Darkprism (demented_dee) wrote,

I Zigged, You Zagged, and We All Fall Down

Good MORNING oh beautiful creatures of the Interweb-verse.

I had a dream last night about being in a semi-hotel room above a shopping mall in India. Having never BEEN to India, I have to wonder what the hell was in my dinner.


I've been making tentative plan type things, and I feel the need to... share.

First of all, if you've not friend-ed me here, (I'm talkin' to YOU oh faithful lurkers who've bookmarked me... that's right... come closer, sweets... clooooser), then may I humbly suggest you do so? There are, actually, one or two things that come with a Friends Lock.

Go on... I'll wait.

*hums and sharpens knives*

There! Now then.

A Note On Faith
I believe that Y!Gallery will be back up eventually. I really do. I figure the tech crew have day jobs, and we'll get most of our updates over the weekend.

THAT said, however, I am making back up plans. I have no idea when the following will happen, but I wanted to let y'all know I was working on it...

D/s Naruto
There is already a D/s Naruto club on LJ that I made last year when Y!Gallery almost went belly-up. It's called bdsm_naruto. Nothing much over there, now, but I plan on making it pretty, getting it listed, and posting some of my stuff over there. Sort of a backup home. When Y!Gallery goes back up, I will make an announcement that *should* the site go down permanently, then I will take up residence here until I figure out a better alternative.

IS STILL ONGOING. I plan on extending the deadline for however many weeks Y!Gallery is down. It will still take place on Y!, and not here.

My Stuff
I plan on sprucing up this site. New layout, more updates, etc. Again, if Y!Gallery goes down, THIS will be my first resting place.

A Mono Comm
Eyup. I'm thinking about doing a Mono community here. I am also contemplating putting up a collection on Ao3 (that's what they call "clubs" over there), and I'm thinking about getting a PaperDemon account. That site allows fiction *and* art, not to mention girls in said fiction and art.

SO! For the time being... to follow your favorite Demented Tour Guide, watch this journal. I'm also on tumblr (darkprism82.tumblr.com), and AFF (Darkprism), and I'm Darkprism at Ao3 (very little's over there).

What Ya Doin', Dee?
I'm currently obsessed with my version of Nagato. You can find him in "Knight of Swords", "Tower", "Ghosts", and in chapter two of "Gala".

The next chapter of Gala will be out shortly.
I've got TWO side stories (they're Nagato related) to post.
I'm working on a short piece with Clark and Daniel with my partner in crime, liralen.
We're working on the next New Amsterdam book.

I'm burying myself in code to do layouts.

How are YOU doing?

Tags: characters, fanfiction, journaling, monoshizukanohi, new amsterdam, pardon our construction dust
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