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Bleach Fanfiction // Afterparty Part I

Title: Afterparty Part I of II
Series: Monoshizukanohi//Bleach AU
Author: Darkprism & liralen
Genre: Drama/Romance/Kink
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Foursome: Byakuya & Renji // Kisuke & Shuuhei
Word Count: Complete. Total ~16K.
Warnings/Notes: THIS CHAPTER: D/s Relationships, impact play, denial, toys, hand job, oral, foursome, side story
Spoilers: None whatsoever.

Summary: After an evening of dinner and drinks, Byakuya suggests that they take the party to a more private venue.

A/N: This story comes after my story, Closet Games, and after Getaway & Willow the collaborative stories I wrote with liralen. For information about who these men are in my world, check out those links for the explanations, tattoo descriptions (Shuuhei's tats are different in my world), and fan art! Not necessary to enjoy THIS story, which is essentially four beautiful men spending some quality time at home.

Hope you enjoy! Part II will be up soon.

Shuuhei and Renji slammed down their empty shot glasses at the same time and with the same force. Shuuhei sucked at the wedge of lime before yanking it out of his mouth and dropping it onto a plate of fine china.

"Whew damn," Renji said, with a shake of his head. "What is that?"

"Five," Shuuhei replied.

Renji grinned. "Good start."

Shuuhei felt the tequila flow hot through his belly and smirked back at his old friend, one-time roommate, business partner, and occasional sexual stress relief. "I suppose," Shuuhei answered, flopping back on Byakuya's insanely soft and probably overpriced living room rug.

"The night is still very young," Byakuya murmured from where he sat next to Kisuke, their backs propped against the base of the sectional sofa. Renji sat cross-legged at the coffee table, pouring more liquor, and Shuuhei asked himself for the hundredth time how it was, exactly, that he got here.

It was Friday. Renji, Byakuya, Kisuke, and Shuuhei went out to dinner at Tobi's. Drank a beer, had some excellent food, laughed and joked like they were at Deathtoll but in far nicer clothes and without the languishing smell of dust, sweat, and stale vomit.

Over key lime pie and coffee liberally spiked with Bailey’s, Byakuya mentioned continuing the party at his place. At least... Shuuhei thought that was right; he had finished his fourth beer by that point, Renji six, and Shuuhei distinctly remembered thinking it was damned odd and too telling that Kisuke and Byakuya were sipping sparkling fucking water.

Despite the faint flicker of reservation brewing in Shuuhei’s guts, everyone had agreed to head to The Heritage, and they all had piled into Byakuya's limo. Shuuhei made a valiant effort to keep his hands to himself and off of his... boyfriend? Shuuhei shivered, arm flung over his eyes. It'd been a fuckin' week; maybe he should hold off a while on the titles for Chrissakes.

One elevator ride and a fast tour of the penthouse condo later, the four men toed off shoes, took off suit jackets and unbuttoned shirts before making themselves cozy in the living room. Renji vanished to locate the alcohol like a fucking spirits dousing rod, appearing triumphant moments later. Everyone took a shot -- that much Shuuhei knew, as he distinctly remembered watching Kisuke swallow and suck off a lime -- and then Renji had challenged him to a game of one for one, and things were quickly getting hazy.

Something about being without all his wits in the presence of Byakuya and Kisuke made Shuuhei nervous. Very, very nervous.

"C'mon, Shuu. Get yer ass up here and drink with me."

Shuuhei didn't bother to reply verbally; he flipped Renji off, instead.




"The hell?" Shuuhei sat up and cuffed Renji on the back of the head.

"Oh, now it's fuckin' on," Renji growled, and Shuuhei had an armful of flailing yet oddly coordinated redhead in the next heartbeat.

Kisuke chuckled. "Interesting," he said quietly, but still loudly enough that Shuuhei heard him over Renji's snarls.

Shuuhei shoved Renji's face away with one palm, got rolled and pinned, but that bothered him far less than seeing that look on Kisuke's face. He'd seen it before plenty of times, and it had always preceded some devious yet subtle game by the master puppeteer. Drinking games, question challenges, suggestions that led them running amok somehow while Kisuke laughed behind his fan or beneath his hat. Shuuhei knew Kisuke didn't miss a trick, tried to connect that to dating Kisuke and how that made circumstances different, but couldn't find enough brain cells to whip into working shape.

"Truly," Byakuya answered, long hair loose and too pretty over his shoulders. Renji's was down, too, and Shuuhei got loose to grab a handful to the sound of Renji's yelp, while trying to pay attention to the plotting happening next to the couch.

Byakuya leaned closer to Kisuke, one arm on the sofa cushions. "You know you've thought of this," he said. Somewhat fucking mysteriously, Shuuhei thought.

A golden eyebrow went up, and two sets of sober eyes met. Kisuke shifted and then nodded. "I have. You think it will work?"

"Goddamnit, Shuu!" Renji bellowed, kicking off the floor. Shuuhei grabbed Renji about the middle, spun them, and landed hard on the redhead's back. Black curses filled the air, but Shuuhei clapped a hand over Renji's mouth.

"Oh," Byakuya mused, watching the fray. "I believe so. Might take some... persuasion? For yours."

Renji bit Shuuhei's fingers, and Shuuhei hissed as Renji tried to buck him off.

