Darkprism (demented_dee) wrote,

Pieces of Eight Turns of Fate-ful Things to Do!

Ladies, men, queer peeps and gentlefreaks,

We are pleased as pink Kinky punch to say that a new Eight Turns of Fate chapter is now up!

Happy New Year's Eve-Eve! Apologies for the end-of-month madness, but there was holiday chaos to survive, alcohol to imbibe, and your resident author is in the middle of six novels across two pseudonyms and three genres, and is slightly more scattered than usual.

I know, I know... you didn't notice. Look, I like to believe there are these moments of clarity. Support my delusion. Lie if you must. XD

Anyway, point to note: we are reorganizing our organization, so please to be paying attention.

As opposed to having the master links in a cumbersome list at the bottom of all the documents, there is now just a link back to the Master Link Document List... document. It's on every doc, now, like a lovely RETURN feature, and it turns out that this makes far more sense than the way we were doing it.

So now there is the ORIGIN STORY (cross-posted in the usual locales);

The MASTER LINK DOCUMENT, which has all the linkage you could want;

And, of course, the READ ME DOC, which is full of amusing shenanigans that tend to happen when you put Henley and me in the same virtual (or real, for that matter) room.

We'll be shout-boxing the Master Link document in posts across social media. (This is the sound of me hammering square pegs into round holes. Again.)

'Cause lawd knows I always share when it's up.

Thank you so much for your interest and support. Posting these things quite literally keeps me going through the stickier times of trials and travels (I have a fantastic story to share about having to break into a hotel during a zombie apocalypse-like, three-town-wide power outage and nearly breaking my nose on the back of a chair! OH HOLIDAYS! YOU ZANY BEASTS).

Other updates are incoming, including the continuing West saga, and... the whole me-rapping bit. Yes, yes, I heard you. I swear I did it once, and I swear I'll figure out what's wrong with my gooder-better-best microphone and do it again... just as soon as I finish taking wicked advantage of this new BluRay player with NetFlix and catching up on every episode of American Horror Story and Orange is the New Black.



If you should need or want me, I'll be in the usual haunts. See you hither, thither, and yon, where there be art, writing, music, or porn to be had.

With vigorous, amorous enthusiasm.

Much love and telling stories in tExT spk!

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