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Demented Ink.
Bleach Fanfiction // Flood // Chapter 5 
6th-Mar-2010 04:30 pm
cig mouth tie
Author: Darkprism
Title: Flood
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Chad/Ishida
Warnings: Wacky humor, mild angst, language, M/M explicit sex. Minor references to moderate kink. This story is set in the future and has elements of A/U.

When Ishida's apartment becomes unlivable, he turns to his friend Chad for a place to crash. And Ishida discovers many new and exciting things about his strong, silent friend...

Keys in the lock of the door made Uryuu startle awake and nearly fall out of the chair as the door opened and Chad walked into the loft. The Quincy went from resting to heart-pounding anxiety in two dizzying seconds.

Chad kicked off his shoes and set down his guitar, and Uryuu turned in the chair to watch the large man casually walk across to the kitchen and open the fridge. He removed a can of soda, snapped open the top and then calmly walked over to the couch.

“Hey,” he said to the Quincy as Chad sat down and nabbed the remote off the table. He flicked on the TV and sipped his drink as if nothing was amiss.

“Hi,” Uryuu replied, pulling his feet into the chair and hugging his knees. “Where…” He paused. “How was the show?”

“Good,” Chad said, taking another swig from the can that looked tiny in his paw of a hand. “Agent liked us.”

“That’s great!” Uryuu said with real enthusiasm. “Congratulations.”

Chad nodded once, eyes on the TV.

“I’m sorry I…wasn’t there.” It took Uryuu a second to decide on the phrasing.

Chad shrugged one shoulder. “You were sick.” He looked at Uryuu. “It’s fine.” His head swiveled back to the TV.

So that’s how we’re going to play this, is it?

Uryuu swallowed and slowly got up. “What’s on?” he asked.

“DVR has Bura-Rei,” Chad replied calmly.

Uryuu sat down next to Chad, once again pulling his knees to his chest. “Sounds good.”

Chad flicked buttons on the remote and keyed up the show, and for a few minutes there was nothing but the sound of the TV in the loft.

“Where were you?” Uryuu asked after a moment or two.

“Stayed over at Urahara’s.”

Uryuu thought about that for a few minutes. If Renji was in town, then that’s probably where he was crashing. Uryuu rather hoped Renji wasn’t…well, incapacitated beyond repair.

“I was a little worried,” Uryuu said, trying very hard not to make it sound accusatory.

Chad turned and looked at Uryuu, but the Quincy kept his eyes on the TV.

“I’m sorry,” Chad said.

Uryuu shrugged.

For a second or two, Chad acted like he might say something else, and Uryuu’s heart thudded so hard in his chest he was sure Chad could hear it.

But in the end, Chad said nothing, and the two men watched the show in silence. Uryuu wanted to say many things: “I’m not angry;” “Come closer;” “Where in the hell did you get that cape in the box under your bed?”

Uryuu weighed each of the options and couldn’t decide which one if any was the right thing to say. It felt like the entire right side of his body was heated from its proximity to Chad, and the feeling made him blush and curl into a tighter ball. Chad didn’t act like anything was wrong or right. He didn’t act like…anything. And once again, Uryuu found himself incapable of doing a damned thing to break the walls between them.

It made the resilient, proud, and reserved Quincy feel small, breakable, and inadequate. The very air seemed palpable with unspoken words and unexpressed emotion. But he didn’t know if all that was in his own damned head. Doubt poured in: what if that box was really old? What if Renji was teasing Chad about something he felt long ago, and the reason Chad was so angry was over the inaccuracy of the words rather than the hidden emotion they revealed? And how pissed would Chad be, exactly, if Uryuu confessed he looked in the damned box?

Uryuu was lost and struggling under the weight of Chad’s careful, silent, control, and when the show was done, he could do nothing but watch as Chad got up and began to get ready for bed. Sadness bordering on anguish filled him when he saw Chad gather up clothes and head for the bathroom. He didn’t change near his bed like he’d been doing. It spoke of discomfort and uneasiness, and Uryuu didn’t know whether he wanted to cry or put a few thousand arrows through the incomprehensible man.

Chad came out of the bathroom dressed not only in pants but also a t-shirt, and the sight of the clothing damn near broke Uryuu’s heart.

“Tired,” Chad said as he walked by the couch where Uryuu still sat with his knees to his chest. “But you work if you need to.”

“No,” Uryuu said, and it wasn’t just a response to the statement. He stood up and Chad looked at him curiously.

“I…” The words were there, the fire was under his feet…but he got all confused again when both of Chad’s eyes gazed at him solemnly.

“…I’m tired, too.”

“Okay,” Chad said after a second or two. He moved to start closing curtains and Uryuu grabbed his pajamas off the arm of the couch and nearly ran for the bathroom. He took a long shower and felt his eyes burn with anger and frustration at himself and his fucking inability to do something.

Uryuu could kill when he had to. He could fight for honor and his friends. He could charge with purpose and destiny and fearlessness into danger. Ace tests, manage time, cope with loss and injury and defeat…

But Chad’s gaze made him weak and immobile and afraid.

What if I’m wrong?

