutched at Haku's hair while Haku kissed Itachi's neck. Master's soft groans sent sparks of electricity straight to Kimi's cock, and his tongue twined with Master's, whose hands went everywhere -- clutching, gripping, pulling.

"Pants," Itachi gasped, chin tipping up. Kimimaro scrabbled to get Itachi's fly, found Haku's hand already there, teasing the thick length trapped by cloth. Kimimaro shuddered, and Itachi groaned, head falling to the mattress with a spill of hair.

"Master… you're too good to us," Haku said, hands roving over Itachi's chest and arms, aimlessly touching with fingers that trembled. Kimimaro got the pants undone, his eyes met Haku's, and Kimimaro and Haku moved in unison to strip Master bare, throwing the clothing over the side of the bed.

"Master, please let me-- " Kimimaro began.

"Taste your skin, Master? I need more of you," Haku finished.

Itachi collapsed, yanked Haku up and bent the small man's head into the crook of Itachi's shoulder, pressing. He didn't say a word, breathing chaotic. His other hand wrapped and pulled Kimimaro's hair in a perfect grip that made Kimimaro's cock leak and smear over the bed and Itachi's leg.

"Lower, Master, may I?" Haku panted.

"Your cock, Master… I need-- " Kimi gasped when the hand tightened.

"Yes and yes, God, my perfect boys, yes…"

Kimimaro wasted no time getting his mouth over Itachi and pushing metal against frenulum and sucking at the head. The sound Master made ripped shivers from both Kimimaro and from Haku, who laved at Master's nipple. Kimimaro bobbed, tongue bar dragging, Itachi pushing against the roof of his mouth and into his throat, and he stroked the full length with one hand, sliding his fist up to meet his mouth. Itachi cried out, Kimimaro's fist bumped Haku's, who reached down to cup and roll Itachi's balls, teeth in Itachi's neck.

"Fuck, enough," Itachi growled after seconds beneath both Haku and Kimimaro's attentions. Itachi sat up, sending bodies scrambling for purchase, and grabbed Kimi for a bruising kiss before letting him go.

"Kimimaro, hands and knees in front of me." Itachi paused to get his breath while Kimimaro frenetically twisted to get into position.

"Haku, under me. Between my legs so I can fuck your mouth while I taste Kimi."

Who groaned, who moaned, and who cussed was blurry to Kimimaro, who only knew in seconds he rested on his elbows, ass in the air and parted by hands that squeezed over welt and skin. His spine arched, his body rolled, and Kimi looked down and back and saw Haku lying flat on the bed between Master's spread knees. Haku rubbed Master's hips, caressing over the bone and the flat planes of muscle, urging with his fingertips as Itachi shifted.

"Please… please… please…" Haku whispered as he breathed, head coming up to lap at the wet, wide head of Master's dick.

Itachi spat a curse, and Kimimaro's entire body shuddered when Master split Haku's pink lips wide, sank into an eager, tight mouth, and Haku made lusty, suckling sounds, eyes closing and letting Itachi do as Master liked.

A smack to the side of his ass brought Kimimaro's head up in a snap. He shouted, incoherent, and heard a possessive grunt rip out of Master's throat before a hot tongue plunged without preamble into Kimimaro's body.

"Nnnn-yah!" Kimimaro cried, voice cutting off as he writhed and moved toward the invasion that made him want to palm his cock so badly nothing else existed on earth. The rhythm lasted for seconds before Master withdrew and gasped over Kimi's wet entrance, and it flexed and tried to close on nothing. Hands dug deeply into Kimimaro's skin, and Kimimaro rasped a rough noise of need.

"Haku… oh…" Master shivered, Kimimaro whined, and Haku groaned louder than either of them.

"Stop," Master hissed. "God… stop…"

Kimimaro blinked and watched, fascinated, as a bead of pre-cum dribbled from his cock to the sheet below. Haku turned his head toward Itachi's thigh, hands still clutching at Master's hips.

"Swap…" Itachi husked. "Haku… face me… Kimi… behind…" He spoke between rushes of air, voice ragged in last-ditch efforts of control.

No one said a word as they moved to comply. Kimimaro got tangled with Haku, nearly fell over, and Master steadied them both. Kimimaro got into place behind Itachi, wondering what in the hell he was doing there, heart arrhythmic at the possibilities.

"Up," Itachi ordered Haku, enfolding the small man into his arms. Haku kissed Master's shoulder, bared his throat to Master's biting teeth and suckling mouth.

