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Demented Ink.
Naruto Fanfiction // Carry On -- Part V: I'm With Him 
29th-Jun-2011 07:24 pm
cig mouth tie
Title: Carry On Part V Final: I'm With Him
Series: Naruto AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Horror/Romance
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Main pairing: Naruto & Kiba.
Warnings/Notes: VIOLENCE, DISTURBING IMAGERY, horror, language, mutilation, guns, fires, other things having to do with zombies, m/m sex
Spoilers: None whatsoever.

Summary: Kiba and Naruto make a plan.

Notes: This a five-part story for Skully, who won the D/s Naruto contest over on Y!Gallery. She wanted horror, and I was entirely delighted to try to give her what she wanted. Song lyrics are from Megadeth's, "The Killing Road."

Do note: I do not own the Naruto characters, but the world, original characters, zombie lore, etc. are all me. :)

The road will never end
It always starts again
Another show's around the bend
Another long lost friend
Faceless as the snow
There's nothing special about the road
It's just another haul
It's just too damn long that's all


They drove north and didn't pay attention to the maps. They avoided the Interstates, and they bypassed the cities. They found and took out a nest of Phase Twoers with flame throwers and grenades for distraction, and they didn't talk about what happened. Kiba kept one eye over his shoulder and one in front of them, and neither man criticized the other while nightmare and paranoia were on red alert.

Kiba knew Naruto was working shit out, and he gave the guy room. Just because Kiba knew with a certainness that can only come from horrific experience or hardship that he wanted to tough out what was left of life with Naruto, it didn't mean Naruto was on board with that idea. Kiba got that. Sometimes he wondered if Naruto considered going back to the good Doctor. It was the kind of crazy thing people infected with hope did, and Kiba came to terms with the idea of letting Naruto go. Which meant he also came to terms with how he wanted to die.

Because if the choice was New Earth or Naruto, Kiba would take Naruto and their chances of surviving together. And if the choice was to let Naruto go find whatever happiness the guy could salvage in a psychotic asshole's empire of slime or fight the man for the rest of Kiba's life, then Kiba would let Naruto leave. And the next choice was easy: better to die alone than live alone.

At night they ate salted meat and canned goods, cleaned weapons, sharpened blades, and Naruto whittled on a piece of wood the blond was carving into some kind of animal. Kiba couldn't tell if it was meant to be a fox or a horse or a whale, and kept commentary to a minimum. Kiba played cards, read a book on chess, and thought about where in the hell they should go. He knew what he wanted, how the future could work, and what life might be like in that daydream.

But for now, Kiba played the waiting game with the kind of patience nobody who had known him from Before would have ever believed.

A week of grunted communication and pregnant silences later, Kiba lay on his pallet in the back of the truck. He had the solar lamp pointed at his book on artillery, and next to him, Naruto pretended to sleep. Kiba knew the guy wasn't getting a lot of rest, but Kiba couldn't do jack about it. Just like he couldn't add weight to his side of Naruto's mental game of tug of war.

An hour shy of shift change, Naruto rubbed his hands over his face. "Hey," he said.

"Hey." Kiba stopped reading about gatling guns. It was getting him hard, and things were awkward enough without an erection between them.

"So you're awake?" Naruto asked.

Kiba snorted. "I don’t think I could sleep while you do if deprived of shut-eye for two fuckin' weeks. So yeah, I'm awake. Why are you?"

"Got something I need to say to you."

"No, you don't," Kiba replied, setting aside the book and lacing his fingers under his head.

"Uh, yeah, actually… I really do."

"Shit," Kiba complained, sighing. He really hoped to milk this for another week or so. Limbo was better than hell. "All right. What?"

"You know I was married."

"Yeah," Kiba said, dragging out the syllable.

"And you know I killed her. Marie."

"You had to."

"Yeah. I did. But I didn't tell you why."

Interested and worried in equal measure, Kiba rolled onto one side. "I assume it was 'cause she tried to eat your face."

Naruto stared at the roof of the truck, unblinking, and shook his head. "No. Not my face. Our son's."

Sucker punched, Kiba waited a beat or two until he could speak. "You had a son?"

"Yeah. Mason. He was five. Looked just like his daddy." Naruto smiled.