The words played a discordant harmony in Uryuu’s mind as he left the bathroom and crossed to the couch in the semi-darkness. Chad left the drapes open behind his bed, and through them the light of the full moon shone in streaking silver seeming to hide more than it illuminated. Chad was nothing more than a dark form visible under the sheet. A misty rain fell outside, clouds lazily obscuring the moonlight, and Chad had opened a couple of windows to the night air. Uryuu said nothing as he settled on the couch, not bothering with blankets. He lay on his back and listened to the rain, willing himself to fall asleep and escape for a while.


In the dream, the phone rang.

Uryuu looked up from where he sat at the desk, a quilt laying over his lap. He’d never sewn a quilt in his life, and it was that and the surreal sense of déjà vu that told him this was a dream.

The phone rang again, the noise oddly distant. It sounded like it rang underwater, and with a start, Uryuu realized an inch of water soaked the hardwood floor beneath his bare feet. He gasped and lifted his legs and the quilt, trying not to get wet.

“I’m sorry,” Chad said from across the room.

Uryuu turned and saw Chad standing in the doorway to the bathroom much as he had when Renji’s voice tormented them both the day before. Except he wore nothing but a towel instead of damp jeans, and water rolled out from the bathroom around his feet.

“For what?” Uryuu asked, standing up. He realized with a shock that he was nude and wrapped the quilt around his nakedness feeling ashamed and worried and upset.

“It’s okay,” Chad said, not answering the first question but responding to Uryuu’s distress. The taller man padded across the loft and his feet made wet, faintly cute patting noises over the damp hardwood.

The phone rang again – louder and more insistent – and Chad’s head jerked toward the noise.

“Shit!” he cried and stumbled over the chair again, falling just as he had in real life.

But this time, Uryuu was there to help, kneeling next to the fallen man. The towel was gone, and Chad lay gloriously tan and bare in a puddle of water, blinking up at Uryuu with a dazed expression.

“I’m not angry,” Uryuu said, and the relief that washed over him when he said those words was so strong he could taste it on his tongue: sweet and sticky.

Chad sat up and reached out a hand to grab the quilt, and Uryuu gasped. “You saw what I like, didn’t you?” Chad asked.

“I saw my cape. And my cross.”

Chad nodded. “What I like,” he repeated. Then he slung his head back and pushed a hand through his curls, forehead and eyes and nose suddenly exposed. Uryuu stared and thought Chad was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. In the dream, tears welled in his eyes and emotion thundered and crashed in his body. He wanted and needed and felt so damned awful that he couldn’t…

With a cry, Uryuu reached for Chad and the big man caught him and pulled him close, hard chest pressing against Uryuu’s torso. The quilt got tangled around Uryuu’s legs, and he wanted to sob in his desire to get the damned thing off and away.

“It’s okay,” Chad said again, and the comfort behind those words was terrible in its kindness, and Uryuu looked into Chad’s eyes. At this distance, he could see the lighter brown mixing with the dark, and he wrapped his arms around Chad’s shoulders. He panted now, and felt heat lash through him as Chad gently removed the quilt.

“So hard,” Chad whispered, and one hand came around to Uryuu’s back, pushing him forward. Uryuu moved and felt Chad’s abdomen trap his aching erection. Everything was wet and slick, and Uryuu’s head fell forward onto Chad’s shoulder as he moaned. Chad held him tightly and shifted somehow to make friction work along Uryuu’s length. The Quincy got lost in the feeling and the sheer relief at finally being in Chad’s arms.

“…Yasu…” Uryuu whispered, the quiet, secret nickname safe in dreamspace. “Please…”

The answering moan was confusing – it came from two places at once, and Uryuu tried to stop and turn, but Chad held him still and the friction increased. Uryuu’s breath caught and he stifled a noise against Chad’s skin. Release seemed dizzyingly close, and he clutched into the softness of Chad’s body.

…wait. That wasn’t right: Chad wasn’t soft. And this was…

Thunder whip-crashed and Uryuu’s eyes flew open in darkness. For a few breathless seconds, everything was terrifyingly real. Uryuu breathed hard, his heart pounding in his chest. He felt short of breath and immediately figured out it was because his face was nearly smothered against the back of the couch.

Pulling away with a soft gasp, thunder ripped through the night again, and Uryuu jumped. The open windows let in the sound of rain falling hard and heavy, and lightning arced and lit up the loft. It let Uryuu get a firmer grip on reality, and he felt his cheeks flush deep crimson.

A pillow was shoved against his lower belly and hard cock, and it was apparent he’d been thrusting against it with abandon. The softness of the dream-Chad’s body was just the couch, and Uryuu could actually see the indents left behind by his fingers. The apartment felt humid and damp from the open windows and rain, and Uryuu shivered with a slight chill. He recalled that he’d not bothered to cover up before going to sleep, and the Quincy flushed harder when he realized that he and the poor pillow were exposed in all their subconscious sin.

More lightning flashed through the room, and Uryuu closed his eyes in an effort to try to calm down his racing heart. And then he heard it: a soft sigh and shift. The noise was so quiet that it was almost lost under the roar of the rain. Thunder boomed again and shook the loft, and Uryuu realized with sudden clarity that he was not the only man awake.

Rolling his upper body, Uryuu stared in the direction of Chad’s bed, but all he saw were indistinct shapes shaded in the black and gray of gloom. So he waited and counted his own heartbeats until another rip of lightning flooded the room.

