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Demented Ink.
That sound you just heard... 
28th-May-2013 02:40 pm
cig mouth tie
...was me falling out of my chair.

I just finished *writing* a book.

Pardon me, must go--


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8th-Jul-2013 01:07 pm (UTC)
Sound advice hun, I think sometimes i try to do to much and everything ends up suffering, i get wound up and then nothing gets done. I am a worry wort by nature unfortunatly.

The packing was fairly smooth all in all and the house is great, but i am exceedingly tired and require another week off work to recover from moving. It's been great so far so i'm really excited. I'm still waiting for the penny to drop and that feeling to descend that speaks to me ands says this is it, your home. I feel like a guest at the minute :)
I've had a few teary moments but your right, moving forward is best and i know they'll always be there for me.

I have your story to read, been silly busy but I'm looking forward to curling up and catching up on all the wonderful stories i've not managed to keep up with reading of late. After that, i may crack into a story or two. I have a few ideas on the burner, hopefully they'll help me get back into the swing :)

From all your plans you sound super busy over the summer, but the good kind, spent with friends and having good, hard fun. Hope your doing well and enjoying the bit of quiet before the next planned event :)

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