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Bleach Fanfiction // Coming Home - A "Flood" Side Story

Title: Coming Home – A “Flood” Side Fiction
Series: Moderate Bleach AU (Same world as “Flood.”)
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Chad & Ishida
Word Count: 5500
Warnings/Notes: One shot side story from my universe, “Flood,” written for the wonderful imlikat. CONGRATS BABEH!!! Contains angst, adult language, oral, rimming, non-penetrative sex, anal, masturbation, and probably other goodies.

Because M likes her stories with, "...little bit of plot, little bit of angst, and a whole lot of smut."

Can do. <3

NOTE: Don't have to read my story, "Flood" to enjoy this one, but I recommend it. Still one of your author's favorites. *wink* Please see my side bar. Much love!

Spoilers: None whatsoever.

Summary: Uryuu comes home from working on a Hollywood set for several weeks to surprise Chad.

Ishida Uryuu paused at the foot of the metal stairs leading to the second floor loft he shared with his partner, Sado Yasutora -- Chad, to his friends. And sometimes “Yasu” to Uryuu in the moaning moments between the sheets. The warehouse to Uryuu's right where, before they got their record contract, Chad used to play bass with the band, A Lovely Death, was now silent. It was seven in the evening, Chad wasn't expecting him until next week, and Uryuu tightened his fist around his duffle bag's strap.

Uryuu had flown back early because he wanted to surprise Chad. He just hoped to God it would be a good surprise as opposed to unwelcome, rude, or irritating. Uryuu knew that made no sense, he knew that Chad was probably dying to see him as much as Uryuu was ready to slaughter small armies to be with Chad.


“I'm so sorry."

"It was just a blow job, Uryuu."

"I'm still sorry."

"I told you last time I didn't mind."

"I know, I know, goddammit. We agreed that while we're apart we can… But you never… I mean…."


With an explosive breath and much mental cursing, Uryuu started to climb the steps, feet falling effortlessly into the pattern that made the least noise. He rounded the corner, heading down the hallway toward their door. He'd been with Chad over two years now, but the night Uryuu'd found Chad kissing Donovan was etched like a brand in his brain. He still got the shivers when he thought of Chad shoving the boy into the wall, and he still got hard when he recalled all the times Chad had done that to him. Picked Uryuu up, clutched at Uryuu's bare ass, teased his asshole with fingertips and kissed Uryuu with the uncaged passion of ten lesser men until finally they--

Uryuu fumbled his keys, dropped them, and laughed at himself. Right. Uryuu sighed and didn't know which was worse: the pent up, crazy-making lust pooling in his groin or the anxiety over seeing his lover after yet another random encounter with a key grip on set. Damned flirtatious L.A. boy toys with their tanned skin and dark eyes and wicked way of reminding Uryuu how much he missed Chad. Missed the way Chad looked fresh out of the shower; the way the mohawk Chad sported these days would flop over shaved skin and curl; the way the goatee would hold water and scrape Uryuu's lips raw.

Uryuu banged his head against the wall next to the apartment door. If he kept thinking like this, he was going to spontaneously come when Chad said, "Hello," and that would be pretty fucking embarrassing for all kinds of reasons, the least of which was that Uryuu had some more apologizing to do before there would be happy endings of any sort. He got the door open, stepped inside, and immediately knew Chad wasn't home. Chad's keys and phone weren't on their designated end table, and the loft was silent.

"Yasu?" Uryuu called anyway, hoping maybe he was wrong. No answer, nothing stirring, and Uryuu set down his bag with another lingering sigh. He looked at the duffle, bit his lip, and let the door fall shut behind him with a heavy bang. Well, he could either unpack and shower or he could sit around and obsess until Chad got home.

“Or maybe a bit of both,” Uryuu muttered, flinching when his voice was loud in the silence.

Grabbing the bag's strap, Uryuu dragged it toward the bathroom hamper and started dumping clothes. Chad was probably out with friends. Eating, smiling, laughing, looking irresistible and getting hit on by men and woman alike. And then Chad would blush, eyes down on his napkin, small smile tugging his lips, and, it would be so fucking endearing that it would make everyone swoon all the harder. Not that Chad would notice or flirt or act upon anything because he was apparently nobler than a paladin Pope on a crusade to save starving orphans from burning buildings and dragon maws.

