Darkprism (demented_dee) wrote,

Naruto Fanfiction // Under My Skin // Chapter 3

Title: Under My Skin
Series: Naruto AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Drama/Romance/Humor
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Kaka/Sasu
Word Count: ~24,000
Warnings/Notes: M/M, language, minor angst, references to past abuse; one of my few stories NOT set in Monoshizukanohi
Spoilers: None whatsoever.

Summary: When Iruka asks Kakashi to help stop the apparent self-destruction of one of Kakashi's students, Kakashi decides to try and help Sasuke escape from the older brother causing him problems. Two weeks at a private beach house seems like the perfect solution...to more than one kind of problem.

The two men avoided one another for the rest of the day, Kakashi losing himself in thought and occasionally porn while Sasuke banged around the house. At some point, Sasuke took the car and left, and Kakashi emerged from his room to grab something to eat. He knew he was just stalling for time…sooner rather than later the sexual tension in this house was going to spontaneously combust. He could no more approach Sasuke and suggest that the two of them spend the remainder of their time together playing Old Maid and Go Fish than he could go walk on the ocean.

But he be damned if he did anything out of horny reflex that might not be in Sasuke’s best interests.

Which was really just a fancy way of rationalizing that Kakashi wanted Sasuke on nothing less than his own terms. And it was truly insane that he felt like this after a mere week. This was like what would happen if some horrific after-school special mated with Hot for Teacher porn.

Kakashi sighed and poured himself a glass of whiskey before returning to his room to brood.

Later that night, Kakashi heard the car in the drive and listened as Sasuke entered the house. He heard keys on the counter, shoes dropping onto the floor, and then soft footsteps in the hall. The knock to his door was polite.

“Yes?” Kakashi called.

Sasuke opened the door. “Hi,” he said.

“Have a nice pout?” Kakashi asked, turning a page in his book. He lay on his back in bed, head propped against the headboard, legs crossed casually, and a plate of sliced apples balanced on his bare chest.

“I’m sorry about earlier,” Sasuke said, sounding like a pack of rabid dogs was dragging the words out of his gut one by one.

“Your technique wasn’t bad, but you misread your target,” Kakashi commented, absently taking a bite of apple.

“I know,” Sasuke said, eyes down and fingers gripping the doorframe. “Won’t happen again.” He turned to go.

“Sasuke,” Kakashi said, tone light.


“Those schools you applied to…do you know where you’re going?”

Sasuke shook his head a little. “No, not yet. I haven’t made up my mind.”

“What are they?”

Sasuke rattled off the names of several schools, two of which were local.

“Impressive,” Kakashi commented.

The younger boy blinked at Kakashi for a second before nodding and shutting the door softly.

“One…two….three…” Kakashi counted softly through a minute before he stood up, grabbing another apple slice before carefully setting aside the plate and turning off his light. He walked out into the hallway, took the two steps to reach Sasuke’s room, and knocked once lightly before entering.

Sasuke jumped up off the bed, t-shirt half-on and half-off. It covered his arms, and his hands clutched the neckline as he stared at Kakashi with clear trepidation. He’d managed to get out of the jeans and into loose cotton pants, and Kakashi’s gaze swept over Sasuke appreciatively as he shut the door and leaned back against it.

“When I said you misread me, Sasuke, I wasn’t referring to a lack of interest.”

“But you didn’t come find me last night, you yelled this morning, and then you threw a towel at me.” Sasuke rattled off the list in one breath.

“I sat up half the night thinking about you,” Kakashi said calmly. “I was a little tired this morning.”

“And the towel?” Sasuke demanded.

“I don’t get involved lightly, Sasuke,” Kakashi said, looking at him seriously. “I didn’t appreciate the attempt to rush my decision through blatant come-hither.”

Sasuke’s lips formed a thin line, and he lowered his eyes.

“And if a quick fuck is what you’re looking for, then look elsewhere. I’ll leave, now, and we’ll finish out our time together…” Kakashi almost said something about card games but instead just trailed off.

