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Naruto Fanfiction // "Breaking the Rules"

Title: Breaking the Rules - Chapter 3, Final
Series: Monoshizukanohi//Naruto AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Drama/Romance/KINK!
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Naruto/Sasuke/Kiba
Word Count: ~13,000
Warnings/Notes: Kink fic: D/s Relationships, impact play, toys, bondage, spanking, mild humil, mild violence, ANGST. I'm told this one should get an "I" for INTENSE.
Spoilers: None whatsoever.
Dedication: Fic is for Hoopi. Much love, girl.

Summary: It's the Annual Poker Tournament at Club Break in Monoshizukanohi, and Sasuke's been looking forward to it for weeks! But when Naruto comes home angry and announces there will be no playing at the club, Sasuke decides to take matters into his own hands...but the consequences could be more dire than he could ever imagine.

Sasuke blinked, rapid fire, and panted against the cool covers. His cheek and heart bloomed with dull pain, and shock tore through his system like the cracking of glass. He took a breath in to speak – to apologize, beg, ask what in the world was wrong and how could he fix it – when he felt Naruto’s hands on his legs like claws. Sasuke coughed out a cry as he was flipped onto his back and then Master was above him: nose-to nose. Furious blue eyes bore into terrified dark depths, and spittle flecked Sasuke’s lips as Naruto snarled in sheer frustration.

“Selfish, inconsiderate, greedy bitch!” Naruto half-shouted. “You embarrassed me, you deliberately goaded me out there after I told you we weren’t playing tonight, and Kiba? Fucking Kiba?!” Naruto shouted the Inuzuka’s name and his hand grabbed Sasuke’s shoulder and shook him hard enough to make Sasuke’s teeth clack shut. “All because you just couldn’t stand not getting your damned way!”

Anger lanced through Sasuke’s aching body and tears welled in his eyes. “Kiba?” Sasuke spat. “You’re angry about fucking Kiba, Master?” Red, red, the world was bleeding red.

“I saw you!” Sasuke cried accusingly through clenched teeth. “You told me no playing after I spent hours getting ready to please you and when I got back from the bathroom, I see you spanking Neji’s little bitch like he was yours!” Sasuke bit a sob into pieces and blinked furiously to clear his eyes.

Naruto pulled back and shook his head slowly, eyes wide and disbelieving. “Make that jealous, inconsiderate, greedy bitch.” His eyes darkened with raw anger again, and his voice shook when he spoke. “You fucking left me there! Walked off like some damned…” Naruto spluttered. “And Shika’s new here – Neji’s testing him. You know how he…how he – fuck!”

Naruto punched the bed and then braced his arms before throwing his body off and away from Sasuke’s. Immediately, Sasuke flipped to his stomach and got up on his knees, angry words flying to his tongue.

“I know how he, what, Master?” Sasuke snarled – though he knew very well what Naruto meant: how Neji played and what he liked to do. New sub, learning the ropes, all that nonsense.

But Sasuke didn’t care – he was enraged and hurt, and the turmoil pummeled away sense as Sasuke grabbed Naruto’s wrist. To do what, Sasuke wasn’t sure: pull him closer to hit him, shove him away, break the bones, something. With a frustrated cry, Naruto jerked his hand away from Sasuke’s grasp, but Sasuke didn’t let go.

“Goddammit, Sas – “ Naruto yelped as he tried to catch Sasuke as he fell from the bed, only for both of them to land in the floor in a painful, ungraceful heap. Twisting with a speed and grace that was nearly inhuman, Sasuke turned and punched Naruto in the arm with enough force to make the bones in his hand pop.

“The fuck - ?” Naruto clutched at his arm and then dove. Sasuke pushed back with his feet, ignoring the way his back ignited in pain when he hit the rug that circled the bed.

“You slapped me!”

“You fucking deserved it! I should fucking kick your ass for being such a bitch!”

Sasuke cried out in defiance, and the two men grappled. Sasuke pulled a hand loose and elbowed Naruto in the side, earning him a grunt. Naruto twisted Sasuke’s arm and made him choke on a cry. The men rolled and knocked over a fake plant, before rolling back, a tumbling mess of blocking and flailing limbs.

