Darkprism (demented_dee) wrote,

Naruto Fanfiction // Short Straw // Part II of II

Title: Short Straw - Part II
Series: Monoshizukanohi//Naruto AU
Author: Darkprism
Genre: Kinky Romance
Rating: Mature.
Pairing: Kiba & Neji (Primary; references to many other pairings in my Mono world)
Word Count: Total is ~16,500, posted in two parts
Warnings/Notes: D/s relationships, set in Monoshizukanohi AU, BDSM, Dom/sub relationships, bondage, impact play, ball gags, toy pantry, oral, anal, kitchen sink.

Summary: All the freaks on the Monoshizukanohi streets had to learn the ropes somewhere, and for Kiba? that was a hotel room with his friends and Tenzou's handy bag of tricks. But when Kiba notices that Neji gets to Dom more than sub, he calls Neji's bluff, and for a single snowy afternoon, Kiba ends up calling the shots. Find out what happens when the Prince melts and hell freezes over.

Their mouths didn't meet; they slammed into one another. Teeth and hands and nails and wrestling limbs, Kiba tore at Neji's clothing. Metal clinked across the floorboards, and there went the cufflinks. Fabric ripped, and Neji wouldn't be wearing that pair of underwear again. Neji wasn't complaining, too busy clawing off a sock. Kiba threw one of Neji's shoes, and the men rolled into the sofa. The thing skidded, and Kiba got himself handfuls of Neji's bare ass, rolling the man into Kiba. He left Neji's mesh shirt on, and it was slippery, the contrast to Neji's skin just incredible. Neji's hair was everywhere, shrouding Kiba, and Neji's kisses may have started out silent, but now they were ending with little grunts and groans.

Kiba slapped a hold on Neji's wrist when Neji began to reach for Kiba's cock. "Nah," Kiba whispered, shoving, landing, and hauling Neji to his feet. "We got somewhere t'be." Kiba wrapped Neji's hair around his forearm and hand, and he fisted Neji's dick with the other one. Yanking and stroking, Kiba started to walk Neji backward toward the playroom's curtains, and Kiba had to focus on making sure Neji didn't trip. Neji, for his part, managed to be graceful even when hunched forward so Kiba wouldn't remove a chunk of his scalp and with his mouth hanging open and forehead scrunched thanks to Kiba's hand wringing Neji's dick.

Neji's backside met curtain, and they tangoed into the front room. Kiba had it lit with low-watt multi-colored bulbs: a stained glass kaleidoscope effect. He'd nailed the fixtures into the walls, high up and down low to give the space some atmosphere. Kiba had designs and plans for furniture, but money and space were serious issues. Thankfully, when you knew a guy like Tenzou, those concerns weren't so hard to work around. Kiba had a plastic bin of toys, all fresh and clean and ready. He had a bucket full of rubbers and lube and a bin for trash. He kept a first aid kit nailed to the baseboards, and there were blankets and fluffy things stacked in a chair. Kiba had a custom bench that Tenzou had helped him make, and it sat against the wall. Kiba had rigged eyebolts everywhere that could take weight, and he'd put in a metal beam fixed to support struts in the ceiling as well as the floor, and one wall. He'd welded metal rings up and down the thing, and all that had sufficed until Tenzou made Kiba the Snowflake. It looked like a narrow Saint Andrews, except there were three criss-crossed beams, not two. So three arms fanned out at the top, they all narrowed to the middle joining point, and three beams stuck out at the bottom. It looked, to Kiba, anyway, like a skinny wooden snowflake, hence the name. The sucker was affixed to the wall with three support bars, and Kiba had added a couple more pieces of wood attached to the lowest support bar so that a long piece came out and away from the Snowflake. It was handy if Kiba didn't want a victim slap-smack against the thing. He could chain hands above, yank lower half out, and tie the poor bastards with feet apart and ass or groin at the ready.

The curtain fell shut behind them with a whisper, and Kiba tried to think of what in the hell he could do to Neji to break the guy's connection to reality. "Ya got a pretty cock, ya know that?" Kiba asked.

"Nice of you to notice," Neji said, all nice and even, but Kiba heard hints of the sleep-angry notes that people who were starting to lose it often had. It was like talking to somebody who was still half-unconscious and asking you for five more minutes of snooze. Used to freak Kiba right out until he figured out what was going on.

"Oh I fuckin' noticed, a'right," Kiba said, running his mouth while his eyes darted around the room. The hell should he do? Where the hell to start... Kiba spun Neji around, arm across Neji's throat and hand still working down below. Neji's head went back onto Kiba's shoulder, and Kiba gave into the urge to kiss Neji's cheek, sweet-like. "All slim, sleek, and deep-seekin'... Mm. Ya like to fuck pretty boys 'n girls with this cock?" Kiba glanced from the bin to the Snowflake. Maybe... he could...

"You fucking know I do," Neji murmured, smiling with his eyes closed.

Kiba husked a laugh. "Oh, I know what ya fuckin' like. Get 'em on their knees, sprayin' on their faces, markin' and ownin' while they beg to come."

"Mmmah..." Neji's grunt ended on a sigh, his lips parting to let it out. He turned his head toward Kiba, and on the close-quarters angle, Kiba saw Neji's lashes lift until a slit of blue-purple-silver eyeball peered at him. "You going to tie me up and worship my dick, Kiba?" Neji asked, arrogant and horny with a hint of hopeful.

Kiba licked the side of Neji's face, let Neji go, and shoved him toward the Snowflake. "Naw," Kiba answered while Neji stumbled and made it look like he meant to do that shit. "But I ain't opposed to you askin' me nicely for it."

"Asshole," Neji muttered.

"Yeah, you got a nice one 'a those, too." Kiba swore he saw Neji's hand start to creep backward, like he was going to cover said nice bodypart and keep it out of harm's way. Kiba grinned. "Arms over ya head, sweetheart. Hands on the beams, there."