"Kimimaro…" Itachi droned and sighed. "You're going to take me-- "

Twin gasps and Kimimaro's moan cut off whatever else Master was about to say. Kimimaro grabbed Itachi's shoulder and hip, steadying himself as he swayed. He couldn't think for the insane want of such a bizarre, delicious, unexpected request, and he struggled to get a firmer grip on bodily reality.

Itachi busied himself with Haku's neck while Kimimaro found ground, and Haku's whine was plaintive and pained. "Oh, God, Master, please fuck me," Haku pleaded, out of his mind and with one hand clutching Kimi's arm. "I can't… oh God… please…"

"I will," Itachi said around the skin he held between his teeth. He let go when Haku's head fell back, hair trailing. "Kimimaro in me, and I in you, lovely boy. Lube and fingers first, Kimimaro."

"Ye--yeah…" Kimimaro gulped and nearly lost his balance in his haste to get the bottle. "Yes," he corrected himself.

Itachi chuckled, and the world's shutter speed slowed. Kimimaro got the tube open, coated his fingers, his palm, everything. He couldn't imagine a worse hell than somehow doing this wrong or hurting Master or making Itachi feel anything but good. He swallowed the lump in his throat and went softer at the thought, but when Master spoke--

"Fingers, Kimimaro. Now."

--Kimimaro clasped Master's hip and found courage. Master spread legs to make it easier, Kimimaro carefully took hold of a handful of scarred skin, and wiped slick down the crevice and over an entrance that felt so snug to the careful press of his fingers that it sent a pick of ice and a sword of want through his ribs to spear his heart.

"Lie back, lovely boy," Master murmured, and Haku obeyed, letting Master bend forward and offer himself to Kimimaro.

"Shit… Master… oh God… I…" Kimimaro fell over Itachi's back, forehead colliding with spine.

"Kimimaro," Itachi answered, patient but obviously wearing thin. "Go ahead."

"Yes, Kimi, please?" Haku asked, breathless as Master's mouth kissed his chest and nipples while Itachi teased Haku's balls and made the smaller man cry out.

"Kimi…" Haku said through clenched teeth, hand fisting the sheet.

"Yes… Master…" Kimimaro slid one finger over the ring and pushed inside, feeling the muscles give and grant access to depths. Master sighed, Haku squirmed, and Kimimaro took his time despite the frantic breathing through multiple sets of dry lips. He coated his middle finger again with more lube and pressed it alongside the other just as Master said, "Kimimaro, more -- oh…Good… good, sweet boy… good…"

Master's mouth made wet noises on Haku's skin that matched the quieter sound of Kimimaro's fingers spreading lube. When Itachi started moving to meet his hand, Kimimaro thought he would pass out, and Haku began to beg everyone in the room for speed and efficiency.

"Soon, lovely," Itachi brokenly crooned to Haku. "Kimimaro, I'll need another-- " Master's voice cut off abruptly when Kimimaro deliberately changed the angle of his fingers, searching, probing, pressing for purchase as sweat rolled down his back and temples. "Nnah…oh…" Master's high moan was quiet, startled and needy and Kimimaro almost bit a ring from his lip.

"Master," Haku panted. "You're so beautiful, I'm going to die. Kimimaro… we need you to--"

"Oh. God…" Itachi shook and bucked back against Kimimaro's invasion when he increased the pressure on the firmer spot he could just feel with the tips of his fingers.

"Master, oh, shit…" Kimimaro gasped.

"Kimi," Haku nearly yelled.

"Haku, I can't, he's…" Kimimaro trembled, his cock twitched, and his vision tunneled. "Tight."

"Been… a while… but I can…" Master groaned, and Kimimaro grimaced as the blazing burn to be buried in Master got more demanding than Haku's tone.

"He… doesn't mind pain, Kimi…"

"No," Kimimaro said, shaking his head as three fingers slid into Master's body, more slick smoothing the way.

The men groaned in complaint, compliance, and control. Itachi swatted Haku's inner thigh in a blur of quick strikes, and Haku's incoherent syllables were clear only in their demand for more. Master bent lower, and Haku practically twisted into two as Itachi bit reddened skin. Haku whined, and heat pooled at the base of Kimi's spine as Master expertly exploited one of Haku's weak points.

"Fuck!" Haku keened, and Kimimaro tried to ignore it, thankful that Master seemed content to let Kimimaro stretch him, but when Master broke off from Haku's mouth to call out and push back in faster rhythm on Kimimaro's fingers, the world narrowed to the fight not to go over the edge.

"Mmmmyess, now, Kimi."

"Yes. Now. Kimi," Haku agreed.

Itachi laughed and playfully smacked the outside of Haku's thigh. "I love that… too much… your brand of impatience, lovely boy, is…" The words trailed off and Itachi's head fell forward, hair tickling Haku as Kimimaro coated himself thoroughly in lube and lined up. He couldn't speak, and he loved Haku when the man spoke for him.