After painful minutes punctuated by grunts and frustrated cries, Naruto managed to get Sasuke under him and pinned. Sasuke looked away with a sneering pout. Tears stung at his eyes and his back felt like it might be bleeding, but Sasuke refused to give in or cry uncle.

“You’re supposed to be brilliant, right, Sas?” Naruto said. Bitter retorts died a fast death on Sasuke’s lips, and he shut his eyes tightly.

“Look at me, bitch – you’re, what: the Genius of the Uchiha family – child prodigy. That’s what they say, isn’t it?”

Sasuke looked up at the angry man on top of him and bit the inside of his cheek. Naruto never – ever –brought up Sasuke’s reputed intelligence unless he was truly upset. It was a sore point from when they were in school together: Sasuke passed every class, Naruto struggled and worked for everything he got. And even though now Naruto ran an international company and Sasuke spent most of his days avoiding familial responsibility, Naruto still resented that Sasuke was often deemed the brilliant one in their partnership when clearly Naruto matched him.

“Master…please…” Sasuke said, struggling and trying for a different tactic to get out of this. “Let me – “

Naruto rose up and smacked Sasuke again, this blow to the other cheek and lighter than the first. Sasuke gagged as his head rolled, too many types of pain competing for dominance. He tried to say something – anything – but Naruto grabbed both of Sasuke’s wrists, fingers digging painfully into his skin. He leaned down and pressed his forehead into Sasuke’s pulsing cheek. “Then I want to know who they fucking are, because obviously they need to rethink their fucking opinion.” Naruto rose up with a snarl, and his face was the calm fury before a typhoon, and his eyes were roiling seas.

Sasuke said nothing, just gaped at his lover. Naruto’s anger eclipsed his own, his hurt plain in the words he so rarely spoke, and all of this was Sasuke’s fault. He’d done this: set up this game, manipulated Naruto into this rage. Sasuke was pissed, scared, hurt, and felt suddenly close to flying apart. He swallowed and relaxed under Naruto, and that more than anything was an admission that he’d fucked up.

Royally fucked up.

“Nothing to say?” Naruto taunted. “No witty comebacks? No pretty words?” Naruto sneered and Sasuke trembled.

“Maybe I should go get fucking Kiba, eh, bitch? See if he can loosen your tongue?” He rasped a sound that Sasuke supposed was a cold laugh, but it sounded like a wounded animal. “You’d fuckin’ like that, wouldn’t you?”

“N-no, Master, I-“

“Shut the fuck up,” Naruto said, voice deceptively calm. The muscles in Sasuke’s throat temporarily forgot how to swallow, and he couldn’t meet Naruto’s gaze. This wasn’t just Naruto being angry in a Scene – this was a nasty mix of real pain, real anger, andScene. At least, Sasuke hoped like hell this was part of some play Master was making.

Because if not, then Sasuke’s fuck up was even worse than just disappointing Master.

He’d hurt his lover, and that was…unforgivable. Unfathomable.

“I make rules for a reason, bitch,” Naruto said, voice low and deadly. “But if you want to make me play when I’m pissed? Make me break my rules, do what I want to you? Then fuck all – we’ll play until you pass the fuck out.”

Sasuke yelped as Naruto stood and yanked Sasuke bodily up and off the floor, somehow manhandling him and supporting him at the same time. The room was a fair size, full of heavy cherry furniture and their own toys stored in trunks and bags. Naruto shoved Sasuke toward a low table in front of a long, black couch that had seen better days. Sasuke thought crazily about how Naruto loved that couch because it was so broken in, and suddenly Sasuke wanted to cry in earnest.

“Strip and get on the table,” Naruto commanded. “Move!”

Sasuke scrambled and got the pants off, thankful that his shirst and shoes were still back in Break. His mind was a whirlwind of anxiety and the need to obey – maybe if he did what he was told now, it would somehow make up for…everything. Sasuke trembled when his mind told him that could never be true, and he didn’t even feel it when his knee knocked painfully into the side of the table as he climbed onto the top. It was upholstered in leather – meant to be decorative and functional. Sasuke gripped the padding and struggled with himself.