"Mm." Gray eyes suddenly studied Shuuhei, thoughtfully. "True, but there's two points of leverage here."

"As usual, Urahara, you make an excellent point," Byakuya conceded.

Shuuhei frowned at Kisuke, letting the word "leverage" run into walls and off of cliffs in his brain. Renji bit him harder, and Shuuhei got tired of the game. He gripped Renji's chin, forcing Renji's face to look at the other two men. "Let's pretend you have the ability to think through diversionary tactics, Ren," Shuuhei whispered.

"Huh?" Renji asked, blinking but stiffening as Byakuya smiled at him, a panther on the prowl.

"Impressive," Byakuya said with a side glance at Kisuke. "Even after all that." He gestured to the table of empty glassware and spilled salt.

"He is," Kisuke agreed, and Shuuhei thought that was pride in his voice. "I'm afraid I'm rubbing off."

Byakuya snorted, Renji struggled, and Shuuhei put an elbow into the meaty part of Renji's shoulder.

"Fuckin' A!" Renji complained.

"Ah, any particular game you had in mind, to... concrete goals may ease the way," Kisuke said.

"I thought, perhaps, a battle of wills?" Byakuya said, leaning forward to take a sip of water. "Last man standing, as it were, with the usual variety of breaking methodology. As we all see fit, of course."

"The hell they talking about?" Renji asked.

"So good of you to pay attention," Shuuhei muttered.

"Do cock rings count?" Kisuke said with a chuckle, as he leaned back. "Might be... efficacious for all concerned."

"They can and most assuredly," Byakuya answered.

"Cock ri-- okay, that's it," Shuuhei said, getting off of Renji. He swayed on his feet, sank down onto the floor again, and looked warily at the code speakers. He didn't know what was going on, but his guts were swirling with some weird combination of arousal and trepidation, his mind was shouting that there were things to consider, here, for the love of God, and it was enough to make Shuuhei force some sobriety.

"What about counting cock rings?" Renji asked, half-crawling over to the table to sit across from Byakuya. "I could go drag all of 'em out if you're really dyin' to know." Renji grinned at Byakuya, and Shuuhei turned his worried gaze on his friend, who seemed entirely more in sync with reality than Shuuhei felt.

Kisuke moved to sit behind Shuuhei, legs about Shuuhei and arms going slowly, with warning, about Shuuhei's torso. He leaned against Shuuhei's back, forehead between Shuuhei's shoulder blades.

Shuuhei's head turned and tilted down as the warmth of the man behind him seeped through Shuuhei's thin gray dress shirt. From the corner of his eye, he saw Byakuya get closer to Renji, kissing quickly before murmuring something suggestive and unfortunately indecipherable.

"Sure," Renji said clearly, and the glance he threw at Shuuhei told Shuuhei the entire plot.

Shuuhei stiffened in Kisuke's arms. It was one thing to mess around with Renji back before Byakuya happened to him; before Renji was happy, stable, and finally with a man Renji seemed to love and nearly worship. Shuuhei would never in a hundred million years do anything to compromise that. Not to mention Shuuhei's own precarious position: in a relationship in its infancy with his long-time friend whom Shuuhei already knew he loved. He definitely didn't want to fuck up there, either, and an ice pick jabbed him when he realized he didn't know if fucking up meant staying to play or getting up to leave.

"Kisuke?" Shuuhei asked, twisting to look at the other man and trying to keep his face neutral while his thought process slogged through too much liquor-slicked emotion.

"Yes, Shuuhei?" Kisuke helped Shuuhei turn all the way so that Shuuhei's legs were over Kisuke's hips, and Kisuke's long legs wrapped around Shuuhei's butt. What worried Shuuhei was that Kisuke neatly put his hands on his own knees, not on Shuuhei.

"What's..." Shuuhei stopped, scowling as he realized he had no idea what to ask. What's up?, didn't cover it, What do you want? made Shuuhei nervous, The hell are you thinking? was too aggressive, and Shuuhei coughed when, Will you still respect me in the fuckin' morning? made him want to laugh hysterically.

"Hey, Shuu," Renji said, coming up behind Shuuhei and resting a pointy chin on his shoulder. "You thinkin' too much again?"

Shuuhei snorted, shifting uncomfortably as the proximity to both men trumped nerves and began to stir blood south. Renji sighed and pressed against Shuuhei's back, and he heard Byakuya move closer, too. He watched Kisuke watch the room, and Shuuhei swallowed, unsure whether to find all this comforting or really fucking alarming.

"I'd like to start by saying that if you wish to depart, I'm willing to go with you. We can enjoy our own time together in our own space." Kisuke's voice was even, as he glanced at Renji and Byakuya. "And I will enjoy what we do. I would, however, also like to say that I'd really like to take this opportunity with our friends, if you feel so inclined."

Renji chuckled and put one arm around Shuuhei, palm splaying on his chest. "Stay or go, the boyfriend don't mind which you pick," Renji paraphrased.

"Got that. Thanks," Shuuhei muttered, and he knew his cheeks were six shades of red.

"It's okay, Shuu," Renji said with a shrug. "I want you to stay, though. If it matters."

Shuuhei made a low noise, trying not to look at Kisuke and feeling entirely too examined.