"Kimi, God… Master, you look so…"

"Take me." The words had the edge of command to them. "Slowly, Kimimaro. Please…"

Hearing a plea from Master made Kimimaro's world go white. Moving carefully -- more gently than he could remember -- he grit his teeth, stroked himself, and put some of his weight behind the push into Master's body. Immediately, an alarming strangled cough filled the room, but the clenching heat tore caution away from Kimi. His eyes closed, and his pulse made the dark world behind his eyelids beat red-black. Kimimaro bent forward, neck lolling, as he continued his slide.

"God!" Master called, shaking, and soothing noises filled the room -- Haku. His voice was a low murmur of words recognizable only in their intension, and barely audible over the toned breathing bordering on whimpering that erupted from Master's lungs.

Kimimaro stopped when the last bar of his ladder dragged skin. He couldn't reason, couldn't move, couldn't do anything for long seconds. Finally, he opened his eyes to watch Haku rise up onto one elbow.

"You taking Kimimaro is more reward than we deserve, Master," Haku whispered. His hand ran over Itachi's skin, and Kimimaro watched Master's back heave. A crazy blend of horror and tenderness rendered Kimimaro speechless and small.

"It's not something just anyone can do," Haku said, kissing Master's temple and glancing nervously at Kimimaro.

"Took Nagato," Itachi rasped, and Kimimaro pet Itachi's back and sides. "But it wasn't… like… God… God…that cross…"

"Master, I can--" Kimimaro began.

"No," Itachi said, tone full of finality. He hissed, and it might have been a laugh or might have been a noise of pain. "But I don't think I can take you moving much."

"Okay, Master. Of course." Kimimaro panicked in the roar of heartbeats and struggled to find reason. He looked at Haku, whose lips found Itachi's hair and kissed and wiped away sweat.

"Like we used to do," Haku murmured, and images flooded Kimimaro's mind of languorous love made in sanctuary and fueled by the need for distraction and comfort.

Kimimaro nodded, Haku's shouldered eased, and Kimimaro feathered caresses over Itachi's body until the man sighed. Slowly -- so slowly -- Kimimaro swiveled his hips: not a withdraw or a thrust but a pivot-roll. The sensation was enough to make him bite the inside of his cheek, and Master groaned -- this one closer to a sound of pleasure. "Fuck yes… sweet boy… that's…"

Kimimaro did it again, no harder, no faster, and Master's breathing grew labored but his vice-grip on Kimimaro's cock relaxed by fractions.

"Master, you're breathtaking," Haku murmured as Kimimaro set a gentle pace, determination and attention helping him stay away from the brink.

After a moment, Itachi sucked a shaky breath. "Haku… turn around and let me…"

"Yes, Master," Haku said. In a blur Haku grabbed the lube, uncapped it, and wrapped his slicked hand around Master's cock. He perfunctorily stroked.

"Nnngh -- oh, shit…" Master's cry made Kimimaro's spine go straight as he swiveled again, cock feeling harder than it'd ever been in Kimi's life.

Haku grunted as he turned with a flourish. He looked back over his shoulder, lined up his body, and reached to guide Itachi so Master didn't have to move or take hands off the bed. Kimimaro felt Master jerk and shift as Haku backed onto Master's cock, and sighs, groans, and sound sizzled through the air.

"My, God, Master, you feel so--" Haku trailed off, falling onto his forearms.

"Beautiful," Itachi rasped. "Oh Haku… and…" He sucked in a harsh gasp in time to Kimimaro's grind. "Kimimaro…" He let the vowels elongate in a sound of disbelief. "Kimi… you're too…"

"Oh Master… please…" Kimimaro groaned, unsure of what he said or even what he wanted other than the pulsing screech of more, more, more. Kimi shuddered, head back and thoughts scattering.

Without negotiation or further discussion, Itachi matched the movement of Kimimaro's hips on the next swivel-thrust, and swapped his grip from bed to body. Master pulled Haku back, impaling him deep to a low cry from Haku.

"Yes," Itachi slurred through his teeth. "Perfect, Haku, Kimimaro… nnngh-guh…" And as a unit of three they grinded together.




"Oh… oh… oh…” Haku's cracking whimpers were high and loud, and both Kimi and Itachi ground harder, pulling more noise from the smallest man. Kimimaro's knees stuck to the sheet, his hands slipped on Master's skin, and his balls ached.

"Can't last, I-- " Itachi choked on the words.

"I can't, either, Master...Mercy…please," Kimimaro's nails dug into skin.

