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Demented Ink.
Naruto Fanfiction // Breaking the Pattern // Part III 
5th-May-2011 08:50 pm
cig mouth tie
Title: "Breaking the Pattern" -- Part III Final
Series: Monoshizukanohi//Naruto AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Drama/Romance/Kink
Rating: Overall Mature
Pairing: Naruto & Sasuke, also Neji/Shikamaru (reference)
Word Count: ~15,000 in Three Parts
Warnings/Notes: THIS section: language, angst, toys, impact play, m/m sex, oral, nudity. Story is a continuation of the "Salvation," "Breaking Point," "Breaking the Rules," and "Checkmate" series. Overall warnings: anal, oral, impact play, toys, spanking, denial, etc.
Spoilers: None whatsoever.

Summary: After Sasuke talks to Shikamaru, he begins to wonder if it's possible to change parts of himself and his relationship for the better.

NOTE: Best to read "Checkmate" and this story together.
Story is a reward for Corsetcase, as she won the annual D/s Naruto contest in the fiction category over on Y!Gallery.

Sasuke stood at the closed bedroom door and willed himself to turn the knob and go inside. For the third time, his hand rose, almost reached the goal, and then retreated.

"Shit," Sasuke muttered, shifting his weight from one foot to the other and attempting to silence the long stream of self-deprecation running ruts in his mind. He knew what lay beyond the door: the room he shared with Naruto, the makings of a scene Sasuke confessed he wanted, and, of course, Master. Nothing unexpected, nothing that could hurt him, nothing even remotely worthy of this unfettered apprehension making his palms sweat, his breath quicken, and his heart race.

Such a reaction was just asinine, really.

Granted, this was the first time they'd planned out this much Scene in a very long while. If ever. And that organization happened three days ago, which was also unusual as Sasuke had to worship at the altar of delayed gratification. Sasuke snorted, reached for the handle again, and started shaking all over. He snatched his fingers away and rubbed at his arms. Jesus, this was never going to work. Sasuke was going to have to start life anew in this blasted hallway because he couldn't grow the balls to go through a doorway. He knew he was late for their rendezvous, and cords of anxiety heated to red wires in his guts; twisted and tried to make his feet work to carry him forward, but even though a whimper that he would never admit to making spilled from his lips, he stayed frozen in a coward's hell.

This was ridiculous. Even in the beginning it was never this… hard. Though again, Sasuke conceded, they never gave each other much time to think or anticipate back in those days. Scene sprang up between them like a happy, insane accident. Sasuke wasn't even sure how it started, really; Naruto spanking him during sex, maybe, or asking to tie Sasuke to something while they fucked. He remembered the first time Naruto bound his hands behind his back and used Sasuke's mouth until Naruto came with a hoarse scream. Afterward Sasuke -- a teenager with the self-control of a gnat -- orgasmed with one stroke to his cock. And he nearly blacked out.

Sasuke stretched his neck side to side and adjusted himself through the thin, loose, cotton pants. The only other thing he wore was a simple black collar, and he stroked it as he tried to calm down, put himself together, and get on with it. Yes, it usually wasn't this difficult, yes, he had all kinds of inklings why this was causing him problems, and no, he didn't want to think about it because if he did, he really would grow roots to the spot.

Instead, he closed his eyes and recalled Naruto's panting face after that first bound blow job; heard the blond say, Oh hell they had to try that again. Sasuke fingered the collar and leaned against the wall as he recalled the first hit of a flogger, a crop, a wooden cooking spoon. A vision of Naruto: amazed and proud and riding the high. A memory of himself: breaking down and reveling in how good it was to be held. To just feel something that wasn't complicated or forbidden or weak. To be happy because Naruto was and hoping that was all Sasuke ever needed to feel again.

And before Sasuke could conjure everything that came after that moment -- all the fights, Itachi's betrayal, the stupid crash courses in kink with the fucking Hyuuga and damned Inuzuka, Jiraiya's death, the long discussions about Break and Naruto's involvement in it, and all the change and turmoil and fuck ups -- Sasuke clutched the door's handle, turned it, stepped into the Master's Suite, and froze.

