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Demented Ink.
That sound you just heard... 
28th-May-2013 02:40 pm
cig mouth tie
...was me falling out of my chair.

I just finished *writing* a book.

Pardon me, must go--


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29th-May-2013 12:15 pm (UTC)
You are reading a lot! I can't read more than one book at once, but i tend to read in large lumps so I get through quite a lot :) I have seen some of your m/m rec's on Goodreads and will be checking some of them out ;)

Ohhhh.... book! Now that I really would like to have in my sticky mits1 I do believe I was mildly confuused by your initial post lol. What's it about? Are you going to publish it and, if so, where can i get it from?

I adore your stories hun, I've not found one I haven't loved to pieces. *snugs tightly* I'm pretty damned fond of you to sweets. You are an amazing person.
31st-May-2013 03:38 pm (UTC)
I hope to publish it! In the editing process and will be sending it off to find a home after that. It's about a man named Nathan Hunt who is caught up in somebody else's bad idea for revenge and just desserts, but he meets an MMA (mixed Marital arts) fighter who changes his life.

It's called, "Fight."

*snugs back*

How goes the writing over your way? Had a chance to catch your breath with moving and all else?
3rd-Jun-2013 12:59 pm (UTC)
Ohhhh.... I love the sound of it already and it would find a wonderfully snug home on my shelf with my other lovely pieces written by you :)

It's coming, I'm RPing with a friend and trying to write snippets here and there but finding the time and energy is a challenge. I need to sit down and have some dedicated writing time.

We have our completion date, 28th June, so were in buy essentials and start packing mode. It's very exciting but I have to admit to being a little sad. I've lived with my parents for so long I'm going to miss them. It's all going to be new and hopefully fun so we shall see how it all goes :)

How's you?
15th-Jun-2013 04:40 pm (UTC)
Aww, thank you! I hope it's out sooner rather than later, and I hope you enjoy it. :D

RPing's good! And fun, though yeah, I can absolutely see how in the middle of all else you're doing, finding the time and energy would be hard. The best advice I've ever gotten on that sort of thing was to take it easy on yourself. You're doing so much, and when life calms down a wee bit... The writing will be there for you. *smiles*

WHOO HOO Completion date! I hope the packing and preparations go smoothly. Always interesting... leaving one home for another. I've lived in some thoroughly terrible places *laughs* but it's still hard to leave them and the people who were there with you. Grieving and saying goodbye is healthy, I think... Honoring the place that's given you comfort and missing the people who took care of you... Yeah.

But the new will be awesomesauce. *grins* As you already know. *wink*

I'm good. Finished and posted that West story here and on Y!. Am editing/writing a little fanfiction and ramping up for the next book or two. In between, hanging out with friends, signing up for events, etc. etc. Shaping up to be a very busy but very good summer.

*hugs* Hope the weekend does you up right.

8th-Jul-2013 01:07 pm (UTC)
Sound advice hun, I think sometimes i try to do to much and everything ends up suffering, i get wound up and then nothing gets done. I am a worry wort by nature unfortunatly.

The packing was fairly smooth all in all and the house is great, but i am exceedingly tired and require another week off work to recover from moving. It's been great so far so i'm really excited. I'm still waiting for the penny to drop and that feeling to descend that speaks to me ands says this is it, your home. I feel like a guest at the minute :)
I've had a few teary moments but your right, moving forward is best and i know they'll always be there for me.

I have your story to read, been silly busy but I'm looking forward to curling up and catching up on all the wonderful stories i've not managed to keep up with reading of late. After that, i may crack into a story or two. I have a few ideas on the burner, hopefully they'll help me get back into the swing :)

From all your plans you sound super busy over the summer, but the good kind, spent with friends and having good, hard fun. Hope your doing well and enjoying the bit of quiet before the next planned event :)

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