"Both of you…" Itachi faltered as Kimimaro ground harder. "Nnn-ah!" Itachi's yell made them all move, rhythm faltering. "Haku, stroke yourself. Now."

Haku's hand flew down between his legs, and he grunted a primal sound. Kimimaro watched the movement of Haku's arm as he jerked himself off, head falling to the side as one arm took his weight and the two men above him kept moving.

"Master, please…" Haku begged. "I'm--"

"Going to come, Master," Kimimaro gasped, shaking his head in denial of the inevitable. "I can't…" He garbled a cry as his hips pulsed, heat spiraling, the urge for release at long last making his nerves fry.

"Yes… oh yes," Itachi husked. "Come."

Kimimaro had no idea who went first. He knew Haku half-screamed, he knew Itachi bucked back into Kimimaro and wheezed a whine before going rigid at the peak, and Kimimaro babble-moaned--

"Master… Itachi… oh fuck, oh god…"

--just before his body snapped taut as the waves of orgasm rushed and rendered him helpless. He shook and thrashed with the successive aftershocks, and all three men breathed air that refused to sate their hungry lungs. Wails and whimpers spilled, and they caught themselves on bed and bodies in roughened clutches, no one saying anything as relief pooled in a thick cloud around them.

It was a long time before reality seeped through the haze. Haku made a soft sound, and finally Kimimaro had to give in to the combined tremble-tumble of the men beneath him. He managed to pull out -- carefully so as not to cause Master any further undo discomfort -- and Itachi grunted.

"Sorry," Kimimaro whispered.

"'s all right, Kimi," Itachi said. "More than."

Unable to say anything else, Kimimaro rested one hand on Master's back while Itachi withdrew from Haku, who rolled down onto the bed. Haku's hair obscured his features, and he breathed hard, one hand lying open on the sheet and the other curled beneath his body. Kimimaro crawled over to Haku and bodily moved him to a dryer, cooler patch of sheets, cursing in exertion. Haku tried to help, and together they went down in a pile, Kimimaro behind Haku, arm going around him when he felt Haku shiver.

Itachi tossed the tube of lube off the bed and crawled to Haku's other side, sandwiching him between Itachi and Kimi. A shaking arm and hand came out to rest on Kimimaro's hip, and a three-way sigh erupted from all of them.

Floating and feeling safe, warm, and attended, Kimimaro dozed. His eyes opened when he felt Haku squirm. Kimi couldn't orient himself to time and space, so he didn't bother. Instead, he worked saliva into his mouth, and made a soft sound of reassurance. One of discomfort and fear returned it, and Haku burrowed closer to Kimimaro when Itachi rose up onto his arm.

"He hurts," Itachi rumbled, bleary-eyed but shifting and starting to rise. "I can go get--"

Haku trembled all over, and Kimimaro forced his brain cells to work. He caught Itachi's arm in a gentle grip, making the Uchiha stop and look at the pair of them, considering.

"It's all right, Haku… we're here..." Kimimaro whispered.

"He's right, my lovely boy," Itachi said, brushing long hair back from Haku's face. The smaller man's eyes screwed shut, lower lip caught beneath his upper teeth like he trapped words in his mouth.

The expression that flew across Itachi's features was one of fear and focus. He laid the gentlest of kisses to Haku's cheek, and Kimimaro made a sound of surprise when Haku rolled and threw an arm around Itachi's neck. Haku pulled Itachi down, the hold fierce, and Itachi went willingly, soft murmurs spilling on sighs from between his lips.

"He needs to be clean," Kimimaro explained, voice raspy.

"Then that's what we'll do for him." Itachi held onto Haku, kissed wet hair, and turned his gaze on Kimimaro.

Master smiled and stroked Kimi's cheek, and Kimimaro closed his eyes. "And I'll help and hold you as well, my sweet boy."

Kimimaro felt more pieces of himself remake themselves whole, and he sighed, moving closer and into Itachi's touch. He began to say something -- a murmur of thanks, affection, both -- but a sob from the man between Kimimaro and Itachi made Kimi stop. Haku's shoulders hunched and he held his breath, face buried deeply in Itachi's neck.

"Safe and sound," Itachi comforted, hand cupping the back of Haku's head. Haku jerked, breath still trapped, and Kimimaro felt his own eyes sting. He moved closer, hands soothing over Haku's skin and nose gently nudging Haku's shoulder.

"Rest easy, Haku," Itachi said. "You're perfect beyond my wildest dreams, and we'll hold you, carry you, bathe you, and then we'll all sleep here, in my bed. With one another."

"Kimi," Haku said like a man drowning.