“All fours,” Naruto growled, and Sasuke heard Master move behind him to the trunk at the foot of the bed. Oh God…oh God…what was Master going to do? What did he mean, “rough?” They’d played hard before, but Sasuke’s back was a red mess from the flogging and the fight with Master. Kiba hit like a ton of bricks in motion, and he pulled no punches.

An odd noise came from behind Sasuke, and he froze. It was the sound of air being cut by a thin object moving fast. Oh shit…fuck…no, he wouldn’t…

“It’s your favorite, slut,” Naruto said – and damn him if he didn’t sound pleased with himself. “Pay your respects.”

A silver fox’s head appeared next to Sasuke’s face, and he slowly swiveled his gaze to look at the long, black cane that Naruto held out for him to kiss. The cane had a tiny bit of flex – minute, really – and it was Sasuke’s most hated toy. Naruto rarely used it – once a year at most – because it left Sasuke brilliantly bruised even when Naruto was very careful.

And somehow, Sasuke didn’t think his Master was in the mood to be careful.

“Well, that’s an extra ten strikes for wasting my bloody time, bitch. But by all means…keep staring instead of obeying me.”

Quickly Sasuke leaned over and kissed the fox head, and he realized his arms shook almost uncontrollably. He felt dizzy with a nasty combination of pain, anxiety, hatred for the toy, anger at himself, and fear at too many things to enumerate.

Naruto twirled the cane and made it into a whipping blur before resting the head against Sasuke’s spine.

“Down,” Master commanded, and Sasuke fell forward onto his forearms, feeling himself slip into shame.

“You said you’d forget about it,” Sasuke whispered before he could help himself.

“Hm?” Master said, running the cane’s cold end over Sasuke’s red skin.

“Back in Break…you said…if I…that you would…” Sasuke couldn’t find enough air to fill his lungs and let him speak at the same time.

Master snorted. “You’re asking me to explain myself, now? Stalling a bit, aren’t we?” Master stepped to one side and lightly tapped the length of the cane across the back of Sasuke’s thighs.

“You conned Kiba – I know you did. And that got you flogged and got my attention – just like you wanted. And when I said I’d forget about it if you sucked me good enough, I meant the fact that you approached another goddamned dom in the club to play because I wasn’t doing what you wanted.”

Sasuke swallowed and shut his eyes. The tone…the words…oh holy God but Sasuke was in trouble. The man behind him was so, so angry, and Sasuke was everything his Master said he was and then some. He felt utterly useless, and he wasn’t sure he was going to survive this night.

And at that moment, he wasn’t sure he wanted to.

“So if you’re sittin’ there wondering what this is for, Sas, I’ll tell you.”

Master grabbed Sasuke’s hair and jerked his head back. Sasuke grunted and felt Master’s lips against the shell of his ear.

“This is for violating a million fucking rules of how we work, bitch. This is for making me go against my own word. For embarrassing me in front of Neji. For being a manipulative bastard. But most of all? It’s to make myself feel better about loving such a disappointing excuse of a whore.”

The tethers of composure and sanity snapped in Sasuke’s mind, and when Master released his hair, Sasuke’s head landed dully on his hands. He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t move; he could barely breathe through the guilt and the awfulness of it all. He knew in that instant that he deserved everything that Master wanted to do to him. Knew that he was worthless and awful and disobedient. He failed, and not just as a sub – no, this was worse than just that level of disappointment. Sasuke failed as a man, too, because what he did tonight made Master question why he loved Sasuke in the first place.

…and it was all because of that single shred of petty jealously when Sasuke saw Master spank Neji’s pet. All because Sasuke wanted to play and just had to have his way, even when Master told him no. Even when Master was tired and stressed and really just needed Sasuke to support and love him.

Because Sasuke really was a selfish, greedy, bitch who didn’t deserve someone who made rules to protect him. Sasuke knew all this to be true, and he felt numb.

The world went quiet, time slowed, and Sasuke heard his own breathing like the roar of a waterfall.