In that flash, Uryuu saw Chad roll and writhe with one arm flung over his face and one knee lifted to tent the sheet.

The next crash of thunder found Uryuu on his feet, erection tucked up into the waist of his pants, feet silent on the hardwood floor, and mind shockingly without plan. He crept over to the hazy curtain and parted it, peering inside the makeshift space.

The bed was a mess, and for a crazy second, Uryuu was very happy the guitar didn’t make it to bed with Chad earlier. The man lay almost on a diagonal, which was confusing to Uryuu’s muddled senses as the bed itself was angled to the wall. Uryuu took a quick step to the side so that Chad’s shoulder and broad back were to him, hoping he could look and gaze before his friend caught him; before the moment was over with another flash of brilliant white and Uryuu would lose his nerve and creep back to the couch.

And there was much to see: Chad’s stomach was exposed as his shirt rode high on his abdomen. Sweat or mist that made it through the screens of the windows made his skin look shiny in the dim. His left arm was flung up and over his face, forcing his head further to one side. And his right arm lay against his body, hand beneath the tangled sheet. The pants had lost the battle to need, and Uryuu stared as Chad’s knee fell wide and away from him. The position let the Quincy see the sheet shift with the movement of Chad’s stroking hand, and Uryuu completely forgot how to breathe.

Lightning danced, and Uryuu brought the side of his hand up to his mouth to stifle the soft, shocked cry he made. But it was too little too late, and Chad’s arm flew to land heavily on the bed as his neck jerked his head toward Uryuu. The roll of thunder drowned out Chad’s breathing for a second or two, but Uryuu heard it once silence reigned again: fast, harsh, startled.

After the white daze cleared from Uryuu’s vision, he could make out wide eyes staring at him in the darkness. Chad’s body was frozen: caught-in-the-act-guilty. He held his breath and then gasped only to hold more air in his lungs as if trying to be still and quiet. Maybe he hoped that would make Uryuu un-see all this; undo any damage done.

Chad’s arm bent slightly and his upper body came off the bed. Panic fluttered in Uryuu’s chest; he didn’t want this spell broken. Lightning spilled and cracked again, and he saw the fear and shock and heat in Chad’s eyes, and he felt every single one of those things echoed in himself.

“Don’t stop,” Uryuu whispered – the harsh edge of the words loud in the silence before the thunder roared. He heard Chad pant once – loudly – and then the floor shook with the storm.

Uryuu watched Chad’s arm straighten along the mattress as he lay back down against the bed, the movement unsure and slightly jerky. For a second, nothing happened, and Uryuu wondered if he’d actually spoken. Did he say those words? Did he really?

And then slowly – much slower than before Uryuu had interrupted – Chad’s hand moved beneath the sheet. He made no noise, didn’t appear to even breathe, but Uryuu’s eyes snapped down to watch the undulation of fist and knuckle beneath the soft fabric.

“Need to see,” Uryu said and couldn’t believe himself for speaking. But it was true, and he made it truer as he slowly bent and caught the sheet between shaking fingers. Chad’s breath caught harshly, and Uryuu could hear his own ragged breathing in the quiet of the room, made even louder as the rain slackened outside and the storm roiled and warred high up in the skies.

Carefully and with a fascinating rustle and slip of cloth, Uryuu pulled the sheet toward him and away from Chad’s body. He saw knee, the angle of thigh and calf, more torso, dark hair, and then a heavy, full, long, wide cock wrapped in a capable and gliding hand.

“Oh God,” Uryuu whispered very, very quietly. His hand let go of the sheet and fluttered up to lightly touch his stomach, other hand in a fist at his side. Everything vanished except for what Uryuu’s eyes could see and what his body felt as he watched. Chad’s hand grabbed at the flat sheet and he made a soft noise built of uncertainty and longing and other things Uryuu didn’t try to identify.

Lightning flickered, and a wave of lust rode Uryuu hard as he felt the urge to speak. It was as though if he spoke in the down time between the thunder bursts, then it was okay to say these things. The rain would wash away the evidence of his trembling words, and none of it would matter later if it didn’t need to.

“What are you thinking about?” Uryuu asked quietly. The level of need and want in his own voice floored the Quincy, and he blinked slowly at the heady sensation.

Chad’s hand seemed to stutter mid-stroke as he heard Uryuu speak, and that was…no. Just no.

“Yasu…” Uryuu whispered. “Please…don’t stop…” It was somewhere between a plea and an order, and he had no idea why he used that name. Speaking the syllables terrified him, but it fit and it worked and then it didn’t matter because the thunder thudded again making it safe.

The hand on Chad’s length squeezed and stroked a little faster, the fist in the sheet clenched a little tighter, and Chad’s entire body seemed to arch upward seeking sensation.

“You,” came the breathy reply at long last. “Thinking about you.”

“What about me?” Uryuu asked immediately, eyes fixated on the body before him. Unconsciously, he lifted a knee and rested it on the bed. He reached up and crossed his arms, hands gripping at opposite shoulders.

A syllable of want escaped Yasu’s lips, and it made Uryuu shudder.