"Listen to him, Haku… he wants…" Kimimaro couldn't finish. He was too tired, brain too numb, and he made a pained noise of his own when Itachi shifted, wrapped an arm around Kimi as much as he could, and pressed them all together.

"You both," Itachi finished for Kimimaro. "Want and need you both."

Echoes of Break came back to Kimimaro -- how desperate he was for the situation to be real and true and how it felt so good it terrified him.

Here in Itachi's embrace, however -- in his bed with Haku and mending pieces of soul and self -- this version of reality ceased to be scary and became right.

"You, too," Kimimaro whispered. "Need and want you both, too…"

Haku broke, crying against Itachi, and Kimimaro felt wet on his cheeks as well. Itachi hummed, stroked skin, kissed what he could, and Kimimaro didn't care that it was hot, sticky, messy, and exhaustedly desperate. He felt whole and happy, and allowed to simply be.

When Haku's sobs lessened and became shallow breaths, Itachi gently pulled back to look at Haku. He held the smaller man's face in his hands, kissed Haku's mouth, nose, cheek. Then Itachi craned his neck and kissed Kimimaro as well. "Let's get ourselves cleaned up."

"Yes, Master," Kimimaro said with a sniff, and Haku nodded, wiping his face with the back of his hand. Getting off the bed was a slow process. Itachi gathered toys as they went, depositing them in a basket near the bed. He watched both Kimi and Haku, the scrutiny of his gaze making Kimi sigh in contentment.

"Wait," Itachi commanded when all three of them stood, Haku leaning against Itachi. Reaching, Kimimaro saw Itachi pull a dark blue cord on the wall. The Uchiha nodded once, wrapping his arm carefully around Haku. "Good," Itachi said. "Bathroom down the hall on the right."

Wall sconces burned dimly in the short hallway. To the left was another sitting room that'd been converted into a closet. Across from it was another doorway, this one arched. Itachi flicked a switch and Kimimaro shook his head in something like defeat as he saw the enormous bathroom come to light. There was an open shower covered in dark blue and white stone with a wooden bench all the way around for sitting and bathing. A bay window with French glass erupted beyond the shower, and a covered bench formed a window seat in front of it. The tub took up one far corner, and marbled counters ran along one long wall, antique mirrors above them. In a far corner was a glassed-in room that might be a sauna, and next to it was a narrow door and seating area. The lighting came from above and over the counter -- all dim and orange, making the room softly glow.

Itachi led them over the threshold of the shower, and turned. "Let me help you to lie down on the benches, lovely boy. You, too, Kimi."

Haku obeyed with Itachi's help, sighing as he settled on his stomach. Kimimaro followed suit on another bench, head toward and touching Haku's. Itachi turned a knob and picked up a silver shower head. Water misted from the removable nozzle, and Itachi aimed it at his forearm until he nodded, satisfied. He grabbed a sponge from a notch in the wall and started with Haku's upper back. The shower stream was like mountain fog falling over Haku's skin, and Itachi brushed the sponge in light strokes, and dabbed with the barest pressures when he reached Haku's backside and legs. Haku sighed in pleasure, one hand stretching down to the tile beneath the bench.

Kimimaro shut his eyes and dozed again. The bench was blissfully cool, the air warm enough that he was neither cold nor hot. He woke up when he heard Itachi speak softly to Haku--

"Rest and then we'll wash your hair."

--and sighed when he felt the brush of lips over his shoulder. The spray found his skin, and it felt like nothing Kimimaro'd ever experienced: like being wrapped in a dew blanket. The sponge stroked and wiped him down, and Kimimaro stared, unfocused, at the wall.

Movement, the passing of time, Itachi turned different knobs, and Kimimaro and Haku got up off the benches to stand under firmer, warm spray. Itachi helped Haku wash his hair, murmuring in his ear. He helped Kimimaro soap up skin, lips meeting as Itachi washed Kimi with a purposeful touch. Kimimaro got lost in the daydream, knew he held Haku, hugged Itachi, kissed them both, heard praise spoken clearly, sounds mumbled in response, felt the attentive care in Itachi's hands, fingers, body.

Towels stood in a tall stack on a stool, and all three men wrapped in them. Water dripped on stone, and no one said a word as Itachi combed out Haku's hair, the small man's hands braced on the counter. Kimimaro found a brush and put it to Itachi's mane, and the Uchiha laughed, the soft sound picked up by Haku as he watched everyone in the mirror.

"Stay there," Itachi said when they were dry, and he negligently dropped the towel to walk to a cabinet. He got a can of analgesic spray and returned to them both. Without being told, Haku and Kimimaro rid themselves of the towels and their hands clasped on the counter as Itachi sprayed down raised skin. He made an assessing noise.

