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Demented Ink.
Naruto & Loveless Fanfiction // Blue Diamond - Part I 
28th-Jul-2013 01:50 pm
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Title: Blue Diamond Part I
Series: Monoshizukanohi: Fandom Crossover & Original AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Gothic Kinky Romance
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Nagato/Pein from Naruto and Soubi Agatsuma from Loveless, along with Itachi/Kimimaro/Haku from Naruto, and Vaughn, an original, who is Nagato's manservant/house nurse.
Word Count: 7100 (this part)
Warnings/Notes: Language, orgy, piercing play, blood, bondage, denial, digital manipulation, accents, history, high protocol speech... kitchen sink, closet mop... seriously. Everything.
Spoilers: None whatsoever for the manga/anime.
Summary: Nagato invites his former Beloved Martyr, Itachi, and Itachi's two boys, Kimimaro and Haku, over to play with he and his Gentle Soubi.

Howdy gang! Your Demented Tour Guide, here, with some notes...
1. Please remember that on a normal day, Nagato does not adhere to the safe, sane ANYTHING... and his idea of consensual is merely being present in his company.
2. This story has fanart by the incredible kyuubi1010/Gaia77 AND the amazing Fluister (they tag-teamed).
3. I'm writing Nagato and Soubi in a series of short stories, and each of them have appeared in my AU in various capacities and cameos. For references, information, AU notes, Points of Interest, various links and to read ALL of the Nagato/Soubi and the Nagato/Itachi and the Itachi/Gaara and Itachi/Soubi and Itachia/Kimimaro/Haku saga... (g'lord...), do click RIGHT HERE.
4. I do not own the Naruto or Loveless guys. I DO own the world, the places, and the originals.
6. Nagato's Theme Song: Good Man by Devour the Day.
8. This story has THREE PARTS! More coming very soon... ♥
9. Chapter One is dedicated to Anjelic Demon from Y!Gallery, who won the second round of Bingo at my last Read Along! Congrats!

Much love & dangling chains,

Nagato Zeitzev gripped Soubi Agatsuma's chin in one white-gloved hand and smiled down at his blind, bound beauty. Saliva dribbled from the corners of Soubi's mouth, split as it was by the silver and black bit gag. The gag fastened under the heavy leather-padded blind that covered all of Soubi's upper face, eyes, and the top of Soubi's head. Two strips of leather rested on Soubi's smooth-shaven face to either side of Soubi's sleek nose, and the head-harness buckled at the base of Soubi's skull. His long, blond hair flowed across his bare shoulders, and both hair and creamy skin were damp with sweat.

"The delight you bring me is without end, my Gentle One," Nagato crooned, and though he was quite sure his boy was beyond the ability to comprehend speech, Soubi shuddered at the tender inflection Nagato infused into his tone. Or possibly, it was merely the cadence and sound of Soubi's Grace's voice that did the trick. Nagato did not know, would not ask, and could not care, so long as he earned reaction, and his sweet, gentle boy stayed conscious.

Nagato let Soubi's head drop and circled behind Soubi once again. The plush leather straightjacket was a stroke of genius, and Nagato congratulated himself on both the choice and the color. The red wine hue was gorgeous against Soubi's peaches-and-cream complexion, particularly when it was so flushed pink and splotchy from arousal, pain, and struggle. The jacket trapped Soubi's arms not behind him, but criss-crossed over Soubi's chest. The jacket laced up the back like a corset, all the way to the heavy, tall, stiff collar encircling Soubi's throat. Nagato had lovingly woven the jacket's thick stays, taking his time to make sure Soubi had no inch of give, and when Nagato was done, Soubi was sheathed from neck to waist like a babe in swaddling, snuggly bound to Nagato's mercy and whim.

The top edge of the leather straightjacket had metal d-rings sewn into the fabric's folds, and Nagato had attached two of them to lengths of chain hanging from the playroom's ceiling. The chains helped Soubi support his own weight and allowed him to rest forward, slightly bent at the waist. All the dangling chains in this dungeon stopped just above Nagato's head, so they were easy to reach. There were dozens of them, providing an infinite range that could suit any of the positions Nagato's wicked and fickle imagination provided. No need to flail around from bench to wheel to padded wall... simply use the equipment with convenient rings and hang the sweetlings where the angles were the most delicious.