Reluctantly and obviously biting back retorts, Neji obeyed. The instant his hands were on the Snowflake, Kiba whirled to the plastic bin for the pair of cuffs with the chain length attached. He didn't know if he'd need to turn Neji or not, but he wanted the option of flexibility, and Kiba tossed aside Velcro cuffs, thigh cuffs, ankle cuffs...

"Kiba?" Neji asked, all honey liquor.


"Looking for these?"

Kiba spun in his crouch, and saw Neji with both hands still on the beams as ordered, but he had a single finger through the ring of one of the cuffs Kiba needed. They were attached on the backside of the Snowflake. Kiba had probably put them there when he was preparing the room so he'd have them at the ready. And then promptly forgotten. Damn ADD all to hell...

"Huh." Kiba rose, enduring Neji's sickening smirk. Casually, Kiba unhooked the clasp and reattached the two cuffs on their slender chains to a ring on the front side of the central beam. "Thanks, man," Kiba said cheerfully.

"Happy to help," Neji said smugly.

"Good." Kiba dropped the smile, the niceties, and he put bite and volume into his words. "Put yer hands up. Higher. In easy reach 'a the cuffs. On the central beam." Neji quickly did as told on what Kiba thought was autopilot. Excellent.

"Spread yer legs," Kiba ordered, unbuckling one of the cuffs. He got it open and grabbed Neji by the scruff, bending Neji toward him. "Now hold fuckin' still."

Kiba shoved Neji out of his grasp, and Neji clung to the wooden strut. Kiba made fast work getting on the first cuff, cinching it, testing it, and knocking Neji's hand off the beam so it dangled. Kiba stepped around Neji, reaching for Neji's other wrist, and Kiba saw the way Neji was staring at his own wrist in the leather. There was disbelief, there, and fascination.

Pausing for a fraction of a second, memories flew through Kiba's mind of every time he'd seen Neji getting bound. Now, Tenzou didn't mind taking time with the bindings, but he usually went faster with Neji. And that, Kiba had always assumed, was because when Neji was getting trussed, he always looked like he'd swallowed a handful of centipedes. Sort of determined to swallow and horrified of the mouthful. Kiba, much like Tenzou, Kiba had to think, had figured the expression meant Neji was enduring the binding to get to the rest of the show. Or just... enduring the entire show, in general, as Neji, though he didn't complain when he had to bottom, was never what Kiba would call thrilled about it, either.

Then Kiba thought about the way Sasuke looked at cuffs. Even before they were on the guy, Sasuke would gaze at those things like a fat kid slobbering at a bakery window. There was fixation in Sasuke's eyes, and also... fascination.

Still connecting the dots, Kiba encircled Neji's free wrist not with the cuff, but with Kiba's hand. Kiba petted the skin, stroked it lovingly and gently, and Neji's head slowly swung to watch what Kiba was doing. A flush broke over Neji's nose and cheeks, brightened his neck and headed for his chest. His dick throbbed fuller where it'd fallen soft in the waiting game, and Kiba got a surge of understanding that bordered on the orgasmic.

"Don't you worry..." Kiba said quietly but firmly, and he took his sweet fucking time wrapping Neji's wrist in the cuff. He didn't buckle it, he squeezed it, let Neji feel it, and Neji jerked, minutely, but there. "We're gonna go slow." Kiba rested a palm on Neji's ass, but kept the weight light. "So very... fuckin'... slow..." Kiba dragged his palm up Neji's back, over Neji's shoulder, and along Neji's arm to the cuff. "Don't want you to miss a single thing..."

Kiba started to buckle Neji in, and Neji blew a single breath that was harsher than the ones before it, and he held the next one in his lungs. His eyes were getting glassy, and an unexpected spike of tenderness tore through Kiba. That was new. Kiba didn't have that with Kankuro or Naruto or, God help him, Sasuke. Kiba had felt inklings of it with Jack, but it was friendlier.

This... was more... sincere, and it knocked the wind out of Kiba. He secured Neji's wrist, let it fall with a clink of chain, and Kiba tucked Neji's hair behind Neji's ear. Neji glanced in Kiba's direction, frowned, and resolutely stared at the beam in front of him. He started to breathe, deep and even and meditative, trying to regain control of himself, and Kiba had to think fast.

What was it that Tenzou said? That shit about how we do unto others what we wish done to ourselves... even when a scene was laid out to the nines for a sub with little wriggle room, the person in charge could and would add personal flare. Maybe getting hung by the toenails and caned by bamboo wasn't the dom's thing at all, but he'd put a spin on it that was both personal touch and style, but also, in many cases, tells of desire. People who played long enough together knew all the shades of gray between what one did for one's sub, what one did in the name of art, and what one did because the person doing it... liked it.

Kiba may not have played with Neji like this before, but he fucking knew Neji. And Kiba had seen Neji do unto others plenty of times: all compliments and mind games and sensation play that liked to drive a person crazy. And so, it was with that in mind that Kiba tossed the plan to dive into chaos and confuse Neji's senses out the window. Neji'd been beaten black and blue before Kiba's very eyes. That shit didn't work.

Instead, Kiba slid so his front pressed against the back of Neji's legs and ass, and he pushed the pads of his fingers from Neji's temples into Neji's hair, massaging the scalp. Neji went positively statue-like, frozen and forgetting to breathe again. Kiba rested his elbows on Neji's shoulders, and he hummed. "Yer cock ain't the only pretty thing 'bout you, but you know that."

Neji sort of... hiccoughed with his entire body. Like he was trying to jumpstart the engines, but couldn't quite get them to turn over. "Yeah," Kiba continued in a low, lazy drone. "All this hair... fuckin' gorgeous... so long. Can't help but think that a man who keeps hair like this gotta love it played with..." Kiba raked fingers through Neji's strands, and Neji made a soft sound that got Kiba's blood pumping hotter and swifter and southward. "Maybe likes it pulled..." Kiba gave an experimental tug, thinking of all the times he'd heard Neji moan when somebody had the Prince by the scalp.

