Darkprism (demented_dee) wrote,

Bleach Fanfiction // Closet Games // Chapter 1

Author: Darkprism
Title: Closet Games
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Renji & Byakuya (Ren/Bya & Bya/Ren)
Word Count: ~44,000 in total
Warnings: M/M explicit sex, angst, language, mild kink, toys, voyeurism, did I mention sex? There's lots of it.
Notes: This story is set in my world, Monoshizukanohi. There are minor references to Naruto characters as they exist in that world.

Life's good for Abarai Renji and gets better when he meets a mysterious man in a bookstore erotica aisle. But what starts out as a casual fling quickly turns into something more. Who is this man who refused to tell Renji his name? And what will Renji do now that he's fallen for him?

Abarai Renji walked down the sidewalk of the Fashion District in Monoshizukanohi with his hands in his pockets and swagger in his step. The sun was high and warm, a light breeze ruffled his red hair currently pulled back in its usual tail, and the oversized, white sunglasses perched on his aquiline nose bore a tiny ram insignia next to the word, HOWL.

It was good day to be Renji.

But then, most days were good days to be Renji.

“Oh, excuse me,” Renji said politely as a woman suddenly turned away from a shop window and nearly ran into the tall redhead. She blushed to the roots of her dark hair, and Renji smiled at her. He tilted his head, let the sunglasses slip down his nose, and winked before continuing on his way. Renji felt eyes on the back of his light green shirt and sweeping across his ass even as he sauntered along. The grin continued to split his handsome face for two more blocks until his phone rang. He pulled out the expensive homing beacon and the grin became a near-laugh. Renji slowed his step as he came to a crosswalk and took the call.


“Well?” Kuchiki Rukia’s voice asked with some impatience.

Renji continued to beam as the light changed and he crossed. “I got ‘em.”

“And?” Rukia now sounded more than one level of excited.

“And they’re perfect.

The loud cheer that came through the speaker made Renji chuckle and pull the phone away from his ear. He put it back when he heard the, “Well, thank the GODS.”

“Got them this morning. Big box. Already out on my shelves and sold six pair.”

“Six?” Rukia asked in disbelief.

“Six! Three pair went to one guy – Uniha? Something…”

Rukia snorted. “Uchiha, Renji. The older or younger?”

“The universe made more than one of those guys? That’s unfortunate.” Renji quick-stepped up a ramp leading to an overlook with a view of a small pond. Remote-controlled boats drifted across the water and a breeze blew the weeping willow branches with a gentle rustle of leaf.

“I forget you didn’t grow up in this city,” Rukia said, papers making noise in the background. It was Saturday, but that didn’t mean Rukia got any time to herself. And Renji would normally be in his store, Howl, selling clothes and now his own line of sunglasses, but he decided to treat himself with a walk at lunch.

“Neither did you!” Renji laughed.

“No, but I’ve been here since I was adopted.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Renji snorted. “By the mysterious second-uncle-cousin’s brother’s husband or whatever.”

Now Rukia snorted. “Just ‘Uncle’ suffices, idiot,” Rukia said affectionately. “It’s what he asks me to call him. And he’s not mysterious, just busy. And usually out of the country.”

“Which explains why I’ve never met him.” It used to be a major sore point to Renji that Rukia never tried to introduce him to her “uncle.” For the longest time, Renji thought she was hiding him from the elder Kuchiki, and finally in a fit of hurt, he’d accused her of as much. Rukia got angry, hit Renji, blushed, and then explained that it wasn’t that she was ashamed of Renji.

No, rather, it was that she was hesitant to ever impose on her uncle. Hesitant to the point that she appeared nearly frightened of the man, which told Renji more than words ever could. Rukia tried to explain anyway, and Kuchiki was, Renji learned that night, cold, stand-offish, extremely busy, and had all the apparent warmth of a shark frozen in a glacier.

Not exactly the kind of guy Renji was dying to meet, after all, and he dropped the hurt in favor of his more standard teasing.

“I don’t ever want the two of you in the same room,” Rukia said with a nearly-audible shudder. “It’s physics: both your egos would try to occupy the same space at the same time, and I’d get to witness spontaneous combustion first-hand.”

Renji hummed in agreement and leaned against the stone wall of a bridge that spanned the lake. “My ego would kick his ass.” Renji grinned as Rukia didn’t deign to comment. “Anyway, I just called earlier to let you know I got the glasses in and that so far they’re a hit.”

“Knew they would be.” Rukia paused. “I’m proud of you.”

Renji grinned. “Aw, now don’t go getting all sentimental on me, ya hard ass.”

Rukia laughed. “Speaking of, I need to let you go. Didn’t answer earlier because there’s a big banquet going on at the Palace later tonight, and we’re on detail.”

“Donning the suit and earpiece and going out to look imposing, eh?”