Kiba pretended he didn't see the water standing in Naruto's eyes. "So what happened?"

Naruto licked his lips, let out a shaky breath. "They were sick, and I wasn't. I took them to the doctors, I read all the reports, I tried every cure they had and a few I heard might work. I punched one doctor for telling me it was just the flu when everybody fucking knew better."


"Yeah. Now I'd probably shoot him. Because that's… what I am now."

"Naruto, don't--"

"Shut up," Naruto ordered, and Kiba got quiet quick.

"I came home one day from the drug store. Hadn't slept in days because Mason was so… he was so frail. Little and weak and crying because we couldn't make it better. And God I tried. I tried everything. And so when I got home and the house was quiet, for this one second I was so relieved. I thought he might be resting, I thought Marie might be finally getting some sleep, too, and in that second I really thought everything was going to be all right."

"Jesus," Kiba murmured, stomach in knots as he guessed the end of this story. He just hoped Naruto didn't punch or stab or shoot him when he had to hold Naruto after the guy was done. Because, fuck all, Kiba was only human.

"They were in Mason's room," Naruto said, voice low and dull. "Marie had her back to me, and at first I thought she was rubbing Mason's back. But she was… tearing off bits of… and Mason's little hand came up and dug into her shoulder, and he said, 'Mama' and all I heard was chewing and--"

Kiba reached across Naruto, rolled the blond toward him and wrapped Naruto into a hug. "I know," Kiba whispered, and Naruto shuddered with a noise of disgust. "I know."

"Tried to forget it," Naruto said against Kiba's throat. "But fuckin' dreams…"

"Yeah," Kiba agreed.

"It's… kinda nice," Naruto said after a second, quieter. "You really do get it 'cause you have them, too."

"How'd you know?" Kiba asked.

"You… talk in your sleep."

"I do what?"

"It's okay. I don't mind. I usually… rest with you for a while. Figured you wouldn't care since you do that, too."

Kiba sincerely hated his ability to sleep through C4 blasts at that moment. "You rest with me?"

Naruto pulled back, frowning. "Yeah."

"Oh." Kiba didn't know if he should worry, give in to the butterflies knocking around his guts, or be content with how this conversation was distracting Naruto from gory reality.

"You didn't know?" Naruto asked.

Kiba shrugged, and Naruto chuckled. "I thought you did, man. But didn't talk about it 'cause of some of the shit you said, and I didn’t want to--"

"What shit I said?" Kiba asked, heart in his throat.

"Uh," Naruto got a funny look, almost bashful, and ran a hand through his hair. "You said you loved me once."

"Oh fuck me!" Kiba yelled, rolling onto his back and throwing an arm over his face.

Naruto laughed. "Look, dude, you followed that up with how much you missed Big Macs, so I didn't really take it--"

Kiba groaned through gritted teeth, and strangled on the sound when he felt Naruto press against his side. Naruto threw Kiba's arm away from his face, and the blond looked entirely smug and way too damned amused.

"Go fuck yourself," Kiba grumbled.

"You talked about that, too."

"Okay, no more fuckin' talkin' about what I said when fuckin' asleep!" Kiba bellowed, starting to get up, and Naruto shoved him back down with force. "You ass--" Kiba started but stopped when Naruto rolled on top of him. Kiba knew he was slack-jaw stunned, and he couldn't stop staring at Naruto's mouth. Or stop feeling Naruto's weight and how good it was pressing him into the pallet.

"I miss my family," Naruto said, softly, and Kiba could feel warm breath against one cheek. "So much sometimes I can't breathe. And when I heard that monster talk about his wife and kids…" Naruto shook his head. "I hope those assholes don't try to find us. I hope we're ready for 'em if they do. But I also hope the guy finds a cure. I hope somebody does, but I don't want to be around for the trial and error, you know?"

"Yeah," Kiba agreed, honestly relieved, but then again, with Naruto like this he'd probably agree to castration.

"I like us," Naruto said.

"Me, too."

"I like the way we keep going. Carry on no matter what."

"Yeah," Kiba said, swallowing on a dry throat.

Naruto smiled, and Kiba managed to relax by degrees. He didn't even know every muscle in his body was tense until he started unwinding. Naruto shifted, got legs straddling one of Kiba's, and propped up on one elbow, eyes searching.

