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Demented Ink.
Naruto Fanfiction // The Gala - Part V Final 
1st-Apr-2012 09:52 pm
cig mouth tie
Title: The Gala Chapter 5 (Final)
Series: Monoshizukanohi//Naruto AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Drama/Romance/Kink
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Primary is Itachi/Kimimaro/Haku with references to three-quarters of the Monoshizukanohi world.
Word Count: Almost complete.
Warnings/Notes: THIS CHAPTER: impact play, bondage, complicated rigging, denial, oral, toys, voyeurism, D/s relationships, language, leather, anal. OVERALL: BDSM, D/s Relationships, heavy crossover, language, impact play, nudity, language, gothic motif, side story, anal, oral, voyeurism, etc.
Spoilers: None whatsoever.

Summary: Upon their return from a cruise of the world, Haku suggests that Itachi and company throw a party...

A/N: This is a birthday gift for my friend, Kimya, who said she would love to see, "Haku playing the piano." The rest evolved from there. I'd like to say that there are 22 people represented in this story from six fandoms. Because I like to make things easy on myself. XD

I'd like to shout out to my readers, commenters, supporters, donators, and beta listening crew who are entirely too kind. Much love and many thanks. ♥

Kimimaro glanced at Itachi and lunged for another kiss. Itachi returned the fervor in kind and held Kimi's head to his shoulder when the kiss broke. "Lovely boy?"

"Yes, My Lord?" Haku answered, glittering gaze set upon Kimimaro.

"Do you think Kimi would like to be suspended in the rig I made for him?"

"Oh, yes, My Lord," Haku said on a sigh, and Itachi couldn't help but laugh softly as he played one of his men off the other. It was an old game, but always a satisfying one.

Kimimaro trembled, and Itachi petted his hair. "You saw the evidence of our earlier session?"

Haku stepped to observe the red lines on Kimimaro's backside and thighs that he had undoubtedly noticed. "Yes, My Lord."

"Do you believe our sweet boy could take more?" Itachi paused while Kimimaro grappled for a grip on Itachi's tux, and moist breath blew heatedly against Itachi's throat. "Say, flogging and perhaps more time under a cane?"

"Please... please..." Kimimaro began to chant, and he ground the cockcage against Itachi's thigh with a muted whimper.

"Yes, My Lord." Haku spoke with pure confidence. "He is not nearly at his limit, yet, My Lord."

"Mm," Itachi hummed. He trailed touch from Haku's throat to nipple to the chain of diamonds around Haku's hips, finally reaching Haku's erection, which he palmed and pulled. Haku's gasp was a symphony unto itself. "And you will assist me." Itachi was pleased when the phrase was equal parts inquiry and directive.

"I live and die in the chance to serve you and your causes, My Lord."

Itachi stroked Kimimaro's spine, eliciting shivers. "Your enthusiasm never fails to please." Itachi released Haku and eased away from Kimimaro. "Haku, grab the stool beneath that table, place it in the center of the rig, and let's get our lover entrapped to our mercy."

Haku replied by doing, and Itachi occupied himself by attempting to touch every inch of Kimi's skin. "Sweet boy," Itachi said over Kimimaro's lips. "Turn, bend, and present me your ass."

"Nngh... Master..." Kimimaro staggered on the rotation, and Itachi caught his hips, steadying Kimi as he put palms flat on the floor.

"There's a good boy," Itachi droned, and he fucked Kimimaro with the vibrator until Haku had the stool in place and stood at the ready. Kimi's body relinquished the plug with a lovely flutter, and Itachi tossed it into a basket set aside for used items. "Rise," he said, helping Kimimaro to straighten and pressing Kimi's back flush to Itachi's front. He nudged Kimimaro toward the rig, and when Kimimaro stopped before the stool, Itachi urged Kimi to face him. Kimi's pale, pretty skin was infused with a rosy blush, lips pink from attention. "Very good," Itachi crooned and then addressed Haku: "Chains and clasps."

"Oooh..." Kimimaro's knees threatened to give, and Itachi held him upright, rocking him.

"My love," Itachi murmured, kissing cheek, jaw, ear. "What will I always do for you?"

"Take... care... Master..."