…which made Uryuu… what, exactly, in comparison?

“A budding alcoholic," Uryuu answered himself. “In need of a beer.” He finished the sorting and wandered to the fridge. Two six-packs, take-out, pizza, and several containers with Orihime's catering label on the sides. Uryuu opted for bastardized Italian, and he meandered aimlessly around the apartment as he ate a reheated slice. The furniture was still the same -- big couch, chair, massive bed surrounded by a curtain. The artwork had changed to include framed photos from Chad's concerts and posters from the shows Uryuu costumed. He had a movie poster signed by all the actors and director in his bag for Chad, who loved that kind of thing. The most recent film Uryuu worked on wouldn't be a summer blockbuster, but it paid pretty well, regardless.

Though it did keep them apart. Uryuu absently dusted a shelf with his hand, adjusted a picture of the two of them together, and saw his scowling reflection. He could practically hear the make-up artist fussing about wrinkle lines and Botox, and Uryuu set down his plate to finish swiping the bookshelves.

With the band's schedule and Uryuu working on set, he and Chad sometimes didn't see each other for weeks. It sucked, but there wasn't much either of them could do. Chad came to visit Uryuu, and Uryuu made it to every show he could. They used Skype, they sexted, they tried phone sex once or twice until Uryuu finally said it was too damned humiliating, and they worked out a way to be both committed and practical.

"Are you actually suggesting what I think you're suggesting?"

"It's going to be weeks, Uryuu. And I know how you get."

"How I 'get'?"

"Without affection."

"…oh for Chrissakes, Yasu. I'll be fine."

"Still. It's okay. I want you to know it's okay."

"…I have to go."

If there was one thing Uryuu hated, it was underestimating the enemy. And loneliness and stress were a vicious combination that brought Uryuu low. As strange and foreign and insulting as the rules were at first, once Uryuu began to understand the reason for their existence – which, granted, was late one night with another man’s tongue in his mouth -- he never broke them. At least there was that. Uryuu always told Chad about the incidents, and Chad stoically said everything was fine. Uryuu believed the man, but he also believed Chad was telling the truth about never slipping. Chad said Uryuu was the one and only, and if that made Chad some aberration of a gay man, then so be it. Uryuu was the lucky son of a bitch with one of the few true monogamists left on the planet, and God but it made him feel like an ass.

Uryuu knew Chad missed him. The man said so, and anything that Chad actually took the time to say mattered. But Uryuu didn't know how Chad did it. Maybe it was Hollywood infecting Uryuu's brain, maybe it was the wear and tear of working eighteen hours in a row for days on end, but somehow Uryuu was always the one getting sucked off behind some B-lister's trailer, and Chad was the one turning down groupies by the score. Uryuu remembered a time when he went for months without any sort of sex because he was so picky about partners.

Apparently, though, all it took was finding the love of his life and then having to learn how to live without the man for hours -- forget days or weeks or months -- and Uryuu gave in to temptation like… like… well, like Renji for fuck's sake.

Uryuu yanked out his phone, glaring at it and pushing buttons. He'd only been home for fifteen minutes, and if he called Chad, then it would ruin the surprise. Uryuu resolutely denied the tiny voice of cowardice that said perhaps Uryuu wasn't quite ready to face the man after weeks and weeks. That was just the jet lag talking, obviously.

Uryuu stomped to his bag, retrieved a folded pile of clean clothes, and trudged toward the trunk at the foot of the bed. As usual, the comforter was wadded at the bottom of the mattress, the sheets in disarray. Chad didn't sleep well when Uryuu was gone, and Uryuu's heart constricted at the evidence. He put away his socks and underwear, shut the trunk's lid, and stepped around to his side of the bed. His pillow was still in its place, the stuffed animal Grandfather made him perched on top of it, and Uryuu patted its head. He sat down, breathed in deeply and smelled Chad's scent, and was well on his way to rolling around and wallowing in it when he saw a small leg poking out from beneath Chad's pillow. A small, stumpy, knitted stuffed leg with white stitching, to be precise. Curious, Uryuu crawled closer and gingerly grasped the thing with two fingers, felt the give of fluffy stuffing, and pulled.