Candles. Dozens and dozens of tea lights and pillar candles lit the room and filled the air with a faint, sweet scent. They covered the dressers, the tables, and every available surface, and Sasuke's breath caught in his throat. Lighting wasn't covered in the negotiations at all, and Sasuke covered his mouth with his hand to hide a pleased smirk at his sentimental fool of a Master.

"Decided to join me?" Naruto drawled, and Sasuke's shoulders crept toward his ears as he closed the door. He glanced around until he spotted a lounging figure on a sofa in the seating area near a bank of windows. Naruto was shirtless, his lower half clad in shiny, dark pants -- dear God, let them be the leather ones that smelled like a tannery -- and he beckoned to Sasuke without taking his arm off the back of the couch. "C'mere, already."

"I'm sorry, Master," Sasuke said, gaze on the ground as he walked. Naruto grunted, genuinely displeased, and Sasuke resisted the temptation to wince. Great. This might be a new record: screwing something up when he asked for this, knew exactly what was expected, and the scene had yet to start.

An image of the Nara's sleepy-eyed face floated up in Sasuke's mind, and when his toes touched the rug under the couch and chairs, Sasuke gracefully fell to his hands and knees. It took him a second to get over the abject hatred of such an obvious show of remorse and subservience, but he managed to crawl the rest of the way, stopping in front of Naruto's knees. Sasuke's master was barefoot and most definitely wearing Sasuke's favorite pants.

"Nice," Naruto said, and Sasuke sat back on his heels in two kinds of relief. "What kept you?"

"I got tied up with something on the--" Sasuke began, but stopped when Naruto slowly leaned forward to rest forearms on his thighs. The weight of inspection pressed on Sasuke's shoulders, and the lie died in Sasuke's throat.

"Try again," Naruto ordered.

"I had trouble with the door, Master," Sasuke said.


Christ, Naruto really wasn't going to cut him any slack. Damn it. Sasuke ground his teeth, breathed deeply through his nose, and put his arms behind his back to stop himself from fidgeting. "It was hard to open, Master. Hard to walk… through it."

Sasuke wanted a stiff drink to ease the flush creeping up his cheeks and the embittered embarrassment rolling in his stomach. But just before the recrimination reached a crescendo, a palm cupped his cheek. Sasuke leaned into it like a lifeline. An old habit: wanting and sometimes even grasping at Naruto's offerings of peace.

"And is it as bad as you thought on this side?" Naruto asked.

"No, Master," Sasuke answered, turning to kiss Naruto's hand. He hesitated, fought down pride, and finally murmured, "The candles are nice, Master. Thank you."

"You're pretty in firelight, boy." Naruto's touch retreated. "Now strip."

Sasuke knew better than to stand up to take off his pants -- if Naruto sat, then Sasuke did his best to stay physically lower than Master unless bound and unable to control it -- so he dutifully rolled onto his backside and shimmied out of clothing before tossing it over the arm of a chair and getting back onto his knees.

"Very nice," Naruto said, sitting upright and spreading his legs. "Come closer."

Eager but hoping it didn't show too much, Sasuke did his best sensuous slide and repositioned himself between Naruto's thighs. He kept his eyes down, his hands behind his back, and let go of a shuddering breath as firm, warm touches smoothed over hair, neck, shoulders, arms, back, and sides. Naruto urged Sasuke to lean against Naruto's chest, and Sasuke bit his tongue on sounds of pleasure as fingers dug into the flesh of his ass; squeezed.

"I'm never going to get tired of touchin' you," Naruto murmured, and Sasuke had to work in earnest to stifle a whimper. He blinked and shook his head to clear it, field of vision already narrowing to couch, Naruto, and the drapes covering the windows. A fist gripped Sasuke's hair and slowly twisted to increase the pressure until Sasuke grunted. Naruto yanked Sasuke backward, and panic flash-fired anew: angry? Impatient? Did he mess up and not even fucking know it?

Sasuke's scrabbled to clutch at Naruto's shin, pawing at silky leather, and it became a fight to keep his eyes off Naruto's, whose face loomed so near they could share the same breath.


The single word spoken with authority and unbridled affection turned Sasuke's knees to water. He didn't answer, didn't move, and forgot to breathe.

Fighting. Fuck… I'm fighting…and I don't know how to stop. I really don't. I'm so fucked. So very screwed in the head. I wanted this. Want… want… and shit, I'm going to lose before I even get a chance to play, and--

"Look at me."