In Nagato's gothic palace, there were many rooms in which men could be brought to their knees and made slaves to Nagato's desires, but this one was where Nagato preferred to play when his own aches limited his functionality. Today the arthritis in his hips and knees was a dull fire deep in the joints. Aggravating, most certainly, and a reminder that a treatment was due, but the disease wasn't altogether to the ill. The time it took for Nagato to navigate around his beautiful boy only added to Soubi's sense of anticipation. What did it matter if it took Nagato ten minutes to retrieve one of his favorite flexible canes and set himself into position? Nagato's discomfort was offset by the writhing of his boy, who tried yet again to fight the inevitability of the compromising position. The spreader bar strapped between Soubi's ankles clanked, and Soubi moaned with a piteous note that forced Nagato's hand to his own crotch for a gratuitous stroke along Nagato's hardened shaft. Nagato bit his own lip and sucked at the blood. He imagined himself stroking his pleasure incarnate, as though it were a creature that came to life when his cock rose. Wings, his personified lust would have, and too many teeth to its smile, and Nagato chuckled, thinking he felt it wriggle beneath his foreskin and purr under his ministrations. He stopped all too soon, but he had no interest in orgasm. The road to such endings was far more interesting than the destination, itself, which was common enough and familiar. Besides, no need to ruin his clothing, which was smart and crisp and pleasantly silky. He wore a deep blue suit patterned in black filigree. The jacket had but a single button, which was carved to resemble a griffin. The shirt beneath the jacket was black, snug, and simple cotton, though refined enough to feel like velvet. He'd forgone cravat or tie in favor of simplicity. The lines of the suit spoke of Nagato's taste, and the cut of the pants hid nothing of the cock beneath them.

"Ah, my little one, such sounds are so precious." Nagato gently caressed Soubi's back, one finger lingering on the supple indentations flanking one of the lowest vertebrae. "But here and now, they earn you nothing but more agony to endure."

Soubi arched into the touch, and, feeling the smile stretch his lips, Nagato nudged at the base of the plug that was pressed deep into Soubi's tender insides. The center of the plug could unscrew, and Nagato slowly began turning the removable portion to the left. "Already you bear the welts and contusions of my will, little one. And yet you ignite in me the inspiration to give you more."

The center of the anal plug came loose, and Nagato pulled it out. He sighed a long, contented note when he saw the dark red shadow of Soubi's parted entrance. Delicately, he pushed a finger within and past the two-inch rim of the metal toy to rub the warm walls beyond the toy's reach. Soubi's breath caught. "Let me hear the moans of the insatiable, little one," Nagato directed, and instantly Soubi's pleading, eager grunts echoed in the room.

"Very good, my Wayfarer, very good." Nagato sank deeper, knowing the leather of his gloves was foreign, rough, and invasive. Shifting, he eyed Soubi's full dick. It dripped onto the rug below in a steady stream. It was ringed by a complicated netting of knotwork, the cord thin and black. It tied around Soubi's base and balls, separating the latter, and wrapped up the shaft to tie off just under the flared head.

Nagato licked his lips. "I wonder, little one, if mere pressure could make your need overflow?" Nagato pressed on Soubi's insides, turning his hand, and knew he'd nudged Soubi's prostate through the wall of Soubi's passage when Soubi called out and strained in the jacket, chains, and metal. Spittle joined the steady ooze of bodily fluids trailing to the floor.

"It has been days, has it not, since my infrequent mercy allowed you relief?" Nagato mused, more to himself than Soubi. "Days of torture with only the briefest periods of respite. Those moments when I must have you in my arms, for your agony is a priceless work of art too divine to resist touching." Nagato sighed, thrusting into Soubi with a steady rhythm. Possessiveness tugged at Nagato's core, and he groaned. Soubi called out broken syllables with every subtle shift of the toy and of Nagato's finger, and Nagato increased the pressure of his hand against Soubi's cheeks. He thrilled at his boy so completely cradled in his chaotic care.

"Oh, yes, my sweet one, dance for me. Like you dance when impaled on my cock, caged and unable to come. Like you writhe for me as I blacken your skin to the sound of your screams." Nagato leaned closer, and a surge of pure devil-evil drove through him like a miniature orgasm. "Like you will dance for our guests when they arrive to do unto you... as I please... and as I... design."

Soubi sobbed, shaking, and he was so perfect, he was beyond compare. Nagato murmured affectionate phrases in his native tongue, finger-fuck-toying with his boy until he was sure Soubi was well beyond over sensitized. Soubi's insides throbbed around the end of his finger before Nagato withdrew it. "I shall leave the plug like this, little one," Nagato said conversationally, lining up again with his cane. "You are a wonder when gaping and yearning, your secrets so exposed and so solicitous."

With a sweeping caress, Nagato petted Soubi's thighs with the length of the cane. Soubi went silent as though Nagato had flicked a switch, and Nagato moaned at the obedience driven by fearful anticipation and the never-ending quest to please. "You shall endure two more of my finest, little one," Nagato warned. He positioned the cane below the last welt he'd made swell. Line after line of raised, angry, swollen wounds striped Soubi's ass and legs. They were evenly and economically spaced so not an inch of flesh was wasted. "Utter a sound heavier than a breath, and you will add to the toll I shall take from your body in any way I deem fit."