The strike of the cane on the backs of his thighs sang through Sasuke’s body a second later, and it was as if every ounce of disappointment and frustration in Master’s body connected to Sasuke’s skin. Sasuke jerked, eyes open and sightless, and the burn from the first hit boiled nerve endings as the second strike landed. There was no time for air – no time to analyze or think. The third strike fell and screamed over his skin, and then the fourth, the fifth, and Sasuke was drowning in a haze made of ache and shame.

And it was horrible because it was anticlimactic: yes, it hurt, it made him want to scream; made him shake with pain.

But it wasn’t nearly what he deserved, and that tore Sasuke’s sense of self into shreds.

Someone screamed a long cry of grief. Someone started to apologize with broken, babbling, begging with noises that didn’t even sound like words through the sobbing. The voice sounded only vaguely familiar. Sasuke felt the hard leather of the table as he collapsed down onto it, arms unable to support himself any longer.

Hands rolled Sasuke and pulled him up and into the air, rested him against a hard, heaving chest. The movement startled him enough to regain some focus, and he heard and felt Master’s shaky breathing.

“Mahogany, baby,” Master said as he laid Sasuke carefully back on the bed and collapsed half on top of Sasuke, face buried in Sasuke's neck. Sasuke frowned, confused at the calling of safeword from lips other than his own.

“You idiot. You impossible moron.” Master choked the words out, hugging Sasuke and obviously making an effort not to hurt him. Sasuke hiccoughed and caught his breath.

“God, why…why do you do this…”

“I’m sorry,” Sasuke croaked, and Master’s shoulders shook. For a second, Sasuke didn’t understand what was wrong, and then he heard the quiet sob.

The noise cleared Sasuke’s brain like a flash fire, and he wrapped his arms around Naruto. For a moment, everything was still. They held on to one another and tried to figure out a way to bridge the chasm that separated them.

“Stop,” Sasuke whispered when Naruto shook again in his arms. He clutched at Naruto like his Master might fly away.

“You make me fucking crazy,” Naruto said like he hadn’t heard Sasuke at all. “And so angry, and I…I…”

“My fault,” Sasuke whispered, desperate. “So… stop, please…”

Naruto kissed Sasuke’s neck, and his body wrapped around Sasuke's; pressed them together like he was trying to mold them into one person. “Fuck I nearly lost it,” he whispered, muffled. “That goddamned cane, and you don’t even understand what you do, so I say that shit…”

Sasuke pulled Naruto away from his neck and kissed Naruto. It was the only thing he could think to do to make the words stop before they killed Sasuke in cold blood. Sasuke tasted salt and kissed harder, lips bruising and pressing into teeth. He didn’t care about his aches and pains. Didn’t care about anything except somehow making Naruto understand he was sorry, that he loved him, and that it wasn’t Naruto’s fault.

They broke apart and panted, air mixing between open mouths. Sasuke kept his eyes closed, the hurt and turmoil and guilt making him feel heavy.

“I’m so sorry…” Sasuke said so softly that for a second he wasn’t sure he spoke out loud. “Don’t…it’s all my fault. I’m such a…fuck…I didn’t even, and you try so hard to do everything for me, and all I do is fuck up.” He shook. “I deserved it. All of it. More than what you did.”

Naruto closed the distance and gently kissed Sasuke’s lips: upper, lower, corners. He suckled and tasted Sasuke like it was the first time again; like they’d not spent years learning every hair and pore and freckle on each others’ bodies. His hands were light on Sasuke’s face.

“No,” Naruto said between soft kisses. “This is why I don’t want to play angry. This is why we have code words for when we need to talk.”

“My fault, shoulda said it…”

“Stop it.”

“I can’t, Master, I just…”

“I know.” Naruto kissed Sasuke and ran a hand over Sasuke's back, touch light. He pulled away to examine the hand and breathed a sigh of relief. Sasuke felt no concern whatsoever if his back bled or not, but he cared that Naruto worried.

“Messed up…” Sasuke whispered, eyes opening and a tear trickling from the corner of his eye.

“Yeah,” Naruto agreed softly, kissing Sasuke’s cheek.

The simple word undid Sasuke all over again. “I dis…disap…” Sasuke couldn’t make himself say it.