"Yes, Kimi, yes." The clink of link signaled Haku's return, and Itachi eyed his lovely boy -- demanded the gaze be held by expression alone. "I will render your body helpless. I will free your mind. I will give you everything. And you will be in the safety of your Master's arms before, during, and after."

"Itachi. God." Kimimaro panted the words, gone enough that he spoke name instead of title, and Itachi smiled when Haku's hands flexed around the cords of chain and pieces of metal, lip caught under upper teeth.

Drawing back but maintaining constant contact with Kimi, Itachi selected a particular length from the collection Haku held. "Give me your wrists, sweet boy."

Kimimaro offered the cuffs without reservation, and Itachi set to work with Haku's help. Itachi hooked chain onto the heavy rings on each wrist cuff, and then reached up with Kimi to fasten each cuff to thick rings set overhead in metal plates in the rig's wood. He adjusted until Kimi had some slack, but not much, and gestured for Haku to step out of the way. "Get on the stool, pull up, and put your feet on the side rungs, sweet boy."

Itachi wrapped an arm around Kimi's waist despite the fact that the split was an easy reach for Kimimaro's flexibility. Were Kimi any other man, Itachi would go about this differently, but Itachi had an unending adoration for Kimi's contortionist abilities. "Slowly," Itachi cautioned, and Kimi nodded. One foot found a hold on Itachi's left, and Itachi hugged Kimi while he got the other foot on a slat to Itachi's right.

"Perfect," Itachi praised, making haste to attach more lengths of chain to the cuffs just above Kimimaro's knees. It took some guesswork and adjustment, but Itachi latched Kimi's legs to the plates overhead so that they were spread, though not so wide as to inhibit orgasm or to be uncomfortable for any duration of time. Kimi's strength aided Itachi while he searched for the perfect D-ring attachment to make a vee-shape, and as soon as the second clasp was set, Itachi ducked under and behind Kimimaro. He snapped chain from the harness at the base of Kimimaro's spine and hooked it to a ring straight above them. When Kimi eased into the supports, testing, and they kept Kimi vertical and aloft without undo pressure on Kimi's joints or limbs, Itachi breathed an audible sigh of relief. The harness created a seat of sorts, the thigh cuffs took weight off Kimi's wrists, and the spine support held the suspension stable.

"Almost done," Itachi said, sweeping to Kimi's front again and taking two more clasps from Haku. Itachi hooked one end to Kimi's ankle cuff, and carefully pushed Kimi's leg bent, attaching the other end to a ring on the strip of leather around Kimi's upper thigh. Kimimaro's breathing went staccato, and Itachi observed Kimi's cock straining in its confines as he fastened the other leg.

"A little more," Itachi counseled, rubbing Kimimaro's shins. The final two lengths of chain ran from the cuffs framing Kimimaro's groin to points almost vertical, providing the final bit of support and allowing Kimimaro to rest completely in the net of leather and metal.

Stepping back, Itachi scrutinized the handiwork. Kimimaro's hands were above his head and wrapped around the binding leather cuffs. His back and shoulders were available, the chain and collar protecting his spine and neck, and he sat upright with bent, pinned, spread legs that laid vulnerable inner thighs, groin, and ass. Kimi's head rested against one of his arms, chest rising and falling with deep gulps of air.

"Perfect," Itachi pronounced. "My cane, lovely boy." Haku swept the snake-head silver cane from the floor. Kimimaro shook all over, but watched through narrowed, hooded eyes.

Itachi made a soft sound of comfort and warning. "Not yet, sweet boy." Itachi twirled the cane, hooked the end of it around Haku's middle, and tugged Haku closer. With another flourish, Itachi brought the length of the antique shaft up and across Haku, trapping him. Haku groaned, one hand on the cane and the other fisting Itachi's jacket. "Tell me, lovely boy," Itachi said, happily wrestling Haku still when Haku tested the constriction. "Do you find your brother beautiful, trussed and exposed?"

"God yes, My Lord," Haku said, high and honest.

"Do you want to touch him, lovely boy?" Itachi purred.

"Yes, My Lord... oh yes." Haku rubbed his ass against Itachi's dick, which hardened fully while Itachi rasped in Haku's ear.

"Do you want to hurt him, my beauty?"

"Yes," Haku hissed, and when he let go of the cane to reach for himself, Itachi snarled and drew back on the bar against Haku's chest. Haku cried out and slapped a palm to Itachi's thigh, clinging to the fabric.