Soubi didn't so much as nod, and tension rippled through his body. Nagato clucked his tongue, waiting. Behind him, Nagato heard the door open, and a discreet presence entered the room. Nagato ignored it, focusing instead on the gradual give of Soubi's musculature. When Soubi's deep, trembling breath blew out strain, Nagato reared back his arm and struck Soubi with all the force he could muster without using a running gait. Nagato stared, enraptured, as Soubi pitched forward, all his weight transferring to the jacket's rings and the hanging chains. Soubi's knees buckled, his spine rolled, and he thrashed in his confines. When unable to make sound, the pain had to translate somewhere and somehow, and when bound as tightly as Soubi was, the twisting, spasmodic, reactionary release was more violent. Soubi jerked left, right, and forward, fighting and trying with all his might to escape the pain Nagato knew roared through him. It lasted for a full count of two minutes, and Nagato memorized every centimeter of Soubi all over again.

When Soubi finally stilled, panting but not breaking the rules, Nagato reset. "The next will be no easier on you, my Gentle One." Nagato rubbed Soubi's back, brushing skin through the cross-hatch of straitjacket laces. "Take it in Your Grace's name, and take it in penitent silence." This time, Nagato reared but halted at the height of his strike. Soubi breathed frantically and damply around the gag, and Nagato's eyes rolled back into his skull. Music rose from the cracks and crevices of the furthest corners of Nagato's mind; the music he heard every time he dealt personal agony. He waited until the notes reached a crescendo, until Soubi's weak legs shook, and then Nagato finally struck, the impact of the cane a dull crack. Nagato heard a whimper, but it was not his perfect Wanderer, who held steadfast in the resolve of silent suffering. Turning to look over one shoulder, Nagato smiled at his nurse and manservant, Vaughn Alexander, who stood next to the door with head bowed and shoulders tense.

"Mmm," Nagato hummed, limping around Soubi to cup Soubi's chin once again. Soubi stopped struggling, weight balanced on the balls of his feet. Though it sent darts of pain shooting from his lower back down his legs, Nagato bent slightly so he could speak in Soubi's ear. "Taken as only my Wayfarer could." Nagato paused for Soubi's full-bodied sag of relief and acceptance. "You are my own, Gentle Soubi, a perfect offering on the altar of my countenance and my greed for all you were, all you are, and all you will become by the molding of my hand." Soubi held his breath, and Nagato kissed the shell of Soubi's ear. "Release."

Upon the command, Soubi screamed. An inarticulate, rising wail came from the very depths of Soubi's being, and tears sprang to Nagato's eyes. He did nothing to stifle Soubi, understanding that Soubi needed to scream as much as Nagato needed to hear the verbal acknowledgement of his effect on his precious boy.

Nagato had been unsure of love and its sensations in the time before he started applying torture to the willing as opposed to the enemy of his Russian family. Nagato understood love not as an emotion, but as actions done to the mutual benefit of himself and the object of his affection. Nagato had discovered that when he held whip, flogger, tawse, cane, and paddle, he could love many and love them mightily. Sex had never been enough, even when the men or women had been in droves; even when they had been his to ravish before putting them to the knife. Taking and killing fed him, but they were short-lived solutions to assuage his baser needs.

When he pushed himself into a carefully-chosen selection of bleeding, agonized, willfully long-suffering humanity, however, Nagato found he did not merely fuck bodies; he stole souls.

It was not until the blood of the sacrifices had flowed rich around his not-so-metaphoric boots that Nagato understood that it was only when his victims returned to him with affection that they, in the making of their choice, also consumed him. In a way, the discovery was the one that set into motion the series of decisions that led him to closing down Haze. He had thought the answer to the love riddle had been in lavishing attention on many and any who sought him. In truth, it resided in the hearts of those few who had not only taken his swing and his cock, but had embraced him afterward, despite the brokenness of their bodies. Those rare gems had been precious and few and named, and his Gentle Soubi, his Wanderer, his Wayfarer, his sweetest little one... Soubi was the shining blue diamond among the white glitter of the more mundane.

"There, there, my little one." Nagato stroked Soubi's hair while the boy cried and heaved, and he glanced at Vaughn. Nagato frowned. Perhaps he always felt like the one currently in his claws was the most beautiful. Perhaps it was fortunate that he so easily fell prey to love, over and over, even with the same person. Perchance it was that Nagato loved everyone... in kind. For his Trusted Fool was his as much as Soubi, and the man who was, no doubt, biding time in the reception hall had also once owned all of Nagato's shriveled worm of a heart.

"I believe our guests have arrived?" Nagato made it a question, and Vaughn nodded.

"With provisions?" Nagato asked. Vaughn hesitated this time, but nodded again.

"How grand." Nagato continued to pet and soothe Soubi, speaking in Russian to Vaughn: "Fetch three recovery kits as precaution, along with towels, robes, and fucking tools. Bring them all here, and then lead our guests to this room."

Vaughn bowed, keeping the silence Nagato required of him, but Nagato noted the speed with which Vaughn turned and fled. It had been some time since Nagato had taken that one in hand. Mayhap too long, and so it was that Nagato spied another way that Lady Fortune had presented Nagato with gifts of opportunity. He would manage Vaughn managing the company, and every ounce of the passionate misery would be homage to the iron goddess of chance.