A doll. It was a… doll. About six inches long, obviously hand made by someone without much talent for such things, and Uryuu could only stare at the thing in abject shock for one long moment before finally getting the guts to pick it up. A dark mop of hair fell over blue triangle eyes, and tiny little spectacles were sewn onto its face. A red triangle marked the mouth above a blue cross stitched onto its chest, and the little Ishida even had stylish if rough-hewn clothes.

To some people, maybe it would be disturbing: one's boyfriend taking the time to stitch a replica of an absent lover to cuddle at night. To others, maybe it might seem childish, turning soulful longing into a craft project.

But this was Chad, and Uryuu knew the man, and the only thing Uryuu felt while staring down at his stuffy self was a spike of intense need, an unsatisfied craving left to fester for far too long, and a nostalgic solitude that made tears threaten to well in his eyes.

It was far too easy to imagine Chad, post work-out and shower and dinner, wandering around the apartment. Maybe playing bass, watching TV, and finally crouching by the bed to drag out the crate beneath it that contained some of Uryuu's sewing supplies. Uryuu held the doll to his chest and envisioned Chad cross-legged, tongue caught between teeth, carefully reading a, Sewing for Dummies manual and stabbing fingertips with a needle until getting the hang of the rhythm.

Maybe some men would laugh or throw the thing away after it was done or feel ashamed by its creation, but not Chad. No, Chad would smile the secret smile that could mean so many things all at once and place the doll nearby to be a touchstone of comfort. It was made with Uryuu's supplies and Uryuu's craft, and that alone would embody meaning for Chad. The man kept scrapped clothing designs and the other little projects that Uryuu made to fight boredom. Said it was a way to feel close to what mattered most to Uryuu and, therefore, to Uryuu, himself.

"I missed you, too," Uryuu said to the doll. He curled up in the middle of the bed and snuggled the mini Ishida with an abandon only feasible without witnesses. Hundreds of images flashed behind his closed lids: Chad hugging him goodbye outside of airport security, completely unmindful of the looks thrown their way. Chad with the new haircut, both big eyes visible and sincere. Chad using chopsticks with a surprising delicacy. Chad's lips against the small of Uryuu's back, Chad's teeth in his throat, Chad's arms and hands and cock pinning him down…

Uryuu set the mini Ishida aside and slid off the bed. He wandered over to the sofa and paused in the middle of the loft, stroking his dick through his jeans and staring at the door. The worry of being early and potentially rude and the fear of Chad being angry and hurt faded to nothing under the plushie discovery and rising lust. Uryuu finally broke the stare and walked into the bathroom. He stripped, tossed his glasses next to the sink, turned on the shower, and climbed in when the water was barely lukewarm.

Shampoo, rinse, the slip of water and suds, and Uryuu poured Chad's sandalwood bodywash into his palm. He leaned against the slick blue tile, slightly dizzy and too warm beneath the spray. He was tired, he was frustrated, he was so horny he could barely breathe, and it should have been Chad's hands running over his torso, Chad's fist around Uryuu's cock. The lips Uryuu imagined on his neck and nape should have been real. The daydream made of steam and vapor should have been flesh and bone. Uryuu tipped forward until the water ran over his face, filled his mouth, and ran down his chin with each quick sigh. The fingers of his left hand brushed his backside, moved into the cleft, and he pressed his cheek against the wall while he teased himself. The length of his finger rubbed over his asshole, back and forth, and Uryuu still somehow meant it just to be perfunctory. He meant to let go of himself, get out, dry off, and keep unpacking. Intended to wait…

"What did you mean… that one time…"

"What time, Uryuu?"

"That you wouldn't… try to break me unless I asked?"


"Yasu…mmm, God, that feels… dammit, answer me!"

"Only that I can be rougher."

"Ooh, fuck, there… right… wha-what do you mean?"

"That sometimes I like it rougher."

"Nngh… y-yeah?"


"Sh-show me?"

