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Demented Ink.
Naruto & Loveless Fanfiction // Nagato & Soubi Stories // Main Story Entry 
13th-Aug-2012 06:15 pm
cig mouth tie
Herein lie the tales of His Grace, Nagato Zeitzev (my version of Pein/Nagato from Naruto) and His Grace's Gentle Wayfarer and Wanderer, Soubi Agatsuma from Loveless.

History, notes, references, story summaries, and chronological order of sorts...

Background & Stories
1. Nagato and Soubi initially met when Itachi was with Nagato and Soubi was with Itachi. Nagato was Itachi's Sadist and Master. Nagato calls Itachi his, "Beloved Martyr." Itachi played with Soubi at Haze. They parted amicably, but Itachi didn't say good-bye.

2. Soubi is a very capable, strong-willed human being. However, he is often pictured as slightly unraveled because we keep running into him while he's under either Itachi's or Nagato's (or both) spell.

3. In my world, Soubi is an art history student at Monoshizukanohi University. He's about, oh... 26 or so, as he's putting himself through school. The scar on his throat is self-inflicted, says "Unloved" in my universe, and he did it with a razor after his high school lover, (who was NOT a nice guy), Seimei died. You can read that history in "Ghosts."

4. Nagato is 45, Russian, was until very recently the owner of the worst BDSM club in Monoshizukanohi, and used to be Itachi's Master. Nagato is a crazy... CRAZY... man who does not play by the safe, sane, and consensual rules of Scene. He is NOT a role model, people. He's delightfully and *happily* insane.

5. There is audio for a few of these stories. Yup... I do Nagato's Russian accent. Download for free: HERE.

5a. For ALL the audio I have for download, CLICK HERE.

7. Nagato and Soubi get together during the story, The Gala. For that story, and for references on Nagato's appearance, Soubi's appearance, and the outfits they're wearing to the Gala, CLICK HERE.

The Nagato, Itachi, & Soubi Saga in Chronological Order:
And the Crows Fly: Naga & Weaponry
Knight of Swords: Naga/Ita.
Chapter 2 of R&B: Naga/Gaara.
The Tower: Naga/Neji/Kakashi/Naruto/Tenzou.
Ghosts: Soubi Solo.
The Gala Naga/Soubi & just about everybody in the Mono AU.
Sweet Nightmare Naga/Soubi
On the Edge Naga/Soubi & Special Guest, Vaughn, Naga's Houseboy/Nurse
Blue Diamond Naga/Soubi/Itachi/Kimimaro/Haku/Vaughn. Yes. All of them. At once. Ish.

History of Itachi
Broken Interlude: Ita/Gaara.
Deprivation & Side Stories Ita & Various.

9. Monoshizukanohi Points of Interest (places, who owns what and why) can be found BY CLICKING HERE.

Much love & likin' it complicated,
22nd-Jun-2012 03:28 am (UTC)
I do have a question about Naga's health.
In your universe, what is the illness? He seems unwell, besides the mental state.
Also, constantly in pain. He is somewhat young (says the 50 year old) for some
of the symptoms. Arthritis?
22nd-Jun-2012 03:57 am (UTC)
You have it in one!

He suffers arthritis in the hips and knees, primarily. Takes medicine, therapy, and injections in joints to manage. Good eye!

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