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Naruto Fanfiction // Carry On -- Part III: Loser's Game

Title: Carry On Part III: Loser's Game
Series: Naruto AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Horror/Romance
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Main pairing: Naruto & Kiba.
Warnings/Notes: VIOLENCE, DISTURBING IMAGERY, horror, language, mutilation, guns, fires, other things having to do with zombies, m/m hand job
Spoilers: None whatsoever.

Summary: Kiba and Naruto camp out.

Notes: This a five-part story for Skully, who won the D/s Naruto contest over on Y!Gallery. She wanted horror, and I was entirely delighted to try to give her what she wanted. Song lyrics are from The Rolling Stones', "Laugh, I Almost Died."

Do note: I do not own the Naruto characters, but the world, original characters, zombie lore, etc. are all me. :)

Living in a fantasy but it's way too far
But this kind of loneliness is way too hard
I've been wandering, feeling all alone
I lost my direction and I lost my home...
I'm so sick and tired
Now I'm on the side
Feeling so despised
When you laugh, laugh
I almost died


"Food you miss most," Naruto said and brought the canteen to his lips for a swig. It was day three in the great outdoors, and they sat on flat rocks with Betty the armored truck nearby. It was getting chilly at night, now, perfect camping weather, and the countryside was far safer than cities or private homes. As long as they kept dead animal or body parts in a perimeter, the things that drooled in the night seemed to leave them alone. Kiba thanked a dead God for small miracles.

"My grandmother's green beans. Straight out of the garden," Kiba answered. Dinner had been from cans, though thanks to another stop in a library, they were learning more about hunting, skinning, and preserving food. Naruto said a time would come when canned goods would be gone or out of date, and they needed to prepare. Kiba couldn't make himself think that far ahead, but he liked letting Naruto organize. Guy seemed to need it.

"Sounds awesome," Naruto said. By the light of the campfire, Naruto's hair looked red and his eyes looked black. Floating above the long-sleeved black shirt, body armor, and the black surplus pants, the effect made him look like some sort of elemental warrior god.

Thinking like that definitely meant Kiba was too far gone in drink. He took a final swig from the bottle of vodka that they stole from the manor back in Jackson and ignored Naruto's disapproving glance. The blond could be designated monster killer tonight. Kiba needed a short vacation out of his head.

"Your turn," Naruto said.

"Piece of electronics that you miss?"

"I had just bought one of those next generation iPad things," Naruto answered.

"And was just figurin' out how to turn it on," Kiba teased, and made an exaggerated sound of pain when Naruto punched him.

"Was doing better than you," Naruto retorted, indignant.

"Uh-huh. All the fancy gadgets money could buy, and no idea how to change a tire."

"That's why God made gearheads like you."

"Oh yeah. To service rich assholes in Mercedes." Kiba smacked himself in the forehead. "Guess life's over."

Naruto laughed, leaning an arm on his thigh and scratching at a week's growth of beard. "Thing you'd do if you could go back to before the virus," he said, stoking the fire.

"Have as much sex as humanly possible," Kiba answered.

"Amen," Naruto agreed.

"Don't even want to think about how long it's been since I got laid."

"Yeah…" Naruto mused, somber, and Kiba mentally slapped himself for saying something that might bring up the dead wife. Kiba still had trouble reconciling Naruto and matrimony. But that was probably because Kiba would have sooner faced the zombie apocalypse than the altar.

Irony was a stone cold bitch like that.

Silence held reign, both men sipping their drinks of choice and gazing at the flickering source of warmth. Kiba realized with a start that he had no idea what day of the week it was, and he was only vaguely sure of the month. At first, they kept track with calendars but now time got told by the rise and set of the sun and moon. If somebody had said to him back in his old life that someday he'd be the guy who'd get up at the crack of dawn, do an intense physical workout every single day, and practice throwing knives at trees in his free time, he would have cackled his ass off.

Then again, if somebody'd told Kiba he would eventually lose count of how many people he'd killed, he probably would have started with the asshole who tried to warn him.

"You ever think about…" Kiba started, caught himself, and capped the vodka.

"What?" Naruto asked.



Kiba grunted and watched an ember snap away from the fire and land near his boot. "Way back when it all started, you ever think about… not fighting?"