Before Uryuu even registered what was happening, his soapy fingers were buried in his ass, pumping, pressing, trying to seek deeper. He was rolling into the workings of his other hand, pace frantic and hips jerking with the erratic strokes. He braced himself with his shoulder shoved into the tile so hard it hurt. His foot lost its mooring, collided with the side of the tub, and Uryuu barely noticed because it spread him wider. Mere minutes lost in quiet moans and watery gasps, and Uryuu came with a sharp rasp, come hitting the dull chrome around the shower's knobs and body tightening around his self-invasion. He leaned in exactly the wrong way and the shower's spray made him choke. He slung his hair out of his eyes, sighed a shaky sigh, and rinsed the wall and himself. He stood still and watchful with his heart thudding in his chest. Any second now and the curtain would rack aside, and Chad would be there with the hungry look. Chad would tell him everything was more than fine without using words at all, and Uryuu could lose himself in sensational reality.

Uryuu didn’t give up hope until the water grew cold, and the chill reminded Uryuu he was being an idiot for all kinds of reasons. He finished bathing, finished getting ready for Chad to come home, and finally opened the bathroom door.

Halfway to the bed and Uryuu paused again, his arms crossed over his bare chest and toes curling against the hardwood. For never-ending moments, he willed Chad to walk into the room, but when the locks stayed thrown and the knob didn't turn, Uryuu made his way over to the bed. The sheets were cool against his body, and he lay down on one side. He knew it was probably juvenile, possibly narcissistic, and maybe plain wrong, but he pulled the Ishida doll closer and held it, grateful that sleep would be his ally in the waiting game.

The loft was dark when Uryuu opened his eyes. It took him a second to register what was happening, to understand what woke him, and panic surged before relief crested the tide. A large, hard body pressed against Uryuu's back, wrapped around and over him, and stubble gently scratched his shoulder. Soft kisses followed, and Uryuu sighed, stretching and relinquishing his hold on the Ishida doll when Chad took it from him.

"Hi," Chad whispered in Uryuu's ear, palm over Uryuu's heart.

Uryuu grunted, words dying in his throat when Chad's thumb rubbed a lazy circle around Uryuu's nipple and Chad's firming cock nudged Uryuu's thigh. Uryuu reached behind him, raked fingers through thick hair and squeezed Chad's neck. He parted his legs, straightening them and trapping Chad's length between them. Chad's breathy noise of approval would have been lost were they not so close, and teeth nipped the shell of Uryuu's ear.

"Hi," Uryuu answered, knees knocking and muscles flexing to grip Chad as the other man rocked against him. The heat rolling off Chad's skin started flash fires within Uryuu, and he stifled a moan when Chad found Uryuu's cock. Chad gave Uryuu a slow stroke in time to another push between Uryuu's thighs, palm cupping Uryuu's balls in a tug-brush-caress. The care and affection and desire silenced whatever nagging doubt still burbled in Uryuu's brain, and when Chad started to sync unhurried thrusts to the circle of thumb and forefinger around Uryuu, his "Ooh, yeah" was nearly inaudible and practically a groan. Chad shifted, still moving and exploring, and sure fingers turned Uryuu's head over his shoulder and into a kiss.

"You're early," Chad murmured, eating at Uryuu's lips and mouth and tongue.

"Yeah," Uryuu said in edgewise, sweat dampening his forehead and underarms. The dual pull-push of the flesh between his legs was driving him crazy, and he was suddenly and immensely glad for his earlier unplanned release. He'd almost forgotten how overwhelming Chad could be in bed, focused and intent and so damned loving that it stole Uryuu's sanity. Rendered him a needy thing governed by delayed gratification.

"Missed you," Chad said, fingertips and palm cradling Uryuu's head to keep him still, and heavy-lidded dark eyes picking up the faintest glimmer of light and shining in the dim murk of the room.

"I…" Uryuu began, shuddering at the touch grazing his slit, concentrating on every single sensitive millimeter Uryuu had. With Chad's lips on his in messy kisses and with Chad's presence engulfing Uryuu like a thunderhead, the lost piece of Uryuu's heart clicked into place. It was sappy and romantic and never something Uryuu would admit out loud, but he'd been aching for Chad like he'd ache for his missing right arm. He’d been searching for something to fill the void in the mouths of pretty boys and in the bottoms of beer bottles, and nothing worked, of course, because there was only one Yasutora. Only one in the entire world.

