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Demented Ink.
Adventures of LEGO Nathan & Fury: Meet a Friend 
13th-Mar-2014 12:12 pm
cig mouth tie
Meet a Friend

"Something tells me there's more to your friend than meets the eye, Fury," Nathan said.

"Could be." Fury grinned.

***Win the boys

***Get a copy of their book

Much love & silly things!

(Deleted comment)
14th-Mar-2014 04:09 pm (UTC)
Well, it's many things. First release in over a year, first solo novel, new publisher, all kinds of stuff...

But this IS the book I wrote while getting over said former writing partner. So without showing my arse too much, I'd say that you are definitely on the right path.

I try to approach each project with the energy it deserves, and I'm proud of FIGHT. Most aptly named book I've ever written. *laughs*

And look at you!!! Congrats on all the successes. What's the business?

I hope the future is everything you need and deserve, too. *hugs* Thank you.


(Deleted comment)
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