"Didn't have much choice, really," Naruto said in that damned honorable tone, and Kiba sighed.

"Yeah, I know, but I mean--"

"No," Naruto interrupted, and the finality of the single word made Kiba look at Naruto. The blond man still carried a lot of muscle, was built similarly to Kiba, actually, though shorter, and they'd both lost body fat made by fast food and convenience. The hollows under Naruto's high cheekbones grew more defined as he swallowed, and slowly he turned to meet Kiba's eyes.

"Never thought about offing myself. No."

"Even after your wife--"

"No." The gaze grew flinty, and Kiba held up hands in defeat. Naruto shifted on his rock, uncomfortable, Kiba thought, and rubbed at his neck. Kiba sighed, resigning yet again to let Naruto keep his secrets.

"One person you'd like to see again," Naruto said a few minutes later, quiet and introspective and worrisome.

"Probably Ashley," Kiba answered.


"On a good day."

"Oh." Naruto frowned, and Kiba let the guy wonder. Kiba didn't really feel like expounding on his long history of failed relationships. It wasn't like the baggage mattered now.

"So you'd want to, what… say you're sorry for something?"

Kiba made a noise in the back of his throat, wishing he didn't need to be sober to shoot straight. "Yeah. I should probably apologize for blowing her face off when she came over that last time. We were supposed to have dinner. But you know, bitch starts lookin' at you like the wrong kind of midnight snack, and it's pretty fuckin' easy to shoot the girl you thought you loved in the heart and head and watch her bleed out, you know?"

Naruto didn't answer, Kiba finally got up the nerve to glance askance at the other man, and he saw the scrutinizing stare. It made Kiba want to fidget for exactly no good reason.

"Not easy," Naruto finally whispered.

"Yeah, well." Kiba unsheathed his Bowie knife and tested the edge with his thumbnail. Sharp as a Samurai sword. "Sorry," he muttered, not sure what he apologized for, exactly. He just knew that while he felt bad about Ash, saw her regularly in his nightmares with that cat with rabies frothy grin, he was even sorrier for apparently being the asshole in this partnership who fantasized daily about how much easier it'd be to die instead of survive.

"Should make the rounds," Naruto said. Kiba started to get up, but Naruto waved him back down.

"I'll do it. I've got first watch. And you've been drinking."

"Not that much," Kiba protested.

"Enough that I'd worry about you blowing your dick off by accident."

Kiba grinned, deliberate and wicked. "Aw, baby, I didn't know you cared."

That finally earned Kiba a small smile which grew larger when Kiba waggled his eyebrows at Naruto.

"Try not to catch on fire," Naruto said, exasperated.

"Try not to get dead."

"If I'm not back in--"

"I'm counting two minutes now," Kiba said, so familiar with their routine that he could do it in his sleep. Often did do it in his sleep.


Kiba sat cross-legged and dragged the M16 into his lap. He took out a stone from one pocket of his cargo pants and began sharpening his blade. More for the comfort of the sound than out of necessity.

Naruto returned ten scrapes and one minute and thirty-two seconds later. "Awfully quiet," he said.

"It gets that way at night."

"Not like this."

Kiba cocked a brow at Naruto. "Truck?"

Naruto frowned, shook his head, and chuckled. "Nah. We should be good out here. Just paranoid."

"It's not paranoia--" Kiba began.

"If they're actually out to get you, I know. Maybe keep the sleep short. Get out of here before light."

"Sure." Kiba kept the knife in his left hand and the rifle loaded with the safety off next to his other. He lay down on his back on a pallet of foam and blanket. "Just give me an hour?"

"Take two," Naruto said. "You're tired."

"Again. I'm touched."

"Don't be. You drive like a maniac when low on rest."

"Wimp." Kiba smiled, shut his eyes, and willed himself into a fast slumber. In what felt like two measly seconds, he woke up when someone grabbed his shin and thigh. Kiba flailed onto one elbow, hand reaching for his knife, and he gaped at the woman between his legs. For a horrifying heartbeat, he didn't know what was real and what was a cruel mimicry of memory.