"Look, no way would they ask if they were gonna kick our asses over it tomorrow," Renji commented, and Shuuhei winced, wishing like hell that Renji didn't sound so sage-like when he should be seven sheets to the wind.

"It's true," Byakuya spoke up, moving around to kneel next to Shuuhei. Large, cool eyes regarded Shuuhei with something like sympathy. "I love Renji. I trust Kisuke. I like you." Byakuya tilted his head. "And will respect any decision you choose to make without recourse."

"I would like you to choose as you truly desire, love," Kisuke said quietly and met Shuuhei's gaze. "So what do you wish to do?"

Shuuhei closed his eyes at the affection in Kisuke's voice, and Renji held him tighter in a silent plea and as more reassurance. Kisuke stayed put, and Shuuhei knew that was part of Kisuke's code of conduct: no coercing with physical touch when a decision had to be made. Shuuhei's lips twitched in amusement over fast-learned lessons. He relaxed minutely in Renji's hold and reached for Kisuke: found an arm and encircled the silkiness of Kisuke's shirt and the hardness of the muscles beneath it.

"Yeah..." Shuuhei mumbled. "Why not..."

"There you go," Renji husked in Shuuhei's ear. "One thing I know, always good to get Shuu on board, first. Surprise blow jobs get you a knee in the goddamned face."

Shuuhei laughed, though it cut off in the middle when Renji's hand skimmed down his chest to cover his crotch without preamble. He heard Byakuya's appreciative murmur before a cool palm closed over Shuuhei's hand, squeezing. Fingers flexing on Kisuke's arm, Shuuhei tugged the blond closer, brain trying to short circuit on too much of a good thing.

Kisuke's presence was solid and reassuring in ways Shuuhei couldn’t explain but knew he loved. Kisuke hugged Shuuhei closer, lips brushing against Shuuhei's throat. "Ah, good. I'm glad you'll try this, at least, with people who care deeply for you."

"Mm," Shuuhei hummed, head back as Kisuke found the spot over his pulse that made Shuuhei grit his teeth.

"We're gonna need more movin' room," Renji muttered, and he stroked Shuuhei, squeezed in a temporary good-bye before getting up and going to the coffee table. Byakuya slowly rose after Renji, dropping a damned-near sweet kiss to Shuuhei's hair.

"Let me help you before you break something," Byakuya murmured, and Renji snorted his commentary as the two men began to rearrange the furniture to open up the middle of the room.

Kisuke's hands roamed over Shuuhei's chest and belly. Then he looked up and murmured, "Do you two need help with that? Or should we stay out of your way and discuss the... hm... rules?"

"Oh, Jesus," Renji groused as he moved a glass bowl out of potential harm's way. It was kinda adorable the way Renji cared about his home and tried to pretend he didn't. "Which game?" he asked Byakuya.

"Hold 'em," Byakuya quipped, and Renji laughed.

"We're playing poker?" Shuuhei questioned, confused.

"Naw," Renji said, gathering up large throw pillows from chairs and plopping them down in a pile. "We're holdin' out."

Shuuhei's eyes widened, and he turned back to Kisuke. Counting cock rings suddenly made a hell of a lot more sense. "Oh," he whispered, then smirked. "And I guess we're not going to make it easy on each other, huh?"

"No. I believe that the goal is to make it as... hm... hard as possible," Kisuke said with a faint smile.

"Now there's a goal I can get behind," Shuuhei mumbled, kissing Kisuke and repressing a groan. Fuck. Hard, indeed.

"Damn right," Renji said, dropping the last of the pillows and fluidly crouching next to Shuuhei. He nosed Shuuhei's ear, licked at the shell -- lightly, like he didn't want to push shit too much at first, and Shuuhei relaxed another notch or two. "What's the matter, Shuu? Losin' already?"

Shuuhei growled and spun, grateful when the room only shifted an extra quarter turn instead of loopy spirals. Instead of answering, Shuuhei grabbed the back of Renji's neck and mashed their lips together. It'd been months since they'd kissed, and damn but Shuuhei forgot the fucker was actually good at it. He stripped off Renji's shirt, not caring that one cuff got caught or that his lower body was tangled with Kisuke's. Renji's low groan was too damned distracting, but Renji helped him balance, didn't break the tongue-dance, and Renji made fast work of Shuuhei's clothing.

"Oh," Kisuke hummed. "All that lovely art on display." Fingers feathered down Shuuhei's spine, and then wandered off along one of the vines.

Byakuya chuckled and drew closer. "Stark tribal work against a jungle of curves and colors. Very pretty, indeed."

"Yeah, Shuu ain't half bad," Renji said, nipping at Shuuhei's throat while shoving at Shuuhei's pants.

Shuuhei inched backward from Kisuke, breathing too damned hard and trying not to feel Byakuya's heated gaze and warm presence licking at him. "Aw, you say the -- nngh -- sweetest things, Ren." Shuuhei tore off socks, ripped Renji's fly open, and his back hit the floor when Renji pulled away his boxer briefs.

"I always forget the metal," Renji muttered, and he flashed a grin at Byakuya.