A fast gasp escaped before Sasuke trapped air in his chest. He locked gazes with Naruto's, licked his dry lips as Naruto smiled -- brilliant even in the darkness.

"There's my good boy," Naruto said, and sighed, though the hand in Sasuke's hair kept its pressure. "I love you, Sasuke."

The words -- the ones Sasuke always needed to hear, and spoken now even when he was late, had almost lied, stopped himself from feeling what Naruto--

A hand loosely closing over Sasuke's throat made all thought evaporate. "And I want you to do somethin' for me," Naruto said.

"Of course, Master," Sasuke whispered on autopilot.

"Want you to say somethin' after me, all right? Repeat it."

"Yes, Master," Sasuke said, the words true in intent but lost in clarity because Naruto's thumb stroked over his pulse, and God but it felt--

"I, Sasuke," Naruto said, and Sasuke scrambled brain cells to figure out he needed to crow the words back to Naruto, which he did.

Naruto smiled and nodded. "Want to be here to participate in the scene that will follow."

"…want…" Sasuke tried not to stall too long on such a weighted cluster of letters. "To be here to participate in the scene that will follow."

Another nod, a deep flicker in Naruto's eyes lit by flames -- hunger, possession, need -- and his lips hovered over Sasuke's; made Sasuke ache to relearn their texture. "And I willingly submit to my master's control."

Sasuke swallowed, his fingers tightened on Naruto's leg, and when he waited for a heartbeat too long, Naruto pulled back his head to further expose Sasuke's throat. Hot breath bathed the thin skin under Sasuke's chin, his cock jumped, and finally Sasuke rasped a tiny cry, chest heaving. "And I willingly submit to Master's control," he repeated in a hushed rush.

"Good boy," Naruto praised, and Sasuke struggled not to squirm while silken lips pressed faint kisses along his jaw, behind his ear, and scorched a painfully slow line down his throat. His neck screamed at the angle, his scalp tingle-burned with the taut pressure, and he shivered when the kisses didn't grow urgent or harder. Sensations crept up and down tight tendons -- press, hint of lick, barest suckle -- and Sasuke bit the inside of his cheek when the bar through his nipple got trapped between an unforgiving thumb and forefinger.

A pull, a flick, a tease, and a gradually increasing pinch to pure pain, and arousal shot down Sasuke's spine and bowed it. "Nnn--oh…"

"Very sweet, boy," Naruto said to the hollow between Sasuke's collar bones. "I love how you like the little things." He released Sasuke, inspiring a mad scramble to stay upright. "Get on the couch and lie down, head in my lap."

Dizzy and wondering at the reaction, Sasuke fumbled his way onto the sofa. Distantly, the analytical part of his brain not completely caught up in the awkward dance of trying to lay flat with a bobbing erection and command in mind marveled at how the friction of fabric awakened his skin; how he breathed in deep gulps as he stared at Master's fly; how he quietly groaned as hands guided him down, turned his head to face Naruto, and Sasuke slammed into a sensory wall. The smell of well-worn leather and the muted musk of Master's groin, the slight give in the heavy muscles of Master's legs, the tempting line of Master's cock which Sasuke did not mouth, did not tongue, though suddenly the entire world was comprised of only those desires.

"Arms around me, boy," Naruto ordered, and Sasuke moved to cling to Master. A hand kept his head pressed firmly against Naruto, made breathing an effort, and another roamed up and down Sasuke's bare back. "God, you're so fuckin' beautiful."

Sasuke whined, lips parting to speak, and fuck all but he wanted to tease and taste Master, but there'd been no command to do so, no permission given, and he wanted to behave more than he wanted to get Master from half to fully hard. The weights and measures of impulse versus rule made the room whirl.

"Gonna warm you up a little, boy," Naruto husked, and chuckled when Sasuke's arms tightened into a desperate grip. "And I know what you wanna do."

"Please…" Sasuke said, hoping the plea translated if the word itself did not.

"Ya wanna blow me through leather, boy?" Naruto asked, and Sasuke almost answered before nails scraping down his back to the crack of his ass made him tense-dance-whine, instead.