"And do you long to fuck him, my precious one?"

Itachi wasn't sure whose groan was louder: Kimimaro's or Haku's. Both sounds tightened Itachi's balls and fueled demonic greed.

"As you allow it, My Lord," Haku answered, rolling with Itachi's teasing thrusts. "So I would obey and take my brother until he cries."

"Good boy." Itachi swept the cane away and covered the front of Haku's throat with one wide hand. The throbbing flow in the arteries beneath the hold set the napalm in Itachi's veins ablaze. "Go to him. Touch him. Caress, kiss, squeeze and dig your nails into welts and render new ones. But do not penetrate him or lay a finger on his balls or on the cage." Itachi kissed Haku's shoulder, licked a short line to taste the shimmering lotion and sweat. "Go."

With the command, Itachi released Haku, who flew to Kimimaro and dove for Kimi's mouth. Wet, slick, hungry sounds filled the air, and Itachi began to undress.

"It will be so good, Kimi," Haku whispered, earning quiet cries with each swift suck and mark he laid to Kimi's throat and chest.

"It is... it... is..." Kimimaro flexed against the restrictions that held him and moaned when they didn't grant an inch of forgiveness.

Itachi tossed his jacket, stripped off his tie, and ripped open his shirt's buttons. "Blindfold him, lovely boy."

"Oh God, Master, please... I... oh... oh..." Kimimaro's words devolved into syllables of pleading, and Haku ignored them all while fetching and placing a black leather blind across Kimi's eyes. Kimi's head rolled limp on his neck. He lifted himself by the cuffs, struggling without any real fight in the action, and wood creaked and chain rattled. Haku attacked Kimimaro's nipples, pulling and twisting with force that Itachi would be hesitant to mimic.

"Shityes," Kimimaro called, and Haku had to arch his spine to keep Kimimaro from finding any hint of friction against Haku's torso.

Itachi made short work of his pants, underwear, socks, and shoes. "Nails, Haku," he advised, crossing to the table and selecting a flogger with red leather tails and a silver dragonhead handle.

"Blood, My Lord?" Haku asked, sturdy despite an impressive erection and lusty husk in his voice.

"As you like," Itachi allowed, and Kimimaro's breathing began to break on high whines. The response didn't concern Itachi; lack of reaction would. So long as Kimimaro sang along to the tune of this torture, Itachi would continue.

Pulse beating like a harpy's wings, Itachi got behind Kimimaro and wrapped a hand around Kimi's throat just as Haku set fingernails in the blond curls of Kimi's armpits and sliced eight scratches along Kimimaro's flanks. Kimi gagged on a sound and went silent, mouth open and chest heaving. Red droplets welled from some of the wounds and dribbled to the floor below.

"Beautiful," Itachi said to Kimimaro. "Something nicer, now. Haku?"

"My Lord?"

"Tend to his balls."

Kimimaro's groan was that of a rutting animal, and Itachi turned Kimi's head to meet Itachi's kiss. Haku knelt, hooked arms around Kimi's legs, and Kimimaro's eager keens told Itachi all he needed to know of what Haku was doing. Suckling, licking, catching teeth on the piercings, no doubt, and it all aided Kimimaro to drown in a sea of nerve-frying pleasure-pain.

"You know what this is, sweet boy?" Itachi asked, passing the flogger from one hand to the other around Kimimaro's body and dragging the leather across Kimi's stomach.

"Uh huh," Kimi replied, nodding.

"Want it?" Itachi whispered, kissing Kimi's shoulder.

"Yes... yes... nnngh... yes...."

"Done. Haku? Suck both balls into your mouth."

Kimimaro let loose a positively vile slew of cursing through gritted teeth, and Itachi stroked himself when the urge was too much to bear. He retreated several steps, and toyed with the underside of his dick, just beneath the head. Haku was on bended knees, hair trailing to the rug to one side to accommodate the angle required to keep both Kimi's nuts between snug lips. Haku was as hard as the diamonds still decadently decorating a diminutive body that Itachi needed to fuck and break so badly for a sheer second that it almost undid him. It was so blessedly perfect that the room spun. Haku's eyes were on Itachi, though unfocused and mostly shut, and above Haku, Kimimaro was rigid in the rig, waiting and clawing at the cuffs.