"You would," Shuuhei retorted, getting lost in a tumble of limbs until Renji knelt naked next to Shuuhei. Renji's lips pressed and sucked at Shuuhei's nipple, Byakuya stroked Shuuhei's bare leg, and Kisuke bent to pet Shuuhei's sides, trace patterns with fingertips that made Shuuhei shiver. All of them like this was fucking intense, and he grasped Renji's hair to distract himself and barely stifled a sound as Renji's teeth joined the fray at his chest.

"While this is lovely, and I don't think I'd mind making your man moan for the next hour, I do have a bit of business to discuss, Kisuke," Byakuya said.

"Business?" Kisuke sounded distracted.

"Yes. Of the impact and pain variety," Byakuya clarified, and Shuuhei's eyes got wide. Renji made a quiet sound -- confusion and maybe a little hurt -- and Shuuhei wrapped the redhead in a hug, both of them looking at the austere Byakuya who regarded Kisuke with a calm gaze. Shuuhei struggled to put two and twenty together; recalled that Renji didn't do pain of any sort in the bedroom, saving all that for the tattoo needles. And though Shuuhei would never, ever give Renji hell over it, Renji took a lot of breaks under the gun -- needed plenty of room to deal. That was the sort of thing Shuuhei kept to himself out of respect for a client and his best friend. Everybody was different, after all.

But if what Shuuhei thought Byakuya was asking for was accurate, then the pretty man obviously wanted to give consensual pain a try. Shuuhei held Renji tighter, worried about how Renji would react. Renji didn't say anything, but he let Shuuhei hold him.

Gray eyes met and locked above Renji and Shuuhei's head, and Kisuke's eyebrow went up. "I was wondering how long it would take for you to cut to that particular chase," Kisuke murmured. Byakuya's slow smile was knowing, and he waited while Kisuke considered.

"I do know you have good measure of my capabilities, so I'd be happy to provide what you desire, so long as our partners can assure me that they have no objections to that particular style of intimacy."

"Fair enough," Byakuya conceded, nodding at Kisuke. He crept closer and stretched out next to Shuuhei. The guy smelled like flowers, and a strand of his hair fell across Shuuhei's stomach. Byakuya reached to stroke Renji's cheek.

"What... what're you thinking...?" Renji asked, and Shuuhei lay still, ascribing to Kisuke's, Don't Distract the Negotiations policy.

"Probably a belt," Byakuya answered, and Shuuhei's breath caught with Renji's at the bare tenderness in the tone. "Not many other options available to us, here." Renji glanced at Shuuhei, and Shuuhei caught Kisuke's gaze.

"I won't do it if you don't like the idea, Renji," Byakuya said, and Shuuhei liked the solomn conviction in the words.

"And neither will he," Shuuhei put in for Kisuke.

"Yeah. Got that." Renji stared hard at Byakuya. "And this is what you want..." His mouth worked, a blush broke out over his cheeks, and Shuuhei stared in wonder. "Sir?"

Byakuya smiled, and his shoulders relaxed, though Shuuhei never would have known the man was tense until Shuuhei saw the guy un-tense. "Yes."

"Then do it..." Renji's lip curled into a smirk. "Just don't break shit I want to use later."

Byakuya snorted. "Good to know the limits, I suppose."

Kisuke looked from Byakuya to Renji and frowned before a hand wrapped around Shuuhei's, though who needed reassurance, Shuuhei didn't quite know. While studying the ring of fingers about Shuuhei's flesh and bone, Kisuke quirked a smile, and Shuuhei braced. God, he knew that look: it was Kisuke's, I've just thought of something terribly appropriate and utterly clever and am about to share expression.

With his free hand, Kisuke reached out and touched Renji under the chin. Renji blinked brown eyes, and Kisuke said, "Then you'll hold Byakuya's safeword. You say stop when I should stop, as we both know how Byakuya is terrible about letting anyone know he's gone too far."

Renji spluttered and started to laugh. "Ain't that the fuckin' truth."

Byakuya gave a disdainful sniff and chose not to answer as he began undoing shirt cuffs. Shuuhei grinned at Kisuke, feeling like a victim of the most sickly sweet puppy love.

"A'right," Renji agreed, turning pearly whites on Byakuya. "Sounds like a plan." He paused. "Uh... now what?"

"I got a couple ideas," Shuuhei murmured, leaning to mouth Renji's shoulder.

"Mm... do tell," Kisuke encouraged.

"Well, first he needs to get the hell off me so we can undress his boyfriend," Shuuhei complained, but he kissed Renji's neck and ran a hand through thick hair.

"If somebody'd quit clingin' maybe I could," Renji snarked back, but he turned and kissed Shuuhei's lower lip before getting up.

"Boys," Byakuya commented. "Honestly."

"You like it," Renji replied, kneeling behind Byakuya and sliding hands around a narrow waist.

"Hm. Well, I like it," Kisuke said, thoughtfully.

Byakuya chuckled, and Shuuhei got chills: that was a hell of a sound.

"And it's cherries," Renji said, glancing at Kisuke while he undid Byakuya's belt in fastidious slow motion. Shuuhei frowned for a second, got it, and laughed at Renji's choice of safeword for Byakuya.

With a heavenward roll of his eyes, Byakuya nodded once. "So be it."