"Well?" A fierce squeeze to one globe of Sasuke's ass, and Sasuke nodded as a single consonant of solicitude spilled against Master's thigh.

"Yes, Master."

"Think you earned that?"

"No, Master," Sasuke said, shaking his head. "I'm sor--nnnah!" Master's finger traced, probed, and dove into the split of Sasuke's ass; pressed a line over flexing hole and brushed tightening balls.

"I disagree, boy," Naruto commented, and Sasuke's heart skipped rhythm as he tried to sort out if Master's differing opinion was a good thing or a bad thing, here.

"Hard as fuck to come in here knowing you have to be my perfect boy," Naruto murmured, and Sasuke tried to listen though the face-full of Master's crotch and the finger and hand so close to where and what he wanted made it nigh on impossible.

"And you crawled so damned nice, and I know it's rough for you on your knees."

Yes, so hard, so close, so near, and I want and can't and you're the only--

"Shh," Naruto soothed, and Sasuke slammed his traitorous mouth shut. "I know, little one, I know." The affection and the massaging fingertip murdered resistance and slaughtered shame.

"With me?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, Master," Sasuke answered.

"Good. Because after the first swat, boy, you get to go at me. Much as you want while I make your skin glow."

"Oh God…" Sasuke got granted enough clarity to be amazed at how undone he already felt, and hell, this part wasn't even the scene's entrée. This was appetizer, and Sasuke was starving.

"Thank you, Master," Sasuke managed when Naruto's touch retreated but Master didn't say anything. And he repeated his gratitude a handful of seconds later when still nothing happened, and Sasuke could only stare at the fireworks of red flickering on the backs of closed eyelids. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, and finally Sasuke whimpered, Master laughed -- low, throaty, cruel -- and a palm collided with Sasuke's ass.

"Mmmyes…" Sasuke hissed in relief, diving for Master's dick trapped under slick fabric soon made slicker by Sasuke's saliva. He buried himself in the task, jumping as a set of spanks woke up every nerve ending from the waist down, and Sasuke groaned as Master sighed above him.

"Good boy. Just like that."

Sasuke ducked to nuzzle and lap at covered balls, dying to taste the skin and settling for questing harder to apply pressure to familiar shapes. Master's legs went wider, gave Sasuke more room to maneuver, and Naruto's nearly inaudible tone of pleasure resound-rebounded in Sasuke's mind. He cried out in earnest for the first time as Master did a fast, solid, repetitious one-two pattern: left cheek, right cheek, pause repeat, and Sasuke covered Master's rigid shaft with his mouth to muffle himself. He sucked at the wide head with a slurp that echoed in his ears, his face wet with his own fluids, and he arched when Master rolled and kneaded heated skin before swatting again… and again… and…

"Oh, God… Master… please..." Sasuke begged, though he had no idea for what, and a whine ripped through the air when Master suddenly stopped. A fist gripped his hair, tugged Sasuke away from the leather-clad prize, and he panted in disappointment, desire, and deferential haze.

"Such a sweet little cockslut," Naruto cooed, and Sasuke shivered from head to toe as the dirty endearment gave permission, cut through restraint with base truth and unlocked rooms of hidden desires. He moaned and didn't care that the tone was broken with pure want.

"That's it," Naruto murmured, rolling Sasuke; moving him and bending until their mouths nearly met. "So good for me, baby, when you just let go."

The kiss was messy, urgent, and made of entwining tongues and rumbling moans. Master's arms braced Sasuke in a harsh hold, and Sasuke found the back of Master's neck and scraped skin in a grounding clench. Time slipped, Sasuke's body relaxed, backside burning, cock full, and lips swollen when Master finally broke their connection. Master pressed them flush; hugged Sasuke and stroked his back until Sasuke didn't care what or if anything came next. It felt so, so good to be…

Wanted. His. Here. Loved. Held. Desired.

"Perfect, boy," Naruto said. "Ready for more?"

"Yes, Master," Sasuke answered immediately, a pang of lust igniting in loins and nuts and making him shudder.

"Good. Get up and go to the bed. Stand next to it and wait for me."

"Yes, Master," Sasuke intoned, scrambling out of the embrace to stand. Hands steadied his waist, and Sasuke bit his lip. Moments ago crawling was at the bottom of Sasuke's desires list. Now all he could think about was the view it would give Master, the hope that it would inspire caught breath or more praise or another kiss. God, Sasuke would do anything for another taste of Master's tongue.