When Neji didn't make a sound, though, Kiba grunted, thoughtful. "Huh... maybe harder, then?" he nearly whispered, following his own suggestion. "Maybe... just... fuckin'... bend it back..." Kiba stepped to the side and drew Neji's head backward until Neji twisted his hands in the cuffs and clung to the chains attaching them to the wooden beam. Neji's eyes were mostly open and aimed in Kiba's direction.

"Oh, now that's nice," Kiba praised, holding the pressure. "Now let's see what we got here..." Kiba traced the front of Neji's throat, scratched at it with his thumbnail, and moved onward to one of Neji's nipples, trapped beneath the mesh shirt. Kiba took up the nub between pinching fingers, toying with it. "What ya think about these, huh?"

Neji surprised Kiba by answering in a drunk-drugged monotone: "Not very... They're not very sensitive..."

"No?" Kiba asked, doubtful and getting more vigorous with the torment: pinch, pull, twist. Neji flinched with every motion. "Yer mouth says they ain't, but the rest 'a you says otherwise." Neji frowned, trying to shake his head, and Kiba made a thoughtful sound. "We should test it. Wait here, would you?"

Kiba suddenly and swiftly let Neji go, standing aside and panicking for a second over Neji regaining balance. Neji did just fine, staggering in a shuffle that quickly regained him solid footing. Kiba calmed himself down, kneeling next to the bin once again. He kept an eye on his friend, and a voice that Kiba imagined came from a tiny Tenzou with white wings and a riding crop reminded Kiba that Neji was counting on him. Believing in him, maybe in ways Neji didn't offer up to anybody else. Kiba gulped, hoping it wasn't audible, and told the teeny Tenzou that he had shitty timing and to shut the fuck up. Kiba was doing his best, here.

Snatching up two weighted nipple clamps, Kiba stood up and sauntered over to Neji. "Oh, now, this won't do," Kiba said in warning, and roughly, he yanked Neji's mesh shirt up to Neji's armpits. Palming both clamps, Kiba returned to torturing Neji's nipples, kissing Neji's shoulder while Kiba was at it. "Know what they say 'bout nipples, right?" Kiba asked, not allowing Neji to answer. "The more ya play with 'em... the more sensitive they get..." Kiba rhythmically pulled both of Neji's nipples away from Neji's body, stretching out the skin over and over, harsher... crueler. Neji stayed absolutely silent, head bowed, body shuddering, and tension snapping along his legs and arms. Kiba wondered at that, but allowed it, since he couldn't spare a chain of thoughts to link up some understanding at that particular moment.

"Do this enough, an' just a shirt brushin' these boys'll remind you they're there and what you want done to 'em. Flicked... pulled... pinched... sucked... bitten... pierced..."


The syllable was practically inaudible, a toned breath, but Kiba heard it. "Oooh, you want 'em knicked, huh? Maybe bled a little?"

Neji violently shook his head no, and Kiba chuckled. "Okay, okay..." he soothed. "Just clamped, then. Sound better?"

Neji's breathing shook on the way out and in, and Kiba squeezed open the first clamp. He leaned to the side so he could see, and he set the pinchers so they'd get a hunk of nipple and surrounding skin. Without further warning, he let the clamp go, and it practically snapped onto Neji's flesh, the small, dangling weighted ball thumping on Neji's chest.

"Nnn-nn...!" Neji trapped most of the noise against the roof of his mouth, from the sound of it, but his jaw flexed, and he wrenched his right arm, as though trying to get it free and down to undo the pressure. Unfortunately, that shifted the clamp's weight, and Neji made the same sound again, just louder.

"Oh, shit, sorry..." Kiba said without sincerity, hurrying to the other side. The edges of his vision were pulsing red and gray, he was so turned on, but he kept his hand steady while he set the second clamp. "I said slow, didn't I? My bad."

Neji actually tried to turn away, but he stopped himself, allowing Kiba to put the other clamp on him. Kiba, true to his word, took as long as he could getting the metal affixed to Neji. "Good," Kiba crooned. "Take it... little more... done." Kiba lightly flicked the second weight, and Neji pulled away from Kiba. His face was scrunched, and though Kiba sincerely liked that look on Neji, a dagger of concern sliced between Kiba's ribs.

"Hey now..." Kiba whispered, petting Neji's arms and sides. Then, louder and clearer: "Too much? You want 'em off?"

Neji shook his head again, but goddamn, the man wouldn't so much as squeak. That was getting equal parts frustrating and worrisome.

"You're doin' great, Neji," Kiba said, petting Neji's stomach and down to thighs. Weirdly, the praise buttoned Neji's lips even tighter, and Kiba had to clamp down on irritation. "Talk to me, Nej."

Neji did make a sound, then, but it was one that clearly told Kiba he was a crazy man for thinking Neji was going to take this moment to discuss tea and biscuits. "Nothin' to say?" Kiba asked. Neji did the negative head shake again, and he was wound up so tightly that Kiba thought Neji might snap a tendon or something. "Aw, you look like you got plenty you wanna tell me..." Kiba trailed hands south, over hipbones that jutted from Neji's body like Neji's inner demons were elbowing their way out. "How this feels, what you--" Kiba stopped running his mouth because Neji gasped. Really gasped. Like, spittle flew on that burst of air kind of gasp.

Kiba, so fixated on getting Neji to speak or moan or call safeword or whatever, barely noticed what his hands were doing except that they were moving, but the fingers of his right hand had threaded through Neji's well-kept pubic hair. It was practically the only hair on the guy, except for the waterfall flowing from his head and the fur on his legs. Even his underarms were sparsely decorated. Pattern or planning, Kiba didn't know, but what he did know was that when he gave a little tug to the hairs down the way, Neji's teeth clacked shut.

Okay... Kiba had definitely seen stranger things that got a man off. "Ooh ho..." he said, swirling his fingers in coarse curls. "Like a little 'a this?"

"Yeah," Neji answered, and oh man, was it breathy. Barely even sounded like Neji.

