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Demented Ink.
The Demented Path: What Lies Ahead 
19th-Jan-2018 11:11 am
cig mouth tie

(Cross-posted from PATREON.)
Hello friends!
So I know I’ve been a tad quiet here in the month of January – and I do apologize about that – but I Solemnly Swear I’ve Been Up to No Good, and I wanted to share with you the devious plottings afoot.
(Okay. So most of them aren’t so devious, exactly. At all. Though some of them DO involve leather! And we can PRETEND this is more covert and ninja-like than it is, right? Right.)
THING THE FIRST: The Writerly Happenings
Launching Demented Ink and my Patreon really allowed me to examine what I do with writing and what stories I want to tell: there are the stories for me, the stories for everyone, and, potentially, there are soon to be the stories written try to help others. At any given moment, there's between two and four works in progress, over here.
I wouldn’t change a thing about any of this – and many thanks to the little gods of wordsmithing and many, MANY thanks to my Patrons for making more of this possible – but this does mean there is an epic, mastery-level amount of compartmentalizing and organization going on over here.
In addition to a shift in how I look at what I do and why I do it, I also need to get real with y’all for a moment: the last five years have been intense. I’ve lost people. I’ve gained people. I’ve re-launched a career, made some heavy-hitting life decisions, faced down a lifetime of health problems, and am currently engaged in some serious Change, with the capital C.
I've been working my way back to center, and the closing of doors helped open others, as it is wont to do, which helped me figure out so much about myself and led me to some truly incredible people.
I say all that because for the first time in a long time, I’ve been re-examining a certain old story of mine in the fandom land that I left unfinished – which I swore I’d never do; one must finish what one starts in story world – and pondering other story lines. While I can make no promises – for reasons that I’ll clarify in just a second – I did want you to know that the band aid has fallen off and the wound has healed and the flesh is nice and shiny and new. There’s a scar, and I’m proud of it, after a fashion.
With all that in mind, here are the list of current (as in, active) writing projects:

1. Evantide: The story of West Evantide, his family, and the magic that binds them. West’s story has evolved and is now outlined. I’ve even started it. This is going to be a long road – think King of Nightmare long – and this one is soul work. West is a religious experience – he has a Down By the River to Pray kind of emotionally moving meaning – and I will do him right and true. He wouldn’t let me do it any other way, really. At this time, I’m unsure where his story will wind up – Patreon, onward to agents/publishers, self-pub – but I’ll likely be posting snippets and such just for Patrons. It’s part of my thanks for you supporting me in all the crazy undertakings I take on. :D
Also? West is damned cool. I think you’d like him, if you’ve not met him, yet.

2. Merek & Carter: These two are rainbow-leather-and-lace shiny. ‘nuff said. :D Their story has been started as well.
3. Lost ‘em Found ‘em: This is the currently nebulous but ever clarifying joint project I’m launching with a dear friend of mine. I’m not yet sure what it will include, but writing will definitely be involved. I’ll absolutely update everybody when more of the picture has come into the light.
4. The Smattering of Other Tales: I’ve also got several stories outlined, and two or three of them are started. But I’m trying to pick a focal point or two and go with it.
And of course The King of Nightmare will continue updating, here. I also have another book – romantic comedy – that will be making an appearance for Patrons mid-year.
Many, many words are happening. Writing is a silent, solitary process, but I’m going to do my best to provide updates, snippets, etc. for my Patrons. <3
THING THE SECOND: The Audio/Visual
The YouTube channel has taken a good chunk of my focus, as it’s a new venue for me and a new way of expressing myself. And I like it. The challenge to figure out editing software and HOW to do everything was srs biznass – like, a few mental breakdowns kind of serious – but most of the learning curve is in the rear view mirror and I’m into the phase where I’m learning new things without having to look up vocabulary every three seconds.
I currently have plans to upload a video of some make, model, or description every week remaining of 2018. Lofty goals, perhaps – and I might not make it – but I like that mode of expression, and I like that I can offer it as rewards for Patrons. So totes worth it, yo.
THING THE THIRD: A Day in the Life
I want to take a moment to talk about my to-do list. Now, I’m a work-a-holic and an overachiever/over-commiter from waaay back, but even I have to say shit’s pretty insane right now.
1. Adoption. My husband and I are neck-deep in the adoption process for a kidlet. Or two. It’s an all-encompassing process that I outlined a little bit over on the YouTube channel. It involves meetings, education hours, interviews, and a stack of paperwork taller than I am. All for the good, but I am
totally preoccupied with hippo onesies and trying not to panic.
2. House Build/Renovate/Rearrange: In light OF the adoption, we’re having to update our house a bit, rearrange it to accommodate a nursery, and move stuff to my mother’s home. Which is undergoing renovations which I’m spearheading along with her. Because ultimately the three of us (plus kidlet(s)) will be building a NEW home on a piece of property on top of a mountain which my husband and I acquired. The new house is requiring home plan creation, builder location and interview process, and, you know, money.
3. Day Job: I have one. It takes about 40-50 hours of my time during the week.
4. Self-Care: I’m a complicated little human who needs lots of maintenance. I have a rotating schedule of massage, chiropractic care, Western medicine visits, Eastern medicine doc visits, blood work, check-ups, exercise, meditation, spiritual practice, and food preparation, and I have a daily supplement/pill regimen that makes my head spin. All of this requires monitoring as it’s easy to overdo one thing or another. And most of this is not optional. If I miss some portion, I feel it. But don’t worry – I’m better now than I literally ever have been.
…and all that is on top of the writing, filming, editing, publishing, publicity, administration, graphics creation, social media, and my social life. And somewhere in all that, I need to sleep. A little. And keep up with my YouTube beauty gurus, ‘cause reasons.
If you made it through all that, thank you. If not, suffice to say Things Are Busy, but I am doing my level-best to make writing, Patreon, and creating top priorities. Please don’t ever think that I’m unappreciative if it takes a while to hear from me. I likely faceplanted somewhere soft to catch a power nap. :D
I hope this has been helpful or informative! The path ahead is alight with possibilities and detours of unexpected awesomeness. Exciting things are incoming, and my Patrons will be on the front line of all the news and goodies. Thank you for reading and for being you. <3
For the love of story and with all the light and love in the world,
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