“No,” Sasuke said.

“No what?”

“I don’t just want a quick fuck,” Sasuke replied.

Kakashi sighed in relief. “Good,” he said. Kakashi wasn’t particularly worried about whether or not Sasuke was telling the truth. He didn’t think Sasuke would go through as much trouble as he had trying to get close to Kakashi if he weren’t seriously interested. He popped the apple slice into his mouth and chewed thoughtfully.

“Has there been anyone since…”

Sasuke stiffened. “No,” he said, a little defensively.

Oh god…so he’d been right. Kakashi had never been with a virgin, and he felt a little ashamed at the sheer heat that welled inside him. Thankfully, it was tempered with a good dose of nerves.

Kakashi pushed away from the door and slowly walked around the bed toward Sasuke. The younger man turned a little, facing him, t-shirt still tangled on his arms.

“Except for the kiss from Naruto?” Kakashi asked, tone gentle and a little teasing.

A flush colored Sasuke’s cheeks and across his nose. “There was no kiss. I stopped him.”

“So you’ve never…”

“No,” Sasuke said, teeth clenched and shoulders tensed.

Kakashi couldn’t imagine the hell being gay, 17, and never kissed must be.

Gently he reached over and tugged on the t-shirt, Sasuke letting Kakashi pull it off his arms and drop it to the floor. After days of forcing himself to look away, Kakashi let himself drink in every detail of Sasuke’s body…muscles and sinew, the odd freckle or two, the way his neck met his shoulders, the pout of his lips.

“You’re stunning, Sasuke,” Kakashi said softly, unable to keep the comment to himself. Sasuke looked up expectantly as Kakashi reached out and cupped one of his cheeks, thumb brushing over the skin. It was exactly as soft as Kakashi thought it would be.

Sasuke’s lips parted when Kakashi leaned down and lightly touched his mouth to Sasuke’s, capturing his lower lip with a light pressure before drawing back. The flush darkened across Sasuke’s cheeks, and he tilted his chin up at the loss of contact, eyes half-closed and searching Kakashi’s.

Licking his lips, Kakashi leaned back down and moved his mouth in a slowly deepening kiss. Sasuke’s arms came up to circle Kakashi’s neck, pressing them closer together while Kakashi gently worried Sasuke’s lips. His tongue darted out and licked Sasuke’s upper lip, seeking access, and Sasuke quickly opened his mouth and sighed through his nose when Kakashi’s tongue met his own.

The first kiss bliss went on for ages and mere seconds, and Kakashi ran his fingers up Sasuke’s spine, let his hands wander over the bare skin of his back. It was too perfect…too good…and it had been too damned long. Just a kiss and Kakashi wanted to melt into this body next to him; get lost in skin and sensation for a long while.

Kakashi reached down and lightly squeezed Sasuke’s ass, and the raven made a soft noise into Kakashi’s mouth, working harder now to kiss Kakashi back. Sasuke picked up on technique quickly, and Kakashi’s body walked them both over to a wall before it consulted with his brain. Pressing against the smaller man, Kakashi kissed him harder, urgent now, hands roving and eager to find places to touch to bring noises from Sasuke’s mouth.

Sasuke’s fingers pulled at the short hairs at Kakashi’s nape, and he dug the pads of his fingers into the muscles of the older man’s neck. He hit a particularly tender spot and Kakashi broke away from Sasuke’s mouth with a half-groan. He kissed along Sasuke’s jawline, loving the way Sasuke’s head fell to one side, chest rising and falling faster than before. Kakashi kissed the tender place behind Sasuke’s ear and then pressed his lips firmly down the taut tendon of Sasuke’s neck. The attention earned him a lusty noise and a shiver.

Kakashi slid down with body and hands and hooked his fingers around the back of Sasuke’s legs before standing and lifting Sasuke off the ground. Kakashi felt arms tighten around his shoulders and heard Sasuke’s breath hitch as he hooked his legs around Kakashi’s waist. Turning, Kakashi crossed to the bed and carefully leaned down, gently putting Sasuke onto his back. In two seconds, Kakashi positioned himself between Sasuke’s legs, adjusting his weight, and his mouth covered the raven’s in another urgent, messy kiss.