"Yah you do." Fighting down the urge to fuck Neji until he cried, as that would come later, one hoped, Kiba played with Neji's pubic hair, pulling and twisting the hairs together. He got his other hand up to Neji's armpit, and he inspected Neji's face as he pulled the hair there. Neji's eyebrows shot straight up, though his eyes and mouth remained closed, and that gave Kiba another idea, and just in time, too.

"More," Neji rasped. "Ki-Kiba... I... it's... but I..."

"I know," Kiba reassured Neji, hugging Neji briefly. Kiba didn't have to go anywhere to get the blindfold. It was hanging on a peg on the wall next to the Snowflake.

"Let's get this one first." Kiba didn't give Neji time to think, just slipped the blindfold over Neji's head and covered his eyes with it. Neji made fists, and Kiba thought he might be on to something.

"Aw, now, that looks sweet on you," Kiba said, tugging again at Neji's curls. "Wait right there. I got somethin' else you need."

It was the third trip to the bin, and as Kiba picked up the simple, black ball gag, he thought of something Tenzou had told them about gags. Most people thought that gags were meant to hold in noise, contain it, and sometimes that's exactly what they were designed for and did. But sometimes with some gags, it seemed, they did the opposite of what you thought.

Gags didn't stop noise. Oh no. They gave the gagged person permission to make it. If you couldn't speak, just grunt and groan, then you couldn't really say anything embarrassing, now could you? Hard to beg with your teeth embedded in plastic. And with your lips pried open and your tongue trying to keep itself out of your throat and not choke you to death, sounds just sort of happened. Nothing anybody could do... just a fact of the kinky life.

Terrible shame, that. Really.

Even knowing what he did and hoping what he hoped, it was a nervous short walk to Neji. He'd gone all tense again, but he relaxed a little when Kiba put a hand on Neji's hip. Kiba petted Neji, making little shushing sounds, and Kiba wrapped his arms around his friend, ball gag in front of Neji's blindfolded face. To date, Neji hadn't been gagged, at least... not in Kiba's presence. So here went nothing.

"I know ya need somethin' else," Kiba said in Neji's ear. For some reason, Kiba had little desire to be harsh with Neji. Probably had to do with that tenderness rearing up earlier, which still thrummed inside Kiba, and Kiba wasn't one to question his instincts in the middle of a scene. So he went with soft tones and warm embraces. "I know ya like my hands on you, know you like the feel of gettin' bound..." Kiba paused for Neji's tiny whimper. He nosed Neji's face. "Somethin' to say?"

"...like it," Neji said, and his voice trembled almost as much as the rest of him.

"Yeah? Make you feel good?" Kiba pressed, needing some reassurance more than he'd ever thought he would on his own turf with a guy he'd known for years.

"...helpless..." Neji whispered, his breath tripping a few beats, hitching, and Kiba wasn't sure he'd heard right until Neji kept going: "Makes... I feel... helpless..."

"Aw, yeah..." Kiba squeezed Neji, nuzzled at him. "Feels nice, don't it?"

"Uh huh," Neji managed, and he mashed his lips together, as though keeping in words or sounds or both all over again.

"Neji," Kiba murmured, shifting to get the gag closer to target. "Got somethin' that'll help with that. Keep you feelin' that way... let you not have to fight it so much..." Neji started to pant through his nose, great heaves of breath rocking his body.

Kiba brushed the ball against Neji's mouth. "Open up, sweetheart. C'mon... you can do it..."

For a few suspended seconds, Kiba wasn't sure Neji would let him do this. Neji's jaw pulsed, teeth gritting again and again. Kiba waited, holding Neji and the ball to Neji's lips, and when Neji gave, it was sudden. Neji opened wide, and Kiba seized the chance and pushed the gag into Neji's mouth.

And Neji... moaned.

"Good, Neji... real good." Kiba fastened the strap snug behind Neji's head, and Neji whined. "God..." Kiba whispered, unable to help himself, and Neji started pulling on the cuffs, rattling the chains and arching toward Kiba, who could not fucking believe that what he'd done had actually worked, and who was having trouble staying upright with all the blood in his dick. He stroked himself through his jeans, kissing Neji's shoulder.

"Fuckin' beautiful," Kiba whispered. He pried open Neji's fist and put an oversized bouncy ball in Neji's palm. "Drop it if you need to," Kiba instructed, but the words were practically lost under Neji's groan-grunt-grit symphony.

"Oh fuck yeah, keep that up," Kiba said, winding Neji's hair around his fist again. "Fuckin' love it. C'mon, gorgeous, sing for me." Kiba slid down Neji's body, touching everything he could and yanking Neji's hair as he went. The quality of Neji's sounds changed as his neck bent, and Kiba flung an arm across Neji's hips, kissing and sucking at Neji's ass cheek. He wasn't entirely sure what the hell he was even doing, plans getting fried by the hot and steamy second, but Kiba didn't give a damn. This was working, and mother of all fuck, Neji felt so damned good in his arms, under his lips, between his teeth.

Kiba licked at the top of Neji's cleft, and Neji strained into the sensation with such force that he knocked into Kiba's chin and upset Kiba's balance. Kiba laughed, surprised and delighted, and he smacked Neji's ass before he gave it two seconds of thought. Above Kiba, Neji choked, and he clawed at the chains for a grip.

"Wanna hurt a little, gorgeous?" Kiba called, spanking Neji again. He didn't do it hard, because he knew Neji did not, in all sincerity, really like pain. But if Kiba hadn't known that, he'd sure as shit be fooled right about now. Neji danced up onto his tiptoes, but kept his ass in Kiba's face.

"Or maybe you just want 'a little 'a this?" Kiba smacked the shit out of Neji's hip, grabbed the pink skin, and wrenched Neji's cheeks apart. He held on to Neji's hair and swiped his tongue over Neji's asshole.