Unhooking his thoughts from the metaphorical hide of his manservant, Nagato focused attention on his Soubi. "You will be displayed to our guests, my Gentle One. Let me guide you." Carefully, Nagato encouraged Soubi to shuffle and turn one-hundred-eighty degrees so that Soubi was facing the rest of the room. Most of the furniture had been cleared from the middle of the dungeon and set against the walls. Crosses, tables, and trunks... all pushed out of the way for the night's charade. There were no windows, here, but there were two doors: one leading to a bathroom and the other to the white, round chamber where Nagato let boys undress and guests wait. In the playroom, black chairs with low backs and maroon cushions had been arranged in a semi-circle, all facing where Soubi stood captive. Small hiccoughs of fear and shame began to spill around Soubi's gag, and he tried and failed to shrink away from Nagato's steadying hold.

Nagato grabbed the front of Soubi's collar, yanking and enjoying the yelp it inspired. "There is nowhere to run, my little one," Nagato said calmly. "Find courage in my voice and in bowing before me. I will speak of the night's designs before others lay so much as a breath upon the flesh I have claimed as mine. Serve me well, and you will find me most generous. Serve me as a foreign fool in the court where I reign, and you will find me a vindictive sadist, scorned."

Soubi leaned into Nagato with a soft sound that spoke of apology, and Nagato rewarded Soubi by stroking his cock. Soubi's groans were the melody that accompanied Vaughn's return. He rolled a cart covered in what Nagato asked for, along with goblets, wine, and food, which Vaughn arranged on a table. Vaughn left again, and Nagato listened to his anticipation's aria while he waited.

In short order, Itachi Uchiha, Nagato's former lover and Beloved Martyr, and Itachi's subservient boys, Kimimaro and Haku, entered the room. Though all three men were lovely in his own individual right, Nagato's attention strayed and stuck to Itachi, observing Itachi take in the scene. Nagato saw the slight widening of chocolate-dark eyes, the parting of thin, pink lips, the arch of perfect, pointed eyebrows. Itachi's long, black hair was drawn back into a low tail. He wore a simple button-down shirt and slacks, both black, as was his customary choice, and shining black shoes. Around his neck he wore a heavy necklace, and the pendant caught the dim light: three stones set in a triangle, one green, one black, one red. Obviously symbolic of the Martyr and his partners, Nagato's heart softened and tears welled at seeing Itachi so in love.

Still, though, Nagato recalled one of his favorite Martyred nights. So long ago, now, but Nagato wondered if and how well Itachi remembered when it was not Soubi in confines, but Itachi, himself. It had been in this very room that Itachi had hung by chains, leather, and rope. His balls had been tied by silken cord to a platform on the floor. His arms had been stretched ahead of him, chained to the padded wall. His body had been bent over a hard bench, neck in a single-hole metal stock, legs spread, nipples clamped, eyes blinded, and mouth gagged with an inflatable bit of rubber that had bulged Itachi's flushed cheeks. Nagato had sat not a foot away and watched an endless trail of visitors come into the room, each with the same offer before them. The men could do anything they wished to Itachi, so long as Itachi remained alive and conscious. Some fucked Itachi, brutally and without remorse. Some beat him. Some cut him, slapped him, or marked his body with seed. Some worked in pairs or groups, fucking mouth and ass and sucking his cock. Many returned through the line for second helpings. Itachi could get off, could beg or plead, if not gagged into grunts, but it would not end until Itachi wept.

It had taken hours for the proud, furious, aching, but resilient Martyr to break. Nagato had cherished every second.

"Gentlemen," Nagato said, stroking Soubi by sliding the constricting webbing of rope along the swollen flanks of Soubi's cock flesh. The friction that provided must be excruciating. "Welcome to my home."

"Nagato," Itachi said in his low murmur of a voice, and he put a hand on the small of each of his boys' backs. "Our thanks for the invitation."

Soubi whimpered, and Nagato released the boy's cock. He approached the trio while stripping off his gloves. Itachi's assessing gaze took in Soubi, the rig, Nagato's gait, and the other thousand details that made Itachi a beautifully attentive man, no matter what role Itachi so chose.

"It is I who am in your debt." Nagato smiled and let his eyes wander over Itachi's tall, lean form. Itachi's chest rose and fell in a silent hitch. Still affected after all this time. Oh, but Nagato did enjoy this man. "And beholden to you is a position I find most... enticing. In return, I could do nothing less than offer amusements and refreshments to your fine boys for the favor they pay me by answering my summons and attending you this night." Nagato looked to Haku, first. The appellation Itachi used for petite Haku couldn't be more appropriate. Tonight the lovely boy wore a blood-red corset over a sheer black blouse, and the latter flowed over his narrow shoulders, long arms, and thin wrists. His pants were mere tights, his cock proudly caught in a cup so it bulged deliciously against the thin fabric, and the tights were tucked into boots with three-inch heels. Still, the delicate waif stood a head shorter than Nagato. The heart shaped face was framed by soft curls that spilled down Haku's back to his waist, his dark eyes were luminous in subtle shadow and liner, and his smile tilted his cupid bow mouth into a kissable pout. He curtsied and never lifted his gaze, and Nagato hummed in approval.