Sasuke whimpered into the mouth assaulting his own and that must have embarrassed or startled him, because he broke away and buried his nose in Kakashi’s neck. Lips kissed the skin there, and Kakashi sighed and rubbed one hand soothingly over Sasuke’s upper leg before stopping to rest at Sasuke’s hip.

“Feels good, Sasuke,” Kakashi whispered, offering more of his throat. “You feel good.”

Kakashi felt the other man nod against him, soft hair tickling his skin.

“You tell me if you need to stop,” Kakashi said, fingers squeezing a narrow hip for emphasis. “For any reason. Understand?”

Another nod and arms tightened around Kakashi’s upper body in a silent plea to stay.

Kakashi chuckled, a low rumble in his chest, and then he moved his hips against Sasuke, rubbing his hardness against Sasuke’s through several layers of fabric. Sasuke gasped and bit down on the skin of Kakashi’s neck.

“Oh yeah…” Kakashi husked before grinding down against Sasuke again. This time Sasuke rose up to meet him and both men groaned at the friction. Kakashi ran his hand up and down Sasuke’s side, touching everywhere he could as he moved against the man under him, relishing the hot breath on his skin, the nibbling teeth.

“Un…Kashi,” Sasuke husked. “More…god…more…” His hips rose up to meet Kakashi with urgency and his hands alternately clutched and dragged over Kakashi’s back. His skin was hot and getting slick with sweat, the light from the dim lamp next to the bed making it glow.

Shivering a little at the nickname, Kakashi braced himself on his knees and slid his hands down Sasuke’s arms and pulling them from around his shoulders. Gently he brought them down to the bed above Sasuke’s head. He squeezed the two narrow wrists together with one hand before his mouth kissed and licked a hot trail down the side of Sasuke’s neck and sternum. His hands dragged along behind his mouth, touching and kneading with sure fingers.

Sasuke’s chest rose and fell beneath Kakashi’s mouth and tongue, and he murmured incoherent encouragement. Kakashi’s lips kissed over one nipple before sucking on the skin, gently at first and then harder. Sasuke bit off a sharp cry and his hips rocked up and into Kakashi’s body as fingers found his other nipple and pinched. Kakashi took his sweet time, savoring every movement and every little noise. He loved how Sasuke seemed to try to hold back but wasn’t able to in the end, and he worked harder to make it more difficult for Sasuke to keep his need to himself.

Rising up after several minutes of pleasurable torture, Kakashi met Sasuke’s dazed eyes as he walked back on his knees and slid his fingers beneath the waist of Sasuke’s pants. As he pulled them down, he grazed Sasuke’s skin with blunt fingernails from hipbones to knees to calves before ripping the fabric over Sasuke’s feet and tossing it to the floor. Sasuke wasn’t wearing anything under the pants, and he lay with arms above his head and bent legs in front of Kakashi: an Adonis of hardened lust.

“You,” Sasuke said and swallowed. “Want to see you…”

Kakashi leaned down and kissed the inside of Sasuke’s right knee before he backed off the side of the bed and removed the rest of his clothing, throwing it into the pile with Sasuke’s. For a moment, Kakashi marveled at how their skin was of a similar paleness and tone. He stared at the dark thatch of hair between Sasuke’s legs and licked his lips at the dripping cock standing straight and true away from Sasuke’s body. Sasuke stared at Kakashi’s body in pure hunger, and the look in his eyes broke a dam in Kakashi.

Climbing back on the bed, Kakashi bent down to bite Sasuke’s inner thigh sharply. Sasuke cried out and it choked into a groan when Kakashi moved, lined up their hips, and took both their cocks into one hand.

“Oh god, oh god…” Sasuke gasped, louder now.