"Yasu, I'm--"

"Home," Chad finished for Uryuu with the simple confidence that Uryuu so envied and so needed in a partner. Chad kissed him again, and the world beyond the bed ceased to exist. Uryuu made a complaining sound and bit Chad's lip when the hand on Uryuu's dick vanished. Chad's chest rumbled with sound that didn't quite make it to air, and Uryuu bit minutely harder on the sweet flesh until hot breath poured over his face. There was a rustle, Chad did something behind Uryuu's turned head, and then Uryuu gasped in shock, jerking to watch Chad sheath him in latex.

"Nnoh…" Uryuu groaned, his brain playing catch up to the implications. Uryuu flexed his thighs one last time on Chad's rigid cock and rolled over to mold them together.

"Both?" Uryuu asked, finding Chad's nipple; pinching and then grasping it with the force he knew Chad loved.

"Mm," Chad sighed, the sound morphing into a groan when Uryuu sucked at the place where Chad's neck met his shoulder.

"Yeah," Chad said, chin rising. "Just wanted…"

"Me, too," Uryuu breathed, frantically kissing Chad's throat. "God… Yasu…"

Hands and legs scrambled to touch and entwine, mouths met, and the weight of bodies tumbling made the mattress protest and the headboard thunk against the wall. Uryuu yanked away to slam Chad's wrist against the bed, and Chad's other hand gripped a pillow while Uryuu kissed and laved a trail from sternum, to nipple, to belly, to navel. Thighs easily twice the size of Uryuu's parted, and Chad canted his pelvis in a silent request for more. He held his breath, and Uryuu licked a line along the underside of Chad's thick cock. Just the taste and a quick map of the sheer width was enough to make Uryuu's lower body contract, recalling all too well how it felt to be filled and taken by the velvet iron beneath Uryuu’s lips. Twisting, Uryuu grasped Chad's hips to mouth his balls, and Uryuu cried out when Chad manhandled Uryuu up, over, and straddling Chad's head.

"Shit!" Uryuu squawked, Chad pulling him closer and spreading him with deep digs of thumbs into asscheeks. Uryuu shook all over and cried out against Chad's stomach when a hot tongue swiped around his entrance: probed, teased, tasted, and traced. And holy heaven and unholy hell but Uryuu had missed what Chad could do to him with a simple rimming. Chad groaned, long and loud, this time, and Uryuu felt the bridge of Chad's nose against his tailbone as Chad forced wet muscle into his body.

"Fuck… aw, fuck…" Uryuu rhythmically tensed, pushing into the sensation, and remembered where the hell he was just long enough to wrap his mouth around the head of Chad's dick. Vibrations passed from Chad's tongue to Uryuu's ass, and Chad clutched at him tightly enough to bruise. Like this, Uryuu could only reach the tip, but he steadied himself with one arm to get a hand around the base and stroke. The sweet taste of pre-come was heady on Uryuu's tongue, and he deliberately spun the edges of teeth just beneath Chad's crown. Chad's chest heaved, heels digging into the bed, and as Uryuu stretched his neck to draw as much of Chad into his mouth as he could, he heard his lover start to make the steady, helpless syllables of want with every fast breath that drove Uryuu wild.

"Yasu," Uryuu rasped when Chad grew louder and started pumping into Uryuu's mouth faster and deeper. "Let me go and roll over."

With one more lingering lick and a sharp suck that made Uryuu grit a guttural curse, Chad released Uryuu. Falling to the side, Uryuu caught his breath and got his limbs coordinated enough to crawl behind Chad, who repositioned on all fours. The mere sight of Chad -- forehead touching forearms, diaphragm working fast in search of oxygen, tanned skin slick with sweat, knees parted, balls heavy, ass round and high in the air -- forced Uryuu to bite his lip on a whine and scramble for the lube that Chad had apparently grabbed along with the condoms. Uryuu slicked himself up, letting a dragging moan escape his lips just to hear Chad answer it with another.

"Uryuu… my Uryuu…" Chad mumbled, barely intelligible, and Uryuu paused to rub a few lust-ladden brain cells together. With a hum, he upended the bottle of lube, and a clear trail drizzled to land just above the crack of Chad's ass and ooze between the globes.

"Unnf…" Chad's breath caught and hitched, and he shivered, the muscles playing beneath his skin.