Patches of brown hair covered her scalp, her eyes gleamed silver in the dwindling firelight, a flap of shiny skin was stretched thin over the jagged bone where her nose should have been, and her lips pursed in a mockery of a seductive kiss before she lunged at Kiba's belly with a watery, hungry, rasp.

"Kiba!" Naruto bellowed and gunfire ripped through the night as Kiba grappled with the zombie bitch. She wasn't any stronger than Kiba, but she also wasn't deterred by much with breakfast in her sights. Kiba got her by the throat, somehow avoiding her jaws, and he ripped a wad of tangled hair from her head. She gurgled in pain but didn't loosen her death grip on Kiba's hips. He tossed the bloody clump away, blocked her knee from hitting his groin, and punched her in the face. The woman's neck rolled with the impact, Kiba went for the knife, and she shifted to scratch at him. Kiba was faster, wrestling out of harm's way with an arm blocking her across the chest. She reared back and dove again, and without thinking, Kiba plunged a thumb into her eye socket. It burst like overripe grape, and she finally eased her assault long enough that Kiba manhandled the woman by the skull and shoulders. She thrashed, teeth still clacking while she whimpered, trying to get one last meal. Kiba got a knee between himself and Cyclops, and threw her to the side into the fire. The wail was insanely loud as the zombie screamed and screeched--

"Papa! Papa!"

-- and Kiba swallowed bile as he scrambled to his feet. He brought the razor's edge of the machete down on her neck -- once, twice -- silencing the cries. He breathed and wiped a spray of zombie goop off his face. He got control of the disorientation, and cursed the universe for not making the world work like it did in fiction. No matter how fucking sick or mindless they got, the damned things could still shock the shit out of Kiba and act like people. Carnivorous or no.

"Little help?" Naruto yelled, and Kiba grabbed his rifle and put two rounds into the skull of a lumbering naked man missing most of the left side of his body. Organs held together by a sheen of slime poured out the zombie's side, and the creature collapsed to the ground in a steaming heap. He saw Naruto rack and fire a round of Dragon's Breath into the face of a zombie crouched to attack. The monster's ragged clothing and flesh burst into flames, and Naruto chambered another round while the burning man fell into brush and flopped like a fish on land.

"Runner!" Kiba warned as he caught sight of a woman rising to flee. Naruto pivoted, firing at the shrieking bitch. Naruto got her in the back, her arms flew wide with the impact, and a new batch of caterwauling filled the air as the incendiaries in the shotgun shells did their job. Naruto put one more round into both zombies' heads, the noises booming and monster brain matter coating tree trunks.

"Clear!" Naruto said, and Kiba took a step toward Naruto but got knocked to his knees by a heavy weight aided by gravity.

"You killed our Daddy!" The girl's voice rattled Kiba's eardrums more than the gunfire, and he didn't waste time discussing lineage. Teeth tore into the shoulder of his body armor, and he grabbed a handful of neck and hair while standing up and slinging the slight girl forward with all his weight and strength. She flew over Kiba's shoulder, landed, and danced to her feet, snarling. Kiba shot her once in the gut, she had one of Kiba's heartbeats to look stunned, and then her face exploded in mist.

"Fuck!" Kiba yelped. He wiped his eyes and pointed his rifle at the headless teenager in a floral sundress. "The hell is this, attack of the zombie rednecks?"

Naruto stepped to Kiba's right, shotgun still at the ready. Kiba put his back to Naruto's, and together they waited, breathing in short, quiet gulps of air. Bodies smoldered, blood soaked the forest floor, and Kiba only eased off the trigger when he felt Naruto's shoulders minutely unwind.

"You hurt?" Naruto rasped.

"No. You?"

"No. Ambushed," Naruto panted, and Kiba felt him trembling with adrenaline. "Been here too long."

Kiba got himself under more control, glanced up. "Climbed the trees to jump the perimeter?"

"Not all of 'em could have climbed."

"One could have. And another could of used something to move the--"

"Does it fucking matter?" Naruto asked and Kiba took a second to be impressed with Naruto's, We Nearly Died Rage.

"Nope. Let's finish lighting 'em up."

