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Demented Ink.
1st-Mar-2018 12:45 pm
cig mouth tie

A brand new chapter of my fantasy horror novel, THE KING OF NIGHTMARE, just went out to my Patrons on Patreon.

As the Feed consumed more of the 'mares, the shell and the arch began to glow orange-red-gold. The shell began to pulsate with light, as though it grew a temporary heart, and soon the entire structure and the snakes began to thrum in time. As the transformation took the 'mares and turned their bodies into energy, the energy inflamed the Feed's arch, sped through the arch's snake-like tendons attached and buried in Nightmare's body, and the energy began to enter Nightmare. All Nightmare could do was moan in pure bliss. There was no fight, here, only hunger and satiation. Nightmare stared at the beautiful red-gold arch until it nearly blinded him and finally, he had to shut his eyes. He dangled in the squirming snake web, and he ate and ate and ate the fuel the Feed took, changed, and fed to the only creature the Feed recognized in all this land as worthy enough to give such favor.

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