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Demented Ink.
Naruto Fanfiction // Breaking the Pattern // Part II 
2nd-May-2011 07:25 pm
cig mouth tie
Title: "Breaking the Pattern" -- Part II
Series: Monoshizukanohi//Naruto AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Drama/Romance/Kink
Rating: Overall Mature
Pairing: Naruto & Sasuke, also Neji/Shikamaru (reference)
Word Count: ~15,000 in Three Parts
Warnings/Notes: THIS section: language, angst, frot, nudity, implied sex, D/s relationships. Story is a continuation of the "Salvation," "Breaking Point," "Breaking the Rules," and "Checkmate" series. Overall warnings: anal, oral, impact play, toys, spanking, denial, etc.
Spoilers: None whatsoever.

Summary: After Sasuke talks to Shikamaru, he begins to wonder if it's possible to change parts of himself and his relationship for the better.

NOTE: Best to read "Checkmate" and this story together.
Story is a reward for Corsetcase, as she won the annual D/s Naruto contest in the fiction category over on Y!Gallery.

Café Sweet was always busy. The baked goods were made fresh every morning, the coffee came in more varieties than could fill two chalked boards behind the front counter, and the rainbow-colored tables and chairs were always occupied by families, businessmen, college kids, and the occasional homeless person. The owner, Kusajishi Yachiru, was a tiny woman whose hair changed color every time Sasuke saw her. Currently it was magenta, and her giggle filled the entire shop as she spoke to a regular ordering a lemon bar and a mocha.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and tried to focus on launching birds at piles of brick and wood. The game was a favorite, easy in its distraction, and he kept one eye on the front door and one on the phone's screen. He sat slumped at a table near the back with a clear view of the rest of the café, a massive mug of today's blend steaming in front of him. Sasuke hurt all over from lack of sleep and over-zealous workout, and his irritation level was an estimated twelve on a scale of one to five. Neji's warnings, however, still rang in his ears, and Sasuke's foot jiggled an erratic rhythm in a show of impatience as the clock nearby ticked to announce 11:35.

The chimes jangled, and Yachiru's piercing, "Uncle!" made Sasuke look up and watch a massive man in a white shirt, snug jeans, and dreadlocks hold the door for Shikamaru. The Nara ducked under the impressively muscled arm and nodded in thanks. The Nara weaved toward Sasuke's table, "Uncle" threw a lingering glance at Shika's ass, and then bent to pick up his babbling niece for a hug.

"Freaks," Sasuke muttered, dismissing the reunion and focusing on Shikamaru yanking out a chair and sitting down across from Sasuke.

"You're one to talk," Shikamaru said, smirking.

"And that makes us kinky twins separated at birth," Sasuke cooed through a fake smile.

"Watch it. That was almost endearing."

"And you're almost on time."

Shikamaru snorted, perusing a menu. "I'm closer than usual at Neji's insistence."

Sasuke set his phone to vibrate and tucked it out of sight. Of course the Nara was here as promised because of Neji. Living and happier for it because of all the things the Nara did in Neji's name, in Neji's service, because Neji wanted it. Sasuke's thumb nail dug a rivet into the table's polyurethane finish, and he tried desperately not to compare himself and what he didn't do for Naruto with the asshole across from him smiling up at the waitress.

"Regular coffee. Black."

"Sure!" said Taffy. All the staff were apparently renamed after various types of candy. Either that or it was the largest collection of God My Parents Hated Me Upon Conception that Sasuke'd ever seen. "Our lemon bars are to die for and two for six?"

"Sold," Shikamaru said.

"I'll bring them right over."

Taffy bounced away, Shikamaru shrugged out of his army surplus jacket, folded his hands in his lap, and cocked a brow at Sasuke.

"What?" Sasuke asked, stalling to give the nerves that made him nearly nauseous a chance to calm down.

"I don't know. You tell me."

"Shikamaru: ever the small talk champion." Sasuke almost reached for the piece of paper in his pocket with his notes for impending torturous conversation, but stopped himself from being a jackass at the last second.

"Sasuke: Duke of Deflection at the mercy of my prince of the realm."

