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My full-length fantasy-horror novel is posting chapter by chapter the first of every month over on my Patreon. There's also videos, giveaways, and all manner of other perks. And when I hit 30 patrons? I'm doing a Read Along. =)

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Chapter 1 Live for Patrons 9/30  ♛  Link Live for Public Access 10/3 

Chapter 2 Live for Patrons 9/30  ♛  Link Live for Public Access 10/11   

Chapter 3 Live for Patrons 9/30  ♛  Link Live for Public Access 10/19 

 ♛ Chapters 4 - ? For Patrons Only  ♛ Update the 1st Day of Every Month

I am Mal'uud au Keen. In the language of Fear, my name means: He Who Walks. I am the King of Nightmare. My world is the Turning World, and it crumbles, ravaged by beasts so wretched that they exist outside even the shadow-rock black tunnels of my Undermaze. If  the Turning World stops spinning, then all of reality will halt. Freeze. A crystalline sound: a crack.

And then we cease to be.

The last of my brethren, the Walkers of the Veil, and I must find the cause of the Horrors which rend our world to fragments. Else the Lady sleep forever and Lord Nothing consume all that remains. Including me.

Including you. 

My name is Jason Storey: Jason because Papa Jack liked it and Storey because I was one, once upon a time. I've been on the run from a woman with a glass heart for two years, now, and I'm ready to lie down and let her or the end find me.

But maybe, if I had one more chance to find home... Maybe if I had one last shot at being wholly me and not just a small part of someone else...

Maybe I'll find it in this town. Maybe the fisherman will tell me where to go.

But Lord. I'm so hungry.

I'm Miss Teedee, and I feed the soul sick and the wayward lost. And Lawd, but I have a house of hungry souls. The Taylor Point Bed and Breakfast is a historic landmark that these days just stands for a load of pain. Monica, our martyr who can't scrub hard enough to wash that dark stain off her past, with her strange boy Andrew, who is only at home in our garden, both catering to Darryl, who may as well have died when his wife did all those years ago.

And Helen. Poor Helen. 

She's lost her mind.

Truth: she maybe lost more than that. 

She goes on and on 'bout frightful creatures in another world only she can see. She says if we don't help them, we'll all pay for it. She says we'll end. That we'll die.

Seems like she might be right. 'Cause the stars keep risin' and the water keeps flowin' but nothing ever changes.

And that right there? Never doing anything? It's death, honey. All that's left is to put us in the ground.

I'm Madeline, but all you'll remember of me is my face and my lips and my hands and hips and the way I smelled on your sheets the morning after. 

But you are not my Blue.

And this is not my world.

It might be that I'll have to save it to save mine to save all of them.

But I'm scared. 

I can barely move.

Can't even answer the door.

And someone... 




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