Now, Kiba wasn't sure, as his skills interpreting ballgagged speech weren't nearly as honed as he wanted them to be, but that sure as shit sounded like, "Oh my fucking God!" to him. He hit Neji again, his hand smarting with the impact, and dug into Neji's ass with relish. The pucker under his tongue was so tight as to be impossible to breach, though it pulsed for him when he teased it with licks and digs. He shoved Neji's legs further apart, sucking at Neji's hole and dragging teeth across the rim, and Neji's breathing was watery, now. Kiba drew away, letting go of Neji's hair and smacking Neji with that hand on the other side.

"Don't move," Kiba ordered, and he was happy as all get out that Neji couldn't see him stagger to the bin. He picked up two more cuffs and clasps, a medium-sized dildo, a handful of condoms, and lube, and somehow got back to Neji without dropping anything. He stood there for a second, staring at Neji, drooling around the gag with cock jutting out, cut and graceful and slightly curved at the end, and it, too, was oozing clear liquid from the tip. While Kiba watched, a line of pre-cum started to head for the floorboards, and Neji inadvertently encouraged its path, rutting against pure air.

"Oooh, I wanna fuck you," Kiba said, and he considered dropping everything including his jeans, and burying himself balls-deep in Neji's ass, but Neji shut up and went oddly still, and it was strange enough to get Kiba's head back in the game. Kiba had Neji right where Kiba wanted him, and Kiba might not ever be able to recreate these circumstances ever again. Over his dead and rotting body would he squander this chance on something like getting off. He'd rubbed one out before Neji had arrived at his apartment, and if the need got too bad, Kiba could jerk off on Neji and then flog the cum off Neji's skin.

Kiba got sucker punched by volcanic heat. Flogging Neji... like this... Oh mother of all motherfucking mercy...

"But I won't," Kiba said, bending to Neji's feet. He curled down and licked and kissed Neji's anklebone, and Kiba got another cuff in place. Neji had his head resting on his arm, and he quietly groaned through the other cuffing.

"Now walk yer ass backward," Kiba ordered, and Neji slid his feet along the floor. "More... more... stop." He smacked Neji's calf. "Bring 'em closer." When Neji's feet were shoulder-distant apart and lined up with the loops on the extra piece of wood Kiba had attached to the Snowflake's lowest strut, he hooked the cuffs to the wooden cross-piece with a grunt of satisfaction.

"Good. Don't want you goin' nowhere, now do we?" Kiba stood up, smacked Neji's ass, and pressed a finger between Neji's cheeks over Neji's asshole. Neji stiffened, and Kiba swept in close. "We need to get somethin' up in here?" Kiba massaged Neji's entrance. "Fill you up so yer ready for me to fuck you right when I decide it's time?"

Neji's whine had a weird tone to it; one Kiba couldn't interpret. He let his hand fall away from Neji. "Or maybe you'd like that too much, huh? Get off too quick 'fore we're done?"

Kiba barely had time to finish his quip, and Neji was straining to find Kiba's touch, again. Kiba caressed Neji's ass, struck it so lightly as to be a tap, not a spank, but it wasn't until Kiba's finger returned to Neji's hole that Neji moaned again for Kiba.

"So you do need somethin' in here," Kiba said, and when Neji didn't respond, Kiba smacked the crap out of Neji's backside. He was going to have to cut that shit out if he wanted to feel his palms tomorrow. Get gloves or graduate to flogger, but the last strike had been worth it.

Neji very clearly said, "Yes" around the gag, nodding for emphasis.

"Huh," Kiba said, as though mulling it over like he didn't already have a toy at the ready. "But not me, eh?" Kiba nibbled Neji's neck and slipped the tip of his finger inside Neji, who sucked a wickedly sharp inhale. "What's the matter? Too good fer my dick? Or maybe you think it'll break ya... Ain't gonna be easy on you, no fuckin' way. You don't need easy. Won't want it, neither, second I'm buried in you goin' at ya... Nah... But then, dunno. Maybe it's somethin' else... Maybe..." Kiba wasn't sure where he had been going with the teasing, but in a sudden flash of sadistic inspiration, he switched gears.

"Maybe," Kiba husked, fingering Neji nice and shallow. "You want somebody else in you. Somebody you been lustin' after... wantin' fer a long time... an' you just recently figured all that out..."

Kiba had never heard somebody breathe so hard and so brokenly. Kiba chewed his lip, eying the ball still trapped in Neji's white-knuckled hand. Neji's breath turned into whimpers then whines and finally groans. Jerkily, he rocked backward into Kiba's finger, and Kiba swallowed some very strange combination of heat, worry, anxiety, and exaltation.

"Yeah, you want him to fuck you good, don't you?" Kiba hadn't realized until that moment that he wasn't sure if the object of Neji's desire was male or female, but he must have had the gender correct, because Neji's next cry made Kiba thankful that he'd planned this visit for when his neighbors were at work or school.

"Thought so." Kiba withdrew his finger, bent, and picked up the dildo, condom, and lube. "Good thing he's right here, sweetheart," Kiba said, commentary running away with him. But Neji's breathing ratcheted higher, Neji's skin flushed a deep, rosy crimson, and he shoved his ass out, inviting an incoming invasion.

"Oh, that's real nice. He likes that... you got him hard and crazy for you..." Kiba tore open the condom, rolled it on the dildo, and slicked it up. He'd never been more thankful that this toy had a supposed realistic fleshy feel and molded balls at the base. Those would be awesome to smack against Neji's ass. "You want him?"

Another, "Oh God yes" poured around the gag, but the sincerity this time tugged at Kiba's heart, not his cock. There was that tenderness, again, washing over Kiba and making his ears ring. Kiba put the covered tip of the fake dick to Neji's entrance and stepped nearer, keeping the slim tube of lube in his free hand. He slid an arm around Neji and held the blinded, gagged, bound, shackled man. Neji was shaking, large muscles jumping beneath the strain.

"A'right, sweetheart," Kiba said softly, chin hooked over Neji's arm. "Let 'im love you good..." Kiba began to push the toy inside Neji, and was met with Neji's shout and with monumental bodily resistance. Kiba had expected that, and he bent his knees to wrap his arm around Neji and squeeze more lube onto the dildo's head. He kissed near Neji's spine, used the toy to smear the lube, and tried again, pushing and breaching and pausing.

