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Good morn-er, AFTERNOON, oh cats, kittens, ladies, gents, and gentlefreaks!

I am back from my tour through the entirety of New England, and can now officially say I've been in 41 of the 50 states, including both Alaska and Hawaii. There's a blog post coming about all of that (I have about 300 pictures, a dozen videos and notes... and am recovering from driving about 2800 miles in nine days, so do forgive the delay. I can't feel my anything.), but first, wanted to give a small heads up on New Amsterdam (and other) progress...

The Next Full-Length Novel
...is in the works. We've actually written it once, scrapped it, and are doing a take three (take two was a false start). I can tell you that the star of the story was referenced in Winter's Knight. We really, really hope to have that one together and in good hands in spring.

Another Novella?
I've got a kid rolling around in my head (and by "kid" I mean "twenty-two-year-old") who would really like a word with the reading audience. Much like Shot in the Dark, it'll be another stand-alone novella that will introduce at least one character who will play a major role later. Or, well... I HOPE this kid will get a role later, as while the novella in my head now has a happy ending, I don't think it's the guy's, "Forever-after" happy ending, if you will.

Shorts and Other Things, Oh My
Torquere has an amazing new Leather line that's all BDSM, all the time. Oh my does THAT sound appealing. We've got something cooking for Lucian and Shea, (Winter's Knight, other). There's also another Daniel and Clark (Hearts Under Fire, "The New Deal," others) in the works with a possible third party cameo from Ellis (Shot in the Dark). AND, if that's not enough playing around, we're thinking of something entertaining with a gang of the men. And I think Raine wants to bring Sorrenson back in sometime sooner rather than later. You read about him in "Swing Shift."

Ellis is getting his own book. Oh, and yeah... we agree that Tim Akkard and Kris Fawkes definitely need books. Ya know... soon.

(And yes... Tim IS straight.)

So... right. Busy we are! And happily so.

A Note on New Amsterdam Connectivity
The New Amsterdam world is designed to be a series of "major arc" books and various novellas and short stories that are good to stand alone but also play well with others. There is an "order" to them, so to speak, but reading the books out of said suggested order shouldn't disrupt the ripples in space/time fabric too much. We hope. No guarantees, though. If Cthulhu shows up on your back porch for ANY reason, we did NOT have anything to do with it!!!

Other Projects
Raine and I are working on a website that's going to consolidate Raine's, mine, and ours. It will make following us and the updates a TON easier, we hope. For us and for you! Updates on progress shall be announced with the trumpet bellow of 500 naked bandmen. You'll hear about it, no worries.

Raine and I are also working on a horror story, the Evantide and Li series, and our own solo works.

Now then: to follow all this chaos, here be your links of note:
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