“Somebody has to keep the damned peace,” Rukia grumbled. “Not like the police do any good unless the Hyuuga tells them to pay attention.”

Renji rolled his eyes. It wasn’t nearly as bad as all that, but Renji didn’t dare contradict her. He felt too good about life and personal liberty at the moment to start a debate on how the Prime Minister and his heir ran the city. “If anyone can protect this town’s elite, it’s Usagi Security.” Renji’s mouth twitched.

“If you make fun of the name one…more…” Rukia warned.

Renji made placating noises. “I would never. Still have the bruises from last time.”

“Yes. You do.” Rukia pulled away from the phone, and Renji heard her say something to an employee.

“Go. Save the world. I’m gonna finish my walk and then go rake in cash on the killer eyewear.”

“Congratulations, Renji. Good news.”

“Thanks,” Renji said, but she’d already hung up.

With a sigh, Renji pocketed the phone and just watched water and boats and sunlight for a while. It’d been a very long road to success and stability for Renji and Rukia alike. Both orphans in the same foster home, the two became fast friends. Rukia was adopted, Renji was not, but they managed to reconnect after Renji turned eighteen. Rukia got Renji his first job – busboy – and helped him find a place to live when he moved to Monoshizukanohi. It’d been a direction back then – something to do with himself – and Renji needed it.

Between Renji and Rukia, friends weren’t hard to find, and even now Renji hardly went a handful of days without seeing Ichigo, Shuuhei, Ikkaku, Kira, Yumi…the list continued. Rukia knew all sorts of interesting people through her somewhat-erratic interaction with her uncle, and Renji’d grown to like Urahara, Ukitake, and Shunsui. And when Rukia and then Renji took massive leaps of faith and opened their own businesses, friends were the first on the list for partners and employees.

Despite their beginnings, Renji mused, he and Rukia had ended up with more family than most people had through the standard biological method. And on days like today when the sun was high, life was easy, and Renji couldn’t stop smiling, he liked to take a few moments to thank whatever powers might be listening for that long list of comrades in arms.

Below Renji there was a loud splash, and the redhead looked up in time to see a kid – probably around ten or so – stand up in the shallow water with a shocked expression. Behind the boy, a man tried very hard not to laugh and asked if his son was okay. The kid began to giggle, retrieved their boat, and Renji heard Dad tell son not to tell Mom.

“We’ll go find some dry clothes and some ice cream,” Dad said.

There was a time, long ago now, when the scene would have made Renji miss things he’d never had. Now, however, it made him smirk and thank the invisible powers that be for what he had. Renji shook his head and turned to continue his walk, hands back in the pockets of his gray slacks. He liked them because they managed to combine business casual with punk rock: nice material, well-cut, and tiny chains ran from various points around the pockets and legs for that extra touch. Howl was full of such clothes: the best of the corporate world meets Leather Daddy Rockstar. Sales were good and kept Renji in condo, car, and sake. He definitely couldn’t complain.

Whistling, Renji walked off the bridge and down the wide sidewalk passing storefronts and tourists. He politely shook his head when an overly-attractive man with a French accent held out a bottle of perfumed lotion and asked if he could have a moment of Renji’s time. As much fun as being rubbed down by a hot guy with an accent could be, Renji’s feet carried him away and he let his body take the lead.

Six blocks later and Renji smiled a little to himself as he approached a familiar shop front. Cain’s Books was one of Renji’s favorite stores – though not for the merchandise. Renji wasn’t particularly interested in reading unless said reading material contained articles on high fashion or images of naked men. And then a picture was worth more than a few thousand words.

Actually, such pictures were usually worth a hand, a fist, a pinch of lube, and a certain personal relaxation technique that Renji rather enjoyed.

Cain’s Books did have its fair share of Renji’s preferred reading material, but more importantly, it had something else that Renji liked to peruse: high-class, well-educated, spectacle-adorned (if Renji got lucky), clientele.

To say that Renji had a “type” wouldn’t be accurate. He liked to fuck men, enjoyed a wide variety of them, and generally thought that continually expanding his palate was good for the soul. And the cock.

However, Renji had a major soft spot – er, well, make that raging hard-on – for hot, semi-geeky guys. The tall, lanky, nerdy boy in desperate need of a good blow job got Renji warm under the damned collar and fly, and it didn’t hurt that those guys were typically infinitely grateful for Renji’s attentions. Renji was all-too-happy to tell his bookworm boy toys exactly how they could repay him.

Not to mention the nerdy type usually had quite the vocabulary and could dirty talk like fucking champs when given the proper motivation.

Renji harbored serious dirty librarian fantasies and Cain’s Books was one of the redhead’s underground hot spots for finding willing partners in crime. There was a back storage closet with a sturdy lock that Renji’d used more than once to explore the finer points of anatomy and fucking physiology. He was pretty sure there was a camera in there, but Reggie Cain – the owner – was family and had a thing for redheads.