“Moaning,” Chad said. Outside the clouds parted and the moon shone brightly with sudden light. The rain eased back to mist and nothing mattered but the way Chad looked at Uryuu: like he was burning up with need for the Quincy. Like he would fall apart if Uryuu broke this intense sliver of reality.

“You were moaning in your sleep. And moving – your hips were…and I wanted –“ Chad broke off to breathe as he worked himself. “Wanted to go to you. Wake you up.” His eyes slid nearly closed, and Uryuu saw his tongue wet his bottom lip.

“To do what, Yasu?” Uryuu asked. This wasn’t him – it couldn’t be. He never acted like this; would never in a thousand years be asking these things or initiating. It scared him and thrilled him, and he rode the relief and desire he felt still echoing from the dream. And he fell in love with moonlight on Chad’s naked body.

“Anything,” Chad answered, vulnerable in his honesty. “Just…” The hand on the bed relaxed its grip on the sheet and reached tentatively toward Uryuu.

“Take off your shirt,” Uryuu whispered, the words barely audible. But Chad heard and stopped stroking to sit up and obey. Uryuu’s eyes danced over moving muscle and hard, firm lines. And he got a good look at the sex that stood straight and true between Chad’s legs. It was intimating and made Uryuu’s anus contract and his mouth go dry.

Chad lay back down once the shirt was gone and inched closer to Uryuu on the bed. He moved like he was afraid he’d startle the Quincy, and Uryuu frowned at that.

“Be still,” he ordered, voice rough and a little louder. Chad immediately complied, frozen in shock or uncertainty or both. Uryuu worked his tongue in his mouth to find saliva and moisture and climbed onto the bed. He didn’t meet Chad’s gaze – thought it might make this newfound resolve collapse if he did – and he crawled slowly over to Chad’s warm body. He breathed quickly through mouth and nose, and he wondered at himself and his actions and everything else. But it was like he had to make this right; had to make up for not speaking sooner. For not acting sooner.

Because on his hands and knees on the bed so close to Chad’s skin bathed by faint silver light, Uryuu realized he wanted this man more than he wanted his own power.

Above him, Chad seemed to struggle for air, and muscles moved and jerked beneath his skin. Uryuu didn’t touch, but he watched, and he saw Chad’s dick twitch hard beneath his gaze. He observed hair and thighs and balls and wanted more.

Uryuu sucked in a breath and then slowly bent down and pressed his lips against the underside of Chad’s shaft. It was silk and heat beneath his mouth, and he kissed again and again. Each press of lips pulled a sound from Chad, the noises increasing in their desperation. Uryuu’s eyes went unfocused, and he turned his head to lick a line from balls to crown. But when his tongue traced and mapped the sheer width of Chad, Uryuu’s arms trembled and his will faltered. Doubt tackled desire, and Uyruu stilled.

“Uryuu,” Chad said, and the Quincy found himself unceremoniously hauled up Chad’s body and then wrapped in arms that trapped him against the planes of a shockingly hard chest.

“My God…Uryuu…oh…” Chad sounded broken and torn, and his arms held the Quincy like he was Chad’s embodiment of sanity.

Panting, breathing, and Uryuu couldn’t get over how warm Chad felt against him like this, and he was suddenly burning up. He made a complaining noise and struggled, trying to find enough room to get his shirt off.

Without a word, Chad’s hand moved and grabbed the hem of Uryuu’s shirt and got it up and over his head. Then he rolled over the Quincy and Uryuu had two seconds to consider skin-on-skin and how amazing and good that was before Chad annihilated thought by pressing his full mouth to Uryuu’s in a chaste kiss. It lasted for half a second, and that was hours too little.

Uryuu reached up and wrapped his arms around Chad’s neck, one hand catching in dark curls and making him marvel at texture and dampness and sensory overload.

“Don’t. Stop,” Uryuu said clearly – permission, confession, demand.

Chad gently rested some of his weight on Uryuu’s body and kissed him again, this time letting his lips slide over Uryuu’s before catching the Quincy’s bottom lip and sucking gently. The world faded even further into unimportance, and doubt went with it. Uryuu made a noise against Chad’s lips and rolled his body against the larger man’s. He panted out of the corner of his mouth and a hot tongue slipped between his teeth. Images of watching this and wishing for it made heat pulse hard and hot from core to cock, and Uryuu kissed Chad with sheer abandon. Tongues met, lips sucked, and when Chad moaned into Uryuu’s mouth the Quincy shuddered with the satisfaction that he was the reason behind such a perfect sound.

Chad shifted and Uryuu clung around his neck, not caring what the other man did as long as he didn’t stop kissing him like this. It was never this good - never - and by all things in hell and heaven it was incredible. Hot, everything blazed…he was going to die from the heat.

Uryuu felt himself moved onto his side by strong, sure hands, and one of them pet down his bare back. The touch was firm and exploratory, fingers stroking and digging into muscle as it traveled down. Impatient with the pace, Uryuu let go of Chad’s neck with one arm and reached down to push at the pants he still wore. The movement earned him another soft groan, and then Chad’s hand slid the clothing off, and Uryuu’s feet kicked the annoying fabric away. The hand on his back pushed him closer, and Uryuu’s mind showed him a picture from his dream for the split second it took for Chad to roll over top Uryuu.

