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The Entire Rhythm & Bruise Soundtrack List

When I write R&B, I first get in my car and set the playlist to “Gaara.” Over the year and a half I’ve been writing this, the list has grown exponentially. I owe most of my thanks to Azazel999, but many others have contributed to the music pile. While I would LOVE to give you people links for all of these, there are just too damn many songs, which is awesome. So I hope you go exploring on your own. Much, much love.


The entire (editable) soundtrack list for R&B (both Azazel's AND other fan contributions)


other stories/characters/originals (WITH LINKS!) can be found over on Y!Gallery.

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Click here for the soundtrack list.

It's really quite cool. I highly recommend you check it out.

But for the meanwhile...

The Entire R&B Song List as Composed by Azazel999.
Apologies for any repeats.
Apologies that my OCD did not always list the music in the same format (artist/song or song/artist).

Listen. Rinse. Repeat.

NOTE! The (NOTES IN PARENTHESES) are all Demented Dee's. <3

45- shinedown (This is the one playing in the movie teaser trailer for R&B in my head)
black hole sun- soundgarden
bodies- drowning pool
breakdown- seether
come down- bush
closer- nine inch nails (cannot hear this without thinking of Fluister’s artwork of Kiba <3
cold- crossfade
cold desert- kings of leon (This one is Gaara & Jody’s song.)
coming undone- korn
control- puddle of mud
dazed and abused- seether
driven under- seether
epiphany- staind
every day is exactly the same- nine inch nails
FMLYHM- seether
fine again- seethe (A personal anthem for myself on a lot of days, actually)
giving in- adema
head like a hole- nine inch nails
it aint me babe- johnny cash
numb- linkin park
pissed off and mad about it- texas hippie coalition
slept so long- jay gordon
rest in pieces- seether
the red- chevelle
hate me today- blue october
amazing- aerosmith
machinehead- bush
loser- 3 doors down
keep away- godsmack
freak on a leash- korn
falling away from me- korn
break stuff- limp bizkit
king nothing- metallica
something i can never have- nine inch nails
creep- radiohead
superbeast- rob zombie
pain- 3 days grace
better version- shinedown
i stand alone- godsmack
never enough (album version)- five finger death punch
one step closer- linkin park
everything- alanis morissette
uninvited- alanis morissette
like a stone- audioslave

holy water- big and rich (Separated out because THIS one has been the end-credit theme song since Az first sent it to me. Makes me cry and I cannot listen to it these days, but I love it all the same.)

no sex in your violence- audioslave
send the pain bellow- chevelle
beautiful- christina aguilera
touch peel and stand- days of the new
people are strange- the doors
thanks for nothing- dope
beautiful freak- eels
going under- evanescence
black water- fever season
beautiful tragedy- in this moment
with a little help from my friends- joe cocker
you save me- kenny chesney
bleed it out- linkin park
long hard road out of hell- marilyn manson
enter sandman- metallica
silent lucidity- queensryche
scar tissue- red hot chili peppers
rise above this- seether
remedy- seether
pretty when you cry- vast
Live – I alone
saliva – always (I sing this one and have managed to get the guttural screams just *so*)
aerosmith - amazing
guns 'n roses - back off bitch
guns n' roses - bad obsession (one of these days, I will play the harmonica this well)
bleeding through - on wings of lead
AFI - beautiful thieves
AFI - bleed black
seether ft. amy lee - broken
avenged sevenfold - bat country
hank williams - cold cold heart
guns 'n roses - coma
seasons after - cry little sister
rob zombie - demoniod phenomenon (One of my favorites)
mudvayne - dig
disturbed - down with the sickness
puddle of mudd - drift and die
metalica - enter sandman
staind - fade
seether - fade away
velvet revolver - fall to pieces
korn - falling away from me
disturbed - forsaken
korn - freak on a leash
AFI - god called in sick today
AFI - the great disappointment
robert johnson - hell hound on my trail
nine inch nails - hurt
lil wayne - i feel like dying
cypress hill - insane in the brain
three days grace - its all over
gnarls barkley - just a thought
AFI - the killing lights
the rolling stones - laugh i nearly died (I adore this song)
AFI - the leaving song parts 1 & 2
marilyn manson - long hard road out of hell
AFI - love like winter
alice in chains - man in the box
AFI - the missing frame
five finger death punch - never enough
ozzy osborne - road to nowhere
godsmack - serenity
AFI - silver and cold
AFI - this time imperfect
red hot chili peppers - under the bridge
sick puppies – you’re going down
sick puppies – anywhere but here
middle class rut -- New Low
linkin park -- iridescent
five finger death punch -- bulletproof
My Chemical Romance -- I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
Sick puppies -- Riptide
Linkin Park -- One Step Closer
Rufus/Chaka Khan -- Tell Me Somethin' Good (How Kiba gives head)
Breathe -- Faith Hill
Mumford & Sons -- After the Storm
Gackt - Last Song
Easton Corbin - I Can't Love You Back
Jason Aldean -- The Truth
K-C & JoJo -- Crazy
Queensryche -- Silent Lucidity
Orenji no Taiyou -- Moon Child
I Grieve -- Peter Gabriel
My Chemical Romance -- Helena
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus -- Your Guardian Angel
X Japan -- Endless Rain
Death Cab for Cutie -- I will follow you into the dark
Pippins Song from LotR
The Decemberists -- We Both Go Down Together
Annie Lennox -- Into the West
LotR -- In Dreams
AFI -- This Time Imperfect (I Heard a Voice)
Bush -- Comedown
Screaming Trees -- Look at You
Mozart -- Requiem (esp. Lacrimosa)
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