It was a sweet day in Renji’s world when fetishes could meet and mingle to find mutually beneficial outcomes.

Smirking to himself, Renji pushed his outrageously expensive sunglasses up into his hair and yanked open the bookstore’s wooden door. A soft bell clanged, and a clerk looked up from the counter to nod at Renji. The counter was covered in old tomes and paperbacks, and the display case below it held several leather-bound volumes set up on racks. Cain’s store offered everything from Stephen King to rare, skin-bound volumes of forgotten lore.

And, Renji thought, the second would probably appeal highly to the author of the first. He chuckled a little and made a show of pausing to browse the “Just In” stand at the front of the shop.

Cain’s Books did not adhere to the standard chain bookstore layout. The rows were not in neat and organized lines; instead, shelves were arranged in long, narrow corridors that seemed more maze than anything else and often ended in a wall. The shop was at least three times as deep as it was wide, and the upper floor was open to below for part of that depth. Ladders let staff access the upper reaches of shelves in the open two-storey section, much like an antique library. A narrow, wooden staircase with a rope crossing its bottom, (“For Cain and His Brothers Only” read the sign) was against the far right wall and led up to offices and storage. The whole place smelled like parchment, day-old coffee, incense, and dust.

Renji breathed in deeply and slowly weaved through the various stands selling pens and bookmarks and small Buddha statues to make his way to aisle one. A wooden sign hung down and told Renji what kinds of books could be found on that aisle, but Renji didn’t pay it any attention. His eyes roved over the shelves as he went on alert for a certain kind of someone.

Because it occurred to Renji that some celebrating was in order. After all, he was wearing his own sunglasses for the first time in his life; it’d only been a goal of his for, oh…twelve years or so. And what better way to celebrate than a dirty fuck with a naughty boy who could quote Renji Shakespeare and Playgirl with unerring accuracy?

Spotting a potential candidate, Renji paused and observed the guy from the corner of his eye. He was young – freshman in college, perhaps? – and blond. Renji didn’t mind blond, but in truth he preferred brunettes. But it was a moot point because after a second or two, a pretty girl with horn-rimmed glasses came up and wrapped her arms around the boy’s slim waist.

Strike one. Not a big deal; just because Cain’s store was popular amongst the gay community didn’t mean everybody played for the same team. Renji sauntered by the couple with a little smile. Aisle one ended abruptly with a small wall of books and a sharp turn to the right. Renji followed the path, cutting behind the second aisle to get closer to the storage room door. It was offset and hidden in shadow, shelving nearly concealing it entirely. Renji looked at it with a kind of longing, and then continued skimming the rows.

Strike two was a brunette boy who smiled at Renji and checked him out before a small group of loud kids interrupted their non-verbal games. Renji retreated again, thinking maybe today just wasn’t the day to fish for naughty men in stacks of old books. There was only one row left, and Renji knew it was a short aisle. But he also knew the stock: erotica. Aisle seven was in the back of the store, dead-ended in the middle, and was intentionally poorly lit.

Renji did enjoy Cain’s sense of humor.

Leaning casually against the side of a bookshelf, Renji slowly let his eyes roam over a shelf or two while he leaned in to gauge the situation. The aisle was empty save for one figure: male, slight of form, and holding a heavy volume that seemed to contain nothing but text.

Stepping forward, Renji turned his head just slightly and sucked in a breath he hoped to God wasn’t as bloody obvious as it sounded to his own ears.

The man was beautiful – and Renji didn’t think that about many guys, really. In fact, this guy might be the first one to inspire that word off the bat in Renji’s entire and extensive history. Long, dark hair flowed down to the man’s shoulder blades, the ends razored and obviously styled. Pieces of midnight were caught in small, silver beads that made artistic rows over the man’s ear and along one side of his head, and Renji had to swallow just at that. The effect made his mouth a little dry.

Flawless, pale skin covered high cheekbones, a long, slim nose, and a strong jaw. Renji stared at the small, pink mouth for an unhealthy amount of time before shifting to pull a book off the shelf in front of him. It didn’t do to be too obvious this early in the game, and Renji pulled his eyes away with effort.

But even in mere side-cast glances, the man was stunning. He was slender but with broad shoulders to balance the small waist. He wore a closely-tailored, black leather jacket that stopped at his belt and covered a dark gray shirt. The pants were black and also obviously tailored – Renji’s eyes narrowed and thought that the entire outfit looked made for this man’s body, actually. The redhead had an eye for that sort of thing, and none of the brunette’s clothing was off the damned rack. Money, taste, and looks…Renji licked his lips.

But the heart-stopper of the whole gig were the nearly-dainty, frameless glasses that perched on the man’s nose like a personal Renji tease.