"Will be right back," he said, leaving the room to return a moment later with a handful of Advil and several bottles of blue liquid that tasted like berries, and he doled them out, keeping two pills and a bottle for himself.

It was easy. It was simple. It was good, and Kimimaro felt like he floated back into the hallway and bedroom. He paused to blink and pull Haku to him when he saw Merek standing on the far side of the room, next to the other doorway.

"My Lords," Merek said quietly. He bowed, eyes down, turned, and shut the pocket door behind him.

"Sheets," Itachi explained, and Kimimaro saw the covers drawn back. The curtains around the bed were undone, parted wide on one side. A single lamp glowed in the room, everything else fallen to shadow.

In silence the three men climbed back into bed, Kimimaro going first and followed by Haku and Itachi. The sheets were silky soft, the pillows arranged for three heads, side-by-side. Tears slipped down Kimi's cheeks as he turned to lie down, and Haku bent to kiss them away before settling in the middle. His hair smelled like Itachi's shampoo -- the herbal scent that Kimi so liked -- but on Haku it smelled like flowers.

The light went out, Itachi drew the curtain, and darkness, arms, and legs surrounded Kimi. A sheet came up and covered the three of them, a familiar fussy sound coming from Itachi's throat as he got the blanket as he liked it. Kimimaro smiled.

Haku faced Kimi, snuggling against him, Itachi spooned Haku's back, and fingertips touched Kimi's cheek before he heard Itachi sigh. "I think I can rest…" His voice was thick with unchecked emotion, and Kimimaro squeezed Itachi's arm.

"Please do, My Lord," Haku whispered. "Thank you."

"Thank you," Kimimaro said.

"My perfect… boys…"

The sleepy words eased Kimimaro, a lullaby of praise and permission, and Kimimaro closed his eyes and slept.


Kimimaro opened his eyes in darkness, unsure of what woke him. Haku lay on his side to Kimi's right, and Itachi rested beyond Haku. Both men breathed deeply and evenly, mere vague outlines in the shadows created by the heavy curtains drawn around the bed. Kimimaro remained still, heartbeat slowing and breathing syncing with Haku's.

Two weeks.

Fourteen days and Kimi and Haku's lives were entirely changed. The morning after their first night together, Kimimaro and Haku woke up before Itachi and held one another: waiting, lazy, but unsure.

"Do we…?" Haku whispered.

"I don't know," Kimimaro answered.

When Itachi rolled and finally opened his eyes, the smile that spread his lips answered every one of Haku and Kimi's questions, spoken and unspoken, and they went to him. Touching, stroking, three sets of hands caressed and Itachi murmured soft sounds of encouragement and sleepy pleasure. He pulled Kimimaro on top of him, wordlessly guided their bodies to meet, and Kimimaro rode Itachi until the Uchiha's hands stilled him.

"Haku…come here…"

Kimimaro lay behind Itachi, holding him. Haku cried out when Itachi entered him, slowly; rocked within him. His body moved without aim, but his words were purposeful: "Want you here… waking with you in my bed is bliss… holding you… my perfect boys…"

Itachi had Kimimaro reach over them both and stroke Haku, but bade it to stop when their breathing grew faster and Kimi and Haku both trembled on the bed.

They'd gotten up once everyone's legs were sturdy, and Itachi gave Kimi and Haku loose pants to wear. Haku giggled when his were impossibly long, and Itachi smiled as he ordered food to the bedroom. When plates arrived, they ate in the seating area with relish, all starving, and over coffee, Itachi said the words Kimimaro never thought he'd hear:

"I want you both. Here with me is my preference, because I understand myself well enough to know it would work, make me happy beyond measure. But I don't want you to feel you're without options. So here is what I propose…"

Haku's hand stole into Kimi's as Itachi enumerated his plan. He would either pay up each of Kimi and Haku's leases for the next year or buy them each a place of their choosing, sign said property over to their names, and arrange for any moving or upkeep. Kimi and Haku could stay where they were -- in their own apartments or wherever they chose to live - and could visit as often as they liked.

"Merek enjoys driving," Itachi said, sipping his juice. "I know he'd be delighted to chauffer you back and forth."

"Is there another option, Itachi?" Haku asked.

"There is. You could choose to stay with me, here. Pick quarters, furnish them with your own things or with items in the house…or new furniture, whatever your preference. I will still honor the maintenance of your own residences. I move fast. I don't want you to feel pressured. Not with your histories." Itachi paused. "If nothing else, I'd like to try, but also ensure the two of you have something good on the other side if it doesn't…" He stopped speaking, the skin around his eyes pulling tight in a frown.