Jerking at the jabbing reminder, Sasuke crossed his arms and leaned against the table, eyes flicking up in annoyance as the waitress dropped of coffee and pastries that made Sasuke's guts rumble in complaint at the mere smell. "Are you seriously going to eat that?"

"Yes," Shikamaru replied, forking up a bite. "Are you seriously going to waste my time while I do it?"

"Fine," Sasuke muttered. "So, thanks to that lovely conversation we had the other day--"

"Sasuke," Shikamaru droned, eyes level. "Don't bother me with the back story."

Insolent brat. "Look, you're the one--"

"We talked about what was already on your mind," Shikamaru interrupted. "You've been trying to figure out a way to tell Naruto that you're tired of fighting him for every inch and want to change. You can't get there from where you are. And you called me for advice because you think I'm qualified to give it and you're even contemplating listening. So why don't we cut to the chase: you tell me what you want to know, I tell you, and I can get out of here in less than the three hours it would take you to beat around the bush." He cut another bite of lemon bar, and Sasuke resisted the temptation to throw coffee in the man's face.

The Nara was aggravatingly and insultingly right, of course, and once Sasuke stopped imagining creative tortures to apply to Shika's nuts, he sighed and steadied himself. "So help me God, if you ever breathe a word of this to anyone…"

Shikamaru just stared at Sasuke, jaw working like a cow chewing cud with something like pity swirling in his brown eyes. Sasuke flicked a crumb off the tabletop and studied his nails. "It's come to my attention that you may, actually, know how to do what you do with the Hyuuga in a more…" Sasuke rolled words around on his tongue, and they all tasted like regurgitated vodka. "Formal. Capacity than I do, and I want to know how you… manage. That."

"You want me to tell you how to be a better submissive to Naruto." Shikamaru didn't make it a question, and Sasuke couldn't read the tone. His eyes snapped to meet the Nara's, and Sasuke tensed, silent as Shikamaru sipped coffee.

"All right," Shika said, putting a fist under his chin. "First thing's first: it's not all about Scene. Some of it's just being a good partner."

"Your faith in me is overwhelming," Sasuke drawled.

Shikamaru shoved aside the plate and ran a hand through his hair. "Sasuke, this is going to be hard enough on you and awkward enough for me without your goddamned snide remarks. Could you try to keep a handle on the self-defense mechanisms for ten minutes?"

Unsure of what to refute first, Sasuke scowled and stared at his shoes. He tugged at a fold of denim at his knee, wondered why he felt so close to breaking down into more fucking tears, and decided that would be a far worse hell than keeping his mouth shut.

"Thanks," Shikamaru said, entirely too nicely. "And for the record, I meant what I said when I told you to fess up to Naruto and stop fighting what you want. I think you can do it, I think Naruto will love it, and I think that means that I do, actually, have faith in your sorry ass."

Sasuke rolled his eyes and ignored the spark of hope in his guts. Probably just indigestion.

"Anyway," the Nara continued. "Being a good partner means pulling your weight. Doing things that better you so that you better each other, and supporting Naruto when he does the same thing."

Sasuke nodded, something relaxing within him as his plan to train and to find hobbies and maybe even occupation solidified in his brain.

"Good," Shika said. "You love the guy the way he needs and wants to be loved, and hell, only you know how the fuck to do that. I won't even touch that stuff as it, even more than the rest of this, isn't my business. But I will say that anticipating needs is important -- support, comfort, whatever. And you've got to walk this line between lover and sub. Be a good partner, but remind Naruto once in a while that you like him in control."

"How the hell do I do that?" Sasuke blurted, horrified at the possibilities of what he might have to do and the humiliation therein.

"Probably not the way you're thinking," Shikamaru said. "I do it by dropping the occasional 'Sir' in his ear. Reminding him of the last time we had fun, and he was calling all the shots. It's little stuff, Sasuke, not genuflecting every time the guy walks into the room."

It was sort of creepy how Shikamaru could damn near read minds. Sasuke shifted in his chair, hugging his chest. "Right. Whatever. Go on."