"Appropriate." Kisuke positioned himself in front of Byakuya, clever hands popping pearl buttons in quick succession. "I'd like to get a feel of what I will be working with, if you don't mind."

"Finally get to see, hm?" Byakuya said, but any sarcasm the man may have intended got misdirected into quiet permission as his head tipped back toward Renji, who suckled at Byakuya's earlobe.

"Mmhm." Kisuke's hands stroked apart the silk shirt, running along skin as smooth as the fabric that covered hard pecs. Circling sure palms over dark nipples, Kisuke watched Byakuya's face. "I've seen you watching me, strung up and undone, and I have enjoyed wondering what you were like under those perfect suits and alabaster masks."

"Damn," Shuuhei muttered as Byakuya's breathing picked up pace. Renji slipped fingers under the waist of Byakuya's slacks, nudging them down, and Shuuhei bit his tongue. Byakuya really was, as Renji'd said hundreds of times, fuckin' beautiful. Byakuya grunted, head lolling forward and looking slightly dazed. Shuuhei rose up on his knees, maneuvered to kneel behind Kisuke and hesitantly put hands on Kisuke's hips, not wanting to get in the way and turning over things in his brain that would keep Byakuya's lips parted just like that.

Leaning forward, one of Kisuke's hands went to cover Shuuhei's on his hip, the other stroked along Byakuya slender jaw, and slid into black hair before closing into a fist. The soft sound that came from Byakuya's chiseled lips was a prelude to Kisuke's mouth eating up the noise and kissing Byakuya hungrily.

Byakuya's startled cry went straight to Shuuhei's cock, and for the hundredth time in the last ten minutes he wondered how in the hell he was going to make it through the night.

"Oh, God... Sir..." Renji husked.

"Yeah..." Shuuhei agreed, petting Kisuke's back, legs, spine, shoulders. When Kisuke broke the kiss, Byakuya swayed on his knees, and Shuuhei could absolutely relate.

"An... an idea?" Shuuhei managed, lips on Kisuke's neck.

"Yes?" Kisuke said, not breaking eye contact with the beautiful man in front of him, but leaning into Shuuhei's touches, encouraging. One hand stayed tangled in the black silk of Byakuya's hair, and Renji got Byakuya naked from head to knees, the clothing pooling on the floor.

Getting distracted by the slender, hardening length jutting from Byakuya's body, Shuuhei cleared his throat. "Keep him... on his knees for the..." Shuuhei paused as Kisuke's other hand left Shuuhei's to stroke along sculpted shoulders and chest, flicking against dark nipples.

Byakuya didn't make a sound, but his eyelids lowered and his cock twitched. Renji made a muffled noise and traced patterns over Byakuya's hipbones. "Belt," Shuuhei continued. "Ren and I can hold him while you..."

The small choked sound that came from Kisuke indicated the sort of approval that Shuuhei loved to pull from the blond, and Kisuke swallowed before he could answer. "One of you on each side of him could be very pleasing on all counts, especially if you both encourage our beautiful host as you support him." Byakuya groaned, and Renji's shoulders rocked in a shiver.

"Yeah..." Renji growled. "Fuck. Yeah."

Reaching out to clasp Byakuya's chin, Kisuke tugged it up until Byakuya's eyes flickered back to him. "A belt will mark, but not permanently. You'll probably wear the stripes on back and ass for the next week, and I simply need your spoken consent before we proceed."

Shuuhei met Renji's eyes, and seeing some turmoil there, Shuuhei winked. It shocked Renji, made him smirk, and Shuuhei felt easier with some amount of equilibrium established.

"You have my express permission to strike and mark me, Kisuke," Byakuya said, and Shuuhei had to give the man points for the interesting mixture of authority and yearning in his voice. And Shuuhei was further impressed when Byakuya gestured with one hand toward the center of the room. "Over there. I've seen your swing, but let's stay away from anything fragile."

Shuuhei chuckled as all four of them struggled to their feet, Renji helping Byakuya kick out of his clothing. "Kisuke won't break anything," he murmured, mostly for Renji's benefit.

Renji threw a look at Shuuhei: grateful and curious. "Uh... so...?"

"I do believe I'm on my knees," Byakuya murmured, and with a poise that took Shuuhei's breath away, swooped into position. Byakuya gathered hair over one shoulder, and Shuuhei had to look away from Renji's face. The man wasn't exactly good at keeping anything to himself, and the expression of love and hunger was too damned personal to watch. Instead, Shuuhei dropped down to Byakuya's left. Renji got the message and mirrored Shuuhei on the right, glancing at Shuuhei for the next clue.

"I think..." Shuuhei began, but stopped when Byakuya turned to him, waiting for Shuuhei's suggestion. The gray eyes were entirely different than Kisuke's: a sleek cat as opposed to the cleverest fox. The color also leaned toward violet whereas Kisuke's were stormy skies. Carefully, Shuuhei clasped Byakuya's shoulder, squeezing before trailing the hand down one long arm. Heart hammering for too many reasons to name, Shuuhei drew closer so that Byakuya's body pressed against his: hard lines, warm skin, and Shuuhei sighed in amazement. He placed Byakuya's hand at Shuuhei's waist, keeping a grip on a fragile wrist.

