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Demented Ink.
VISION QUEST // Tag Team Fiction with A.F. Henley // Main Story Entry 
8th-Dec-2013 09:00 am
cig mouth tie
So here's what happened...
A couple years ago, I (Darkprism, AKA Kelly Wyre) wrote a story called "Feather." It's about a guy named Wayland who has a thing for a guy named Corbin. I wrote it for a fellow author whom you may know, named A.F. Henley. Henley and I have been friends for a few years, now, so trading fiction on occasion is par for the course...

Well, of course, Henley wasn't to be outdone in the fiction-gift-giving department, (bless him) so he wrote a story called, "Blaze." Which was awesome. It's about a guy named Arik who has a hot redhead named Blaze fall into his lap one otherwise very dull night at a hotel.

We posted all this in our various favorite locales, and that was that...

...until one night, when I was (drunk) slightly intoxicated and (thinking too much) pondering the meaning of the universe, I dug up "Blaze" and read it again. Remembered why I loved it.

Which lead, ultimately, to me writing the first chapter of what we called, eventually, Vision Quest. I wrote the first part on a complete for-the-fun-of-it lark, and it's a continuation of "Blaze" that has absolutely nothing to do with Henley's original intention, whatever that may have been, for his story. I borrowed his characters, kept going with the initial story line, and I showed the first "move" to him in my usual, subtle style...

*gets on Messenger*
Kelly Wyre: I DID A THING!
A.F. Henley: ...oh God. It's so early.
Kelly Wyre: IT'S NOON!
A.F. Henley: Yes. Early.
A.F. Henley: What did you--
A.F. Henley: Uh huh, but what--
A.F. Henley: HEAR it? Oh Lord. Okay. But I was going to take out the--
Kelly Wyre: RIGHT NOW!
A.F. Henley: ...trash because the dog did HIS thing, and--
A.F. Henley: ...right. I'll just get comfortable, then. *laces coffee with choice adult beverage*

Saints of patience... they abound. But I read it to him, he liked it, and then we struck a deal. Here are the terms:

1. Each of us writes our sections individually. The other person has no direct input on the other player's section. No writing "together," no reading over the writer's shoulder, no nothing. Creativity is happening in independent vacuums.
2. Sections will be a maximum of 5K, minimum of 300 words.
3. After each section is posted, the opposite player will get to ask three things about the posted section. That can be, "What is important?" or "Why did Blaze say 'X?'"
For example, if I post a section, and I'm very sure that a certain bag is important for the continuation of the story line in MY head, and Henley asks, "Yo, Kel, what's important here that you don't want me mucking up?" Then I can say, "Keep that bag handy in your next part, please. It contains the lube."
4. We both understand that the characters Blaze and Arik belong to A.F. Henley, but I, Kelly Wyre, am allowed to borrow them. Liberally. With vigor. And lube. Other characters will be created in the process of the story line. Neither of us has any intention of posting this for pay. It's a free read, through and through.
5. We post the sections in a back-and-forth pattern, as they are written, about once a week until the story is complete.

We are posting ALL the parts over on my Blogspot. So by all means...

Do enjoy. Try the cookies. The punch is spiked. Fair warning.

Much love!
♥Kelly Wyre
& ♥AF Henley
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.... ♠♠♠ VISION QUEST ♠♠♠ ....

...in which the grounded, businessman Arik Beltrán meets the gorgeously mysterious Blaze for coffee, and his life is forevermore infused with magic.

Story is rated "M," and intended for mature audiences above the age of 18, only. Includes explicit m/m sexual acts, angst, hurt/comfort, hilarity, and at least one goat. Not involved in the sex in any way whatsoever, the goat. He just likes to watch.

Chapter List
Original Story by Kelly Wyre: Feather
Original Story by AF Henley: Blaze

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Vision Quest Part XXI - FINAL by Kelly Wyre
10th-Sep-2013 11:19 pm (UTC)
Ohhh, that sounds so good, I am going to follow your new project till the end ^^
15th-Sep-2013 08:34 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy. ♥
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