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Demented Ink.
Support Your Local Tour Guide: Donation Prizes & Other Info 
11th-Feb-2014 09:00 am
cig mouth tie
NEW DONATION PRIZE STORY, folks! Check it out!

Howdy cats, kittens, kinksters, and gentlefreaks! Welcome to the explanation for the donate button built atop the Altar to Chaos in the corner of this website. So glad you made it over here, please help yourselves to beverages, remember there's no obligation in any of this, and that we the creatures of Demented, Inc. are simply happy to have you however we can get you.

No really. However we can get you. Proceed with caution and don't startle the shadows.

Anyone who donates $2 or more may have their choice of the following:

NEW!✰"Coming Home Early"✰ After Daniel Germain is away for a week from his home and his Clark, he decides that enough is enough. He heads back to the townhouse for what he thinks will be a nice surprise and a quiet dinner... And what he finds is SO much more interesting...

Story is most DEFINITELY NC-17. Involves toys, masturbation, ridiculously hot sex, Clark's wicked mouth, and the good professor coming... undone. It's unusual as it's written in present-tense, and I was experimenting with some very, very fun character development. *grins*

Clark and Daniel's story is told in the first New Amsterdam novel, Hearts Under Fire. It continues in "The New Deal," and Clark shows up in a witty support role in Winter's Knight.

Clark is *ALSO* in the newest New Amsterdam novella, Shot in the Dark, and you can find even MORE of the charismatic man in the FREE READS & EXTRA BOOTY FOR NEW AMSTERDAM, if you just cannot get enough.

"Tea" When Lucian Gray and Shea Ollivander first walked into my life, I knew these were men I'd need to spend a ton of time with to get to know all their facets and intricacies. One night, I sat down to write what would happen if Lucian showed up on Shea's cabin doorstep unannounced. Lucian brings cards and movies, Shea brings himself, and I sat back to see what was going to happen.

"Tea" is set in a universe that exists before the main plotline of the novel, Winter's Knight happens, but where Shea and Lucian are together, of a sort. I had to explore the depths of the things that had happened to Shea, how Lucian would react and engage, and well... One thing does tend to lead to another. The story is rated NC-17, is almost 10,000 words long, nearly 20 pages, and I think you'll be quite happy with it.

"Invitation" Short story featuring Kris Fawkes, assassin-mercenary-all-around-badass and Skylar Monroe, tattoo-artist adrenaline-junkie-daredevil. Kris was seen in the novel, Winter's Knight, and he is nominally working for the "good guys" these days.

Both of these men will be the stars of the fourth or fifth New Amsterdam novel, tentatively entitled, Redemption, which is in the works. I've written several side stories to explore these two and all their crazy-sauce complications. Consider this the first of many sneak peaks especially for Patrons of the Chaotic Arts!

Story is NC-17. Friends of Demented Inc. can read a free short piece with these two told from Skylar's point of view by clicking RIGHT HERE.

I hope you enjoy whatever story you select!
Thank you for your interest and your time.

REMEMBER: include the story you want and the email address to which you want the story sent, otherwise, I'll just send the current donation story to the email associated with the PayPal account.

All copyright applies and is held by the authors. The story may not be reproduced for any reason, nor redistributed for monetary gain. By donating, you agree to these terms.

Donation Story Background
When I set out to write a book, I often go though a character-building process that involves late-night talks, character sheets, and, my favorite part: side stories.

Most of these stories never meet the light or air because they're set in alternate realities created to learn about the people I write about. Some of them, however, are not only damned good, they're also lengthy and amusing and showcase my people in *entirely* unusual circumstances. After looking over the catalogue of stories, I've decided to offer a few of them as donation prizes.

1. Do the stories go out as people donate or in one big batch at the end?
A: As people donate!
2. Do you format for Kindle/Nook/etc?
A: YUP! You will get the .epub and .mobi files as well as a PDF. ♥
3. Can I request characters to see in donation stories?
A: Sure! Just leave a comment in zee little boxes below! I'll see what I can do.




You may choose to purchase any of my books, including any of the New Amsterdam novels and stories. All information about what's available and from where can be found RIGHT HERE.

Much love, many thanks, and giddy clicks of demented heels,
8th-Mar-2012 12:03 pm (UTC)
*raises hand*

Question!: multiple entries mean multiple chances to win. The minimum entrance is $2 USD. In my brain, this translates as: "Do not give me $10. Give me $2, five times." The part of me that knows Paypal fees is cringing. What to do?

('Cause, like there was ever a guess I would be donating, right? :p)

8th-Mar-2012 02:02 pm (UTC)
Er, well, it shouldn't really matter? As if you give me $2.00 five times, PayPal will take out ~8% fees each time. (As I know you're in the US and that seems to be about the going rate based on my possibly limited interactions with PayPal.) That's about .16 per time. .16x5=.80 which is 8% of $10.00.

I mean, it might not work out THAT cleanly, but the PayPal fees do slide based on the amount.

THAT said, it won't be like this every time. As in, it will not increase your chances to "win" each time by dividing up the donation amount.
8th-Mar-2012 07:19 pm (UTC)
If I remember right, Paypal takes out $.30 from each transaction and THEN the 8%. (Though, I'll admit that it's been a while since I read it?) That would make a huge difference, which is where I was coming from. But if I'm wrong, then just ignore me. I've been really tired lately. :D

8th-Mar-2012 07:40 pm (UTC)

*goes to check on the math*

*finds PayPal's fine print*

Right. It's 2.2% + $0.30 per donation. So... that'd be $0.52 charge on $10.00 donation one time or $1.72 *TOTAL* for five donations of $2.00. So yeah... get charged an extra $1.20 for doing it five times instead of one.