Ceasing the tormenting strokes, Itachi rolled his shoulders, breathed cleansing breaths, and cleared his mind with a practiced count to a meditative three. He gauged the distance between himself and Kimimaro on autopilot. He knew the flogger, he knew his target, and he knew the range of his swings. The rush of air was his warning, and he struck Kimi's left shoulder with a caress of tails. Itachi noted the precise way Kimimaro both relaxed when the anticipation finally dissolved and jerked, for even the minute movement was a reminder that Kimi's balls were firmly enclosed in a flesh vise that was in close proximity to teeth. Haku breathed messily through a slender nose, and Itachi followed through with a hit to the opposite shoulder.

"Oh yes," Itachi murmured, and struck again a few inches from the first site of impact. "Just as I want." Another hit, other side, same force. "My boys." A return to the first side for a repeat. "Suck harder, Haku." Kimimaro coughed a wheezing commentary on the sensation and another lick of tails landed. "Tug as you dare, Haku."

Kimimaro bellowed with the completion of that command, and Itachi kept the pattern of speak and strike until every muscle in Kimimaro's upper body was outlined in tension. "Release him, Haku."

With a whooshing gasp, Haku crumbled to all fours, obviously affected by Kimi's reactions and Itachi's directives. "Fetch a cane, lovely boy," Itachi kindly ordered, and Haku's mumbled verbal ascent didn't quite translate. He picked up a short rattan cane off the table, however, and shook himself visibly when he took up his post between Kimi's thighs.

Itachi strode forward, covered the front of Kimi's throat with his free hand, and lifted Kimimaro's chin until it met resistance from the leather strap behind it. "Cane to inner thighs, flogger to back, and we stop when you screech safeword or your head falls, my sweet boy."

"Shit... yeah... Master..." Kimimaro said between lung-aching sucks of wind, and Kimi repeated Itachi's title, over and over, with the kind of naked worship that struck deeply into Itachi's heart and built fires in barren hearths. Itachi peppered kisses along Kimimaro's neck, and Haku bent and did the same to Kimimaro's legs. They continued the affection until Kimimaro calmed, somewhat, and Itachi met Haku's eyes to nod.

In unison, Itachi and Haku withdrew. Haku petted the length of the cane along Kimimaro's skin, letting Kimi know what was coming. Itachi touched each of Kimimaro's shoulders, drew circles with faint fingertips, and, again, in tandem, Itachi and Haku took their stances.

Itachi's next swing was not kind. It was not the one he'd use after an hour of warm up during a session built solely for destruction, but it was far from the playful swats he'd inflicted a moment ago. Haku struck at the same time, and Itachi didn't bother monitoring Haku's actions. If there was one thing Haku absolutely knew how to use, it was a cane. Where to hit, how hard, how much, for how long... Haku understood these things intimately, and though Haku could misjudge someone else's tolerance for Haku's own, Itachi would stop the progression before it got that far.

With each passing duet of strikes, Kimimaro's sobbing elocution grew louder and more piercing. Itachi threw himself into the narrow mindset framed by target, velocity, recreation, and repetition. Kimimaro twisted and writhed, dancing in the rig, and the reaction and Kimimaro's inability to avoid the suffering shot continual darts of desire along Itachi's cock. The snap of the cane sped faster than the throw of flogger, and Itachi lost count of numbers, noting only rouge skin and sobs of encouragement. Kimi flinched and flailed, trying to retreat, and Itachi dropped his arm and held up his hand for a halt the very second that Kimimaro's shoulders shuddered into a wilt. Kimi's head went to the right and rolled to the front, and Itachi purposefully threw the flogger to the ground; let Kimimaro hear it being dropped.

"My Lord," Haku said, swallowing and panting and sweating. "He flies."

Gingerly, Itachi pressed along the entirety of Kimimaro's broad back, and Kimi struggled to gain more contact. The moan that met Itachi's ears was small and hitching, and Itachi rubbed Kimi's chest and belly. "You've suffered perfectly for us, sweet boy." Itachi gestured for Haku to come closer, and he slid fingers and palm to cup Haku's nape, massaging. "And you've performed masterfully, my lovely boy."

"Thank you, My Lord," Haku said, but his voice was thin and lashes wet.