Really now: that just wasn’t bloody fair. He could already hear this man whispering insanely dirty things to Renji while he buried himself to the hilt in that – Renji stepped back to get a better view – yes, perfectly delectable ass.

Or hell, the man could fuck Renji and let the redhead do the dirty lip work. So long as the activity involved the brunette, Renji didn’t think he’d care who did what.

The man turned a page and shifted his weight, apparently oblivious to Renji. It did occur to the redhead that this vision of male flesh might be straight; but honestly, he didn’t care. Renji didn’t see a wedding ring, and Renji wasn’t sure he’d walk away if he did. This was the kind of man one thanked the gods for making, thanked them again for being able to touch, and just prayed one survived any sort of physical contact long enough to really savor it. Hell, Renji just wanted to get close enough to smell him so he could add that to sensory memory for later.

Putting the book back, Renji casually walked down the row, eyes on the spines of books in front of him. The fact that this man was on the damned erotica aisle made Renji’s cock stir and throat contract, but he tried to maintain his focus.

For a few minutes, Renji contented himself with picking up a slim volume of images – thankfully, Renji managed to pick a book full of naked men as opposed to accidentally grabbing something he didn’t want to see – and standing a few feet away from the engrossed man. No one came looking for the brunette, but the man had yet to even glance up to acknowledge Renji. That worried the redhead a bit as to what his chances actually were, but hell; this was already a gamble. Renji was far from unattractive – far, far from it, his ego asserted – but this guy could have his pick of gods or demons to share his bed.

When Renji simply couldn’t stand inactivity any longer, he put the book back and made the first of several moves in a choreographed dance designed to test the waters. Renji took two steps closer and turned, looking at the shelf behind them. The position let their shoulders nearly touch, and Renji’s libido did a jig when the man didn’t move away. The brunette stood just under six feet, Renji calculated, adjusting his measurement to account for the man’s shiny shoes.

Sliding his hands into his pockets, Renji bent down as though looking at something on a lower shelf. He pivoted his body so that his torso was nearly level with the brunette’s ass, and then Renji paused. Straight men usually got good and uncomfortable about the time a small turn of Renji’s head could let the redhead get an eyeful of derrière, and again, the beautiful man stayed still. He even turned a page and shifted his hips as if Renji weren’t even there.

Smiling and trying not to grin, Renji stood back up, letting the movement bring him even closer. This time his shoulder did brush the brunette’s, and when the man looked up from his book, Renji’s eyes were waiting to meet his gaze.

“Sorry,” Renji said quietly, trying not to gasp at the dark gray eyes that met his rather normal brown. Granted, the brown was unusual when paired with his red hair, but still…

Thunderstorm eyes with thick lashes blinked at Renji once from behind the glasses, and Renji reminded himself to breathe.

The man said nothing, merely nodded a little with a neutral expression and looked back at his book. Renji turned again, facing the same direction as the brunette, and looked at him openly for a second or two. He saw the man’s eyes shift over the page – not reading but sensing – and then he tucked a strand of hair behind one ear and leaned away slightly from Renji. The redhead saw the man’s ear shift as his jaw muscles moved, and Renji’s heart began to pound a little harder and pushed blood south.

“Excuse me,” Renji said. The brunette looked up at him again, but Renji merely reached in front of the brunette and removed a book from a low shelf directly across from the brunette’s crotch. Renji looked at the title, made a show of frowning, and then crouched down next to the brunette’s leg. Now a turn of his head would give him a face full of fly and belt buckle, and Renji let his long fingers linger on the spines of several books, seeming to search.

“Something in particular you’re after?” the brunette said, and the hair on the back of Renji’s neck stood up at the sound of the carefully modulated, low rumble of a voice that came from the man next to him. It was exactly the kind of voice such a beautiful person should have: sexy, aristocratic, vaguely unimpressed.

Renji turned his body, knee popping, and looked up at the man. Gray eyes looked down, a tiny hint of curiosity in them but otherwise his face was unreadable. No matter; Renji’d conquered the hard-to-get territory before, and he loved a challenge. Renji smiled.

“Just browsing for now.”

“I see,” the brunette replied.

Renji stood, purposefully putting himself too close to the other man. “Any suggestions?” Renji asked, giving the other man a playful look.

“That would depend on what you’re seeking,” the man answered with just the hint of a twitching eyebrow.

Renji rolled his eyes up as though thinking about that. “True enough,” he agreed. Then he nodded at the tome the man held in both hands. “Whatcha got there?”

The man closed the book and showed Renji the cover, which was great and all, but useless: Renji didn’t read French.

But fuck did he love it that this man did.

“Letters from poets of the 17th century,” the man explained.

Renji made an appreciative noise and met the man’s eyes again with a small smirk. “Dirty letters?”

