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Demented Ink.
Updates, Well Wishes, and a For the Hell of it Poll 
30th-Oct-2012 03:03 pm
cig mouth tie
Thoughts, prayers, and hope to any and all of those being affected by Mother Nature's hissy fit. When that woman gets hormonal, we all duck and cover. I think we're going to miss most of it, here, but I've got several friends coping with evacuation maneuvers and the hope for flood insurance.

Working on the lineup for 2013. Editing Evantide & Li, getting ready to dive into New Amsterdam novel #4, finishing up another novella, and generally running around on fire.

Good thing I LIKE fire.

Much love all.

And here... have some Tuesday Distraction on the house.



Poll #1875671 For the Hell of It

...lose an arm or a leg?


Live alone on the moon with only a year's worth of oxygen or live on Mars with plenty of oxygen but even more carnivorous Martians?

I'll take the moon for 1000, Dee.

...lose your mind or lose your life?

Mind. Crazy is SO chic.
Life. It's worth nothing without clarity.

Be stranded in the ocean or in the desert?

Ocean! Bob and pray.
Desert! Skin poisoning looks good on me!

Watch your best friend get shot or kill your beloved pet?

Friend. We'll hope it's a flesh wound.
You've had a good life, Sparky...

...eat brussel sprouts every day of your life or drink a pint of buttermilk every morning?

Brussel Sprouts - with enough ketchup, I could manage
Buttermilk - your taste buds would go numb in time

...find true love or be a billionaire?

Love. What's money without someone to spend it on?
Money, honey. I can buy all the love I need.

Eat bull testicles or monkey brains?

I'll take the bull's jewels.

Have sex with Hitler (the non-zombie version) or make out with your sibling for half and hour?

Hitler. I'll close my eyes and try not to think of gas chambers.
Incest is best.

Be reincarnated as a sea turtle, a hippo, or a polar bear?

Sea turtle!
Polar bear!
30th-Oct-2012 07:37 pm (UTC)
She seemed particularly hormonal this time -- she took out most of New Jersey and Manhattan, of all places. Someone there pissed her off BIG TIME.

My son and I got a four-day weekend out of it, so it wasn't a total wash.
31st-Oct-2012 10:54 am (UTC)
1. I've already lost my mind, so no contest. :D I know for a fact I can handle it.

2. I have a pretty good recipe for brussel sprouts, roasted in soy sauce if I recall correctly.

3. I have made out with my sibling! Not for half an hour and only because we were playing Olivia and Cesario in Twelfth Night, but still.

Boston's also doing well, at least for now. School was canceled yesterday and has been canceled today, but it was sunny enough yesterday for me to walk down to the drugstore and check my work schedule. New York seems to have gotten the worst of it--my sister's old dorm is under 13 ft of water last I checked. Augh.

Are you mostly dry?
3rd-Nov-2012 08:11 pm (UTC)
As a health care worker, I have had to work this whole week. I had to drive on Monday and Tuesday during the worse of the hurricane winds. Scary!! And today marks the sixth day w/o power!

I would also like to note that the amputation of an arm has a speedier recovery (by avg) than the loss of a leg. Furthermore, the amputation of a leg largely leads to more medical and health complications in the future. In other case, I've seen many patients with severe dementia. It isn't easy to see to witness your own dignity be torn away and to witness your own identity loss. So, therefore, while going insane is not identical to dementia I think I would prefer to end my life.
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