Itachi rested his cheek on Kimimaro's hair, holding the hanging man loosely and channeling every scrap of tenderness in the universe into his touches. "Tell your brother what you long to do, lovely boy."

Haku groaned, doubling over with hair tickling Kimimaro's sensitive skin. Kimi shivered, arm flexing in an involuntary reaction to move or to soothe. Itachi traced Kimi's underarms and chest, let hands roam.

"I... I would taste him, My Lord," Haku began, steadily but so heated that the inflection threatened to set the house on fire. "Uncage him and lick the head of his cock. He's wet, My Lord, lines of his pleasure fall to the floor, and I-I want them on my tongue."

"More, Haku," Itachi ordered, monitoring the rise and fall of Kimi's breathing.

"I... I... want to be inside him. Joined. And I... I want..." Haku's stutter trailed off, and Itachi smoothed Haku's hair over one ear.

"Tell me, lovely boy," Itachi coaxed, and Haku nuzzled his hand. "Please me by speaking your desire."

Haku's inhale was sharp, the exhale tremulous, and the set of his shoulders drew a fierce line. "I want to bury myself in him and be caned, My Lord."

Kimimaro roused, coming back to them enough to pitch toward Haku, and Itachi hummed over the clang of metal. "Feeling empty, my sweet boy?"

"Yes, Master," Kimimaro rasped in a barely audible, hoarse whisper.

Itachi slid one hand over the ridges and valleys of Kimimaro's muscles until he palmed Kimi's caged cock and firm balls. "Aching for release?"

Kimimaro was nodding before his mouth regained the ability to speak. "Please... mmph... please..."

A shiver of black evil rushed down Itachi's spine, and he hissed in a harsh rush: "Beg me, my boys."

A chorus of pleas rose to resound in Itachi's ears. Haku suckled Itachi's thumb, Kimimaro twisted to pour pretty, petitioning notes against Itachi's jawline, and Itachi made helpless, infuriated sounds for his lovers, let them spill while he clung tighter to Kimi's body and gripped Haku's damp hair.

"Nn... nnn-enough," Itachi called, and silence followed. He sank a bite into the meat of Kimimaro's trapezious muscle, and he valiantly won the battle for control, but knew he was fast losing territory and advantage. "The cage stays," Itachi ordered, and he hissed in delight at the twin curses of frustration. "Haku, on your knees, and blow your brother around the metal."

Haku met the rug with a thump, and Itachi peered over Kimimaro to watch Haku catch a drooling line of pre-come on the tip of his tongue, follow it to the end of the chastity device, and then swallow Kimimaro whole. Haku grunted, cheekbones outlined by suction and his hands fisted on his thighs to keep from jacking his cock.

"Good," Itachi gritted. "Aim to drain him, Haku."

Kimimaro rocked, trying to escape and entirely unable to do so. "Shit... fuck... Master I can't... Master... please... need... need..."

"I know what you need," Itachi said to stifle the beautiful babble from his sweetest treasure. "In due time. For now, your brother will drink you and I..." Itachi squeezed both globes of Kimi's ass, "will fuck you with my tongue."

Kimimaro's cries to heaven got lost in the buzzing that ricocheted off Itachi's eardrums. He had to concentrate on a measured slide to the floor, and he lost even that much ability to think when lube and Kimimaro's musk filled his nostrils, mouth, and encircled his probing tongue in undulating clenches. Itachi buried himself in the task, extending one hand to latch onto each of Haku's nipples in turn, pinch-pulling to earn muffled yelps.

Itachi didn't stop with the rimming until Kimimaro glistened, and the tide of weeping vocalization crested with sheer desperation. "Haku," Itachi murmured, spreading Kimi wider and teasing the sweet pink. "Fetch the lube."

A wet pop, a scramble, and Haku returned, on his knees and offering the tube to Itachi. "Coat yourself," Itachi said, sounding idle but, in truth, feeling everything except unaffected.

Haku spilled slick and set his hand to his dick with a wet sigh. "Nnn... nngh... oooh finally fuck yes..." Haku's relief pulled a throaty chuckle from Itachi, unbidden.

Itachi sat back on his heels, fixated on Kimimaro's entrance, which fluttered and opened for him in rhythmic expansion. "Haku." Itachi made the syllables drag. "Impale your brother with your cock, but do not move once fully inside."