Byakuya said nothing, but his eyebrows danced a fast up-down before he leaned his head toward Renji, who kissed Byakuya in a slow drag of lips. Renji's black-inked hand stroked Byakuya's hair with another lingering look, before resting a lean, tiger-striped body against Byakuya's pale perfection. The moment skin met skin, Shuuhei could feel muscles and tendons relax.

"Good," murmured Kisuke, and the tone tore Shuuhei's eyes away from Renji and Byakuya. "That looks utterly gorgeous." Kisuke sighed, and Shuuhei saw Kisuke's face firm in resolve as he slid his belt out of its loops with a rasp, holding it in capable hands. He gauged range, lifted one shoulder to loosen it, and Shuuhei squeezed Byakuya's wrist. Byakuya's lips parted in a short sigh, fingers digging into Shuuhei's hip, and Renji leaned imperceptibly closer.

"Here we go," Kisuke murmured and without any more preamble, he raised the belt and used the tongue to strike vertically along Byakuya's left shoulder. The tip laid itself on the blade, and the crack of leather on skin was shockingly loud.

Byakuya's face scrunched, he flinched, and air rushed from his mouth, but he made no other sound. Instead, his chin cocked to one side, gaze unfocused and considering.

"Shit," Renji whispered.

"Mm," Shuuhei grunted, entirely in love with Kisuke's focus, Byakuya's resolve, and the fast rise and fall of Renji's chest.

Gold brows drew together in concentration, and after Kisuke laid a series of two more hard slaps on the same shoulder three to the other, Renji finally stopped flinching for Byakuya. The width of the belt never landed on exactly the same spot, and Shuuhei felt a crazy surge of pride and a hard throb of lust at seeing how Kisuke always managed to put down the flat of the belt, never the edge.

Byakuya remained quiet, breathing quick but even, and Kisuke put a palm down on the reddened skin, stroking once before drawing back. "I'm going to do that twice more, just to warm the skin up, and then go harder."

Renji's eyes got wide, but he kept his mouth shut. Byakuya made a pleased sound and nodded. Renji wet his lips, kissed Byakuya's temple, and braced a hand over the flat planes of Byakuya's stomach. Shuuhei contained a grin when Byakuya grunted, quiet and tinged with awakening helplessness, and Shuuhei loved that what a belt couldn't do alone, Renji's touch accomplished.

"Nice, huh?" Shuuhei whispered, free hand roaming to trace the outline of Byakuya's nipple. He kept his other hand firmly clenched on Byakuya's arm.

Byakuya shot Shuuhei a look, but didn't answer. True to his word, Kisuke shuffled to the right and gained the angle to lay a second series of strikes that crisscrossed the first. Kisuke kept the timing of the blows predictable, but instead of pausing for another check, he shifted left and put down another set of stripes.

Byakuya's eyes closed, his head tipped forward, and Shuuhei took some of the held man's weight. "Nice," he murmured, forehead against Byakuya's hair. He teased and lightly pinched the nipple to hardness, and Renji's fingers splayed across Byakuya's abdomen.

Kisuke paused and stroked his left hand over both patches of reddened skin, and then carefully leaned against Byakuya's back. Byakuya shuddered, head lolling toward Renji, chin tucked down. Kisuke's left arm brushed against Shuuhei, and Kisuke gently wrapped it around Byakuya. "How are you doing?" Kisuke breathed against Byakuya's skin.

A sigh escaped Byakuya's lips, and Renji visibly relaxed. "Delightful," Byakuya clearly said, though he addressed the floor. Renji chuckled, and Shuuhei kissed and nipped Kisuke's shoulder.

Laying gentle kisses on pink flesh, Kisuke murmured, "I'm honored." The arm about Byakuya tightened and released, before swinging down to touch Shuuhei's thigh and stroke his hip. Shuuhei gave Kisuke a heated look, and his cock stirred as Kisuke backed away.

The belt whistled through the air, this time, and landed strongly enough to make Byakuya jerk and let loose a startled, "Oh." Renji breathed harder, Shuuhei gritted his teeth, and rather than going again on the left side, Kisuke went to the right with another fast stroke that slid after landing.

"Unnah!" Byakuya coughed, and the room got hazy as envy and the desire to trade places with Byakuya sliced through Shuuhei. Renji said something into Byakuya's ear that was too soft for Shuuhei to make out, and the Byakuya groaned in earnest before gasping when another slish-slice-slap flew through the air and landed on the opposite shoulder. Byakuya shook, Shuuhei groaned, and without consulting his brain, his lips met Byakuya's cheek and jaw, and his fingertips traced the underside of Byakuya's cock. The captive brunet stifled a cry in his mouth, and the length twitched in Shuuhei's hand.

"...and you're so goddamned beautiful, Sir," Renji said -- all shock and awe -- and the latter half of the sentence was barely audible. Another hissing blow landed on the shoulder Renji supported. This time the cry sounded in earnest, and Byakuya leaned against his supporters and trembled.

"He's right. You are gorgeous," Kisuke said distinctly. He wrapped the belt about his forearm in order to reach out and stroke the bruised flesh. Both Shuuhei and Renji kissed and smoothed hands over Byakuya's damp skin, and Byakuya's body rolled.