Without even looking or asking, Kimi knew how Haku felt. The quiet sound of pain the small man made told Kimi everything important that Kimimaro needed to know and gave him enough courage to act. Kimimaro went down on his knees and crawled over to Itachi, resting his head on the Uchiha's lap. A second later, Haku followed.

"Yes, Master…" Kimimaro said.

"My Lord… please," Haku whispered. "We want to stay."

Itachi's hands shook as he set aside his glass and stroked his hands through Kimimaro and Haku's hair. "Oh…" he said, voice thick, "Thank…you…"

After that, the whirlwind became a hurricane. After a brief discussion with Itachi, Haku decided to quit his job. Kimimaro reduced his hours, hesitating over leaving the employment of men so kind to him. Itachi allowed that -- condoned it -- and though Master Neji seemed genuinely remorseful that the clubs would lose some of Kimi's time, he told Kimimaro that there would always be a job for him at Break, should he need it, and wished him well.

Kimimaro cried after the phone call, and Master held him, Haku sitting on Kimi's other side, petting Kimimaro's back and stroking his hair.

Kimimaro and Haku opted for their leases to be paid, arguing that Itachi didn't need to go through the expense in buying someplace new when they all understood the Uchiha Estate would be their new -- and permanent -- home.

"It would be a pleasure to secure you residences," Itachi said mildly in the rental office of Hidden Village. Kimimaro put his arm around Itachi and hugged him.

"Why not a vacation home, instead?" Haku asked with a flip of his hair. "I understand St. Thomas is lovely this time of year."

"Oh my," Itachi muttered, and Kimimaro laughed. Mirth was something he felt often and expressed more over the last two weeks than any other time in his life. He'd never felt lighter, easier, or more fortunate in his existence.

Nor had he ever felt so sure that it wasn't fleeting or a dream or an evil plot to bring him low when the fairy tale ended.

Living arrangements made, Haku decided to let the furniture stay where it was, taking only personal effects and clothing to the Estate. Kimimaro did the same, and Itachi arranged for everything to be packed and moved. He offered both newcomers their choice of rooms in the house, but when Kimimaro and Haku learned of the so-called, "Mistress Quarters" that were accessible through a hidden door off the hallway next to Itachi's bedroom, there was no question where they'd stay.

"But… we can sleep in your bed, yes?" Haku asked while they all stood in the living area of the suite of rooms that was to become Haku and Kimimaro's.

"I'd have it no other way," Itachi answered.

Kimimaro breathed a sigh of relief and while he was pleased beyond measure that Haku delighted in scouring the house for furniture and things to move into their new accommodations, Kimi regretted agreeing to help Haku redecorate. If shopping and room renovation were Olympic sports, Haku would have the gold medal in each event.

Thank God Merek agreed to come along in their numerous excursions and ushered them back to the Manor, else Kimimaro might still be with Haku, mulling over room design, paint colors, and the gods only knew what. Haku nested with more willpower than a woman pregnant with triplets, and Kimimaro and the house staff were his work horses.

And Master was no help at all, finding it entirely amusing to watch Haku politely and deferentially order everyone about. Haku combed through bedrooms in the estate, plucking pieces he liked and requesting them moved into Kimimaro and Haku's rooms. Paintings, lounges, chairs, basins, and torture devices rolled up and down the halls, all under the bemused Uchiha supervision. Master even encouraged Haku's dictatorial attitude with kisses and low laughter.

"Why, yes, lovely boy, I do think that dresser looks better on the far side of the room."

"So happy you agree, My Lord!"

Kimimaro and Merek had exchanged chagrinned looks and then moved the solid oak piece of furniture to where Haku directed.

For the fourth time.

Stifling a chuckle, Kimimaro shifted on the bed. Silence swayed Kimimaro in a bower, and he swallowed and thought about Itachi and the hours the Uchiha spent with his lawyers yesterday, sorting out finances, he said. Kimimaro didn’t feel it was his place to ask for clarification, nor did he know what that meant, but Haku was on edge. He fidgeted and kept glancing at the door with his teeth under the unforgiving grip of his lower lip. Kimimaro made soft sounds of inquiry, but Haku refused to talk about it.

When Itachi came into the den where Kimi and Haku sat watching TV, however, Haku looked at their Master and burst into hysterical sobbing.

"What's wrong?" Kimimaro asked, dismayed and panicked as he scrambled to hug Haku hard and close.

Itachi swept across the room and went down on his knees next to them. His arms wrapped around Haku and Kimimaro's laps, and he leaned to whisper in Haku's ear.

"Master?" Kimimaro whimpered.