"You miss Ashley?" Naruto asked.

"Sometimes," Kiba confessed. "Miss Katherine more. And…"

"And?" Naruto asked, head tilting in curiosity.

"Matt." Kiba's tongue felt too thick. "Miss him, too."

"No way. You're…?"

"Just once. At this party. But I, uh… liked it."

Naruto got quiet, and Kiba's anxiety ratcheted with each passing second. "What?" Kiba finally asked.

"You ever think what you did with Matt made what you did with the girls not matter?"

It took Kiba a second or thirty to sort through that statement, and finally he got what Naruto was really asking. "Look, what you did to end your family's misery and all the shit you've done since then or want to keep doing now doesn't mean you're any less of the man you used to be."

Naruto's eyes slipped away from Kiba's, and Kiba got brave enough to put a hand on the side of Naruto's neck, thumb petting the red-gold curls of Naruto's short beard. "I met you back when you were a bleedin' heart for every zombie on the street. And I watched you kick your own ass like you watched me kick mine. And then we started in on each other. Who you are now is who you've got to be to survive and to keep my ass alive."

A smirk tilted Naruto's lips. "You don't still think I'm soft?"

"Maybe in one or two places," Kiba admitted. "But most of those I like and at least one I think I could fix if you let me."

"Oh yeah?" Naruto breathed, and he pressed a thigh into Kiba's groin, hand going down to grip Kiba's leg as he rubbed them together, hesitant but effective.

Kiba trapped a noise in his throat, and blood rushed to all points south. The friction on his dick through clothing was amazing and shocking all in one, and the truck went from chilly to furnace in quick thudding heartbeats.

"Still a hard ass," Naruto murmured, and his breathing hitched when Kiba rolled up into what was definitely Naruto's stiffening cock.

"Right now just fuckin' hard," Kiba retorted before groaning in frustration, anxiety, and need. "Naruto, if you wanna… then could you…?"

"Yeah," Naruto answered, sitting up and scrabbling at Kiba's belt, fly, zipper. Kiba watched for a second, stunned, horny, and giddy, and then got the body armor and two shirts off while Naruto divested Kiba of pants and boxers. Naruto cussed when he got to Kiba's boots. He pulled out a knife, and Kiba grabbed Naruto's hand.

"Don’t you fuckin' dare. Unlace 'em."

Naruto gave Kiba a look, but bent to the task, and Kiba began unbuckling Naruto out of the flak vest. It occurred to him that being naked would make a zombie attack interesting to say the least, but screw it. Kiba'd figure out a way to make brains fly with his dick flapping in the blood spray.

After an eon, both men were stripped to skin, and when Naruto lay back down atop Kiba, they sighed in tandem. "Shit," Naruto said, half groan and half sigh, and Kiba slid his hands over Naruto's ass, waist, flanks, and back. Naruto breathed against Kiba's shoulder and neck, and God but just that tiny thing drove thought and rationale out of Kiba's brain and left behind white noise.

"How… how do I?" Naruto asked, breathless and with fingertips trailing over the jumping muscles of Kiba's belly.

"Here." Kiba took Naruto's hand, wrapped it around his cock, and paused to nip at Naruto's earlobe. The blond grunted, turning to give Kiba more access, and Kiba traced the shell with his tongue while moving Naruto's fist from balls to crown. Kiba went from half-hard and hoping to diamond-cut and eager in no time at all, and Kiba's teeth sank into Naruto's neck to muffle the sounds threatening to pour from Kiba's heaving chest. Kiba sucked a bruise over a thudding pulse point, and Naruto whimpered, breaking away to nudge Kiba's cheek, get him to turn to the side. In the next instant, Naruto swirled his palm over the head of Kiba's dick and bit into Kiba's throat with insanely perfect pressure.

"Nngh-God…" Kiba called, and reality slipped into a blur of kisses, marks, wandering hands, and rolling hips. It sharpened into focus long enough for Kiba to shove a hand down to encircle Naruto, and he matched the pace Naruto put on Kiba. Naruto bucked with a gasp that morphed into broken syllables that might have been Kiba's name, and undiluted want poured like napalm into Kiba's bloodstream. He gripped Naruto's hair, squeezing, and Naruto's head went back with a harsh gasp. Naruto's eyes were closed, the tendons in a flushed neck were standing out like corded iron, and the reddened lips were parted. Kiba growled and deliberately slowed his pace, shuddering when Naruto's noise of complaint was too loud in the small space.

