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Demented Ink.
Something Silly This Way Comes... 
3rd-May-2012 11:06 am
cig mouth tie
We the people of Demented, Inc...

...in order to form a more chaotic union...

...and to say thanks to each, all, and every Patron of the Chaotic Arts who read, who buy, who donate, who comment, who encourage, and who, most importantly, make us giggle...

...do so humbly offer a tiny tale of chaotic shenanigans for your enjoyment.

May it be crazy, amusing, with just the hint of, as you might expect...


Much love & congrats to the winning 2012 April-May Chaotic Patron of the Arts.

Once upon a time, there was a hat...

...who very much wanted to be useful to its beloved master. It dreamed of the time when it could be filled with purpose.

One day, the hat's master snatched it off its usual perch atop a black leopard's head...

...and, while humming, took the hat for a walk into the master's room of eating. There, the hat was turned upon its back, and the master went about shaving a sheet of white parchment into strips.

The hat was very excited, as this looked like something very important to master, who was smiling and chuckling in the way master often did when master thought no one could hear.

Holding its breath, the hat waited until master was done, and then tried to contain its sheer, unbridled glee when master began to put each of the little pieces into its embrace, nesting them away for what was obviously temporary safe keeping until the next phase of master's scheme.

The hat was taken in the master's chambers, where it trembled and lay holding the pieces for master for a full spin of the sun. The master was obviously very busy, and the hat would never wish to disturb master's plans, as they were always important and evidently to involve the hat.

When the hour grew late, and the darkness rose beyond the openings of master's walls, master returned in full formal attire. The hat could do nothing but squeak in that silent, fabric-ey manner it preferred, for the master picked up the hat, and what followed would forever be imprinted on the hat as the best, most important, deliriously sumptuous, and entirely unexpected night of the hat's existence...

...it is said that the hat has returned to its usual perch, much spent, thoroughly sated, and still resting after its ordeal.

But it is a very... very... happy hat.


Much love & congrats to our winner!
♥Demented Dee
3rd-May-2012 09:56 pm (UTC)
Wonderful! *smiling*
Perfect song for your stunning performance & incredibly lucky hat. *coughs*

Kyuubi, congrats! *throws tiny penis shaped confetti*
: D

4th-May-2012 01:17 am (UTC)

Thank yoooou!

(And the hat says "hi.")
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