"There now," Kiba said, soothing but insistent. "Let it in, sweetheart... relax what you can... I got you... the chains got you..." Kiba kissed behind Neji's ear, the skin dripping with sweat. "And... he's got you, too."

Neji groaned, long and loud, and Kiba gained enough depth to start to thrust. He kept it slow but steady, nudging at the point of impossibility with every inward glide. "Good... real good... ah, yeah, watchin' you take that is fuckin' hot as hell... c'mon, sweetheart... little more 'n he'll be hittin' sweet... get you groanin' but good... Deeper, now... let it go... let it--"

The angle shifted, the toy slipped into Neji like Neji was trying to suck it out of Kiba's hand, and Neji's cry rung the rafters. "Aww, yeah," Kiba called, beginning to fuck Neji in earnest. "There you go. That's it... take it for me... take all of it."

"Mmph... nnnmph! Mmmgh... Mmooh... " Neji's inarticulate wails came with every plunge, faster and faster, until Kiba was dripping with exertion, and his grip on both the toy and Neji were slippery.

And it was better than just goddamned good, it was incredible; the kind of thing Kiba would remember for a long time, but a vague sense of wariness was ruining the moment. Unease slithered in Kiba's guts, and it tasted a bit like wounded pride and a bit like the fear of losing control, and though Kiba didn't understand all that, he let his instinct burn away the conviction to be gentle. He shoved the toy home. He let himself grab Neji's hair and wrap a cruel, vicious grip about Neji's cock. And Kiba snarled in Neji's ear: "You forget who was here with you, bitch?"

Though Kiba couldn't see, from the wrinkles on Neji's forehead, he thought Neji's eyes flew wide under the blindfold. "That's right," Kiba growled. "I called it how I see it. Bitch. You ain't my slut. You ain't my whore. You definitely ain't no boy 'a mine. Just my bitch. Who likes cock in his ass and hands on his dick... an' you know what I do to bitches who forget who's fuckin' 'em?"

Neji didn't have enough motion to answer, so Kiba contented himself to watch spit fly with the force of Neji's breathing through the holes in the ball gag. Kiba bit Neji's ear. "I flog their fuckin' pricks 'til they cry or come, that's what I goddamned do." Neji wheezed all sorts of sounds that might have been important syllables, but Kiba couldn't tell. He watched the ball in Neji's hand, he shoved away from Neji's side, and he nudged the toy deep inside Neji. "Hold it in." Kiba started to let the toy go, and it began to slip. "I said hold it in!" Kiba barked, and Neji's ass cheeks bunched and strained and clamped onto the toy. When Kiba let go this time, the dildo stayed mostly in place, though likely not for long.

"Good. Nice." Kiba flew into action, unbuckling Neji's ankles. That done, he stood up fast enough that his head swam, and he shook himself to clear it. The floggers were on the wall nearest the curtain, and he snatched up a short one with faux-leather tails. Easy to clean and easier to throw at very narrow targets.

Kiba spanked Neji's hip. "Turn around," he ordered, but Neji didn't move or make a sound. "I said turn the fuck around!" Kiba barked, and this time, Neji twisted the chains above his head and began to obey, but all else evaporated when the bouncy ball hit the floor and thudded around the room.

"Shit," Kiba cursed, dropping the flogger and immediately going for the gag. Neji was already trying to speak as Kiba pried the ball from between Neji's teeth. "You all--"

"Fucker slipped!" Neji yelled, and oh man, did the guy have a set of lungs when he was angry.

"Oh," Kiba said, pausing while his brain and his panic caught up to one another. It didn't take long. "Then goddamnit, turn around!"

Neji slurred things that might have been words and some of them definitely might have been curses, but Kiba focused on manhandling Neji so that they faced one another. No sooner did Kiba have Neji's upper back braced on the wooden beams than the toy shot out of Neji's ass.

"Fuck!" Neji screeched, a pissed-off wildcat, and Kiba jumped. He couldn't get himself together enough to comfort Neji, so he stroked Neji's cock instead, which proved suitably distracting. Neji's mouth flew open, his entire body undulated, and quickly his cussing devolved into a solid wall of, "Oooh..."

Kiba scooped the flogger off the floor, jacking Neji off, swift and true. "Nice, huh?" Kiba said. And then, at exactly the same time, he slid his hand off the end of Neji's dick and followed through with the flogger's swing, landing the tails dead-on Neji's swollen shaft.

"Shit-Christ-Jesus!" Neji wheezed at top volume.

"Louder!" Kiba yelled, flogging Neji's dick again. Not at anything near full strength, and not with a toy that had much weight to it at all, but Kiba knew from experience that it stung-struck oh-so-fucking good.

"Aaaahn-fuck!" Neji cried, dancing and trying to get away.

Kiba grabbed Neji's balls, stepping around so he could still swing with his right arm. "I need to tie you down to take this shit, bitch?"

"Fuck you!" Neji spat.

Kiba gave Neji's nuts a mean squeeze. Neji writhed, and whoa, damn, did that turn Kiba on. "Nah... fuck you, sweetheart." Kiba set to pleasuring Neji's sac, not hurting it, and he landed the flogger's tails on Neji's cock again and again, varying the rhythm and thrilling to the shrill of Neji's trilling calls to God and messengers of mercy. Kiba ran off at the mouth, spouting God only knew what, and this felt right; this was the kind of sweet that made Kiba throb like his entire body was an orgasm waiting to happen. He was a dick, engorged, he was a monster incarnate, he was a master most sinful...

...and he was a dude most shocked, because when Kiba landed a blow that caught a tail to Neji's tip, Neji screamed and started to shoot.