Sasuke trembled, felt faint fingertips stroke his flank, and stared at the floor. "Master… may I… may I c-crawl? To the…"

"Knees, boy, now," Naruto barked, and Sasuke hit the rug with jarring force. Master stepped in front of Sasuke, gripped hair and shoulder, and shoved Sasuke against Master's thigh. Sasuke whined half in shock and half in gratitude, and again he waited while listening to Master breathe.

"Tell me why you want to crawl, boy," Naruto commanded, and Sasuke noted the threads of suspicious concern. They inched into Sasuke's heart like stubborn vines through cracks; seeking and sundering reluctance.

"To please you, Master," Sasuke whispered.

For a long moment, Master didn't speak, though Master pet Sasuke's neck and cheek, letting Sasuke know everything was all right. A shaky inhalation gave Sasuke a second's warning before Master bent to kiss Sasuke for a blissful moment. And when Master broke away, Sasuke smiled in delight as he realized he'd shocked the other man.

"I'd love to see that," Naruto said, standing straight. "Do it." And he let go to step away and allow Sasuke to fall forward.

"Yes, Master," Sasuke said, making his way across the room. He was immediately pleased with his decision as crawling was challenging enough; he didn't really want to think about fighting gravity and balance while vertical.

And Master's quiet sound of appreciation sealed the deal on best choice of the night so far.

When Sasuke reached their bed, he rose using the footboard as leverage. A warm body pressed flush against his back, fingers slithered up his sides to find, caress, and pluck both nipples, and Sasuke ground back against Master while syllables of anticipation spilled from his lips.

"Like what you see?" Naruto asked, and Sasuke's knees trembled.

The covers were folded down at the base of the mattress, pillows piled at the top out of the way. Lying on the sheet were six things: three requested, two required, and one unexpected. The crop was Naruto's favorite -- well-loved and plain black, the business end was small and stung with a pleasing crack. The portable stocks were handmade by Tenzou, commissioned and bought back when Tenzou still made such things. Stained dark and polished to a smooth shine, the stocks were simple in construction: four holes, two for wrists, two for ankles. They closed on a hinge and locked into place with a simple clasp. The stocks sat low on any flat surface, which made them more comfortable to stay in for longer periods of time.

The third requested item made Sasuke's balls throb and saliva pool on his tongue. Often called a "humbler," the device came in two wooden pieces, and both curved to fit against the back of Sasuke's thighs. Once the lower half was in place, Master would put Sasuke's nuts in a groove cut in the middle. The top half closed and snapped into place, effectively trapping Sasuke's balls in a vice and preventing him from standing. Any movement at all tugged and stretched and reminded. Their humbler was also a Tenzou special, and the dimensions were Sasuke specific.

Lube and a massage pillow were the two required items, the second included so when Sasuke was stocked with his balls in a clamp he could rest face down on the pillow and still breathe. But the final thing…

"Blindfold?" Sasuke whispered, alarm and panic surging before fading under the tingling pleasure of Master's fingers over Sasuke's skin, Master's lips at his nape.

"Something to say, boy?" Naruto asked, though gently and pausing in his ministrations. Sasuke hated blindfolds. Something about his sight being taken always made him feel undone way too fast. His knees buckled, Master held him, and mutely, Sasuke shook his head.

"Sas?" Naruto pressed.

"No, Master," Sasuke answered, and the room tipped, vertigo swaying Sasuke in a slow waltz. "Nothing to say."

"Mmm…" Naruto's delighted hum preceded a vicious twist to Sasuke's nipples and grind against Sasuke's ass that made him want to beg to be fucked, filled, taken.

"On the bed, boy. Ankles in the stocks."

"Oooh..." Sasuke groaned, clambering to comply. "Yes… Master…" he whispered as he got to the middle of the bed, put his back to the device, feet into the half-holes, and fell forward. The hard press of wood made him groan, head lolling. Master followed, and Sasuke sighed when hands roamed over his ass and thighs.

