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Demented Ink.
Naruto Fanfiction // Lessons in Living // Main Story Entry 
12th-Dec-2011 10:50 pm
cig mouth tie
Title: Lessons in Living
Series: Monoshizukanohi//Naruto AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Drama/Romance/Kink
Rating: Overall Mature
Pairing: Tenzou & Sai and other men in my Monoshizukanohi 'verse
Word Count: Ongoing
Warnings/Notes: Overall warnings: Will Add as applicable, currently language, violence, angst.
Spoilers: None whatsoever.

Summary: A year ago, Tenzou lost the only man he ever loved, and the only man he believes he ever will love. So when an artistic prodigy many years Tenzou's junior enters his life with determined demands for love, play, and safe harbor, Tenzou is forced to face his past, remember his promises, and challenge his presumption that forever after is final.

Chapter 1 -- Hunter and Prey
Chapter 2 -- Never Talk to Strangers
Chapter 3 -- A House Isn't a Home
Chapter 4 -- A Friend in Need
Chapter 5 -- Be Careful What You Wish For
Chapter 6 -- Fortune Favors the Brave
Chapter 7 -- When the Dam Breaks
Chapter 8 -- The Truth Shall Set You Free

Tenzou's House Plan

Tenzou in Leather

Sai Dolled Up
Sai Dolled Up

Sai Again

"Chiaroscuro" by Demon Dreams
Ddreams - Chiaroscuro

"Now, KISS!" by Demon Dreams
Ddreams - Now kiss!

"Picking Up Strays" by Demon Dreams
Ddreams - Picking up strays

"Tenzou and Sai" by Gaia77

"Tenzou from Lessons in Living" by Gaia77
Tenzou _lil
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19th-Jul-2013 05:55 pm (UTC)
ME TOO! *laughs*

And yes... you really gotta get yourself an icon, yo. XD

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