The remark earned Renji a tiny smile in reply. “Some of them.”

The way the man’s mouth formed words was enough to get Renji hard.


“You got any favorites so far?” Renji asked conversationally, shifting a little to try to ease the pressure behind his zipper.

“One or two,” the brunette replied.

“Show me?” Renji asked, stepping sinfully close to the brunette. His chest brushed the man’s shoulder and a twitch of Renji’s hip would have his front colliding with the pretty man’s backside. The redhead relaxed his shoulders and looked down at the book in the brunette’s hands. Renji’s stance was a challenge, a warning, a blatant show of interest. If the brunette wanted him to back off? Now was his chance to let Renji know.

For a second, the man did nothing, and Renji thought he’d misread the situation. This close he could hear the brunette breathing – and it sounded a little fast. He smelled like…Renji couldn’t describe it. Something faintly floral mixed with herbs and soap; cultured garden and expensive hotel.

Then the brunette opened the book and flipped pages with a hand that looked steady, but Renji stared at the long fingers and noticed they shook ever-so-slightly. It could be natural tremors, but Renji didn’t think so. This man wasn’t Renji’s usual nerd-boy-in-a-bookstore fare; this man was much, much more than that. Corporate, probably, and very used to being in charge and in control. Renji knew the type – intimately – and such a man would never let his fingers shake unless something or someone truly got to him.

Baby, you’ve only begun to tremble for me…

Renji smiled and leaned down to look at a page when the brunette stopped turning. He let the brunette feel Renji’s breath on his neck and enjoy the proximity of Renji’s cheek to his own before finally sighing a soft chuckle. “Ya know, I just remembered: I don’t speak French.”

“That would make reading this passage somewhat difficult,” the brunette said, voice soft.

Renji nearly told the man to read it to him – just to hear that voice form the foreign syllables – but Renji’s body demanded more, and perhaps it was time to make the final move.

“I think I saw a book of letters near the back. Close to the storage room on this level.” Renji didn’t move a muscle as he spoke. He waited.

“Oh?” the brunette asked. Renji wasn’t sure he’d ever heard more emotion and sentiment crammed into a single word in his life. The man seemed…uneasy. Cautious, maybe? That made sense; not everybody fucked strangers in bookstores. Renji got that.

But there was more hidden in that single question…But now was not the time to try to figure all that shit out. The man seemed to play to Renji’s hand, and Renji’s cock protested that foreplay was nice and all, but could Renji please get to the part where they got to touch the pretty man, already?

“Yeah,” Renji said. “You know – that room in the back. Small. Dark. Usually locked. It’s got shelves around it?”

“I recall its location, yes,” the brunette replied. Renji smiled at the formality and turned his head just slightly so that their cheeks brushed.

“I could show you the one I’m talking about.” Room or book, Renji didn’t feel the need to clarify.

There was another long pause measured in the hard thud of lust, and Renji made a soft noise when the brunette stepped away to return the book of French letters to the shelf. He kept his back to Renji, and if the redhead didn’t know better, he’d think there was some sort of internal war going on right in front of his eyes. Hell, he didn’t know better, and Renji watched with a kind of objective patience. Renji knew the man was intrigued; if nothing else, the guy hadn’t told Renji to go to hell. Not yet, anyway. Renji didn’t know what the hell all the hesitation was about – he sensed it wasn’t some sort of sexy flirtation; quite the opposite, really. So he waited.

“Could you?” the man asked, turning, finally. He removed his glasses and tucked them into the pocket of his jacket. His expression was still nearly unreadable, but his mouth drew a thin line.

I want to get him off, not torture him. Jesus.

But Renji held his ground. “Gladly,” he said. Carefully and with eyes on the other man’s, Renji reached out a hand and clasped his fingers around the brunette’s slender wrist. The lovely man’s face was marred by a tiny frown for half a second, and then it was gone. Gray eyes met Renji’s, and there was challenge there.

“Come on,” Renji said, gently tugging the man along. Renji turned and felt the other man easily match his stride. In a few short seconds, Renji’s free hand clutched the storage room’s doorknob and found it unlocked. No one was there to see Renji open the door and hold it, gently guiding the brunette inside. Renji’s eyes scanned behind them one last time and then he stepped into the room and let the door fall closed. With an audible click, he threw the lock and leaned on the door before reaching up with a practiced hand to pull a chain above his head. The brunette flinched and looked up when thin, watery light filled the space.

The light swung back and forth, bare bulb casting just enough illumination not to knock shin into boxes. Stacks of books covered the floor, a set of shelves full of cleaning supplies took up one wall, and a sink jutted out from the wall opposite the shelves. A mere three feet wide, the room didn’t leave much space to maneuver, which Renji liked. Operating in close quarters meant more touching and slick skin-on-skin. There was no such thing as too much of a good time, after all.