"A day, a month, a lifetime," Itachi said, loudly enough for Kimimaro to hear. "For the happiness you've given me, for however long it lasts, I take care of those who are mine. Neither of you will ever want for anything again, with or without me."

Kimimaro heard the words but couldn't fathom them; didn't want to. Comprehension meant he had to consider a time without Master, and Kimimaro didn't let those sorts of thoughts enter his mind. Instead, he held Haku, breath catching as he saw a single tear slip down Itachi's face. Dark eyes opened and gazed at Kimimaro, and then Itachi moved to the couch. The embrace changed from comfort to heat, and Kimimaro let the pleasure and sight of Haku in rapture burn away doubt, confusion, and fear.

With Master Itachi, it was easy to want to live in the peace of the moment, and it was all Kimimaro could ask out of life. No, not everything was simple: there were still doubts that lurked like wolves in the forest of the storybook. But Master Itachi laid the animals to rest with long talks about what they all wanted, with dinners out at Leaf and Tobi's, by asking Kimimaro if he ever thought of owning his own piercing parlor; by inquiring if Haku had ever considered studying music. Itachi suggested Scenes, asked Haku to bake cookies, and encouraged Kimimaro to pick the movie for them all to watch after dinner. The nights of play, the mornings of making love…

A dream, a life, a world into which one could fall and not worry about ever finding ground, for there was no bottom to the well.

Letting go of memory and the daze that accompanied such rapid change, Kimimaro carefully stretched and rested a hand on Haku's bare hip. His muscles ached from another day of moving furniture and unpacking clothing, and Kimi dozed, floating in a shroud of contentment.

Safe… safe… here I am…

Haku moved with a sharp intake of breath, and Kimimaro froze.

A heartbeat later, Itachi rolled to his side, hand reaching and meeting Kimimaro's on Haku's skin.

"What is it, love?" Itachi mumbled in the darkness.

"I'm sorry," Haku whispered.

"Mm… it's all right, lovely boy… here, come closer, sweet."

Shifting along the mattress, Itachi and Kimimaro held Haku between them. Haku sighed, relaxing in the joint embrace.

"Just a dream," Haku whispered, and Kimimaro tensed in old reflex, arms tightening around him.

"Oh?" Itachi mumbled.

"Mm-hm…" Haku scooted closer to the sound of Master's voice, half-asleep again already. "The one where you ask us to stay."

"Yes… please stay," Itachi said, quietly. "Forever."

"Yes, My Lord," Haku answered on a sigh.

"Happily, Master," Kimimaro echoed, at peace once again.

"Thank you…"

And as lovers they slept until well past the dawn.



A/N: Your Tour Guide wishes to thank all the beta listeners, the peanut gallery, the cheerleading squad, and every single person who read this one and joined me on this journey.

I'd also like to thank Don Henley, who recorded the song that I played while writing this...

So while the credits roll, I give you, The Last Worthless Evening.

Much love, many thanks, and very happy fairy tale endings.
(Monoshizukanohi & Demented D Style)

I know you broke up with him and your heart's still on the shelf
It's been over two years for me and I'm still not quite myself
You can't be with someone new and you can't go back to him
You're beginning to realize that it's sink or swim

I see you around sometimes and my heart just melts
You're lookin' like if you had your wish you'd be somewhere else
And it just breaks my heart to see you here this way
Someday I'll get the nerve to walk up to you and say

This is the last worthless evening that you'll have to spend
Just gimme a chance to show you how to love again
This is the last worthless evening that you'll have to spend
'Cause I'll be there when your broken heart is on the mend

Every night it's the same old crowd in smoky rooms
You catch a faint glimpse of love sometimes but it never blooms
And I've been around this block a time or two
I've made some big mistakes but girl I promise you, I promise you

This is the last worthless evening that you'll have to spend
Just gimme a chance to show you how to love again
This is the last worthless evening that you'll have to spend
'Cause it won't be long 'till your little heart is on the mend

People inside their houses with the shades pulled down
God knows we could use some romance in this sleepy bedroom town
I know you're still afraid to rush into anything
But there're just so many summers babe and just so many springs

And this is the last worthless evening that you'll have to spend babe
Just gimme a chance, gimme a chance to show you love again
This is the last worthless evening that you'll have to spend
'Cause it won't be long 'til your little heart is on the mend
(Yeah, a huh) That you'll have to spend
Just gimme a chance darlin' to show you how to love again
This is the last worthless evening that you'll have to spend
'Cause it won't be long 'til your broken heart is on the mend

This is the last worthless evening
That you'll have to spend 'cause it won't be long
'Til your broken heart is on the mend...

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