Kakashi grinned down at Sasuke and stroked them both slowly. His mouth searched and found every available bit of bare skin to lick, nibble, and suck: chest, upper arm, side, nipple, neck. Sasuke tasted like soapy salt and smelled like vanilla.

Sasuke was reduced to a frantic and teeth-clenching mess, and Kakashi felt a hot and hard surge of lust pull at him. He stroked them faster, knowing he could easily outlast this, but thinking Sasuke would not. He listened to Sasuke’s rapid and shallow breathing, felt the muscles gather and bunch as his mouth tortured pale skin.

Shit, Kashi…I’m not…you’re going to make me…” Sasuke’s back arched and he pushed himself up into Kakashi’s hand, demanding more friction.

Kakashi leaned down over Sasuke and propped himself on his forearm, other hand still moving steadily, slick now as Sasuke leaked down into Kakashi’s fist.

“Yeah, you’re going to come,” Kakashi husked and Sasuke’s eyes squeezed tighter and breath exhaled harsher.

“That’s the idea…” Kakashi said, blowing air over Sasuke’s sweaty skin. “But don’t worry…”

Kakashi licked the front of Sasuke’s neck before sitting up, hand still gliding.

“This’ll just be the first time tonight…”

And Kakashi’s hand fell away and he bent down to suck Sasuke’s cock into his mouth with practiced ease.

“Fuck, fuck – oh fuck!

With a strategic swipe of Kakashi’s tongue and a quick glide of tight lips, Sasuke came. Kakashi’s brain went to white noise as he listened to Sasuke gasp, saw him reach down to clutch at the sheets as his body went rigid and still and his dick pulsed over and over in Kakashi’s mouth. Swallowing, Kakashi drank him dry, not losing a drop, and he hummed in approval and delight, making Sasuke curse and shiver.

When Sasuke lay panting and limp beneath him, Kakashi crawled back up on the bed and gently nudged Sasuke over and onto his side. He kissed and suckled the skin of Sasuke’s shoulder before lightly kissing Sasuke’s ear.

“Be right back,” Kakashi said. “Don’t go anywhere.”

Sasuke grunted at him, managing to say, “Like hell” and “Wouldn’t want to” in one syllable. Unable to resist, Kakashi dragged his fingers down Sasuke’s back before he finally made himself get up and head back to his room. He felt light-headed, proud, and dirty all at the same time.

It was his favorite state of being.

Kakashi retrieved a bottle of his favorite oily lube from his toilet kit before retracing his steps to Sasuke’s bedroom. Even though he had absolutely not planned this, the lube happened to be flavored, and Kakashi was practically salivating as he climbed back onto the bed and lay down next to the relaxed Sasuke.

Seeing what Kakashi had in his hand, Sasuke turned his head to look back at Kakashi.

“Kashi…” Sasuke began, nerves clearly showing in his expression.

Kakashi covered Sasuke’s mouth in a fierce kiss, and he kept it up for several long and heavily-breathed moments. He used every trick he knew and dragged his fingers up to caress Sasuke’s skin, gently work his nipples. When he pulled away Sasuke’s eyes were cloudy.

“I won’t hurt you,” Kakashi said softly. “This is going to go so slow you’ll be begging me to fuck you before I’m half done.”

Sasuke’s breathing stuttered, and Kakashi settled himself against Sasuke’s back, propped up on one arm so he could speak into Sasuke’s ear. He reached down to touch the back of Sasuke’s leg with his other hand.

“Raise one leg for me,” Kakashi said, tongue darting out to lick the shell of Sasuke’s ear.

Goose bumps broke out on Sasuke’s skin as he obeyed.

After a gentle pat of approval to Sasuke’s thigh, Kakashi reached his free arm over Sasuke and picked up the lube. With the other hand just in Sasuke’s sight, Kakashi uncapped the bottle and poured a generous amount of the slick stuff into his hand. The angle put Kakashi’s hands right in front of Sasuke’s face, and his breathing quickened and he made a noise through closed lips. Kakashi took his time, slicking up his fingers and warming up the lube before finally reaching down behind Sasuke again.