"Holy fuck," Kiba said in awe, hastily jerking Neji off and watching jet after jet of cum spray down the room. Neji was making the most incredibly erotic moan-gasp-shivery sound Kiba had ever heard, and Neji just kept coming... and coming... and Kiba thought he was going to get off in nothing but pure empathy, but Neji pumped into Kiba's hand, caught the band of the blindfold on the wooden beam behind him, and dislodged the thing, shaking it off with a violent jerk of his head. He fixed hauntingly heated eyes on Kiba, parted rouge-red-abused lips, and licked them. Slowly.

"Kiba," Neji rasped, still gasping from what had to be the longest orgasm Kiba had ever witnessed, "Fuck... me... right the fuck now."

Slamming his mouth to Neji's, they kissed one another even more senseless, and Kiba tore off the nipple clamps and undid the buckles on the wrist cuffs. On the second one, he was too slow, and Neji yanked out of it before it was completely undone. Neji, unsteady, fell to the ground, and Kiba followed, flipping Neji onto Neji's belly. Kiba undid his jeans, Neji rose up onto all fours, and Kiba almost tore the condom itself in the opening, not just the packaging. He snapped it onto his dick, still unrolling as he lined up his tip to Neji's pink hole, and Kiba shoved inside sweet, yielding heat with a broken groan that he wouldn't have recognized as his, except it was his ribcage it rattled. Kiba grabbed Neji's hips, fucking like he was on deathrow with three seconds to live, and Neji was clawing the floor, scrabbling for Kiba's leg, and only Neji's painful yelp made Kiba slow down long enough to upend more lube on his shaft.

In the time it took to reapply, however, Neji spun onto his back. He kicked Kiba in the chest with both feet with precisely the right amount of force to send Kiba sprawling, and then Neji was on top of Kiba, biting lips and sinking onto Kiba's cock.

"Oooh... holy..." Kiba slammed into Neji, who gasped and clung to Kiba.

"Shit... shit!" Neji wailed, jerking himself off and planting his feet so Kiba could fuck up and into him faster, smoother... brutal and battering and gonna-come-screaming perfect.

"Nnnnah -- harder!" Neji demanded, and Kiba tried to break his own back pounding into Neji, who gasped and cried and hissed where he was curled over Kiba's torso. Neji tossed hair, glared at Kiba, face crumpling, and when their eyes met again, Neji began to whimper-whine-shout every time Kiba bottomed-out.

"Faster!" Neji ordered. "Fuck me faster!" He flung his head to one side, and his fist was a blur on his cock. Seconds... a minute... maybe more... and Kiba was tightening, tingling, going taut and tensioning, losing rhythm and beginning to roar.

"Oh God..." Neji wailed, "Oh Christ... oh gonna come... oh my... oh shit... shit... shiiiiit!"

Kiba barreled into Neji, and he sobbed when Neji's body clamped around Kiba's spurting dick. Kiba weakly thrust, spending himself with grayed-out vision and arms that automatically reached for Neji and caught Neji when the guy fell, limp and gasping on top of Kiba.

"Fuck," Kiba commented, kissing Neji's sweaty hair. "I mean... fuck..." He ran a hand over his face, wiping his eyes, and pure giddiness kicked Kiba in the ribs. He started to laugh, and once he started, he couldn't really stop, and Neji, after a chuckling round or two, joined Kiba in the delirium of Scene aftermath.


"I think it started to go well when you were trying to kill me with a single look for pulling on your damned necklace," Neji said with a sly smile. He was stretched out in all his glorious nudity on the couch, head on a pillow in Kiba's lap.

"Really? Thought it was more when I started pullin' on yer hair," Kiba countered, stroking said hair over Neji's ear. They'd mopped up, toweled off, and fallen into this happy heap on the sofa. It was dim and warm and smelled like sex: Kiba's version of bliss.

Neji grunted. "Yeah. That is a thing of mine."

"I noticed."

"You exploited it well."

"Aw, shucks."

Neji reared back and elbowed Kiba, mostly missing, and Kiba ran a hand over Neji's bare skin until Neji settled, again. "Next time we should bind my hair... do some rope work with it incorporated," Neji said thoughtfully.

"Sure," Kiba replied, only slightly strained, and Jesus, damn, he wasn't getting hard again, was he? No way...

"And after watching you flog others, I wouldn't mind experiencing it myself, now that I know we do, in fact, work like this," Neji said.

Kiba shifted and kept petting Neji. "Tie ya up, bind the hair, and flog you 'til ya come. Again. Can do, ace."

Neji chuckled. "Yes, that was a surprise."

"I know, right?" Kiba said, excited and amazed all over again. "And you got off twice. In like... five minutes. How the fuck...?"

"I have no idea," Neji said, sounding as awe-stricken thrilled as Kiba was. "Done it multiple times in a row before, but never with such quick turn around." Neji rolled toward Kiba, casting his gaze low and then ticking it up to Kiba's face in a sultry, smoldering come-hither. "Have some magic in that cock of yours, don't you, Kiba?"

"Maybe," Kiba got wit enough to reply.

"Mm, felt like it, when you were slamming into my ass." Neji faced away again, sighing.

"Shit, Nej." Kiba laughed, weakly. "Yer too fuckin' sexy to live, sometimes."

If Neji could purr, Kiba thought he'd be doing it right about now. "I know," Neji said.

"And a smug bastard all the time."

"I know." Neji was smiling.

Kiba rubbed Neji's hip. "Where'd all this gusto go when you got here, man? Was like dealin' with an alien clone Neji."

"Yes..." Neji shrugged the shoulder not resting on the pillow and Kiba. He mulled over his words for Kiba's slow count of ten, but Kiba waited, dying to hear what Neji had to say. "I got nervous," Neji said thoughtfully. "I thought it'd be easier, since I suspected that you, out of anyone in our play group, could be the one whom I could trust to... get me there. Make me feel a little less like a failure when it came to the bending knee department."

"Ya ain't no failure, Neji."

"Even so..." Neji played with Kiba's shin, tracing it. "There was more pressure to say and do the right thing than I thought there'd be, so as not to fuck up our chances, and I..." Another shrug and then a snort. "Then you said that bit about Sasuke..."

"I thought that might do the trick, yeah."