Skin met skin again, and Uryuu’s hard cock dug into Chad’s abdomen and the shock and pleasure forced Uryuu’s head back. A wet mouth found the front of his throat and kissed while hands and bodies moved and pressed against one another. Chad ground down and pressed deliberately to slide friction along Uryuu’s trapped cock, and his tongue licked at the juncture of neck and shoulder.

“Oh god…” Uryuu gasped.

“Uryuu,” Chad said, voice a low growl that vibrated against Uryuu’s throat. “I want…” But he didn’t finish the sentence. Instead, he grabbed Uryuu’s arms and pushed them up above the Quincy on the bed. Uryuu started to protest and then he felt Chad’s fingers tracing patterns up and down the tender skin over triceps. He felt Chad kiss neck and jaw and then across shoulder finally to nip at the flesh just above the hair beneath Uryuu’s arms. It was a little stunning in its familiarity, and protests died on his tongue.

Chad’s chin and cheek gently pushed Uryuu’s face to one side, and a hot mouth began to kiss and suckle at every single place that drove Uryuu insane. He had no idea his neck was so damned sensitive, and it made him jerk beneath Chad and bite his own lip. He breathed harder as Chad nibbled earlobe and ear, and he thought he would go out of his mind when a tongue traced the shell of cartilage like it had all day to memorize this map.

“Yasu-!” Uryuu almost hissed, wanting more and wanting to enjoy at the same time. He didn’t know if he needed Chad to hurry the hell up or slow the fuck down, but the warring sensation made him buck up and seek some sort of relief.

“I’ve wanted you for a long time.” The softly spoken confession made Uryuu go still, and his eyes went wide in the room full of light-and-shadow.

“And I want every piece of you,” Chad continued throatily, as if explaining what he’d done and what he would do.

“But if it’s too much…I can…” The words trailed off into kisses placed to Uryuu’s ear, and a hand played up and down his arm before reaching up to lace together fingers, squeezing.

“Do everything to me,” Uryuu said in a moaning rush – and holy God did those words confound him. Not just because of what he permitted with them – and it was rare for him to allow anyone such freedom with his body – but also that he said the words at all. He panted and blinked at implication and meaning, and then he shivered in sheer avarice. “Please…Yasu…I can’t…just…”

Chad made a helpless noise that broke and remade pieces of Uryuu, and the Quincy squeezed Chad’s hand as he whispered: “I want this. I want you.”

Words spoken and negotiations over, Chad’s mouth found Uryuu’s and kissed him with force and purpose. Chad kissed like they were fighting about it – and Uryuu was more than happy to let Chad win this one. Saliva trickled down his chin, and when he moved against Chad again, he realized that his cock was leaking a ridiculous amount between their bodies. It coated lines and made sticky pools on Chad’s skin, and all Uryuu could conjure up at that thought was the want for more.

Finally releasing his mouth and hand, Chad slid lower to kiss the indentation between Uryuu’s collar bones. His hands moved down his arms, ran over his underarms in a way that made Uryuu squirm, and then big hands cupped under Uryuu’s body to knead between shoulder blades. A low rumbling sound began in the room and for a second, Uyruu thought the thunder was back. And then he realized Chad was speaking, and the words spilled in different languages in a linguistic jumble, but Uryuu knew them well enough to untangle the syllables.

“Skin’s so soft. Knew it would be. Wanted this. Needed this…you. Want you so bad.”

Lips moved and then found one nipple, and Uryuu reached to tangle his hands in Chad’s hair. The words stopped as Chad’s mouth teased Uryuu into a small frenzy, and then he licked a horizontal line and did it again to the other side. Uryuu stopped trying to identify lips from tongue from teeth and just felt it all in a wave. His spine ached and he realized he strained up and into Chad, body demanding when his mind grew blurry.

Uryuu let his own hands slide from hair to Chad’s neck and then shoulders, feeling and digging into the skin. He wasn’t terribly good at being merely passive, and he reached around and down to trace over Chad’s chest before finding a tender bit of skin and pluck-pulling it into hardness even as Chad’s teeth nipped Uryuu’s own. Chad nibbled harder.

Shit!” Uryuu hissed, and Chad lapped at skin in apology. Uryuu grunted and pinched the nub between his own fingers, and Chad gasped: hot air blowing over wet flesh.

“Uryuu…oooh, Uryuu…”

The way his name bracketed a moan drove Uryuu a little insane. He let his hands wander as Chad kissed down his abdomen, moving faster now – the urgency conveyed in messy kisses that left dampness to cool in the air.

Beneath his body, Chad’s hands moved lower and almost forced Uryuu’s torso into a roll as they slipped to rest at his waist. Fingers and palms spanned his slighter form, and the little surge of helplessness that accompanied that feeling made Uryuu‘s breathing go erratic.

“Please…Yasu…I need…” Uryuu bit his lip and clutched at a pillow as Chad’s hands moved up and over his legs to reach down and cup his ass. Fingers dug into Uryuu’s cheeks, and then moved to spread his legs obscenely wide.

“Want to see all of you,” Chad murmured. His thumbs pressed into the taut tendons along Uryuu’s inner thighs, and the Quincy put his wrist to his mouth and bit the skin.