"Give me your arms, baby," Naruto said, and the entire room did a sick-dip-roll as Sasuke got his chest to the bed and reached back. Master's sounds oozed praise, but Sasuke couldn't force himself to decipher real words as he felt wood on the tops of his wrists. A second later and the stocks swung closed, the clasp clicked, and Sasuke lay with his hands in the outer holes, ankles in the middle ones, ass in the air, cheek to the sheet, eyes squeezed shut. He flexed to feel the entrapment, how moving earned him nothing approaching freedom, and he sucked in a heaving breath when more wood brushed his legs.

"Nnngh-fuck… Master, oh…" Sasuke hissed, mouth not entirely connected to his brain as every ounce of his focus flew to the feel of Master's hands cupping his balls. Lifted, pulled, rested, placed, and Sasuke made fists as the humbler clacked shut. The fit was loose enough that there was no circulation danger, snug enough that Sasuke always felt it -- a constant reminding pressure on his sac -- but only shifting or flinching inspired discomfort or pain.

"Oh!" Sasuke yelped when lips brushed his trapped nuts and made him jerk. Master's husky chuckle rocked and rattled Sasuke's insides. He felt the stocks, the sharp slice of warning bloom in his groin, and the vulnerability hit him in continual waves. Again, a vague but calm voice of reason pointed out that Sasuke was sinking fast, sliding under, and it shouted at Sasuke when Master bodily moved him to rest on the massage pillow. The voice wanted him to pay attention, fight for cognisant thought, and Sasuke grumbled to himself as panic spiked.

"Got you, boy," Naruto said, and cool satin covered Sasuke's eyes; made him whine while he tilted his head to help Master slip the band over Sasuke's hair. "You're mine, and I've got you." Fingers touched neck, pet the line of Sasuke's spine. "Safe, gorgeous, and perfect." A kiss to the corner of Sasuke's mouth before a firmer one caught his lower lip, and Sasuke choked on desperate, demanding, delight.

"Tell me…?" Sasuke croaked, stunned that he would say such a thing now. Something about that wasn't right… wasn't something he should…

"Love you, Sasuke," Naruto said, kissing his shoulder. And then, reverberating and consuming: "Love you." Lips, tongue, hands, and Master was everywhere at once.

"Whose…" Sasuke rasped, writhing and calling out and shocking himself at the volume of his own voice.

"Mine," Naruto said with ten tons of possessive pride. "You're mine, boy."

"Oh… oh…" Sasuke couldn't do much more than moan and babble as Master repositioned on the bed, touch never leaving Sasuke's hyper-alive skin. Sasuke couldn't delineate events -- couldn't see, couldn't escape, couldn't do anything except submit to the freedom of Master's control -- and when he felt the press of Master's side, fingers span his ass, a thumb cover his entrance, and the tickle of leather draw a pattern on his thigh, Sasuke's mind filled with gray void. His cock twitched in incessant unanswered need, his lips went numb, and the first blow of the crop wrung a rasping wail from his lungs.

"Please, please, oh God, Master, please!" At that moment, Sasuke didn't know if he wanted another strike or if he was just insane with the desire to stay suspended like this: flying through reversed gravity surrounded by Master.


The order filled Sasuke with purpose, made him twist with effort and hiss through his teeth when his balls caught. "Two!" he barked as the crop bit at his skin, and he writhed while Master spent eons tracing the blossoming red mark. It was long enough that Sasuke coughed a sound of shock before biting, "Three, four, five!" as the lick-lash moved from ass down thigh. The hits were not kind. They weren't warm up. And the spot-sting sensations erupted and eclipsed all else.

"Six, seven, eight!" The strikes stung in fiery blooms, some falling where they'd already tread. "N-nine -- oooh, shit," Sasuke rasped as the next rap tapped his testicles. Not a strike, and certainly not a hit; merely a loving graze followed by another -- "Ten, Master!" -- and the crop kept taunting Sasuke's balls and striking his thighs until Sasuke's count dwindled to a slurred whisper that vaguely represented a numeral.

"Very good, boy." The praise burned like a star from Sasuke's center, a faint swipe of crop coupled with a circling thumb over eager hole, and Sasuke couldn't form sensible syllables.

"You're so goddamned hot like this, boy," Naruto said, bed shifting again. "Trapped…" Breath over entrance.

"Oh God, oh fuck, oh please…"

"Begging me…" A kiss, a bite, and someone cried out a horrific curse.