Renji stepped forward when the brunette’s gaze dropped from the light above to the wall ahead. Putting a light hand on the other man’s hip, Renji leaned down and rested his mouth on the brunette’s shoulder. The swinging light swayed and rocked their bodies into shadow and light in a slowly-steadying display, and for a second or two, Renji was content to just breathe in the brunette’s scent.

“What do I call you?” Renji finally asked, mouth shifting closer to the slightly-smaller man’s neck.

“Most call me, ‘Sir,’” came the reply with no small amount of irony. More for his own position than anything to do with Renji, the redhead thought.

“I’m not most,” Renji said, and he let his lips just brush the man’s throat. The brunette gave no response, so Renji did it again.

“My name-”

“Don’t want your name,” Renji said, cutting the other man off. Names were too personal for closet fucking.

That gave the brunette pause, and Renji let him consider while he placed light kisses on the man’s skin.

“Byaku,” he said a little breathily after a second or two.

Renji sighed. “I’m Ren, Byaku.” Renji gently sucked Byaku’s neck, and this time the smaller man tilted his head just slightly to let him do it. Renji grinned.

“Lean against the wall,” Renji said, more of a suggestion than a command.

“What?” Byaku asked, head turning a little to look at Renji.

“Like this.”

Renji’s hands gripped, pulled, and shoved on Byaku’s body with sudden, swift movements that made the brunette grunt in shock. Renji put Byaku’s forearms on the wall and leaned heavily against the brunette’s back, hands sliding beneath the leather jacket to touch and explore. He jerked the shirttail out of the slacks and started undoing buttons with one hand and belt with the other. Renji could feel a slight tremble in the hardened body pressed against his; could feel Byaku’s chest stop moving as he held his breath. The man was intoxicating at a distance; with Renji’s hands on him, Byaku was man-shaped nirvana.

Lost and content in his exploration, Renji didn’t notice anything was amiss until Byaku let out a shaking breath, shivered, and then seemed to clamp down on himself.

“No fucking,” Byaku said, head resting on his arms. His voice was cold and clear, and he spun in a blur to face Renji. Byaku’s back hit the wall with some force, and he glared at the redhead like he might deck him.

Renji blinked. Well…that threw a wrench in the works, but no matter. There were plenty of other things, after all.

“Sure,” Renji said with a shrug, coming closer again. His fingers went back to undoing buttons, eager to see more of that pale skin. Renji leaned in but Byaku jerked his head away with a low noise.

“No kissing.” He said it like he was waiting for the argument. Renji smirked thinking Byaku’d be waiting for a long time. This wasn’t Renji’s first time in a closet with somebody who had rules.

“Boyfriend?” Renji asked casually, spreading the shirt a little roughly and letting himself begin to learn the lines and contours of the brunette’s abdomen. Warm ridges of muscle and tension stood out beneath Renji’s fingertips and palms, and he licked his lips.

“No,” Byaku replied through grit teeth. Renji snorted.

“Anything else I can’t do?” Renji asked.

Byaku didn’t say anything, and Renji tore his eyes away from a perfectly sculpted stomach to watch the brunette’s mouth open, close, and then clench. Renji sighed.

“Just yell or somethin’ if you don’t like it.” Bitch probably had a partner, and normally Renji would stop at this point to keep things from getting unnecessarily complicated.

But the skin under his hands was soft, smooth, and covered hardness in a delicious sort of way. So instead of calling it quits, Renji shoved a knee between Byaku’s, grabbed the brunette’s hips, and pushed up with his leg and pulled down with his hands while Renji’s mouth found neck and nibbled.

The move earned Renji a gasp, and he felt an unsure arm come up to clutch at his back. Renji hummed and forced Byaku’s head to one side before kissing and tonguing the taut tendon of the brunette’s neck. He tasted better than he smelled, and Renji sighed happily over the damp flesh under his lips. Gently, he grazed teeth and bit down while his hips ground Byaku into Renji’s thigh. He felt the hard-on there and quickly maneuvered them both so that Renji’s hips undulated and rubbed his cock into Byaku’s with deadly accuracy.

“Shit,” Byaku muttered, fingers digging into Renji’s back. Hearing such a word in that low voice tinged with lust and something akin to shock made Renji’s cock jump.

“Yeah,” Renji growled and ground himself against the other man just to hear Byaku’s breath catch. Then Renji slid his body down over Byaku’s so that his tongue could taste collar bone, sternum, and pectoral. He bit lightly into the sweet spot where the muscle swelled and then lowered his mouth to a nipple. Wasting no time with teasing, Renji bit, sucked, and worried at Byaku’s flesh, mind going pleasantly numb. God but he wanted to fuck this man against the wall. Wanted to make him moan, say Renji’s name, taste his cum.