With methodical efficiency, Kiba and Naruto went to the truck and grabbed bottles of lighter fluid. The bitch that nearly nailed Kiba was still cheerfully burning, so he took the teenager and the woman in the woods while Naruto took the two men. They doused them with flammable fluid, and started their cheap cremations. After some trial and error that involved entirely too much intimate study, Kiba and Naruto discovered that the zombie slime they excreted to help them heal caught fire quite nicely. Probably not the best evolutionary development, but at least it scored a point for the uninfected.

"You good?" Kiba called, scanning the woods but thinking the smell of their burning kin would be enough to drive away any other Phase Twoers that might still be crawling.

Naruto didn't answer, and Kiba turned in time to see Naruto standing over the woman sprawled across the campfire. He drew a nine mil and perfunctorily shot her in the chest before dropping another match to the shit oozing out her neck along with blood and other things best left unidentified.

"Sick," Naruto said and unloaded another round into the body. "Sick… motherfucking…"

"Uh, Naruto?" Kiba asked, slowly approaching the well-armed muttering man. "I think she's dead."

"She could have killed you."

"And that'd be, what, the four millionth brush with death this fuckin' week?" Kiba reached to touch Naruto's arm and the blond flinched. The gun barrel rose by degrees, the flames caught to grow higher, and Kiba made a tired sound.

"Naruto?" Kiba said kindly. "This is fire. Fire? This is my buddy Naruto. Why don't we get you two away from each other before I have to treat your ass for burns, hm?"

Naruto glowered but took a step back, and Kiba breathed a sigh of relief. Sometimes Naruto got riled up and guilty after a showdown. It was annoying. He drew closer again, palm out and placating. "Look, man, everything's--"

"Get the fuck away!" Naruto said, shoving Kiba in the chest. The blond was half out of his mind: shaking, shoulders and chest heaving, eyes wild, and covered in blood and worse.

Kiba tried to swallow anger. Failed. "The hell is your--"

"It was my watch," Naruto hissed, holstering his handgun. "Didn't see them coming. And that woman…"

The pieces to the crazy Naruto puzzle clicked home, and Kiba adjusted weaponry before grabbing Naruto's shirt and vest in unforgiving fists. The blond blinked at him, but Kiba didn't let go. He'd never been terribly good at obeying stupid orders.

"Not your fault," Kiba said, forming each word calmly and firmly. "And I got her. We got 'em all."


Kiba attempted a smile. "Close counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and zombie killing."
Naruto's scowl only deepened, and ice floes shifted in Kiba's guts.

"What you asked me earlier…" Naruto began, covering one of Kiba's fists with a slippery hand.


"Do you… do you want to die?" Naruto asked, searching Kiba's face and breathing way too fast.

Kiba worried about shock, nervous breakdowns, and tentative tethers to sanity. Naruto was the stable one, Kiba was the crazy one -- the shoot first and ask questions later guy -- and that worked. Kiba needed their system. Understood that in some ludicrous way Naruto's organizing even applied to the roles they took, and fucking with them would be bad for everybody. Kiba couldn't allow Naruto to… well. Do whatever the hell the guy was doing. Snap, lose it, start to doubt him.

Kiba shook his head. "Not like this. Not like that."

Naruto seemed to consider, and he made a noise when Kiba tightened the fists on his clothing. "If she'd… I'd…"

"Get a grip," Kiba said, but gently, and he pulled Naruto against him. He started to say something else, but Naruto's soft moan in his ear completely derailed all thought and hopes of speech. And Naruto's arms wrapping around his waist made him freeze. Time slowed to a crawl, and all Kiba could feel was the rapid rise and fall of the wide chest pressed against his.

Five feet away a woman who had once been somebody's daughter, lover, maybe mother, burned to a crisp. Kiba was coated in a fresh batch of close combat gore, his clothing was stained with an entire history of killing that all the streams and rivers in the world couldn't rinse, and Naruto smelled like sweat, death, and ash.

So it made no sense at all that when Kiba awkwardly patted Naruto on the back, he also pulled the blond closer. Pressed a thigh into Naruto's groin and forgot how his lungs worked when he felt Naruto's erection, heard the hitch in Naruto's labored breathing. It made even less sense when an uncategorized thrill charged down Kiba's spine, and he rocked into the hardness against his leg. Naruto's hands scrabbling and digging into his neck and arm shouldn't have felt so damned good; shouldn't have made him feel so fucking real, important, and alive.

