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Demented Ink.
Bleach Fanfiction // Closet Games // Chapter 3 
23rd-Mar-2010 12:36 pm
cig mouth tie
Author: Darkprism
Title: Closet Games
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Renji & Byakuya (Ren/Bya & Bya/Ren)
Word Count: ~44,000 in total
Warnings: M/M explicit sex, angst, language, mild kink, toys, voyeurism, did I mention sex? There's lots of it.
Notes: This story is set in my world, Monoshizukanohi. There are minor references to Naruto characters as they exist in that world.

Life's good for Abarai Renji and gets better when he meets a mysterious man in a bookstore erotica aisle. But what starts out as a casual fling quickly turns into something more. Who is this man who refused to tell Renji his name? And what will Renji do now that he's fallen for him?

Chapter 3Collapse )
24th-Mar-2010 06:28 pm (UTC) - I'm afraid I'll sound like a fangirl...
I usually don’t comment a lot, mostly because I’m afraid not to be able to express myself correctly in english, but I can’t help it this time... Sorry, it could be a little long.

What an incredibly talented style at yaoi’s service ! That’s a real reason, in my opinion, why it’s so necessary to read english nowadays... ;) English-speaking countries have real yaoi fanfiction authors.

Should I mention I loved it ? This fic is awesome ! Obviously one of the very few best I’ve ever read ! Thank you for giving us this. You are just gifted... The reader is totally sucked in the story, if you don't mind my saying so. From the very beginning, with Renji walking on the street, I was seduced by the stylish narration. Many scenes are so subtly written that it’s like watching them. It’s a real advantage for the smexy ones, of course... ;) I was literally struck by the erotic intensity of them !

The encounter in the book shop is fantastic. The way Renji approaches his prey is a delight to read. And what a prey... Byakuya is so beautiful that he becomes almost unreal, and as story goes by you don’t know if you should compare him with an angel or with a incubus... And Renji is the manly seduction embodied, hot in a so natural way... In fact, they are EXACTLY as I dreamed them to be... ^^

One scene stayed in my mind, I loved it so much. It’s in the penthouse, when Byakuya lets his yukata slip and fly to the couch. I saw the scene, with a little slow motion, I heard the sound of the fabric, and I thought “Wow, this author is THAT gifted...”

Well sorry if I get a little carried away ^^’... I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d tell me you write for a living. Anyway, thank you so much to write for us !! Later I’ll read the whole thing once again ; and I’ll be among the most impatient readers waiting for the sequel.
25th-Mar-2010 02:56 pm (UTC) - Re: I'm afraid I'll sound like a fangirl...
I am honored that you wrote such a long review! Thank you!

I truly appreciate you taking the time to tell me what you liked and that you are enjoying the story. Comments like this keep me writing and remind me why I do it.

When I write, I try to take the movie in my head and put it on paper. It pleases me to no end that some of those scenes translated so well for you. :D

And yes, actually, I do write for a living. *laughs* I write fanfiction as I enjoy the entertainment aspect of it and the feedback. It's a delight because of people like yourself.

More of this story coming soon!

Much love.
24th-Mar-2010 09:56 pm (UTC)
Oh gods.

Fuuuuuuuuck, that was so incredible.

Just... so... wow...
25th-Mar-2010 02:56 pm (UTC)

*happy dance*

Thank you! I'm terrifically happy you enjoyed!
25th-Mar-2010 04:12 am (UTC)
Wow, this is soooo damn hot. I know I should never have read this during my lunch break. Now i have to suffer the entire day with an odd smile on my face.

I do hope there is more on the way. Soooooon.
25th-Mar-2010 02:57 pm (UTC)
Yay for porn on lunch breaks!!!


I'm so happy you liked it! More coming soon, yes, indeed!

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