"Lovely Haku," Nagato said, taking Haku's hand and kissing Haku's knuckles.

"Your Grace," Haku said, the image of demure. "I delight in being a humble guest in your fine home."

Nagato chuckled. "And I delight in watching you under my roof." He limped to Kimimaro. The piercings that dotted Kimimaro's lips, nose, ears, and other bits of flesh twinkled. Last Nagato had seen Kimimaro, his hair had been bleached white. Tonight it was a soft brown that brought out the green of his eyes and the golden hues of his complexion. He wore a sleeveless, royal blue leather shirt, supple pants that clung to powerful thighs, and heavy shoes. In one hand, he carried a case, and the other he put over his heart as he bowed.

"Sweet Kimimaro, my Martyr's most flexible love, I trust you are at my service?"

"By your leave, Your Grace," Kimimaro replied. He breathed deeply and met Nagato's eyes. Itachi all put preened with pride, and Nagato swallowed a laugh that was not unkind. "Might I know more of your plan so as to serve you and yours more fully?" Kimimaro asked.

"In time." Nagato gestured to the table laden with finger food and drinks. Vaughn crept closer, camouflaged in his usual black scrubs. "I do not let the hungry starve when I have the power to feed them. Eat and drink as you will, with my blessing."

With a shining grin, Haku twirled and went to the table, accepting a glass of wine with a sweet utterance of thanks. Kimimaro went along, too, but accepted water and a bite of fine cheese. Itachi left the more basic offerings to his boys, choosing instead to stand near Nagato, their bodies brushing.

"Have we ever met as equals in this room?" Itachi mused, the lines next to his eyes indicating a gentle jest.

"Men such as us never meet any creature on level ground, my Martyr. It is not our way." Itachi smelled of cologne, soap, and memories.

Itachi's expression sobered. "I have thought of you."

"And I have never forgotten an ounce of flesh given nor a second of our time shared."

Itachi dropped Nagato's gaze, his breath shaky. Nagato deliberately swept the back of his hand across Itachi's groin. Itachi's eyes closed for a fleeting second, and he did not pull away. "Your boy seems most lost."

"I prefer him gone to my care," Nagato confirmed, following Itachi's glance at Soubi, who was shifting in a futile effort for comfort in his chains.

Itachi lightly laughed. "And how long has he been so gone, Your Excellency?"

Nagato shrugged one shoulder. "He has respite from his studies for better than a month."

"So weeks, then?" Itachi asked, obviously amused.

"It is likely."

"And no sanity in sight?"

"Ah, but we cherish peace more the better when it is found in the absence of sanctuary rather than in the controlled confines of its walls, do we not?" Nagato gave Itachi a rare grin, and Itachi swallowed. Nagato leaned closer, nudging Itachi's regal jawline with his nose. "No need for him to come up from the depths when he swims so prettily down below. Surely you remember the inky night of those waters, my Martyr? For you still hold the prize of my admiration for suffering their chill the longest."

"I also bear the scars of their icy shards," Itachi whispered.

Nagato hummed and spoke with his lips against Itachi's cheek, fully aware that they had Kimimaro, Haku, and Vaughn's undivided attentions. Nagato closed his eyes and sighed. "I remember the pitch of your screams, Beloved. I still know by heart the dying echoes of your longing and the sickly hue and jagged shape of your inner demons released at last under the lash." Itachi was breathing faster, now, and Nagato's cock swelled impossibly fuller. "And your sweetness is still unparalleled, as is your drive and determination. You were an ode to the very nature of beauty, my Beloved, when you bled for me."

Itachi's shoulders rocked, and the effort he took to regain some semblance of composure was miraculous. Nagato observed it with calculating interest, and he stepped away from his former captive so as to fixate on his new one. He longed to have them both tied together, perhaps with the other little ones, too. Oh, what he could do with four bound men, tools, and time. Nagato sighed and adjusted himself with obvious care that drew all eyes to his groin. Most enjoyable, that brand of attention. His cock had ever proven itself worthwhile of such adulation. "Yes. It is good, you here again with me and mine." Nagato took a step toward Soubi and had to pause for the pain that tried to drive him to his own knees.

"Your cane, Naga," Itachi said, and he cupped Nagato's elbow. "Where--"

"Elsewhere." Nagato smiled ruefully at Itachi. "For I thought not to use one for such a function tonight."

"Then let me help you," Itachi said, ever the savior of the broken.

"Gladly." Nagato allowed Itachi to take some of his weight, and Nagato sighed in relief when walking grew easier with assistance. Vaughn was there, too, suddenly appearing at Nagato's other elbow, though his manservant didn't touch Nagato without permission or true emergency. Itachi got Nagato to one of the seats facing Soubi and helped him to settle. "My thanks," Nagato said and kissed Itachi's cheek. Then he turned and barked, "Vaughn!" As Itachi withdrew, Vaughn bent so Nagato could have his say.

