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Demented Ink.
BDSM Chat! 
23rd-Oct-2012 11:01 am
cig mouth tie
Howdy gang!

Just a quick note of upcoming events...

The clank of chain is a sound near and dear to [author: H.J. Raine] and my hearts, so we're pleased to announce that our publisher, Torquere Press, is hosting a BDSM chat on their blog on


We're gonna be there talking books, Scene, research, kink, answering questions and who knows what else with some fellow interested friends.

The blog can be found right here!

If you get the chance, stop on by and say hi! Commenters and curious question writers on our posts will be entered to win a free copy of any book or story in our catalogue or any story from our list of donation prizes!

Much love & may it be well with you and yours.
♥Kelly Wyre
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