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State of the Tour Guide

Join me if you will in my den of iniquity. Yes, yes... right in here. It's warm, there's cozy couches -- whoops, really should have put that... away. I'll have words with the house boy, HOUSEBOYGETINHERE -- liquor, tea, coffee, but oh GOD don't drink that unless you want to...!!!

Right. Too late.

...damn. I MUST learn to keep the fun drinks on a higher shelf.

On Visitations
Went to see Liralen. We had a lovely time, as usual. Azazel999 came up to join us. I got books! Liralen got a hand-knitted bag. There was absinthe. There was fireplay. There were body shots. And yeah, Kimya has the video, but there's the penalty of death unto her should she share.

Everything was awesome until I got terribly ill and had to fly home early.

On Illness
I went to do the doc, I had tests done, I have more scheduled... and I got word last week that the fourteen vials -- FOUR. FUCKING. TEEN. People. I have a needle phobia. Did we know this?!? -- of blood are completely screwed. I have no idea how that level of gross incompetence is even possible, (God help those labrat idiots if they try to, I dunno, breathe and walk at the same time) but evidently it is. So no word on what the fuck's wrong. Rinse repeating of the tests shall commence shortly. Much to my Valium bottle's chagrin.

Oh well. Same ol' same ol'.

On Visitations Part II
There was somebody else... came up here... I don't REMEMBER a whole lot of it 'cause there as a (*#@)(^& ton of honey whiskey, but for some crazy reason, I think I was outside, naked, in a rainstorm.

Waving at the neighbors.

Sweet Jesus... I hope that didn't make it to YouTube.

On Impending Doom and Family Reunions. I know. Same Diff, right?
Going out of town here and there and hoping that Ben's grandmother (the OTHER one who didn't just pass away a couple of months ago) goes peacefully. There is entirely too much blasted death at my dinnertable.

While we're speaking of family, my mother has more or less moved in as she has pissed off a water god somewhere along the way and her plumbing keeps backing up, exploding, making sinkholes in her yard (yeah; it can happen), and generally causing mayhem. Thankfully, she cooks, which means I get fed. Not such a bad system, really.

In a deep, dark pit where I buried it.



No really, it's not written, yet. I HAVE written 12,000 words in the last half week, but I realize nobody cares. *laughs* There's an Evantide (or two) piece up (over on their community), and probably a fanfiction piece incoming.

As soon as I get the chance to focus on LiL, I will write and post something. But as of right now? There's not been a word written. Any premature posting would be blank air.

zzt...zzzzt... zzzzt!

Okay, Then What the Fuck HAVE You Been Doing? Other than that whole, like, being sick, getting tested, traveling, doing marketing promotions for your books, taking care of your family, partying with friends, and sorting out a metric ton of the metaphysical bullshit and psychological brain babble... thing?

I'm so glad you asked.

Liralen and I are eyeball deep in Evantide and Li. I have been learning an insane amount of shit about the music industry, she's been studying God Only Knows (I saw her "Currently Reading" shelf. It looks like my library. In sum.), and together, we've been plotting, hashing, giggling, and swooning.

We're also working on NA book #3, a short story for publication, and charity this and that.

Okay. SHE'S doing the charity thing. I'M supposedly working on my own novel series.

And in between rounds of Hearts, I totally AM.


All that said... not a ton of room for the fanfiction, but I am dedicated to the cause, not to mention my obsession with my version of Nagato, and so I will just chuck sleep and eating (wait... already did... okay, no more bathroom breaks. This is gonna get messy...), and feed that ravenous beast, too.

I miss nap time.

Aww, that's really... wait.


Oh, you... sort of fell over, there. I'll uhm... fetch a pillow.

*meanders off chasing invisible animals*

/over and out.
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