Vertigo and the headlong rush toward the final gambit of the scene spun Itachi like an immobile top. Haku floundered upright, got a grip on Kimimaro's body, and Itachi bit a lip when he got to watch Haku's slick-shined dick breach and shove its way into Kimimaro in a swift plunge. Kimimaro groan-grit-grunted with every single breath, an endless ode to surrender.

Reality and time began to play their usual game of scene speed chess. Itachi got to his feet, blinked, and he was walking. Stretched, and he was holding a cane. Turned, and he was behind Haku. Cursed, and he was demanding his senses to focus. Clenched, and he was bending Haku by the hair and holding the boy braced. The earth's rotation paused. Itachi snarled, and his words were dulled by the effort used to form them: "Scream for me."

The cane hit, stole away Haku's ability to do anything except buck into Kimimaro. Itachi forgave it, savored it, craved it, and was relentless in the agony he unleashed on Haku's supple, scarred skin. A screech that rose and fell in horror and bliss tore its way from Haku's core on the seventh strike, and Itachi allowed himself a count of twenty before throwing the cane away like it had offended his ancestry.

"Fuck but don't come," Itachi droned, and Haku slammed into Kimimaro like a death row inmate with one final tryst between self and lethal injection. Itachi grabbed a condom, ripped it open with his teeth, and sheethed himself, pacing to stand behind Kimimaro. Itachi's sweet boy was swaying with the force of the thrusts, giving into them with the entirety of being.

Itachi let it continue while he slathered himself liberally with lubrication and until Haku's rasps were slurred curses of restraint. "Stop," Itachi ordered, and Haku fell over Kimimaro's body, heaving. Itachi gently removed Kimi's blindfold, dropped it, and tucked Kimimaro's hair behind reddened ears. Kimi's eyes were screwed shut, and Itachi knew Kimi was quite beyond understanding language, and Itachi sympathized, nearly unable to formulate coherence, himself.

So Itachi crooned to his lover, instead, soft and sweet, and he bent his knees. He reached and found the point where Haku and Kimimaro were joined, and he pitched his hips to rut against and line up along Haku's length.

"Oh god, oh god... oh god..." Haku breathed, but had enough sense to stay still. Haku trapped a scream behind mashed lips when Itachi squeezed their cocks together, tight and unforgiving, and Itachi almost didn't recognize the guttural purr as his own.

"Spread and take us both, sweet boy," Itachi murmured, more for the rush of the command than any need for warning. He stabbed into the flexing pressure of Kimimaro's entrance, patient with the push until the ring stretched. "That's it," Itachi praised, pausing for passage and thrilling with Kimimaro's taut, tendon-straining, wide-eyed form. "That's my good boy," Itachi praised when Kimimaro's body gradually granted admittance.

Kimimaro sucked a ragged breath, bellowing uninhibited cries. Itachi managed the chaos manifesting in the slither and slip of dual penetration, and he didn't care to dull his own calls, curses, or coos. Itachi strove toward depth, and it took an eternity until his nuts met Kimimaro's ass. Haku was a sheer unraveled mess who hung on to Kimimaro's hip and shoulder like ropes dangling from a canyon's cliffside.

"Haku," Itachi eventually managed to say, petting and grasping and staving off orgasm thanks to the earlier release, the latex diluting sensations, and the overriding concern for his boys. "Move."

When Haku got wit enough to withdraw and reenter, stretching Kimimaro's tightness and seeming to stroke along every sensitive part of Itachi's dick, Itachi could only wrap arms around Kimimaro and groan praise. "Ooooh... god... yesss..." Itachi muffled himself against Kimimaro's bruised shoulder blades, but he was powerless to stop his euphoric concerto. It could have been seconds, minutes, hours, or days, but his attention was eventually called back to earth with the change of pitch to Haku's entreaties.

"My Lord... can't... I-I'm..."

"Come and come loud, my lovely." Itachi's permission was overtaken by Haku's wail, and Itachi observed Haku's final thrust, hold, and the ensuing rippling waves of aftershock in envious awe. Haku spasmed again and again in consummate relief, all but collapsing when it was done. Itachi allowed Haku a few heartbeats of recovery, and then shifted. "Stay within him, and remove the cage, Haku."