Nagato caught Vaughn by the scruff, fingers twisting the hair at Vaughn's nape. "Your polite intrusion has done well to remind me of your existence, my Fool," Nagato said in a gruff Russian growl. Vaughn began to pant.

"Do you think it escaped me, the knowledge that you must hate what lies before you? All the pretty boys and you. Disinterested as you are in cock, belittled by the homosexuality that haunts your wet dreams... in misery, you must be." Vaughn could not and did not answer, but he shook.

Nagato laughed cruelly. "I know what you will do, what you will tell no one you love. Lay in your bed next to the wife that's just had your ass and your balls and any piece of you she likes, save for your pathetic cock." Nagato knew the litany was working when a sound that was part anger and part hunger joined Vaughn's damp breathing.

Ten years, and the old tricks were ever the most effective. "And hard as aces you will not rest, and you will imagine these men with their stone pricks circled 'round you. And you will beg in your mind to be fucked raw and open, for their tongues and fingers and fists to split you 'til you bleed." Vaughn moaned and caught himself on the edge of Nagato's seat. "The littlest one... pretty Haku... small hands, my Fool. How deep could he slide, hm? Tear your mind in half? And so sweetly, too." Nagato paused as though actually considering swearing another man's boy to such a service, though he would never slight Itachi in such a way. Vaughn, however, had been slave to Nagato's unpredictable ways once too often to put anything past him. Vaughn was, as such, a wise man, though his obsession with hating the piece of himself that loved getting fucked was a tiresome, old beast. It was a fortunate thing that Nagato and Moria, Vaughn's dominant wife and Nagato's personal physician, had worked out the troublesome details of whom would manage what long ago.

"A deal, then, since I need you near me in such unpleasant circumstances for you to behold. Take out your little cock, my Fool."

Without question or pause, Vaughn pushed down his scrubs until a dark thatch of pubic hair, a soft cut cock, and heavy balls were revealed. He tucked the elastic behind his nuts and didn't touch himself. Pleased, Nagato purred before continuing, "You will stand guard in my line of sight. And if you get hard by watching what goes on here, then later, when we are but two, I will take my whip to your ass until you bleed." Nagato tightened his grip, teeth grazing Vaughn's ear. "And if you jerk off even one stroke, I will cane your pathetic little prick until you must piss through a tube."

Vaughn moaned, and there was a collective shuffle from Itachi and his two boys. Kimimaro and Haku may not know the specifics of what Nagato said, but the essence was quite clear. Itachi, fluent in Russian, smiled ever-so-slightly, no doubt remembering the games he and Nagato used to play with the dear Trusted Fool. Soubi, for his part, was alert enough to tilt his head, but made not a sound.

All things righted in his world, Nagato released Vaughn. "Your supposed hatred for dick should spare you. And if it does not..." Nagato shrugged and switched to English. "Then I will come for you where you sleep and ensure you rest no more." Vaughn rose, and already his dick was thickening. Nagato made a show of not looking, content to stare at his Soubi. Vaughn retreated with a dignity most men could not manage while their cocks wagged. Practice was a princely exercise.

Nagato gestured to the others. "Come closer and take comfort," he ordered. "I require your attention and ask for your patience, as this body sees fit to weigh me down with restriction."

"So sorry for your plight, Your Grace," Haku said. He and Kimimaro waited until Itachi was seated next to Nagato, and then the two boys knelt at Itachi's feet. "What may we do to calm your affliction?" Haku asked sweetly.

Nagato enjoyed the boys with agile, conniving minds, but it was Kimimaro with whom he had business. "Go over and acquaint yourself with my little one, Kimimaro." Nagato studied Soubi carefully: his shoulders tensed, his calves flexed, and his head drooped.

"Do as he bids, sweet boy," Itachi encouraged Kimimaro.

"Yes Master, Your Grace." Kimimaro stood up, his case still in one hand. "Soubi?" he said, approaching slowly. "It's Kimimaro, Itachi's boy. Can you hear me?"

Soubi nodded, and the sign of conscious life evidently eased whatever had been worrying Kimimaro about the situation. Such interesting creatures, these boys with whom the Martyr played for keeps. "Continue," Nagato said, curious.

Kimimaro hesitated, but he put down his case and fidgeted for only a second or two before picking up a white towel off a side table. He dabbed away the drool from around Soubi's mouth. "You look amazing, Soubi," Kimimaro said, and his honesty struck Nagato in the breast. Soubi weakly moaned, and Kimimaro put aside the towel to begin finger-combing the ends of Soubi's hair.

Nagato got up, and he waved Itachi and Vaughn down when both men tensed to aid him. "I wish to give my Gentle Wayfarer a gift, Kimimaro. You will help me."

"As I can and so my Master permits, I will do, Your Grace," Kimimaro answered.