"Yeah," Shika said on a sigh. "Look, it's important to find the balance because you want Naruto to know you love all of him, not just the part that ties you up. But I know the guy; he gets off on somebody like you coming to him for what you need. Doesn't hurt to feed that once in a while. Doms need reassurance and the ability to give consent, too." Shikamaru paused, odd smile turning his lips. "Sometimes more than subs, if you ask me."

Sasuke didn't voice the obvious cutting retort because he couldn't stop thinking of Naruto's face when Sasuke held Naruto after they were done playing. Even after all these years, the old flash of nerves and guilt and worry still glowed in blue eyes, and Sasuke--

"Thank you." A kiss to Naruto's nose that makes him smile.

"No problem. Thank you," Naruto whispers, hand stroking Sasuke's back. "Love you. And love you like this…"

--sometimes tried to make the idiot relax. Let him know it was still okay; that it was always… okay.

"In this case," Shikamaru said. "It's important because you're changing the ballgame. You're both going to need reassurance, and that's part of the respect you give each other for the extra layer of Scene on top of your relationship. So, it's key that you wait until you're both rested and as unstressed as possible to have the conversation about what you want."

Sasuke dropped Shikamaru's gaze and squirmed in his chair, and the Nara chuckled.

"Look, I know it'll be hard to wait, but the last thing you want to do is hit up Naruto with the news that you want to restructure how you play and tell him what scene you want when the guy's jetlagged or…" Shikamaru paused, Sasuke's hand shook as he grabbed his mug, and he scowled. Coffee was cold.

"This isn't just about telling Naruto you're done fighting him for the control you want to give him, is it?" Shikamaru asked.

"The hell does that mean?" Sasuke snapped.

"You two don't talk about what you want."

This was, apparently, some sort of earth-shattering concept for the Nara, and Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Of course we do."

"Really?" Shika asked, unconvinced. "So you two plan out scenes, make time arrangements, talk it all through?"

Sasuke played with the ends of his hair. "Sure."


"Well, what?" Sasuke countered. "Do you do all that shit?"

"Yeah. We do."

"Every time?" It was Sasuke's turn to sound incredulous.

"Pretty much."

Sasuke's mouth worked, and when Taffy started toward the table he glared daggers at her until she retreated. "We talk," Sasuke insisted, feeling like the Nara was somehow deeming what he and Naruto did as wrong. "Naru tells me bullshit about what he wants to do next time we're at Break, and he knows what I like and don't. We're not some fucking pair of novices, you know."

"Uh huh," Shikamaru said, and the judgmental silence that followed made Sasuke's blood boil.

"Look, when Naruto wants to play, we play. And he fucking knows what he's doing."

"What about when you want to play?" Shika asked, calm and analytical.

"I have ways of letting him know," Sasuke said with a sniff.

"Like what?"

Like walking over and sitting on his lap when he's ignored me for days. Like crawling over with cuffs in my teeth and ignoring him when he says he's got shit to do. Like making sure he agrees to playing at Break when we go even if he doesn't want to. Like being an asshole and fighting when I know I should do anything but that. I fuck up. That's how I tell him what I want. "None of your business." Sasuke didn't know if he wanted to sink through his chair, punch the knowing look off the Nara's face, or go home and wait to crawl into Naruto's arms and beg forgiveness for so many slights he couldn't name them all.

"In the beginning it was nearly impossible to tell Neji what I wanted," Shikamaru mused.

"This isn't the damned beginning, Nara."

"It could be."

Sasuke's insides twisted and quaked, and for an awful moment he thought he was going to throw up. The whole situation felt too damned big: trying to do more for himself, and worrying about getting Naruto's approval for that; trying to be a better partner overall and worrying that he would somehow fuck that up like he did everything else; and, of course, changing his usual Whine Until He Gives In attitude for something more humane and even approaching patient meant facing the terror that Naruto might be crazy enough not to want that kind of… And if he didn't… then…

Sasuke swallowed bile, dragged his chair closer to the table, bent forward, and snagged Shikamaru's wrist. "What if he likes me… being…" Impossible. Stubborn. Stupid. A challenge.

"He'll like you happy more."

"You're so fucking sure," Sasuke said glaring at the second button on Shikamaru's shirt.