"Giving in…" A lick and sharp suck to the ring of muscle that wanted to be breached so badly that Sasuke though flames scorched his flesh; overheated, feverish, he was going to explode.

"Oh GOD!"

Hands spread Sasuke, nails bit, and Master rimmed him with a wet slip of moving, undulating tongue. Teeth scraped, and Sasuke shook in open-mouthed silence until Master moved down and lapped at his nuts.

"Naru, please..."

A heady moan reached Sasuke's ears, and pain shot up his arms: he struggled against the stocks with enough force to bruise, but fuck all in heaven and hell if he cared. Master sucked at one ball, and Sasuke spoke in a frantic, incoherent blur of warning. Current flew down his spine, lava pooled in his gut as Naruto licked back up to plunge into Sasuke, and imminent release was upon Sasuke so fast it made him choke, cough, gag on his own spit.

"I'm… I'm gonna… I can't…"

The head of Sasuke's cock tingled, his balls were agonizingly tight in their confines, and he moaned Master's name in a steady sobbing whine, rocking into the thrusting tongue, longing for it to be fingers, toy, dick, anything. White noise roared in his ears, and everything froze in devastating, crack-crumbling reality as Naruto fisted Sasuke's weeping length and stroked from base to head in one, long, wet, slide.

Sasuke came.

The pleasure ripped Sasuke apart, swept him over an edge, and flung his pieces down off a cliff's edge to crash land in undiluted pleasure, uncertainty, and fear. Everything was amazing -- brilliant. Like his soul just woke up from a nap to smile at him and rejoin the rest of him, and that meant bad things… so something must be…

"Baby, hang on…"

Something was going on with his body, but Sasuke didn't know what. Didn't care. He was too busy waiting for the earth to swallow him in an unforgiving maw, though distantly he heard someone begging and pleading for understanding.

"I know, Sas, I know…"

Suddenly he could move -- was moving -- but not on his own accord. Naruto -- Master -- scooped him up and wrapped around him. Shaking, shivering, covered in sweat and semen and all he could feel was--

"I love you, too, baby. Right here. Got you."

Sasuke blinked, found he could see, and a stone dropped into a still, silent pond: over and over, Sasuke whispered the same three words:

"I love you."

"Shhh…" Naruto -- petting, touching, holding tight. Sasuke -- trembling, clinging, sobbing hard. "I know, Sas. I know."

"I… I…" Sasuke caught his breath and clung to it. "I screwed up…?" Sasuke hiccoughed.

"You're amazing," Naruto answered.

"But I…"

"Never seen anything so incredible in my life, Sasuke."

"But… but… you didn't tell me I could--"

"You couldn't have pleased me more."

Lips to his hair, a shift and a kiss to his mouth. Sasuke blinked at wet blue eyes and touched Naruto's cheek in confusion. Naruto pushed Sasuke's hair back out of his face. "You're always exactly what I want."

Sasuke's chest hitched in a sob he couldn't quite stop or feel bad about, and he shook his head. "But I… wanted to be better for you."

"Baby, you're breakin' my heart. You're wonder--"

"No," Sasuke said, swallowing and clearer. "I'm not. I know I'm not. You were shocked I brought you a damned drink, and… I couldn't even get here when I said. And I love… love you. So much. Naru…" Sasuke felt like he couldn't fill his lungs fast enough. "You're what I want. You're what I always want. And I never…" A kiss silenced Sasuke, and after an insistent second, he returned it.

"Sasuke," Naruto said in the rich voice that inspired attention despite all else. "Look at me and listen."

Sasuke obeyed, and Naruto kissed him, light and quick, until Sasuke's breathing took on sturdier undertones.

"There's my boy," Naruto whispered. "That's better."

Sasuke nodded, trying to calm down and hear what Naruto had to say. Sasuke didn't want to miss a single consonant ever again.

"You show me every day you love me, Sasuke."

Sasuke almost interrupted, caught the warning gleam in Naruto's eyes, and shut his mouth. Fingertips traced the shape of his face, made him shiver, and Naruto pulled the covers higher on Sasuke's shoulder. Sasuke blinked; he had no idea when the hell those had appeared.