Haku whimpered but obeyed, and Itachi cradled Kimimaro, who was beyond noise, sound, or reality. Itachi intrinsically knew what his boy felt: every inch of skin on fire; the pent, dammed need for orgasm so furious it burst in ripples of pain emanating from balls, cock, and ass; prostate so tender a single brush could milk it. And each piece of tactile awareness was a tether to an existence bereft of willpower or resistance.

"So beautiful," Itachi said, over and over into Kimimaro's ear. "My Kimi. So very beautiful."

The cockcage hit the ground, and Itachi elongated one arm above them to unfasten the strap from Kimi's harness to the rig. He adjusted to take Kimimaro's weight and reached up again. "Undoing your hands, Kimi." Itachi balanced, and unclasped each of Kimimaro's cuffs one at a time from the wooden struts and settled Kimi's wrists at Kimi's sides. "Pull out Haku," Itachi ordered, and Haku did so with a hiss that Kimimaro echoed. "Mm..." Itachi sighed, withdrawing as well. "Are you watching your come flow out of your brother, Haku?"

"Yes," Haku answered, tired and sated and sublime, and Kimimaro's shiver shook his core.

"Ooh, he does like that," Itachi rumbled. "Is he getting hard, lovely?" Itachi slowly stepped backward and carefully lowered Kimimaro's upper body until it was laid flat, Itachi supporting Kimi's shoulders and letting the rig do the rest.

"He is, My Lord." Haku licked his lips.

"And what do you wish to do?"

"Make him fuck my mouth, My Lord."

"Good." Itachi slid the latex off his cock and set the tip to Kimimaro's lips. They parted instantly, tongue straining to taste. Kimimaro's eyes were closed, brow smooth, limbs pliant. "He's going to force-suck me, Haku. You're going to fuck him with your fingers and you get him off however you like." Haku's affirmation was a hiccoughing sigh. "Begin."

Itachi fed himself into Kimimaro's mouth and throat without hitting hardly a hint of hindrance. Haku's noisily sucked and buried four fingers deeply within Kimimaro, the slide knocking Kimimaro on and into Itachi. Kimimaro merely moved and accepted, silent but for watery inhales, and seeing Kimimaro so gone, so absolutely lost to the space where Itachi wanted to take, keep, and cherish his sweet boy, was almost immediately Itachi's unmaking. Kimimaro didn't have any mind left to manage bodily response, and in seconds Kimi was writhing, coiling, winding; wracked with an orgasm that ripped from Kimi's constricting throat to spurting cock to tensing thighs. Itachi's moan echoed, and he curled over Kimimaro, striving deeply and finding his climax in swift thrusts of successive release. He withdrew, Kimi gasped, and Itachi was sure he made sounds of release for his loves. He always did when the nature of his connection to his boys finally spiraled him into bliss.

The pleasure took everything from Itachi, better sense to rest of self, and he honestly wasn't sure how long all three of them hovered in the aftermath. Haku moved first, ever the fastest with recovery, and fetched the water. Itachi eased Kimimaro upright and stood behind his lover, supporting and smearing kisses across sweat-soaked skin. Haku held the water for Kimi to drink, and after greedy gulps and a nearly innocent noise of contentment, Haku set the bottle aside and glanced at Itachi.

"It'd be easier just to let him...?" Haku began.


Haku nodded, grabbed cleansing wipes off the table, and together, Itachi and Haku wiped Kimimaro clear of bodily fluids and dried blood. Haku inspected welts, dabbed any open cuts left by nails or cane with antiseptic, and covered the worst wounds with bandages patterned with cheerful, smiling daisies. Haku grabbed a homeopathic ointment that helped with bruising, and smeared it everywhere liberally. Kimimaro stayed mute, and Itachi hummed a lullaby of sorts, holding and adoring both his men in the swell of exhaustion.

They took time getting Kimimaro out of the rig, rubbing strain out of muscles and awakening sluggish circulation. Itachi supported Kimimaro the entire time while Haku lowered Kimi's legs, undid the harness, unfastened all the cuffs, and dropped everything into the basket of soiled items.

"Ready?" Itachi whispered, ducking under one of Kimi's arms while Haku took the other side. Dully, Kimimaro nodded, and at the sight of life, relief washed through Itachi, crisp and clear as a mountain spring. With cautious step and measured pace, they left the seating room, went through the den, and got Kimimaro to the bed all three men shared. Kimimaro scrambled weakly onto the sheets with Itachi's help, and Itachi followed Kimi, settling behind his lover and petting unmarred skin.

