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Demented Ink.
A Taste of New Amsterdam: Extras, Snippets, Prompts, & Free Stuff 
3rd-Sep-2012 09:42 pm
cig mouth tie

BEHOLD! By the wonder of creation and due organizational diligence...

(That you can read for free!)

It's even more-or-less in chronological order...

The links take you all over the place. And by all means, if this entices you, head on over to the publishing news journal to buy your copies of the New Amsterdam Stories!

Much love.

♥Lucian & Clark Chatting Pre Hearts Under Fire & Winter's Knight Action:
Have a taste on the house.

♥Perhaps you're in the market for more of our favorite dark-haired, mysterious professor?
Click here for a little pre-Clark negotiation.

♥Need a little more gypsy magic?
Daniel. On a cruise ship. With a bride to be.

♥And then they meet... Hearts Under Fire Excerpt:
Click here to read a slice from the novel.

♥Love Clark and Daniel? Think they're meant to be together forever?
The Proposal Part I
The Proposal Part II

♥Need a Taste of Everyone? With Humor in the Mix?
Go ahead and have a Deathwish

♥Hankering for some sweet, youthful Lucian and Shea?
The Raquelle Christmas

♥Dig outtakes and omake? Wanna see what COULD have happened instead of Winter's Knight?
We call it How We Almost Didn't Have a Book

♥In need of a good tease?
Sample "The New Deal," "Luck in the Making," "Swing Shift," Winter's Knight, or Shot in the Dark.
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