"I am."

Sasuke struggled against anger, pride, and fear and managed to win for once. "So if I'm… nicer and try to tell him… what I want… instead of…" Demand it. Expect it. Wish he could read my mind. "Imply. He'll… he won't…"

"No, Sasuke. He won't."

A comforting hand covered Sasuke's, and he managed a glance at a warm pair of eyes under a cocked brow. "Just don't expect miracles, Uchiha. I don't think you can ever be nice."

Barking an entirely unexpected laugh, Sasuke yanked away to collapse into his chair. "Asshole."


Sasuke snorted, swiped a finger under his lower eyelid to re-smudge liner. He ignored that it came away wet. "Fine," he sighed. "Tell me what to do."

"Get more coffee." Shikamaru stretched and grinned. "We might be here a while."

With an unimpressed grunt, Sasuke waved at the hovering Taffy. "Thanks," he muttered, watching the blond approach.

"Didn't want to do the Preserve's paperwork today, anyway."

"Shocking," Sasuke quipped, feeling better than he had in days, and hoping like hell this was a turning point and not a disaster waiting to explode in his damned face.


"I see him, sir," Randall said.

"Hn," Sasuke replied as the driver got out of the limo to help Naruto with his bags. Uzumaki Corp. had its own private planes, but Naruto actually liked to fly commercial when possible. First class commercial, certainly, but still… Sasuke shuddered, and curled up into the seat. He heard Naruto laugh, and his heart started to pound; felt the car rock when the trunk closed, and he fidgeted with a seam in the upholstery. Usually he didn't meet Naruto at the airport after trips; there were just too many of them and Sasuke saw Naruto at home, after all.

But after another sleepless night through which Sasuke managed not to drink, but only barely, and after pacing the ballroom until nearly noon when he knew Randall was going to go get Naruto from the airport, Sasuke said fuck it. He called their driver, arranged to be picked up, and now he felt unaccountably nervous. The windows were tinted, so Naruto wouldn't see Sasuke until he…

…opened up the car door, ducked inside, and gaped at Sasuke before grinning like a newborn sun god. "Hey!" Naruto cried, sliding across the bench to kiss Sasuke's lips with a gentle press of mouth that made Sasuke's cock stir and guts flutter as Randall shut them inside the rear compartment. "This is a nice surprise."

Apparently Sasuke could be nice, and he mentally flipped Shikamaru off for the millionth time today. "Hi," Sasuke said, mouthing the word again in disgusted shock as Naruto turned to get situated in the seat and turn his phone back on. Days of agonizing and all Sasuke could manage was fucking, "Hi?"

"You have somewhere to be?" Naruto asked, still smiling and resting his head against the seat as he gazed at Sasuke.

"No," Sasuke said, hugging one knee.

"Oh." Naruto's brow furrowed, and Sasuke could hear gears clanking through rust to work in Naruto's mind.

"I brought you something," Sasuke said, reaching for the small bar and opening the lid to the mini fridge.

"You did?" Naruto asked, and Sasuke ignored the raw shock in the tone. Honestly, he couldn't possibly be that inattentive and insensitive a boyfriend. Surely.

"Yeah." Sasuke removed a SunDrop -- Naruto's favorite soda. They were hard to find, more popular in the South, and so full of caffeine and sugar they could fell a herd of buffalo. But Naruto loved the damned things. Sasuke unscrewed the metal cap and handed it to Naruto.

"Ho' shit," Naruto said, laughing and taking a huge gulp.

"Figured you'd be tired. Thirsty. You know." Sasuke shrugged, lips trying to twitch into a smile to spite himself.

Naruto's raspy, Ahhh, of refreshment made Sasuke's eyebrows going up and down in self-satisfaction. "That's so good. Always get off planes feeling like I've been in the desert for ten years." He chuckled and glanced askance at Sasuke. "Ya going to tell me what you want now or later?"

Sasuke's heart stopped. "What?"

"Oh come on. You show up at the airport, bring me my Drop, lookin' all dolled up with the tight jeans and the sapphire earrings that I bought you last anniversary, and…" Naruto trailed off, teasing expression morphing into one of confusion and concern. "I mean--"

"Whatever." Sasuke had no fucking clue why he felt like Naruto just stabbed him with a katana, but he curled in on himself and jerked his head around to stare out the window.