"Ki… Kiba?" Naruto rasped while Kiba's lips traced the contours of the front of his throat. "Can I… kiss you?"

Kiba rocked into Naruto, yanked the blond down until a mere twitch would make their mouths meet. "You can do just about anythin' you want to me," Kiba rumbled, and caught Naruto's lower lip between his. Naruto may have cursed, but Kiba barely paid attention because a tongue suddenly twined and danced with his, and sounds started filling the air: grunts, high-pitched gasps, stammered incoherent fragments of encouragement and demand. Who said what or what noises belonged to whom, Kiba didn't know or care. They slowly, slowly jerked each other off in a teeth-clenching game of Who'll Give In First, and at long last Kiba had to tear away from Naruto's mouth because the roar for more remade the rules on how to be judged the winner.

"I…" Kiba tried, and Naruto kissed him, quick and light, hand still steadily working toward finality.

"Yeah?" Naruto whispered against Kiba's lips.

"Could you… would you…"


"Fingers?" Kiba asked, figuring that if Naruto didn't get bothered by blood, slime, and gore on his hands then maybe he wouldn't mind feeling some living insides.

"You… like that?" Naruto asked, breathy and palm cupping Kiba's balls to squeeze them.

"Yeah… God yeah…"

Naruto's eyes squeezed shut for a second before opening to glance around. He obviously spotted something, and let go of Kiba to reach for a field medical pack. He got a pot of salve for burns, and held it up, the adorable unsure expression making Kiba's heart hurt. "Will this…?"



Naruto uncapped the goop, scooped fingers into it and returned to Kiba with a messy mesh of mouths, teeth, and tongue. Kiba wrapped an arm around Naruto, fingers digging into the large muscles of the other man's back, and he spread his legs. He got his forearm behind one knee just as he felt a chilly, wet touch glance over his nuts, taint, and asshole.

"Fuck," Kiba gasped. Naruto paused, eyes at half-mast, and Kiba saw Naruto's throat work in a swallow. A finger spread slick in an awkward circle, and Kiba nodded. "Yeah," he said, hand on the back of Naruto's neck, their foreheads touching.

"I don't want to… you know… hurt--" Naruto started in a barely audible stammer.

"You won't."



"Okay… One, then?"

"Yeah. Then two. I'll tell you."

Naruto nodded, the pad of a finger pressed against Kiba, and Kiba kissed Naruto's jaw. He listened to his own breathing morph when Naruto pushed within him to the knuckles. Kiba tensed, swallowed, eased, and Naruto ate his shaky sigh. For a second there was nothing but heavy panting and slick skin-on-skin, and Kiba thought he'd lose his mind.

"It's--" Kiba started, but Naruto's finger withdrew, pushed back inside, and Kiba forgot what in the hell he was going to say.

Naruto made a shocked sound caught between amazement and maybe pain. "Holy… you're… so…"

Kiba chuckled, and squeezed Naruto's shoulder. "Been a while."

"This okay?"

"Yeah… More. Go on."

Naruto grunted, and the next push into Kiba's body stretch-burned, and Kiba dug his fingers into the back of his thigh. "Oh… nnngh…oh…"


"Fuck, don't stop," Kiba ordered around attempts to catch his breath. "Gets better if you keep--" he broke off and his back arched when Naruto pressed deeper and brushed Kiba's prostate.

"Like that?" Naruto asked, husky and cocky and so goddamned hot Kiba could barely stand it.

"Bas… bastard…" Kiba laughed and groaned when Naruto did a quick out-in-press-hold. "Oooh… shit yeah… that…How are you even… doing…"

"I've got one, too, you know," Naruto answered, affectionate and heated and perfect.