Teeth nibbled at the juncture of leg and body, and Uryuu didn’t think he would survive this. And the moment Chad’s lips touched his cock, he would come screaming. The thought embarrassed him, scared him, and made him positively fucking ache.

“Tell me what you need,” Chad said, and Uryuu looked down to meet warm eyes looking back up at him. He swallowed and felt himself flush with more than just desire, and he was grateful for the dim room. The moon hid shame and had no use for modesty.

Don’t think, just do, and worry about it when the sun’s up…

“I need your mouth on me,” Uryuu said, voice only slightly shaky. “A-anywhere…but please, oh god please, taste my cock.”

The groan that reverberated through the room made any hesitation about speaking a non-issue. A wet, flat tongue lapped at Uryuu’s balls and made him jerk and let out a startled cry. His arms flew up and his hands found the ornate headboard, hands fisting chilled, damp metal in a death grip.

“I’m so…oh my god I’m so close…I’m sorry…I…” Uryuu whimpered when he felt that tongue on the underside of his dick. Heat pooled low in his gut, and for a second he thought he would come from the wet slick of Chad’s tongue on him. But the lick was a tease – a taste and nothing more. More licks followed, up the sides and down again; a glide over balls and a swirl around the base. He didn’t shoot his load at the sensation, but Uryuu’s entire body went rigid. His back arched, his knees pressed down toward the mattress, and he pulled on the headboard as he fought for something like control over his body. Breathing became a struggle, and his eyes stared up sightlessly as he waited for what came next.

“It’s okay,” Chad’s voice rumbled, and Uryuu heard the words like an echo: in a dream and in the here and now. “Just feel good for me.”

A hand moved to lightly brush fingers over Uryuu’s sac and then up his length: teasing, testing, touching. Knuckles pet against the firm flesh, lips pressed with little licks of tongue, and Uryuu felt himself come undone. Noises escaped his lips, his hips twitched upward and moved until a firm hand stilled him. And Uryuu was grateful for the pressure holding him down because it was the only thing serving as a ground while Chad drove Uryuu to the edge and back again over and over with his careful ministrations. Uryuu called out and cried for mercy and couldn’t believe the sounds he made.

Because it’d been ages; this was Chad; and the larger man worked the Quincy over like they’d had long, intimate discussions on what made Uryuu’s dick leak and body quake and mind burn with heat and white noise.

When Chad’s mouth finally covered him in slick warmth, it was still a tease, as the lips made a light seal and he kept his tongue out of the equation. Uryuu’d never been this hard and this needy in his entire life, and he sobbed a loud, broken cry.

“Please, oh fucking GOD, Yasu!” Uryuu felt dampness at the corners of his eyes from squeezing them so tightly for so long.

The lips around his cock slowly and steadily tightened, a hand came over to gently and them more firmly hold and roll his balls, and Uryuu’s eyes flew open when he felt the wet press of Chad’s tongue: flicking, teasing, digging alongside the glide of his mouth.

Uryuu gasped and rose up off the bed as the pleasure crested with a violent thrust toward the peak. Toes, thighs, and cock head tingled and Uryuu shouted in incoherent release and relief as he came into Chad’s mouth with deep, rocking pulses of heat. His body felt over-sensitized and overwrought, and he collapsed down in a twitching, dizzy mess as Chad gently worked him through the tremors, humming softly as he did so.

Uryuu’s eyes slid shut and his breathing stayed staccato as he felt Chad’s hand and mouth pull away from his body. Chad rained light kisses on Uryuu’s legs and over one hip, making the Quincy shiver. He was about to say something – probably something else to blush about tomorrow – when Chad sat up and back, gripped Uryuu’s leg and side, and flipped him onto his stomach.

Letting out an undignified grunt, Uryuu’s eyes went wide as he felt Chad’s body cover his back. Lips kissed his ear, a hand smoothed back sweaty hair, and the tenderness of it all made him feel more exposed than having Chad’s mouth around his dick.

And his heart thudded in triple-time as Uryuu felt a heavy length against the back of his leg.

“Hearing you was amazing,” Chad whispered, happy and pleased. He kissed Uryuu’s shoulder. “Swallowing you was better.”

“Yasu…” Uryuu groaned, shifting a little beneath the weight on his back. He could tell Chad wasn’t resting entirely on him, and the caution was much like the tenderness in its ability to expose and make vulnerable.

“I’ll go slow,” Chad promised, but it did nothing but increase Uryuu’s already rapid heartbeat. “You’ve…done this before?”

“Yes,” Uryuu answered.

“How long ago?”

Uryuu frowned a little. “A while,” Uryuu replied. And sighed. “A long while.”

“Then I’ll go slower,” Chad said and licked Uryuu’s ear.

“I won’t break,” Uryuu grumbled.

Chad surprised him by laughing a little and shifting so his length rubbed against Uryuu. “I would not try to break you unless you asked,” he said quietly. An offer? A suggestion? Uryuu had no idea.

A heady mixture of anxiety, endorphins, and curiosity whipped through Uryuu. But hands smoothed down his sides and teeth nibbled the back of his neck, and Uryuu couldn’t find his words.