"And strong," Kisuke continued, and God but Shuuhei loved the husk in his lover's voice. "I would be impressed if you wanted to stop here, Byakuya, but if you wish me to continue, I shall have to move down to your ass, as I don't want to break skin."

Byakuya made a sound that Shuuhei translated as whine, and a shiver danced up his spine. He reached to brush hair behind Byakuya's ear, wanting to see the man's face, and he got full view of flushed cheeks, heavy lids, and a wide pupil ringed with lavender that observed Shuuhei from the corner of Byakuya's eye. Slowly, the man blinked and turned to kiss Renji for a lusty moment that made Shuuhei bite a lip. That done, Byakuya looked back at Kisuke over one shoulder.

"More, Kisuke. I'm not finished, yet."

"No, definitely not," Renji added, and his hand joined Shuuhei's to tease between Byakuya's legs, brushed balls, and Byakuya hissed, hips moving into the touches.

Kisuke gave a low rumble of amusement. "Good that you agree."

Kisuke knelt before Shuuhei, running his still-hot right hand, wrapped in leather, down Shuuhei's front, brushing against nipples and along one of the vines. Shuuhei groaned and dove for Kisuke's mouth, tongues dancing. Shuuhei whined through his nose, want spiraling so high and fast he thought he might topple over, and then with a slow sigh, Kisuke straightened and smiled. "Right. Here we go."

"Bastard," Shuuhei rasped, breathing hard, and Kisuke merely chuckled. "So gonna pay for that."

"I sincerely hope so," Kisuke replied, eying Byakuya. Shuuhei grunted and took out some of his irritation on Byakuya's cock, wrapping a fist around it and pumping before stilling. Byakuya made a mean sound that had Renji grinning, and then the game resumed.

The belt unfurled, and Kisuke measured the loose tongue against his target. Then he used a full arm swing to smack the entire length of leather against the two perfect globes of Byakuya's ass.

"Sssfuck." Byakuya's whole form tensed in an undulating roll of musculature, and his head went back.

"Jesus," Renji strangled, and both of them moved simultaneously to tighten Byakuya's arms around their bodies for a better hold. Their eyes met, and together they caught both nipples at the same time. "Rough," Renji directed and demonstrated, and Shuuhei followed through with a vicious pinch and pull. Byakuya called out an incoherent syllable of pained passion, and Shuuhei resisted the urge to palm his own cock. He glanced longingly at Kisuke and rumbled a gritty curse.

Gray eyes hooded, and Kisuke's left hand stole over to tease the piercing through the head of Shuuhei's cock, pushing gently at the jewelry there, before sliding down the underside. The warm grip jerked when Kisuke struck Byakuya again.

"Kisuke," Shuuhei snarled, and he dragged blunt nails over abused nipple and flank. Byakuya yelled at the ceiling, Renji grabbed a handful of Byakuya's hair and made their mouths meet in a messy kiss. Byakuya's moans pitched higher and constant, and Shuuhei's brain redlined as Kisuke closed fingers in a ring about Shuuhei's base that tightened and pulled just as he raised the belt in his right hand and swung it at Byakuya's ass.

"Mother-" Shuuhei cried.

"Fuck!" Byakuya finished, and Renji's teeth sank into Byakuya's neck. "God... oh my..." Byakuya whined, and Kisuke stroked Shuuhei again as the belt flew. Byakuya silently shook, Kisuke critically observed the situation with an infuriating detachment that made Shuuhei want to fuck Kisuke into a wall until the man could only wheeze hoarse cries for mercy, and the belt struck the final time.

"Sh-shit," Renji slurred. Byakuya choked on a noise. "What the hell do I -- er, cherries, goddammit." And Renji caught Byakuya in his arms when the man buckled.

"Good call," Kisuke said breathlessly, dropping the belt, sliding hands along Byakuya's back, and gently along bruising ass. "You've got him?"

"Yeah," Renji said, sitting down and easing Byakuya into his lap and against his chest.

Renji leaned against a chair, and Byakuya curled up to bury his face against Renji. Shuuhei watched, concerned until Byakuya's fingers nudged Renji's face closer for a kiss.

"Seems fine," Shuuhei husked, saw Kisuke nod and withdraw to let Renji comfort Byakuya, and Shuuhei didn't waste another second. He lunged for Kisuke, yanking with violence, hands at lower back and neck. The kiss was full of sucking lips and tugging teeth, and Shuuhei deliberately ground himself against Kisuke's groin, growl reverberating in his chest.

Returning the kiss in force, Kisuke's arms wrapped about Shuuhei, the right hand still markedly warmer than the left. Kisuke grunted and jerked with the motion of Shuuhei's hips. Buttons flew when Shuuhei wrenched the front of the shirt apart, and he dove down to clamp onto Kisuke's neck. He got fabric off Kisuke's shoulders, and the feel and smell of Kisuke's body, damp and heated from exertion, was too fucking good.

Shuuhei knotted the shirt in a twist, temporarily catching Kisuke's forearms behind his back. "Got a couple swings left in you for me?" Shuuhei husked over bruising skin.

Kisuke coughed, arms straining against the cloth, and he brushed a kiss to Shuuhei's hair. "Of course... though, regrettably, you might have to let me go." The amused chagrin in the words made Shuuhei bark a laugh that morphed into a moan when Kisuke bucked into Shuuhei's body with a gasp.