“Ren-!” Byaku’s hand grasped Renji’s hair and the redhead moaned.

“Pull if ya want to,” Renji said between licks as he moved to the other nipple. “Fuckin’ love it.”

Renji’s lips clamped over Byaku’s other nipple, and when Byaku finally stopped just holding his breath and started gasping for air in fast pants, Renji felt a surge of triumph. The hand in his hair tugged experimentally, and then yanked hard enough to pull Renji’s mouth away from the abused flesh between his teeth.

Renji looked up and his eyes glazed further at the sight of Byaku breathing entirely too fast and hard for such simple things. He looked nearly angry, teeth bared and dainty nostrils flaring.

Grinning, Renji stood back up and kept his eyes on Byaku’s as he reached for his back pocket. Retrieving two condoms – one never knew when opportunity would arise and need to be covered in latex – Renji’s expression grew nearly vicious.

“Show me your cock,” Renji ordered, tearing the corner of one foil packet.

Byaku swallowed, his head going back against the wall. But his hands reached down and made fast work of belt and button and zipper. Renji didn’t look immediately once Byaku released his erection from its clothing confines; instead he watched stormy eyes and licked one corner of his own mouth deliberately.

“You,” Byaku said, voice firm despite the fact that Renji could see his legs shake.

Slowly, and with his eyes burning holes into Byaku’s retinas, Renji slid one hand down and undid his pants. He withdrew his own length with a soft hiss, and thought it was entirely too early in the game to be this aroused.

Byaku seemed to be having the same problem, though, because at the sight of Renji’s thick cock, a pale hand gripped a slightly-longer and slightly-narrower length and stroked. His cheeks hollowed as Byaku fought to hold back noise.

With a low laugh, Renji enjoyed Byaku stroking himself and watching as Renji worked the first condom down over his dick, grimacing a little as he did so. Barrier finally in place, Renji let his head fall back and his eyes close as he tortured his sheathed cock with full strokes and let himself softly groan. He was immediately rewarded with a choked gasp from Byaku. Renji opened his eyes and saw the man shiver against the wall, and Renji knew he was close.

“Not yet,” Renji said and gripped the wrist of Byaku’s stroking hand and threw it aside. The brunette let him, eyes at half-mast and teeth working his lower lip in a painful suck-and-bite.

“You’re so…” Renji stopped speaking and stepped closer, erection pressing into Byaku’s stomach and empty hand coming up to brace against the wall. Remembering the rules but only barely, Renji leaned in and kissed Byaku’s cheek with a soft press of lips. The man was gorgeous in his undone state, and Renji kissed Byaku’s face over and over again: chin, corner of lips, tip of nose, cheekbones. Byaku made no noise whatsoever, but he didn’t breathe, either, and his eyes closed under the attention. Later, Renji would be unsure what made him do it but think it was probably the best move he made during the entire encounter.

With a last light kiss to Byaku’s temple, Renji once again slid down the brunette’s body, this time not stopping until his knees hit the floor. He ripped open the other packet and tossed aside the wrapper, putting the dry latex against his lips. Above him, as though understanding what Renji meant to do, Byaku’s breath stuttered and he let loose a moan that made Renji shudder.

Renji shifted and gently grasped Byaku’s cock with one hand and lined up mouth, condom, and head. Renji used his hand to get the roll started and then covered Byaku’s dick with a tight press of lips without preamble or further delay. Renji unrolled the condom with a painfully slow glide and harsh clamp of his mouth. He relaxed his throat along the way, and his nose touched hair and his lips touched his own steadying hand before he stopped briefly only to pull back slowly.

Christ,” Byaku managed, the word half cry and half hiss. He breathed like oxygen was going out of style, and one of his hands buried itself in Renji’s hair. With a frustrated noise, Byaku tugged and loosened the band holding up the tail, and Renji’s eyes rolled in their sockets when he felt a fierce grip pull at his scalp.

One hand going down to grasp his own length, Renji pulled back further only to bob forward and set a brutal rhythm on Byaku’s cock. His hand worked anything his mouth couldn’t, and Renji’s fingers brushed and teased tight balls in between strokes.

Byaku made sounds low in his throat that quickly escalated to almost-inaudible whimpers. Renji rolled his gaze upward and got an eyeful of sweating, panting, blissed-out Byaku. Renji stroked himself faster and watched the man struggle to find a hold on control and fail, head finally falling forward as he groaned. Damp eyes met Renji’s and in the first flash of pure emotion, Byaku looked desperate, terrified, and intensely turned on.

Renji responded with a tight suck and firm press of his tongue along the entire underside of Byaku’s length.

“Holy Gods,” Byaku said softly. Then, harsher and louder – a warning shout: “Ren!