“It’s okay,” Chad said gently. “Tell me what you like and what you don’t. But even if you can’t…I’ll know.” That confidence again – the simple surety.

“I know you, Uryuu…”

Chad’s weight lifted and Uryuu remained silent and still while the other man reached for the nightstand. He removed a container of lube with which Uryuu was not familiar, and Chad fisted the vial full of slow-moving liquid before shifting back to Uryuu.

Uryuu started to breathe heavily even before he felt Chad’s tongue lick the top of his spine. The languid feeling slowly seeped away from his limbs as Chad licked a long, steady line down Uryuu’s backbone.

And quite suddenly, Uryuu realized what Chad meant to do to him.

“Yasu-“ Uryuu began, but stopped talking when Chad gripped his hips and pulled back and up, forcing Uryuu onto his knees. His strength was startling, and when he knocked Uryuu’s legs wider on the bed, Uryuu’s mouth fell open and his eyes stared down at the damp sheet below him. He rested on his elbows and called out when he was dragged closer to the edge of the bed, Chad climbing down to kneel in the floor. Uryuu’s mind redlined for a second, and he tried to scramble away. But Chad patiently pulled Uryuu back and positioned him as he wanted. Being manhandled like that was equal parts arousing and infuriating, and it stole Uryuu’s words away temporarily and made him clench his fists.

Hands stroked up the backs of his thighs and then over the cheeks of his ass, and Chad rumbled words again.

“Perfect…so small…so, so, good…”

When a mouth pressed a kiss to his left cheek and hands gripped globes of flesh to spread him wide, Uryuu choked on a noise and felt his legs shake. It wasn’t that he didn’t like rimming. No – that wasn’t it at all. Sure, it was a little disgusting, a lot dirty, and made one intensely…available…to his partner…

...but the truth of the matter was that Uryuu really – truly – liked it.

Could get off from that sensation alone, hands nowhere near his cock. And it wasn’t something he did with many people…some didn’t want to, and others…Well, he didn’t like to lose it in front of many people.

But Chad…Uryuu shivered and goose flesh broke out over his skin.

Oh God…oh my God…he’s going to…and then he’ll…oh fuck…

Hot breath ghosted over Uryuu’s entrance and he heard a murmured, “…will taste so good…” just before the flat of Chad’s tongue licked him from taint to tailbone.

Yasu!” Uryuu called and immediately nearly bit his lip in two.

Behind him, Chad hummed happily and Uryuu felt the wet press of tongue circling his entrance. He made quiet noises from behind tightly pressed lips, fighting with himself and refusing to be so damned transparent in his need and enjoyment of this. Some analytical part of him was always eager to tell him that it was odd and –

“Oh…” Uryuu panted harshly with wide eyes as Chad’s tongue pressed over a firm ring and then pushed inside him. “Oh God…ooooooh…”

Thought left, Uryuu’s upper body nearly melted into the bed, and Chad took his time getting Uryuu good and wet and loose. Uryuu could feel the hot muscle sliding in and out of his body, the slide out increasingly longer as more tongue went in. He had no idea how long Chad kept it up before Uryuu’s dick pulsed and twitched back to life, but it was something between mere seconds and ten years.

“So…damn…oh my god…” Uryuu whined – noise startling to himself – and he heard Chad grunt and spread him wider.

“Fuck!” Uryuu hissed. He started to push back and into that sensation, breathing chaotic, hands clawing his own arms, eyes closed.

“Please,” Uryuu begged. “Oh god, oh fuck, oh hell…please…”

Warm hands soothed over his skin and still Chad fucked him with his tongue. It was sweet, horrible torture, and Uryuu felt himself flush hot and feverish and crazy. He made noise continuously now, and he was powerless to stop it.

One hand left his body and hazily Uryuu registered that Chad moved. He heard a faint popping noise and didn’t care…couldn’t care about anything.

Slowly Chad withdrew his tongue and kissed down to Uryuu’s balls, licked up his cleft. Uryuu felt something warm and slick coat around his wet and pulsing entrance; the liquid dripping down and making him shudder.

“Yasu…” Uryuu rasped. “Don’t stop.”

“I won’t,” Chad’s voice reassured him. Uryuu shivered at the finality of the tone, and then shivered again when an extremely slick finger pressed inside his body. There was absolutely no pain – just pressure and a dull feeling of fullness. Chad kissed Uryuu’s skin, licked down the back of his leg. His finger pushed in until Uryuu felt the knuckles of his hand and then slowly withdrew.

“This gets me so damned hot,” Chad groaned, resting his cheek against Uryuu’s ass. “Looking at you…watching my finger fuck you.”

Uryuu didn’t think he’d ever heard anything sexier than Chad talking dirty, and he nearly convulsed as he shoved backward onto Chad’s finger. The larger man grunted and Uryuu felt more of the slick heat drizzle on his skin. And on the next push in, two fingers sank deeply into his body.

“Yes,” Uryuu cried, hands clutching at his own shoulders. He felt himself stretch again without any pain, and he relaxed into the feeling. His body rocked back to meet Chad’s hand, and he didn’t know he was begging until Chad said, “Okay.”