"You and your goddamned logic," Shuuhei affectionately complained, and he pulled back to kiss Kisuke's reddened mouth, gently this time with his eyes open. "Couch," he directed, nuzzling Kisuke's cheek before putting his backside to Kisuke and crawling over to the sectional sofa.

"That enough support?" Kisuke asked after taking a few breaths and following.

Shuuhei snorted. "Yeah, it's fine," he said. "Soft landing if I fall over." He tossed a grin at Kisuke, and sighed when a hot hand stroked along the skin of Shuuhei's bottom and thigh.

"And do you want back work as well as ass, like on Byakuya? Or what are you thinking?"

It took a second for Shuuhei to tamp down heat and formulate a response that wasn't just a semi-incoherent, Oh God yeah. He studied the couch cushion, rested his elbows on it, and considered.

"Ass and legs," Shuuhei replied. "Though it all sounds good. You know me." He smiled at the irony.

Kisuke laid warm lips on Shuuhei's shoulder. "Mm. In all of a week, yes, I feel like I have learned quite a bit about your preferences and about what you can and want to take." Shuuhei hummed, loving the kisses and the press of Kisuke against him.

"I think I'm going to double up the length so I can get more control and you can get a bit more impact."

"Nn, yeah," Shuuhei answered, getting breathless again, anticipation stacking higher. "Go for it."

Across the room, Renji laughed, and Shuuhei jumped. He'd damned near forgotten they had an audience. "Don't knock it," Shuuhei said without looking at the other pair and making a soft noise of regret as Kisuke's weight left his back. "Or you're next, asshole."

"No... no fuckin' way," Renji replied, but the words weren't nearly as firm as they should have been, and Shuuhei heard the hesitation. And if that wasn't enough to raise eyebrows, Byakuya's evil chuckle definitely did the trick.

A hand stroked Shuuhei's back, and Kisuke murmured. "You might be surprised, Renji."

Renji's attempt at a grunt in the negative was less than convincing, but Shuuhei ceased to care when Kisuke stopped touching him.

"Here it comes," Kisuke warned. Shuuhei shut his eyes, and the first hard slap of the belt landed on his ass. His noise was one of thirds: relief, pain, and eagerness. He reached over his head to grab onto the slick cushion along the back of the couch and dug his fingers into the fabric.

"Very, very nice," Kisuke murmured and continued with the warm-up strikes. The next three stung like a bitch, even spread as they were from the tops of Shuuhei's thighs to the meat of his ass, but there wasn't much force behind them, yet.

A hand moved to rest on the upper swell of Shuuhei's ass, and Shuuhei clenched his teeth, waiting for it. Kisuke laid the next blow on the back of Shuuhei's legs, the next just above it, a third an even amount above that, and the last across both of Shuuhei's cheeks. There was little to no delay between the thuds, and Shuuhei didn't know he held his breath until Kisuke stopped, and Shuuhei rasped a cry that vibrated too loudly against his own eardrums. He squirmed, chasing oxygen in deep gulps.

Kisuke stroked Shuuhei's lower back. Shuuhei sighed a soft moan, arching his head and neck toward Kisuke. Lips brushed his shoulder, and the distinctive evidence of Kisuke's arousal pressed in a line against the blazing skin of Shuuhei's thigh. Arms encircled him in a protective fold, and Shuuhei shivered. He didn't know in that moment if he took so much because he liked it or because it earned him Kisuke's sincere affection and praise.

"Mm... gorgeous," Kisuke rumbled, and Shuuhei gasped. "I'm going to do that again. A few of the lines will cross."

"...please..." Shuuhei managed, nodding when his voice didn't quite want to work.

Touch lingered and then withdrew, and a warning hand steadied them both before Kisuke did exactly as he said, laying lines in a building ladder of pain.

Shuuhei cried out, clutched the furniture, and at the last second he stopped himself from biting into the sofa seat. Instead, he buried his face, rolling it, and the urge to fuck hit him in a wave. He knew the name of the game was take and deny; he knew that he could go longer, and he'd be damned if he let Renji win, but...

"Kisuke..." Shuuhei moaned when the strikes stopped, dragging the vowels.

"Shuuhei." The tone was tender, but the arms that pulled Shuuhei up from the couch and turned him toward Kisuke's sweat-dampened bare chest were firm. Kisuke hugged Shuuhei and pulled him close for a kiss, breathing a mess of low notes of desire.

Shuuhei waited for Kisuke to break the mesh of mouths, and he stroked over the ridge line of Kisuke's spine. It was obscenely good to be close like this: body on fire, assaulted by every one of his senses and feeling half out of his mind. "Good... good thing you stopped," Shuuhei murmured into Kisuke's shoulder, hugging his lover and willing them closer. "Few more of those and couldn't be responsible for what I did next."

"Perhaps I should have kept going," Kisuke said, a smile in his voice. A very warm hand roamed over sensitized skin. "Might be nice to get slammed up against a wall and taken, and though we might both lose our little contest, it could well be worth doing."

Shuuhei grabbed two handfuls of Kisuke's ass and kissed him. "I'll remember that."

"Yeah, but right now? Game's on," Renji quipped, both he and Byakuya drawing closer.


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