Darkprism (demented_dee) wrote,

The Devil I've Been Doing

Greetings, oh readers and faithful companions of the wordy kind.

There've been earthquakes and heartbreaks, but the stories... will always go on.

Upper Deck: The Absolutely Real We Totally Swear, Work

Everything publishing, from series to stand-alones, that has to do with male/male romance can be found right here:

Kelly Wyre Dot Com

If you'd rather get your news here, all Publishing News is gathered for your convenience in the Delicious and Nutritious Publishing News Journal.

CLICK HERE for the journal entry.

My West and his gang are on their own, now, and there are stories brewing. I've got a short piece that I'm working on that I hope to post here, there, and everywhere sooner rather than later.

Someday, West and his merry crew will have their own book. It's loosely outlined and slated to come after the next... uhm... six or seven I think? *sheepish*

Art and interest in West, Kings and Thieves, and the ilk are still very welcome. But please be advised that we here at Demented, Inc. are now a singular entity that is no longer affiliated with anyone else.

Please remember to tip your Tour Guide, and hugs are nice. We like hugs.


What happens when Nathan Hunt cuts free of his own web of deceit and lands in the arms of an MMA fighter with a haunted past? Well... hopefully everybody will find out soon. This is my current m/m romance, and it's damned close to done.

New Amsterdam
The ballet boy and the military kid. Coming soon.

"A Public Play"
Lucian and Shea get it on for many eyes to see, and there's some Chance and Ryuu in this mix. Slated for after the next novel.

There may be a horror story coming your way, soon. Revamped (so to speak) and retooled with the official Demented Inc. Stamp. Stay tuned...

Over on my LIVEJOURNAL DONATION DRIVE you can get a variety of stories for contributing $2 or more to the Writerly Cause. The money goes toward things like website hosting , ad space, coffee, and chocolate. Things that keep the writer's world turning.

Fine Print: All rights reserved on originals. You know the drill.


On Deck Two: Fanfictiony Goodness

Lessons in Living
There is a new chapter of LiL that needs editing. It's short, but it exists. I'll get to it soon, I promise.

Thank you for your patience as I slog through this one. I cannot tell you how awesome it is to read the comments and the enthusiastic support for this story. Thank you so very much, oh beloved readers.

Thor & Loki
Yup, you read that right. I've got an outline and really like the idea. Methinks this is the next beast I'll tackle.

Nagato & Soubi:
Blue Diamond
Coming soon....

Itachi and Sasuke?
I wrote Grail, and I ended up sketching out a loose plotline that continues it. I have to admit, it seriously feeds my angst-management side. We'll see.

I'm updating Undercurrents. Nothing major, just editing and tidying up some loose ends that were driving me crazy. I've done the first three chapters and continue to inch along as time and insomnia allow.

Audio Biznass
I'd love to do another Read Along sometime. Stay tuned for updates.

Otherwise, need to record:
1. Undercurrents (before Gaia77 starts threatening cute and fluffy things.)
2. Everything else in my *)!&)%#&^ gallery.

Ahem. As I need/want audiences, I'll send up a shout-out.


...aaand I'm spent.

Much love & promises.
♥Demented Dee
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