"Jesus," Kiba muttered, and Naruto repeated the pattern again. And again. And again. Kiba's hand flew to his dick to stroke himself, head falling to the side and resting against Naruto's arm. He fumbled and tried to keep rhythm on Naruto's cock, felt it wet and slippery; long, thick, full. But Naruto's lips were everywhere, tongue tasting with accompaniment tones of pleasure, and eventually Kiba faltered. He let his mouth disconnect from his brain, stopped trying to hold back his curses, his muffled attempts at Naruto's name, anything at all. Naruto's hand picked up speed, Kiba called out, and Naruto must have taken that as the request it truly was because the knuckles of the fingers not buried in Kiba's ass started to hit Kiba's body with bruising force.

Kiba thrashed, stroked his cock that was harder than he could ever fucking remember it being, and he tried with everything he had to rock into the pressure. Close, closer, and God, Kiba knew he should warn Naruto, say something because--

"I want to fuck you," a heady, gravelly voice murmured in Kiba's ear. It took Kiba a second to remember English and what the hell the words that sent electric current down his spine actually meant.

"Wanna feel what your ass is like 'round my dick," Naruto growled, and Kiba stopped stroking else he embarrass himself and come from the words alone.

"S-shit, yeah," Kiba managed to say in consent and invitation. Kiba blearily blinked, hissed when Naruto withdrew fingers, and watched as Naruto rose onto knees, reached for the salve, and slicked up a cock that made Kiba feel entirely empty and need to be filled.

"Unah," Naruto panted, hips rocking into his own fist as he spread lube. The groan of sheer delight and relief that followed made Kiba grab legs and hold them wide. Naruto fell over Kiba, one hand thumping against the floor of the truck.

"Clean," Naruto said, gaze down on the cockhead he stroked with finger and thumb.

"Me, too," Kiba said, and Naruto whined.

Kiba shook all over when he felt Naruto against his entrance. "Go. God, just--"

Naruto's first thrust stole Kiba's breath, and when he caught wind again, he started to tell Naruto something useful about speed or timing or the size of Naruto's goddamned cock splitting Kiba into two halves of a greedy whole, but Naruto slid to the stopping point, withdrew, and rocked with quicker thrusts and shallow depth.

"Holy… fucking…" Kiba yelled and gave up trying to form real words when Naruto's hand slapped onto Kiba's hip, dug for a vicious hold, and each dive sank deeper. Kiba's head fell back to the pallet, and he kept his eyes on Naruto's face, contorted with bliss and coated in sweat.

When Kiba's body opened to the onslaught, nerves fritz-frying the signals between good-bad and pleasure-pain, Naruto growled. He ducked under Kiba's leg to hook Kiba's knee over his shoulder, and the pace impossibly quickened. He slipped on one thrust and smacked against Kiba's ass, and Kiba's shout echoed off the metal walls.

"Nnngah -- That. Harder… fuck."

Naruto complied with a slurred curse, and Kiba's hand flew to stroke himself. The slap-slick sound of flesh meeting flesh -- of the drive toward completion, of orderly rhythm turned to disorganized chaos as sensation overwhelmed them both -- consumed Kiba's mind, body, world. Everything narrowed with precision accuracy to the ache in his balls, the desperation of his strokes, and the way Naruto didn't give any quarter. No respite, no interlude, no nothing except sanity-obliterating fucking.

"Shit gonna...!" Kiba warned, and Naruto dove into Kiba with impossible force that wrenched the orgasm down Kiba's spine, out of his balls, up his cock, and Kiba couldn't even groan as he coated his stomach and chest with thick, sticky release. He shuddered, hissing at the continued friction and gasping when Naruto pulled out.

Kiba was connected to reality by enough tenuous threads to moan while Naruto furiously pumped his cock. "Fuck yeah…" Kiba whispered as he petted Naruto's thigh. "Come all over me."

Naruto called out a single cry and breathed in trembling, toned sighs as he poured over his fist and onto Kiba, fluids mingling and running over Kiba's abs.

"Oooh, yeah," Kiba said on a sigh, clutching Naruto's bracing arm and capturing the look on the blond's face for future dream fodder. Naruto weaved, elbow buckling, and he fell onto his side, still making those sweet, sobbing little sounds behind pressed lips. Kiba arched to kiss him, murmuring in contented relief.

"Here," Naruto said after a moment, and Kiba caught the rag and cleaned himself off. Naruto collected a drop Kiba missed with one finger, and Kiba thought he might pass out when Naruto sucked to taste.

"Not bad," Naruto mused.

"Give me an hour and you can really find out," Kiba said, blindly tossing the rag aside.