“This is my favorite part,” Kakashi said, voice rumbling in Sasuke’s ear. His fingers lightly grazed over Sasuke’s ass cheek before slipping slowly into the cleft. With an incredibly light touch, he circled Sasuke’s entrance with one finger.

“I-it is?” Sasuke stuttered, arms pulling closer to his body. Kakashi’s face became a mask of concern, noting the defensive body language.

Kakashi murmured an affirmation, voice not betraying his concern. “This is where I talk to you about what I’m doing and what I’m going to do…and you tell me how it feels.”

Sasuke looked at Kakashi from the corner of his eye. “Tell you?” he said, equal parts interested and apprehensive.

Kakashi circled Sasuke’s entrance with more pressure and two fingers. “I’m going to push one finger into your body and hold it still before I slowly slide it in and out. But I’m not doing that until you tell me how this feels.” He pressed the pad of one finger squarely over Sasuke’s entrance for emphasis.

“Warm,” Sasuke said softly. “A little weird…”

“That’s it,” Kakashi praised. “Breathe in deep for me and then let it out slowly.”

Sasuke obeyed, and on the exhale, Kakashi slowly slid one finger inside Sasuke’s body. The resistance was immediate, and Kakashi stopped to kiss Sasuke’s neck and murmur praise just above his skin.

“Sorry,” Sasuke muttered. “I don’t…”

“Shh,” Kakashi said. “I don’t care if this takes all night, Sasuke. I just want to make you feel good.”

Sasuke shivered but he made an unhappy noise and turned his face into the bed. “Just get on with it…” he mumbled.

“No,” Kakashi said. “I told you…this is my favorite part. I like feeling how tight you are around my finger. I like thinking about how you’re going to sound once you’re loose and ready for me and begging me to make you come again.”

As Kakashi talked, Sasuke relaxed by degrees and Kakashi, true to his word, began to slowly slide his digit in and out of Sasuke’s body.

“I want to feel you stretch,” Kakashi whispered and pulled out his single finger to slide two inside on the next push. Next to him, Sasuke gasped.

“Tell me,” Kakashi said.

“Feels…good.” Sasuke sounded surprised. “Full.”

“Oh god,” Kakashi nearly panted in Sasuke’s ear. “You like this around my hand makes me want you around my cock, Sasuke.” He listened as Sasuke’s breath hiccoughed and felt his leg shake as he slid the two fingers deeply into Sasuke’s body.

“You’re so tight and so hot,” Kakashi husked. “I’m going to find your sweet spot and fuck you slow with my hand.”

Sasuke panted now, and he turned his face back to open air, else he suffocate. His eyes were shut but relaxed, and Kakashi moved inside him. He pushed in and forward and grinned when Sasuke’s eyes opened in shock.

“Found it.”

For the next several minutes, Kakashi set on a course to drive his raven slowly and completely insane. He experimented with pressure and touch, figuring out fast that constant pressure on his prostate made Sasuke tremble all over, and glancing touches made him moan and squirm. Sasuke’s pale fingers dug into the covers again before he finally craned his neck and looked back at Kakashi, seeking a kiss.

Kakashi licked over Sasuke’s lips before claiming them. He pushed hard on the bundle of nerves in Sasuke’s body and shivered as his cry broke the kiss. Hot breath covered Kakashi’s mouth, and before Sasuke could recover, Kakashi pulled out his fingers and slide three back inside.

“Oh – oh…Kashi…oh…” Sasuke’s head dropped bonelessly back onto the bed and he started to buck back against Kakashi’s hand.

“That’s it…fuck yourself on my fingers, beautiful,” Kakashi half-growled, and Sasuke obeyed. Kakashi was on fire…his cock dripped and ached, and Sasuke was driving him insane with those little noises. Oh god…the way his mouth looked kiss-swollen and parted. The way his skin turned rosy in heat, and the way he felt…

“You’re going to get up on your knees and arms, now,” Kakashi said softly. “Because I want to see you, watch my fingers disappear inside of you, and I want to taste you.”