"Well, nobody wants to be on his level of denial." Neji shuddered in distaste and maybe what passed for Neji's version of sympathy. "Anyway, now it should go much smoother, since I was right, and we are quite... compatible."

"Oh, so it's easier 'cause you were right, huh?" Kiba teased. "Ya know, I was the one who got yer ass on board."

Neji didn't answer at first, and Kiba felt a fist closing tighter around his guts. "Nej--"

"I knew I could trust you, Kiba," Neji said, softly, and Kiba's internal pressure valve released. "I've watched," Neji continued, "And you are excellent at what you do, intuiting in others and adapting to any game or taking any measure necessary to get both you and your partner where you want to be."

Kiba might have blushed, but it was dark in the room, which meant, thank God, that Neji wouldn't see. "I was a little worried at that part where I was talkin' like... ya know... your man was here, right? And... pretendin' that the toy... was..."

"Yes. That." Neji shivered and reached down to adjust himself. "Surprising, but good, Kiba. And it was excellent the way you broke out of the fantasy with the military command voice and insults. Woke me up and made resurfacing easier."

"Oh," Kiba said. He wasn't sure that'd been what he meant to do, wasn't too sure he'd meant to do anything except follow the orders that his gut had been screaming at him, but he was glad as shit that it'd all gone down peacefully for Neji. "Cool," Kiba said, rubbing Neji's arm.

"Though next time, perhaps it could just be us in the room? No phantoms."

"Done," Kiba agreed. "No problem." Kiba hesitated. "You like the gag?"

"I did," Neji answered, huskily.

Kiba was reminded why he loved rehashing a scene right after it was done. Made for excellent foundation, sometimes, for round two. "Oh hey," Kiba said, remembering something. "How come ya didn't want me fuckin' you, but were good with the toy, there, in the middle?"

"I thought that once you were in me that it'd be over." Neji hesitated, and his voice dropped in volume and tone when he next spoke, "Didn't want it to be done... wanted it to last."

"Hey," Kiba said, tenderly, and he tried to turn Neji's head toward him, but Neji resisted, sighed, and was up and off the couch before Kiba could rub together two words of protest.

"I should be going," Neji said, picking up the mesh shirt, which they'd discarded after they'd crawled out of the playroom.

"How come?" Kiba demanded, and he didn't care that he sounded hurt. Neji's sudden departure stung.

"We fulfilled the bargain, rather successfully, and I do have a life outside of Scene, you know." Neji found his pants, but Kiba snatched them from Neji's hands. Neji cocked a brow at Kiba, lips pursed, but he had that caged-animal look about the eyes again.

"Nobody could forget all you do, Neji, though I figure most would have trouble listin' it all. It's gettin' late, it's shitty weather..." Kiba shrugged. "Stay for dinner why don't you?"

"You want me to stay," Neji asked, and Kiba didn't pay any mind to the way his tone made it a condescending statement, not a question.

"I do." And God only knew what made Kiba say it, but the words were out of his lips in a heartbeat: "And so would he."

Kiba might as well have smacked Neji across the face, his expression was so stricken and horrified and astonished. "Wha... what? Who do you--"

"Don't do that." Kiba drew closer and lifted his arms, lacing his fingers behind Neji's neck, his thumbs petting Neji's jaw. Neji flinched but didn't fight him. "Don't act like I don't know somethin' 'bout you, 'cause I do. And don't act like I'm gonna use that somethin' to hurt you, 'cause I won't, I shown you that I won't, and it hurts my feelin's when you pull that shit. You trusted me enough to tie ya up, gag you, hit you, fuck you, and hold you after it was done. You trusted me enough to tell me you love somebody." Kiba searched Neji's face. "So trust me when I tell you that I get that you need walls, you got a helluva life out there, but you don't gotta hold those walls in here with me. This night don't gotta be over just yet. You can breathe a while longer. And..." Kiba had a second of fluttering doubt and shame and jealousy, but he made himself keep going. "And this guy... Nej, it ain't a matter 'a you not bein' good enough for him. Way I see things, it's a matter 'a him bein' worthy 'a you."

Neji's eyes gleamed wetly in the purple-blue-green glow spilling from the playroom. He swallowed. "Thanks for the fire. I didn't get cold. It was nice."

"Yer welcome, sweetheart."

"I'm not your sweetheart, Kiba," Neji said, pulling out of Kiba's grip and wiping his nose on his arm. Thoroughly undignified and completely human, that gesture, and Kiba was enchanted.

"Nah, I know," Kiba said. "It's a temporary title 'til ya tell Lee how ya feel 'bout him."

Neji gave a mighty, derisive snort. "Jesus, no. It's not Lee."

"Oh, thank God," Kiba bemoaned in genuine relief.

Neji laughed, sudden and bright, and he slugged Kiba in the arm. "Asshole."

"Look, can't blame a man for tryin' to figure it out!" Kiba protested, following Neji across the living room. "Where you goin'?"

"To get a shower. You stink."

"What the hell? What's me smellin' less than rosy gotta do with you showerin'?"

"Motivation, dear Kiba." Neji tossed a smirk over a shoulder. "Thought if I joined you, it might be inspiration enough for you to pay attention to basic hygiene."

Kiba laughed, following Neji into the bathroom. "You ain't God, Neji. Don't expect miracles."

Neji grabbed Kiba by the cock. "Not God, but I am omnipotent, and I bet I could show you a thing or two you'd like."

"Oh yeah?" Kiba said, low in his throat and eying Neji as Neji turned on the shower spray. "Guess we'll see then, won't we?"

"Yes, Kiba," Neji said, all sweetness and kind, the affectionate inflection a beautiful sign. "I think we will."

"Good, Neji," Kiba said against his friend's warm lips. "Good."


Author's Notes:
Story is dedicated to Ddreams, who kicked this story from seedling into full-on forest.
I own the world, the originals, and the plot, but not the Naruto boys.

AUDIO! THERE BE AUDIO! And outtakes.

Much love & foreshadowing,

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