"An hour?" Naruto asked and snorted. Warm lips slid over Kiba's, and their eyes met, playful and challenging. "Better be more like twenty minutes."

Kiba swung a punch at Naruto, and let it go wild. They entangled limbs, and Kiba held the blond with nothing but lazy affection when he dozed off in Kiba's arms.


"So I was thinking," Naruto said as he climbed into Betty's passenger side. His hair was still wet from a lake bath that had turned into a reason to get clean twice once Kiba joined in the fray.

"Never a good sign," Kiba said, adjusting weaponry to sit comfortably behind the wheel.

"Fuck you," Naruto said with a smile. "When you can walk right."

Kiba rolled his eyes. "Spit out the brain damage, Naruto. Don't keep me in suspense."

Naruto made a show of checking to see if his .357 was loaded. It was. "What do you think about finding some place to settle down for a while?"

"Lawd, I've been waitin' for you to ask when we get the little while house with the rose garden and the--"

Naruto slugged Kiba in the arm, and Kiba found the decency to pretend it hurt, but he quit teasing when he caught Naruto's scowl. "Hey, I was kiddin'."

"I know," Naruto said, sighing. He grew thoughtful, brows meeting in the middle, and Kiba put a hand on Naruto's shoulder, squeezing.

"What is it?" Kiba asked.

"It's just that nothing's turned out like it was supposed to," Naruto said.

"Zombies do muck up the works," Kiba commented.

"I mean, I had the picket fence, the wife and kid, the American Dream," Naruto continued as though Kiba didn't speak. "And it tried to kill me."

"Still is, actually, tryin' to kill you."

"Totally. By the hour. But, was thinking that we could still, I don't know. Make something or do something for… well, us. Even with the zombies."

"That right?" Kiba asked, gently, and he loved that shade of pink on Naruto's cheeks.

"Yeah," Naruto answered, chewing on his lower lip. "We're all we've got."


"…and we'd do anything for each other."

"Damn right," Kiba agreed, hearing the question even though Naruto tried to make it a statement.

"And we're not going to quit?"

Naruto sounded like the naïve idiot he was back when they first met, and Kiba thought it was kinda cute. "Nope."

"So you don't… think about…"

Kiba snorted. "The only time I think about offin' myself these days is when you do those goddamned crossword puzzles."

"Hey! It keeps the mind limber."

"I'm more worried 'bout keepin' the rest of you limber," Kiba retorted, joking as usual but he didn't miss Naruto's relief. Or his own.

Naruto let out an explosive exhale. "Good. Well. Uh, yeah, that's what I was thinking about."

Kiba nodded, cranking the truck to life. "Been wonderin' about the same thing. I don't know if those Phase Three creeps are alive and well, but I know we need to get some heavier artillery."

"Right," Naruto agreed, nodding.

"But even with those assholes around, I think I'm willing to give settlin' a try."

"Cool," Naruto said, smiling at the windshield.

"Uh-huh. And I've got a place, a plan, and a problem."


"Yeah. We're awful close to the Grand Canyon, and there's this thing called the Colorado River running through the bottom of it. Which could come in handy for roughin' it."

"Yeah," Naruto said, enthusiasm beginning to show.

"Lots of choke points, places to hide, hard trails for Phase Twoers to navigate and easy to make life hard on any Phase Three that might wander through. There should be park stations along the rims and at the bottom. Maybe even with supplies."


"And we've got seeds, and I finished reading half a library on planting shit and making it grow. I think we might be able to make it work. Cold as fuck in the winter, but we could always vacation in fuckin' California or something for those months."

Naruto laughed, and it filled up holes Kiba didn't know were missing in his soul. "So what's the problem?" the blond asked.

"There's this little thing called the Hoover Dam."

"Uh, yeah?"

"And since everything's been breaking down at a pretty steady rate, I worry about a river getting clogged up behind it. The turbines that let it flow have to be maintained, and it's possible the entire river could stop flowing until it spills over stagnant. Pretty nasty."

Naruto sighed. "Not much to do about that, then. Could see if we could do the maintenance or--"

"There is something to be done," Kiba said, grinning and getting one in return from Naruto.


"We have all those explosives from that defense plant we raided back in Tennessee. Pretty powerful shit."

