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Demented Ink.
BREAKING NEWS! YOU Have a Shot in the Dark! 
5th-Sep-2012 10:50 am
cig mouth tie
Ladies and Gentlefreaks... the NOVELLA IS HERE!

TODAY look for, A SHOT IN THE DARK a novella by ME, MYSELF and I and the incredible H.J.RAINE staring none other than Maxwell Clark of Hearts Under Fire, Winter's Knight and "The New Deal," with Clark's former redheaded soldier boy, Ellis Parker, also of Hearts Under Fire.

Here... have a blurb, a buy link, and a hook-up to more!

Shot in the Dark:
Ellis Parker is a military man who puts his faith in truth, duty, honor, and living for the moment. Keeping that peace isn't easy, and he reveres the person who helps him stay on his chosen path: Ellis' former Dominant lover and New Amsterdam's most well-connected bartender, Maxwell Clark. So when Clark makes a rare and unexpected offer that might let Ellis relive the days when Ellis was Clark's, who is Ellis to refuse such a chance?

Excerpt, extras, & more.❧

Gun porn. Suspension. Leather. Harnesses. Club Break. Toys and boys and Clark's wicked mouth...

We think you'll like it.

Raine and I are hanging out TODAY, September 5th, over on Torquere Press Social Site. One lucky commenter will get a free copy of Shot in the Dark!.

Not to mention we'll have behind the scenes notes, pictures of hot men, upcoming plans, plots to take over the porny world, and ALL done, of course, with the usual side of snarky, witty banter.

What we do? We do in and for love.

See you there and may it be well with you!


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We like it roughed up in the dark.

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24th-Aug-2012 07:44 pm (UTC)
*smiles* Clark needs all the adoration the guy can get. *laughs* THANK YOU!!!

Coming soooon!
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