"Dammit." Naruto set the drink down in a holder and drew closer. "Baby, I'm sorry."

"Don't be," Sasuke gritted, rubbing his arms. His flesh felt too tight, and he shut his eyes when a hand rubbed his back and another slid around to grip Sasuke's forearm. God but the simple touch was so incredible right now, and all Sasuke wanted to do was give in to it, but he stayed stock still and rigid.

"It's really sweet that you're here." Lips against Sasuke's hair, and his resolve began to crumble. "And I love that you brought me the drink." The backs of fingers pet the line of his throat, and Sasuke stifled a noise. "Tell me there's more?"

"Yeah," Sasuke whispered, turning almost enough to look at Naruto, but not quite. "There's more."

"Awesome," Naruto murmured. "Now c'mere, Sas. I missed you."

On his own Sasuke would never have spun and reached for Naruto, head down and sigh escaping as Naruto pulled Sasuke against a solid chest. Left to his own devices, Sasuke would never have settled into the strong embrace, rubbed his face against the softness of Naruto's shirt, clutched at one sleeve. He wouldn't have shivered while Naruto kissed his forehead and temple, and he certainly wouldn't have relaxed for the first time in weeks as Naruto rubbed his back.

But it was a commanded request from Sasuke's lover, boyfriend… Master, and Sasuke had to obey. Wanted to. He struggled to draw the lines between what he felt obliged to do by the terms of long, unspoken agreement and what he desired to do so that he could cut himself a slice of contentment, found the tangled weave of need too hard to manage, and concentrated on Naruto's heartbeat, instead. "I missed you, too," he said.

"Got ya, now, baby," Naruto answered. "I'm home."


By the time Naruto slid into bed and over to Sasuke to wrap and press their nude bodies together, Sasuke was a ball of exhausted, unacknowledged angst.

As it turned out, being attentive and loving was damned hard work. But Sasuke did exactly as he wanted and should do for Naruto: helped his lover unpack, brought Naruto dinner in the home office, didn't say a word about anything that bothered Sasuke or made him want to break crockery. He didn't even conjure a decent retort when Naruto teased him about the behavior--

"Who are you and what the hell did you do with my boyfriend, Sasuke?"

--tempting though it was. Sasuke silently conceded in the dark recesses of his mind that that Nara had several very rational points that turned out to be true: doing better by Naruto did make Sasuke feel better about himself. He didn't know if he could sustain it, didn't know if Naruto even really liked it, and had no clue how to bring up the other changes he wanted to make. But Naruto's genuine, Thank you, baby, and the quick kisses in between tasks made Sasuke warm all over; almost peaceful in the middle of his personal hurricane of disharmony.

"So," Naruto said, kissing Sasuke's shoulder. "You gonna tell me about it?"

Sasuke clenched his teeth. Oh, he dearly wanted to tell Naruto everything, and then ask for Naruto to please, for the love of God, tell Sasuke it was all going to be okay. Because Naruto was the only person alive whom Sasuke could ask for that kind of comfort, take it, and believe it. But Sasuke didn't know if that would put extra strain on Naruto, so he stayed quiet.

"I'm sorry I had to work when we got home," Naruto said. "I just had to--"

"It's fine," Sasuke said, and for once he meant it.

"I know, I know," Naruto continued, forehead against Sasuke's neck. "It's been days since I saw you, and believe me, I'd rather of spent the time with you, but--"

"Naruto. It's fine." Sasuke made an exasperated noise and rolled onto his back. "Doubt" and "Guilt" flashed in neon across Naruto's features, and Sasuke pet a stubbled jaw line. "I can… look after myself, you know." And amazingly, the words didn't come out as petulant or sarcastic: they were soft and merely true. Sasuke didn't know who was more shocked: himself or Naruto.

"Yeah," Naruto said. "Sure. You can. But…" He frowned. "Usually you don't want to after I've been gone is all…"

"You have work to do--"

"Which you hate," Naruto pointed out. Helpfully.