More of the slick stuff, and Chad turned his hand and fingers inside of Uyruu, making the Quincy whine at the sensation. Chad spread the oil with his thumb and then turned his hand again, and it felt odd and good and then unimportant as three fingers gathered into a tight bundle slowly and steadily pushed into Uryuu’s body. He froze, shivered, and winced before sighing loudly.

“Yasu,” Uryuu breathed. “Feels-“ He broke off in a gasp as Chad deliberately moved and tilted his hand so his fingers pressed carefully against his prostate.


Chad slid three fingers out, pushed two back in, and pressed and held.

“Oh my God.”

The fingers withdrew and then repeated the same patient pattern. Uryuu couldn’t tell one pleasure from another, and his body tried to curl in on itself as his body shook at the careful pressure on his internal walls and gland.

“Mm-AH!” Uryuu’s hands clutched at the bed as he pushed up onto all fours. It was too much, too little, and he burned.

“No more…I can’t take it…please, oh please… I can’t take it!” Uryuu cried.

Chad made a soft sound, kissed the back of Uryuu’s leg, and his fingers stopped pressing and moving. Uryuu groaned, growled, sat up, and twisted. One hand wrapped around to grip at the back of Chad’s neck. Dark blue eyes that looked like black mirrors in the dim light met startled, hazy, lusty brown. Uryuu breathed for a second as he saw naked need on Chad’s face, saw the sweat on his forehead, the way his lips parted as he sucked air into his lungs.

“Yasu,” Uryuu said firmly. “Fuck. Me. Now.”

Chad made a noise like he’d been sucker punched in the kidney. Uryuu gasped as fingers left his body, hands shoved him forward and then down flat against the bed, and he felt Chad’s knuckles brush his backside as the man guided his length between Uryuu’s cheeks and aligned himself.

The press of Chad’s erection felt imposing for a fraction of a second, and then it gently and carefully moved past the initial rings of muscle and into Uryuu. The oil made everything ridiculously smooth, and Uryuu’s body slowly – so horrifically, terribly, wonderfully slowly – took Chad with a sting that faded into a flutter and sweet clench of internal walls that had both men groaning loud and long.

And the angle was absolute sheer perfection – or maybe Chad was just really damned lucky or good or both – and Uryuu yelled his pleasure in a two-toned cry as Chad’s length pushed and stroked over his prostate.

“Uryuu…my Uryuu,” Chad breathed and then began to move, one hand bracing on the mattress and the other sliding to catch Uryuu’s and entwine their fingers.

Uyruu was beyond words and shuddered hard beneath Chad, trembling, crying out, moaning wordlessly. He didn’t care any longer about anything but the electricity flowing down his spine and the heat building in his gut. It was too good, too much, too everything, and Uryuu happily drowned in a flood of bliss.

A mouth found Uryuu’s neck, and the noises coming from Chad were excruciating in their ability to enflame Uryuu even further. He moaned with every thrust into Uryuu’s body, and whispered his name like a chant. Spanish echoed and tangled around Chad’s words, and Uryuu heard the affection and the love in them.

After an eternity of pleasure so intense it bordered on painful, Chad pulled away and repositioned Uryuu on his back. He carefully propped one of Uryuu’s legs on a broad shoulder, kissed the ankle, and slid back into Uryuu’s body with a soft moan.

Uryuu reached up a hand to touch Chad’s face, and watching his features contort and his muscular body move as he pumped faster, longer, and carefully harder into Uryuu was too much.

“Yasu,” Uryuu panted as he moved to meet the thrusts, vision blossoming with colors as the edge of orgasm was suddenly and quickly upon him. “I’m…so…”

“Good, Uryuu…you’re so…damned…good…” Chad gasped and reached a hand to circle around Uryuu and stroke him at a faster tempo than he moved.

“Coming,” Uryuu gasped in shock, eyes wide and on the sweaty face above him. “Oh fuck, Yasu, shit I’m – “

Mouth open in a silent cry, Uryuu rocked against the length inside him and the hand moving on him. The world seemed to expand and then narrow to mere sensation and pleasure. He felt hot seed spill over Chad’s hand and down onto his stomach, and he let go of a choked noise as Chad still moved and groaned above him. Chad’s thrusts were erratic and slightly less cautious, and Uryuu involuntarily clenched down hard on the length inside him.

“Aw, fuck!” Chad cried. “So tight, so hot, so…it’s…oh…Uryuu!” A hand grasped at Uryuu’s leg in a steely grip as Chad came. The Quincy watched, fascinated and humbled by Chad’s clenched eyes and teeth, the moisture on his forehead, his damp hair, by the tense muscles. Uryuu stroked one hand lazily up his arm, watched as his lover’s body stiffened, shook, and then sank down with a pant of relief and sweet ending. Chad caught himself and untangled their limbs enough to collapse into Uyruu’s arms. They were a messy pile of damp, sated, limbs, and it was too hard to do anything but languish in afterglow and rapid heartbeats.

Chad sighed, a content noise. “Uryuu…my Uryuu…”

Uryuu turned his head into Chad’s neck and kissed the skin in front of his mouth. He wriggled a bit and Chad moved enough to let Uryuu out from beneath him. Uryuu winced a little when Chad left his body, but then he found a pillow and shoved it under his head, sleep undeniable and upon him.

18th-Mar-2010 03:54 pm (UTC)
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