To me, that's nickle-and-diming it, as to the donator, you donate $10, period. So if you want to do that over five installments or with one donation, either way, the cost to the *donator* is the same, which is ultimately what I care about. That and having fun with this, I guess. I suppose if anyone truly cares about me getting every bit possible, then one could ascribe one donation entirely to me and then do the others as entries or something equally complex. As my brain goes off in six directions and I babble in text...

Regardless, it *IS* something to note in the future, and for that I thank you for pointing out the differences. I don't really wanna change the rules at the moment as I've had a few people take advantage of the "multiple entries = multiple chances" thingum, and it seems unfair to swap it up now. BUT! I will remember this the next time I believe myself to be clever. *grins*

Thank you for your help!

9th-Mar-2012 05:39 pm (UTC)
Is there a way to sway the contest? Naked pics of bound followers? Sonnets written in fresh blood? Contractual agreements? No? *sigh* I honestly didn't imagine so. Damn integrity. XD

This is entirely too exciting! What an awesome concept! *runs*
9th-Mar-2012 07:10 pm (UTC)
*gets derailed on 'sonnets written in fresh blood on the backs of naked, bound followers*

Er... right. Integrity.

*pulls it out from under the couch*


Whew. Good thing. Near miss, there...

10th-Mar-2012 05:07 pm (UTC)
....god I love you guys *laughing*
17th-Mar-2012 08:19 pm (UTC)
*tackles Kyu and grins* Love you too!
7th-May-2012 07:15 am (UTC)
Will the stories be sent out as donations get in, or in one big batch at the end of the month?
7th-May-2012 02:51 pm (UTC)
As they come in!

We're currently formatting the story into .mobi and .epub as well as PDF, so that should cover everybody's Kindle/Nook/Netbook/Phone needs. *laughs*

So there's a tiny delay for the people who've donated, but the first batch o' story should go out today.
1st-Jun-2012 09:57 am (UTC)
Gorgeous! Just as a note, I love what I've read of your original stuff SO MUCH and will be purchasing the New Amsterdam stuff soon. :D It's just great to see two authors venturing into digital publishing and e-publishing. It's such a vague market space right now, and I want to support this kind of hot, sexy quality writing in that area as much as I can. ♥

... also, it's really strange that we share the same name. I go by 'Dee' on all my public-facing, non-porny social media accounts! But I have a different penname for porny purposes. >D
1st-Jun-2012 03:02 pm (UTC)
WOO HOO! Very happy to hear you're liking the originals, and I hope New Amsterdam treats you well.

If you'd prefer the *non* e-publishing variety of our books, they are also available in paperback. To pet and snuggle and all that...

...okay, maybe that's just us.

2nd-Aug-2012 01:31 pm (UTC) - Happy Birthday!
Day late, but extended birthdays are fabulous!
Much like you.
I hope your day was just exactly what you wanted, and
the cake was your favorite.
2nd-Aug-2012 04:02 pm (UTC) - Re: Happy Birthday!
Oh, I have a birthday month, no worries!


Thank you so very much!!!
24th-Aug-2012 05:28 pm (UTC) - Invitation
Thank you so much!
Loved it and am now really looking forward to the book. I have my own ideas about Kris, but Skylar is an unknown and getting sneak peak is delicious.
I'd say Kris needs someone with a sense of humour... that sense of humour, too.
24th-Aug-2012 07:59 pm (UTC) - Re: Invitation

We're thrilled you enjoyed that romp with Kris and Skylar. You can read more of 'em (for free, even) in Dream Reel and in Sexy. If you've not, already, that is and are interested.

Skylar does have a very... peculiar sense of humor and a very different outlook on life. He is, indeed, a match on all counts for dear Mr. Fawkes.

(Who just has NO idea what's coming!)

Thank you x a billion!
30th-Sep-2012 02:54 pm (UTC)
So... I totally have all these stories... (What? It's Sunday, I can so use Valley-speak, right?) Which means I'm waiting patiently for the announcement of a *new* story that I can donate for. Please, sir (I don't care, in my head it will always be sir) can you advise your loyal followers when we can expect a new one?

I'd try for a sweet, pleading grin but you and I both know they just end up a little to close to smirky. *grins*

Also... welcome back! <3
30th-Sep-2012 05:55 pm (UTC)
I shall consult with the Other Half and see what we can do!!!

I think we have some Kris/Skylar... some Clark/Daniel... uh... possibly a West and David... Lord. I dunno. We'll dig through the piles. XD

Thank you for the interest, darlin'. And yes. Of COURSE it's 'Sir.' Was there ever a doubt, really?

No. Didn't think so. ♥
30th-Sep-2012 06:12 pm (UTC)
You realise I just tried to edit my comment to change the 'sir' to a 'Sir', right? XD

Apparently once someone has replied to it, you can't edit it anymore. So my slight will forever be engraved in the comment section here like some evil, awful beacon of my unworthiness. *weeps*

13th-Oct-2012 08:15 pm (UTC) - Coming Home Early
Don't want to give the game away, but... the end is pure poetry. Thanks for sharing that! There's a very good reason why Clark and Daniel are favourites of mine....;-)
16th-Oct-2012 04:25 pm (UTC) - Re: Coming Home Early
Oh, we're THRILLED you liked it!!!

Thank you so much! And thank YOU for the donation and the feedback. We really do hope it helped with the good cheer.

Thank you for visiting. Copyright applies to original world & works. Reproduction of any portion of the material on this site without author's permission is prohibited. No money is made from stories containing characters that do not belong to the author.