Uryuu's brain redlined and filled with white noise and eager, hushed voices whispering demands for what came next. Uryuu let the bottle fall, and swiped his fingers through the wetness coating Chad. He sent the tips exploring and nudging at Chad's entrance, heard Chad's breathing pick up, catch, rattle ribcage. Uryuu smoothed his hands over Chad's ass, pressed a thumb over a flexing ring of muscle. Chad inched toward Uryuu, body pleading in the silence. Uryuu circled and massaged and spread lube, and he teased Chad's balls first with light brushes of his knuckles and then by wrapping around empty skin and pulling down to roll Chad's balls. Chad finally called out -- a shocked syllable laced with desperation.

"What do you want, Yasu?" Uryuu whispered, entirely transfixed and intoxicated on Chad.

"Your cock," Chad answered, muffled by the crook of his arm and the groan that punctuated his answer.

"Okay," Uryuu replied, and the word was shaky but he didn't care. Uryuu brewed a fast batch of courage. He knew his lover, remembered all the nights and weeks of doing everything under the sun and moon to one another. So when he knee-walked forward, slapped his dick against Chad's hole, wrap-shoved Chad's beautiful ass to form a slippery chasm along his length, and thrust without penetrating, Uryuu expected the full-bodied flinch, the deep breath, the restrained writhe.

But Uryuu didn't anticipate the high, keening whine, the hands that flew backward to grip Uryuu's legs and yank him into the next shove, or the string of Spanish curses that darkened the air. It was harsh and sudden enough that Uryuu almost apologized, almost stopped the torture and did what he damned well knew Chad wanted him to do, but then Chad jerked along Uryuu's covered cock in a startling pace, and Uryuu got lost watching himself move between Chad's flesh, the flash of entrance a delicious torment.

"L-like this?" Uryuu stammered, and he meant both of the inquiry's meanings. Chad's answer was pitched breathing, a rushed, "Fuck yes" in Chad's native tongue, and Uryuu couldn't take it anymore. He drew back, pushed himself down to line up end to entrance, and poured more lube over his shaft. Hand smearing the stuff over his head, Uryuu sighed through clenched teeth. He remembered the first time they did this, just after the bath where Chad confessed and got Uryuu off for the first time that day.

"Yasu,`I don't think I can handle--"

"I know. It's okay."

"…then can I…?"

"Yes, fuck yes…Just go. I can take you."

"Oh… oh… my God…"


"Uryuu," Chad said, sprawling vowels remaking Uryuu's name into a longer version of itself as Uryuu slid inside the other man. A constricting ring traveled down Uryuu's cock in a grappling crawl, and Uryuu withdrew just as Chad leaned back to meet Uryuu's next drive.

"Nnn…" Uryuu hissed.

"Yeah," Chad whispered. "Nnguh, harder…"

Uryuu's body complied on autopilot, brain lost in the fritz of nerves and the quest for relief. He loved taking Chad, loved pinning the bigger man into the mattress and hearing the perfect sound Chad sometimes made when the man came from getting fucked. He reached to hold onto Chad's shoulder, pulling and pushing into the maddening heat, and soon Chad made the sweet little noises on every exhale. Chad's face was turned to the side, eyes closed and expression an ode to bliss. Uryuu ground deep and sped up, saw Chad's eyebrows arch and fingers twist the sheet.

"Fuck," Chad said, soft and high, and Uryuu kept the faster pace. Chad's sounds took on a note of startled frustration, and Chad shifted to send a hand down to stroke himself, whimpered, and let go, surrendering to Uryuu's onslaught. Uryuu'd been missing that cock for what felt like years. He longed to feel the insane pressure against his prostate that Chad achieved by sheer existence, but Uryuu kept tunneling into the roiling heat until he had to slow to deep, long thrusts else he lose his mind and his control. He bent over Chad's back, kissed his lover's spine, and the tension there warned him that Chad was moving.

Propping on his hands and then rising onto his knees, Chad transitioned slowly enough for Uryuu to anticipate. Uryuu hugged Chad, rested sweaty bangs between the wings of his shoulder blades, and Chad's affectionate murmur inspired an answering one from Uryuu. Chad teased Uryuu's sensitive lower back with light touches, caressed the swell of the top of Uryuu's ass until Uryuu shuddered, cock still inside Chad and hard to aching.


"I'll lie down?"