Kiba counted the seconds until Naruto's eyes got comically wide. "You… you want to blow up the Hoover Dam and flood the Colorado River?"

"Sure," Kiba shrugged. "Why the hell not? We need a project. Been fuckin' wanderin' around gettin' in trouble, and this would keep us occupied for a while."

"Uh, yeah, and might get us blown to kingdom come."

Kiba leered at Naruto. "Not if we do it right."

"We'd need more supplies," Naruto said, already organizing. "Heavier vehicle -- maybe something army? It's been long enough that all the bases should be empty or full of easy targets. Or… more Phase Three guys, but now that we've seen them up close, and with the right weaponry… And we'll need harnesses, rope, and--"

Kiba tossed Naruto a map marked with rings around military bases. "Pretty sure we can find what we need, and we'll look for a fuckin' Bass Pro Shop or something on the way."

"You're serious."

"Hell yeah."

Naruto blinked, and a feral, dangerous, entirely sexy gleam dawned in brilliant blue eyes. "Dude."


"Let's go blow shit up."

"You got it." Kiba threw the truck into gear, grinned at his partner, and headed for whatever came next.


Masquerading as a man with a reason
My charade is the event of the season
And if I claim to be a wise man, it surely
means that I don't know
On a stormy sea of moving emotion
Tossed about I'm like a ship on the ocean
I set a course for winds of fortune, but
I hear the voices say

Carry on, you will always remember
Carry on, nothing equals the splendor
Now your life's no longer empty
Surely heaven waits for you.

--Carry On - Kansas
29th-Jun-2011 11:34 pm (UTC)
"Let's blow shit up"!
Aw, man, I love that.
And you know, I am so glad you brought the whole "Man's Civilized Toys"
into this, because I remember thinking,
"well, what about all those nuclear plants, and the fire hazard involved in electrical installations?"
which simply underlines the fact that I need to relax.

I hope you don't think any less of me for taking the lollie option on chapter 4.
Having a hard time sleeping at night as it is.
Thank you, this was hot and fun!

3rd-Jul-2011 03:57 pm (UTC)
I've watched a few too many, "After Mankind" specials on Discovery Channel, methinks, but yeah... the zombies wouldn't necessarily be the worst part of the end of the world. XD

And no worries on the lollie option. I completely understand!! I'm just glad you enjoyed the other parts.

Thank you! <3
29th-Jun-2011 11:45 pm (UTC)
Okay, I had no idea how you'd satisfactorily wrap this up in 5 parts but you did a bang on job. I can't really say much without gushing, but I really enjoyed this a hell of a lot and I'm going to be completely cruel in hoping that the plot bunnies bite you hard for more of this.
3rd-Jul-2011 03:58 pm (UTC)
Whew... so glad you think so! *laughs* My goal was to do five snapshots so it didn't get completely unwieldy. Good to know it worked for you -- thank you!!!

Ah, well... if the plot bunnies keep biting, it won't be for fanfiction. But we shall see! *wink*

3rd-Jul-2011 06:21 pm (UTC)
But good zombie fics are soooo hard to find.

And I do understand about the interests lying in other types of fic. I haven't updated any of mine in... probably close to a year.
30th-Jun-2011 03:07 am (UTC)
Dear demented tourguide,
Ha ha look here, I'm commenting on lj for a change. Mostly cause I can't read fiction from y-gal on my phone XD
I really like where you left thus off, leaving plenty of room for more if you wanted to add, or leaving plenty of room for me to imagine what could happen in their future.
I cNt really see what I'm writing so I'll probably comment in a coherent form later.
3rd-Jul-2011 03:58 pm (UTC)
Dear minion b,

So good to see you on multiple sites, dearest. Really glad you enjoyed the story and liked its open-ended nature. Thank you, as always, for reading.

Much love & apocalyptic themes,
Demented D
30th-Jun-2011 12:36 pm (UTC)
What an ending! That was a great story sweets ;)
3rd-Jul-2011 03:59 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!
3rd-Jul-2011 09:00 pm (UTC)
My pleasure Hun :)
6th-Jul-2011 10:25 am (UTC)
I really loved this! It was so creative and I loved your characterizations. Great work <3
15th-Jul-2011 03:23 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!
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