"The way I figure, you're beautiful, brilliant, powerful, and can do anything you want if you put your mind and will behind it." As Naruto spoke -- slow, rumbling, deeper than normal -- Sasuke's breathing grew deeper, his tears flowed, but silently, and he unwound in Naruto's arms.

"Sure, you've got flaws and baggage, but everybody does. And Sas, I may tease you about it, but the truth is I think you'd be fine on your own." Naruto swallowed, and Sasuke kissed his chin. "Don't want that. Don't ever want that, but you could do it. I mean it when I say you can do anything."


"So I figure you stay with me because you want to," Naruto continued, smiling a little, now, and cupping Sasuke's face. "You're all I want in the world, and so every day when I wake up and you're still here, that's you tellin' me that you love me."

Relief and exhaustion and incomprehensible trust swept over Sasuke, and Naruto pulled them closer. "Everything's all right, Sas."

"I… want you…"

"Not going anywhere." Naruto guided Sasuke until he was tucked under Naruto's chin. "Love that you came like that; damn near came myself watchin' it."

"But don't you want to--"

"Course I do. But later. Right now, want to hold you."

"I don't deserve you," Sasuke mumbled into Naruto's chest.

"No, you deserve more," Naruto agreed. "But I'll try to do better."

Sasuke shook with one last sob, held aloft to the light by mutual efforts to be what the other needed and wanted.

"Love you," Naruto whispered.

And Sasuke slept.


Early morning lit up the drapes in gray light across the room, and Naruto's hand found Sasuke's to lace their fingers together.

"Oooh…" Sasuke moaned, soft and lazy as his head went back, his hips rolled, and Naruto thrust to meet him in the middle. Naruto's cock slid over his prostate, the angle perfect with practice and Naru's girth, and Sasuke shivered.

"Fuck," Naruto cursed beneath Sasuke, clutching at Sasuke's thigh. His head turned from side to side, mouth open in pleasure, and his touch slid to Sasuke's dick: enfolded and dragged in time.

"Nnn, yeah…" Sasuke encouraged. "Naru… God, yeah…"

"Can't last…" Naruto gasped. "You're gonna make me come if you keep…"

Sasuke slowed the grind-swivel to a crawl, smiling as Naruto darkened the air with invective. Naruto's hand sped its pace, making them both gasp as Sasuke grew harder and tightened around Naruto's cock.

"Love you," Sasuke said, letting his head fall forward to meet Naruto's lust-drenched, dark-dazed, eyes. "Want you." A rise and fall, and Sasuke got lost in staring at Naruto's lips. "Need you."

"Mine… oh God…" Naruto chased Sasuke's retreating body, but Sasuke merely lifted further, maintaining the rhythm he knew would get him off and drive Naruto to the brink and back time and time again before Sasuke finally let Naruto fall into relieved release.

"Yours, Master," Sasuke murmured, watching and holding and deliberately bearing down on Naruto's dick so deeply inside his body that his lover's taste bloomed to life on his tongue.

"My name, Sas…" Naruto breathed. "Please… baby… just…"

"Naru," Sasuke crooned, over and over and interspersing the pace with quick jerks that made Naruto's back bow.

"My Naru…"

"Fuck… fuck…oh, God… please…"

Sasuke laughed, heard Naruto whisper, "So damned beautiful…" and finally had mercy. No faster, but harder; a concentration of slide on Naruto's head that almost made them lose their connection and then a sink to swivel, drag, rock. Breathing quickened, Naruto stroked Sasuke in just that way and made him see stars; timed it so that depth was met with a twist to Sasuke's head. Cursing, clutching; the smell of sex and men and need and finally the sound of Naruto coming unraveled in unbridled relief beneath Sasuke, and the sight of tendons tight in Naruto's neck and the way his body froze while his hand still worked made Sasuke's orgasm loom, linger, lunge.

"Love you," Sasuke gasped, though perhaps unclear, but as he spilled over Naruto's fist he didn't think it mattered. Nothing did; not really, because Naruto sighed with notes of undiluted happiness, and Sasuke wanted to hear that sound every day for the rest of his life. No matter what, he would do whatever he had to do so that he could stay with Naruto. His one, his only, his heart.

"Love you, too," Naruto said as Sasuke fell into Naruto's awaiting arms. "Always."


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