"Mm," Nagato grunted. He reached just above his head and hung on to one of the chains, steadying his balance. He placed the other hand on Soubi's ass. "Any token of my esteem would and will be wrought in blood." Kimimaro seemed to take a moment to understand that turn of phrase, but Soubi translated the intent immediately. He began to gasp and curl in on himself, no doubt enjoying that there was absolutely nowhere to which he could flee.

"Yes, Your Grace?" Kimimaro prompted.

"You have skill with the needles, yes?" Nagato asked, lovingly petting Soubi's bruises.

"I do."

"And with the jewelry with which you can adorn fresh holes?"

"Yes, Your Grace." Kimimaro was flushed and glancing at Itachi from the corners of his lowered eyes. Itachi said nothing from where he perched, holding Haku and playing with Haku's curls.

"Good. Then tell me: as my boy so swings, what could you puncture?" Soubi whimpered, and Nagato fingered a welt so that the cadence of the sound quickened.

"Ah... well..." Kimimaro shook himself. "Ears are possible with him like this. Nose. I'd... I'd want to..." Kimimaro blew a breath, and Nagato silently admired the professionalism in Kimimaro's tone when next he spoke. "I'd remove the gag if you wanted anything done to his lips. I have the appropriate clamp to do his tongue with me. I'd hesitate to do any other internal mouth work, though."

"Explain this mouth work of which you speak to me," Nagato commanded. Soubi was squirming and twisting. Nagato allowed it for the moment.

"Like this." Kimimaro pushed back his upper lip, revealing a tiny bar through the gum above his front two teeth. "It bleeds, you see," Kimimaro explained. "And the chance for rejection is--"

"And what of tongue splitting?" Nagato interjected, and Soubi went stock still with a squeak. Nagato smiled at Kimimaro, who looked confused. Nagato winked at Itachi's sweet boy. "I have heard of this dissection of the most sensitive of muscles. Is it possible?"

Soubi began squawking sounds to the negative in nature, and Nagato swatted Soubi firmly on the ass, effectively cutting off the protests and turning them into mournful whimpers.

Kimimaro glanced not at Itachi, but at Haku, to Nagato's amusement. Haku widened big eyes at Kimimaro, rolled them, and made a circle gesture with one finger. Evidently, this communicated a point to Kimimaro, who had a twinkle in his eye when he faced Nagato again. "Oh it is quite possible, Your Grace. The tongue is divided away from the major blood vessels, and both sections retain motion."

"Fascinating," Nagato mused. "Is it done with a blade? For here we have many, many such implements."

"It can be, yes, but I prefer to use a type of laser."

"You'd use a beam of light for this?" Nagato interjected.

"Yes," Kimimaro answered. "It makes for a faster, cleaner cut and cauterizes the vessels at the same time. Usually the split has a more pointed look to it, too, which I like. However..." Kimimaro licked his lips. "It's usually better to have an established tongue piercing marking the rear of the cut, and I wouldn't be comfortable doing what amounts to a surgical procedure without more of my own equipment, Your Grace."

"Pity. Understandable, but alas... a pity. I enjoy the smell of rended flesh." Nagato slid his fingers over the end of the plug in Soubi's ass and caressed Soubi's taint. "And his sex organs. Tell me of what you could do to these?"

"May I?" Kimimaro asked, crouching. He opened his case, laid it flat in two halves, and removed a pair of latex gloves.

"As you must," Nagato allowed.

"Thank you, Your Grace." Kimimaro began examining Soubi's soft cock. Soubi didn't struggle, but he began shaking hard enough that his bindings all rattled. He lifted himself onto the balls of his feet as though to retreat from the impersonal touch, and the muscles in his legs quaked. Kimimaro didn't appear to pay the reaction any attention. With a hurried glance up at Nagato, Kimimaro deftly removed the rope around Soubi's shaft. Nagato said nothing to stop Kimimaro; with Soubi softening, the web was hanging uselessly, and Kimimaro left the ties separating Soubi's balls.

"He has lovely form," Kimimaro said. "A Prince Albert, a ladder, rings..." Kimimaro pulled the skin taut at the head, earning a jerk from Soubi. Kimimaro squeezed and prodded. "Bars through the head, vertical or horizontal would work. I could do an offset cross, like I have."

"And the recovery times? What of those?" Nagato asked, and behind him, Itachi chuckled. Nagato didn't spare his Martyr a glance, but he knew full well that Itachi laughed upon recalling Nagato's personal experience with genital piercings. Soubi knew not of such things. Nagato's cock metal was long gone; too much of a bother.

"Weeks," Kimimaro said somberly. "He'd need to avoid erections, change bandages, and--"

"Out of the question," Nagato used his tone like he'd use a whip, and both Kimimaro and Soubi flinched. "I have plans that involve arousal to the point of faint. What else?"