Sasuke shuddered hard and then rolled, lazily resting his weight on his forearms and putting his ass in the air. Kakashi moved with him, fingers staying inside. Kneeling, Kakashi watched himself finger-fuck Sasuke until he felt dizzy with need.

Bending over Sasuke’s back, Kakashi licked down Sasuke’s spine, tongue never stopping until it touched his own fingers. Sasuke went completely still as Kakashi removed his hand and lapped around the widened entrance before darting his slick muscle inside of Sasuke, licking at the strawberry-flavored lube.

“Oh….my…fucking…god…” Sasuke said loudly and clearly, trembling.

Kakashi braced Sasuke’s body with both hands, his own upper body twisting and bending to taste Sasuke. He swirled his tongue, brought it out to lick down over the skin behind Sasuke’s balls, and then dove back inside.

Sasuke pushed back against Kakashi’s mouth and the pleasure with a keening whine.

“Kashi – please, please, please!”

That was it. Kakashi pulled away and lay down next to Sasuke on his back.

“Straddle me,” Kakashi commanded, grabbing the lube and pouring more over his length. Then he helped Sasuke obey, arranging limbs and holding Sasuke’s body still while he lined himself up with Sasuke’s entrance.

“Go slow,” Kakashi said softly and moved his hands to grip Sasuke’s thighs. He would let Sasuke steer this, let him take it as slowly as he needed to-

“No,” Sasuke said and dropped down onto Kakashi’s cock. Kakashi rose up off the bed as he entered Sasuke’s body, making Sasuke hiss and then sigh. Sasuke seated himself on Kakashi’s length so fast it made Kakashi’s head spin…both of them, it felt like.

“Fuck yeah,” Sasuke said, letting his head fall backward. He rose up awkwardly, not sure how to move, but he got it on the second try, picking up a rhythm and rolling his hips. He braced his hands on Kakashi’s torso and used his thighs to raise and lower himself with a quick and brutal pace.

“Sasuke,” Kakashi choked and collapsed back on the bed. “Holy…”

Sasuke repositioned his hips, sank down, and cried out loudly in shock. Kakashi caught the other man and thrust up to meet Sasuke at the same angle, making him call out again – even louder this time.

“Yes, oh, yes…oh god, yes…” Sasuke babbled above him, not seeming to be aware he spoke. Every word sent a sharp blade of need deep into Kakashi’s body, and he had to fight back his own release all too soon. Their pace turned frantic, and Kakashi fisted Sasuke’s length in his hand and stroked him roughly.

Yeah,” Sasuke yelled through clenched teeth. His words dissolved into moans then, and the room was full of lusty sounds and skin-on-skin. The air smelled of sweat and sex, and Kakashi thought he was going to die if he didn’t come soon.

Sasuke brought himself down viciously hard on Kakashi and his mouth opened in a silent cry. Hot seed spilled over Kakashi’s fist, and Sasuke’s insides tightened down on his cock. It felt like a hot, spasming vice, and it tore Kakashi’s orgasm from him with force. His head pressed back on the bed and he grit his teeth, trying to breathe as he shook. He felt Sasuke collapse forward and the shift around him made him shudder again and clasp Sasuke so he didn’t move.

For a while, there was only breathing and afterglow. Kakashi opened his eyes to blink dazedly at the wall, Sasuke’s weight rather pleasant on top of him. He hugged Sasuke and craned up to kiss the top of his head.

“Hn,” Sasuke hummed, and he turned and lifted up to look at Kakashi. His dark eyes danced with mischief.

“That was only two,” Sasuke said, voice a little hoarse.

Kakashi arched an eyebrow. “You’re going to be the death of me.”

“What’s the matter old man?” Sasuke asked. “Think you can’t keep up?”

Kakashi let loose a raspy laugh. “Just don’t come bitching to me when you can’t walk for the rest of the week.”

Sasuke leaned down and kissed Kakashi, clearly telling him he was okay with that.

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