"Sick," Naruto murmured, forehead meeting Kiba's shoulder. "We're sick."

"Nah," Kiba whispered over the whip-crackle of fire, and he stifled a groan when Naruto moved against him. "We're immune."

Naruto wheezed a low laugh, and Kiba backed him up until he hit the side of the truck. Hesitantly, Kiba grabbed Naruto's hips. Naruto didn't resist, and Kiba force-rolled them faster.

"Nnah--!" Naruto couldn't seem to get a handle on the rhythm, and he finally gave in to Kiba's guidance. His hair brushed against Kiba's beard and lips, dragged and snagged and the texture was amazing. Thick and soft even after getting washed with Irish Spring in a lake for days.

"Aw, shit," Kiba mumbled when he caught friction for himself. It wasn't enough, couldn't be, but he wasn't about to ask the ex-married guy for a hand job. Better to keep it simple, better to keep them sliding together, and better to keep listening to Naruto try and stop the tiny notes of desperate pleasure that did stupid-hot things to Kiba's insides. Oh yeah, Kiba could do himself later for the privilege of living in this moment now.

Sweat trickled off Kiba's temples and beneath his arms, and when Naruto's head tipped back to thump against Betty's side, he saw the strain and frustration. "Can I…?" Kiba asked, fingers brushing the edge of a steel plate under Kevlar and hovering over the button of Naruto's fly.

Naruto flashed gritted teeth at Kiba, muffled a curse, and nodded. Kiba made quick work of buttons and zipper and marveled at heated skin, coarse curls, and thick shaft. His balls tightened when he swiped a thumb over the velvety head of Naruto's cock, and Kiba shoved aside clothing to wrap his hand around Naruto's length.

"God," Naruto said, shocked and dazed and staring down to watch. Fingers dug into the back of Kiba's neck, tugged at the brown hair in constant need of a cut, and Kiba bit his lip on telling Naruto how hot the guy was. It wasn't like Kiba thought about doing shit like this. Not really. Not that he'd admit. But here and now it was easy to want to get Naruto off and even easier to want more. Too damned simple with willing flesh close enough to kiss to want to do just about anything for and to the guy.

"Yeah," Kiba said, to himself or to Naruto, he didn’t know, but he gaped in awe when he started to stroke in quick, long glides made wet by Naruto's arousal, sweat, and zombie slime, and Naruto called out and jerked like every touch inspired a toe-curling orgasm. Kiba couldn't find his brain to speak, couldn't do a damned thing except pull at Naruto's dick faster and harder and with a twist to the end that made Naruto's eyes screw shut. Naruto's entire body tensed, forehead crumpling, mouth opening, and body thrusting to meet Kiba's frenetic pace.

"Gonna… oh…Oh…God…" Naruto's voice was a thin, stunned, threadbare version of its usual tenor, and Kiba bit a moan to pieces with his back teeth.

"C'mon," Kiba encouraged, memorizing the way Naruto looked as the blond went rigid, sucked in a harsh breath, and came, pouring over Kiba's fingers. For a split second, Naruto was blissed-out peaceful and lax, shuddering and holding on to Kiba like he was the only thing that mattered. Kiba didn't know what to do with how much he enjoyed that. It made him feel… strange. Susceptible. Compromised. Happy.

Kiba stilled his hand, leaning toward the other man. Naruto swallowed, grabbed Kiba's wrist, and winced. "Sorry."

"Why?" Kiba asked, but Naruto didn't answer. He stepped aside, zipped up while turned away from Kiba, and rested against the truck. Kiba stared at Naruto's back, cock hard, hand dripping, and mind entirely confused.

"It's survival. And it's all we've got," Kiba said, kicking himself for not having the balls to say what he really thought, to ask what he really wanted to know.

"We should pack in and go," Naruto said.

"Yeah," Kiba agreed, unmoving as Naruto began to gather up their scattered belongings. "Glad you know what we should fuckin' do."

Naruto didn't hear him, and Kiba adjusted himself with a wince. He snuck a taste of Naruto's come before wiping his hand on his pants and getting back to work.

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