Naruto shushed him and made a soft noise. Sasuke looked and saw Naruto’s lashes were dark with tears. Naruto shook his head once, eyes kind in the dim light, and Sasuke thought he would break into a thousand pieces. He saw the strain in Naruto’s face; the exhaustion of long hours at work and even longer ones dealing with Sasuke.

“I always mess up,” Sasuke said, choking on the words. “I never do what’s right. Should just be there for you, and…”

A warm mouth covered Sasuke’s this time. “Shut up,” Naruto whispered. “Shoulda kept my promises. All those things I said about tonight and then took that all away. Wasn’t right, either. Never should have come tonight. Should just stayed home, held you. Always makes me feel better.”

Sasuke bit his lip as Naruto pulled him closer. The ache receded by degrees; the icy fear in his chest began to melt.

“Shoulda told you the shirt looked beautiful…you’re beautiful, Sas…” Naruto bent back to Sasuke’s mouth, kissed him with open eyes.

“Tell me you love me,” Sasuke pleaded, hands coming up to catch in Naruto’s hair and clutch at his shirt. He needed the words – needed to hear them after so many untruths. He needed to hear them and then feel them.

Naruto rolled his body over Sasuke's, who quietly gasped. He caught Naruto’s face in his hands, and his legs went up to lock around Naruto's waist.

“I love you more than anything, Sas,” Naruto said, holding Sasuke’s gaze. “I never thought…never doubted for a second, and I should never of said what I did. I’m-“

“Okay,” Sasuke said with a shaky sigh. “Okay.”

The next kiss began tenderly and quickly grew urgent. Sasuke struggled and ripped Naruto’s shirt as he got it off and over his head. Naruto didn’t seem to notice, and he dropped back down to Sasuke instantly. Bare skin rubbed together, making the men moan and sigh. Naruto’s tongue plunged and danced with Sasuke’s, and his body rolled while his hands wandered.

Sasuke reached down to try to undo Naruto’s pants, fingers scrabbling. Naruto’s kisses were Sasuke’s saving grace. Naruto’s touch was chasing all the fear away; all the anger, the guilt, the worry, the stupidity. He could kick himself later for being such a failure. He could apologize for a month with his body and care and tenderness. And he would – without a doubt.

But for now Sasuke knew that Naruto moving inside of him would feel like forgiveness, and Sasuke wanted to feel that and submit to it more than he wanted air.

“Here,” Naruto gasped, pulling away from Sasuke’s mouth and rolling onto his back. He reached and pushed the pants down while Sasuke undid Naruto’s boots and yanked them off his feet. The two men worked in a fumble and flurry of fabric and blanket for several seconds before falling back down together in a tangled embrace. Naruto grabbed the semi-rough comforter and got it down and out from under Sasuke’s tender back. The sheets beneath were soft, but Sasuke couldn’t feel discomfort – all he knew was need.

Naruto kissed Sasuke’s neck and bit down Sasuke's chest to suck hard at a nipple. A hand stole down Sasuke’s side and two fingers parted cheeks to push into slick heat.

“Yeah,” Sasuke panted, one hand tugging on Naruto’s hair. “Just…inside me, oh fuck, please…inside me…”

“I love you,” Naruto paused and gasped when Sasuke’s nails bit into his shoulder. “Demanding…” He bit the skin just above Sasuke’s nipple and aligned their bodies. The pattern of this dance was so choreographed and memorized that they didn’t need the words. They spoke because it got them hot, teased because it still felt amazing, and Naruto scissored his fingers because it made Sasuke gasp and buck up with an impatient frown.

“This what you want, baby?” Naruto whispered as he sank into Sasuke’s body. He braced on the bed with one elbow and pushed at the skin just below Sasuke’s tailbone with the other hand. Sasuke nodded his head and moaned, muscles clenching tightly around his lover. The fingers pressing just – there – made him shiver with every inch of Naruto’s slow slide into his body. He loved that there was no place Naruto wouldn’t touch. Loved that Naruto knew every part of his body like it was his own. But most of all, he loved that Naruto sounded more like himself.

Sasuke flexed his legs and thrust up against Naruto, making them both pant. “I want you to forgive me…”

Naruto looked down at Sasuke with lust-filled eyes and pulled slowly out of Sasuke's body to push back inside, hard and fast. “Like this?” Naruto husked. “That the kind of forgiveness you want?”