Renji moaned as he felt Byaku come beneath the thin latex, and he loved how Byaku’s legs nearly gave out and his feet slid on the floor to catch himself. Renji worked his mouth and throat as though he was swallowing, wishing he was drinking the beauty dry. And that thought, Byaku’s uneven breathing, and Renji’s hand were enough to send him over the edge. Renji pulled away to gasp a sharp cry, forehead falling to rest against Byaku’s leg as the redhead came with several painfully hard jerks of his fist. Byaku pressed Renji into his thigh, the hand in Renji’s hair sharply pulling once.

“Shit!” Renji hissed and shuddered. The hand in his hair relaxed and stroked thick strands as both men panted and tried to coax saliva back into dry mouths. The room smelled of sweat and flowers, and Renji smiled a little at the odd combination.

Byaku shifted first, hand falling away from Renji as he turned his back to the redhead and began to clean himself up. Renji sat back on his heels and yanked off the used rubber, tying it and throwing it into a rather-convenient trash can under the sink. Standing on unsteady legs, Renji went to the sink and turned on the water, gripping the porcelain for a second before splashing his face.

A stiff presence and a sharper smell of odd fragrance made Renji straighten up, water still running. Byaku made use of the trash bin, and then cupped his hand beneath the water before leaning down and sipping at it. He rinsed out his mouth and then spat, and Renji absently brushed back Byaku’s long hair so it wouldn’t get wet. The gesture made the brunette look up at Renji, and the redhead swiped his thumb over the corner of Byaku’s mouth to catch a stray drop of water.

Byaku blinked and then glanced down at Renji’s still-exposed and softening length before obviously tearing his gaze away and standing upright. Renji made a chuffing noise and tucked himself away. This guy was like the king of mixed signals, but it didn’t really matter…Renji rarely did repeat business, and although he would be happy to make this man the exception to that rule, like hell if Renji would ask or indicate such an interest.

Renji shut off the water and turned to the shelves. The space was so small that he merely had to stretch his long arm out to snag a few paper towels off a shelf and dry his hands and face. He held one out to Byaku, and the brunette took it between two graceful fingers. The silence yawned, and Renji’s tongue itched with the need to say something.

“Well – ” Renji began.

“Give me your phone number.” Byaku didn’t ask – he commanded.


The brunette looked at Renji, expression cold and blank but eyes burning with intent even in the dim light. “Your number. You will give it to me.”

“I will?” Renji was a little too startled by Byaku’s tone, and his words didn’t come out playful in the slightest. Instead, he sounded like he felt: bewildered. Renji couldn’t make heads or tails of this guy. He was cold and indifferent, but he wanted to…what? Call Renji so they could go on a damned date? So that Renji could keep him company when Byaku’s lover was out of town? Renji frowned.

“Yes. You will.” Byaku dug into the pocket of his leather jacket and retrieved a much nicer phone than Renji’s. Light from the screen lit up the brunette’s face, and after a second or two he looked up at Renji expectantly.

“Look, this was nice but…” Renji felt the need to protest if for no other reason than he didn’t enjoy being bossed around by a stranger he blew in a bookstore. Even if that stranger was maddeningly hot and confusing and intrinsically arousing.

I’m nobody’s bitch. But…man… if this guy asked nicely…

Renji’s eyes widened at his own line of thinking. Well…that was new, now wasn’t it? He could practically hear Shuuhei laughing at him now.

Byaku sighed. “I don’t have time for this. Your number, please.”

Oh so now he suddenly has someplace to be and remembers his manners. Pretty man totally has a boyfriend – and I bet he’s fuckin’ lousy in bed, from the way this went.

Renji sighed and despite the conflicting opinions circulating his brain, he opened his mouth and digits spilled from his lips. Byaku listened and dutifully put them into his phone. He nodded once and then shoved the device back into his pocket.

“Does this mean I get to see you again?” Renji asked, despite himself. There was a lot of confusion going on in this closet, and he wasn’t sure how he felt about that.

Byaku hesitated and his eyebrows came together in a small frown. In a flash it was gone, and Renji thought he’d need to bone up on body language if he did get to see Byaku again. The man was damned hard to read and sort of short in the talking department.

In the end, the brunette didn’t answer. He looked at Renji, eyes calmer, for a long moment and then simply turned and left. Renji stood dumbstruck and watched him go, far from accustomed to being the one standing around and collecting his thoughts and breath after such an encounter.

“Aw, hell…” Renji muttered to himself, small smirk playing across his lips. “You’re gonna be trouble. I can tell.”

The only response was the lingering scent of flowers.


Use of “Howl” as opposed to “Roar” based on kanji from manga.
Use of “Byaku” as based on kanji of Byakuya’s name.

For more about “the Hyuuga and his heir” check out the story, Undercurrents. Found on Y!Gal and on AFF.net. Links on the sidebar.
Tags: bleach, fanfiction, monoshizukanohi
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