At the mention of said plans, Soubi began growing hard again. Kimimaro stared distractedly at Soubi's cock. "Ah, I can do dermals almost anywhere. Those are like these..." Kimimaro pointed to the gems between his eyebrows.

"What of this?" Nagato let go of the overhead chain and darted that hand to finger the cross of metal that speared Kimimaro's nipple which Nagato could see beneath Kimimaro's shirt. He gripped and tugged at them, and Kimimaro's lips mashed together to hold in sound. "Sensitive, are they not?" Nagato asked.

"They are," Kimimaro confirmed what Nagato already could see. He continued to toy with the boy, glancing down at a blossoming erection growing in the confines of Kimimaro's pants. "I'd recommend a single bar to start, if you want to go with nipple piercings, and obviously we'd... we'd have to change the way he's... he's bound."

"Obviously," Nagato repeated, distracted and transfixed by the rising blush in Kimimaro's cheeks and the way Soubi rubbed against Nagato's hand between his legs. Nagato let go of Kimimaro and simultaneously grabbed Soubi's chin and the base of Soubi's nuts. "I see your quest for pleasure has outstripped your fear of impending pain, little one." Soubi stopped breathing. "Let us see what we can do with you in this heightened state of bravery. Vaughn!"

Kimimaro moved his case and self out of the way, and Vaughn stopped on the far side of Soubi, hands behind his back. His cock was still soft, but that was no matter. Nagato was confident that he'd get to make good on his promise of cane and catheter. "Help him stand. I will remove the jacket, and we will restrain him against the wall. Arms and legs wide."

At speed, Vaughn wrapped his arms around Soubi, and Nagato began undoing the stays. There was no need to unhook the jacket from the ceiling when untying Soubi from the jacket would suffice to free him. "Kimimaro? Spreader."

Bending to the task, Kimimaro removed the spreader from between Soubi's ankles, leaving the cuffs in place. Soubi sagged in Vaughn's arms when the jacket gave way, and Nagato yanked to remove the fabric from between their bodies. Vaughn helped Soubi over to the padded wall, propping Soubi against it.

Haku suddenly appeared, crouched by Soubi's feet. "May I, Your Grace?"

"Wide," Nagato dictated.

The single word permission enough, Haku moved Soubi's leg over and attached the ankle cuff to a d-ring at the base of the padded wall. Kimimaro did the same for the other leg, judging the tipping point of Soubi's balance with the aptitude that came with experience. Vaughn pushed one of Soubi's arms above Soubi's head, and he fastened one of the thin wrist cuffs Soubi constantly wore these days to another d-ring. Haku rose and did the other side.

In a breathless few moments, Soubi was bound to the wall, arms and legs splayed and cock jutting proudly. Nagato limped closer, caressing Soubi's flank and considering the setup. "Haku?"

"Yes, Your Excellency?" Haku chirped.

"Rate your proficiency with knots."

"Most adept, Your Grace."

Nagato flashed Itachi a smile at his boy's eagerness. "A shame it would be, then, to waste such talents." Nagato squeezed Soubi's balls until the boy whined. "Affix these to a ring, pretty boy. Pull taut and true, for my Gentle One will squirm if given an inch of slight."

"I am honored, Your Grace." Haku took up the ends of the undone cock harness. He steadily applied pressure until Soubi tried to bend knees to relieve the panic and ache inspired by such pressure on tender organs. Soubi couldn't go anywhere, his arms strapped securely and keeping him in place, but Haku used the reaction to judge where to tie the strings to maximize discomfort without risk of injury. The boy was, in all ways, indeed quite lovely.

While Haku looped thin rope through another d-ring, Soubi whimpered with every breath, and his head lazily tossed back and forth against the leather beneath it. Nagato crooned in Soubi's ear, petting Soubi's sweat-slick skin. He glanced at Itachi, gestured with his chin at Haku, and Itachi, after a second's consideration, nodded in approval. When Haku finished with the rope, Nagato touched the top of Haku's head, entranced by the silkiness of Haku's hair. He urged Haku's chin upward and forced the boy to look at Soubi's cock. Haku licked his lips and stared at Soubi with shining eyes. Nagato chuckled, encircled Soubi's dick without touching it, and made a time-honored jack-off motion. Haku bowed his head, settling in a crouch, and he ran both hands up and down Soubi's legs.

"Kimimaro?" Nagato asked, returning his soothing palm to Soubi's side.

"Yes, Your Excellency." Kimimaro snapped on a fresh pair of latex gloves, removed a sterile swab, and tore into the packet. Vaughn got out of the way, Itachi remained in the chair as the silent observer, and Nagato pressed his mouth to Soubi's ear, while Kimimaro began preparing Soubi's nipple for the needle.

On To Part II

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I absolutely adore Nagato, the things you can do with the English language inspires me so much! The characters are all their own, so developed in personality and completely believable outside of the anime which makes them so much fun to read about! You do an amazing job, and I seriously need to buy me some of your books =3

And Kimi as a brunette!? Instant love.

I'm so excited for the next chapter, can't wait! ~<3

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