Uryuu nodded, let Chad slide off of him, and Chad paused when Uryuu caught himself from falling with a hand on Chad's arm.

"Mm, Uryuu…" Chad turned around, and kissed Uryuu with a devilish dive of tongue. He gripped Uryuu's hair and wrapped fingers around Uryuu's base tightly enough to make Uryuu grunt. Chad stripped off the condom, and Uryuu breathed out in a gasp that Chad swallowed and returned to Uryuu in a long exhale. Time no longer mattered, and Uryuu didn't know how long they knelt on the bed, feeding each other air, and calming down enough to continue. All he knew was that eventually Chad broke away and settled on his back, hands guiding Uryuu to rest on top of him.

"My Uryuu." Chad cupped Uryuu's cheek, smiled, and glanced from Uryuu's eyes to mouth and back again.

And just like that, Chad leveled Uryuu with two words and a look. Safe, warm, forgiven, held, loved, home, and Uryuu couldn't remember how to do or how to move, so Chad did it for them. He took Uryuu along for the ride as he sat up, grabbed another condom and the lube, and rubbed Uryuu's neck as they lay back down. Uryuu had no idea how in the hell foil and latex and slick even worked, so Chad bit and marked Uryuu's throat while he took care of the process. Uryuu's cock was trapped between them, and Uryuu shamelessly rutted against the other man. Uryuu didn't know whose moan was whose; was lost and had no desire to be found.

When Chad needed both hands, Chad pushed Uryuu against a slippery chest, kissing Uryuu's hair. Uryuu tried to speak, and Spanish filled the space around them. Chad shushed him, called Uryuu the Spanish word for, "Lover" which took Uryuu too long to translate.

But it didn't matter, because Uryuu understood Chad's gentle urgings and let Chad help him straddle and hover over Chad's cock. Uryuu's head swam and the room spun, and Chad coaxed Uryuu to begin to sink, to take Chad with body and mind and everything else Uryuu had to offer. Because for a second, it felt like Uryuu would part into pieces, fracture and falter and be divorced from pleasure and paired with pain, but Uryuu's musculature recalled this phenomenon. It stretched, accepted, and the joining went slowly until it had to go faster in the search for the line marking bad reforming to good.

"Yasu… oh my God, yes… fuck… oh… oh… ooooh…" Uryuu heard the babbling, couldn't stop it, and the cadence of Chad's breathing quickened to match Uryuu's. Rising, falling, and Chad's hands helped Uryuu move, Chad's hips rose to meet and meld, and the cradle of his pelvis caught Uryuu on every downward journey. Over and over, hard and harder, more and more, and Uryuu yelled a warning, the heel of a palm digging into Chad's shoulder to brace.

"Yeah," Chad growled. "Go, Uryuu. Please."

At the last second, Uryuu caught Chad's hazy gaze, saw the cliffside to which Chad clung, and Uryuu purposefully clenched around Chad on each advance and retreat, once, twice, thrice. Chad's mouth opened in a silent cry, Uryuu lost the deep brown eyes to scrunching lids, and Uryuu came when Chad jolted into him with force that was too much and too perfect. Uryuu spilled over his fist, and he got to hear the helpless whimper he loved so much when Chad came mere seconds later. Chad clung to Uryuu, curled toward him, and Uryuu caught and held Chad for a handful of stuttering heartbeats until they both collapsed.

Uryuu must have dozed because Chad's rumbling voice startled him. "How long are you home?"

"Couple of months at least," Uryuu answered, lifting himself off of Chad and falling into a heap on the mattress. He felt the best kind of overextended, and it got better and sweeter when Chad laced their fingers together. Such a sentimental sap.

"Me, too," Chad said, arm over his head and eyes closed.

"Good." Uryuu paused. "Just don't make me sleep with the other me."

Chad chuckled. "I like the real you more."

"That's a relief."

"I could make you one."

Uryuu started to laugh, but Chad turned his head to look at Uryuu, a very rare grin flashing white in the early hours before dawn.

"Little piece of home to travel with you?" Chad asked, eyes searching Uryuu's face and finding something that made Chad's grin relax into a contented smile.

Happiness rushed up Uryuu's spine, made his skin break out in goosebumps, and he inched closer to Chad, kissing his partner. "Yeah," Uryuu said. "Sounds good to me."

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