Sasuke blew a harsh breath. "Not… really. I'm… trying to be…" Patient. Kind. Understanding. A pussy. But it's a step up from selfish asshole. I think. "Nice."

Naruto cackled, Sasuke punched him, and squirmed to get away. "Hey, hey," Naruto said, wrestling Sasuke back under him. "It's not like I don't appreciate it, baby, but… nice ain't really you."

"So I hear," Sasuke deadpanned.

"And I like you," Naruto said like Sasuke didn't interrupt him. "Horny, prissy, bitchy--" Naruto caught Sasuke's fist and pushed it to the bed, grinning before it faded into a soft smile. "Sweet, tender, brilliant, witty… or nice. However you want to be." Big blue eyes that looked dark in the light thrown by the bedside lamp studied Sasuke for a breathless age. "You know I love you, right?"

Sasuke chewed at his lip ring until Naruto thumbed it out from beneath the onslaught of Sasuke's teeth. "But you wouldn't mind it if I was a little less…"

"Less what?" Naruto asked.

"I don't know…"

"Stubborn? Difficult? A pain in my ass?"

Sasuke gulped and couldn't make his vocal chords rise to the challenge of speech. This was it: the tipping point where hell could rise, heaven could fall, and Sasuke would be stuck in limbo for a screaming eternity. He lay there, waiting, and didn't know his eyes were closed, so the tender kiss startled him.

"I'm not easy, either, Sas," Naruto whispered. "I know I work too much. I know I'm moody. I've got a temper, and what's our record now for tryin' to out-stubborn the other?"

"Four weeks. You broke first."

Naruto chuckled, and it was the low, throaty one that made Sasuke's hair stand on end and hope for groaning good things to come. "Yeah. I know I did. Just like I know we're made for each other. Our kinds of crazy fit together." Naruto covered Sasuke's body with his. "In all kinds of ways."

"Hn," Sasuke intoned. Vaguely, he remembered Shikamaru saying something about not negotiating or talking Scene shit when having sex. Or was that making out? Touching at all? Sasuke couldn't remember, and who cared? Naruto loved him. Was here, and kissing his neck, and loved him.

"When you… get over the jetlag…" Sasuke broke to moan as Naruto's teeth bit his ear. "Got something I want to discuss."

"Knew it," Naruto murmured, hands sliding lower. "Something you want, baby?"

"Ass," Sasuke hissed, shoving at Naruto's shoulder while one traitorous leg wrapped around Naruto's waist. "It's not like that. Wasn't even supposed to mention it -- ah, God, yeah, stroke me -- yet…"

"Says who?" Naruto muttered, fist teasing Sasuke's cock awake.

"N-nobody…" And the stammer was totally forgivable as lips sucked at the bar through Sasuke's nipple, and the fist tightened to twist over Sasuke's dampening head.

"What you want to talk to me about, then?"

"Just… a… scene… that…" Sasuke had to stop talking because Naruto's tongue filled his mouth, danced with his, and Naruto switched his grip to stroke them both together.

"Scene?" Naruto rasped, licking at Sasuke's lower lip. "Somebody told you not to talk to me about a scene you want?"

Stroke, pull, kiss, taste, and Sasuke forgot why anything was ever difficult to talk about with this man. It'd been days and days and forever too long, and being this kind of close to Naruto made everything else vanish; there was nothing but heat, need, pleasure, and sometimes, if Sasuke was truly lucky or persuasive or conniving, there were rope burns, pain, and the sweetest kinds of torture. "He said I should wait…" Sasuke breathlessly husked.

"Who did?"


Naruto froze, levered himself over Sasuke, and Sasuke blinked at the clear and focused eyes that met his own. "You talked. To Nara. About something you want?"

Humiliation flood gates opened, and Sasuke whined an incoherent complaint. He struggled against a chuckling Naruto for three seconds until he got the chance to bite the bastard when Naruto tried to kiss him. Naruto hissed, bit back, harder and even more unforgiving, and Sasuke moaned through the sick yellow haze of discovery.

"Good boy," Naruto praised in that voice when Sasuke stopped fighting. "Now answer me."