"My Lord...?" Haku queried.

"Do as you need, my love," Itachi said.

"I'll be right back," Haku reassured and dashed toward the changing and bathing rooms.

"Is he okay?" Kimimaro asked, almost panicked, and Itachi guided Kimimaro back to prone when Kimi tried to rise.

"He's fine, my Kimi." Itachi smoothed Kimimaro's hair away from his face.

"Am... am I okay?" Kimimaro asked, hushed.

Itachi entwined them together, gently and allowing Kimimaro to shift before kissing Kimimaro's temple. "Yes, sweet boy. You're safe with me, the man who loves you more than anything. You and your brother are my reasons for living, the sources of all my happiness, and you bring me joy every minute of every hour of every day."

Kimimaro's tiny cry was dampened by tears, but he turned his head for a kiss that Itachi gave with a soft sigh. Itachi continued to kiss Kimi until Haku joined them, bereft of jewels and finery and splendid in nudity. Kimimaro broke from Itachi to whimper at Haku, who claimed Kimi's mouth in a series of chaste presses. Itachi encouraged the boys closer, reached for the covers, and tucked all three of them under fluffy down and silk.

"You were amazing," Kimimaro said to Haku, and Itachi got an arm over both his men.

"So were you," Haku replied, ducking under Kimi's chin and hugging him, mindful of sore spots.

"Your performance was flawless," Itachi said, raking fingers through Haku's hair. "Both during the Gala and here, with us."

"Thank you," Haku said, and he melted into the mattress. "Oh thank you..."

"Rest," Itachi said, straining and kissing each man in turn. "Tomorrow we eat, lounge, and do as little as possible."

Haku giggled, Kimimaro's breathing evened in slumber, and Itachi waited until both his lovers were fast asleep before letting overwhelming gratitude lull him into dreams of laughter and love built for a lifetime.


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2nd-Apr-2012 03:12 am (UTC)
X-TA-C! The dynamics and oh-so-formal structure of their relationship fascinates me. As does what absolute pain sluts both of Itachi's boys are. Neither would be my kink but that certainly doesn't dull the pleasure of watching it through your words. And Haku - that lovely, little devil! Love seeing his sadistic self blossoming - knew he had it in him. More, please! Peach cobbler always a persuasive plus but not necessary when it comes to your stories. ;)

Belated "thank you" for the dedication in the second chapter. *hugs* Looking forward to your new Torquere releases.

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Mmm... high-protocol masochists...

It's what's for dinner. And lunch. Brunch. Breakfast. Midnight snack. Yeah...

Haku IS a devil in disguise, isn't he? I think both Itachi and Kimi adore it.

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Every single time I read one of your scenes, I think to myself – my God, that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever read. And then I think – nothing, EVER, could be, or WILL be, as mind-blowing as that particular story was... that finally you’ve peaked somewhere around the height of heaven and officially become Lord and Master of all erotica. Then the next story comes out and I realise no, you actually do manage to continue to excel even beyond your own work.

Gala was, most simply put, fantastic. Not just the sex, not because I love the characters more than my own ability to breathe, but the actual story itself: the setting of each scene, the descriptions of both event and emotion, the intensity. The affection between the boys and the man who loves them. The devotion. The way the story winds and weaves, swells and drops back. The build-up.

From the first pensive steps of a pondering master, to the delightful welcomes to a hoard of well-loved familiars and fascinating newcomers; a private tryst to a stunning show, all culminating in a toe-curling, pant-inducing, ball-busting scene – this story could not have been better ended than with the inclusion of smiling daisy bandages. It just seemed so... ordinarily sweet. That one wee touch, the maraschino cherry perched on top the dessert.

I loved every minute of it, as I always do.

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I am intensely happy you noticed the daisy bandages (among all those other things; really it's all about the hidden details). *laughs* And liked them.

Your reviews are stunning and always make me smile. Thank you very much for reading.

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That was deliciously intense and heart breakingly sweet. I love how you always make them experience so much and it's just right. And I adore the emotion, care and love expressed throughout. Beautiful!
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Thank you so much, darlin'!
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My most indubidable pleasure ;)
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