“Please…please…Master, please…” Sasuke felt dizzy again, his body hot and mind blanking except for the pleasure and the pressure of Naruto’s body, his weight, and his touch.

Naruto groaned and set a slow, hard pace that made Sasuke cry out and see colors when Naruto’s cock brushed his prostate. Sasuke reached up and caressed Naruto’s neck and chest, touching and encouraging with eyes, body, and hands.

The two moved with each other and spoke the soft words of affection and heat shared between two people accustomed to making love. The stone walls trapped the words and the affection and kept it safe: the room a diary of hurt and recovery, promise and pleasure.

Sasuke let go of himself and clung to Naruto, not letting Naruto move more than a mere rock into his body as Sasuke felt the edge get closer.

“I love you…”

“…need you…god, please…more…I’m sorry…”

“I’m sorry, too…”

“All my fault, you-“

“It’s okay, baby…it’s okay…”

“Oh god…you feel so…”

“…fucking good, baby, damn...”

Shit, yes…just like…oh my, God…”

Naruto pulled away to kiss Sasuke and then whisper over his lips. “Stroke yourself for me, Sas…I wanna watch you come for me.”

Sasuke reached down and obeyed without thought, and the pleasure became nearly painful as need crashed through his body. He choked on a hoarse cry and loosened his grip so Naruto could work him hard and fast.

“Look at me.”

Sasuke opened his eyes and his chest rose and fell in a rapid stutter as Naruto moved and loved Sasuke beyond the point of no return. Sasuke kept his eyes open and on Naruto’s as he came with a gasping shout and hard shudder. It felt almost too intimate, but it was what Master – what Naruto – wanted, and Sasuke would give him anything.

“Fucking beautiful,” Naruto whisper-growled and thrust harder into Sasuke’s willing body. Sasuke watched Naruto’s eyes clench shut and shoulders rock. He grunted and whined once before opening his eyes again, gaze desperate.

“Coming, baby…oh holy…

Sasuke cooed and sighed in satisfaction as Naruto came gasping, face open and vulnerable and flushed. Naruto’s body went taut and then boneless, and barely managed not to just crush Sasuke beneath him.

“Your back,” Naruto explained, breathless.

“Fuck my back,” Sasuke muttered, pulling Naruto closer. “Need this.”

“Me, too,” Naruto said quietly.


It was a long time before words broke the silence in the dim, stone room. Naruto lay on his side facing his lover. Sasuke lay on his stomach, and the two men held hands beneath their touching pillows.

“Your conference call,” Sasuke whispered, eyes opening in worry.

Naruto shook his head, eyes closed. “When you stalked off I emailed Maryanne and told her to move it. Don’t need to be on it…just being anal.”

“You care about those people. ‘s good thing,” Sasuke said.

Naruto grunted softly and shifted. He’d fed Sasuke enough pain pills to knock out a small horse, and by all rights Sasuke should be sound asleep. Yet Sasuke clung to consciousness like the stubborn brat he knew he was.



“Don’t spank Shika ever again.” The command held exactly no threat, however, and a yawn slurred the last two words.


Sasuke frowned and their eyes met. “Just…don’t.”

“Okay. But only if you swear not to call in Kiba ever again…”

Sasuke’s lips twitched. “Jealous?”

“Aren’t you?”

Sasuke pouted. “No…”

“Liar.” Naruto smiled, sunshine in summertime.

A lull, a handful of minutes, the quiet sounds of matched breathing…

“I’m…really…” Sasuke bit his lip.

“We both fucked up tonight, baby,” Naruto said, squeezing Sasuke’s hand. “And we’re not going to make these mistakes again. We have that code word for a reason – need to talk…” Naruto yawned. “Before we get all…whatever…”

“I swear to use it.”

“Me, too,” Naruto said seriously.

“Say it again…one more time…” Sasuke’s voice was sleepy, his eyes closed. Naruto looked at the dark lashes brushing pale skin and felt peace.

“I love you. Because I don’t know how to live without loving you.”

Sasuke sighed. “Love…too…”

“Sleep,” Naruto said.

And they did.

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