Sasuke was all too familiar with the expression of unbendable will that contorted Naruto's features into something feral, frightening… fucking beautiful. "Yeah. I did." Sasuke debated on the title for long enough that it came out as a question. "Master?"

"Mm," Naruto grunted, kissing Sasuke again. "I like that you went to him." He rolled against Sasuke, made them both gasp.

"You do?"

"Yeah, baby, I do. But we can talk about it later. For now…" Naruto rebalanced his weight, reached between them, and Sasuke's back arch when he felt a single finger start to circle-press-massage around his asshole. The noise Sasuke made was one only Naruto could wring from him.

"Tell me what you want."

Sasuke wrapped his legs around Naruto; ineffectively tried to pull the man closer. "To… nnngh… to be good for you. Naruto. Master." And the words were close enough to bare bones honesty that Sasuke's head tossed to the side as though he could sling away reality.

"You're perfect for me, Sasuke," Naruto murmured. The voice in Sasuke's ears, Naruto's scent in his nostrils, taste on his tongue: all too perfect for someone like Sasuke.

"Always were," Naruto said, lips burning away doubts one feather brush at a time. "Always will be."

Sasuke's arms flew around Naruto's neck, and he held on, feeling ten kinds of undone and hard and desperate and relieved. "Tell me again?" he whispered.

"Love you." Naruto's fingertip pressed with more pressure, though he didn't push inside. "Now tell me what else you wanted."

"Okay…" Sasuke agreed, and it was so easy all of a sudden. Was it always like this when Naruto got him to this point? To that place where Sasuke didn't care what he had to do so long as Naruto … kept him? Sasuke didn't know if it was the fear culminating over the last few months and crashing over the last couple of days that now vanished beneath Naruto's willpower or if it was just the natural course of events that would frequently happen if Sasuke fought less and spoke up more.

And it didn't matter. Because Sasuke told Naruto in whispers tinged with moans and pleas for more exactly what he wanted, and Naruto even let Sasuke get almost through the explanation before mouths crushed words to single syllables of shared need and bodies transformed chosen pieces of fantasy into reality.

3rd-May-2011 12:13 pm (UTC)
Though Shikamaru and Sasuke don't appear to get on, I think they may turn out to be odd friends and I really like that thought. Sasuke needs friends and Shikamaru doesn't take his defensive shit.
IT was really great to see Sasuke trying, to actually feel his nervousness and worry, it made me feel rteally awkward on his behalf. Gotta love Naruto, that lovely man know's just the right thing to say and do for Sas'.
Great job sweets - can't wait for the last part!
25th-May-2011 09:32 pm (UTC)
I think they *could* be friends. Some part of Sasuke (albeit one buried next to his spleen) obviously thinks the man knows what he's talking about, so maybe... just maybe...

Thank you, love. <3
26th-May-2011 07:38 am (UTC)
LOL, yeah such a Sasuke thing to do. but it's there subconciously :)
4th-May-2011 12:20 pm (UTC)
Oh my, I love this. They really do love and understand each other...gosh, the tender moment when they're both in bed makes me want to squeal!
25th-May-2011 09:32 pm (UTC)
Aww, so happy you enjoyed! Thank you. <3
5th-May-2011 07:37 pm (UTC)
The blunt, no nonsense way Shika has with Sas is exactly what he needs. (no pussyfooting in sight) : D
While I really enjoy their discussions and banter (lol), I can see how/why Sas puts himslef through it for the greater good. He deep down respects him, albeit grudgingly, leading him to turn to him for answers and guidance. What may seem so simple on the surface is nothing but when dealing with your own faults and insecurities. It's damn near impossible to see the obvious, thus enters Shika to bang Sas over the head with brutal truth... in all it's simplicity. Score for Sasuke finally opening up to not only Naruto but himself as well. His "fall" is destined to be beautiful.
25th-May-2011 09:33 pm (UTC)
*smiles* Sometimes it definitely takes a brick to the head, and in this case, I think Sasuke was actually *looking* for it. Needing it, in his own stubborn way.

And yes, it's lovely to write Sasuke trying to do good by himself and those he loves.

Thank you!
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