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Demented Ink.
Hearts Under Fire & Winter's Knight NOW IN PRINT! 
30th-Apr-2012 11:24 am
cig mouth tie
The first two New Amsterdam novels are now available in paperback! If you were waiting to snuggle them voraciously in the sheets during the wee, still hours of the morning...

Now you mostly certainly may.



ALSO! Stay tuned for the drawing for the donation drive. Winners shall be announced sooooon!

Much love and stay good or good at it.

18th-Aug-2012 01:10 am (UTC) - Hey
I bought both of them...and the books are fantastic! I read them in two days.

But I am a closet yaoi (or gay novel) fangirl, which my parents dont know about, so due to shifting of shiping days I got a little scare :) They opened the package and saw the books and thank GOD my mom does not understand english and my father is not interested to books as I have so many. At least I know how a heart attack feels like now.....

But as I said, both novels are fabulous...but I liked Hearts under fire a little better than Winter knight. I just liked the characters more I gues.
So a BIG THANK YOU from Slovakia from me :)
18th-Aug-2012 04:36 pm (UTC) - Re: Hey
Hi there!

Thank you so very much for letting us know you bought and enjoyed the books. We love the feedback, and we're honored by your support.

And ACK! about the parents! *laughing* I'm so glad that went smoother than it could have, and you still got to enjoy the novels.

If you feel up to it, you can like us/follow us/be fans/get updates and rate the books on Goodreads: Just Click Here For My Profile. Not necessary at all, but it's a fun site for readers.

And we'll be releasing a novella featuring Clark and his boy, Ellis (from HUF; the redheaded kid in Club Break!) on September 5th! I'll be posting about it here, in this journal.

Again, thank you, thank you! Am so, so happy you read and liked the stories.

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